The Virtual Candidate

In the 1992 election, the one thing that jumped out to me was the enthusiasm for Clinton at public events. He had big raucous crowds, while Bush had smaller, older crowds. The press had all the same horse race stories we see today, but it felt like Clinton had all the enthusiasm on his side, despite the tight polls. One of the things I recall is not seeing any Bush bumper stickers, but lots of Clinton stickers. That always stuck in my head as a useful metric when trying to gauge the intentions of the voters.

This ad hoc measure held up in the following election, as Dole was just a sacrificial candidate the GOP put up just so they could have someone on the ticket. In 2000, this metric really did not hold up as I saw many more Bush signs and his crowds were much bigger than Gore’s crowd, but it was a razor thin result. That said, it held up very well in 2004 as Bush clearly had the more enthusiastic voters. I recall seeing a clip of him at an event that looked like a rock concert. I knew he was going to win handily.

Like any seat of the pants observation, it is prone to your own bias. I think in 2000 I was probably fooled a little by where I lived at the time. I was in Virginia, which was strong Bush country. Even so, we all have our biases and that means we tend to see that which confirms our magical thinking. I think about that when I see the video from Trump events. The guy is playing to massive crowds that we last saw when Obama ran in 2008. Even the reporters covering these things admit they are yuge.

On the other hand, Clinton is playing high school gymnasiums where a few hundred people, at most, are herded into to hear her cackle at them. These are rare, as she spends most of her time at private fundraisers or sleeping. That’s the other thing that is so odd about this election. She takes weeks off, not having any public events. Right now, she has been under wraps for five days. Criminal Genius David Axelrod is now suggesting she skip the next debate entirely. Frankly, would that be shocking if she did skip it?

The disconnect in this election between what we are being told and what we are seeing is dizzying. The polls all show a tie or a slight Clinton lead. If that is true, it means Trump voters are willing to drop what they are doing, stand in line for hours, just to see their guy give a speech. Clinton voters are not all the interested in seeing her or even hearing her take questions. This is entirely possible. Unhappy people are more likely to go out and protest, while those satisfied with the status quo stay home. But, in an election?

The trouble is I can think of no example where this has been the case. Even poor old Bob Dole was out giving speeches in front of decent sized crowds. If I recall, he did a barnstorming thing at one point where he would show up at a few places every day and give a speech. People showed up and cheered. Clinton has become invisible to her own voters. I see her commercials, but she has not held a single public even within a three hour drive of me. Trump has done a few events and my state is a long shot for him.

To make this election even more bizarre is the way the press has ignored the biggest story in political history since Watergate. The Wikileaks stuff is explosive. It is what political reporters used to pray for, back when we had political reporters. The stuff in those e-mails is the sort of stuff that used to end careers and bring down governments. Despite the caterwauling from  the stray moonbat, the media has ignored the story, preferring to spend all their time talking about the Trump bimbo hoax.

One of the things that was clear about the ’92 campaign is the Left studied Reagan. They were convinced Reagan won because of his ability to use modern media to reach voters. As a result, they had ready for 1992, Hollywood film makers to assist the Democratic nominee. The Clinton campaign was the first to use Hollywood to stage their events and produce their campaign videos. They even brought in costume people to help them select clothes for their events. Leni Riefenstahl would have been proud.

The result has been increasingly synthetic candidates on the Democratic side. Al Gore was so scripted people wondered if he was a robot. He was not allowed to pick out his own ties, he was so tightly controlled. Kerry’s campaign was actually packaged for him by the same people that created the Mark Warner campaign in Virginia. For instance, they recycled the hunting skits that Warner used to appease gun owners. Kerry’s job was to learn his lines and convincingly wear the costumes.

By the time Obama came along, the Democrats were fully prepared to run an actor hired to play the role designed by the party. Obama may as well be an actor, for as much as anyone knows about the guy. Even after all these years, his back story remains a mystery to most Americans. He’s simply the young version of  Morgan Freeman playing President in Deep Impact. Staff write his speeches, prepare him for the fake interviews they stage for the public and otherwise direct every aspect of his public performance.

