Pink State

Imagine the space-time continuum gets scrambled and you find yourself in a world where the coming election is between a crazy old cat lady, an old hippie, Hitler and Mussolini. Hitler is leading one major party and Mussolini is leading another major party. The hippie and the cat lady have no party and very little support. As a practical matter, your choice is between Hitler and Mussolini. More important, you know the ramifications of both choices. The former is murder and mayhem and the latter is authoritarianism and long speeches.

To anyone with a soul, the choice is clear. You vote for Mussolini. It’s a terrible option, but so is chemotherapy. No one enthusiastically opts for chemotherapy, but it beats dying from cancer. If you told your doctor that your morals prevented you from choosing chemo, so you were going to visit some guy with magic crystals, your doctor would try to have you committed. Similarly, no one would wants Mussolini as the ruler, but he is a vastly better option than Hitler. You do what you must, even when it is unpleasant, to stop Hitler.

To continue this a bit further, imagine if someone came up to you are said “I’m Susan Wright and my principles prevent me from voting Mussolini, even though I know Hitler will murder millions, so I’m voting for the goofy hippie guy.” You would have dark thoughts about that person. They are willing to stand aside and allow something truly horrible just so they can avoid doing something unpleasant. To make it worse, they demand that you pretend that their cowardice and treachery is high minded.

Further, you would look at those people investing all of their energy ridiculing Mussolini as pro-Hitler partisans. After all, the successful end of the efforts can only mean one thing –  Hitler wins. They could protest all they like that they hate both Hitler and Mussolini, but you would know them by their deeds. They are working to pave the way for Hitler, regardless of their reasoning. If successful, they would be, in part, responsible for what comes next. Blood would be on their hands and you would feel justified in holding them responsible.

Alternatively, if someone came up to you and made the case for Hitler, along with pointing out the faults of Mussolini, you would not feel the urge to punch them in the face. They may be horribly mistaken, but at least they are being honest. They are pro-Hitler and they take responsibility for it. They own it. Who knows, they could be right and Mussolini is worse in the long run. In theory, at least, you can debate this with the Hitler fans and maybe in the process sway some undecided voters to your side.

Obviously, you see what I’m doing here. Replace Hitler with Clinton and Mussolini with Trump and we have the debate between the Cult of Never Trump and the rest of us. No one thinks Trump is the ideal candidate. Many of us think he is a awful candidate, but he is orders of magnitude better than Clinton. Her election means the nation lurches into authoritarianism. What comes next will be unfathomably horrible. If you have a soul, you do what you must to prevent evil from triumphing. Susan Wright has no soul.

This twitter exchange I had with her is the genesis of this post:

Red State, of course, has gone full-on moonbat. Their only reason to exist these days is to bash Trump and Trump voters. A moral nullity like Susan Wright also takes time out to bash other Dirt People like Sarah Palin. Even loopy liberals have moved on from Palin-bashing, but as a dog returns to its vomit, the degenerate social justice warriors of the Never Trump Cult go back to Palin-bashing when they need material. Reading her posts, you could be forgiven for thinking she was a writer for Salon.

To return to my analogy, Susan Wright is the sort that would spend all her time harping about the defects of Mussolini, then claim she is standing on principle, as Hitler rounds up the Jews and packs them off to the gas chambers. She would rather something horrible happen, than get her hands dirty doing the hard work of opposing evil. Of course, that assumes she thinks Clinton is a bad choice. Again, reading her posts, it’s hard not to think she is related to the old bag, not just a supporter.

After the war, many Germans tried to say they did not know what was happening so they should not be held accountable for supporting the Nazis. The question in those cases was whether or not the person should have known or could have known. The Clinton Crime Family has been a known quantity for 25 years. Susan Wright and her ilk know exactly what comes from a Clinton victory. Blood will be on their hands. “I did not know” is not going to be an acceptable excuse when the time comes.

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  1. This woman is a demented loon, and until Z’s post, I’d never even heard of her before – she’s the very definition of a GOPe bottom-feeder. A quick look at her twitter shows her to be a supporter of gay Mormon CIA deep-state cuck McMullin, who isn’t even on the ballot in a good number of states. This is ballyhooed by her as an example of her exquisite “principles,” which she makes a point of displaying should anyone actually be paying attention. Also by her reckoning, the GOP should have denied Trump the nomination, despite his having won more GOP votes than any previous candidate – again, this would have been the “principled” thing to do.

