Yesterday the FBI Director detailed the many crimes perpetrated by the Hillary Clinton Gang at the State Department. My expectation has always been that this investigation would peter out over the summer, as that would be best for Team Clinton and Team Obama. The press could then bury it and be counted on to marginalize anyone who dared mention it. This is a familiar pattern in American politics. Plus there is the whole “Arkancide” issue where opponents of the Clintons die under mysterious circumstances.

Instead of watching it on television, I went to twitter and followed along as media people tweeted their impressions. The interesting thing was that the first wave of tweets were all about the hundreds of rather clear violations of the law that had been in the press for months. Then there was a wave of tweets along the lines of “my goodness, I think the FBI is going to announce an indictment.” Even liberals were struck by the weight of the evidence and the tone of the presentation.

Then there was a wave of gasps when he said he would not be calling for Clinton to be charged with the crimes he just listed. Even over twitter, you could feel the disconnect as people tried to wrap their heads around the bizarre contradictions. The man just detailed a mountain of crimes and then pivots around and says that no one would ever be indicted for these crimes. Yesterday was one of those times when even the most grizzled cynic was astonished at the craven cynicism on display.

History is full of events we look back upon as turning points. In some cases, the people involved in the events were unaware of their significance. The Marian Reforms changed the course of Roman history, but the people at the time had no idea what was coming as a result. They seemed like much needed reforms in response to previous military disasters. Having politicians raise volunteer armies and then lead them against enemies was simply not working. No one imagined that these reforms would result in Sulla’s march on Rome.

The events of the last week or so, around Independence Day no less, feel like a big moment, like something has changed in the country. It started with Bill Clinton showing up for a private meeting with the Attorney General. That was followed by a long weekend interrogation of Hillary Clinton by the FBI. Then we have the Attorney General hinting that Clinton would not be charged and the President suddenly deciding to campaign with her. Yesterday the FBI detailed a long list of crimes and then says they will not seek charges.

At one level, it seems like the people in charge are rubbing our noses in the fact they are beyond the reach of the public. They are no longer going to pretend to be citizens of a republic, beholden to the voters. They are above the law and the proof of that is one of their own has committed hundreds of crimes and will not be required to step aside, much less be prosecuted. The law is for the Dirt People and it will be enforced by the Cloud People, but the Cloud People will do as they please.

There is another way to look at it. That is, the ruling class has lost control of the reigns and they can no longer police themselves. Hillary Clinton has no business being president. It is absurd even without the massive corruption and criminality. Hillary’s crowning achievement was marrying Bill Clinton 50 years ago. Even a deeply corrupt and incompetent ruling class should be able to filter out the likes of Hillary Clinton. The fact that they cannot bring themselves to flush her from the system when they have an iron clad criminal case against her is ominous.

There is another angle here. The whole “Arkanside” thing is a fun gag, but it does appear that the ruling class is playing much tougher with one another. Judge Roberts was either blackmailed or threatened into reversing his opinion on ObamaCare. That is incandescently obvious. FBI Director Comey’s erratic performance yesterday suggests there is more here than just a man suddenly changing his mind about law enforcement. He has prosecuted many others for these exact same crimes.

A lesson of history is that when ruling elites become unstable, they become thuggish. Rivals are no longer content to play by the agreed upon rules with the winners and losers showing grace to the other. Instead, politics becomes a blood-sport, where there are no limits on what one can do to win. The men who assassinated Julius Caesar probably did not think murder was a great idea. It is just that it was better than all the others. They convinced themselves they had no choice because that was the only way to win.

There is a byproduct to this. The ruling class loses the moral authority to rule. Once the ruling elite stops abiding by the laws, their only reason to rule is force. That is not just an internal reality within the ruling elite; it is a reality within society as a whole. If Hillary Clinton were to become President, only fools would continue to abide by the laws. It would be a war of all against all within the ruling class and eventually, within society. The last few centuries of the Roman Empire featured endless warfare and revolts for this reason.

America is not the Roman Empire and this is not the Iron Age. It is entirely possible that yesterday will be the point at which the American ruling class recoils at the madness they face. There has not been the series of victory laps in the liberal media we tend to see when Democrats pull a fast one on the public. The old school liberals have been down on Clinton for a long time and this only confirms their opinions. The ship does not always slam into the iceberg. A Thug-ocracy is not inevitable.

That is not the way to bet, however.

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  2. “The ruling class loses the moral authority to rule. Once the ruling elite stops abiding by the laws, their only reason to rule is force. That’s not just an internal reality within the ruling elite; it is a reality within society as a whole.”

    It’s at least arguable that the ruling class never *have* abided by the laws, and that we are only now becoming aware of it, via the Internet, a communication tool that was not available in the old days.

    It will be interesting to see them try to rule only through force, dispensing with all pretense of “legitimacy”. Particularly so, since the dirt people are so heavily armed, and can communicate among themselves so easily. The most effective enforcement is that which happens within the peon’s head, and if that is disappearing…

  3. The biggest problem with gun-control is that Patriots have been controlling their with silence theirs while DC destroyed our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  4. One consolation of this affair is that we need not worry about Putin blackmailing President Hillary with the contents of her servers (plural !?). Blackmail only works if the mark has some sense of shame or something to fear from the legal system from exposure. We know from 40+ years of exposure that Hilary has no sense of shame. And now we know she need have no fear of the legal system. Perfect_!

