The Fate of Europe

Science tells us that earth quakes are caused by a fault between two plates on the earth’s surface. The tectonic plates are very slowly moving, but they rub up against one another and get stuck at their edges due to friction. When the stress on the edge overcomes the friction, there is an earthquake.  Energy is released in waves that travel through the earth’s crust and cause the shaking that we associate with an earthquake. In America, the most famous place for this is California where the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate meet.

It’s a useful image to keep in mind when looking at current events. The great rumblings we see are not just linear events, one cause and one event. Often, they are due to multiple forces working in series, parallel or even in  direct contradiction to one another. The rumbling, in the case of direct conflict, may be a warning of what’s coming next. Two opposing forces headed for collision. When the rumbling is due to friction between two unrelated forces, the quake is just an adjustment period that will last a short time until the friction points are worn away and that will be the end of the trembling.

There are at least two great forces in human events. One is the drive for ever larger units of organization. Early humans were organized in small groups of related people. Later, we got villages where these groups would live in larger organizational units together with other groups. Then we got cities and then city-states. This tendency for every larger organizational units eventually gave us nation states that are bound together by a common language, culture and heritage. Our current rulers believe the next step is regional super-states governed by multi-ethnic global elites.

The other great force is working in a different direction. Here we see ethnic groups expanding and contracting their territories and reforming into atomizes sub-states, relative to the modern notion of super-states. The Brits voted to leave the EU. The Czechs split from the Slovaks. The Kurds want to leave the Turks. Catalonia wants independence from Spain. The Scots wish to go on the EU welfare system, rather than the English welfare system. The Uighurs seek independence from the Chinese. All over the world we see these ethnic movements for greater autonomy.

What we have, on the one hand, is a drive toward larger organizational units and the obliteration of ethnicity as the building block of sovereignty. On the other hand, we have movements toward greater atomization of the organizational units of society, based on every narrower definitions of ethnicity. The rumblings we are seeing in world politics could be the first sounds of a collision between these two forces or the smoothing out of the rough edges between these two forces where they bump up against one another. From where we sit today, it is hard to know, but history suggest the former is the right answer.

With that in mind, this story coming out of Europe suggests the people in charge of the super-state movement see the calls for autonomy as a threat to their thing. It is why they kept this under wraps until after the Brexit vote. It is also why they are now thinking it is time to hit the accelerator and impose their vision on the continent, before any other rebel groups get crazy ideas into their heads about leaving. From the response of European elites, it’s clear they don’t see a possible reconciliation of these two great trends. They want to crush the “smaller is better” movement.

Of course, the Brexit vote has given every nationalist party on the continent a shot in the arm, as well as a shot in the groin to the main parties. François Hollande did not invite the queen of the French Dirt People in for a meeting because he is full of confidence. Across Europe, people are wondering why it is they cannot just manage their own affairs, based on local custom and through their traditional methods. After all, if the Brits can decide for themselves whether or not to remain in Europe, why can’t the French people or the Greeks or the Italians? It’s not an unreasonable thought.

It was on June 28 in 1914 that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Serb nationalists. The Austrians believed they had no choice, that the tides of history were on their side, so they issued an ultimatum to the Serb government. To accept the terms of that ultimatum would mean Serbia ceased to be an independent nation. They could never accept that. The plate of nationhood was colliding with the plate of empire. Over the next month the best minds of Europe tried to figure out how to keep the earth from trembling. It was 4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks later that they finally stopped trying, for a little while.

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  2. Continental Europe has never had much use for the concept of accountable representative government. Since at least the time of Napoleon, the European political ideal has been, in the words of St. Simon, “…to replace the governing of persons with the administration of things.” This goal, which rings chilling and repugnant in Anglo-Saxon ears, holds only the promise of a benignly utopian future to Eurostatists like Junker, Dragi and Merkel.

  3. It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so. Robert A. Heinlein

    This is what Germany is about to do.