    So, as far as I can tell, her principles, by which she sets so much store, consist of supporting a grossly incompetent faggot, and an anti-democratic aversion bordering on hatred of the voters of the party which she claims to support. Maybe someday someone will tell her that oral preening in the service of idiocy is hardly a virtue.

  2. They can call it by all the high minded names they want, but it’s a stupid move. Sometimes I think it/s social media – people go public and can’t back down.

  3. Analogies are necessarily imperfect, and I understand your point. But it’s wrong to compare Trump with Mussolini. The Donald doesn’t have uniformed gangs bashing opposition people. He isn’t trying to go to war to obtain foreign territory for the U.S. He wants to defend our country against foreign invaders.

    Sure, he has faults as a person (who doesn’t?) and as a candidate: he’s short on details about how he’ll accomplish his promises. He gets sidetracked too easily. His speeches are too long. Et cetera. Still, I have heard nothing from him that even suggests he has eyes to be some sort of dictator.

    But you’re right: abstaining or voting for a minor candidate rather than the Donald is a vote for Mad Hillary, and doing so on the basis of some quixotic “principle” is foolish.

    • Thank God. I was about to close out my phone and hang myself. Too depressed to go on.
      Can we please be a little more positive. Too much doom and gloom. No totally sane person would ever want to be the president.

    • Analogies are necessarily imperfect, and I understand your point. But it’s wrong to compare Trump with Mussolini. The Donald doesn’t have uniformed gangs bashing opposition people.

      Not yet, but the season is yet young!

    • “The Donald doesn’t have uniformed gangs bashing opposition people”

      Do you mean to say that Mussolini was wrong to bash dirty filthy commies? Are you implying that each and every one shouldn’t have found a bullet in the back of his head? What about the progs, do they not each deserve a lamp post engraven with their final words?

      Or is treason just not a crime anymore?

      • Well, maybe we do have something in common after all. Just one thing. But I would not give them the dignity of any words at all on a lamp post.

        But that still isn’t Donald.

  4. Are you sure Wright (and similar) does not actually support Clinton and is doing so as part of an “under cover” operation, possibly paid?

    A campaign that will put up children as shills to ask pre-set questions is hardly above offering “conservative thought leaders” some rewards in return for undermining Trump’s support. And we certainly know there are plenty of potential takers who would not see that as morally compromising, given 10 minutes to rationalize it.

    This may strike you as a conspiracy theory, and I suppose it is. But the moral position of Wright (et al) is so transparently absurd–hurting Mussolini but denying that helps Hitler–that one might figure either those people are blinded by emotions into acting idiotically, or there is a deeper game going on.

    If I stipulate that people like Wright are reasonably intelligent and even a small bit self-aware, and include what I know about the Clinton modus operandi, I have to conclude they are acting from corrupt motives.

    “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four (1890)

    • My standard operating procedure these days is to assume that every single thing is fake and phony until I have reason to believe otherwise. Helluva way to go through life, but there it is.

      • It really is incredible. I was in the diner this morning getting coffee. They had one of the morning shows on the TV. The episode was soemthing to do with a school and some kid allegedly saying something important, which means confirming the Narrative. It was obviously staged. It was like they were not even trying to make it look real. I wondered. Is it me? Have I just grown so cynical that it all seems fake? Or, are they really just not bothering to put any effort into it?

        • The shallow facade is on purpose. When they hold up three fingers, and demand you to say you see four, and you do, they win. It’s an oldie but goodie.

        • They just don’t bother any more. CBS this morning said that Trump is not going into areas where he is behind in CO, just going where the faithful are. No mention that Hillary isn’t even campaigning any more. They pay more attention to the made up stuff (the Trump accusers) and no attention to the real stuff (Wikileaks). I don’t see any way this ends well. The media, like the Never Trumpers, feel like things will go back to normal after they elect Hillary. I don’t see how we ever get back to normal

          • The whole “polls” thing has been fascinating. In recent weeks, Trump has trended lower, in virtual lockstep with the lower trend in the percentage of Republicans polled. At first the polls were head to head, Trump vs Clinton. People started asking why the third party candidates were not included. Voila, third party candidates included. Then the question of why Hillary was not polling over 50% overall. Presto, she starts polling at 51%. Then the question of complacency on her side, since she is so far ahead. Poof! Back to 48% for her.

