Why They Hate Us

The other day I turned on Fox News and was presented with Britt Hume opining on the state of conservatism and where it goes after the election. I’m going from memory, but he said something like, “The Conservative Movement was about low taxes, small government, muscular foreign policy and opposition to abortion, among other things.” He then went on to point out that Trump is none of those things and that those issues are not featured in his campaign.

What struck me about what he said is there was no trace of self-awareness. No mention of the fact that the Conservative Movement lost on all but the foreign policy stuff, and that has been a disaster. The tax bite has not changed very much since the 50’s, despite endless rounds of tax cuts and tax reform. Government has grown like a weed and social issues have all moved in one direction, with amazing speed at times.

A theme here over the years has been the fact that the Conservative Movement has managed to conserve nothing. The reason they are in a crisis is the same reason a losing ball coach finds himself in jeopardy. People will tolerate only so much losing. A salesman, who cannot close deals, gets fired, even if he is the nicest guy in the world. What’s happening today is Official Conservatism™ is being fired.

There’s something else, I think. A useful tool for understanding the world is this. You can learn a great deal about someone by looking at who he hates. The same is true of groups of people. Yankee fans, for example, are indifferent to Mets fans, but they detest Red Sox fans. The reason for that is the Mets are always terrible and pose no threat to the wellbeing of Yankee fans. The Red Sox, on the other hand, are almost always a problem.

Official Conservatism™ hates Donald Trump and they hate the people voting for him. That’s been a bit of an eye-opener for people. When Hume detailed Trump’s deviationism, he was dismissive and condescending. He then had that gold plated phony George Will come in and dismiss Trump and the people supporting him as knaves and fools. The segment was ostensibly about Official Conservatism™, but it was really just an excuse for the two of them to bash Trump.

Take a look at this column from Mona Charen the other day.

If she wins (a bigger “if” today than a week ago), it will be due only to the Republican Party’s suicidal decision to nominate and support a pathological narcissist/con man — a figure utterly outside the parameters of acceptability for public office. Any public office. So as culpable as Democrats are for nominating a person who ought to have been disqualified, Republicans are even more irresponsible for risking the terrible powers of commander in chief to someone most elementary school kids would regard as emotionally unstable.

Just look at the language used here. If she were describing Hitler, would she use a different tone? More important, is it anything like the tone and language used to describe Clinton? Clearly not and that’s the tell. These are people driven purely by hatred of Trump and by extension those who support him. Hillary Clinton could probably promise to revive the Holocaust and Charen would support her, simply because she hates Trump.

The question is why do they hate Trump and his voters so intensely?

I don’t think there is a single answer, but a big part of it is purely personal. No one likes to see their mistakes and failures made public. The people at the core of NeverTrump are the same people who sold us neo-conservatism in the Bush years. What is happening now is a delayed reaction to the massive failures under George W. Bush. Trump made his mark in the primary by humiliating Jeb Bush and that was not an accident. Trump is the repudiation of Bush and the neo-cons.

There’s another bit here too. The Official Right™ has defined itself to the Left by who it hates. Purging people from their ranks has been an integral part of how modern conservatives define their thing. Naturally, when challenged, they fall back on the old ways. The trouble is all their name calling and threats have been met with jeers and laughter. They lost all of their moral authority so they can no longer simply scold the dissenters into silence.

Finally, there’s the creeping realization that their brand of conservatism is all hat and no cattle. Their moral preening and appeals to as yet undefined principles are just postures. In the end, their thing was just a jobs program for people unable to do productive work. As one of the moonbats at the post points out, it is a movement with no base. No matter what happens Tuesday, the pro-Trump people will never forget these traitors or welcome them back.

After liberation, French women guilty of “collaboration horizontale” were dragged into the street to have their heads shaved. It was punishment for betrayal of their people. The Dutch did the same, but they also sent their collaborators to work camps in New Guinea. Many were simply shot, of course. Immediately after the liberation, almost 200.000 Dutch citizens were interned in camps and prisons and put on trial. Sadly, this is not what awaits the traitors of NeverTrump, but at some level they know they will never be “us” again.


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  1. They and Us are at fundamental loggerheads. In cases such as this it is meaningless to argue over who is “right” and who is “wrong”. This is a divergence of worldview, a difference of opinion.
    But here is the rub: Us, the Deplorables who have (past tense) made up such a large and active segment of the Republican base, did not gain entree into the Republican scheme of things by promising to support Them come what may; They, on the other hand, have acquired the power and prestige and perquisites of their respective offices by promising to represent Us. And they have consistently broken that promise. They have not failed Us; they have defrauded Us.
    Whatever the GOP status quo has today has been gotten from Us under false pretenses.

