Dear Homosexuals

Most likely, you are looking at the title of this post and prepared to dismiss it as homophobic, whatever that currently means. I get that and I’m used to it. I’m a white heterosexual male so I’m used to being called a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, an anti-Semite, an Islamophobe, an extremist, a homophobe, a sexist, a cis-genderist and every other epithet. That’s right. We honky dudes have been accused of discriminating against everyone, so as a straight white male, I’m used to it. Despite the fact we created civilization, everyone dumps on us these days. That’s gratitude for ya.

Just to get it out of the way, I’m mildly intolerant of homosexuals. Specifically, I think female homosexuality is ridiculous and I think male homosexuality is disgusting. As a point of comparison, I think lima beans are disgusting, but I’m not out at night waging war on legume farmers. What you people do in private may revolt me, but as long as you do it in private and don’t hurt anyone, it’s none of my business. It’s a big world and there is plenty of room for all kinds as long as we make reasonable efforts to respect each other’s point of view. It’s not that hard to be polite.

That’s the problem, of course. For the last few decades, you guys in the Alphabet Soup Community (LGBTQQIP2SAA? Really?) have not been holding up your end of the bargain. Instead of respecting the sensibilities of the majority, you have gone out of your way to offend normal Americans, particularly those of us in the honky community. Turning a St. Patrick’s Day parade into a gay St. Patrick’s Day parade may seem like a hoot to you guys, but it really does piss off the rest of us. You surely know it, but you do this stuff anyway, suggesting the point of it all is to piss of the squares, more than anything else.

Even so, what happened down in Orlando was a terrible thing. As an American, I hate that my government is importing these people into our country. This is both predictable and preventable, but here we are anyway. I’m now seeing news stories reporting that you guys are rethinking your alliance with the Left, particularly when it comes to immigration and guns. Listening to Milo Yiannopoulos, I’m getting the sense that gays may be ready to change teams, so to speak. Having figured out that you have been nothing more than pets to the Left, you are going to join the other team, at least for this election.

That’s a good idea, as the Left is going to keep importing Muslims until the Left is dethroned and purged from society. The Official Right is not much better, but they are a bunch of feckless wussies so no one cares what they think. The Left is the butch side of the ruling class and they love Muslims. The census says we have 3.3 million Muslims as of 2010, so that means the number is probably closer to 5 million now. At a rate of half a million per year, the goal according to Paul Ryan, Muslims will outnumber homosexuals by the end of the decade or thereabouts. Either this changes now or you guys better learn to fly.

Here’s the reason for my note. I’m getting the sense that we in the straight white guy community are supposed to celebrate this change of heart by America’s homosexuals. Gavin McInnes was just out creating a big scene, making out with Milo Yiannopoulos for some reason. Gavin is just a hang around on the alt-right, but he often claims to speak for white guys in the generality. I see some familiar faces embracing the change on twitter so there’s some effort, at least, to figure out how to welcome the gays into the army opposing the Left. No enemies on the Right and all that.

That sounds nice, but I’m not sold. I know more than a few Muslims and they may be crazy, but it’s a crazy I can deal with as a white guy. We white guys are not going to have to worry about the kids seeing guys in assless chaps down at the Ramadan parade. Not having screeching harpies call us sexist because we refuse to pretend biology is a social construct sounds pretty attractive. To be honest, the thought of Muslims pitching the faculty of the Womyn’s Studies department off the roof is not so bad. Yeah, that makes me a bad guy, but I’m used to it. It’s been a long war.

That’s not to say I’m not amenable to welcoming the gays into the revolution. It’s just you guys have to bring more to the party than a fashion sense. The Christian bakers would like a little breathing room. The Boy Scouts would like to be left alone. The guys at the office would like to tell a salty joke without fear of being fired, or worse, being sent off to a reeducation camp. In other words, if you want help with Mohamed, you’re going to have to give some stuff back to us. Otherwise, I think I speak for most straight white guys in saying we’ll roll the dice with Mohamed.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d really rather not have to convert to Islam. I look like shit with a neck beard and I can’t ululate worth a damn. Giving up bacon and beer would really suck, but the Muslims are not wrong about everything. I’m not saying you have to go back in the closet or put up with cops busting up your clubs. Just meet us half way. Show some respect for the majority, leave the Christian bakers in peace and respect the fact that not everyone enjoys seeing a man walking down the street in a gold lamé thong. Maybe stop making us pretend you’re married.