            This is all on my Bloomberg feed at work. Bloomberg is very smooth in their skewing of the conversation, much more subtle than the rest. In a way, the subtlety makes it more effective.

          • I’ve never been able to understand the poll thing. Why on earth would I care what the voting preferences of others might be? I make my evaluation of the candidate’s platform, more important to me than personality), the candidate’s record, the sort of supporters the candidate attracts and cast my vote accordingly; it’s been that way since I first cast my vote in 1968, back when one still had to be 21 to vote (I’d likely amend the Constitution to make the minimum age 50 now). Do these ridiculous and clearly biased polls actually influence anyone? Does press coverage? Can the media genuinely hide all the disqualifying dirt on HRC and keep any reasonably intelligent person from learning about it? If so, Mencken was right about never going wrong underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

          • Why, yes they can hide all the dirt. CBS mentioned Wikileaks but nothing to see there! They didn’t mention the staffers let go because of the Project Veritas tape. As for the polls, Norah O’Donnell looked at them and said “Doesn’t this mean the election is over?”

          • Sir, you forget the Sheeple love to flock together and that means being one of the “herd.” Others, just want to be one of the front runners, they want to be able to say they “voted” for the winner as the polls were calling it. It makes it easy so they don’t have to use any brain cells as you do to make your own decision.

          • I saw where TPTB have gotten Ecuador to cut off Julian Assange’s internet access so he cannot post his Wikileaks stuff against Hillary thus interferring with the election. If their concern is interference, then they should pull CNN’s license and shut them down because they are doing far worse at manipulating the election.

        • >Zman: Or, are they really just not bothering to put any effort into it?

          They are in the “all hands on deck” mode, which means the “quality” of the output suffers. See the Dutch’s comment above about Bloomberg on how it’s meant to be done with their best people.

        • I believe I posted this longish quote from Theodore Dalrymple here once before. I promise not to do it again, but it seemed too appropriate to miss one more chance to get it out there.

          In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

  5. Another pathetic NeverTrumper is Dave Blount of he used to be great at documenting the insanity of the left. Now he is merely doing that for his own insanity. Followers have dwindled to a meager circle jerk.

    • There’s always been a class of “conservative” that is mostly interested in the pat on the head from their betters. It’s a weird thing. I used to see it in the comments at NR. These people would restate the point made by the NR writer, like a school kid repeating his lesson to the teacher. If you contradicted the writer, they would go into the pearl clutching pose. These people went NT because they just do what they’re told.

      Red State was always a racket. Erickson is an old fashioned flim-flam man. If you grew up in the south, these guys were always on the radio as preachers. Now they sell politics. There’s a weird sect that fuses evangelical Christianity with a strange worship of the Constitution. The whole TrueCon thing is very weird. Susan Wright traffics in that madness, pitching herself and a Christian Constitutionalist, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

      The one thing that the alt-right has going for it is a healthy cynicism of people trying to make a buck off them. Liberals have always been good about this. They put the cause ahead of personal gain. The reverse has always been true on the Right, which is why we are where we are now.

  6. Gosh, maybe if I just sit here in the dark, and practice solving Rubik’s Cube, I can claim
    “I knew nothING, I saw nothING, ” and all that”history” stuff will just go away!

  7. It would appear that Mme. Wright is following the family tradition that got her French Grandmother a rather severe haircut in 1945. Perhaps she is Jonesing for a position in Hilary’s Cabinet as Follicle Reparations Czar.

  8. We have a virtual candidate leading virtual taxpayers to a virtual win in a virtual election. She pretends she’s honest and competent; the DOJ and FBI prove that she is neither and pretend that she is; government employees pretend that they pay taxes when they file tax returns and pay with checks drawn against funds collected from real taxpayers; non-taxpayers file tax returns to claim refunds on taxes they never paid; real taxpayers and real voters have their votes diluted by virtual citizens who vote for her multiple times in multiple precincts in record numbers.

    She awards us all with participation trophies that claim ‘I Voted’. Boy, do I feel good!

  9. Z-man, your last lines of the Germans claiming ignorance reminds me of a lecture I heard years ago. This history professor had a lecture on the Holocaust that was so popular that it was always held in a large auditorium. The whole thing was great but the part that struck me was at the end when he addressed the same subject. He said we can’t be sure how many ordinary Germans knew what was happening in the death camps but we have this. He then read an official letter sent to a death camp commandant by the council of the nearby town asking if he would not operate the crematoriums when the wind blew from the east as this made the smoke come into the downtown business area.