    • Was a good run? This is country is greatest place on God’s green Earth. It is also our home. There is no other place. Dude, this ain’t over by a long shot. Not if people never say die. What? A bunch of psychopaths and crooks have power over me they can take my liberty? I don’t think so, over my dead cold body. Long as even one person keeps liberty alive it ain’t over.

  5. Spot-on analysis!
    Whatever took place behind the scenes forcing Comey into his strange news conference or as you so eloquently put it ‘erratic’ ended up being the message that the privileged will not face any consequences for their criminal actions. There is no way that Comey and his agents spend as much time as they did to come to such a conclusion of ‘innocence’. The IG report released earlier painted Hillary Clinton as someone not following the rule of law – how could the FBI find her innocent and yet listing her crimes at the same time.
    I no longer wonder why this administration has been stacking up on hollow point bullets in the millions. I begin to believe that we are being ‘delivered’ to the gods/elites who deem themselves entitled to their ‘one-world-order’. Consider also that this president suppose to keep his own office in DC. What for and why? Looking at the many pics of UN market vehicles/trucks etc throughout the Midwest also tells me that a more sinister plan for us is afoot.

    • Comey was forced to conclude not to indict the former Secretary of State because the argument had too many big words that he did not understand. How can you defend yourself against the elite one-world-order when you can’t even pronounce it?

      We need to put knuckle heads in charge. Why use hollow point bullets when you can use sticks and stones? We can slash the tires of all those Midwest tractors and trailers with kitchen knives. Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

    • Dumbfu*k! Why are you still above ground and not pushing up daisys? You are a worthless POS if that is your attitude. All you care about is that you have no grandkids to suffer the future and you had a great ride!? Well, go to hell. You are an example of what is wrong with this country. I think it is a blessing you did not have any grandchildren. I hope the butter on your popcorn is rancid and you are out of salt.

  6. Even the Zhou emperors were reminded that they ruled through the mandate of Heaven… these folks have lost sight of that

    • Now that Mandate of Heaven is a great and relative parable to our times.

      The Mandate of heaven is a funny thing when corrupted. It works in reverse. The further the spirit advances in the thought and act of defiance to tyrants, the greater the increase of adversarial nature to eradicating that defiance and resistance becomes. It is an evolution of insurgency that is required, and that it comes in stages, at some point the equation changes, from one of being a subject to tyranny, to one of subjecting tyrants to the motive energy of being so free, freedom can not be resisted any longer.

  7. “That is, the ruling class has lost control of the reigns”
    I see what you did there.

    I think you meant “rains”.
    Sure is hot in here.

  8. I personally find it liberating. Of all the insidious constructs of this system of administrative tyranny to do so, it is serendipity the FBI, what was billed in it’s birth as the penultimate arbitrator of enforcing the rule of law, declared not only it and every component of the state lawless, “officially”, they declared a state of Anarchy exists. Mark my words, they did a coup on themselves. They are so utterly corrupted by what they are, so blinded by trying to survive their illegitimacy, they don’t even know they are their own worst enemy. If you want to know what SHTF looks like, you are witnessing it in living color.
    It is beautiful.

    No laws count but natural law and primal rights of men, they ripped up that parchment and lit it on fire. They declared in no uncertain terms they and the rest of the actors of who comprise the federal government function in a state of the law of the jungle. It’s done. It is the penultimate act of dissolution of the appearance of legitimacy and the tiny thread of power of a government originally predicated entirely and only on the consent of the governed. There can be no doubt as to redressing and restoration of what once was. It is a new day, a new age. The rebirth of the rights of men.

    Does anyone else here sense being absolved?
    I find a new day has dawned. I’m released from my responsibilities as a citizen of what was once the United States of America. I am a totally Free Man. Viva La Liberty!

    • Kinda frightening this freedom thing. I don’t think the Deamon-Crats can handle it….

      • Yes, salient point. Lot of people are afraid of freedom. You have to be very accountable and responsible if you are truly free.
        It scares the bejesus out of some folks. But that is the beauty of rightful liberty, you are responsible, for what you do. Is there need for the state as we know it when people live true liberty?

        I think one of the possible futures small is nation states, possibly similar to the Compact of Confederation arise. There are already grass roots movements towards small nation states. The Free State Project in NH, Texit, the communities coalescing up in Idaho, Montana. Even Brexit is the nascent act of secession from and abolition of the leviathan state. Spain and it’s Catalonia movement, Iceland has literally thrown the bums out or put them in prison.

        In WV where I live, up in these ridges and hollows, people are about as secession minded as people I can think of. If it all dropped in the pot tomorrow, hardly nobody would notice, or even care. Since the coal mines have been forced to close, the county is destitute, the State is in dire straights. Talking all but bankrupt. We have 4 deputy Sheriffs for an area the size of half of NH. And they are on from 8am to 5pm mon-thurs. You wouldn’t know it. Everyone is on their best behavior, it’s tribal knowledge you screw with somebody Hillbilly Justice and the hillbilly grapevine will deal with you.