  4. Your posts – whatever subject you choose to address – are always spot-on!
    So is this one although this one simply because they are indeed trying to usher in their Super State quickly for the reasons you mentioned in your post. This Super State and its implications for the rest of the EU members is one that Merkel leads. As I’ve mentioned before – the Merkel’s history goes back to Poland, the homeland of my father. Angela Merkel is a communist. Her actions and current leadership is that of her perceived hurry to stop her own ‘Leave’ coalition to follow suit of the British people. Rumblings in France, Spain, Netherland and Germany to leave the EU are very loud intended for their pending referendum. Her leadership will move into dictatorship. Her co-operation with invading parasites from the middle east was her first salvo. None other than Hillary and president et al did the dirty work while Hillary was SOS – overthrowing one government after another was the means to set-up the invasion into the west. We are also on that list.
    There is also the hurry to put all of us here under the control of a Super State – North American Union – which the Mexican president urgently demands. The darn Donald Trump really scares them because the parasitic invasion may go sideways if he wins. Mexico needs their poor to the US and live off the taxpayers there.
    Watch Angela Merkel – her hidden ideology is slowly trickling out. The European Super State will cause every country there to loose their law enforcement, military, economical independency and more. The Super State could also be properly named “The rise of the new Roman Empire”.

    • Nope. It would more properly be named “The Rise of the Forth Reich”.

      Although it wouldn’t last too long. A Caliphate would quickly rise to replace it.

      Demographics are history.

  5. The eastern EU members spent 40+ years as unwilling members of a socialist “union”. They generally didn’t like it (although Frau Merkel may miss it). I have a hard time believing the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, and Romanians willingly sign-up for a sequel.

    • @ Drake – the old East Bloc countries have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining the EU. Remember, they grew up as a socialist welfare states under the name of Communism. Going back to a semi-fascist EU would be seen as a step forward, especially if the EU promises free hand outs. It’s no different than the poor in the US voting for the Democrats – if they promise you free stuff, why NOT vote for them?

  6. One of the perhaps unexpected aspects of the fall out in the UK over Brexit vote (and it hasn’t been made final yet: there is some anxiety that Article 50 which starts the process of leaving will not be invoked) has been the demand by Londoners to be a separate entity, and as such can cling to the EU simply because the majority of people in Londonistan want to live in a suburb of Brussels.

    It would make London even less attractive as an ‘international’ city if it was independent. Certainly if such a thing happened it would mean the government of the UK with all its jobs and revenue stream would move out, and I imagine much of the pomp which attracts tourists will depart with the Royal family. While the EU may provide a ready market for its services, there is little manufacturing in London these days and it is hard to see what physical objects they will sell to the world. I suspect then that combination of these things will make London sink further into ‘third world sh*thole’ status and force all the trendies to finally get sick of too many brown people doing nothing but praying, and depart to sunnier parts of the EU. I doubt, after all, if they would want to slip back into the rest of the nation which voted overwhelmingly for Brexit because according to them us poor, ignorant Brits are all Nazis.

    So the heavily congested M25 motorway that surrounds London would become the border, one assumes, and while there is a small amount of agricultural land inside what is known as the world’s largest car park I doubt if it is enough to sustain the Republic of Londonistan.

    I often talk about the emergence of city states but hadn’t thought London might be the first in the UK, though it could set an important trend. For my sins I have long lived in what used to be laughingly called the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire back when the socialists were solely in charge, but we have some industry left and a lot of good agricultural land to go with our sheep on the moors, so we should be alright when our turn comes.

  7. “Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels. ” Oh yes, but of course, leave everything to us. Just trust us. Yes. It will be alright. What could go wrong?

    • @ Infidel – It’s a knee jerk, angry response. A temper tantrum if you will. The EU can’t just get rid of NATO any more than it can force Germany to disband the German Bundeswehr. Obama has had his fair share of rants when your Congress didn’t give him what he wanted. So you’re just seeing the EU react to not getting their way.

      • Yes Karl, I understand the varied responses from “once you are out, you are out! No coming back,” and “No cherry picking,” and more are all aimed at the Brits. But to then turn around and throw down the gauntlet to other member countries is more than a temper tantrum. Obozo is a poser and his tantrums are just that. But these guys in Brussels, the supposed Rulers of the New World Order (at least the front men) are unleashing their half baked plans in a panic and that is really scary … and dangerous. I suspect we will see some changes in EU leadership soon as the Powers that Be are probably none too happy with this display of ill-timed and irresponsible handling of the current situation. Stayed tuned for more news.

        In any case, the fact they have now pulled the curtain back and unveiled their “thinking” on the future of the EU should give all member states a reason for pause.