  10. If Hilary wins the U.S. loses its soul. This is what happened to Russia when the Bolsheviks took over. Communism is the ultimate soullessness. Submission is very alluring. If Trump wins, we stay a mess, but our national soul is intact for a while.

    • The lesson of history is that a society in decline is like a drunk staggering down the road. It careens from one crisis to the next, somehow managing to keep shuffling forward. Then, it falls face down in the street.

      Historians will look at America winning WW2 in the same way they view the destruction of Carthage and Corinth by the Romans. It was the high water mark and what came next was decline. There were a lot of good periods between the end of the Republic and the end of the Empire, but the overall trajectory was downward. Clinton winning will be a Nero moment, but Trump winning will not be an inflection point, just a pause.

      • Out of curiosity zman, if you were to imagine Trump a Roman emperor which do you think he would be? Claudius would make sense if you viewed the Hillary as Nero (and the media as Agrippina). Maybe Vespasian (viewing the Clinton/Bush families like the Julio-Claudians). If we are further along in our rot maybe Diocletian? It’s an interesting speculative exercise.

        • Not having thought too much about it, Claudius does sound like a good place to start. The trouble is I don’t think Trump will win and even if he does win, the oligarchs will swallow him up. We’re in the midst of the greatest bust out in human history. The people in charge are simply too powerful to be tamed by conventional means. Unlike Rome, one man cannot rule the American managerial state. I’m not even sure a rebellion can topple it.

          • I beg to differ. One man can rule any country if he has its police and its military in his pocket. Or do these paper-pushing bureaucrats have invulnerability to bullets?

          • Bullshit! The flaw in your argument is the word “man”. Just a man. Like all the other presumed Kings, Despots, Tyrants. All just men.

      • The American Empire ends when the US Dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency, at which point the US can no longer print money at will. If Hillary wins Conservatives can hasten the end of Empire by voting for Democrats and keeping their kids out of the US Military.

        We’re now in the era of permanent trillion-dollar deficits. Democrats will quite predictably drive spending upward with their insane social programs. This is sustainable only because the US military forces oil-producing states to trade in dollars, i.e., the petrodollar trade.

        The US military simply cannot meet enlistment targets without the Sons of the South–the much maligned redneck arc which extends from Virginia through Texas and Arizona. The numbers are stark; in all likelihood the South would win a replay of the Civil War in 2016 simply because the North could not raise an army.

        If Hillary wins the Conservative project for 2016 and beyond should be to help the Sons of the South (and their parents) connect the dots to figure out that their enlistment in the US Military perpetuates government by a ruling class that loathes them and everything for which they stand. The American Empire has to die before the American Republic can be reclaimed.

        • Sure the north could raise an army. But they wouldn’t be able to do much running around in high heels and being worried about tampon supplies instead of bullets.

          And while we are at it, why does no one ever talk about “Don’t feed the beast.” Tax revolt. The original war for independence was about taxation without representation. What would the dems do with rising debt and falling revenues?

  11. At 70, I’ve long since given up hope on women (with rare exceptions) behaving rationally. Even the most apparently sensible of them nearly always disappoints sooner or later. Sanctimony, sadly, has become contagious and too many males have taken on the weeping Jesus personality. HRC shouldn’t stand a chance, should be removed from the ticket, but it ain’t happening. Glad to be far away from the whole business.

      • Amen. John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Bible “Jesus wept.” and showed the human side of Jesus’ compassion for the family and friends of Lazarus who had just died. Weepy implies weakness. He was anything but weak. Montefrio, you need to study up on your scripture.

    • I don’t know where you are but if Hillary wins, you can’t be far enough away. She will reach out and touch you, or one of her foreign allies will do it for her. Maybe Mars, but heck, even rich idiot Musk is going to plant evil on foreign worlds, all in the name of crony capitalism.

  12. Pretty good description of why I now rarely read and never comment at They are all-in supporting the hippie and bashing Trump. Being a DC, NY, LA outfit, they tend to avoid the topic of Clinton as much as possible.

  13. Observations from the damp side of the pond: I would, if I could, vote for Trump but alas, I am not dead and being white European, I am not allowed to walk into the States and demand free this and that and thus partake in your forthcoming election. Oh well, never mind.

