Our Democracy

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The phrase “our democracy” has become a popular chant among the political class, always used as an excuse for anti-democratic action. You can be sure they will be saying it like they have a weird form of Tourette’s when the time comes to bar Donald Trump from the Republican nomination. “For the good of our democracy, we are going to remove the most popular guy from the Republican ballot.” In his place they will appoint someone with little or no support.

Of course, this will be met with howls from the usual corners. They will jump up and down demanding everyone notice the hypocrisy. What “hypocrisy” means in the sector we call the Right is “they are doing that which we would never have the courage to do even if allowed.” When the group we call the Left uses this word they mean, “We have found some minor contradiction in the criticism of us, so we are now free to ignore all of that and continue on with our work.”

This difference in language is important to understanding why the political class has become so fond of the phrase “our democracy.” For normal people, democracy is a process by which the policy preferences of the majority win out. In the crudest form it is understood to mean majority rule. For most people, however, it means a process by which the voters select representatives who then haggle and bargain over public policy in legislatures while following an established set of rules.

Democracy can have things that are not majority rule. The most obvious is the Electoral College system for electing a president. Normal people understand that this is not majority rule, but a way to protect the interests of small states against the interests of large states within the democratic process. The Senate is another example of something that is not democratic in the narrow sense, but part of the democratic framework of the system to maintain balance.

There used to be a time when students were taught that the American system was not a democracy but a representative republic. Democracy is mob rule and mobs can be very fickle, especially under stress. The system of checks and balances in the system is to slow the mob so that the will of the people can mature. The people may not get what they want initially, but after a series of elections the will of the people wills out and we get public policy that reflects the general consensus.

Obviously, that is nothing like reality. One part of becoming a dissident is accepting that this stuff you learned in school is at best naïve and at worst a lie. The two-party system that we have is designed to prevent ideas outside the consensus of the two parties from entering the political debate. It also works to prevent the ruling class from having to address the concerns of the people. The “democratic process” is a fig leaf used by the ruling elite to subdue any resistance to their rule.

Now, the right side of the political class does not think about this as those people are generally selected for their stupidity. Their job is to wave their pom-poms at the suburban peasants while the system celebrates itself. The left side, on the other hand, does think about it and they have a different definition of democracy. Their definition of democracy begins with what they think the will of the people ought to be if it is completely informed and allowed to blossom.

You see, you can only have democracy when the people are equally informed and allowed to fully participate in the debate. In order to do this, the citizens must fully understand their own interests and to do this they must come to understand their purpose within the framework of society. Until you can fully know yourself, you cannot fully participate in the democratic process. As a result, most people are tricked into voting against their interests or the interests of society.

One part of defending democracy is to prevent this from happening. The defenders of “our democracy” are always seeking to shape the public space so that the people can discover their true purpose and act on it through the process. This cannot happen if there are people out there spreading disinformation or misinformation, so one job of the democracy defenders is to root out the bad actors from the public square. You cannot have democracy if everyone is allowed to speak.

What is important here is that the defenders of democracy are not defending a process but the idea of the true will of the people. Since the process can be corrupted, it can result in undemocratic results, like the 2016 election. In a true democracy bad people like Trump and his voters do not exist, much less win elections. In order to defend democracy, the defenders of democracy were forced to use any means necessary, even undemocratic ones, to stop Donald Trump.

Now, the defenders of democracy assume certain things about the purpose of society, its natural end point, which means they assume certain things about the purpose of the people who will one day populate the fully flowered democracy. The most important foundational item is the assumption that once everyone is fully democratic and fully understands her purpose, everyone agrees on the purpose of society. This means politics withers away as there is nothing to debate.

Since the defenders of democracy understand all of this, the presence of people who oppose them means society is not democratic. The larger project requires that these people be removed by any means necessary. As long as these enemies of democracy are standing in the way of progress, the defenders of democracy have a right and an obligation to do what is required to defeat them. It turns out that you can only reach true democracy through authoritarian means.

That last bit is critical. The defenders of democracy assume that once the conditions for democracy are firmly and unquestionable in place, the people in the system will have no choice but to realize their true purpose as democratic people. At that magical point, politics collapses as all moral disputes are gone. There is no need for elections and the rule of law because everyone at all times agrees on everything. There is no coercion because there is no dissent from the moral order of democracy.

This is why there can be no compromise between the people who see democracy as a process and those who see it as a moral conclusion. The former group not only tolerates dissent but sees it as proof the system works. The latter group sees dissent as proof the system is failing. This contrast in moral visions makes it impossible for the two camps to coexist in the same society. If you want a democratic society, you can never tolerate people who want a democracy.

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183 thoughts on “Our Democracy

  1. Let us be blunt if we choose to engage with those who use that particular but of the Tongue of Mordor. Democracy is fake, stupid, and evil. Or, if you don’t mind the invective, fuck “our democracy.”

  2. has anyone done an exhaustive search for news clippings and newscasts in the weeks and months before 9/11? I’m not sold on the idea that predictive programming exists but it would be interesting to see if there are any clues given out. If it can be used to prevent/expose the next gayop – it might be worth it.

    • Well, one piece of advice would be not to work in a building that a Jewish guy has recently take out a giant insurance policy on that has a rider for “acts of war”.

  3. “It’s unlikely that our government is so evil as to sacrifice 3000 people and two very nice towers in NYC just for endless neocon wars.”

    What about PNAC’s paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that mentioned the need for a new Pearl Harbor.

    • An angle grinder. Welders do it all the time in order to finish out a weld. Kinda stupid to do it to a whole beam, but its possible. And every farm boy I ever met knew how to weld. Hardly a year goes by when the tractor needs repair of some sort or the other.

      • 2 planes 3 buildings could have easily been done with conventional demo gear, you just need a ton of it.

        We’ll never know for sure, since all the planners permanently reside deep in the heart of the Negev.

    • Think about how difficult it must have been for those supposedly barely trained pilots to both score hits on the WTC at that speed. Around 500mph they were flying. So they had to be lined up on it precisely from a good ways out, since they covered the final mile in maybe 7 seconds. Unlike a runway, it wouldn’t (shouldn’t?) have had an electronic navigational beacon to line up on. Not much chance to correct if a little bit off. At that speed at that altitude, presumably lots of turbulence. Considering all that, you’d think odds are that at least one of them would have clipped it with a wing, or missed entirely, but both were pretty close to dead center. Remarkable piloting skill.

      • WTF are you talking about. They were VFR so an electronic nav beacon would have been useless. All they had to do was fly wings level then a gently banking turn. The Pentagon was a bit more difficult since it was descending. The pilots already had the throttles set for them. Ironically enough the world trade centers were almost exactly the width of a runway, those things designed to be hit by a plane.

        • And United 175 was banking left as it hit the building, trying to correct course at the last second. It didn’t impact the center of the building, but even if it had it had miles and miles of clear skies with which to line up on the target.

          These claims remind me of the videos where they ask non-pilots to use a simulator and attempt to recreate the final few minutes of American 77; its final 360 degree turn, rollout, and impact with the Pentagon. Turns out that that “impossible” maneuver can be managed repeatedly by amateurs.

          Can we please concede that 9-11 Trutherism is on par with flat earthers and Q-Anon?

          • KGB: “Can we please concede that 9-11 Trutherism is on par with flat earthers and Q-Anon?”


            Not with all the M0ss@d operatives we now know of, who were positioned in place ahead of time.

            The M0ss@d knew precisely what they were doing in NYC in September of 2011.