        • @ Lets Play – The tremors of Brexit have the eurocrats scared. And rightly so. It’s why you’re seeing all the scare-mongering going on. They know European countries can exist without the EU because they did…for literally hundreds of years…before the eurocrats showed up on the scene.

          Fortunately there is no longer the fear of European war breaking out as was our tradition in the past. They can’t rally their troops because they don’t have any. They have been exposed for what they are just like the Wizard of Oz when he hid behind the curtain or the emperor without clothes.

          • Karl, any question why Nato is trying to use the Russian’s as a stalking horse, war is the ultimate crisis as a means to get things done you normally could not do. Aside from the fact the Russian’s and Chinese are developing an alternative to the petro dollar and the dollar as the chief basket currency of the transnationalist’s.

          • Poking the bear is not a great idea. Putin is, as you say “old school” and he’s not an idiot either. My concern is how Europe will react if he decides to align with Turkey and backs them in turning loose 3-million refugees. Make no mistake, Putin has his own Mulsim problems, but the Russian media keeps that out of the press. I have a number of Russian colleagues and it’s well known issue in Moscow. I believe Turkey and Russia have a lot more in common than with Europe.

          • One thing about the Russian character today, it’s political and military leaders are not feckless.

  8. Holy shit! Can’t believe the article you referenced where the EU dunces are doubling down and pushing a bad position. They really are insane. I am beginning to think these are the kinds of people that will burn the house down to spite everyone.

  9. I would offer this predication for what is about to occur in Europe; that it will be exactly what happens when one is recovering from a major trauma such as death or divorce:

    Denial: “This is not happening to me. It’s all a misunderstanding. We can work it out.”
    Anger and resentment: “How can he [she] do this to me? What did I ever do to deserve this? This is not fair!”
    Bargaining: “If you’ll stay, I’ll change” or “If I agree to do it your way, can we get back together?”
    Depression: “This is really happening, I can’t do anything about it, and I don’t think I can bear it.”
    Acceptance: “Okay, this is how it is, and I’d rather accept it and move on than wallow in the past.”

    These are well known emotions people go through during times like this and now we witness the leadership of the EU do exactly the same thing. It’s a classic moment in human nature on a global scale as we watch the EU elites deal with grief and sorrow, followed by guilt and shame, at the same time we also see fear and anxiety are quickly creeping in.

    The EU is a woman scorned, she was abandoned and betrayed by her partner, and hell hath no fury. The French are famous for denial, Germany can’t deal with shame, and Merkel has had more than her fair share recently. She (Europe) may have hated the Brits for their troublesome attitude, but like a bad marriage, she never really wanted it to end. In her mind, she only wanted what was best for him, to control him, to change him into what she wanted him to be. But he wasn’t having it.

    Now expect her to look around for another lover. Croatia, Romania, Albania, maybe even Turkey. Anyone who will listen to her and give her the attention and affection she desperately needs right now even though she knows, deep in their heart, it will be a horrible relationship. It’s going to be a rebound relationship with non-EU states in an attempt to have the same level of intimacy that she had with the UK. But she’s not willing to change, and the results will be the same.

    No man wants a troublesome wife, especially one who is cruel to the children. Proverbs 14:1 A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

    • Hey Karl,

      How long does Merkel have before she is replaced? Failure over Brexit and today Turkey has had a major ISIS attack which should stop any free movement of Turks into the EU. She is on thin ice, no?

      Dan Kurt

    • I am trying to care about what happens to Europe but am having a tough time. Just when an inkling of care starts to form — POOF! — it disappears. Beginning to think I just don’t give a shit what happens to the noisy fukks over there.

      • @ Dan and Casius – Many suspect things will change for Merkel in the upcoming elections. The surge in AfD popularity is a serious consequence, but they are nothing more than a lightning rod, rather than a significant political force. I think the Brexit was probably a shameful failure in her mind, so that doesn’t help her position.

        As for caring about Europe, we are really one of Americans last best friends in the world. Keep in mind what you are witnessing is the struggle for a large organization to define itself in a way that has never happened in Europe before. Americans generally take their unified government, language and culture for granted. But imagine if Texas, Mississippi and California were separate countries and trying to force them together with New York and Rhode Island today. Odds are good you’d be going through exactly the same thing or something close to it. The EU has its merits, but unfortunately it’s using outdated and inadequate methods of forcing, rather than coaxing, a successful alliance.