Now here we are with Hillary Clinton running as the virtual candidate. For all anyone knows, she could be a head in a jar and those old fat women we see waddling around from time to time are just body doubles. While Trump is running a real campaign in front of actual humans, Hillary is hidden away somewhere, a virtual presence on campaign videos, but otherwise detached from the physical world. The media plays along, focusing all of its attention on the weird flesh and blood guy talking to humans. This ad from 2008 is turning out to be disturbingly prescient.


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  1. Clinton doesn’t have to campaign. The DNC has made it unnecessary. The computerized voting system has been hacked, corrupted and programmed to guarantee a dem win. 16 states use machines owned by a company run by an employee of George Soros. Trump is VERY CORRECT to state the election is rigged. Cankles could drop dead the week before the election. And she will still win…..because that is the preordained preprogrammed result.

  2. And Murdoch? I see the worm is turning in his domains ever so obviously.
    I understand he takes slurs against his family very personally..

  3. The absence of Repub bumper stickers shouldn’t surprise anyone. Having one on your car is a good way to get keyed by some SJW

    • You inspire a thought. I’ll find a dozen Trump stickers and go over to the university parking to judiciously plant my stickers over Obama stickers.

  4. “I can’t look at these people the same way.” Yes,that’s it,right there. Honestly,before this POTUS,I naively believed we were all Americans,at heart. Untrue. The East and West Coasts are populated by Pod People,bent on removing organisms unlike them from the Body Politic. Leftists are liars,first,last,and always. There’s not a shadow of a doubt anymore. We really are at the Rubicon,no turning back.

  5. This nails it: “Trump voters are willing to drop what they are doing, stand in line for hours, just to see their guy give a speech.” We’ve been reliably informed by everyone who matters that “Trump’s campaign is over” since before the primaries. And yet, he draws huge crowds. 2 possible options here: 1) The sheeple really are that dumb and will line up for hours for a glance at celebrity; they’d do the same for a Kardashian; or 2) there’s a yuuuge base of support that doesn’t show up in the polls. Given that a) the polls are rigged, and b) it’s mostly the media doing the rigging, you’d think they’d know the answer is (2), but I guess they’re going with (1)? Media “logic” eludes me. I know one thing — if the Dirts at Trump rallies really were the no-hope remnant, the kind of hillbillies that aren’t bothered by “grab their pussies,” Klansmen, etc., one picture would be enough to prove it. One wide-angle pic of nothing but Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokels in stained wife-beaters holding Rebel flags between their three remaining teeth. Wonder why we don’t see those splashed all over the front page of the NY Times?

    • And they ignore that these folks stand in line for hours to listen to POLITICAL speeches! It’s an incredible thing, when you think about.

      • I don’t think the “He’s a celebrity!” line can explain this sort of crowd behaviour. This isn’t rural America, circa 1840, where the only event is the church picnic once a year. I’ll bet there’s not one person in those crowds who doesn’t have or couldn’t have all the entertainment possibilities they can imagine via cable, internet or movie theaters. If they want entertainment, there are many easier ways of getting it.

  6. Last week happened to be in Bethesda for the weekend and took a 2.1 mile walk from Chevy Chase village through the heart of the residential district and counted exactly six Hillary signs. Now since this is ground zero of the various government teat suckers, would have expected far, far more. In fact, the bulk of the signs were for a protest group organized to fight an override of local zoning laws to allow a development with higher density housing, including a big slug of subsidized and Section 8 to be built. My response to our friends there was “welcome to what HUD is trying to do to Westchester County”. But I digress. Similar lack of signs here. With a few exceptions it seems more a grim, Roundhead like sort of “enthusiasm” for Hillary. Vote and take your castor oil.

    I do believe we are at an inflection point. No the media is not reporting the Wikileaks material. But the rest of us have seen what we suspected all along. 1) the media is not only in the bag, but an active conspirator and 2) Leftists don’t simply disagree with us (as we often do with them) they despise our very existence on earth. History teaches us that trenches are not far behind dehumanizing your opponent. And it is there in plain language now. That is not going to go away in the “let’s accept the results and move on”. It will remain as the squirming thing on the table. Personally, I can’t look at these people the same way. Probably time to lose some weight and break out my old “Kill a Commie for Mommy” shirt (which my mother actually gave me) and start honing Dad’s service Kabar. Show time may be closer than we think.