            They wanted Saddam dead, they wanted Khadafi dead, they wanted Assad dead, and they wanted Mubarak dead***.

            The big trick was in convincing the goyim to PAY FOR IT ALL.

            Cf Ukraine 2022/2023.

            The Israelis needed the twin towers to come down in order to open the spigots on the flow of fiat shekels from the goyische Federal Reserve.


            ***Since forever, the M0ss@d’s policy has been to liquidate the best & the brightest of the Arab world, leaving Arab nations to be ruled by incompetent corrupt boobs, which, in turn, would lead to economic collapse & starvation & death in Arab nations.

            The intellectual revolution of 2001 was the idea of tricking the goyim into paying for all of the necessary regime changes.

            [Again, cf Ukraine 2022/2023…]

          • “Can we please concede that 9-11 Trutherism is on par with flat earthers and Q-Anon?”

            OK, if there is nothing to hide, then why did Clinton’s National Security Adviser, Shmuel Berger, get caught stealing and destroying 9/11 Commission documents from the National Archives?

            The Building #7 collapse requires some explanation, too.

          • The part where they claim it was simply too hard to do so it must be a conspiracy is just wrong, but it doesn’t mean I know what happened because I know it wasn’t that difficult.

  4. In Conservative Inc. circles we hear democracy described as a tyranny of the majority, and this is generally true, but we don’t hear about the other side. Representative democracy is a tyranny of the elite. It concentrates power into a few elected officials that can be targeted and corrupted. If a target proves to be incorruptible then they mark them for replacement come next election.

    • What comes next is either (more) naked tyranny or national poverty. Since the latter is probably the only way that the former can be deposed. We could be unlucky enough to get both.

      • No mortal really knows what comes next. Go back to see past predictions of the future by all the smart people.

        Your guesses are good but sometimes things happen that we dont foresee. After all would the fall of the soviet union under its own corrupt sick weight have been assumed to lead to growing prosperity, emergence as a primary international player, and a resurgence of Orthodox christianity?

        Tl dr, dont despair

        • The fall of the USSR is categorized under my latter scenario, national poverty that topples the regime. There were several years between that and the emergence of the new Russian regime, but that wasn’t required to work out the way it did, there were other possibilities.

          I think the broad strokes I painted with were correct. There is no end to our current regime as long as it has the money to pay for what it wants. All its subjects worship money, even the dissidents.

          • People will stay in line as long as they are warm and fed. Why wouldn’t they? I think the move to totalitarianism is in anticipation of when people are not warm and fed. The economy is freaking weird at the moment, kind of a sideways thing, and all the analyses I respect are too nebulous to cypher. Maybe that uncertainty is the reason the heat is being turned up.

  5. How does a democracy stop conniving Jews from blackmailing, extorting, and bribing politicians or using weapons of mass communication to distort the perceptions of the voters? What if the Jews do both at the same time all while brainwashing the next generation in your local schools?

    • You take out the universal suffrage part. Only white landowning men of good character, blond hair, blue eyes, well-trimmed beards, and symmetrical faces and genitalia are allowed to vote. Then you can have a democracy.

        • Crap, that brings it back to an unaccountable technocratic elite of cock examiners. Guess I’m not the genius political theoretician I imagined myself to be.

  6. The problem with “Our Democracy” Cloward-Piven version, is that there is a limit to raging against the Man when the Regime is by definition the Man.

    Case in point Chicago and NYC. Both were fragile to start, and dumping a few hundred thousand illegals from Texas and Florida simply overwhelms that city. To the point where the Regime is mandating they stay in Texas (nothing to prevent Texas from giving them money to go to NYC or Chicago).

    Same with Reparations. Now Newsom in California must create a tax, and likely thus a White only tax, that is hated by 60% or more of the population. Hispanics and Asians are not exactly behind give black people free money. White people resent it as a moral wrong against them. This appeals to the black population and neurotic, self-hating feminist White women (which admittedly is most of them). But it creates a problem that cannot be solved and only creates more implacable enemies.

    Then there is Biden himself. The problem with “Our Democracy” is that having a senile old figurehead who mumbles and wanders off in public while the world’s worst closeted mulatto really runs things is a symbol of garbage. People are not “moist robots” and things like charisma, courage, strength, and will matter particularly in this age where everyone can see the degeneracy and senility.

    At a certain point, Cloward-Piven becomes the Karen Carpenter Diet Plan for “Our Democracy,” so destabilizing that people are willing to consider other arrangements to “Our Democracy” that they would not otherwise have contemplated.

    Case in point the Auto Workers strike. It seems extremely likely to happen yet the Regime is doing nothing. Rulers cannot just create chaos continually or they end up like Nero or Caligula.

    • The autoworkers strike, ha, just about everything in our country is “make work” these days. If the banks hadn’t been bailed out in 2008 none of those people would even be making union wages these days. The country/empire is collapsing, you can rage against the dying light all ya want but it won’t change a thing. We’re the Romans who knew our history, looked around ourselves from about 300 AD on until the fall and were thinking doesn’t anyone else notice all this madness?

  7. I have a pet “social theory” that I’ve never really been able to formulate into anything coherent, but my thoughts could be outlined by something like this:

    Any human organization, once it becomes sufficiently large and complex, will begin to behave like an independent biological organism in itself. This is sort of like how pack animals or social insects behave, and it might even be an artifact of our more primitive nature that developed for survival.

    “OUR DEMOCRACY” is an expression of this. Like a wolf caught in a trap, our government elites are willing to “chew off their own leg” in order to survive. Trump derangement has always been an immune system response, a reflexive organic behavior to insure the survival of the system.

    “OUR DEMOCRACY” is cellular in it’s nature. It is a system that gives a certain class of people power, wealth, and status. OUR DEMOCRACY is the biggest behemoth that has ever existed in human history. Anyone that is opposed to OUR DEMOCRACY is literally a fatal threat, a tumor that must be removed.

    OUR DEMOCRACY is not unlike the company that I work for. It has one mission, to create a product. It is a company composed of human beings who only wish to survive themselves as individuals, but who are completely expendable to the organism that is OUR COMPANY. When OUR COMPANY wishes to increase its chance of survival, it will remove as many of the individuals that comprise it as possible. This is done under the premise of “efficiencies”, but when a person stops to think about this, why is the mission of OUR COMPANY to make profits for (nobody in particular, since everyone, right up to the CEO, is expendable)? Why isn’t the mission of a OUR COMPANY to provide a stable, successful environment that benefits all parts of the sum? Particularly the people who are already part of it….

    But doing back to OUR DEMOCRACY, it is in a state of contradiction, because it senses a cancer that as metastasized, and it has resolved that the only way to kill the cancer is to kill the entire organism, in essence, it has become an autoimmune disorder.

    • I think global supply chains are a perfect example of your social theory.

      That is why they are still somewhat functional in spite of all the damage inflicted on them during the recent hard shutdown years.

      • Yes it is similar

        There is an understandable innate tendency towards the individual members of any “collective” (and all sufficiently large corporations, non-profits, and government agencies are collectives) to reinforce the continuity of the collective, as long as the collective remains healthy and they each remain part of it and able to benefit from it. Bizarrely, however, like insects who are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the hive, we see in human behavior a discombobulation of normal, natural self serving survival instincts with hive minded willingness to sacrifice self interests.

        I suppose this might be related to the matriarchal nature of the modern west, where feminine attitudes are prevailing. Females have a nurturing instinct, where they will sacrifice their own material comfort for their children. This instinct might be amplifying itself into our broader social framework.