        • Karl, don’t have to imagine, it happened in 1862. It is happening now. The cultural marxist one world order crooks are trying to force the entire western world into one big state they can rule with impunity. Our musloid emperor was sent to Britain to tell the English peasants how they where to obey. Even The Queen was for Brexit. All us dirt people are in this together my friend. And together, is how we win.

          • Amen, Doug. This is about national sovereignty, pure and simple.

            The “progressive” goal is universal humanitarianism under socialism. The idea is that all other loyalties and associations – ethnicity, race, language, culture, religion, shared history – are preventing the better socialist world from coming into existence. Therefore, the Germans must give up their ethnic, cultural and historical identity for the good of mankind. That goes for the rest of us, too, including Islam.

            It is an attempt to reverse history’s verdict of the Cold War and give victory to the communists.

          • You are correct Terry. I do not understand why someone on the winning side isn’t framing the win in their terms instead of letting the media and the opposition do it for them. To my mind, having followed this for awhile now, the principle issues are 1) national sovereignty from meddling EU bureaucrats, 2) completely uncontrolled immigration that is harmful without restraints of any kind, and 3) the threat of continued terrorism from Islamic fundamentalists (to put it bluntly, something few seem willing to do). Basically, no one is giving British citizens number 1 priority and any regard, except for those who have all the financial connections.

            The billboard that Farage put up and was accused of being racist about showed a mass of people in line. If you look at that picture closely, it is hard to find anyone who is NOT a young male of military age who could well be an agent of ISIS or other terrorist group. Where are all the families, seniors, women and children that are supposedly seeking protection from their war torn countries? None. Looks like an invasion to me only lacking weapons. The weapons and bomb making materials will arrive by another route.

          • The shift is more dynamic than the old imperial nation state we grew up in. It is a new development and evolution of the market state in which global corporations, not politicians, decided what happens to the dirt people. It’s why nationalism is being squashed everywhere. Corporations owe allegiance to no country, and recognize no borders. The Brexit is a political sideshow (bread and circuses) despite the cry’s of ‘the sky is falling’ – because no corporation is going to tolerate a disruption of ‘business as usual’.