  2. Maybe some of the hatred stems from the fact we all knew Hillary would be the nominee and literally anyone else could have beaten her soundly (in the election) but instead the nomination went to the one person likely to lose to her. You might not like Mona Charen’s words, but they’re are not inaccurate.

  3. I see anti-semitism, apologists for the confederacy, and Reagan hate. If this is the new direction of conservatism, I’m out. Donald Trump is Al Sharpton for white people.

  4. Conservatism isn’t a movement. It isn’t even a constructed ideology. Rather than being procscripting, it is descriptive, and mandates no particular movement, strategy, or plan.

    It is the common refrain of the Alt-Right that they are not conservative and “what have the conservatives conserved?”

    What conservatives have tried to do is fight back against overwhelming odds against the Leviathan the Progressive Left have built up, an to act as stewards for, and conservators of, out great civic heritage.

    That the odd have been, are, and will continue to be long, does not contradict this.

    It is ironic, though, that it is conservatives who are blamed for being divisive when the Trump campaign and Trump’s most zealous supporters are willing to drive off anyone who doesn’t fully share their #MAGA vision of Trump the Triumphant. Even those who say they will vote for Trump, but raise reservations, either about Trump or his campaign, are readily denounced as being Hillary supporters or part of some GOP establishment/Stonecutters conspiracy. That the Alt-Right of the White Nationalist vein are Trumps most vocal acolytes (both Democrat trolls and authentic racialists), does nothing but push people away from Trump.

    This article conflates conservatism with those politicians who simply borrow the banner from time to time.


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  8. The retaliation against “collaborators” in France and Holland was the work of the far left. The average man-in-the-street would never have initiated such outrages unless crimes could be proved. Merely being friendly with or falling in love with a German soldier (and this happened frequently…still does) was no cause for hatred by the average Frenchman or Dutch citizen. But you can be sure the commie bastards were looking for scapegoats and sensational photos for their leftist rags. Somerset Maugham wrote a controversial story about this during WWII.

  9. On topic: I never concern myself with why they hate me. I just Live well and Happily,,that seems to piss them off far better than hating them right back.

  10. It’s very simple why they hate us. They have their racket going, two wings of the same bird of prey, looting us and exercising political power, telling us what to do with our lives whether we like it or not. Trump and his supporters threaten their setup. They’ll be lucky to get out with their hides intact. Naturally, they disapprove.

  11. I love how the Left says “Republicans” nominated Trump. He might be the flag bearer at this point but Republicans did not nominate him. It was the DEPLORABLES! The amount of vitriol coming from those who are supposed to be anti-socialism, anti-corruption, pro-American have lost sight of the fact that the political class formerly known as conservatism is DEAD.

    Whatever evolves after this election, and I am betting it will be Trump by a landslide, we need to create a new book called “Liberty for Dummies.” It should elaborate on the words of Benjamin Franklin about having a Republic, if we can keep it.

    The basic premise of “Liberty” is ‘the wolf is always at the door.’ Call it a disease called human nature or call it entropy where things tend towards chaos as energy is expended in uncontrolled transformation, or both acting asynchronously. Liberty needs constant medical attention against the depredations of man. There is no inoculation for the right or the left, it just is.

    Ideas like “live and let live” need to have boundaries put around them, definition. The education system must be taken back from the unions and socialists who infest the public domain with its syphilitic strain of brainwashing. The tree of liberty must be fed, watered and cared for or else we get to the point of Jefferson’s watering with the blood of patriots and tyrants. The weak and pitiful human race, yes, all of it, including the vaunted high-IQ portion, are probably doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past which will lead us to unimaginable horrors of technological destruction. People like Obozo and the Left have, in eight years, created an international range of local fires that are only waiting for a glowing ember to take flight and land where it can grow and spread into wildfire.

    I believe a prudent man like Trump can talk down, stare down the bad actors around the world in concert with reestablishing a big, strong stick to carry with him. Si vis pacem, parabellum.

