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I was listening to the James Miller interview of Greg Cochran the other day and at the end, Miller stated that he would not post an unedited version of the interview for fear of repercussions. The unedited version was six hours, but Miller cut it down to two hours. Cochran is not a PC guy and he says what he thinks, which can get you fired these days. Miller is a young man, who needs his job, so he has to be careful. It was an act of bravery for him to do the interview. Miller works on a college campus and there you can be declared a heretic simply by association.

A hobbyhorse item around here is the comparison between modern America and theocracies like Iran. In both countries, the ultimate authority is in the hands of a class of people charged with maintaining public morality. In both countries, those rules are arbitrary and capriciously enforced. In Iran, someone accused of heresy cannot appeal to the law. They must appeal to a cleric. In the US, someone accused of hate think cannot appeal to the courts or the ordinary rules of society. Instead, they are reduced to groveling at the feet of social justice warriors, hoping for leniency.

America is not a theocracy, of course, but it is a useful comparison. The PC enforcers on the college campus or in the corporate HR department are filled with the same self righteousness as the enforcers of Islamic law in Iran. In both cases, they feel they are entitled to commit monstrous acts, because they do so in the name of some great cause. The PC enforcers are not acting in the name of an anthropomorphic deity, but their justifications are just as supernatural. The endless war on abstract concepts like racism, sexism and so on is just as mystical as making war on lust or greed.

The reason to contemplate this is that at some point, people get tired of being pushed around by lunatics. Much of Donald Trump’s appeal is due to his dismissal of the PC piety that has come to dominate politics. A vote for Trump is really just a vote for the big old middle finger to the people in charge. The reason the alt-right was so happy to have Clinton engage them was so they could tell her and the rest of the Cloud People to go fuck themselves. There’s a lot of pent up “fuck you” out there after decades of preaching and scolding from our betters.

The thing is, Trump is probably going to lose in November. It’s not because the majority of voters are not down with the middle finger movement. It’s that most people are afraid of risk. Trump is a wild man and that makes him a wild card. Most men prefer the certainty of slavery than the risk of freedom, so rolling the dice on Trump is a lot to ask of voters. That does not change the fact that most people are sick to death of the PC enforcers. It’s just that they can’t quite bring themselves to defy their masters. Staying home, voting third party or knuckling under and voting for Clinton is safe, for now.

This brings me back to Iran. In 2011 protests erupted after the government rigged the elections. Students mostly, went to the streets and within days a full fledged revolt was underway. Given what had been happening with the so-called Arab spring, there was a hope that the mullahs would be forced out and something close to sanity would be restored to Persia. If you are going to pick a country that can join modernity, it would be Iran. That’s not what happened. President Obama came to the defense if his coreligionists and the protests were eventually crushed.

It is an important lesson. It is assumed that the reactionaries always lose and maybe they do in the fullness of time, but in the case of Iran, there’s no sign of that happening just yet. The reason is they have a firm grip on all of the social and political institutions and they are willing to do what they must to maintain power. In America, the Progressives have a similar hold on society and they are every bit as ruthless as their counterparts in Iran. They may not yet be sending trouble makers to labor camps, but they are willing to ruin careers. Has anyone seen Milo Yiannopoulos or Robert Stacey McCain on twitter recently?

The point is the Persian Awakening fizzled out mostly because the people in the streets were unwilling or unable to do what was necessary to break the will of the rulers. When the Soviet Union collapsed, it was because the people in charge had lost the will to fight. In Iran and America, that will to fight must be broken before the enforcers begin to yield to the people. Simply voting for Trump is not enough. Even putting him in the White House will not be enough. Twitter memes and mockery from comment trolls is not going to break the will of the lunatics.

In April 16, 1963 Martin Luther King wrote an open letter that came to be known as The Letter from Birmingham Jail. The letter addressed the particulars of the protests going on at the time, with regards to the Civil Rights Movement. The contents of the letter are no longer relevant, but the lesson is relevant today. What King was up to was giving the white majority a choice. They could go to war with the black population or negotiate a full integration of blacks into American society. The white world deal with King or the guys setting cars on fire and smashing windows.