          • Karl, I feel the fate of Europe is the fate of the entire west. Everyone is like the pig, committed.
            “Business as usual”, more like greedy psychopaths who don’t care about nothing but lining their pockets no matter what it takes or what is destroyed in the process. And screwing the little guy to get that wealth is sport. You get my drift Karl?
            I have a cure for em”, it’s called 13 knots and a lamp post. I’m saying that because this is where this is all heading. There is no voting our way out of this. Not by ballet box, that is how we as dirt people got snookered into this pig trap in the first place. Now things have gone beyond recourse via the established main stream social political options. And that has been the whole object of the power elite for a long time, through cunning and subterfuge, pluck the goose one feather at a time. But the goose has looked around and realized it has no feathers. It is going through a gestalt of profound proportions, and cold anger is a seething grass roots movement that is getting it’s legs under itself. What is going down isn’t the standard run of the mill variety banana republic tyranny and dictatorship known through history. It isn’t even comparable to the Roman Empire or the british empire. One world order remember. Agenda 21 anyone? What it is going to take, and is beginning to coalesce, in spite of the monetary madness and manipulations of the bankster/political corruption, only begins with each of us and becomes then becomes a ground swell of defiance. I’m not sure how one puts it into proper context, but the motive power of had enough is something that is very difficult to quantify, it’s power in regards to scope, exactly because of the scope of malfeasance and malice of those in political and financial power, their totalitarian efforts to literally rule our souls and way of lives for profit, what is in the offing is beyond I think comparison of anything in history. In simplest terms if you screw with thousands of millions of dirt peoples prosperity and meddle in every intimate detail of their actions, you have to be beyond a psychopath to think dirt people are going to submit and grovel in eternity. I mean more than a little cheese has had to fall off your cracker if you think nobody is going to revolt and revolt hard. And that in itself is to me an indication of just how twisted the minds of the scum oligarchy have to be to live in that kind of fantasy land. What do you call the purchase of 56,500 guns a day since obama was elected? Fifty six thousand five hundred rifles, pistols and shotguns a day? And that doesn’t include the weapons already existing before 2008, along with home manufacture of weapons, which by some estimates figure out to another couple million a year. And that is if the federal armed leg breakers at the FBI, the knee cappers of the “Dept of Justice”, are reporting the actual numbers.
            These numbers reflect something of a serious undercurrent of the culture of the dirt people. Bitter Clingers? Is it unreasonable to suppose 10%, or even 3%, or maybe just 1% are arming themselves to vote with their arms? 1% of the population of the US is approximately 3.4 million potentially very pissed off dirt people. Who has an army that large? Never mind a citizenry armed with a bone in it’s teeth for some class of mandarin’s that have maybe gone to far? I’m just saying here, the Brits just had their act of abolition of a tyrannical class of corruptocrats. And almost everyone wrote those old Limey’s off for good. And they have been subject to a disarmament crusade by the ruling class the equal of which is hard to best. In that light, there is no lack of resistance is futile mouthpieces who say America is a nation of serfs and free shit useful idiots. Ah, excuse me, useful idiots don’t buy 56,500 guns a day. Anyone of us can read into any of this truth whatever suits their personal beliefs. You can ignore the reality something is afoot other than the cultural marxist narrative of the day. But if 56, 500 people a day, more or less are arming themselves, at some point those 56,000 or so people in some fashion begin to have something in common culturally, and physically. Something that may make Brexit look like a fart in a class VI hurricane. So lets say revolt, with a large contingent of armed dirt people involved takes place, who is going to stop them? It is a serious as a heart attack question. Dirt people are generally the most peaceful and civilized kind of human’s there are. What kind of people do you suppose they become once pushed beyond tolerance? I think the kind of people who don’t back down, who won’t be denied, who refuse no longer to bend a knee to anything, but for maybe there for the grace of God I go kind of people, with a vengeance that only Christian Western men can muster, is what I believe. The fact a WV coal miner, me, a guy with a 7th grade formal education, just a regular joe, one out of millions of dirt people, can come up with a hypothetical scenario of above based on some basic observations, is it unrealistic to suggest I’m alone in my insights into what the future may bring? It doesn’t seem complicated or a deep mystery of political science that dirt people just have had a craw full of the stupid idiots running things.

          • In our case, the frog has been slow boiling in the pot but with the heat suddenly turned up by unprecedented greed and stupidity, the frog has awakened and jumped out of the pot fricking mad.

            Interesting you use the term “pig trap.” There is an interesting article for all to read at this link, which I encourage you to read:

            One of the big things I have read about is the psychological preparation one should make for being involved in armed conflict. I think those like you and me, need to prepare ourselves for a shock in the kinds of force that will be used against citizens to maintain power. There are many new and largely hidden technologies that have not been used on the battlefield but are designed to be used in civil unrest. The shock will be unsettling. It will give others pause and second thought about continuing. However, as smart, adaptable, resilient Americans, we can adjust and overcome whatever they throw at us in our fight for freedom. We have to keep in mind the cost will likely be very high but once started, there will be no quarter given and we should not give any. Enough of being civil and nice to our enemies. We have been betrayed by those we trusted.

          • @ LetsPlay – I think the greater challenge isn’t armed conflict – for which many of your countrymen seem fully prepared – it’s really an issue of organization. Civilian populations are not particularly well suited against professional soldiers, especially when todays governments are equipped with a range of technology the average civilian doesn’t have. The horrible situation in Waco some years ago quickly showed that despite some heavy duty firepower, even the Branch Davidians couldn’t hold up against heavily armed police and armored vehicles. Without sounding sarcastic, and I mean this with due respect – how does one plan on holding out against Reaper drones and new generations of FLIR when your own government uses them against you?

          • Karl, I understand you are not being sarcastic in the least. In fact, you raise very valid points. Citizens may have guns and ammo and know how to use them, but they are not really prepared for armed conflict. However, many articles also point out that recent wars and those currently in active service or reserves have “trained” many for such an event. And while the .gov forces may be unleashed on the public, many of those same forces will not join in attacking their own. In fact, what will happen because there is no formal army or enemy to fight is another type of guerilla war which I would still would not expect our leaders to be prepared to fight. Obama has gutted the military leadership of those who are patriots and promoted those who main qualifications are being sychophants.