        Frankly, I’m born and raised in northern NH, I find it refreshing and a wonderful community system of people self determination/regulation. It’s tribal in many ways. It works amazingly well. There was that when I was a younger man in NH, but it has withered on the vine to a certain extent. In WV it is much like the life of my childhood up north. It’s a system of respect and honor. When it flooded here couple weeks ago, the outpouring of generosity and help people extended to neighbors was instantaneous and overwhelming. But this community spirit is a constant also. Folks watch out for each other in these mountains. They take a care to do so. It is an inherent component of the culture. No government or state can do this, and it has no business substituting itself for it. So much of America scoffs at Hillbilly’s, denigrates their culture and heritage. They don’t know what they are missing.

        It is no wonder to me, and I’m a died in the wool Yankee, why the South seceded from the North. No government is meddling in our way of life here, its grass roots all the way. Agrarian in many ways too, another natural characteristic of rightful liberty.
        I believe, I see it, these are things people who are responsible and live in freedom unfettered do, I think because liberty is a we are all in this together kind of thing.

        • In my experience a promiscuous love of freedom is abundant. Too many who love freedom fear liberty. It should be the other way around.

          • James, can you convey your thoughts in another way? Asking you because I’m not sure what your saying, and it seems like a very important idea your trying to express.

          • You have inherited the several rights necessary to successfully work for the innumerable necessities and pleasures of life, and likely are responsible for family as well. That is liberty. A successful criminal has perfect freedom. He gets up when he wants, sleeps when he wants, takes what he wants when he wants it. The freedom from want is part of the living Constitution, circa 1933. Rights that are measured in personal responsibilities are liberty.

        • I have read many comments on this and other sites that it’s time to withdraw our consent from this government, and I’ve been wanting to ask what that would look like. You gave a pretty good description.

          • There is a growing number of communities all over this country that are self-ruled under sharia. The no-go zones. If they can do it, why can’t we? Or is that just crazy talk?

          • Sharia law isn’t self rule, it is about as draconian subservience to a cult as it gets, so me personally I couldn’t even begin to compare liberty to it. But that is just me.

            Secession and Abolition crazy?
            A crazy idea sovereignty of the people, shall not be infringed, and unalienable God given rights of liberty and self determination is wrong and not possible?
            Now lets see, mmm, wasn’t there a bunch of guys from about 1680’s through the 1700’s who had the same crazy ideas, they sure where some sacked out extremists. Seems like they where pretty successful at consent of the governed replacing the world largest empire with will of the people and self determination.

            Liberty is dangerous. But right there is the beauty of it. You get to have a gun, say what you like, give the powers that be the finger, make moon shine, grow marijuana, refuse to be taxed, build the castle of your dreams, and make money any way you like and keep every penny of your wealth to use as YOU see fit, long as your not hurting’ another guy. What is most dangerous is your responsible for everything, and your going to get your arse blown away and take a dirt nap if your not careful and caring of others. Which is if you think about, is not a problem and if anything when you figure out how liberty works, the exact opposite is true and most everyone involved sticks together gets along because that is how it works.

            Liberty is a everyone is in it together one way or another kind of thing in this world now. There is those who want liberty, and those who don’t. Is there really any middle ground on this.

            Though some BS themselves and others they can sit on the fence with their finger in the air and reap the wind, or have this retarded idea they have some special power to tell everyone else what they can or can not do.
            And that is what is crazy right there.

          • Got this from “Road to Serfdom”. Areas that are free are messy. Areas run by central planning look like architects drawings. When we watch shows on tv, we look for areas that are junky. No Code Enforcement there.

          • May I recommend this short story to you. As you say, “it is a pretty good description”, of withdrawal of consent. It also has within it’s pages “the most powerful weapon ever devised.” I read it as a kid, and the idea of consent in Frank Russell’s masterpiece has stayed with me to this day 50 years later. It is a fun yarn too. Russell also wrote ‘Wasp’, an entertaining instructional fiction on defiance to the state.

            ‘And Then There Were None’

            There is a really dynamic fellow up in Idaho, goes by the avatar John Mosby, (the original J Mosby was a small unit infantry commander during the civil war who fought a brilliant guerrilla campaign against the federals), former special forces non com, teaches small unit infantry tactics to civilians. From some things he has spoken of, I think he has a classical education in Latin and history. He wrote something that makes a great deal of common sense in relative terms:

            The fundamental human right to self-defense and its tools does not stem from any piece of parchment or other act of man.
            It is much more elemental than that.
            I have more principled reasons for my stand on owning firearms, and I don’t care one whit in the world for the Second Amendment. It means nothing to me. My rights have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution, and when it dawns on people that it has finally been erased — the principal danger of all political premises posed as “social contracts” — my rights will still validly exist, even if I die defending them. I own firearms because I have a right to private property. That is the First Thing.
            …As the Regime takes off the gloves, every day it creates tens of thousands more American Patriots who realize yes, it really probably is going to get that bad, so really, they may not have that much to lose after all.
            So why not stop being afraid and stand up to the Regime?
            Join the honorable Resistance, or make your own. Garden, cook at home, teach your children, and get right with the Lord. Cut expenses, avoid taxes, learn new skills, and build savings of tangible real assets. Train, stockpile, recruit, prepare, guard, protect, and defend.
            Make this your finest hour.