    However as much as I think the momentum is with Trump I have to say that Hillary can’t afford to lose so she won’t be allowed to lose. Of course, miracles exist (we had one in June with Brexit, even if our unprepared ‘ruling’ Tories are unwilling to implement the decision any time soon. Again, oh well…) and if the overwhelming majority prove to be in favour of Trump then he cannot be denied. We will see.

    But should Trump win he will have the largest mountain to climb of any president. Hillary is guaranteed the unwavering non-criticism of the media if she wins no matter how she messes up afterwards, but whatever Trump the winner does will be raked over and examined in detail by ‘experts’ looking for the tiniest hint that things are not going well. If he stumbles the merest fraction while taking the oath of office in January the American MSM and for that matter its lapdog media mates in the west will scream what an idiot he is, though if memory serves Obama screwed up his oath in ’08 and survived because there was no hostile press and TV for him. It was just one of those things, hey? Move along, etc.

    In that sense Trump cannot win, even if he gets the majority of votes and there is not enough fraud to swing it the ‘official’ way. Not only will he in office have to unpick the gordian knot of Washington (I am presuming he will try) with the Press and TV on his back clawing at him, but the established ‘cosy-jobs-for-life’ crowd in your capital will be set against him and frustrate him whenever possible, backed by the Republicans who didn’t know who they wanted but knew it wasn’t Trump. Worse, Hillary’s supporters have already shown how destructive and unreasonable they are, and in the depths of the ghettos the locals have long got so angry under Democrat guidance that the riots and protests they have staged over the last eight years can only increase. I presume that the jaded hacks in NY, DC and LA who have lauded Mrs C are already preparing preliminary stories that President Trump is causing or has caused the fall of civilisation, reporting that this time the mayhem is not only justified but essential for future peace and harmony. (Yes, I know, I don’t understand how burnt out already-deprived districts equate to progress, but then I am not a lefty. Sorry)

    So, I await the outcome of November’s contest with interest. If Donald wins, I will smile but brace myself for the storm that follows. If Hillary wins I will sigh and watch the west slide a little more into the abyss. But unless I take a Mexican or Muslim identity, I can’t help. Sorry.

    • Happen to be in Londonistan the rest of the week and seemingly all my colleagues here want to discuss is the election. And are quite disappointed to hear that Hillary is a criminal (and I’ve experienced the CF/CGI first hand) and Trump, while highly flawed, at least might make some of the changes. I get the impression that they all voted against Brexit.

      • You are right: London mostly voted against Brexit. They like the idea submitting to European rule (though often it translates to meaning easy travel to their holiday homes in rural France or imagining that the mighty EU will safeguard them against the muslim hordes that, er, the EU let in… weird, huh?)

        Anyway, London so loves Brussels so much that the city’s muslim mayor (he who said terrorism is just part and parcel of life in big cities, so get used to it) wants London to be ‘liberated’ from England so it can stay part of the EU. A sort of city state that would welcome more like himself, though for a good reason: he did say that London Transport — built and run by whites for so many years — is now ‘too white’ so he wants more brown and black people to run it. Yes, I know, you couldn’t make this sort of stuff up.

        London by the way does love its champagne socialists so any news that Hillary is criminal will be received with great disappointment. That would be like telling them that Labour leader Corbyn is just an old buffoon.

  14. Two points: 1/ First para: Mussolini and Hitler. “The former is murder and mayhem and the latter is authoritarianism and long speeches.” Mussolini is murder but Hitler is long speeches? Methinks the former should be the latter; but I do catch your drift.

    2/ I don’t see Trump as fascist or authoritarian. He’s done incredible things in his life, with nary a complaint about sexism, racism, authoritarianism or any other ism, up until he ran for president. Almost all the crap thrown at him is just that: pure unadulterated bullshit. All made up by the unbelievably in-the-tank media, who apparently think it’s the End of All Good Things Forever should Trump be elected. This largess of excrement was in great part paid for by that generous good samaritan, known for his many good works and cheerful nature, that gracious mensch- George Soros! After all, if you can’t trust Soros, then who can you trust, right?

    This magnum opus by Ironbear over at Daily Pundit expresses it well:

    Mike over at Cold Fury also treats much the same topic, which is also worth a gander, and check out the comments there for more Ironbear, expanding his treatise:

    Whatever Trump may or may not be, he is not in the same league of the damned with Hillary! He’s just an extremely talented businessman, doing business (mostly!) in accordance with the law; he’s had a variety of different careers, simultaneously, and has gone to the top with most of them (and I’d bet that his Trump Steaks were awfully good chunks of meat) but no one wins all the time when they’re taking huge risks. My money’s on Trump; I’ve already cast my vote for him, and I’m damned proud to have done so!