Anyway, if you made it this far, think about it. Keep in mind that about 500 Muslims were imported since Orlando so don’t take too long.



60 thoughts on “Dear Homosexuals

  1. Wow. Fuck you. You’re really a bad person. And I’m straight by the way. I’m just not a hateful ass like you.

  2. I love your post! Honest and straight forward – it can not get better than that! While I’m not a while male – I am a white female, and European white female and legal immigrant. The PC stuff annoys me to no end although the demonization of the white American male angers me. You are targets for the left. When you have such militant lesbians and the stupid feminist movement – it’s no surprise. Forgive me for saying this: It should be no surprise when a lesbian uses a strap-on, isn’t that just the most idiotic thing? How you can hate a man when you try to be a man needing artificl parts to help you out?
    Nothing coming from the left makes sense and as you said they are a dangerous and deviant group of people because they wield so much influence. They do dominate education, politics, media, Hollywood and more which gave them a platform big enough to damage ‘culture’. They are the reason why we are where we are. What I do not understand is this: Way is the rest of American people so shy, quiet, meek and cowed and let them dominate? Why is there not enough courage mustered to shut these people up – they are the minority. Sure – the scream louder, insult, ridicule, accuse, blackmail, destroy and whatever else they have at their disposal but my gosh – why not even try?

  3. Seems most expect some sort of planned, coordinated mass attack from the fanatics of the Islamic persuasion, ok, I’m being PC there, the Mooslim terrorists among us. What most miss is the asymmetric style of warfare they are conducting. Fear is the game of terrorism. Time is their friend. And they are aided and abetted by friends foreign and domestic.

    In the case of Orlando, this guy gets the calling, makes good on his pledge to collect his 72 virgins/goats, whatever, and goes on a killing spree. We do not get the whole story. Just how does he do this after being vetted by the FBI, being denied a gun purchase on at least one occasion, and then proceed to fire off so many rounds over such a long period of time with no one able to intervene or save lives. Did he have help? Who barricaded the doors?

    While all these questions go unanswered, the point of my writing is that asymmetric warfare is to keep everyone off balance. This murder served two purposes. He not only committed an act of murder in America in the name of ISIS but he also serves as a provocateur. His actions will serve to inspire “others” of his ilk to prepare to undertake similar actions at a time and place of their choosing knowing that they have the cover of none other than the President of these United States (a fellow musloid), the mass media (bunch of lemmings) and other sundry politicians and left wing radicals (communists).

    While many jest about the left factions taking out each other, the reality is the enemy is still among us and still growing with every unvetted immigrant that enters our country from places that have has their claim to fame, terrorism as their number one export.

    Do not let the “gay” thing distract you from the real issue, the real threat at hand. The barbarians are not only at the gate, they have breached the gate and are doing their asymmetric brand of rampaging at their own pace. Time is on their side. It is not on ours.

  4. It good you brought women into this. Men make no sense without women and its in our interests to be open to repairing our rift.

  5. “True Suicide,” the name of a work of art winning 1st place in an amateur art contest in the Netherlands. I cannot (or at least don’t know how) to post the picture, but it is of a European white male with a watering can watering a small waist-high tree with a rope tied to a branch and the other end in a hangman’s noose around his neck. The pic is better than this description.

    I don’t know if this is true, but passing along what was sent by a friend.

  6. I read some dime sci-fi book years ago where in an alternative universe the Muslims and Baptists of the US combined into a political force and made it illegal to dance, drink, and so on. It was rather amusing, if absurd.

    At any rate, as long as homos and Muslims are aligned in the same party that is aligned against me, why should I care when one takes the other out? This is my enemy having a civil war. I don’t see the gays abandoning the nihilist left, so the best that can happen is that they force the democratic party to come to its senses on Muslim immigration. And that is unlikely.

    So I will grab the popcorn and watch more gays taken out by the immigrant policies that they themselves support.

  7. Well said, ZMan. Know you’re too smart to expect any thanks from the other team for being honest with them. They aren’t into honesty. They’re into coziness. But coziness ain’t what we’re talking about here. Simple respect is.

  8. Everyday you,me and most who visit here wake up we know who we are, the others wake up knowing they are not and never can be and it kills them inside and so they hate….makes me kind of happy!