            My point was primarily that there is a mental and psychological component to being prepared for this kind of conflict. I use my father as an example. When he went to Viet Nam, he was an experienced non-com, however, without combat experience. But, but, he had seen and done many things in his years of training in the airborne, in the jungles of Panama, in Germany expecting a lighting charge of the Soviets at any time, and finally in actual combat in Viet Nam. He was 35 when he went. Comparing him to the 18-22 year olds right out of school, they came back with all kinds of PTSD issues even if they had not suffered physical trauma. He was better prepared mentally for the hardships, for some of the scenes of death, etc. that he had experienced over this time training for war.

            The citizen soldier without the benefit of “boot” training will have a steep uphill climb to overcome just to be in the fight, should it come to that. I do not understand how anyone in the military or police forces could follow such orders but, hey, it has happened before. People following orders. Maybe I should read up on that topic a bit more to understand just how someone could abandon their sworn duties. Politicians we can understand. They are weasels for the most part. But to have a large segment of these forces turn their guns on their own is beyond my comprehension even knowing history.

          • LetsPlay – Agreed. Mental preparedness is clearly important in any stressful environment, especially in an armed conflict. But as we both know, governments have shown a remarkable tendency to turn on their populations when necessary. I hate to bring up our past, but it’s an obvious example. And in the US, with an ever better armed, nearly para-military police force, one has to ask if and when it could happen there.

            I agree with you that citizens should be able to defend themselves against their governments, something that’s lost on most over here. But to the point, I wonder if the concept of the ‘armed prepper’ is nothing more than a hollow hope. Your countrymen once held out against the largest army in the world, but I don’t see how in the world the average citizen could ever collaborate in their own defense today. While we remain unarmed, and you well armed, I fear the results of an oppressive government against it’s people will turn out with the same results.

          • The Queen! God bless our Glorious Sovereign, she is our Mother too.
            Elizabeth is the last of the Titans. The Queen is with us, hurrah!

  10. My Grand dad once told me there’s nothing wrong with a horse thief that a short rope and a tall tree won’t cure. Of course he had a higher regard for horse thieves than he ever did for politicians and bureau-eunuchs.

  11. Don’t think so, Z. With twenty five years of German stategic plotting behind everything; the Austrians were just the point men on this one. They made the Serbs an offer they could not accept, and then they accepted it anyway. The Germans weren’t going to let surrender stand in their way of plans to dominate Europe. Everyone not France or Germany was a bit player by European standards in this play. But all the centuries of lethal European drama were over after America became King of Europe. The EU was not even a closing of the barn door after the bulls had left. It was about opening a different door, into Utopia. The EU is certain suicide for Europe, culturally, demographically, and economically. For the minds at the heart of it, that is the point. They make Hitler look like a visionary.

    • In 1914, only France and Austria wanted war — France to get back the two provinces lost in its 1870 war with Prussia; and Austria to gain back some manhood after losing its 1866 war with Prussia. Also in summer 1914, every diplomat involved in talks thought he knew what the other side was thinking, when, in fact, no one knew diddly. At the end of The Great War, a world shake-out occurred, more influential than with The Other Great War in 1945. What is going on now is the shake-out from the collapse of the Soviet Union, and still politicians and diplomats don’t know diddly. It’s like economics – all guess work.

      • By the year 1914 Austria did nothing of importance without permission and direction of the growing behemoth, Germany. English historian EDWARD CRANKSHAW–
        “The tragedy of Bismarck, apart from the profound personal tragedy of a man of wonderful gifts corrupted, was not that he subordinated morality to the supposed needs of the state: most other statesmen of his time did that, including Gladstone. The tragedy was that he exalted the amoral concept of politics into a principle; and that, as corollary, because he succeeded with such dazzling skill through the nine miraculous years which culminated in the foundation of the Reich, his countrymen surrendered to that principle.” But the point is this: the EU is Bismark redeux minus his skill. Nationalism, for all it’s faults, is not the fatal conceit of internationalism.

  12. When people are suffering or have needs, and can’t turn to the big organizations for help and get any, they turn to the local people just like themselves and band together, because that’s all they’ve got. Very simple, really. What other choice do they have?

    In the meantime, the seeds of war are so obvious after the fact, yet the tides of exploitation and connivance are so strong that it is difficult to turn that tide before the fact.