Whether they know it or not, that’s the choice facing the ruling class. There is no doubt they nurse fantasies about crushing the hate thinkers after the election. Corpulent gasbags like Sloppy Williamson and Jonah Goldberg have written extensively about their desire to run people like you out of the country. The Left, of course, is chomping at the bit to stack the courts with authoritarians, who will vaporize the Bill of Rights and anything resembling citizenship. There were plenty of Bull Connors 50 years ago too.

Just as the Persian Awakening was crushed, the alt-right will probably be crushed, but these things don’t go away. They go underground and regroup. They learn from the defeat and come back better and more prepared to take the fight to the enemy. What comes next is always worse than what the ruling class imagined the first time. In retrospect, they always wish they had taken the first offer and loosened their grip every so slightly. Whether of not the Cloud People recognize what is on offer is hard to know, but the way to bet is they invest everything them have in crushing their opposition.

What comes next, however, will be much worse.

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  1. “America is not a theocracy,”

    Of course it is .
    The church of “American exceptionalism” has murdered millions.
    Just like any other religion.

    • Just to note, the French have been under “cult of Reason” egalitarian democracy for longer than anyone else. America was still solidly aristocratic republican for another 50-70 years, Germany didn’t succumb until 1919, and then again after 1945, and other monarchies prevailed in most of the rest of Europe until the end of the Second World War.

      Early-stage popular republic is an unresistable sweeping tide—Napoleon in Russia—it’s the hangover that isn’t so grand.

      The French were formidable, and can be formidable again. When they finally mobilize in response to the Moslems occupying their cities they won’t soon demobilize after.

  2. A number of posters here have beaten me to the punch and I applaud them all but here’s my 2¢ anyway.

    The two things I’m most afraid of (“concerned about” is far too gentle) are a) Hussein’s AFFI’s scheme to populate White redoubts with Sec 8 welfare-dependent, unemployable violent Blacks and muzzies and b) the handover of the Internet (ICANN) to the U.N. (or some self-anointed “Guardian of Peace” front group).

    On the first issue here’s a quote from John Derbyshire:

    “Fifty years—two entire human generations—and still they riot. Fifty years of fretting and fussing, of nagging and shaming, of affirmative action and contracting set-asides; fifty years of jobs programs, food programs, billion-dollar overhauls of school systems. Fifty years of pushing role models, black doctors and detectives in movies and TV, black athletes as culture heroes, black actors playing God. Fifty years of Martin Luther King Days, Black History Months, and Kwanzaas. Fifty years of black mayors, black police chiefs, black Attorneys General, a black President. And still they riot.”

    AFFI would cement and enshrine these dindus’ hate into the very heart of White America and ensure, at the very least, a low-intensity civil war and a whole lot of reverse-knockout games except the Whites would tend to use guns.

    A favorite quote on this from the best HBO mini-series ever made:

    “I see as much misery outta them movin’ to justify theirselves as them that set out to do harm.”
    ~ Doc Cochran, Deadwood S.1 E.2

    That’s AFFI in a nutshell

    And the probable result in the mindset and behavior of Whites affected by this travesty? Another one from Deadwood:

    “Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fuckin’ beatin’s.
    The world ends when you’re dead.
    Until then, you got more punishment in store.
    Stand it like a man.
    And give some back.”
    ~Al ,Swearington, Deadwood S.2, E.6

    When there’s nothing left to lose “give some back” is inevitable because diversity + proximity = violence. “Give some back” is fucking right. When Mr. Bellcurvious Johnson moves in next door TSHTF solution is imminent. Whites also know how to shoot and scoot. The dindus would do well to remember that Sam Colt made all men equal and, considering Mr. Johnson and his tribe make up only 13% of the population, math has no mercy. 

    The ICANN issue is quite probably more dangerous. It would squelch virtually all decent people’s dissent. Say goodby to Drudge, Breitbart, WRShooters and thousands of other links to free speech and the real world, ZMan included.

    This fucker in the White House is, and has been, the most dangerous bastard ever elected. And he will never stop destroying our homeland. Even out of office he’s clearly gunning for SecGen of the U.N.  or SCOTUS judge (my money’s on the former) and will continue his low-intensity warfare on the U.S.A until the day he dies.