            (Not too shabby for a grunt and a white right wing Christian extremist domestic terrorist. I’ve met this fellow. He is about as humble and soft spoken as they come. Till he picks up a rifle and shows you how to move with it.)

          • That John Mosby who wrote the bit about joining the honorable resistance is a really sweet hearted guy. I think he is probably tougher than woodpecker lips when it comes to combat, but he has this heart of gold. If you don’t know of him, I believe he was one of if not the first ex military combat veterans to train every day citizen’s in armed defense using small unit infantry tactics.

            Here’s his blog:


            There is another fellow along the same lines as John, Max velocity, Max has a training complex in Romney WV.


            Both guys have written extensively on the subject and on liberty also. They have some unique insights. Both are men are very well educated and have considerable experience. I can’t recommend either man highly enough. The training is a sublime experience, transformative.
            Max is originally an Officer in the British SOS, his specialty is 4th ten warfare, he immigrated to the US, became a Special Forces Medic, then did a couple tours as an advisor in the mideast.

  9. Here’s another take from Diplomad 2.0

    This also is something a lot of the folk over at theconservativetreehouse are talking about.  

    This is an outake from the middle of his post:
    Whatever his own “intent,” however, Comey has slipped Hillary a poison political pill mixed in with the heady “no prosecution” bourbon. In the first 12 or 13 minutes of his presser, Comey described a factual situation and a pattern of behavior by Clinton far, far worse than most of us had imagined. Everything, absolutely everything, Hillary said about this matter is a demonstrable lie. Comey called her on it. He provided a picture of a senior official totally unqualified for the serious position she held, and surrounded by equally as unqualified and incompetent staff. Comey, I repeat, powerfully made the case that she is not qualified for high office. Perhaps this was Comey’s Machiavellian maneuver: avoid the legal process but cripple Hillary politically? Maybe he was like a mad Solomon, to wit, actually splitting the baby?

    Trump is gonna have a field day with all the dirt Comey dished out yesterday.

    I can’t wait!


    • I don’t know. Trump is so lacking in discipline and so easily distracted that I wonder if he can really make the most of this. Every time Hillary accuses him of something, he responds. She’s in Atlantic City making lame cracks about Trump and casinos and he takes up his day responding. He’s violating the first rule of politics which is to always be on attack. Never explain. Never complain. Always go on attack.

      I’m obviously rooting for Trump, but we really do deserve a better champion. He should be running on a reform platform talking about immigration, trade, taxes and the epidemic of corruption with Crooked Hillary as the face of that corruption. He should talk of nothing else. Yet, he can’t stay focused for five minutes.

    • I think this is exactly the case. While he patted Hillary on the shoulder and told her “no problem” he nicked her carotid artery ever so slightly as he removed his hand and she will die a slow death. She thinks she won but she is “Dead Woman Walking.” Politically speaking. As for Comey, he didn’t exactly fall on his sword but I am sure hist gesture did not go unnoticed. How long he has to live … well, we will see. As I have learned, “not all is as it appears.”

    • So far all he’s done with this is a brief tweet and then a lot of talk about Saddam Hussein being a terrific terrorist killer. In fact, every time he has a chance to take advantage of another Hillary revelation he instantly deflects discussion from it with another of his insane accusations/speculations/conspiracy theories that have nothing at all to do with the latest atrocity committed by She Who Must Be Obeyed so the media quickly runs after that garbage.

  10. We’ve got no choice but to cower beneath the Clinton muscle. They’re bringing in Syrians just to eat the babies. They will poison the water of the State Capital and replace all the statesmen with cock sucking porn stars. Even Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie have their balls in a vice and Trump is being forced to choose a Trans running mate that he’s going to have to kiss on TV while the whole world watches.

  11. “Once the ruling elite stops abiding by the laws, their only reason to rule is force.” So true. Regarding this travesty, you are either referencing history or foreshadowing the future. Time always tells.

  12. This today from the great Diana West:
    Of course, “FBI Director” Comey will not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. But that is not what is worst about this latest wretched day in American history. 

    What child, what babe, what fuzzy bunny ever expected that he would? Who among us examined the facts of the case as they emerged and rested assured that Justice would be done — that is, done blindly, with no special-case, extra-stretchy, wink-wink regard for the Clintons?

    Read the whole thing here:

  13. I doubt the ruling class will recoil at the madness. They have much to fear from the Clinton Mafia. If Roberts and Comey can be threatened into submission, then anybody can. I fear for Donald Trump’s life.

  14. Here’s the other thing I think about. It used to be that, when a new President took office, they cleared out the government bureaucrats and installed people they owed favors to. It was corrupt and offices were filled by the unqualified. It did mean that the bureaucracy was purged. We need to go back to peacefully purging the bureaucracy, before we have to resort to violence.

    • The civil service act of 1883 needs to go. Instead of ending the partisanship of the civil service, it has made the civil service all partisans of one side only – the big government party. Imagine if every bureaucrat manager had to fear an opposing partisan taking over his office and looking for malfeasance to prosecute, with the power to fire any employee who didn’t help. If we went back to the “spoils system” the best job insurance would be competence and strict impartiality. .

