I Want A Thank You

News brings word that one of the hyper-violent meat-heads the NFL hires to entertain us on fall weekends is making a nuisance of himself over the custom of playing the National Anthem before games.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has willingly immersed himself into controversy by refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he deems are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States.

His latest refusal to stand for the anthem — he has done this in at least one other preseason game — came before the 49ers’ preseason loss to Green Bay at Levi’s Stadium on Friday night.
“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Kaepernick was born to a destitute black white mother¹ in Milwaukee, who put him up for adoption. His father was a deadbeat from the neighborhood. In other words, he was born into the typical black environment, but unlike most black children, he was saved by a nice white couple who adopted him and raised him as their son. This got him into good schools, sports and a middle-class lifestyle. Later, nice white coaches helped him with his sports career, first at college and then in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh made Kaepernick a legitimate NFL player.

Kaepernick has decided to respond to this amazing run of good fortune, almost exclusively the result of generous white Americans, by giving his middle finger to his fellow Americans. Specifically, he is his flipping the bird to white people so he can pretend to make common cause with the black people from whom he was saved as a baby. You would think that someone living this wonderful life would be grateful to the country and the people who make it possible, but that’s not how things work in a grievance culture.

The 49ers issued a statement about Kaepernick’s decision: “The national anthem is and always will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony. It is an opportunity to honor our country and reflect on the great liberties we are afforded as its citizens. In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose and participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.”

There are people paid lots of money to come up with statements like this. They sound pleasant, but say nothing. Exactly no one is saying this guy should be forced to stand during the anthem. No one thinks he should be barred from staying these stupid and nasty things about his countrymen. It’s a another way to shift the focus from the front lash to the backlash. Let’s not notice that Kaepernick is an ungrateful d-bag. No, let’s fret over some imaginary people who seek to oppress the ungrateful d-bag.

The people in charge think this type of response is safe and they may be right. To come out and say, “Our player is an ungrateful, spoiled meat head with the IQ of a goldfish” would be accurate, but probably cause more trouble than it is worth. Everyone would know it is true, but everyone also knows you can never say anything bad about the black guy in these cases. To do so gets every bean pie eating black media guy howling for your head, calling you a bigot.

No, the honkies are expected to just wait it out. Eventually, Kaepernick will have his big interview where the black interviewer will yuck up it up with him, cause you know, they’re brothers in the struggle and all that. This is why TV networks hire guys like Steve A. Smith. These two-person performances are intended to send a message to the honkies at home. “See, we can be reasonable, but we can also be unreasonable so you get to choose. Either go along with what we reasonably demand or else.”

Like a lot of people, I suspect, I’m going with “or else” this time. Bring it on. Black people have some legitimate complaints, but they need to be directed at their fellow blacks. Whites in America have been incredibly generous and accommodating to blacks over the last half century. It has not been perfect, it never is, but there’s nowhere on earth you would rather be black than in America. There’s a reason the Back To Africa Movement has no members. I don’t want to hear any more complaining. I want a thank you.

¹I mistakenly thought his birth mother was black.

56 thoughts on “I Want A Thank You

  1. “Whites in America have been incredibly generous and accommodating to blacks over the last half century.”

    Just like the whites in South Africa. The worked their asses off, turning worthless scrub into rich farmland; everyone prospered. South Africa became the richest country on the continent.

    Then the whites gave in to the international drumbeat of “racist!”, and turned the gov’t over to the blacks (who were Zulu invaders, from the north; the indigenous population was destroyed by the Zulus).

    The result was entirely predictable: the blacks, who were GIVEN something they never earned, acted like they’d won the lottery. They promptly wasted their good fortune, and then they demonized the über-generous whites who GAVE them the country. They trashed everything, and then began killing the white farmers. The smart whites left early on. The ones remaining were murdered outright, or driven out. Now only a handful remain. Soon, there will be none.

    And the international ‘community’? Total silence. Not ONE WORD from the UN about murdering thousands of white farmers. That’s genocide, no? Show me a Democrat politician who’s ever criticized that ongoing genocide. Name just one.

    Folks, South Africa is our future. Just replace South Africa’s blacks with U.S. communists, and you will see where we’re headed: to Plato’s utopian city-state, with a half percent in the ruling aristocrisy, controlling the 10% in the military to enforce their rule… and the rest of the proletariat slaving away to support them. And friends, YOU will NOT be among the new aristocrats. None of us will even know one of the ruling elite.

