The Carnival of Lunacy

One of the reasons I like the formulation “custodial state” to describe where the West is heading is it conjures in the mind the image of a nursery school or kindergarten. Sometimes I’ll tack on the phrase “game warden” to focus the mind on the image of a human zoo, like we saw in the movie Planet of the Apes.

This formulation has a lot of uses. When discussing technology, for example, we see that much of it is about removing human to human interaction and replacing it with robot to human interaction, with the robot filling the role of the nanny who looks after the children.The technology prevents the user from “making mistakes” or nudges them into the preferred choices.

Warehouse automation, for example, is about technology babysitting the employees so the supervisor does not have to do it. The magic barcode scanner did not fall from the sky. Managers wanted a way to keep their employees from making mistakes that did not require them correcting the employees face to face. Instead, the software does it.

The point here is that we live in an age where adults are in retreat, increasingly afraid to play the role that adults have played since the dawn of time. Nowhere is this more obvious than the college campus. There you find overgrown adolescents living a Peter Pan existence, afraid of adulthood, lest they be thought of as old squares like their parents.

This is on display in this story about race trouble at Missouri University.

A group of black players on the Missouri football team says it will stop participating in football activities until university system president Tim Wolfe resigns.

The announcement came via Twitter on Saturday night in a post by Missouri’s Legion of Black Collegians. It comes after several recent racial incidents on Missouri’s campus, and with Wolfe under fire for how he has handled them.

The tweet included a photograph of 32 black men, including starting running back Russell Hansbrough.

“The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere,'” the tweet read. “We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!”

This is the result of adults allowing children run wild out of fear of a monster of their own creation. Instead, the idiot coach is taking the side of the players and the university officials are cowering. The correct response is to explain to these players that regardless of what is happening in the world, they have responsibilities. If they go on strike, then they will be expelled and lose their scholarships.

Adults are supposed to teach children about responsibility. Taking a brave stand on some issue that has nothing to do with you is fine, but it’s only brave if you pay some price for it. More important, there’s always a price, even when you don’t get a gold star for bravery from the social justice warriors, so think carefully about your choices.

That would require the adults to act like adults and that’s never happening on a college campus. Instead, they indulge every bit of childish nonsense from the students, as well as the adults. So much so they are willing to overlook a crime wave by athletes in order to have silly games to attend and, of course, not notice who is committing the crimes.

Missouri had 63 criminal cases involving 46 athletes [between 2009 and 2014]. Twelve athletes were involved in more than one incident, Outside the Lines found, and Missouri had the second-highest number of allegations of sexual assault, violence against women, and harassment. Florida State had the most.

One of their gentle giants named Dorial Green-Beckham (guess the race) was a one man crime spree. In his two years at Missouri, Green-Beckham was arrested twice for marijuana-related issues and was the subject of a burglary investigation. In that last instance, that police report stated he allegedly threw a woman down a flight of stairs. Nice guy.

The American college campus is a land of Eloi. The only difference between the adults and the children is that the adults charge the children an extended entrance fee to gain admittance. Otherwise, the adults carry on like overgrown coeds. Since there are no real Morlocks to fear, they invent them in the form of rape hoaxes and imaginary racism. The result is a carnival of lunacy that mocks commonsense.

Perhaps the worst aspect of this is it encourages an ever widening vortex of lunacy. Some students make a nuisance of themselves and the adults do nothing. Then a group of overgrown adolescents in the faculty decide to top it by making a bigger display on campus. The Missouri campus is now well on its way to becoming Lord of Flies because there are no adults to put their foot down and call an end to it.

9 thoughts on “The Carnival of Lunacy

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  2. Appeasement.
    Cause it worked so well in the past.

    Actually, I enjoy it when the revolution (that these same universities fomented)
    starts eating their own.
    Another ‘cheese eating surrender monkey’ bites the dust.
    Good riddance.
    Soylent Green…It’s college presidents!

  3. I am curious. If the ‘athletes of colour’ refuse to play a game, why is it important? Yes, I know the pull of sports and televised sports and sponsorship and ‘reputation’ and all that, but if someone withdraws their labour (or labor) then that is their choice. I presume, if the University cannot fulfil their fixtures, they will be fined or suspended or whatever, but if no one wants to play for them then so be it.

    Sometimes these threats have to be allowed to ‘mature’ and can be shown what for they are: worthless gestures that make no difference to the world. I am sure all the people who do not want to play for their college can easily find things to do (like studying) or even find a job elsewhere. Probably plenty of well-paid work around, so the football was just a passing thing.

    As for the top man and ‘how he handled things’ surely how the criminals ‘handle things’ is more relevant.

    • That’s the lesson you see repeatedly. Apologize and you get destroyed. Grovel and you get kicked in the face. Give them an inch and they take a kilometer. The best course is to never apologize and always attack, attack, attack. It’s why Trump is where he is in the polls. The press takes a shot at him and his reply is “so what? Now, let’s talk about your warts.”

  4. No, we don’t automate warehouses because we are afraid to confront employees who make mistakes. We automate because mistakes are expensive. Because accurate inventory locations allow us to save money on inventory investment. We do it because having five inventory control clerks is an expensive indulgence.

  5. Wolfe resigns. What a tool.

    “The frustration and anger that I see is clear, real, and I don’t doubt it for a second,” Wolfe said at a press conference announcing his resignation. “I take full responsibility for this frustration and for the inaction that has occurred … My resignation comes out of love, not hate.”
    What utter bullshit.

    And from the Atlantic…….

    “…..According to The Columbia Missourian, just 7 percent of the overall student body is black, but nearly half of the football team is (60 of 124 players). …..”

    Just? Missouri is only 11.7% black, with nearly all in KC or St Louis and their inner-ring suburbs (Ferguson, anyone?). Knowing that at least half the black inner city population is incapable of so much as tying its own shoes, that 7 percent number tells me they are arguably over-represented.

    Something tells me that outside the fever swamps of Mizzou’s noted Journalism School and ultra pricey/uber liberal Washington U. in St Louis, this will not play well among the rubes.

    • One of these days I’ll do another post on my Yale experience as a old guy visiting from the land beyond the horizon. I felt like I was visiting another planet.

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