  9. It’s a left-right thing, not a gay thing, even if gays are naturally promoted by the left.
    Douglas Murray is one of the finest people battling against mass muslim immigration and there are prominent gays who dare to challenge their crappy leadership also on matters like same-sex parents.
    There’s also an authoritarian-libertarian battle but it hasn’t been properly fleshed out.
    Best to stick to ideology, not to ‘gay’ or ‘not gay’ on these issues.

  10. There has been a growing group of conservative gays for some years, but they have mostly stayed in the closet. The conservative closet, not the gay closet. The Log Cabin Republicans are perhaps the best known. However, Milo has probably done more for the visibility of conservative gays than all other groups combined. More of us are “coming out” as conservatives. These groups mostly do support equal rights for both sides of the issues and do not want to force anyone to violate their religious beliefs to bake gay cakes or let men into the women’s rest room.
    I’ve been a Pink Pistol for years and can say that they are generally much less dogmatic than the typical leftist gay, so lets try to encourage gays to go for gun training. Maybe the conservatism will rub off?

  11. I don’t know Zman, you rant sounds a lot like ‘They came for… but I was not… so I did nothing.’

    As a straight white etc. I don’t care how queer the victims were they were murdered. We’re talking about people, American citizens. I don’t give a damn if they were queers, fuzzies, vegans or Crooked Hilary supporters They were gunned down by a foreign militant, US citizen or not, and as to your ; “I speak for most straight white guys in saying we’ll roll the dice with Mohamed.”, that you’d rather not convert to Islam but… -that’s down right scary!

    If that’s really your position, me, I’d feel much more secure with my favorite faggot, Milo, watching my back.

  12. Like when the Romans left Britain. As they were packing up, the same leaders who had agitated for years against them appeared, saying, “But our enemies are massing, preparing to attack us….”
    And the Roman commander replied, “You wished us gone, and so we are. Those coming to kill are no concern of ours now.”

    (Heavily paraphrased from a Belmont Club article)

  13. Good essay, Z. I completely see where you’re coming from.

    I am *very* ambivalent regarding this slaughter. On one hand I am thoroughly enjoying the extreme gyrations and cognitive dissonance the Leftists are going through, particularly the MSM fudge-packers (Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, I’m looking at you) as well as our Occupier-in-Chief (Reggie Love?).

    On the other hand I know all to well that bowing in *any* way to Islam is a sure road to more death and destruction.

    Z, I think you are just using the “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste” approach, and that’s a good thing.

    The Left brings a knife to a gun fight? Time to lock and load.

    If we can take take down the musloids and the gay mafia at the same time, we can call it a very good day.

  14. This is a topic I’ve oft thought about the last few years. It’s hard to find who to root for or against. Traitors or the enemy? It’s hard not to just let the moonbats choke on what they’ve created. After all, they’re inside the gates, destroying and burning it down. All the while, they’re opening the gates up to the enemy, and any attempt by sensible to people close it up is met with hate and derision.

  15. What we might see is a split between the more mainstream wing of the gay community and the more radical. Grew up in South Florida when it was one of the few places gays could be relatively open and recall the degree to which our next door neighbor’s, a wealthy refugee gay couple, and their social circle used to bitch about the “assless chaps” wing. They struck me a s more libertarian than anything…leave them alone, have fundamental legal rights like inheritance and mutual respect and tolerance. So I might place my money on a schism where those with a lot to lose decide to switch sides.

  16. Gee, a few days ago I made somewhat similar comments about the circus the Orlando story was becoming and got flamed…
    timing, it’s always timing.
    I didn’t and still don’t think that Orlando changes anything; “Radical Islam” friendly Chief Executive (check), “Gun Free Zones” still a bad idea (check), Media still getting the facts wrong on the weapons used and lessons needed to learn (double check). One thing that hasn’t had enough comment, “Why such a high death toll?”. In the wars of this century (Detroit counts) we have racked up a lot of experience in gunshot and concussive force trauma, so why did so many people die in that nightclub?
    Answer is, of course, because the SWAT solution to police tactical problems is to do everything from setting up the media center to ‘Establishing Contact’ with the alleged attacker other than going in immediately to clear the way for EMT’s to start treating the wounded. Who bled out. A troop of Boy Scouts with .22’s headed up by a gay Scoutmaster could have lowered the death toll dramatically.

    I’ve been (strongly) advised that the Muslims aren’t kidding about Bacon and Beer so I’d have to say I wouldn’t make a good convert. But Orlando isn’t a good reason to start trusting the Left and their sissy friends. As far as the rest of us are concerned, for those fellow travelers this ‘temporary inconvenience’ isn’t enough for a permanent change in attitude.