  8. One thing to remember is that our ruling class, just like pretty much everybody else, tends to overestimate the degree to which other people resemble themselves and think in the same ways. For example, really smart people routinely overestimate the intelligence of everybody else and tend towards paranoia, attributing complicated plots and motives to others that those others never could have come up with themselves, while less intelligent people exhibit Dunning-Kruger syndrome.

    When the politicians and the media start in with the “our democracy” talk, they are giving us a window into their own beliefs and rationalizations. They may lie to us, but they lie to us as if they were trying to convince one of their own. They can’t help it; it’s a universal human foible.

    I think they’re wildly overestimating the extent to which Joe Sixpack cares about “our democracy.” The average person just sort of blinks in mild confusion at this chatter, or he feigns agreement so as to seem compliant. He may absorb a little of the idea and repeat it to others just long enough to influence the next election, which would be an added benefit from the elites’ point of view. If he somehow starts to sense that supporting Trump might be difficult, the “our democracy” trope gives him a convenient copout. But otherwise, these things have little hold on his mind.

    This will prove to be the end of democracy, for after an issue is politicized like this, it is argued about for a while and then simply dumped in the trash. Notice what happened in the case of abortion. Thirty years ago, people actually took up the cause of the baby and defended its life, but you don’t hear those kinds of arguments anymore. The baby has been forgotten, and the only political issue now is about the Left trying to make sure it stays legal in as many places as possible. After this shameful and cynical politicization of the democratic process itself, nobody will care about democracy anymore. Effective power will be wholly in the hand of mobs and factions, but the Left will be pretty well circumvented.

    • I realize abortion is a very hot-button issue to many here. Rather than debate its pros or cons, which is an unwinnable war, I would instead comment on two general issues:

      1. Do you have any idea how rare it is that the Supreme Court reverses (or heavily modifies) one of its prior decisions? Not “never” but I’m pretty sure it’s “never-adjacent.”

      2. Do you know how rare it is that power is devolved from the Federal to the individual State, whether by the judiciary or legslative? That too is rather unusual.

      Our nation’s entire history has been one of the Federal gaining more powers that if they even existed at all, were rights of an individual State.

      • I honestly think the only reason they did what they did last summer was to energize the democrat base for the mid terms. No other reason makes sense. You aren’t dealing with “political parties” you’re dealing with a class of people who are essentially ticks. And they’ve been spreading a crap ton of lime disease to the general population.

        • I dunno

          I think there’s a lot of reason to believe we are in the midst of a cyclical historical inflection point.

          As Ben pointed out, since Lincoln, there has been nothing gained at the state or local level. All levels of government serve the federal government in all but the trivial matters.

          It doesn’t make sense at all to me that the elites would do away with a pillar of modernity, ie abortion rights, just to energize an election. There are so many other ways to do that which don’t involve taking a step backward in the “wrong” direction (from their view).

          No, I think there *ARE* genuine points of conflict within the “permissible” range of discourse among elites. I also think that privately there are plenty of elites on the right, and a few on the left, who don’t enthusiastically support every “progressive” diktat.
          I think the same argument about “energizing the left” could be made about the right. Why wouldn’t a Supreme Court ruling being overturned by a “conservative” majority energize the nominal, or at least Christian. “right”? Wouldn’t a demonstration that voting a certain way can lead to victory be a motivation to go vote “more harder”?

          No. I think we saw a profound moment that was a foreshadowing of the revolution that is underway.

          • What state in our modern day would actually outlaw abortion? Haven’t you noticed they love the culture wars because it doesn’t have any outcome on how they manage all the policies that count? Pro nouns,lgbqtxyz, all of that crap, you see it on the internet, and maybe in some large blue cities, but where else? But keep fighting with people you’ll never meet on the internet, mission accomplished!

        • There is no longer any need to energize the Democratic base. They send out volunteers weeks before election and those volunteers help the Democrats that would never show up to vote at a poll to fill out the ballots and then they mail them. I’ll bet the Democratic turnout to elections is nearly flat now with little variation from election to election.

          • “There is no longer any need to energize the Democratic base.”

            You do if you don’t want your fraud, which you were just accused of, to be so obvious ray charles would notice it.

          • This is directed at Mr House.

            The part about “keep fighting with people you’ll never meet on the internet” doesn’t make sense though, because TPTB have worked tirelessly to segregate us into ghettos where we aren’t allowed to argue with each other.

            That’s what all the “hate speech” crap on every social media platform is all about. They don’t want us arguing. They want us to be harmoniously singing the same tune.

            But the remnants of “white man democracy” that allow dissent are not entirely worked out of the system. They’re fortifying it, but I do believe that a certain segment of the elite,, even a black man like Clarence Thomas, are ready to put up resistance.

            The system selects for people who have a tendency to comply with the modern consensus, but that doesn’t mean that they have annual meetings to repledge their allegiance to Leviathan. I think some of the establishment republicans are having buyers remorse at the system that they contributed to building.

        • They count the votes.

          What does “energizing the voters” matter? Being able to tell laquisha in detroit to stop the tally of votes under the desk at 2am instead of 3am?

          Laquisha aint got nothing else better to do noways, da club already closed by either time and her baby daddy aint home regardless

      • Seems logical the regime is against abortion now that most of the babies come out black or brown. The right to an abortion was just a means of sterilizing blacks that was later adapted to be a means of sterilizing whites.

      • It’s a good point. Anyone used to identifying with republicans is so used to losing at everything that they can’t even help but see wins as losses.

        People over here always mention Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, but does anyone remember the one time she actually held it for him and he was so nervous he immediately screwed it up and kicked her straight in the arm?

        That’s pretty much the public right in america. Absolutely afraid to take even the temporary W’s that temporary W Trump actually scored.

        Throwing a piece of cheese to that rodent Karl Popper, but its important to have a possible falsification condition attached to your mental models. Its possible to win.

  9. “they are doing that which we would never have the courage to do even if allowed.”

    It’s not just from lack of courage (which is true), it’s also from lack of comfort with lying. People on the right are generally more straight-forward and honest and less power hungry; it’s not in their personality to put forth such brazen falsehood; they’d feel bad about saying it. The Left has no such compunctions; their arrogance and spite is without limit. And that’s why it’s a classic cowboy story where the hero has to realize there is only one way to stop the killers: you gotta kill the killers. No honor hokum, no Mr. Nice Guy, no judicial process, no staying above their level, etc. Won’t work, can’t work. Just one way.

    “The “democratic process” is a fig leaf used by the ruling elite to subdue any resistance to their rule.”

    Aint that the truth. Subduing the public will on the border invasion for DECADES is the classic example of both parties squelching the people. Scales fell from a lot of eyes with the state sanctioned one-two punch of Covid/lockdowns from one-hand and the Floyd Riots from the other. Lots of Normies now curse themselves for being flag waving idiots who believed the 911 story, voted for Dubya, and cheered the Haliburton invasions.

    • “Lots of Normies now curse themselves for being flag waving idiots who believed the 911 story, voted for Dubya, and cheered the Haliburton invasions.”

      This means they have transcended normiedom. Give reformed grillers a chance, theyre pretty much the only mass constituency the right has.

      • A Daniel come to judgment! yea, a Daniel!
        O wise young judge, how I do honour thee!

        “International Law” was always a bit of a fig leaf.

        “Rules-based International Order” should come with its own laugh track.

    • That was bizarre. In what way was anyone in the empire-proper harmed by Iran selling the Chinese a tanker of oil? Of course the answer is “they weren’t” along with “that doesn’t matter”.