    • I attended a friend’s memorial service this weekend in a western suburb of a large OH city. Not a black face for miles, but lots of Hillary signs on the residential streets, some of Trump’s too. The funeral was huge — possibly 600 people, most of them Dems by my recognition of many of them, workers at the county, that sort of thing. I am not speaking of this election to my own daughter. Her husband is a school teacher and says stupid things like “Good idea to get rid of Columbus Day commemorations.” Gack. I agree that it’s going to be horrible going forward. The gubmint worker folks are scared sh****ss that their pensions are toast and Hillary is what they are hanging onto to survive. That SOB OH Governor has worked his way w/ the State Repub Party to remove its support for Trump. It’s bad out there. If you can, volunteer to work as a “Deployable Deplorable” in a Battleground State like Ohio.

    • The Orwellian Affirmatively Furthered Fair Housing Act could be–should be–used by Trump to great effect. You said you were going to drop the gloves, Donald, so drop the gloves.

  7. Al From Da Nort: Great links. Maybe this is all just Revenge of Lesbo Nation,writ large,or at least a part of it. Dem pundits keep crowing about the “college educated women” who will drag her festering corpse over the finish line. Great. Those are the people who gave us our current POTUS.Twice!! Our Federal Govt and Media are stuffed to the gills with Amazonia’s finest,and look at the results. Apparently critical thinking is an elective subject at American universities.

    • Critical thinking is not available at all at universities, and is disappearing rapidly among the last generation actually educated, the Boomers. I spent 15 minutes explaining, in simple, language, why raising business taxes is not a good idea to a friend who is of well above average intelligence and is an actual conservative. He nodded several times while I talked. When I finished, he said, ” Well, they could pay a little more. ” Even worse, while he recognizes the potential for an us against those that despise us conflict, he does not and will not own a gun. He says, ” God will take care of us if we turn back to Him. ” I said, ” You did read about Joshua having to conquer Canaan before it was safe to live there? You do know that took weapons? ” The conversation stopped there.

      • Heh. I’m in the belly of the academic beast, and I can tell you that nothing gets you hauled before the Dean faster than critical thinking. Questioning indoctrination is literally rape. Memorize the following words, and know how to spell them: cisgender, genderqueer, capitalism, patriarchy, intersectionality, postcolonialism, Other (always with a capital O!), reify. There: You now have everything you need for a B.A. in the Humanity of your choice, from the finest liberal arts college in the land.

        • Oh, Crap! My long term memory is just fine, I can sing all the verses of the Ronettes’ hits from 1963, but I simply cannot get on board w/ all this cissy queer terminology. WTF? Put me on an iceberg and float me out to sea w/ a couple of bottles of gin.

        • Severian, I thought about finally getting a BA in English or History since I am now retired and have the time. Plus there are all sorts of courses available online. All the colleges I checked require at least one course from the following for a history degree: the feminist movement in the 20th century, the civil rights movement, history of queer rights ( that’s what it was called ), or a course connecting all three. English requires 20th century black voices, feminist writers, or queer writers and their contributions to American literature. I decided I will die without a sheepskin.

          • You’re missing nothing. MIT puts all their courses online, so just watch them — you’ll get all the education (such as it is) for whichever course you prefer. On the other hand, nothing would be easier than one of those courses. You can pretty much print any random gibberish from the Postmodern Essay Generation, find-and-replace a few terms with the ones on my list above, and hey presto, instant A.

          • Try Hillsdale college for history. When I retire, I want to spend time learning about the American Revolutionary period. I would never go back to college. I want to focus my time on the things I want to learn about.

          • has all the courses from the old Teaching Company, now called Great Courses, available for one credit – about $11.50.
            Make up your own curriculum. Many of these are old style, straight up courses in English and history.
            Much cheaper than buying them thru Great Courses as long as you don’t mind just listening to the course with no video.

    • Nori;
      I don’t think that at the beginning it was the particular sexual depravity you mention. Being a then unseeing observer, I think it was more a case of the results of newly empowered (by the pill + cultural marxism) utterly conventional but historically culturally suppressed heterosexual depravity in elite females seeking to match what they supposed to be time-honored male-privileged heterosexual depravity. But the results didn’t meet ‘Princess’ expectations. IOW feeling used, cheated and depressed was the predictable fallout from the sexual revolution of the ’60’s, particularly, for those in the elite media.