  17. Whether gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, I think the point is we all have the right to do whatever we want, with whomever is willing to do it with us – gay or straight, black, white or brown, male or female. But take ownership of the consequences of your lifestyle, and don’t impose it others against their will. As I once heard someone say…your right to swing your arm ends where your fist meets my nose.

    It’s pretty simple really. If you want to carry a gun, fine. Learn how to use it safely and please don’t point it at me or my family. If you want to drive a massive 4×4 Hummer or a 488 GTB Ferrari and you can afford the gas and insurance premiums, good for you! Just don’t take up two parking spots when you head into town and obey the speed limits in school zones. If wearing a dress and changing your name to Betty makes you feel pretty, by all means. I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who would love to go shopping with you and help you pick out a nice outfit.

    But please…whatever it is you believe, and however you wish you live your life…don’t push it on the rest of us who think otherwise.

  18. Maintain focus, Zman. Gays aren’t the problem. The left is the problem.

    Gays cover the entire range of the political spectrum and the entire range of the masculinity spectrum. The night club set of flaming homos/queers get all the media attention because they make a good spectacle, but walk into a gay bar out West and you are going to meet lots of very high testosterone, leather-clad, hairy butch men who drink beer, shoot pool, ride motorcycles, drive pickups, hunt, fish, work blue collar jobs, vote Republican, and generally can’t stand the effeminate little fags who populate night clubs like the one in Orlando or who define the LBGT activist movement. These are rugged men and they are great to have a few beers with, although I’m not sure a camping trip would be entirely comfortable. These men (and even butch lesbians) don’t give two shits about any public affirmation or condemnation of their private sexual choices. Many are ex-military. They are natural allies of the right.

    However, there is no deal or alliance to be made with the left, and particularly with the activist gay left and their enablers. They hate you, me, every other straight white male, and all of Western Civilization with a white hot hatred. Any truce with them will be fleetingly temporary, and any deals with them will be crossed as soon as it suits their interests. You hit the nail on the head with the phrase they must be “dethroned and purged from society.” They deserve no protection or quarter from the right, even in the face of deranged, murderous Muslims.

    We don’t have a dog in this fight. When your enemies are destroying one another it’s best to just sit back and watch.

    • They will come for us, this as they came for us before; at Malta, Italy, Tours and Lepanto. But when they come for us, they’ll bring their ‘A” game.
      We had best fix our ‘Leadership’ problem by then.

      • John, that’s simply delusional. Muslims don’t have anything that even approaches an A game in the modern world. In fact, their biggest problem is that the modern world is simply passing they by–they have nothing to offer a modern world in terms of science, art, economics, military organization, etc. Their only assets are oil, terrorism, and high birth rates.

        They are only “coming for us” in the sense of a mass immigration wave masquerading as refugees. This is an issue only because leftist leaders in the West allow and even encourage such immigration. Muslims aren’t the problem. The left is the problem.

        • “Their only assets are oil, terrorism, and high birth rates. ”

          The only one of those we have beaten them on is oil…
          which of course is why Barry is still trying to shut down or stifle the Fracking industry.
          Terrorism has developed into an expensive long game for them and we are as far from a win as when we started.
          High birth rates coupled with Islams scripture on multiple wives has been what fueled the Mohammedan wars of expansion for over an millennium; a bumper crop of angry young men without women and another hadith permits the taking of infidel women by believers. (Sweden and Germany are learning what that means right now)
          Since any science or tech they need or want they can buy and we will sell them, in the end, their high birth rate supported by historically low child mortality rates due to western medicine is in fact all they may need to win.

          But before the end there will be war and I doubt it will be a push button war once they are in our cities, but hand to hand.

  19. “…but the Muslims are not wrong about everything”
    I beg to differ, ZMan. Care to cite some examples of what Muslims are “right” about?

      • That’s a list of completely random predictions. Like picking stocks by throwing darts at the stock listings.

    • Was thinking the very same thing. I know too much about Islam to think that Moslems could be right about anything.

  20. For years, well-meaning Christians have been harassed, vexed and molested by the so-called “gay mafia”.

    After Orlando, I expected a shower of destruction to come down upon the Mosques of America. But ummm nothing.

    It reminds me of the feminist reaction to Rotherham. Again, nothing.