      • Doubtless some geo strategic genius big brains in the pentagram think that this is a twofer: good for Greatest Ally and also sends PRC a message about hydrocarbon logistics in the event of the Soong Sisters Revival Tour kicking off in the Taiwan Strait.

        Living in a pod on Mars is starting to look good. I’ll even eat the bugs if I must.

    • Yes. So what? Basically what is Iran or China going to do?

      It is Jack Sparrow rules based order – what a country can do, and what a country can’t do.

  10. Just as supporters of climate change intone “The science is settled!” to silence their critics, supporters of true democracy intone “The politics is settled!” to silence their critics.

    • Democracy, like Science, words that once had meaning, but are now used only to signal whether one is with the Regime or against it.

  11. There’s always a battle-of-wills element to politics, regardless of the form of government, as there is in life generally. One side has been losing that battle for a long time. So badly the craziest shit is being imposed on society, by a small minority.

    Don’t want to keep beating this drum, but idea, matter, spirit— ideology, numbers, and will in political terms. Rock, paper, scissors, or something like that lol.

  12. Today’s post creates a unique opportunity for brainstorming or crowdsourcing various ideas that could be employed in response to the inevitable banning of Trump from the ballot. Perhaps the online community can help identify and refine “effective” countermeasures to the systemic insanity that will overtly put the final nail in the coffin of the voting charade. Here are some examples to get things started.

    1. Stay home on election day (this one is easy and obvious).
    2. Proudly proclaim your withdrawal from the charade; a tee shirt could accomplish this. My favorite version might announce . . . F you Bongino, I’m staying home!
    3. If you must vote, write in Trump. And if the local election staff at the voting station refuse to allow this, then start a fist fight and make sure someone makes a video to post online.
    4. Attend a scab rally for the GOP “Chosen One” and make a scene that adequately reflects your disdain for the “process.” Be creative in this endeavor. Perhaps flinging feces will make the make the point with sufficient impact.
    5. During the 2020 stolen election, most of the ballot stuffing occurred after midnight in remotely located drop-off boxes, and the mules were pretty obvious. The possibilities abound. A little gasoline can do wonders to negate the dead person vote.

    Once Trump is forcibly removed as a candidate, the Constitution is officially dead and there really is nothing left to lose.

    • Part of me thinks after Trump is removed from the ballot, the best move is to organize a show of support for one of the fringe kooks running for President. I think a kook getting 20% of the popular vote while the chose Republican like Scott or Haley get crushed will do more to make a statement than a drop in turnout.

      On the other hand in 1992 the incumbent got 39% of the vote and their response was to nominate Bob Dole four years later. It would at least be entertaining though.

      • After the partly NED-sponsored and partly organic fun and games in Hong Kong in 2019, the government started prosecuting (*) anyone who advocated election boycotts.

        They announced that they would do this in future, modified legislation appropriately, and then proceeded to make examples of anyone who failed to adjust their behaviour.

        In the far more democratic USA, they’ll just invent some retroactive justification for hunting down anyone who publicly proclaims the futility of voting.

        * Plenty of other dissident acts were criminalised and prosecuted, too. What I found really interesting was the intense deluge of moral condemnation that the official press, government spokesmen, judges laid on once the crackdown switch was flipped — and how well it seems to have worked. The Z Man is right about the power of being able to own and set the moral parameters of any ‘debate’.

    • If anything, the Regime will stuff ballots for the Republican designated to lose. It will provide the illusion of an actual political opposition internationally. As far as staying home, that is baked into the cake.

      • It’s kinda scary to think about what is not only possible but plausible once one removes lawfulness and conscience

        But if they were that good at manipulating votes totals then you’d figure ol Joe would have won a couple more bellwether counties. While I think it’s possible to steal a national election, I don’t think it’s easy, or that they can manipulate the number precisely.

        I think it was just what it looked like: they zeroed in on 5 specific cities, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Phoenix. Probably Minneapolis and Denver too. With clear consciences. Because they were Saving Democracy.

    • “During the 2020 stolen election, most of the ballot stuffing occurred after midnight in remotely located drop-off boxes, and the mules were pretty obvious. The possibilities abound. A little gasoline can do wonders to negate the dead person vote.”

      Unimpressed by the decade long sentence handed out to maga types who pushed on fences?

      How about you listen to our boy here and aim higher. I think life in solitary federal confinement or even execution is not too much to hope for once you combine arson, hate crimes (cause oh they will be), terrorism, election interference and whatever else Merick Garland and the rest of the sanhedrin can dream up to pin on you.

      If Z paid attention you’d be booted out of the airlock for using his site to suggest something so absolutely insane and retarded. Its realistically possible he catches a federal deposition if not a case if you entrap some dumb sperg into actually doing this and its connected back here.

      Moronic shit needs to be deleted.

        • My plan is to speak right into your lapel and identify myself, then I’m going to state my intent to perform a whole bunch of easily discovered crimes that hand the regime enormous PR victories. This should help grease the wheels for the media to call for a massive crackdown on dangerous far right dissidents. Poor politicans will have no choice.

          It will all be worth it just to be locked in a rape cage forever and have family unprotected and uncared for by anyone except whatever jamal they run into on the street.

          Anyway are you his handler? Why are you jumping in to defend the go directly to jail plan he cooked up?

          Does literally any sane person believe this is a valid suggestion? In the insane universe in which someone thinks so do you ALSO think its a good idea to document in a public forum thats certainly already surveilled so the criminal conspiracy can be readily traced back to you?

          Boomers are getting shot for fedpostin online lately and even they should know better.

          • “Boomers are getting shot for fedpostin online lately and even they should know better.”

            It is the same mentality as trying crack only once. Not only are those murdered by the storm troopers elderly, in most cases they are disabled, and, as I suspect with the case above, drunk posting because the specifics are too bizarre even to constitute a deranged fantasy.

    • I don’t believe they want to ban Trump, they want him nominated. Because they know they can beat him like they did in 2020.

  13. The Z-Man, longish quote:

    Now, the defenders of democracy assume certain things about the purpose of society, its natural end point, which means they assume certain things about the purpose of the people who will one day populate the fully flowered democracy. The most important foundational item is the assumption that once everyone is fully democratic and fully understands her purpose, everyone agrees on the purpose of society. This means politics withers away as there is nothing to debate.

    Since the defenders of democracy understand all of this, the presence of people who oppose them means society is not democratic. The larger project requires that these people be removed by any means necessary. As long as these enemies of democracy are standing in the way of progress, the defenders of democracy have a right and an obligation to do what is required to defeat them. It turns out that you can only reach true democracy through authoritarian means.

    That last bit is critical. The defenders of democracy assume that once the conditions for democracy are firmly and unquestionable in place, the people in the system will have no choice but to realize their true purpose as democratic people. At that magical point, politics collapses as all moral disputes are gone. There is no need for elections and the rule of law because everyone at all times agrees on everything. There is no coercion because there is no dissent from the moral order of democracy.


    This sounds similar to the Marxist-Leninist concepts of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the withering away of the state.

    “Once there is total agreement regarding all policy issues of any consequence, then true democracy will be attained.”

    • I was going to make the same comment. It seems to be a common feature for nearly any major religion, political philosphy, and such that there is some promised future Utopia that adherents strive towards. It always seems the exact road map, details and such are somewhat nebulous. My favorite thinker (Nietzsche) seems to praise the virtues of hierachies like aristocracy, monarchy with nobility and similar. Unlike many popular ideologial systems, those at least had the virtue that in various forms they actually worked in the real world, perhaps because they implicitly and explicitly acknowledged that people are unequal, that there are competing wills of varying power. Democracy, to be sure, was not to Herr Fritz’s liking. Much of his writing is well-grounded in history and other disciplines; yet even he was not immune to flights of idealism: witness his Übermensch.