      Feminists apparently supposed that emulating men’s bad qualities on the dating scene would result in equality of the sexes. What it really did, then and now, was greatly benefit the amoral elite males at the top. I can only image the fury of the older female producers when the alpha dog moved on to the new one. And it couldn’t be their fault_!

      • Re: heterosexual depravity
        So, Al, what you are saying is the women found out being on top wasn’t at all what they expected?

        • thor47;
          Well, that’s one way to put it 😉

          Most everybody then, me included, set their sights upward towards that status elevation we thought we deserved on account of our innate specialness, maybe even without effort.* Most males, me included, soon found out that a lot of work and even dumb luck was involved and that the results often sorta sucked (except for the money). Young elite females in the late ’60’s & onward quickly discovered this too, and given their privileged origins, many thought it unjust. And they also quickly found out about the sure-but-demeaning alternative route not available to heterosexual males. Encouraged/excused by the sexual revolution, enough of them took that road to bring later female achievement into general question: A doubly demeaning cosmic injustice demanding radical remediation_! (Particularly if dumped by their previous patron.)

          *It’s another aspect of the Cinderella Syndrome discussed recently: “I deserve to be discovered_!”

    • Most of the many lesbians I’ve known were little girls molested by welfare mommy’s jailbird boyfriend.
      Much like the rentaboy Obama, they seethe with the abused and twisted’s obsession for revenge.
      (He was definitely “sold”. It’s like a spotlight; I’ve seen those kids before and after they grow up.)

      They have infiltrated the human resources industry. (Ha. ‘Human Resources’ indeed.)
      I see the same effect as Latinos, mulattos, Negros, Hindis, Jews, or Chinese in crafting hiring policy.

      They take care of their own.
      DC is filled with beautiful women, and half of them want nothing to do with any man.

      • Gotta add, the serial molesters in the foster care system is feeding this fire.
        Broken families and broken people is becoming a cultural standard.
        The depravity of Islam is rooted in their rampant molestation.

  8. It should be blindingly obvious that the national media are trying mightily to drag the twitching corpse of Hillary Clinton over the finish line this election to preserve the status quo for the benefit of their bosses. But to me the big question is why her_? Surely, the no-doubt-real-but-in-the-shadows organizations Z describes could have found another horse to ride, so to speak.

    The great Steve Sailer gives us a big clue to the enduring engine propelling Hillary as the Cloud Peoples’ El Cid (la Cida ?), namely the white hot hatred of elite Feminism, most particularly in the media. One of his proceeding posts is another breadcrumb on the trail, IMHO:

    In 1992, seemingly out of nowhere, came The Year of the Woman. The Anita Hill incident Steve recaps was just a symptom. Overnight, culture and politics was inverted with the most privileged segment of society (urban elite white women) being able to portray themselves as oppressed worse than actual slave descendants. And however improbable it might seem, the Clinton’s somehow connected themselves irrevocably to this objectively ridiculous but powerful sub-culture.

    Despite money, fame and power for the ‘power skirts’ ever since (love the expression Z) that flame has apparently never died.

      • Yes, I second that! His short-lived TV show, The Unit, looked rather good.
        A bit like Mission Impossible in the Middle East, from the little I saw.

      • Yeah, great actor and good guy. Dennis Haysbert. Doesn’t seem to be one of those blacks that carries a chip on his shoulder for every damned thing. Works at his craft, real professional, and maybe that is why we haven’t seen too much of him over the last 7 years. He is not one of “those” Negroes.

    • I’ve gotten so tired of seeing his ugly mug everywhere during the past 7 years. Good actor, but good god, over exposure as every movie, commercial, tv news broadcast, every damn thing has to have da black man present. Instead of being ‘representative’ of the 12% or the population, you would think they are more like 50%. They are frickin everywhere!

      As for being a real president, eh, not so much. Maybe just a notch above Obozo but not much.

  9. There has been an opus of evidence published to point to Obama being a living Manchurian candidate and puppet president. Just as there has been more than enough evidence, not even circumstantial, to point to Clinton’s criminality. That the MSM is bought and paid for is a given. That the masses (dirt people) don’t realize they are living in a great delusion artfully crafted by a powerful few with diabolical intent, is the bitter pill for me. It’s like screaming in a vacuum. No one can hear. Or, even worse, no one even knows they cannot hear.

