The Bust Out

My grandfather had an expression he used so often I cannot disentangle it from him in my memory. The expression was “a dog that will bring a bone will take a bone.” The meaning is that someone who will loyally steal for you will just as quickly steal from you. Stealing is stealing and the sort of person who steals is not someone you should ever trust. I never understood why people would use dogs to steal bones, but that was long ago in a land far far away.

Anyway, it is one of those things that often pops into my head when thinking about the great pressing matters of our age. The temptation, at least for me anyway, is to confuse what I would like to see happen with what I think will happen. Being a man of the Right, it really means I confuse what I fear will happen with what I think will happen. Having that old pithy expression rattling around in my head reminds me that I have my biases like everyone else.

The worst bias to have, of course, is the bias of hope, particularly when it comes to politics. As soon as you start thinking your side might win, the pol on your side will turn around and stab your side in the back. The reason conservatives hate evolution so much is they have seen too many of their guys evolve into liberals as soon as they hit Washington.

One of the things I find baffling about so many Republican voters is that they can’t seem to learn this lesson. They pour their heart into the party only to have the party crap all over them. Here’s a story coming out of DC that is a perfect example.

The first immigration bill introduced under Rep. Paul Ryan’s speakership Wednesday would bypass the annual 66,000 cap on H-2B work visas by allowing foreigners admitted in any of the three previous years to remain and not be subject to the cap.

Critics say it will lead to more competition for what are often middle-class American jobs and will eventually lead to more illegal immigrants as the foreign workers overstay their visas.

The H-2B is considered a “seasonal” work permit for lower-skilled workers such as cooks, construction workers, hospitality, theme park employment, maintenance, forestry, seafood processing, cruise ship employees and truck driving among many other jobs.

It differs from the H-1B, which is for skilled guest-workers and also is the subject of pending legislation sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who wants to triple the number issued to foreign workers each year.

The cap exemption on the H-2B expired in 2007. At the time, it doubled the number but it could as much as quadruple, legislative sources told WND. This is the same way the total number of existing H-1B visa workers got so much higher than the annual inflow.

The H-2B visa program, though referred to as a “seasonal” guest worker program it is not an agricultural guest worker program.

The promise from Paul Ryan and his supporters in the party was that all immigration bills would be tabled until the new president was in office. Obama was too feckless and devious to trust and the issue was too divisive for Republicans. The main opposition to Ryan was over the fact he is an open borders fanatic that dreams of turning your town into Tijuana or Lagos. But, here we are anyway.

Politicians lying is nothing new, but this is a rather egregious example. Still, outlandish lying is what we have come to expect from Republicans. The outrage, of course, is how these dirt bags behind the bill are crapping all over their fellow citizens. Bringing in legions of foreigners to take the jobs of Americans is horrible in itself. Teaming up with business to screw the guys and gals at the bottom of the income scale is loathsome.

It’s tempting, of course, to think that these pols are just, wink, wink, helping local business get around labor laws that would otherwise force them to hire locals who, well, you know. We all know what I mean. Those Mexicans work so hard and they never complain, never call out sick and never steal. You don’t want to see the price of your Big Mac go to forty bucks, do you?

Except, the next guys they sell out will be you because the dog that will bring a bone will carry a bone. If they will sell out the white trash and blacks down at the bottom, they will have no qualms about selling you out the next time. In fact, they look forward to it. It is what they do. It is their nature. They will keep auctioning off bits and pieces of this country until there is nothing left.

It’s what used to be called a “bust out.” In the olden thymes, the mafia would get its hooks into a local business man who maybe had a gambling problem, a thing for boys or something else he would just as soon not disclose. The mafia would use this to get their tentacles into his business with the vague promise that there was some price he could pay to satisfy them.

Instead, they would run up his lines of credit, skim off all the cash and sell whatever they could out the back door, pocketing the results. Eventually, the business could borrow no more and it would be squeezed dry. At that point they would burn the place down, collect the insurance if any existed and the owner would turn up wearing cement sneakers.

That’s a big part of what’s driving the immigration issue. For sure, many are romantics with heads full of nonsense. Others imagine a Utopian world without borders. The guys doing the work to make it happen, however, are just gangsters in suits selling off every part of the country they can grasp.

Steve Chabot, Bob Goodlatte, Andy Harris, and Charles W. Boustany are not ideologues. They’re crooks, stealing anything and everything. A lot of people voted for them thinking, “they may be crooks, but they’re our crooks.” Nope. They are just thieves who steal because that’s what thieves do.

Fundamentally what ails America is that we have a ruling class that despises the people and nation over whom it rules. That’s why they have hung a sign on the door that reads, “Fire Sale: Everything Must Go!” Just as there’s no bargaining with the mafia, you don’t beat these people by getting more of “your guys” in the Estates-General.

Meantime, the bust out continues.

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Mokita, Mr. Z, Mokita. This essay is a prime example of why people read you avidly, and why you will never ever be quoted by mainstream scribblers. Tim


A primer on Busting It Out:

Nedd Ludd
Nedd Ludd

I heard it this way Z:
“If she’ll cheat with you – She’ll cheat on you.”

james wilson
james wilson

Universal suffrage is the center of gravity. You can bend, twist, or crawl any way you like, but gravity remains is the same and it is relentless. Until events, if they ever do, wipe out that odious institution, optimism is cowardice.

Gerard Van der Leun

Mikeski beat me to it. I’ve had that clip on my page a couple of times for the same point.


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Speaking of the backstabbing traitors in the GOP Establishment, I think they are preparing a big middle finger for vulgarians that dare vote in the primaries. If it starts to look like Trump is indeed going to win the nomination, I predict that Ryan and his fellow crooks pass a big amnesty with the help of Democrats to show the little people who’s boss. “Ha, ha, rubes! Vote for Trump if you want but he can’t do anything about immigration anymore even if he gets elected!”.


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There is another kind of bust out Henry. The kind that comes from cold anger, smoldering cold anger. The kind of bust out when people understand there is no longer any viable recourse and they are disgusted beyond words by the wonton treason against their most primal dignity of liberty and prosperity. “It is time to shoot the sonofabitches”. It is not a comment I’m hearing. It is not boast or braggado or idle bullshit. It is a statement of resigned inevitability. Of ugly cold brutal truth. That’s another kind of bust out right there in its own right. The… Read more »