  13. Saved this great pithy comment from Zero Hedge seen a few years back: “Ripping the chainsaw from the grasp of the political class as they hack away at the tree of liberty will be difficult at first but once they start folding (a quality they all share thankfully) it will come fast.” What is fascinating, is the commoners of England just gave the royals the finger again. After all this time, and everyone had them down for the ten count and out. Surprise it’s Magna Carta time again! Way I see it our political class are rulers because the rules don’t apply to them, because those rules don’t matter to them, because the only rule is it matters to them they rule and the ruled obey that rule. That rule is a “living breathing” thing, to be altered as necessary to maintain rule. That rule works long as they maintain the illusion they hold that territory. Where it gets interesting and the rule of rules changes to the rule of defiance is when the ruled figure out there are no rules to begin with. Only rights of men. Not equal rights, (equal rights are dress rehearsal for civil war). I think it is important to recognize the mandarin’s are afraid of us for what we will do to them for what they are doing to us. They should be. Their actions look to me of those who are trying to survive their illegitimacy. Where before they only needed to thrive through theft and usurpations. Big difference. The tell, as with all tyrants, you have to watch carefully, desperate mandarin’s do desperate things to retain their power and cash flow. It is who they are underneath the fig leafs to begin with you have to be concerned with. They are usurpers, it is their nature, it is what they do, it is all they do, they simply can not be anything else, it is how they got to where they are, and they wouldn’t be there if they wren’t greasy nasty crooks. But that is the thing, these psychopaths don’t get their hands dirty or bloody. They don’t have the intestinal fortitude of a head of rotted lettuce. They get others to do the nasty. Where they go wrong is once you have robbed your subjects of all their civilized dignity that they used and hid behind to usurp power, tyrants are left naked as a jay bird, and all bets are off. It is like here in the good ol’ USofA, dirt people are beginning to grok it is time to deny the bastards the comforts and protections the constitution affords them but is denied us. Lets see them hide behind that piece of parchment to protect them for what they have done and from our wrath.

    • Elephant handlers use a “bullhook” to keep the pachyderms submissive. Essentially a small knife blade at the end of a baton, the bullhook is used to poke and prod the delicate skin of the animal, to let the animal know who is the boss in the relationship. Occasionally, the elephant realizes that the handler and the bullhook have no real power over the animal at all, and she will do what she pleases (which sometimes involves physical violence to the handler as payback). The handlers, once they flee and regroup, generally have the “rogue” elephant either put into captive isolation or put down, but almost never allow the animal back into the herd or back to her old environment. Parts of Doug’s ZH quote brought these thoughts back into my head.

      • Not that I’m arguing with your analogy, us dirt people aren’t animals, no matter what the oligarch’s believe. Lot of us are dirt people who are all but fed up and prepared to give the handlers a dose of their own medicine here pretty soon. Their constant diarrhea of the mouth about “White Extremism” and “Domestic Terrorists” is where those oligarchs go wrong, honestly they truly have had it easy, in every way. They call the AR15 an assault rifle, like they call The Tea Party domestic terrorists. That is a billhook too. Their only adversaries have been their own blood sucking corrupt kind. Executing LeVoy Finnicum in cold blood in the snow last January, and subsequently making political prisoner’s out of everyone who came to assist each other at the Bundy Ranch and up in Burn’s Oregon, then denying them all discovery, all due process, and indicting them with sercret grand juries whose members are selected members of “Law Enforcement”, stinks of desperate acts of an oligarchy desperate to hide the truth and round up every possible rogue elephant, it was a grave miscalculation, it was a seriously bad mistake. All they had to do was leave those dirt people alone. But no, like Waco, both of them, Ruby Ridge, Operation Gunwalker, Benghazi, Vince Foster, escalation is the rule of tyrant crooks through time immoral, the only good resister to their rule is a dead one. The deliberate escalation to violence and killing was an oligarch’s command decision, somebody at the top made that choice and ordered it to happen. It is the application, as in your analogy about the elephants, of threat of and use of violence, because in reality, that is all this government has, force and violence, to get people to do what it wants them to do, or kill them. In a system of administrative tyranny that passes for republican form of representative government, nobody farts without the ruling leaders of the amerikan nomenklaturer’s say so.