      • In the early 1900’s an amendment to the Constitution imposed upon the citizens of the USA a personal and corporate income tax.( Prior to about 1919 or so, there was no income tax of any sort.)
        That was the beginning of the end of our Constitutional Republic, for it allowed the Federal Government to spend, literally, unlimited amounts of the earnings confiscated from the citizenry. The massive revenue generated by this tax funded and still funds EVERY federal agency and has allowed the Congress to abrogate its responsibilities as the sole law making branch of government. The vast majority of laws imposed upon the citizenry today is generated by the unaccountable, un-elected federal agencies, not the Congress.
        This tax is also what allows the federal government to grow ever larger, seemingly without limit, furthering the burden placed upon the PRODUCTIVE citizens who are compelled to fund our bloated, criminally negligent federal government and its thousands of agencies (most of which should be immediately abolished.)
        This tax also allows the political ruling class to dole out favors (to their supporters) by spending other people’s money to “buy” support by spending other people’s money and very possibly bankrupting the citizenry (nations do not go bankrupt; it is the citizenry who must foot the bill and who pay the ultimate price).

        Our Constitutional Republic was formed BY THE STATES, and the federal government was to serve at the pleasure of and responsible to the states. The Civil War altered this status quo, for sure. But the Federal power to tax gave the Federal govt. the ability to financially coerce, bribe and blackmail the states and turned our Constitutional Republic into a bureaucratic and elitist tyranny; an illegitimate government.

        As someone famously said, “the power to tax is the power to destroy, and the Federal Govt. has used this power to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

        The Constitution has to be amended to return power to the states, to prohibit the establishment of ANY Federal Agency not expressly assigned by the Constitution to the Federal Govt; to allow by majority vote of Congress and/or the States to overturn any Supreme Court ruling; to allow, by majority vote of the States, to overturn any law passed by Congress; to repeal the personal and corporate income tax and, as originally written into the Constitution, to allow each State Legislature to select their respective US Senators to serve in Congress (which will affirm that the allegiance of each US Senator is to their State, NOT to the Federal govt., not to a “national” political party and not to the ruling elites in Washington, DC)

  15. Yeah, we Americans are being played by a couple of Arkansas crumb bums that are in cahoots with the media to take over the world. The FBI does not recommend strapping them up by their toes and stoning them? What’s the world coming to? How am I ever going to watch I Dream of Jennie in my underwear when these bastards are coming to take my guns away while shoving their health insurance down my damn throat?

    Here come the dictators with their jigaboo junkies and fascist feminists scrapping the prosperity of the country to charcoal. If Hillary’s elected the citizenry of sanity will save our great nation with heroic debauchery. We will hoist Donald Trump on our shoulders and seat him in the hall of governance where he will issue one-way bus tickets to Panama for all the spick gardeners and masked wrestlers.

    And anybody that doesn’t love Jesus will be thrown to the lions in our perverted Roman empire. Rub your face in orange shit and make America great again!

    • They’ll never pay you for such an ignorant post.Even the democrats have standards.Not high ones,not good ones,but standards of propaganda.

  16. From this side of the great puddle, I would have thought that such a brazen act to not formally charge Madame Clinton would if anything propel those who are undecided about which way to vote in November to definitely NOT vote for the escapee. Maybe most people have made up their minds, but although outrageous is a much-overused word these days, this craven decision is exactly that. I am, as we say over here, gobsmacked.

    But perhaps I shouldn’t be given the nature of politics. Our fears in the UK is that the government here has a clear direction from the people over the EU, yet maybe somehow they will find ways to fudge it and dodge it. Meanwhile, if we needed any further proof that despite all the lofty words some people are simply above the law, this failure to ensure justice stands emblazoned across the skies of the United States.

    So close to Independence day too. Maybe the message is you are a lot more dependent on the cloud people than you thought.

    • I don’t think this did Hillary any good other than keep her in the race. In some ways, it is the best thing that could have happened to Trump.

      If Hillary had been indicted, she would be replaced with a far more electable candidate. Instead, she was damaged, her lies exposed, and Trump supplied with a massive amount of ammo to use against her.

      • Yeah, because we all know that Trump is going to win. President Trump!

        What the fuck is wrong with all you jackasses? The United States of America is going to elect an orange faced weasel that never had to work a day in his life? Didn’t we already suffer eight years of a man that could not string a sentence together; a man that practically bankrupted the country before riding off into the sunset?

        President Trump! You’re all a bunch of fucking ass clowns belly moaning about how the government is against you. Is that the best your pathetic minds can conjure? You’re a fucking loser so of course it must be the government’s fault! Grow up! Get real! Hillary Clinton and her thug-ocracy are blackmailing the FBI… Don’t you ever listen to yourselves?

        Why don’t you just climb aboard the space shit that’s following that comet and get the fuck out of here! The government is corrupt? The government is incompetent? Okay, let’s elect a crooked jackass for president; that’ll set things right!

        What the fuck is wrong with you douchebags? Try not to blow your faces off when you’re cleaning your guns!