    • That’s because he makes this point frequently. The People In Charge paradoxically don’t care what dirt people think or want, but desperately crave common support for their nefarious schemes. It makes you do a think.

  14. Leftists are past masters of conjuring fanciful theory to explain away the fact that reality confutes their most cherished beliefs. Z mentions the “true will of the people” in this piece. This is fully in keeping with other idiotic Leftist chimeras such as “false consciousness,” “institutional racism,” “white supremacy,” and “stereotype threat.” Ultimately, Leftism is an extraordinarily destructive war whose objective is to impose utopian fantasy upon refractory reality.

  15. “It turns out that you can only reach true democracy through authoritarian means.” This is the same premise as communism/socialism. Authoritarian means are necessary to crush those not willing to go along, until the perfect collective system can be established. So it seems authoritarianism is inevitable everywhere eventually. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. But democracy is probably the worst, because it is based on the lie that the citizens can shape events.

  16. I tried to link a comment earlier about Rousseau, but it was snagged by the filter, so, no link. But Rousseau writes:

    “Rousseau assumed that all people are capable of taking the moral standpoint of aiming at the common good and that, if they did so, they would reach a unanimous decision.”

    I’m not going to write a long comment about this, but I think it’s the root of why we’re at where we’re at.

  17. The constant carping about “our democracy” is nothing more than a continuous head fake; this country was founded as a constitutional, representational republic. The Founders hated democracy which they knew always leads to dictatorship.

    But that’s what the Dems/Left want.

  18. “Our Democracy” has turned into rule by minority. Whether sexual degenerates, homos, ethnic and racial minorities and a certain type of woman, “Our Democracy” is rule by them.

    • In Germany, they can just ban a party which disagrees with them…That they haven’t done that with the AfD, whose popularity is increasing rapidly, is a sign that the ruling coalition is pretty fragile…But knocking Trump and replacing him with, say, Nimrata Randhawa would be a pretty major step in that process…I think they aren’t sure they can get away with it….

        • The art of politics, as it t is currently being practiced in the U.S., is to winnow down the available choices to ridiculous people that no one in their right minds would choose, given better candidates to choose from. The seizure of the American political system by two self-serving private political entities (the Reps and the Dems), who are also aligned with each other in the common task of asset-stripping the joint for their own personal benefits, has bankrupted the commonweal. Our politics has been carefully reconstructed, over time, to resemble the competition of ideas and philosophies. In the real world, that reconstruction effort conceals and deflects from the grift and graft going on by practically everyone involved in the workings of our politics.

  19. “This contrast in moral visions makes it impossible for the two camps to coexist in the same society. If you want a democratic society, you can never tolerate people who want a democracy.”

    A lengthy discourse, with slight variation, on today’s subject can be found in Sowell’s “The Vision of the Anointed”. First published in 1995!

  20. I remember my first semester at college, which was far away from home, in a different state. I was encouraged to register and then vote in the local and state elections. Here am I, a stupid kid, with absolutely zero, and I do mean zero, knowledge of anything at all, let alone what is going on in this place I just moved to. Yet I was able to ostensibly decide on the policy direction of that place. Looking back, it’s crazy, but also, somewhat embarrassingly, I remember what and who I voted for and I realize why they want me to do it.

    It’s only gotten worse since then. Nowadays we are told our sacred democracy falls short if violent felons, 15 year olds, illegal immigrants, and mentally invalid are not able to cast a vote. We are told that taking fifteen minutes out of your day to go to a voting booth is too much of a burden to ask of too many people, and so is having to prove who you are when you get there. Obviously, the point of this is to drown out the “normal” people, the people who were given the franchise all the way back to Athens – roughly speaking, those with skin in the game – as those people vote for things like stability, law and order, fair business dealing, and minimal government. We can’t have any of that. Yet it also helps in manufacturing consent for the moral conclusions of the ruling class.

    • Exactly. A “perfect democracy” requires that every person vote. This is the strategy from 2020 forward – so long as nearly every person in this population dump (formerly known as a country) votes, the result will always be that democrats win.

    • Conversely, I enlisted in their army as a teenager and found that there was NO outreach or easy means to vote as a soldier far from my home state.

      Started using their GI bill immediately after my enlistment was up in late ’91 found my college had plenty of voter outreach drives. Tables set up every day during election season to help local and out-of-state students vote.

      Several years later I read there was an effort to streamline voting for military members and it was quietly but stoutly opposed by the usual suspects.

      It’s “our democracy” and “every voice must be heard” unless it’s voices that might reflect disagreement with being “on the right side of history”.

    • Voting should be preceded by a test given out on your knowledge of the constitution. Those that fail shouldn’t be allowed to vote. (I know, few of the candidates running for office care much about the constitution.)

      • These “tests” of the voters was long ago ruled out by SCOTUS, thereby condemning us to ignorant, mob rule. The only qualification to vote seems to be fogging a mirror these days. The last exceptions such as a criminal record and citizenship are being undermined constantly.

        We don’t need more voters, we need better voters. (And of course that assumes the premise that voting change really changes things.)

  21. “As long as these enemies of democracy are standing in the way of progress, the defenders of democracy have a right and an obligation to do what is required to defeat them. It turns out that you can only reach true democracy through authoritarian means.”

    Well, of course this is the 20th century Marxist version of “democracy.” The proletariat does not know what its own interests are, because they have been duped by “false consciousness” and by bourgeois capitalist trickery and propaganda and this cannot be tolerated.

    Therefore the Party, acting as the “vanguard of the proletariat,” must be the sole vessel through which proletarian interests are advanced, and has total power to eliminate all competing ideas.

    Hence, the “German Democratic Republic,” “Democratic Kampuchea,” and the “Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea” were all one-party totalitarian states where no actual democracy existed.

    • Yeah those Asians (I am including Russians here) were smart enough to skip over 200 years of Republicanism and go straight for the “democratic people’s republic” bit without a gentlemanly interregnum of boisterous debate and duelling newspapers.

      At least in those countries, there isn’t a giant naive population of suburban peasants and boomer-voters. They all know they’re being conned and understand the viciousness of what goes on in their capitals.

  22. This morning I casually clicked on a link to an article in American Greatness called ‘The Frightened Left’, and started reading. I thought it might be about Lefty starting to panic as he sees his blue empire sliding into chaotic dysfunction, and wondering if it might be time to change course. Instead, it was a recitation of the terrible injustices the Left has committed, and how they are facing the dire prospect of having these atrocities inflicted on itself.

    It started with “weaponizing impeachment” against Trump, then developed into a long list of crimes and abuses, like buying off social media, taking bribes from foreigners, buying elections, you name it. I stopped reading afterabout the 6th iteration of “What if Republicans do ______ if they take control after the next election?” I said to myself, “Well, they’re not worried about that because it won’t happen,” then I looked back at the top to find the author. Victor Davis Hanson.

    Are you kidding me? THIS is what the big-brain powerhouse of the Right produces? Now? For years people on blogs have written, “Yeah, National Review is a dumpster fire, but they still have a few good writers, like VDH.” I used to think he was good too, but clearly he fell off the hay wagon about 50 miles back, and has no idea what world we’re living in or what to say about it.

    • Times change, often faster than people change to match them—hence VDH speaks to a time long past. He is an old man with fond memories and speaks to other old men with fond memories. Despite this, I honor his past accomplishments as a writer and military historian. His time has simply come and passed.