    Early voting opens up in my state today. I will go and get it over with. Then I will wait, all buckled up and silent. Time for screaming is over. If it’s rigged it’s rigged. God have mercy.

    • Done! I went to the county government building and voted. The parking lot was full, and people were streaming in. This says to me that everyone is sick of this election and anyone who has not yet made up his/her mind will probably not vote at all.

      Strange wave of melancholy came over me as I hit the vote button – it occurred to me that this might be the last time we’ll get to do this. I can’t help but believe that everything is going to change – regardless.

  10. Globalism versus Nationalism.

    Either the USA is special, or we’re just a bunch of nondescript schmoes. Just a bunch of stupid f@cktards addicted to sports and whatever that bloated Kardashian blimp brothel is shilling this week.

    That’s pretty much it, right? You can try and dress it up however you wish, but this moment is begging the question, and DEMANDING an answer, who are we? The progeny of the patriots of 1776? The progenitors of the stock that knocked the world on it’s collective ass in 1945? The country that kepts its cool and rebuilt Western Civilization after the Great Wars, that changed the whole goddamned planet, or the pussies who stuff Cheetos in our maw and quiver in fear of being targeted for the latest “micro-aggression”?

    2016. The quintessential question is, what the fuck are ya gonna do about it, all of it?

    The answer won’t come from the Smart Set, the Cloud Dicks.

    And, God love ‘me, the broads. Even the Powerskirts.

    The answer will come from the dreaded American White Dude.

    Loathed. Despised.

    Chastised, envied, hated, renounced.

    But, like “Ghostbusters”, who else ya gonna call?

    Because, much as ya hate to hear it, ain’t nobody else.

    Nobody. Else.

    • Ok Chief, I’ll grant you first chair in this great ensemble but don’t forget that this nation was built and many sacrifices were made by many other and varied instruments. It was not ONLY the white man. I get that you feel put upon but just who is it that makes up the 1% or the .1% that give the rest of you pale faces a bad name with the rest of the colored folk?

      While I cannot excuse the illegals being welcomed into this country since LBJ’s great giveaway, I can say that many others, like father and uncles and have served this country in it’s wars and helped build this country with sweat and blood.

      So, excuse me if I don’t quite join your pity party, because I, while not a white man and I have endured my own share of abuses, am an American and will fight along side you. And if that is not good enough for you then damn you to hell and the rest of your racist mofo’s friends like the self proclaimed King George III. Then I will fight for my own freedom and independence. That, is my God given blessing.

      • I think you missed my point. If you consider the country and its founding, it was a perfect system for white western Christian culture to flourish.

        Today it is very much less so.

        Whose fault is that? I’d blame the weakened state of the white American male. For 50 years the Feminists/Marxists have used our own decency against us to push changes that are literally ruining the country. We’ve been guilted into submission and what has filled that void is very much worse than what preceded it. We’ve allowed it to happen to ourselves; some of us have actively facilitated it. So the “pity party” is for what we’ve willingly surrendered.

        I’m not mad at you. I’m disgusted with us.

        For your own sake, you better hope and pray that the white guys wake up. We’re all screwed if we don’t. This is not meant to diminish the contributions of others, although that ledger might be less balanced than you suggest.

        But note that it’s impossible to admonish white guys to get their heads out of their asses without a non-white getting their nose out of joint.

        Sometimes it isn’t about you.

        For 50 years we’ve all been told that diversity is our strength. Sounds like you’re all in on that front. I’ll admit that it certainly can be, but without assimilation, it’s becoming our Achilles’ heel.

        • Ok Chief, I get you. And maybe I was reacting in concert with my accumulated feelings to the tripe put out by King G III above. Seems that it is always the colored people who get blamed. But what I always try to point out to people is, “just who designed the game in the first place?” I mentioned LBJ above. He and others like Teddy Kennedy, yeech, and Margaret Sanger are the ilk of King G III who have enslaved generations of Blacks and murdered millions through abortion. The Welfare “Industry” was created by them. And it has prospered. That was a white man’s genius aided and abetted by shills like Jesse Jackson and that other guy.