    Oh, they will mouth all the right platitudes: ‘equality’ (of results, not of opportunity), ‘freedom’ (to say what they want you to say), and so on. But the New World Order will be a replay of the erstwhile Soviet system: 0.5% card-carrying members of the elite, and a military that is subservient to them. The rest of us can go pound sand. IF we’re lucky. And if you think there won’t be gulags, well, the white South Africans thought their generosity would be appreciated. They thought the blacks would be grateful. But it don’t work that way in the real world…

  2. If you’re not a NFL football fan (and I suspect you’re not), you probably don’t know that Colin Kaepernick is struggling to even stay in the NFL as a legitimate player these days. His rookie and second seasons were better than average, and his third and fourth seasons were amazing But last season was a disaster for him and the Niners. Poor play coupled with injury and the fact that other teams adopted to his style of play and were shutting him down. He has spent the last 10 months “in recovery” and done little to really prepare for the 2016 NFL season. He stands 6’4″ but if you look at him in current sports news footage and compare that image to his pictures from three years ago, you can see that he has definitely lost muscle mass, which almost certainly means loss of speed and power. His speed and power, in addition to his throwing skill, were what made him an excellent quarterback in the 2013 and 2014 NFL seasons, and (many believed) a future Hall of Famer. Given his current athetic and health states, it’s highly questionable he’ll even make the Niners’ offensive squad this year, never mind the Hall of Fame years from now. Which might be the real reason why he all of the sudden got a social conscience. After all, he said nothing about the issue of police shootings of black males prior to this NFL preseason’s game even though it’s been a hot button issue for about 3-4 years now. I doubt he even cared about the issue until someone in his entourage told him that he needed some publicity, any kind of publicity, so that his name would be all over social media and the talking heads on ESPN had reason to refer to him aside from the fact that he is not playing. This of course allows him to stay relevant when he’s seeking post-NFL employment. Put another way, attention is what he seeks so that he has something to leverage another season out of the NFL and/or sports entertainment industry. It’s the simplistic and rather desperate kind of thinking one sees in the sports entertainment world but often it gets the idiot in question paid because aside from playing football they don’t really have marketable skills, smarts or anything to offer outside the arena.

  3. t has not been perfect, it never is, but there’s nowhere on earth you would rather be black than in America.

    Some of the former British colonies in the Caribbean come to mind as possible alternatives to the US. They have relatively high per capita incomes, and have less of the dysfunctional ghetto behavior of the US. As blacks are either a majority or in the case of Trinidad, are close to a majority which means they don’t have to deal with the various neuroses of being a minority. Which does exist, as any white who has lived in those countries can attest by having lived a minority life there. Barbados, Trinidad. Bahamas, Antigua. Also Bermuda.

  4. Ah yes, “Bring it on” indeed. I’ve been saying that for years, we Caucasian civilized folks have put up with quite enough, thank you very much.

  5. @Zman: You should know that this thankless and racist douche bag converted to islam during the off season. That should give you a clue!

  6. Birth mother white. Sperm donor black, and reportedly “no longer in the picture” before he was even born. His nice white parents adopted him because they’d lost two babies to heart defects. Apparently still had two girls; wanted a boy. Along comes Colin.

    Some things turn out better than others.

  7. Im assuming that mr Kaepernick will now take some of the millions he earned and start building charter schools and libraries in the urban ghettos.

  8. All he had to do was stand up and the job’s done. He didn’t even have to think patriotic thoughts. In fact, he could stand there and think whatever he wanted because what goes on in this man’s head is entirely his responsibility. He could even stand there and think ‘I am only honouring (Brit spelling) all those black people I like.’ So be it.

    Instead he makes a gesture that he knows the majority of people who pay his wages and strive to make him feel ‘good’ will not appreciate. A small, petty gesture of defiance from someone who is prefers to make obeisance to those ‘liberals’ who, when push comes to shove, will not hesitate cut him loose and disown him.

    When his career is over, he can go back to his own kind and he doesn’t have to stand up for anything. May that day come soon for his own peace of mind.

  9. He’s only doing this now because he’s become irrelevant. He’s riding the pine behind another terrible quarterback on a piss-miserable team.

  10. “to his fellow Americans”

    We must have different ideas on what constitutes an “American”.