    • Every time I point out how bad VDH is, I get a ton of push-back. I’m surprised he didn’t bring up his multiracial fambly, or maybe he did….I didn’t read the article. If VDH wasn’t a cuck at heart, we wouldn’t know his name.

      • The interesting thing about Hanson is how a man with his capacity for memory and imagination — a thirst for knowledge and the need to share it — can lack the ability to apply some of those lessons to his own life or times. He’s a genteel old scholar in a subway car of barbarians who keeps asking of the youths to please ring for the next stop if you would, good sir.

        • I keep trying to post a comment containing a quotation by the French political philosopher whose name begins with “R-O-U-S” but keep seeing the comments disappear. How odd.

        • The irony of this critique, which is correct, is that VDH’s public punditry was largely an outgrowth of his studies on antiquity and his supposed ability to apply the lessons learned by the ancients to the modern world. Yet even with that he somehow fully supported the Bush neocon war of aggressions, casting the USA as the Greeks/300 (a sentence I cannot type without feeling revulsion in my stomach). I read and like his books on antiquity but I’ll never, ever, take him seriously as a pundit.

          • When I last paid attention to him a couple years ago, Hanson had decided that the escalating authoritarianism of the American government was the result of Trump’s vulgar lies about the escalating authoritarianism of the American government. I don’t remember what historical analogy he used. It reminded me of Kafka, not Athens.

            Blaming Trump for what other people do is a sure sign of being one of the bad guys. You can’t change your mind about something that. What new information could sway you? Of course you might stop *saying* things like that, but…

      • People with three initials or who use their first,middle,last name always get hyped up.

        LBJ, FDR, AOC, Amy three names, VDH, JDF. . .

    • I had the exact same experience this morning. I read the first few sentences and then closed the tab. It’s embarrassing. Have these people had their heads in the sand for the past 20 years?

      And any notion that the left is frightened is risible. They now exercise power without any fear whatsoever. Witness the New Mexico governor “temporarily” suspending second amendment rights by declaring a bogus emergency. She acts with no fear of retribution, because she knows damn well there won’t be any retribution. Mere Republicans are no match for these Marxists.

      • If the Nazis were indeed bad, it is always ignored that they were the only possible successful response to the Marxists in Germany. The Marxists forced the existence of the Nazis.

        • Yes, I have made this point in the comments section here several times. The centrists industrialists in Weimar Germany bowed to the Marxist left, hoping to be eaten last by the alligator. Together, they rendered ineffective any center-right parties, leaving the Nazis as the only effective opposition.

          The parallels with USA 2023 are uncanny. One would think the brighter minds on the political left would see what is coming and tamp down the radicals, but there’s no sign of that happening.

    • I remember watching a VDH interview with the Hoover Institute. He starts off talking about how valuable citizenship was to the Romans, he then begins talking about how great the multiethnic farming community he grew up in was. He follows this up by admitting that latino immigration has essentially ruined California. He then made the well taken point that, in a republic, having people who are on some form of welfare on the voter rolls corrupts the entire process as oligarchs can simply buy votes. Then he follows this up by saying he is still in favor of immigration as long as it is legal and there is a process of assimilation (whatever that means). It didn’t seem to occur to him that immigrants, like those on the dole, have also received something from the powers that be they other wise wouldn’t have, and politically function as their clients. If his kind of thinking wasn’t so representative of the thinking of Con Inc it would actually be pretty funny. The cognitive dissonance contained in one man is pretty mind blowing. You would think someone who is well read in the classics would actually understand politics in a real way.

    • VDH needs to eat. The Hoover Institution doubtless pays well. Likely also puts him up at Stanford in very comfortable accommodation several days per week. Nice change from Mayans performing human sacrifices down the road from what’s left of his ancestral Central Valley farm. There are things he cannot notice or say if he wants to stay on the payroll.

      I don’t think his Dirt Farmer Hesiod persona is an act. He’s had a pretty hard-working life. But he’s old and tired. Not going to update his priors or rock the boat at this stage.

  23. “Our democracy” has never been seriously challenged until recently. The people and Our Democracy were more or less in agreement every step of the way post WW2.

    Even when people disagreed with a certain decision, they still believed in the validity of the overall system. Today, some people are starting to question the very system itself – and that’s dangerous.

    And faced with some small challenges from within, it turns out that liberal democracy is a complete lie. Or at least, it is now and the current rulers lack the competence of previous generations. But probably always has been.

    Our Democracy and Our People are splitting apart now. The new message is that White people are evil, we need to be poorer for mother Gaia (not India or China though), and we need to give up our country to foreigner rule. It’s not exactly an enticing ideology.

    • “The people and Our Democracy were more or less in agreement every step of the way post WW2.”

      I’ve heard your statement often described as one in which we agreed upon goals, but argued over method and timeframe. I can believe this myself broadly. But that was a different time. One of racial unity and Christian belief. A process of decision making which worked then fails us today.

  24. The left will continue to ravage everything normal and functioning in our civilization, even the things they they themselves built only a few decades ago, until the right quits handicapping itself with the burden of “rules”.

    The problem with this is that the (general) right wants to preserve an order that is defined by its rules, so it must jettison the desire to preserve and willingly, openly embrace something new, something that might be morally uncomfortable and full of contradictions, but something that will facilitate the OUTCOME that is desired.

    The right simply needs to have an outcome based framework instead of a method based framework. A team that is comfortable with losing as long as it plays by the “rules” is ultimately doomed to fail, especially when that team has accepted the right of their opponent to change the rules at will.

    • “ A team that is comfortable with losing as long as it plays by the “rules” is ultimately doomed to fail, especially when that team has accepted the right of their opponent to change the rules at will.”

      How true. As been said here before, we have allowed our virtues to be used against us. Leave your virtues at the door, win the fight, then pick them up when you leave victorious.

      • It’s possible to win playing by the rules, but only in the case that you go berserk as soon as you detect the other side cheating. The Right has failed that shit-test many times over and that’s why the Left knows it can do whatever it wants now.

    • I’ve always wondered why they have this drive to destroy everything. I’ve seen it over and over again where leftists really just hate everything and want to destroy. For no apparent reason.

      A good example is zoning. They hate hate hate single family homes. So now everywhere must have “inclusive zoning” (aka: a slum). Of course what they really hate are white families in nice houses. 70 story condos must be built to house Somalian refugees.

      They don’t benefit from this at all. In fact they might be hurt more by their own policies. They don’t act out of rational self interest. They act out of a desire to destroy their own civilization. Or perhaps, destroy the other people of their own civilization with whom they disagree.

      But I don’t understand them which makes them even more dangerous. It’s bad to not understand your enemy. I’ve also wondered what the psychological impetus is for this mindset any why is it so prevalent in whites. It must have been something useful in pre modern times that has been twisted and now manifests in harmful ways post 1960.

      • “I’ve seen it over and over again where leftists really just hate everything…”

        Not to put too Freudian a point on the phenomenon you astutely note, but Leftist’s simply hate “themselves”, hence the name first coined by Woodley—“spiteful mutants”. A genetic culling is inevitable and coming soon.

        Introspection and some guilt are adaptive, self loathing is an evolutionary dead end.

      • I believe the two world wars were the prime causative agents, which generated generations of spiteful mutants. White intellectuals who came of age in the 20s and later gazed upon the horror of WWI and WWII, and concluded that white people are Blue-eyed Ice Devils whose civilization must be destroyed. Decolonization was probably the first major policy springing from this burgeoning white self-loathing, and the anti-white movement has only accellerated and become more virulent since. These arch-fiends will not be content until Western civilization no longer exists, and white people are utterly powerless and defenseless.