    I’m  having trouble winding this comment up properly so I’ll just say don’t  allow despair, resignation or the feeling of impotence rule your behavior. Trump *must* be elected so he can clean out the Agustin Stables of every alphabet agency in .gov.  At the very least we can say with a clean conscience we tried to “give some back”,

  3. As the troops in the Wehrmacht said in ’45: “Enjoy the war; the peace will be terrible.”

    • Oh, thanks a lot! You just had to bring up that sore spot about the traitor FDR and how he purposely lost WWII to his good buddies, the Soviets, at a cost of billions in US funds and thousands of US lives!

  4. Kinda depressing Zman. The Iran revolt in 09 serves a lesson.. .sometimes there is no act II. Repression works. All it takes is the will to murder. The upset folks have too much to lose in America and the left knows it. The ones who agitate have back-up income streams OR have nothing to lose because they are students, etc.

    IF Trump loses, I’m with Ann Coulter. It’s game over. There will be no point in voting again. The Democrats will have won. Maybe a Pyrrhic victory ( we’ll see ) , but they’ll settle for that and in 8 years the courts will be stocked and PC Progressive though fully large and in charge. I do not see a uprising on the right or of property owners. They have stakes in society. So, as history has shown, it’s the do-nothings and have-nothings that carry the day WHEN a few well placed monied interests and judges decide to enable them for change. Interesting times. And may Trump prevail, or we’re in for dark times. Not revolution, but a corrupt mess that will likely take 100 years to unseat.

    • “The Iran revolt in 09 serves a lesson.. .” No, it doesn’t. The Greens in Iran, needed tons of small arms just to get serious. They had ZILCH! They got ZILCH, when BHO sided with the Mullahs.

      In stark contrast, there are now what? 400 million small arms (10 million or so of which are AR semi-auto rifles equal to or better than anything Barney Fife can bring to bear) and at least a few weeks worth of ammo out there in the good old US of A?

  5. Cant say that if HRC wins I’ll leave the country, seeing as I left it right after HRC left the White House, although that certainly wasn’t a factor in the decision. If she enters it again in the cat-bird’s seat and I were in the US, I’d be highly tempted to leave if I could. Sadly, I believe there’s a strong chance that our host is correct and she will be elected because most “prefer the certainty of slavery than the risk of freedom”. Double-sadly, they make it that much harder to change thing without violence, but triple-sadly, it’ll probably be too little too late if it happens at all.

    As to what comes next, I’d prefer not to think about it, because whatever it may be, a great big beautiful tomorrow isn’t high on the list of probables.

  6. I am not so sure that the “alt-right” will be crushed. There are quite a few serious people with serious training who have vowed to collect 100 heads should things go really bad. They will not be waiting in their homes for the police to come knocking, and neither will anyone else that is paying attention.
    They will, instead, be out hunting the minor bureaucrat, local politician, resident assistant US Attorney, and news reporters that enable the totalitarian behavior of the left. Make those people too scared to go to work without massive police protection, and the entire Federal leviathan grinds to a halt.

    • The real surprise is , it hasn’t happened YET! A couple of disappeared talking heads, a minor bureaucrat or two (Cass Sunstein anyone?), the local head of the college Gender Studies Department, they can’t guard everyone!

  7. Zman, your article is “spot on”. Yes, there is great anger pent up and bursting to get out. Blacks, possibly because of culture, have low thresholds of compassion for others and the lack of self-worth that productive employment brings. They only need the fuse to be lit. That is not to say that there aren’t rational and responsible black leaders. However, the good leaders get no “air-time” and are shunted aside.

    Whitey is seething as he sees his employment move overseas and his children stagnate in mediocre govt schools and then have no chance for decent jobs.. He sees the military emasculated so liberal social justice memes can be pushed onto the unwilling military.

    If Billary steals the election, which is highly likely, we will have a civil war in two years or less. Matt Bracken has written an excellent short piece (https://readfomag.com/2016/08/bracken-a-scenario-for-the-second-civil-war/).
    Recommend all to read it as it tracks well with what the Zman has written here.

  8. James Miller has too much to lose. This is the case with many men. The other case is that men are enjoying their comfort and ease. If you ask me; they are not men. They are boys, seeking to be nurtured. Pity.

  9. I agree with everything, except perhaps Trump losing. It could go either way, but with rigged polls this close right now if he was a Romney or McCain you could say he has it all wrapped up. His polling is even better after the alt right speech. What’s she gonna throw at him next?