        • Doug, enjoy your comments. You remind me of the saying in WWII “The only good Jap is a dead Jap.” Or to paraphrase for today “The only good patriot is a dead patriot.” The media and the government have played an Orwellian trick and turned the word Patriot into a negative. To be a Patriot, you must be a narrow minded, knuckle dragging, gun toting, bible quoting, Constitution wrapped cretin who knows nothing of the current world. Your ideas are so yesterday. Come. Be one of us. Resistance is futile. You WILL be assimilated. That is all.

          • Well thanks, that is really nice of you to say that and I appreciate you for it. I think at moments that “Orwellian trick”, or looking at it another way, the “Alynski Trick”, could be applied to your insights. It is kind of a rules of how to kill the Kulaks amerinski style in my way of seeing things. But after all this time, this is all they got? Man do they underestimate the resolve and indomitable spirit, never mind mistake their power grows from the barrels of their guns when it is dirt people tolerance for them, and that power only lasts as long as that tolerance. Not for nothing, this is all about guns. Does that statement sound simple minded and reactionary? Depends on how you look at it I’d say. Culture is upstream of politics, the human terrain is always on top. Two very elemental components of individualism and motive power of people who choose to be self determining. Guns are a physical extension, a facet if you will, in the sphere of these primal freedoms. Because to be free is to be a target of usurpations large and small. The effectively lethal means to defend, and that is the key word here, defend ones primal freedoms and property, and a gun is property also, is something anathema to everything having to do with the corrupt and evil people running things. It isn’t rocket science. We dirt people only want to be left alone, and the oligarchs can not leave us alone because they can’t be the oligarchs they are if they did. We are not talking feudalism or a benevolent kingdom, these mandarin’s running things are fucking crooks who hide behind laws and rules us little people are to obey, while they literally charge us for the privilege of being allowed to exist at their whim. These are nothing but scum. they run the largest organized crime syndicate in all of history. But those guns, they keep popping up in everything. It is the bull hook. But the elephants have guns too. And that poses a serious dilemma for the oligarchy. The best part of being a dirt person with an AR15 and a shank of hangin’ rope, is every mourning I get up and look to see what new madness the political and banking elite have conjured up. That lookin’ and a watchin’ is exactly next to sharpening my hatchet, you can bath in the stunning insanity of it all, I’m embracing the megalomania and desperate lust of the scum oligarchy’s acts of self preservation and panic as their fig leaf of legitimacy of power is ripped away, because it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in all my years. The hedonistic sonsofabitches days are definitely over, just they don’t quite understand, and us dirt people are beginning to grok it is we all who ever really had the power to begin with.
            The end truly can’t come fast enough for these crooks liars and fucking thieves, because in the final evaluation that is all they are and all they ever where. Looking at it that way simplifies things, condenses it down to the essentials, and what is there to fear? Once they start to fold that’s it, it’s over, they can’t stop what they themselves have created.

          • Yep, corrupt to the bone! What is amazing is that most people probably don’t even know who George Orwell was or what he wrote. Heck, they don’t know anything about Saul Alinsky, Cloward, Piven or their strategy for overwhelming the economy, who Frank Marshall was, or can even put the dots together to realize that Barry doesn’t have an American blood cell in his muslim body. All they’ve ever been able to do is marvel at the eloquence of da smooth talking, cool looking black man who can read from a teleprompter (did I mention clean also?).

            I agree with you that I revel in the chaos that recent changes are bringing to their dreams of world conquest and unending riches. In the future, someone will write a book the equal of “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” but it will be focused on The Globalists Who Went a Bridge Too Far.

          • Now I enjoyed that comment of yours LP. I respect what you wrote if for only one reason you intimate, and that is history is circular, it is a sign of enlightenment and reason to be admired you make the salient observations about those particular cultural marxist actors. But there are all the reasons to give credence to your comment, that a serious motivating one is those who ignore the past take the dirt nap first, and ignoring history is the purview of those above you mentioned and their useful dupes. Let’s hope by us all speaking out about the truth of the universal deceit of the human extinction movement past and present, we enlighten only one person to the truth. Then it is like Senneca said about ideas, how their tiny stature is out of all proportion to their effect, as ideas about truths are like ripples on a pond, how they spread out and touch many things.

          • You mean when the armed guards at the elites’ Armageddon bunkers suddenly realize money has no meaning anymore…

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