Fear of the R

In my most recent post in the series, “My Theory of Everything” I got into the weaponization of race by the dominant half of the ruling elite. The three-legged dog that is the dominant orthodoxy of America relies excursively on the moralization of race to point where noticing anything about race is dangerous. Egalitarianism, Multiculturalism and anti-racism are the three legs, but it is anti-racism that is both the cause and consequence of this worldview.

The Right, what’s left of it, is so fearful of the race issue that they invest all of their time inventing ways to achieve some of the results that flow naturally from freedom of association, but in a way that inoculates them from the race issue. In some cases, they invent externalities that get them off the hook so they can avoid the wrath of the Left. In America, the worst thing that can happen to you is to be tagged a racist.

Yesterday, Jim Geraghty posted a panicked response to Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigration. In it is he makes the absurd claim that everyone has a right to migrate and settle in America. After all, that is the only way to read the claim that preventing Muslims from immigrating is unconstitutional. If the charter of the nation prohibits immigration, then only Hitler would be against immigration!

The poor man is so afraid of the race issue that he is willing to sign onto dissolving the nation, if that’s what it takes to avoid the “R” word. Even after people with some knowledge of the Constitution and American history explained to him that he was hilariously mistaken about the constitutionality of it, he still clung to his belief like a drowning man. “Better dead than racist” is the mantra.

Today, Roger Simon has a similar trip down loony-tune lane looking for a way to avoid the scarlet letter, while remaining serious about the problem of Sudden Mohammedan Explosion.

As half the world knows by now, Donald Trump has gone “Full Monty” on Muslim immigration, calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

That’s our Donald — never a master of understatement! (But he certainly knows how to make monkeys out of the media — kudos for that.)

Like most commentators, however, I don’t agree with him — I support the Constitution and its freedoms — but to deny we have a gigantic Muslim problem in this country and in the world is to be a troglodyte of epic proportions.  Something has to be done, domestically and internationally, even if it’s not Donald’s “Full Monty.”

First he makes sure to put lots of space between himself and the bad thinker. Then he tries to cuddle up to the audience by laughing at how silly the media has been over Trump. Finally he makes clear he is a good thinker who rejects the bad thinker because he supports the Constitution and its freedoms and puppies, he loves puppies too.

Unlike Jim Geraghty, Roger Simon is not a blockhead, but he has the same fear of racism and so he decides to find some non-racist way to do the same thing. His proposal is to ban Sharia, which makes Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigration sound modest and sober. Simon apparently thinks banning Muslim immigrants is a horrible crime against “who we are”, but it is OK to unleash the police state to root out people who want to change the laws to match their beliefs.

Now, it is possible that Simon is just as dumb as Geraghty, but my sense here is that fear of the “R” word is so intense it warps the thoughts of otherwise sensible people. The narcotic of the ruling class is anti-racism. They chew it like the khat. If you want to be a part of elite culture, you better chew on it too. Otherwise, you will always be under suspicion and eventually evicted.

The fact is, Trump’s idea is not preposterous; it is impractical. We can’t screen for Islam, but we can close up the migration programs bringing in people from Muslim countries. There’s no upside to bringing in Afghans or Somalis. If Americans want grace by helping these people, planes fly to these countries, not just from them. Let the grace seekers hop a plane to Marrakesh and help the Mohammedan in his native land.

But then, saying that means casting doubt on the whole moral structure of the ruling class. If Mohamed is not going to workout as a potential citizen in a modern technological society, then that means not all men are the same after all. If that’s true then universal equality is false. At that point the whole rationale for the modern American ruling elite unravels. A ruling class without a raison d’être is going to have a short shelf life.

After a Mohammedan went bonkers and shot up a military base, General Casey came forward and said, “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” Most thought he was just a pussy-whipped groveler, but he really meant it. They all mean it. They see regular Mohammedan mass murder as the price we pay so they can remain in charge.

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  1. A ruling elite whose core beliefs rest upon absurd and demonstrable falsehoods is both deluded and short-lived. As our rulers will soon discover. Either their views must come to tack more closely with hard-edged reality, or their will be a new ruling elite. A dogmatic faith in unicorns and leprechauns is proving to be something of a liability and a hindrance when coping with a dangerous and unpredictable world.