    • I’m not so sure it is rigged polling so much as bad polling and rigged reporting. The recent polls suggest no one really knows how to poll this thing yet. The big LA Times poll now has Trump ahead. That’s a six point swing in about ten days.

      • How do you poll a population that doesn’t have, or for that matter won’t answer, a telephone? I am in the latter class. I am quite sure that I will not vote Damocrat, but where to from there.

        • The way polling works is they first establish what they think the voter pool will be like as far as age, sex, race, income and so forth. Then they collect survey data by random sampling. The result at this stage is a set of data that most likely does not match you model for the election. That’s where the data is then weighted. Older people, for example, are more likley to vote and more likely to take a polls by telephone. Younger people are less likely to vote, but more likely to take an on-line survey.

          Make no mistake. It is not science. There’s a fair amount of guessing that goes into these things.

          The bigger issue is the reporting. Journalists are stupid so they make a lot of mistakes. For example, let’s say a poll has Crooked Hillary with 48% and Trump at 44% with a margin of error of 3%. The press will say her lead is outside the margin of error, but that is incorrect. The 3% applies to both candidates. That means Cankles will get somewhere between 45% and 51% of the vote each time they run this poll. Trump will get between 41% and 47% of the vote.

          • I hate to be a downer, but Clinton will not be allowed to lose. I hope I’m wrong about this, but Trump doesn’t have a prayer. I’m pretty sure the die is already cast.

            On the other hand, if I am wrong and Trump wins, he’ll likely be powerless because the Stupid Party will likely lose the Congress. I guess Trump could rule by fiat with his ‘pen and phone’, but that would likely just stir up butthurt if he did that. Either way, I don’t think the future is looking unicorn farts.

          • “he’ll likely be powerless because the Stupid Party will likely lose the Congress”

            Obama doesn’t give a shit about Congress. He has a phone and a pen, he does whatever he wants. Why should Trump care who is “in charge” on Capitol Hill?

      • “The recent polls suggest no one really knows how to poll this thing yet.” That is a dynamic totally in Trump’s favor because they damn well know how to poll for Hillary. Trump will match or beat the Brexit mis-poll just while Hillary’s wooden personality is suppressing her own vote. The Hildabeast appears unable to speak without her right hand and index finger doing a rhythmic imitation of a woodpecker. She reminds me of a pull toy. We should feel fortunate in the quality of our enemy.

        • My framing of this election is this. Clinton is the status quo which about 55% do not like. Her poll numbers reflect that rather consistently. There’s nothing she can do to make herself less obnoxious. Instead, she has to make Trump scary, which is why she is running those ads claiming Trump is dangerous.

          Trump is the challenge to the status quo. If he can make a clear case that he will be a good alternative, he wins in a landslide. The trouble is he has a personal style that argues against that impression. The result is we keep seeing him locked in around 40%. That may be shifting as we head into the fall, but my guess is nothing much changes until the first debate. That’s the ball game right there.

          • Regarding the debates: If the Donald goes after the Hildabeast in a direct manner (i.e. – NOT politically correct) – I think he will win. On the other hand, if he goes “wimpy” like Romney did with Obumble on Benghazi, then the Trumpster won’t fare as well. Just my opinion. We shall see.

    • I feel I should add something more. When the Lewinsky thing hit the fan back way when, all Hillary had to do was make a passing reference to a “vast right wing conspiracy” in an interview on Sixty Minutes and it was all “Can’t we just move on?” If the media people had wanted to trip her up right then they would have asked her to elaborate on the assertion of a conspiracy. Any attempt to comprehensively answer that question would have ended with her looking silly. So here we are about twenty years later and the press is still dutifully doing it’s job not challenging her. What does she do? She replays the Sixty Minutes interview and asks herself that follow up question and attempts to answer it. What is the result?
      Just about everyone who is not a sheltered leftist in a gated community, university town, or city that is completely blue knows someone on the alt right. They didn’t know about it or its proper name until now, but they have brothers, cousins, or acquaintances who tap out their frustrations on their phones or computers and really don’t like blacks or Jews and think that they were denied a job or an appointment to some school or government post because someone in an approved race or inherited grievance got the job or position. They also know that this person is not in a position to harm anyone but themselves, meanwhile dindus are killing each other and shitting on the country and muzzies continue to do what muzzies do. Crazy cousin Jimmy comes off looking pretty moderate. And so does the “Father-Fuhrer”.