          And over time the illegal immigration game has had it’s starts and stops as some politicians used to stand up for what was right and would put the kabosh on that crap. But now, the ‘voter’ disease has taken hold throughout the political landscape and just like the USCPA and other socialists who have worked so long and so hard to bring this country down, they have succeeded in making not only diversity, but tolerance, inclusiveness and equality of outcome the new truth when America was never about the socialist definitions.

          I agree with you that immigration must be done smartly and with assimilation as the goal. I grew up an Army brat and it wasn’t until we settled down in CA that I was considered something other than an “American.” Everywhere else I had lived, I was simply “And American.” And I have lived my whole life by that definition. Even the hyphenated designations provided by the government didn’t sit well with me.

          You say “We’ve allowed it to happen to ourselves; some of us have actively facilitated it. So the “pity party” is for what we’ve willingly surrendered.” To that I can only say that “our” leaders who happened to be predominantly white, were traitors and sold us all out. They are the ones who did not do their duty and pissed on the Oaths of Office they swore to uphold. For that, they should hang. Each and every one of the bastards.

    • You answered your own rhetorical question below, in large part. A more succinct answer is this: Demographics is destiny. The 1965 Immigration Act redefined America and the America of 2016 is no longer dominated, culturally or politically, by the progeny of the stock that knocked the world on its collective ass in 1945. America in 1945 was over 90% white. America 2016 is less than 65% white. Any comparison between the two is comparing apples to oranges. Demography is destiny, and the destiny of the US is to become a demographic polyglot unmoored from any cultural or historical ties to Western Civilization and the enlightenment values of its founders.

      Obama declared American Exceptionalism dead, and he is correct. John McCain was not a perfect candidate, but he was a genuine war hero and had a long history of service in the Senate. Obama was a first-term senator with no meaningful accomplishments and a public record of anti-Americanism and anti-white views. Any country that would elect Obama over McCain has no claim to American Exceptionalism. Demographics is destiny.

      Trump is winning with white working class voters who are the progeny of stock that knocked the world on its collective ass in 1945 because he offers the possibility of a ruling class that is not openly hostile to them. But all the polls indicate that Trump is losing and that Hilary Clinton will win in a landslide because there are not enough white working class voters to carry the election for Trump. Demographics is destiny.

      Conservatives need to accept this one central fact: in a system of universal suffrage we will not vote ourselves out of this mess. A Trump victory in 2016 may slow the tide, but ultimately the demographic tsunami will crash over the seawall. There are only three choices: (1) accept defeat; (2) seccession; (3) drastically reduce the franchise to pare down the electorate to those who make a positive contribution to the system.

      Meanwhile, neocon Robert Kagan can’t even be bothered to maintain the facade of being part of the controlled opposition and blatantly shills for the Democrats:

      While Paul Krugman reminds us that everything’s fine on the Upper East Side and that even cuckservatives like Paul Ryan are evil incarnate:

      Keep notes, people.

  11. New CBS poll shows Trump up in Utah with Hillary and McMullin tied for second. I wonder when they will make McMullin an offer he can’t refuse.

  12. Let me first say I despise Clinton and wouldn’t walk across the street to piss down her leg.

    However, her current strategy is brilliant. Long exposure has proven that she works better as a concept than an actual person. The more one sees of here, the less one likes her. So,she stays out of sight.

    No other candidate has done this because they had to get out and campaign. She doesn’t have to because 99% of media is out there working for her election, 24 hours a day. Why risk more people discovering how personally dislikable you are when the job of getting you elected is being taken care of? Why risk saying yet more stupid and offensive things or telling more casual, easily disprovable lies – all which you have done regularly throughout your career – when there is a constant barrage of coverage stating, as fact, that you are the most intelligent and qualified candidate ever?

    • The problem with that is that we are electing a President. We expect them to go to events, natural disasters and hold press conferences. It looks like that is beyond her physically.

      • People like the folks in this comment section expect Presidents to go to events. I’m not sure what bitter feminists, nonwhites, doctrinaire leftists, and people under 35 expect. The young ones view the world through the screens of their smart phones, it appears to me.