    One word, Rotherham, destroys every feminist argument. Now, another word, Orlando removes the threat of any homo-trouble.

    It’s a shame because both groups have had the same enemy. Oh well, I guess it is up ol’ white hetero male again.

    This time, can we do the job and force all those who owe us tribute to not to start pissing on our leg as soon as our back is turned?

    • Why should we, as Huwhite males whiteknight queers? They have chosen their side let them be.

      • Not suggesting whiteknighting for homos. But they and the feminist harpies have shown they aren’t up to the task. If anyone is to stop Islamist silliness, it is white dirt-man.

  21. “Keep in mind that about 500 Muslims were imported since Orlando”
    But…but…The President said “If we don’t disarm, these events will continue!”

  22. “That sounds nice, but I’m not sold. I know more than a few Muslims and they may be crazy, but it’s a crazy I can deal with as a white guy. We white guys are not going to have to worry about the kids seeing guys in assless chaps down at the Ramadan parade.”

    You know, I’m not so sure about that. Yeah, Muslims would certainly be more publicly self-repressive, but in light of Bacha bazi and other tales from the sand land, I’m not so sure you’d be trading up when you consider what would be going on behind closed doors.

    • And then there’s “man love Thursdays.” For people who are so violently anti-gay, they sure spend a lot of time sodomizing each other.

    • I’m pro-gun so I’m happy to see the gays embracing the gun culture. But, let’s see if it is more than an act by a handful of showboats. My guess is the gays will back warring on the normies by the end of the summer.

  23. The quest by gays to have everything that non-gays have is, frankly, tiresome. The demand for gay civil unions soon morphed into demands for gay marriage, and the way the media celebrated seeing two men holding hands on the church steps (sometimes both dressed in white — mockingly, perhaps — as if they couldn’t decide who was on top) was an insult to those who don’t think it is the best way forward. ‘Tis wearing a little thin, darlings.

    I know and have known homosexual people — male and female — and they are no more liberated or happy (and certainly no more gay in the traditional sense of the word) than us ‘non-gays’ and while I am old git now and queers as they were once labelled had to keep it all quiet, the annoying thing is the love that dare not whisper its name cannot now keep its mouth shut. It really, in the great scheme of things, not particularly interesting who goes to bed with who else and even less interesting what they do when they get there. In the end, there is only sex and some humans get off on the strangest things, but they are no more wonderful than those of us who don’t.

    Oh and for the record I still don’t think a man can marry a man, just as two women can’t get married. It isn’t that I am anti-gay or homophobic or whatever: my view is that homosexuality has always been with us and always will be. That’s life. It is just sex. But I still, maybe erroneously but maybe not, regard marriage as the joining of opposites, not the confluence of the same. Sorry, but there we are.

    As for the strange alliance between the Alphabet Soupers and islam, it was obvious it was never going to end the way the LGBT, etc, lot want it to end. The fact they cannot see how supporting a cult that despises their ways suggests that gayness inhibits the ability to think.

    • Here’s the problem. I have nothing against the gays, but they seem to have something against me. That’s been the case for three decades. They can’t bitch now if I don’t come running to their aid when they have foolishly got themselves into a war with Muslims.

      • Well, I have a bigger problem.
        As a man, I don’t want my wedding dress to clash with my husband’s.

    • What bugs me is the adoption part, and the part where gays become unavoidable by kids. Putting boys at risk of adoption by gays is the worst betrayal I can imagine. And no parent worth their salt will want to allow their kids to be proselytized by perverts – so many kids will be lose out on activities, which seems very destructive of society.

  24. Gays decided a while back they didn’t just want to be tolerated in peace, they also wanted to be normal/mainstream.

    • Maybe some or most do, but it is the radical gays that define and maintain the gay agenda. And this agenda is not live and let live nor is it a desire to be normal or mainstream.
      Their agenda is that society MUST accept, tolerate, agree with the demands of the most radical gays. So, they demand that a Christian owned bakery make them a cake, knowing full well that a lawsuit and the bankruptcy of the bakery will be the outcome. Of course, the gay cake eaters desired this result.
      This demand of a Christian bakery is no different than demanding a kosher caterer prepare a pork dinner for your (gay, straight or otherwise) wedding reception.
      But the radical gays will never ask a muslim owned bakery to make them a cake.
      Why not?
      Because the rapidly dwindling judeo-christian culture in the USA still dominates and still, for now, defines the cultural value system of our society. And because the radical gay leaders are really more lefty-gays than just non-ideological gays, they understand that the values upon which the traditional family and the founding of our nation are based, must be destroyed. This has been a goal of the left since the days of Karl Marx.