  17. The remarkable career, riches, malfeasance, and continual promotion of Jamie Gorelick must alone convince us that permanent government is corrupt at the root. Hillary’s rise reaffirms what needs no proof, that incapacity is no bar and failure a recommendation. It is reassuring to the millions employed in government to know that all are safe from judgement.

  18. Was around some leftists last weekend. They seemed schizophrenic – completely unable to process how bad a candidate their wagon was hitched on to, yet unable to do anything except talk politics. I felt kind of bad and worried for them. When I tried following their ideas to their logical conclusions, they freaked and changes subjects (talking points really).

    • I wonder about our worn down military. What if the seals and special forces decide not to trust her with the security they must have? I could not blame them. They have suffered too many losses under questionable circumstances. Not a good time to have a toothless pack of jackals in congress.

      • That’s my worry too. The US military has a long tradition of not playing politics…. at least, according to them. The election of 1864 says otherwise. Not everyone at the Pentagon is a fool; not all staff officers are time-servers. I’d expect it in Europe before here, but at some point, the Army is going to have to get nakedly political to protect itself. That won’t be fun. It’ll be interesting to see who Trump starts touting as his future cabinet — the VP pick will (or should be) a sop to actual conservatives (say, Jeff Sessions)… but what if the rest of them are recent vets? Fun times.

        • He has actually mentioned two generals as potential VPs. Hasn’t given out the names.

          • At this point, with the house cleaning Obozo has done of any good military leaders, I hope those “generals” are “retired.” I would have my doubts about anyone currently serving at the pleasure of this doofus.

          • Yeah, the president has gotten rid of all the good military leaders and replaced them with buffoons so now our troops won’t be able to defend themselves when the spear chuckers show up.

            What the fuck is wrong with you?

        • Don’t confuse the U.S. Armed Forces with, say, the German Army of 1926. Our military is full of squirrels, top to bottom. Some can do more pushups than others. The good news is that the military is so ill-disciplined, so ill-trained. so socially engineered and so poorly led that if the Powers that Be attempt to use it to put the hammer down, nobody knows what will happen.

          • Which was exactly the problem in 1933 with the German Army. The deciding factor in making Hitler Chancellor was the army’s declaration that they probably couldn’t put down a nationalist putsch should the Nazis get frozen out of the cabinet. Would the Army actually deploy to put down domestic insurrection? Would the National Guard actually fire on protestors? As I say, I’d expect it in Europe before here, but I’m certain we’re going to get the answers to those questions much sooner than later. And one doesn’t get to be a general by being bad at politics. You don’t need a Napoleon to bring down a government; an Ishiwara Kanji will do just fine.

          • Would the US Army deploy against US citizens? I’d say it is highly unlikely that such a point would ever be reached. We see the national guard out in disasters and we see them at airports, but they are expecting full cooperation from the public. I think the highest reaches of the military assume they would not have any support among their units for deploying against Americans so they would never consider it. Rather, a President who gave such an order would face a revolt of his generals first.

            That said, contemplating what a modern civil war would be like is an interesting thought experiment.

          • The National Guard actually had the support of most folks when they fired at Kent State. People were tired of the rioting, especially on campus. We aren’t there yet, but the conventions are coming up and we have two shootings that should start protests this week.

          • The “revolt of the generals” scenario is largely what I was getting at. As the Cloud People move ever further from the Dirt People, they forget that the Dirt People make up the Other Ranks. Not all generals are Cloud People (or, at least, some still have sufficient contact with Dirt People to remember this basic fact). A few generals letting President Hillary know that thus-and-such is out of the question would be… interesting, to say the least.

          • You have to think like a globalist. That is what “Peace Keepers” are for. Round up some particularly fearsome solders from various banana republics, put a blue surf helmet on them, promise them land and white skinned brides, and send them into the “Unsecured Spaces” with a few levels of plausible deniability, like having “Special Agents” from the ATF or FBI operate as handlers with cutouts right to the oval office, to help quell the white southern racists killing and enslaving black lives matter and transgender cry bullies.
            Stalin had great success killing the Kulaks off, it is pogrom 101.

  19. Those of us dealing with the bureaucratic thugs on the Left Coast would tell you it’s already here.I think, unfortunately, that we will see blood shed over this in the near future. The government agencies are arming up for it.

    • I gut my ammo and I gut my esploseeves. Jus let toes pink commies run the gubbermint; aisle gib m wut fer! Carcetty crubnut wid dem side o molleses I tell u wut.

      Jus koon ad me yer yeller sadddl fwut. Fug em soshitlis; eyes gub meye reyefull ants eyes ants afrade ti yoose its

      Donal Trump fer perkskedant!!!

  20. A few years ago, I asked myself two questions, and continue to ask them regularly:

    • Will the ruling class fight to hold on to power? (Obviously they won’t do it themselves… mercs, etc. are allowed)

    • Will the broad masses have any faith in democracy and free-ish markets after a major collapse?

    I still don’t have answers to either, though after yesterday, the answer to question one is a lot closer to “yes.”

    As you rightly point out, this isn’t the iron age and the “broad masses” aren’t illiterate plebs thought the ruling elites seem determined to import any number of Syrian slaves to work the latifundia.