  13. One thing I heard about the Trump campaign that really intrigued me if I understood it correctly is how he denied the big-foot media access to his campaign events. If I am understanding what I read correctly, the big-foot media is usually accorded all sorts of special backstage access to campaign events to set up cameras and ask questions and so on. Trump apparently has been telling them that if they want to attend the events then they have to stand in line like everyone else. As there is no way in the world that the entitled p******s of the national networks or papers are going to stand in line with a bunch of deplorables, his events are only reported on by local media in local papers or on local broadcasts. The national press just sits around with thumbs up their Clymers theorizing about what goes on when sub-humans congregate. If I’m correct in my understanding here, it’s possible that the gulf between what’s reported on the nightly news by Manhattan media and what people see either in person or on their local news is truly – in the words of Decius – galactic.

    • “As there is no way in the world that the entitled p******s of the national networks or papers are going to stand in line with a bunch of deplorables”

      Frankly, I wouldn’t either. Trump’s crowds make me vaguely uncomfortable. I hope he becomes God-Emperor, however, because Blacks, Mexicans, and Moslems make me a whole lot more uncomfortable.

      I against my brother; I and my brother against my cousin; I and my brother and my cousin against the world.


      • GTKRWN – “Gas The Kikes Race War Now”. Well, I notice in your pathetic “Oh, these people make me uncomfortable” complaining like a sissy girl, that you wouldn’t call out the Jews by name, only in code. Why is that brave man?

        If you are waiting for a God-Emperor, you are no better than the leftists who want the Gummint to take care of them, protect them, and provide for them … sort of like the Takers want what they have not produced.

        Go back to your own site Waycist.

        • Jews aren’t really the problem, though the idea amuses me greatly.

          The reason you people—meaning honest, hard-working working people, and by extension the White race, and by extension all Western civilization—the reason we keep losing, and in all likelihood will continue to keep losing, is because a divided house cannot stand.

          This civilization needs to be united under a central figure so it stops squabbling amongst itself, stops trying to decimate other parts of itself through such atrocities as weaponized welfare programs for loose women and bastard babies, and mass Nonwhite immivasion. That means radical change, a near-revolutionary break to the received American Whig government tradition, and frankly, the power of the modern State being what it is, the only way to achieve that is by firing 90% of Washington and thereafter imposing the English Restoration 2.0.

          That requires a God-Emperor, or a figure close enough as makes no difference, as nothing short of one man with ultimate executive power can restore patriarchy and rein in the forces of evil which now run almost completely unchecked. The alternative is 400 years of Anglo lefty tradition going full left singularity, possible nuclear holocaust, possible death of every White nation, and if not that then a certain Dark Age, probably worse than the late Bronze Age collapse.

          We’re staring down the end of civilization, and you’re moaning about the possibility of “executive overreach” and a government that doesn’t steal from the ever-dwindling productive classes, mostly White, to give to the ever-growing parasitic classes, mostly Nonwhite.

          No. This is Weimar, except 400 years bigger and badder, 193 of the 195 countries in the world, and nothing to replace it once it falls.

    • He gets his message out by internet. There are a few friendly Websites, such as Conservative Treehouse, which are chronicling all his campaign speeches. Anyone who wishes can virtually attend all his campaign stops.

  14. If you have bus loads of ready-made imported voters, and the dead turn out in droves to vote, do you need real, live, legal voters?

    • You are exactly correct. There’s no need to run yourself ragged trying to dupe people into voting for you when you know the election has already been decided in your favor. What a vile, wicked bunch of humans the Left are. I wouldn’t shed a tear or bat an eye lash, if ever there was a mass revolt and they all got hung on live television.

      • Yeah. Those vibrant community voters don’t turn out for campaign events because there’s nothing in it for them. Come election day, they’ll ride the bus, vote as told, eat a free lunch, and enjoy their walking around money.

  15. This article reminds me of

    Comedian Richard Pryor. He told the story of his wife catching him with another woman. He denies anything is going on, and asks his wife, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”

    • Chico Marx dressed as Groucho Marx (as Rufus T Firefly) in Duck Soup, got there long before Pryor, when Margret Dumont catches him locked in an embrace with a hot blonde, he says to her: “Who ya gonna believe, me, or your own eyes?”

  16. I was driving from NY to Conn to Massachusetts and back only saw 3 bumps stickers 2 Trump and 1 Bernie . Really shocked 9hrs of driving.

    • I’m always surprised anyone puts a political sticker on a relatively new car. I like my paint and mirrors the way they are and don’t want to annoy / offend half the people out there.

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