  10. Something like 43% of the populace is on some kind of transfer payment. That is Trump’s first hurdle. Those that are on the support will be the ones least likely to pull the lever for Trump. Though I find it of interest that the leader of the New Black Panthers has picked up on the theme of the blacks traded one plantation owner for another.

  11. Another parallel: the Ruling Class needs an enemy to fire up the slaves and to keep them distracted. Usually it’s foreign, but here it’s the the altright/evanagelicals/joe public conservatives/Dirt People collectively who are the Great Satan. I see it every day all over the msm.

  12. It will be worse for sure but worse for whom? I think we know the answer. In the near future everything is not going to be altright.

  13. What always make the difference in the end is which side is willing to die for what they believe in. What I’ve always noted with Progressives is they are willing to have other people die for what they believe, but shirk putting it on the line themselves. Gradually the Dirt People will be pushed into a corner where, as Dylan put it, “when you ain’t got nuthin, you got nothing to lose”. The Cloud People will be asking others to fight for their gated communities and way of life. I live behind enemy lines with these people. Individually they are scared shitless. Should have seen them after Sandy in darkness with no power, cell phones to call the police. These things do not end neatly and cleanly.

    • I have watched enough videos of happy, well loved and well cared for family dogs sneaking out at night, forming packs (it takes three dogs to form a pack) and killing sheep to have hope for the creeping Saxon. We are going to find out if ‘blood will tell’ or not.

  14. I keep saying that a vote for Trump is the only way to stave off the Worse (Trump is Bad in a choice between Bad and Worse). If his off-the-cuff clown-car version of Fascism doesn’t go, the hard men with armbands will figure it’s their time to give it a go. The Left have beautifully set up all our institutions for a gleichschaltung. It will be very, very bad.

    • I like to point out that the people shooting up gay clubs, attacking the cops and so forth are almost always low-IQ, mentally unstable people. They cause a lot of mayhem, but they almost always are limited by their own small inventory of cognitive resources. The two guys who took out the Federal building in Oklahoma, on the other hand, were a little better equipped between the ears. Not a lot, but enough to do far more damage. Imagine what smart guys can do if they decide violence is the answer.

      That’s what popular government is supposed to remedy. The systematic thwarting of the popular will is courting disaster.

      • They WILL decide that, sooner or later. So far the FBI and whatnot have managed to only murder folks perceived as fringe weirdos (Ruby Ridge, Koresh, Bundy, etc.) but three data points is a trend. The Vox Days of the world aren’t as smart as they think they are*, but they’re plenty smart enough to organize some very nasty stuff. (*to be fair, nobody’s as smart as Vox Day thinks he is).

      • re: “The two guys who took out the Federal building in Oklahoma.” thezman

        Love to know the truth on this affair. The Murrah Federal Building collapse had high order explosive damage which has never been acknowledged or explained, damage not possible with the low order ANFO truck bomb.

        Dan Kurt

        • There are a lot of unanswered questions on that one. I’m not given to conspiracy theories, but I’ve always suspected that a lot of stuff was just ignored that did not fit the government narrative. Reportedly, the Feds knew about these guys for a long time and maybe others. Since they quickly nabbed McVeigh and Nichols, they could hang the whole thing on those two and close the books on it.

        • zman, Gotta go with Dan on this: Murrah Building was a Feddie false flag designed by those Arkansas hicks, to wipe out talk radio oppoes and start a full-scale seizure of small arms. Too bad Willie Jeff snorted so much cocaine, it rendered him incapable of carrying out his nefarious scheme.

      • Interestingly, these Left wing geniuses have tried to bolster their own “local” powers by “federalizing” and arming the local gendarmerie with heavy duty military-type weaponry. However, Barney Fife behind the wheel of a five ton armored vehicle remains Barney Fife, while his potential foes among the populace, are much more saavy and equally as well-armed, small caliber-wise. Thanks, Feds, for all that good sh*t when it finally hits the fan!

      • Anders Breivik worked alone and claims he started planning his attack almost a decade before it took place and he killed 80 people. We have been lucky that, absent 9/11, most of the recent US attacks have been lone nutters who weren’t very organized. A couple of smart, organized people intent on causing mayhem could be much more lethal.

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