  11. One thing I don’t get though is why do they play the National Anthem before commercial sporting events? Seems dumb. Do people play the anthem before going to the office each morning? Do the boys down at the Brake & Muffler shop play it when they arrive for work?

    • It’s tradition. We don’t need any other reason than that, and that should be enough to shut up the chronic malcontents who can’t see a group of people enjoying themselves without hunting for an excuse to push them around. WE. DO. THIS. You, outsider, conform or get out.

      • PS: I didn’t mean “you” personally, antipater. I was giving the general answer to anyone who comes into a community where traditions are established, and thinks that he knows better and everyone should change to suit his convenience. I didn’t intend any insult.

  12. In the off-season he converted to Islam and is planning to marry some Black Berkley BLM “DJ” cvnt.

    Of course, BLM is joined at the hip to Islam (plenty of proof at Breitbart on this angle).

    The Conservativetreehouse makes this case very well.

    Makes even more sense now, doesn’t it?

  13. re: ““Our player is an ungrateful, spoiled meat head with the IQ of a goldfish”

    Can’t say that about Colin Kaepernick as his Wonderlic score is a reported 38 which places him in the 98th Percentile. A Wonderlic 36 is a 132 IQ.

    Dan Kurt

    • I’ve administered the Wonderlic hundreds of times and I am very skeptical about the claims of correlation between those scores and standard IQ exams. I’ve been tested a lot and I know I’m not Mega Society, but I scored a 50 on the Wonderlic my first time. I know two friends that score 48 and I know they are not Mensa material.

      The other thing is the NFL does not administer the exam in a conventional way. The standard test in 50 questions in 12 minutes. The NFL does 5 minutes for 15 questions. Test takers tend to fade during a test so they may be goosing the results a bit by condensing it.

      Even so, point taken. He is brighter than the typical ball player. I’ll note that the Unibomber had a genius level IQ.

      • Just had a double-tall rum-and-coke after a long day, and took the Wonderlic SAT smaple exam and scored a 38 without using a scratch pad for the math. But there are some silly things, trickster questions to see if you’re paying attention or if you’re white-knuckling and butt clenching. But I’m media borracha even now so I’m not sure I’ll gratduate or get a scholarship at htis rate.

      • I agree completely with that Z man. I also took the full Wonderlic test and scored 50. I thought the test was easy. I am far from being any genius. All one has to do is look at my life history to see that!

      • Embracing the cause of certain of life’s losers is Kaepernick’s way of seeking to fill the void created by his great and apparently permanent fall from football grace. Neither can bear to take responsibility for their station in life, but his agony is more acute because he once had it all. None of this would ever have happened had he stayed on top of the world.

      • Colin Kaepernick did have WHITE adoptive parents so he was not exposed to the black culture which demeans learning as a “white” activity” to be shunned.

    • I would say that measured by his recent actions his measurement on the “Dipstick” says IDIOT. You guys are too much talking about Wonderlic and such when stupidity stares you right in the face.

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  15. I’ve never traveled outside the US so can someone describe to me how Black people are treated in other countries such that “there’s nowhere on earth you would rather be black than in America”…? I’ve read that they’re treated especially badly in Asia but don’t know the specifics.

    • Black people are tolerated but not much liked in Germany. Of course that’s pretty much the case for anyone not born a palefaced German.

      I haven’t been there, but I read that some are treated rather badly in sub-Saharan Africa.

      Look up Idi Amin, Emperor Bokassa, Mobutu Sese Seko, Hutus vs. Tutis for some examples

    • it is very enjoyable to see africans in america trying to pull their monkeyshines in other countries. I fondly recall a pair of them in bright yellow outfits arguing with the hotel clerk in Puerto Vallarta. The clerk, who had just helped me, in perfect english, played the no englis routine with them to a “t” as did the manager. Eventually, the retired govt. employees from chicago skulked off fuming.

    • re: ” I’ve read that they’re [Blacks] treated especially badly in Asia but don’t know the specifics.” Tim

      Was in Nagoya 1978 at a large cocktail party [Hundreds of Americans present] and learned two things about how Asians think about two other racial groups one of which I will say here. I heard Blacks being referred to as “eta.” The Japanese character for it is 穢多 and refers to literally, “an abundance of defilement” or “an abundance of filth,” in vulgar usage “sh*t.” A friend of mine who spoke Japanese explained it to me at the time. He had enlisted in the Navy when 17 and been discovered to have a flair for languages and was trained in Japanese. He spent his enlistment in Japan acting as a flunky carrying the brief cases and other tack of embassy officials while being the eyes an ears of an intelligence operative. No one, he said, had a clue that this young enlisted man knew Japanese. He was the proverbial Fly on the Wall.

