Fear the Brown Tide

The Left is a religion, a secular version of Public Protestantism. The adherents deeply believe that the promised land is over the next hill. All that is necessary is to eliminate the sins of society so that the elect can be freed to reach the Utopia that has been promised. They are not much different from the Muslims who believe the hidden Imam will return when the righteous have the final showdown with the infidels.

To the true believer, everything passes through the filters of their belief. Anything that contradicts the faith is either filtered out or re-imagined so that it fits the narrative. Extraneous data is worked into the narrative to give it weight, so that the believer can believer harder. All of it, so to speak, points to the day when the Great Pumpkin rises out of his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys for all the children.

A great example of this is the Latin King. Since the Reagan years, it seems, the Left has been telling us that the Latin King is coming and he is going to be pissed unless we get our bleep together. That means lifting up his little brown children on our shoulders and carrying them to the top of American society. Otherwise, when the Latin King arrives, the tide of brown will wash all the gringos out to sea or something.

This column in Politico is a good example.

Hispanic activists have two words for Donald Trump — thank you.

“I think the greatest thing to ever happen to the Hispanic electorate is a gentleman named Donald Trump, he has crystalized the angst and anger of the Hispanic community,” U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Javier Palomarez told POLITICO in an interview. “I think that we can all rest assured that Hispanics can turn out in record numbers.”

Trump has rankled the Hispanic community from Day One of his presidential run when he called many illegal Mexican immigrants “rapists” and drug peddlers during his rambling announcement speech in June. Since then, he’s driven the GOP field further right on immigration issues, in part with his aggressive proposal to have Mexico pay for a wall along the border with the U.S. and to deport 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in short order.

While many activists find his comments downright offensive, they also see an opportunity. Trump has managed to get Latinos engaged with the 2016 race, and activists plan to exploit that to the fullest extent possible.

“He really is just outrageous, he’s built his entire campaign on attacking our community and really playing to the worst element of American society,” said José Calderón, president of the Hispanic Federation, a nonprofit membership organization. “In some ways, he’s helping us out, the base is energized —I think people are really eager to stand up and say this is not who we are and show that through our electoral process.”

Calderón said in nonelection years, the Federation, which represents 100 community-based organizations across the country and is leading voter outreach efforts, can register about 25,000 Hispanics and on election years it’s about 60,000. But with Trump’s comments driving people to the polls, Calderón believes they can register even more.

“It’s become easier, right, to do it now. The community is very mobilized, there is this anger,” Calderón said. “We will respond in kind, through our votes.”

One of the stock features of this form of Progressive fairy tale is to have a super-white WASP lady do the reporting. There’s nothing more compelling than a lecture about diversity from a girl who makes Eva Braun look like a mulatto. But, from her end of the telescope, those little brown people look threatening so she’s scared that the mean old Trump guy is getting them worked into a frenzy.

There’s also the suicidal impulse on display. The choice presented is either resist the brown tide flowing north from below the equator and incur the wrath of that brown tide or lie back and enjoy the brown tide washing away your culture and people. This does not occur to the nice white people as they can only focus on one thing at a time. Their focus is on the bad whites whose sinful ways are keeping everyone else from grace.

This is what has always perplexed conservatives about their Progressive antagonists. Rational people see the suicidal implications, but they can’t believe it is intentional so they try everything to talk the moonbats out of it. There’s no convincing a fanatic and these fanatics think burning the village in order to save it is rational, even when it is their own village. The elimination of the sinner is all that matters.

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8 years ago

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Chip Haddock
Chip Haddock
8 years ago

We shouldn’t worry too much about the details and mechanisms of the left’s craziness. It’s like trying to figure out why your crazy girlfriend had a particular meltdown. It’s counterproductive. Better to devote the time and energy to getting rid of her. She’s fucking nuts, it’s not gonna change, case closed, now do something about it!

The left mostly just assumes that normal people are incomprehensibly malignant inhuman beasts, like Grendel, and gets on with the business of hating us and trying to screw us.

Who’s been more successful?

grey enlightenment
8 years ago

No offence to conservative Christians, but welfare liberalism is in may ways like a religion…they believe that people can be ‘saved’ if enough tax payer money is wasted to bring everyone to the same level.

8 years ago

Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims etc. are very adept at pointing out all of the ills of white run systems from small businesses to National Governments. The list of grievances is so long that it should make the aggrieved want to get as far away from whites as possible. But, no, they come by boat, plane, raft, wet ankles, and hot box trucks just to be where “the white wimmens” are. I don’t get it. If whites are as bad as the rabble contend, shouldn’t they all be trying to stay in or return to their “homeland” ? The only “white guilt”… Read more »

Terry Baker
Terry Baker
8 years ago

Superb. Thank you Zman. I just finished a weekend art festival in Evanston, Illinois. It was full immersion in Lib-Concentrate. The shared idea is, “the world as it should be, not as it is.” This is a good idea regarding water filtration, growing food and developing new surgical techniques. But at the fair it also included eternal youth, saving Syrian refugees with no understanding of why it’s happening, and that if only the good white people can be allowed to finish transgressing traditional culture can it be made on earth as it is in Heaven. Methinks the author is correct;… Read more »