      Look at the gay day parade in NYC. If any heterosexual parade in NYC (pre-communist-scum-DeBlasio) engaged in the same exact activities so prominently displayed by the gay paraders, they would be arrested. But since gays (and blacks, muslim, hispanics and the entire minuscule LGBT community are members of the anointed classes) they literally have access to special rights (i.e., illegal rights) not open to white heterosexuals.

      Every mass movement in history has been led, dominated and directed by the most vocal, violent, organized and persistent exceedingly small minority of the “oppressed.” History has demonstrated this repeatedly. The “dispossessed” – real or imagined – in the majority basically do nothing. The radical gay leadership – the ones who set and direct the gay movement -know this.

      And the radical gays do NOT want to be merely mainstream; they wish to impose, by coercion if necessary, their worldview and value system upon all of society. That is the leftist MO.

      Most normal folks do not care what gays do in the privacy of their boudoirs. But most regular folks find it highly offensive that we must accept and APPROVE what the radical gays demand we approve.

      As an aside, my daughter has several gay friends and frankly, they are really very nice folks. I am not making this up. I accept them for who they are, and they accept me and my socially very, very conservative wife, and my straight daughter for who she is. You know, live and let live. Be polite to others. Treat others as you wish to be treated; basic social courtesies we teach our kids growing up; just common sense behavior. And common sense behavior suggests that when my daughter gets married, I will not approach a jewish, kosher caterer and DEMAND of them a pork dinner reception and a cake adorned with the words,
      “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

    • The “love that dare not speak it’s name” is now “the love that just won’t Shut Up!”

  25. Hey, bottom line, don’t matter whose doing the killing, who is doing the importing of the musloid killers, ultimately it all begins with each of us. And that means, those people in Orlando, died because they were not armed and could not defend themselves. And just who is it that imposed the kind of “laws” where a person can not arm and defend themselves properly without threat of becoming incarcerated, for the most primal basic fundamental right that exists? The same fuckers who are importing the killers. Funny how that works. The whole thing is a classic pig trap for human’s. And whose fault is that? The cold hard reality, it is those who allow themselves to be drawn into that pig trap. It all, everything, begins with each of us. And it is high time we as people and a nation wake the hell up and realize the only legitimate power over anything, begins with our primal rights to self defense, property, and self determination.

    • You can’t defend Western Civilization while simultaneously tearing it down. I wish the gay the bets of luck in their war with the Mohammedan, but it’s not my war. For thirty years I’ve been told to shutup so the POC, womyn, gays and anyone else with a grudge against the PPP can take over. Well, They got their wish.

      If they want my help, they need to pay my price.

      • It is kind of fun to sit back and watch to see which of them will figure it out and which will stay true to decades of political conditioning.

      • Ya, and when the cultural marxists fuckers are done with their useful dupes, then they come for us dirt people. Think the gays are the kind of stupid you can’t fix? Just wait, the legions of white people that are on the menu for liquidation, this is where this is heading. And that you and almost everyone here don’t take the gravity of the truth seriously, that is the kind of stupid that gets us all killed, because we are all gonna need each other to fight the true enemy here. Think it’s funny those faggots, he she’s and carpet munchers are dead and it is just desserts for them, that is a luxury many will rue. This isn’t politics, or culture, this is war of extermination waged on all our arses, and if we all regardless of our political differences and tolerances don’t buck it the fuck up and bind together, we will loose, there won’t be an America left. We are by nature of our inherent rights of men and legitimacy thereof, a plurality that can not be denied or defeated, if we stick together. And that begins with each of us.
        Don’t you all see what being done to us, it is divide and conquer, it relies on our hubris and ignorance, uses it against us. It is tyranny 101. Get everyone hatin’ and killin’ each other, let us do the dirty work, then when the time is ripe walk right in and bang they rule over us. You got part of it right Z, but your not using the O’l gray matter to the end game here, yes, who cares what sexual perversion people take part in, long as their not hurting others, that’s why Liberty is so dangerous, you got to be responsible and accountable in the ultimate sense for what you do. Those queers their sexual preferences notwithstanding, have the same primal rights as any of us. Why do you think they set up this massacre to begin with, to divide people even more. We are as a nation being played like a fiddle by some really nasty cunning pieces of human garbage, it is social engineering. And you Z, fell for it hook line and sinker. I know, really know, your a sharp dude. Figure it out, start defending what matters most, and get yourself a good battle rifle, your gonna need it friend. And get one for all your friends and family while your at it. Because you live right inside one of the biggest human pig traps there is. The peoples republic of Massachusetts. The Fabian started there, because there, was where the Patriots first defied the Tory’s, and from there that resistance to tyranny spread like a brush fire. Know how a pig trap works? It is an ingenious trap that employs normalcy bias and the wild pigs walk right into not even knowing it was a trap. You been set up Z. You been played for a total sucker. And you should be and as hell, blood spitting mad for it at those who been grifting you.