        • I think European history, since at least the Reformation, has been characterized by various levels of “social justice”. I think it comes from the same adaptive characteristics that allow us to invent new things. “Build a better mousetrap”. Etc.
          It’s why we don’t live in mud huts.

          I think mass literacy and the abundance caused by the Industrial Revolution has been the underlying cause of this phenomenon to grow exponentially. I think World Wars were a symptom of this run amok. The wars themselves were a convulsion to cast off the previous ruling elite monarchies and to deal with the aftermath of unresolved conflicts. None of which would have occurred if mass literacy hadn’t swelled the status of the middle class and empowered it (not a bad thing in itself but nothing, good or bad, goes without consequences).

          • Middle-class status anxiety is a sub-category of the bigger Mimesis Problem… and I reckon it’s the killer app which might kill us all.

      • The way to understand the actions of the Left is the divine. Most of them have taken on the demonic slate of emotions (Ann Barnhardt has a point about this) of anger, hatred, jealousy and fear and they hate anything good or true.

        Reminds me of that oft-quoted line from the second Christopher Nolan Batman movie.

        “They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

        • The irony is that as long as the Left is winning, Ann Barnhardt can rant and rave down by the riverside. Should the dissident side ever prevail, it would soon be a necessary act of civil sanitation and social stabilisation to purchase the requisite carbon credits and then Savonarola her in the (apologies to First Things readers) Public Square.

      • What motivates the Left to self-destruction? The analogy is not perfect, but the ancient fable of the frog ferrying the scorpion across the river offers an insight.

      • IMO a big part of it is reality failing to match expectations. Which leads to general disaffection, depression and anger.

        I see that effect in a lot of people that have decent to good lives. They walk around under a cloud because their life isn’t some instagram fantasy.

        Lefty’s identity is centered around her politics. Which are all about “progress” and liberating people and equality. None of which are achievable. So the more they win, the more disaffected and angrier they become.

    • If we were still a nation, a change of strategy by the right could succeed. But we aren’t a nation anymore, now we’re just an economic zone, and barely that, so it doesn’t really matter what the strategy is. The factions cannot be reconciled. One may rule over the other(s) by brute force, but not by any democratic republican system.

  25. Actual headline in the Sacramento Bee yesterday: “You can support our democracy, or you can support the party of Donald J. Trump.” By Melinda Henneberger, who won the Pulizer last year. She’s an example of what Z talked about Friday.

    Just one graph: “In our state, too, all of the most prominent members of the DJT Party continue to undermine our democracy with the lie that won’t die, that Trump wuz robbed in 2020. Oh, and that he is being prosecuted now for reasons that have nothing to do with the multiple ways in which he tried to end America as we’ve known it by staying in office after an election he knew he had lost.”


    • “Dictatorship of the Upper Class” is a bit much even for this woman to use although it would be accurate. The prosecution of Trump has them anxious not because of guilt as much as it represents an explicit admission of their totalitarian nature.

      • “The prosecution of Trump has them anxious…”

        Our rulers are not anxious, they are gleeful. Trump persecution is just the latest thrill and distraction for our feminized society. Rainforests, ozone holes, Satanic daycare centers, negros, Covid (“oh no, not Covid!!!”), masks, jabs, Ukraine, child sterilization.

        Meanwhile, another water main in my leafy suburban paradise blew last night. Not to worry, the female mayor and diverse town board put solar panels on the townhall, so it’s all good.

        • They aren’t anxious in the sense their absolute power is threatened but that the con has run its course.

  26. When the democrat left chants “Our Democracy,” they mean the “Our” part quite literally. It is “OUR” the Democrats’, democracy, and those who aren’t on board are not Ours, but Theirs. Theirs must be excluded, demonized, and then destroyed so the “Ours” can have their way.


    • You notice how meaningless and abstract the phrase is. In times past a nation would talk about “Our People”, “Our God”, “Our Traditions”, “Our Freedoms”, and now we’re down to a lifeless platitude because there’s literally nothing else holding this country together.

      • > In times past a nation would talk about “Our People”, “Our God”, “Our Traditions”, “Our Freedoms”

        Yup. “Our Democracy” was originally created in order to protect our people and our freedoms. Now it seems to be an ends all to itself. Really makes one scratch the noggin…

  27. “It turns out that you can only reach true democracy through authoritarian means.”

    Today marks the anniversary of a large if not primary reason the United States became such a shamefully stupid and authoritarian police state. Bin Laden didn’t particularly win as much as expose what was irretrievably lost. The nation had run on fumes for decades and even those are gone now.

    A Soviet-style dictatorship ruled by cretinous, emotionally incontinent subhumans is what Our Democracy is. Prosperity is the only glue and it is cracking. The most important votes people cast are with their feet to places where Our Democracy is recognized as the Special Olympics of the grotesque.

    Withdrawal from Our Democracy into white, sane enclaves is the only way to experience even a little freedom now. America: loathe it and leave it.

    • OT: But given this is September 11, what are people’s opinions on Bin Ladie’s 9/11 involvement?

      Some logistics coordination?
      Passing knowledge?
      Nothing at all?

      • Who cares.

        The only things about 9/11 that matter are:

        1. Endless wars of choice to “spread democracy.”

        2. A mass panopticon of a domestic surveillance state; even Presidents aren’t immune.

        3. Infinite debt ceiling and unlimited spending..but no taxes to pay for it.

        I’d go on, but what’s the point?

        This country had a pinprick attack happen on 9/11 and completely freaked the “F” out for 20+ years.

        The Kagan cult is openly signaling that long range missiles will to be given to Ukraine with no restrictions on their targeting; the Russians need to be hit “close to home”.

        I swear to god, they’re tying to start an unrestricted WWIII; maybe that’s what 9/11 was about and it’s taken this long to get there.

      • It’s unlikely that our government is so evil as to sacrifice 3000 people and two very nice towers in NYC just for endless neocon wars. I’m as cynical and anti-American as anybody, but this seems like a stretch.

        It’s possible that Israel or some in the American deep state knew about it, and did nothing, either out of extreme realpolitik or incompetence.

        It’s also very possible that 20 deranged Arabs took advantage of our credulous Minnesotan flight schools to kill for Allah.

        It’s fun to think about, but I agree with Proznov: the more important issue was the aftermath. America went from Republic to Empire during FDR’s regime, and Evil Empire during W’s regime.

        • “It’s unlikely that our government is so evil as to sacrifice 3000 people and two very nice towers in NYC just for endless neocon wars.”

          The men of Ukraine beg to differ — except they can’t because they’re, you know, dead.

          Plus, we must consider that it’s not really “our” government anymore and hasn’t been for longer than we’d like to think. Even our involvement in WWII was based on lies.

          As far as 911, the important people didn’t show up for work that day, so instead of plummeting to their deaths, they got to profit from the fallout. Funny coincidence, that.

          • Of all the 9-11 theories and explanations, the most ridiculous is GWB’s declaration, “they hate us for our freedoms.” Or is it that Building 7’s collapse was NOT a controlled demolition?

          • Killing Americans and Ukrainians are two different things. While our regime has been known to kill its own citizens – Waco as an obvious example – I don’t think the regime would do it in such a spectacular fashion on prime real estate. In fact I don’t think the most evil regime anywhere in the world would wreck their own financial capital just to start a war. There are better and simpler ways to start a war…false-flagging for example. The only people capable of doing a 9/11 are super-intelligent weirdos like Dr Moriarty of Joker (both of whom don’t exist) and religious fanatics (who do).