  2. I remember having a discussion with a Swedish cab driver in Gothenburg about 5 years ago. (and no, his name was not Sven or Ole) I asked him how he liked living in Sweden – he was from Iraq- he replied in the negative- unemployment too high, lines at the hopspital too long and on and on. I couldn’t help but notice too, that my Swedish (and I have never lived there, only visited) was WAY better than his, and he’d been there 5 years. I’m guessing my Swedish is still better than his. The Swedes have taken their penchant for individual suicide and expanded it out to a societal program. Well, done, Sven and Lena!

    • My experience is slightly different, though nothing to do with the Arab mindset. I was served at a supermarket by a young lady from Romania. Attractive, smart and perfect English after 2 years in the UK. She told me she had also lived in Italy for 5 years so I presume she had a good grasp of Italian too.

      I asked her what she disliked about the UK and she was quick to say the benefits system. For a moment I thought she was going to say “not enough, not free enough” and the sort of thing the brain-dead lefties trot out. Instead, to my amazement, she said: “You are too generous with giving money to people who don’t deserve it or shouldn’t be here.” Her argument was that you go to a country to be part of it and make contribution, not take what you can get without giving back.

      Where I used to live there were dozens and dozens of muslim taxi drivers, whose English was passable but rarely knew their way round town. But then if they wanted a day off they often had their brothers and cousins drive the cab whether they were qualified or not, so I doubt if Ahmed has passed on any information to Mo, Curly and Larry (or whatever their Arab names are).

      But I was greatly heartened by the no-nonsense understanding of the Romanian lady. If all immigrants were as sharp as her, and as willing to be part of society, there would be no problem.

  3. Sure we can…all screening interviews are conducted in rooms with dogs present, the only food offered interviewees contains pork, all facial coverings must come off women who are interviewed by Jewish men,…

    Trump doesn’t go far enough. Ann Coulter does in her book “Adios America” – stop ALL immigration for at least five years or longer.

  4. All the evidence anyone can need is the obvious fact that muslims leave muslim countries because they don’t like them, but they don’t stop being muslims. If they find the results of the imposition of islam so unappealing you would think they would ditch it — after all, if they want to emigrate to other countries they ought to consider what life is like there and fit in with it because that is the quickest way to be accepted. The last thing you want, if you go to another country and are sane, is to make them want to throw you out or send you back where you came from. You certainly don’t go round being resolutely different, refusing to integrate and shooting up the locals.

    But they don’t want to fit in. Muslims want to remain who and what they are and they want you and yours to be what they are, with no compromise. In normal terms this is called an invasion but for reasons no one can understand this invasion isn’t named as such. I know we play with words and give them new meanings, but replacing ‘invasion’ with ‘refuge’ goes too far.

    I suspect however that if a halt had to be called it had to be done long before things went too far and got out of hand. Too late now, so we must accept that our careful, intelligent response to problems of insane religionists making war on unprotected people is to let more in and every so often wait for some more lunatic(s) to decide it is time to cull the resident population. Happily, our dear leaders are protected from this so it doesn’t matter much what happens to us peasants, does it?

  5. I don’t think Trump’s stated idea is impractical at all. A temporary halt. The US has done this over and over again. An a halt to Islamic folks is not against their religion as much as their politics. Islam is a meld. It is not merely going to prayer and a mosque… the problem is thicker. Lack of clarity and goals for assimilation are also just nuts. For some reason the idea of bringing folks in and having them assimilate to America and our culture and fellow citizens was thrown out the window in favor of come here… live in a clustered enclave… get federal and state assistance and do your best to set yourself up as a protected class with victim status. Too harsh?

    How about this… Select all those M.E. countries and put a cap on them. 50 allowed per year for a period of 15 years. Done. Candidates will be selected based on their ability to work in US and prosper… not get on the dole and fester.

  6. The statement from General Casey convinced me that the elite really believe this diversity crap and we follow them to our doom. It was at that point I realized none of my sons belonged in the military despite over 100 years of military service by men in our family.

    The idea of Muslim ‘refugees’ from Muslim countries is just absurd. They’re not being persecuted for their religion, they’re just poor and unhappy and don’t like the results of their retrograde beliefs.

  7. The ruling elite don’t merely intend to remain in charge, they intend to reorder the world into a new feudalism with them as an aristocracy and the 99.5% of the rest as plebes. The democratic nation state is on its way into the dustbin. Great article.

  8. Is keeping sewage out of the municipal water supply going “Full Monty”, or just basic hygiene? These are the same types that demand a recall of some gizmo or food product when one in ten thousand is thought to be bad.

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