        • I totally agree, Doug. Pitting one group against another is a time-honored tradition of the Left. The Left is using Islam to its advantage now, not realizing that one day the sword will come for them. In the coming battle(s) for our civilization, we need all the friends we can get, even those who in normal times we might cross the street to avoid.

          • Interesting thing is that both feminists and islamists want to cover up pictures of women in a state of undress, or who aren’t attired in clothes which hide their femininity. Eventually, the left (like Islamists) will ban women from dressing in ways which ‘objectify women’ and ‘cater to western ideals of beauty’.
            After all, if you shouldn’t see a photo of a woman who dresses sexily because the sight ‘offends and objectifies’ then why would you have to be subjected to the actual sight of one in 3d in real life?

            Both feminists and Islamists object to promiscuous behavior, with the former against men and women having sex regardless of whether they’re married or not, and the latter only against it if they aren’t married.

            Islamists would also want an Islamised West to wage Jihad against countries which haven’t turned into Muslim countries. I have a feeling the Left feels comfortable with that. After all, those countries are ‘prejudiced against Muslims’.

            And if you think you’re being constantly berated by the politically correct today, that’s nothing in comparison to what would await you in a Muslim majority country.

            Ultimately, both fanatics have to be stopped.

      • Join the discussion I’m not with you on this, I’m not arsed about what gays do or don’t but the religion of peace wants to turn my little girls into black bag wearing property and for that I’ll fight.

      • It is our war.

        San Bernadino was not at a Gay Club. It was an office. The next may be at a Theme Park or a church.

        By their nature the Gay Community is provocative. I will give you that. Milo has been on a tear thru our college campuses verbally smacking the Social Justice Warriors around. That is our next generation crying for “Safe Spaces” Milo’s and Gavin’s stunt – they are provocateurs, and as for Gavin I bet he is on his 5th bottle of Listerine by now. But the meat and potatoes of their message was spot on. The stunt just got more publicity.

        I laughed and said yuck when I saw it.

        I would love a conference of the gay community who have seen that the left has left them out to dry, and members of the right have a sit down and air out some things.

        Gay Marriage – I don’t really care. And we heterosexuals, we have a piss poor record with the institution to begin with.
        Messing with our historically religious events like St Patrick’s Day parade. They have their Pride parades, let us have ours. I agree with that.
        Messing with mom and pop bakeries. I think this issue has a high grievance issue with the straight crowd. They were singled out on purpose.
        I wont bring up the transgender bathrooms……I’ll wait for Target to go out of business.

        Lets look at the flip side.
        Gays have been persecuted. Legal rights, jobs even their lives from bashing. I’m not Gay so I don’t know the list. But I do know it happened.

        When I saw the news about what happened in Orlando, I did not see it as a gays being killed. I saw Americans getting killed.

        We need to have that sit down and clear the air and then start uniting as a Nation.

        Thanks to the non stop class warfare generated by the left. Under their umbrella is a ton of people the left themselves do not care about, all they care about is their vote and campaign contributions.

        The black community has been lock step with the Democrats for almost 50 years. And I can say without a doubt that race relations in the nation has gone backwards almost 50 years with this current administration. it is clear that the black community and the gay community currently play 2nd fiddle to the Muslim community in the eyes of the left. Why? I do not know, but I can guess.

        What is the President’s Full Name?

        OK, I am rambling. Just got back from work.

        I have gays working for me, one of them I just had promoted. I am in the Tampa area and he had friends in that club. We have our differences, but if we can get to together and air them out. Have a discussion without the name calling.

        We can be Americans and then go beat the sh!t out of culture that wants us dead. Make no mistake, their goal is to subjugate us and if that fails, kill us.

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