    • We seem to be into a game of chicken. The ruling class abuses the laws and the public votes them out. Then the ruling class finds new ways to abuse the laws. The voters up the ante on the revolt at the ballot box, going for populist/nationalist parties. It looks like the UK political class is about to ignore the results of the referendum. How long does this keep going on before one side opens fire?

      What’s striking is the lack of organized protests. The BLM stuff is just a Soros operation using professional protesters. I suspect people have concluded that they will do no good so there is no point. That’s an ominous sign.

      • I suspect we will see the government turn guns against citizens. Maybe it’s planned for Cleveland? it will be a Boston Massacre or Kent State type of event. I still would not be surprised if Obama declared martial law and stayed in office. I don’t think Obama wants to stay on, but his handlers want him in office.

        • “I suspect we will see the government turn guns against citizens.” Respectfully, what do we call Waco, both of them then? How about LeVoy Finnicum, they executed the guy in cold blood, the same FBI that couldn’t find any criminal act in Hillary Clintons actions as SofS, never mind Mr. Finnicum’s fellow patriots who are being held as political prisoners for the last 6 months, no discovery, no bail, specious felonies made up by secret grand juries that not even the accused and their consul are permitted to peruse. Fast & Furious, Randy Weavers wife? The Bundy Ranch standoff?
          They already have turned their guns against us citizen’s.
          Seems like the only gun control problem is the government is pointing theirs at citizens and pulling the trigger.

          • LeVoy Finnicum, Randy Weaver, Waco Texas??? You better step back a lousy cotton pickin’ minute and try to remember why we have a government in the first place.

            Everybody wants to be free. Everybody wants liberty. But nobody wants some fucktard that thinks he’s Jesus to make babies with twelve year olds. Nobody wants some cowboy that thinks he’s decoded the Secret Constitution to take over a wildlife refuge. There are 320 billion people living in this country and 319,999,988 of them think LeVoy Finnicum, Randy Weaver, and David Jesus Fucking Christ Koresh deserved what they got. Thank you, government, for your service.

            There are people in this country that have real problems; problems that you don’t want to deal with every day. That’s why we have a government. The government isn’t pointing guns at you. What’s your gripe with the government? Really, what’s your problem?

          • “The government isn’t pointing guns at you.”
            Then why are govt agencies arming themselves with military weapons?
            Agencies like the Animal Health and Inspection Service, Smithsonian Institution, FDA and others we wouldn’t expect?

          • Oh, this is going to be a good one! The Animal Health and Inspection Service, Smithsonian Institution, and FDA are coming after all you Randy Weaver, LeVoy Finnicum, and David Jesus Fucking Christ Koresh disciples. Obama’s going to become a dictator and just like Sulla he’s going to take over the capital and reform the constitution. The second amendment will be rephrased to “well-regulated aquariums” and “the right to keep and bear gold fish”. The Affordable Care Act will be amended to include the Tarpeian Rock. You better stock up on your ammo and explosives now because the gun powder is being replaced with pixie dust and radio frequency tracking devices are being stamped on every bullet.

            The Animal Health and Inspection Service, Smithsonian Institution, and FDA are going to eradicate Social Security and break into your kitchens and steal your Corn Flakes while you’re sleeping.

            What is your fucking problem, Hank_M? What do you think the Animal Health and Inspection Service, Smithsonian Institution, and FDA are up to? Please tell!

          • Oh, this is going to be a good one! The Animal Health and Inspection Service, Smithsonian Institution, and FDA are coming after all you Randy Weaver, LeVoy Finnicum, and David Jesus Fucking Christ Koresh disciples. Obama’s going to become a dictator and just like Sulla he’s going to take over the capital and reform the constitution. The second amendment will be rephrased to “well-regulated aquariums” and “the right to keep and bear gold fish”. The Affordable Care Act will be amended to include the Tarpeian Rock. You better stock up on your ammo and explosives now because the gun powder is being replaced with pixie dust and radio frequency tracking devices are being stamped on every bullet.

            The Animal Health and Inspection Service, Smithsonian Institution, and FDA are going to eradicate Social Security and break into your kitchens and steal your Corn Flakes while you’re sleeping.

            What is your fucking problem, Hank_M? What do you think the Animal Health and Inspection Service, Smithsonian Institution, and FDA are up to? Please tell!

          • Well, if the news is any guide at all, the FDA is using their SWAT teams to raid Amish farms for selling raw milk.

            I expect that the Smithsonian will use their SWAT teams to put down anyone who puts nose prints on the display cases or tries to touch one of the aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling. Or maybe they’ll use them to protect that one booth in the concession area that sells the deep fried doughnuts.

            The Animal Inspection Service (which I’ve never heard of before, but whatever, there are probably hundreds of Federal bureaus that nobody’s ever heard of before) is will likely use their SWAT teams to do what most cops seem to do when they encounter an animal in the course of their “duties”, they’ll shoot it a bunch of times and then make the owners sit there and watch them bleed out.

            It’s for the children, after all.

          • Bubby, either your an agent provocateur, a professional troll, or a little cheese has fallen off your cracker.
            Maybe all of the above.

          • I’m not stepping back one bit friend. You can take that to the bank.