          • Thinking back to that day, all the required elements – means, motive, opportunity, and moral deficit were not in place. They are now.

        • The Regime didn’t have to plan the terrorist attack themselves, they just needed to wait and let it happen and have their dystopian policy proposals spell checked and ready to go as soon as something happened.

      • I’ve been thinking about that too.

        My take away is that he knew the US well. As an outsider probably better than most Americans know themselves.

        And set in motion the attack that would lead to self sabotage – setting our strength agains ourselves. I don’t he anticipated exactly how that would play out long term. It was more like throwing a wrench into some gears in a heavy machine. That didn’t just cause a jam that could be cleared, but warped shafts and sheared off bearings. Such that a major rebuild is necessary. Instead TPTB just removed the wrench and kept on going, leading to reverberations and accelerating problems.

  28. This fits into congregationalism pretty well, we must have the entire congregation on board in “our democracy” if there is any dissent that person or family gets a visit from the church elders. ( the FBI)
    The Z’s podcast touched on this Friday.
    Some would like to blame a lot of this corruption of the republic on the Jewish elite element in the west, and they indeed are along for the ride, to their advantage and are the leaders in a lot of this but the seeds of this “ our democracy” nonsense also lies all the way back to the white people whom first inhabited these shores.
    Judeo/Puritanism does describe what we are seeing and living pretty well.

    • …Puritanism with fun house twisted views of reality such as were shown in the masterful Hawthorne story “Young Goodman Brown.” I’m sure there are many possible analyses of his plot, but a straightforward one would be: On the surface his world is righteous and straight-laced. But underneath, dark and evil. Or is it? Was it all a delusion on his part? The dilemma is left unresolved.

  29. You have true believers…and you have cynical oligarchs. The oligarchs simply want power over others for reasons not usually clear even to themselves, though if you follow the money, their agenda comes into focus. Money translates into power, and they will ruthlessly pursue both…democracy be damned. And if the blue haired morons become a liability, they will be cut off at the ankles.

  30. A closely related term to “our democracy” is “democratic institutions,” which refers to all of the non-democratic organizations that stifle dissent, root out “misinformation, disinformation, and malinformaton,” indoctrinate the masses in the ideology of the ruling class, etc. More importantly, these “democratic institutions” ensure that the actual institutions of democracy, i.e., the three branches of government, prioritize the ruling ideology over the will of the people.

  31. It reminds of the tdlr on the French Revolution: “Everyone must believe in absolute freedom, and anyone who doesn’t believe in freedom gets the guillotine!”

  32. In short, it is only “democracy” if people vote in the correct way. Time to purge the system, bring out the guillotine.

  33. Democracy at work in Germany, where the AfD, Alternative for Deutschland party, is growing and rapidly gaining popularity with the German people. So popular that Germany is talking about banning the party because, you know, they are a threat to democracy.

    • You also have the West-Est divide there, which is a shadow of the North – South divide in America. AfD is most popular in the east, which is viewed by the people in the east as the least democratic part of Germany. Therefore, they look at AfD as a threat to democracy.

      • Of course, the people who are terrified at the AfD’s popularity in the east being a “threat to democracy” are, by stunning coincidence, the same sort of people who were just fine with (big fans of, actually) the literally undemocratic regime that used to run East Germany. Isn’t that interesting?

      • That’s funny. When I lived in Berlin, I’d tell the Germans all the time that the difference between East and West Germans reminded me of Northeners and Southeners.

        West Germaners looked down on East Germans as inefficient, rural rubes while East Germans thought West Germans were overbearing dicks who only cared about money.

        But, yes, East Germany was always the least on board for things like immigration. Part of it was that the East Germans hadn’t been indoctrinated into “Germans should feel ashamed” cult that West Germans received in school and the media.

        • I’m really looking forward to getting and reading my copy of the new revisionist DDR study “Behind the Wall”. The movie “Goodbye Lenin” is a wonderful story about the East Germans losing some valuable things when the Wall fell.

          • The SPD have no intention of governing Germany in the best interest of Germans, but, they’ll be damned to hell first before they’ll let the AfD have a go.

    • Khrushchev unleashed the Waraw Pact on Hungary, Brezhnev on the Czechs and Poles, when those countries didn’t adhere to the Soviet version of Our Democracy. Don’t think for a nanosecond the United States will hesitate to unleash NATO on Germany if it doesn’t like an election result (which is why all results will conform to Our Democracy). There is an ongoing Color Revolution against Orban, and one against Trump even now.

      • Brezhnev took Aghanistan
        Begin took Beirut
        Galtieri took the Union Jack
        And Maggie, over lunch one day,
        Took a cruiser with all hands
        Apparently to make him give it back.
        — English poet Roger Waters

  34. In this instance, we really do need to take them at their word.

    This really is “THEIR democracy”.

    When they speak of “THEIR democracy”, they are speaking of their god [Lucifer], their usury, their rapaciousness, their theft, their miscegenation, their pederasty, their seething nihilistic hatred of us, their determination to drive us into extinction.

    We really do need to pay attention to the words at play here.

    This really is THEIR democracy.

    [For once, they’re ackshually speaking truthfully to us…]

    • From time to time their emotional incontinence gets the better of them and they blurt out the truth accidentally. Besides, they have no fear. Who is going to stop them…Republicans?

      • Jack Dodson: “From time to time their emotional incontinence gets the better of them and they blurt out the truth accidentally.”

        Regarding their decision to send Dementia Joe off to Alaska for the sacred 9-11 ceremony, I sense that there is some rather ugly symbolism at play.

        But I haven’t figured out precisely what that symbolism is supposed to be, other than simply to rub the goyim’s collective faces in the mud?

        And it is some very, very powerful symbolism.

        Maybe it’s simply just moar demoralization pr0n?

        Everything nowadays seems to be nothing but demoralization pr0n.

        The other day, did y’all see Dementia Joe turn his back and blithely walk out on the medal of honor recipient?


        Very very powerful symbolism.

        That’s the sort of thing an hypothetical IRA gangster would have done to an hypothetical Margaret Thatcher – turn his back on her.

        In muh experience with elite sh!tlibs, the turning of the back is the most powerful “kino” gesture they can make; for elite sh!tlibs, the turning of the back is far, far moar powerful than the raising of the middle finger.

        The turning of the back is akin to unleashing the spirit of Baphomet upon an unbeliever.

        Very, very powerful symbolism.

        • I think you are reading way too much into it. Joe Biden is a senile dementia patient with a brain made of oatmeal. He probably walked out of that medal of honor ceremony because he was hungry, his diaper was full and he forgot where he was even at.

          • I’m saying that the behavior – the turning of the back – is, at this point, INSTINCTUAL in a ghoul like Dementia Joe.

            The turning of the back is the real Joe Biden.

            It’s the cult of Baphomet, bro.

            The cult of Baphomet.


            Meet Susanna Gibson, AKA ‘HotWifeExperience,’ The Dem Candidate Who Also Has An X-Rated Chaturbate Profile


            This is who & what they are.

            We mustn’t kid ourselves.

    • The PRI held power in Mexico for 75 years, but it was/is a “democracy.”

      That’s what Team D wants (and much of Team R too, to be honest, playing the part of the “moderating voice”, “the loyal opposition”, and the “graceful loser”).

      It’s in their grasp; they want it so bad they can taste it. The overreach by the governor in NM is a view into the future. What will stop them?


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