    • Why not take a hint from the leftist book of rules? Vote a few more times, and while you’re at it, why not encourage your pets to vote, too? Anyone who denies cats and dogs the right to vote must be a despicable ailurophobe or a cynophobe!

    • He reverts to the order in which the names were first mentioned rather than his most recent use.

  15. Comparing Clinton to Hitler is like comparing a great leader during an hour of desperate need to a psychopathic, narcissicistic, greedy nitwit with insecure lines of communication and a penchant for covering her tracks.

  16. “No one enthusiastically opts for chemotherapy”
    Unless, of course, you have an advanced cancer. I did and thanked God that the treatment was available.

    Is Trump perfect? One cannot even define the term. But what is true is that he is the best candidate.

    Trump has run the gauntlet, on our behalf, for the past 16 months, and has suffered greatly- both financially and personally – and has emerged on the other side bloodied and bruised but unbowed.

    Win or lose he has emerged as a heroic figure and I am thankful beyond measure that he offered himself up to carry out this thankless task.

    • Sweet mercy, she is a Christian. I am bound to pray for her, that she find a better pastor and/or church.

  17. Not only have we known the Clintons for 25+ yrs,we’ve watched them get progressively worse,her in particular. Every day brings fresh evidence of her ineptitude at everything except enriching herself. The worst of it is the people who willingly cover up for her,virtually every Democrat, “principled” Repub,and whatever Miz Wright fancies herself. They ARE soulless. Much as I despise Stephen King, “The Stand” comes to mind.

      • Noooooooo! Then who will make the beds, prune the Azalias, or make the pretty designs on top of the Lattes?
        Who’d pedal all the bicycle powered generators at night, when the windmills are in flames, and the solar panels are collecting dew?

    • “I don’t like violence or fighting but I will gladly let you fight and die for me! I have my principles you see.” Too bad society doesn’t let Darwin’s Law function at it’s rawest.

  18. I’m working Decision Desk election night. (And I almost didn’t, but decided to finish it out.) They are all like that. I had no idea that Trump was personally responsible for ruining the Ace of Spades blog, but now I know.

    They asked Hillary which enemies she was proudest of. She replied “Republicans”. Do they think they won’t be on her enemies list, because they didn’t support Trump?

  19. “They are willing to stand aside and allow something truly horrible just so they can avoid doing something unpleasant. To make it worse, they demand that you pretend that their cowardice and treachery is high minded.”

    “She would rather something horrible happen, than get her hands dirty doing the hard work of opposing evil.”

    Those two statements are pretty spot on for describing pacifism, which sets me to thinkin’ about the correlations in the mental processes of #NeverTrumpers, the GOP establishment, and pacifists in general.

  20. People like her will be some of the first ones rounded up by the new overlords. Serves her right the twisted POS.

  21. This is the argument I’ve been using; clueless authoritarian vs. totalitarian fascist. Not a great choice, but I’m voting for the authoritarian, he’s dangerous but not fatal.

    The better question is what happens after the election. Either way, we’ll have a President that half the country views as illegitimate

    • It was like that when Bush defeated Gore, and we survived. But Bush wasn’t convinced he was God like Ms. C is.

      • I have been pondering recently about the Bush-Gore 2000 election horribleness. IMO if Gore had been awarded the Presidency, we would not have had Barack Obama to contend with. Bush & Co would have returned to Texas and been forgotten. We would not have mourned their passing from the scene as they were such lousy avatars for Republicanism. I’m pretty sure Hillary would have been eliminated, as well, and she and Bill would have had no reason to remain in the DC limelight, as I am certain President Gore would have made clear. Al might even have stayed married to Tipper. Their daughters were A LOT easier on the eyes than either Chelsea or the Obama girls, Bushettes, too. Funny has there have been so few First Sons in recent years. Damaged semen b/c of drug use or environmental toxins?

      • Bush was also a bumbler and had all the aggressiveness and ruthlessness as your average fruit fly. Clinton may be as, or even more, incompetent as Bush, but she’s like a roided-out wolverine on a three week PCP and meth bender.

  22. Tell it brother, I’m sick to death of their priggish, self righteous gruel when the odious Clinton is one of the worst people ever

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