            You made yourself out to be a seriously hateful and heartless person at your statement LeVoy Finnicum deserving what he got. That is despicable.

            We are all in this together for better or worse. You are wrong, this is all our government and the problems we are facing is not resolved or excused thru summery execution of a fellow American who does not agree or stood up to those problems when no one else had the courage. You should be eternally ashamed of yourself.

            Sorry, but that is not a government, it is a dictatorship that acts thusly. Care to rationalize that for me?

          • Yup, Vickie Weaver really had it coming, standing inside her own house holding an infant.

            Thank God Lon was there to put a bullet through her skull (narrowly missing a two for one with the child as well) and protect all gov’t loving Americans from her horrible infant carrying ways.

            I’ll tell you how dangerous Randy Weaver was: After they got done killing most of his family, almost killing him, and he was convinced to surrender, they hauled him into court where a jury of his peers acquitted him of all charges, except failure to show up in court the first time, for which he sentenced to 18 months in jail. And, given that it had taken 15 months for the trial to take place, he was credited with time served plus three months by the sentencing judge and released that same day.

            Then the gov’t paid him and his daughter $3.2M for depriving his wife and son of their civil rights when they where unlawfully killed.

            Yup, thank the Lord that the FBI and ATF were there to save us from some random guy who still had an intact family, lived out in the woods, and who most importantly wouldn’t or couldn’t (’cause he wasn’t a member with the connections they thought he had) become an informant for the FBI against some racist assholes (being one of which, BTW, is not illegal . . . yet).

          • Another thing Bubby, Levoy Finnicum, and a whole lot of your fellow American’s myself included, as detestable as your comments are, free speech really out of respect for your liberty, is the kind of man who would have and did die to defend your liberty. He died for all our freedom from a repressive regime. Liberty for thee, liberty for me. We are all in this together friend. Because as soon as people think they got some special rights begin to decide who lives and who dies, we are all truly in serious trouble. Where does it end? Lots of civilizations have gone down that ugly path, and they are all taking a dirt nap. We are a nation of people, not a government, and as people we are supposed to be above the tyrants running this government, regardless of what they do.

            And since when is a majority you claim exists, have the power to decide who lives and who doesn’t? That is called mob rule. Not America, certainly not liberty, and by no stretch of dissonance is there any precedence or sanction in our founding rule of law for summery execution even in a capitol crime.

          • As Heinlein noted, there are people who want others controlled, and people with no such desire. The former may imagine they love liberty, but they are deluding themselves. They are just the garden variety fascists or communists.

          • I never read a comment before that revealed that an American citizen has no problem with the federal government summarily executing other citizens. A US Marshall killed Weaver’s 14-y-o son, a known psychopathic killer, and his dog then the awesome FBI sniper Horiuchi took the FBI shoot-to-kill ROE to heart and blew off the jaw of the notorious low life Vicki Weaver. Finnicum was committing no crime but was shot down like a rabid dog. And incinerating those 12-year-olds as part of an armored assault on civilians is the way to handle whatever problems existed in that redoubt? What kind of horse’s ass are you?

          • “… LeVoy Finnicum, Randy Weaver, and David Jesus Fucking Christ Koresh deserved what they got…”

            That they violated the law doesn’t mean they should be executed. Weaver was in trouble for having a shotgun a inch or so less than legal length, Koresh for gun violations. Who knows if he raped anyone. As for Finnicum I could see shooting it out with him but not after he left and surrendered. I don’t yahoos should be able to enter and hold government property.

        • I have postulated for some time that O may seek a reason to declare martial law and cancel elections. I have been called many names because of this. The fact that he says he cannot wait to return to private life does not mean that he means it. We shall see.

          • In all the insanity of the thug-ocracy, who knows what kind of things they will do to keep the reigns of power firmly in their grasp. Nothing seems beyond the pale, and they grow more overt in their violations of the fundamental foundation of republican form of government. The other day was reading a comment on another blog somebody said Clinton could select obama as her VP, then upon being sworn in as POTUS, resign and hand the throne back to him.
            Far fetched as it sounds, after doing some brief research there is nothing that prohibits such a scenario from taking place. Not that they care if they are criminals and crooks to begin with.

            These psychopaths are tag teaming us six ways to sunday, and as people begin to become aroused and act in defiance and resist the usurpations of our republic, they will begin to take ever more drastic means, maybe even desperate means to rule us.

    • It is through the faith of democracy that we find ourselves exactly where we are, foreign and domestic. Democracy is not Divine. Faith is religious. The Progressive faith is democracy. Democracy works for the citizen only when it is tightly wrapped in the chains of constitution. It would be the greatest misfortune to fight a war, cold or hot, to arrive at exactly the point which we left.

    • Maybe it takes something like a self-immolation or an old guy with a spear to set it off. I think I’ve speculated here that we’ve kind of reached a critical mass of opiod and and anti-depressant use and that that produces a condition similar to Brave to New World’s soma. I also speculate that the idea of “America” has become somewhat like the idea of “Rome.” We still had “Caesars” until 1918, and I often suspect that the EU is just the latest attempt to resurrect that rotted corpse. Maybe folks just cannot imagine a world without America.

      None of those are good places to be. So yes, the oracles and auspices are not favorable.

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