      Dan Kurt

    • I know that black people, and especially American blacks, are despised in the Arab countries.

  16. I’m with you on “or else”. Once upon a time in America I had Negro friends, but then they became black and they were fewer, then they became AfAm and then there were none. Now, living in South America, I have a dear Brazilian friend who is very African looking, but she has nothing in common with US BLM types and in fact thinks them ridiculous.

    It ain’t the skin color, it’s the attitude that could eventually turn benefactors into belligerents. I’m with Uncle Max on his concise and certain judgment. Having learned the back story of this supercilious, privileged punk, my sympathies go to his adoptive parents. Too bad the silly obsession with spectator sports puts this brat in the spotlight!

    • Actually same tends to the case here. One of my kids started running track and cross country early on so we spent a lot of time at AAU meets in NYC. Most of the kids are from Caribbean countries (you haven’t lived until you’ve heard an hour long discourse on Jamaican high school track going back to the 60s–it’s a religion). But we were often among the few honkies in the crowd. So one thing you picked up in the unguarded moments was that these people positively hated the local variety of African. Thought they were lazy, spoiled, immoral…you name it. But then spend any time on one of those islands where after tourism, scavenging the sheet metal they build everything out of seems to hold second place in the economy and you understand why they think this is a paradise.

      • Funny, true African Americans—recent immigrants form African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon or Zimbabwe, also hate American blcks as lazy, indolent whiners and slackers!

        I thought it very humorous a few years ago when courts in DC were holding cab companies as “racially prejudiced”, because their black African immigrant cab drivers refused to pick up fares in dangerous ghetto neighborhoods!

  17. The only way to be heard nowadays is to stop spending money. When it hurts enough apologies flow. But I say, who cares? What good is a an apology when you know what someone really thinks. Reminds me of a kid who played with my son years ago. He was mean as a snake. He hit my son and his mom, exasperated, yelled at him to say he was sorry. He crossed his arms over his chest, screwed down his face and said, “You’re sorry!”

    • Thanks. I corrected the post.

      The thing that kills me about guys like this is he is living a charmed life. A black guy in the ghetto complaining about America can be forgiven. A honky in the trailer park bitching about the minorities or foreigners is understandable. They are mostly wrong, but their condition warrants some sympathy. This guy is one of the luckiest men on earth.

      • has decided to respond to this amazing run of good fortune, almost exclusively the result of generous white Americans, by giving his middle finger to his fellow Americans. Specifically, he is his flipping the bird to white people so he can pretend to make common cause with the black people from whom he was saved as a baby.


        • Exactly like Obummer. A mulatto abandoned by his parents, raised by whites, given everything yet seethes with racial resentment

  18. His mama was a White girl who lived up to that old maxim “Once you go Black…You’re a single mom.”

    • I believe this transcends race. It is deeper than the color of one’s skin. It is primitive and primal. For where there is smoke, there is fire. And behind such blatant hypocrisy, infernos rage. Oh, the stupidity! It burns.

      • Race itself transcends the color of ones skin. There’s IQ, bone structure, similar gestation periods, even extra muscles, etc. African Americans more easily buy into grievance culture because they’ve been told to. It’s easier. Nobody tells Asians that life isn’t fair in America because of the white man, because they’re not dumb enough to buy it. They know damn well that white men would get treated just the same in their homelands, so they put their nose to the grindstone and act accordingly. Btw I heard that he’s dating some Nubian princess “Nessa” and that she is getting him to convert to Islam. Ahhh the American Dream is an Amerikan nightmare.

        • Girlfriend is a DJ in New York, Muslim #BLM activist type, who reportedly convinced him to convert to Islam. What will he do with all those Biblical tattoos he’s been kissing?

          • Yeah, don’t ever forget the PUSSY factor in this guy’s decision. I think he’s doing it to get laid more often. There’s no though or conscience involved. As a mulatto, his intellect just isn’t great enough to make truly principled statements, even if he had any factual basis for making them!.

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