    • If there were more than two viable political parties – the “Republicans” wouldn’t have a reason to be so butthurt. It was the Republican party and the Democrat party ( I refuse to call them democratic) – who set up the situation that FORCED the deplorables to take over the party from within. Since the laws lock down any real access to the seats of power by funneling it all thru those two parties – then that means the simplest and most direct way to those seats – is to seize control of one of the parties. This is why Ron Paul ran as a Republican.

      If the two parties hadn’t subverted the political process to favor themselves in the first place – they probably wouldn’t this problem. The Founders thought that political parties shouldn’t exist anyway – so (again) , the “parties” have only themselves to blame.

  12. I am just old enough to recall hearing all this stuff before–about Reagan. How he was an idiot, Bedtime for Bonzo, he would destroy the Republican Party, he would start WWIII. Same old, same old.

    Seems like the best Republican presidents were the ones in affiliation only, not party insiders. I’m thinking Harding, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Reagan. Add Trump to the list. I have been telling people “you own who you vote for”. I’ll take the chance on the orange man. Hey, I’m “Dutch”, after all.

  13. There have been some insightful comments here, but for me the story merely identifies more names for the list.

    • We are certainly devolving in too many areas of human endeavor. Can food or toilet paper shortages be far behind? Let’s ask the Venezuelans, shall we?

  14. Reading your ex cathedra tripe, you’d think that Alt-Right shitbirds had landed on the moon or discovered the cure fir cancer. All you numbnuts have done is talk and talk, and support in the primaries a non-conservative, non-Republican Reality TV celebrity charlatan businessman. Glory, hallelujah! The Conservative Movement merely took over the GOP, elected Reagan, and won the Cold War. You nominated Trumplestiltskin. There is a very good chance he’ll lose, in a year in which any reasonable Republican candidate would be producing a landslide. This year, I hope we keep the House. But keep telling everyone how inadequate intelligent conservatives really are, and taking all those bows for rediscovering the pure genius of the agenda of the 1850s Know Nothing Party.

    • Your piece of shit candidates all lost to Trump, decisively – a guy with no political experience and no organization. Jeb Bush was too busy running for president of Mexico to bother running for the nomination of his own party. That’s the GOP today.

      And your guy is cucklefuck McMuffin, a Mormon deep state regurgitation of Mitt Romney’s, who is so incompetent he’s not even on the ballot in some states. You and Erickson can go masturbate to your intelligent conservative principles on your own blogs.

      • That face should be on the cover of Modern Pederast Magazine. He’d get my vote for Sewer Inspector, as long as he promised to stay down there. I’d even be happy to buy him a few extra changes of Magic Underwear. Mormon freak.

    • You lost. Your kind always lose, in every sense that means anything. If we’d nominated a cuck and he actually won, we’d get open borders, more government, another leftist Supreme Court justice, and probably another retarded war.

      That’s why your cucks didn’t get the nomination.

    • Reading your ex cathedra tripe, What, the Zman is infallible?

      you’d think that Alt-Right shitbirds had landed on the moon or discovered the cure fir cancer. Is “fir cancer” anything like Dutch Elm Disease? I hate to use the word “subtext” but given the subtext of a lot of the regulars’ posts, I’m pretty sure that a lot of us have built businesses or successful practices, made original contributions in science or engineering, or have played key roles in one community or another. Which is why we are so damn mad. We keep watching idiots who’ve never done anything but conspire to seize power, fritter away the inheritance our ancestors left us to the extent that there will be nothing left for our children.

      All you numbnuts have done is talk and talk, and support in the primaries a non-conservative, non-Republican Reality TV celebrity charlatan businessman. Glory, hallelujah! The Conservative Movement merely took over the GOP, elected Reagan, and won the Cold War. You nominated Trumplestiltskin. There is a very good chance he’ll lose, in a year in which any reasonable Republican candidate would be producing a landslide. No. Every other candidate would have wilted under the incessant attacks from the rump mainstream media, academia, the foundations and think tanks, and the Clinton political machine. Trump is the only one tough enough to fight back. I’m not sure how well-versed in history or warfare you are (your ex cathedra gaffe says “not too well”), but very often, the men who win battles are deeply flawed. It takes a special kind of crazy to thrive and succeed in the chaos of battle. Trump has that sort of crazy. His Republican challengers do not.

      This year, I hope we keep the House. But keep telling everyone how inadequate intelligent conservatives really are, and taking all those bows for rediscovering the pure genius of the agenda of the 1850s Know Nothing Party.For everyone’s edification, the 1856 platform of the American (Know Nothing) Party. You decide!


      • All of my HTML tags seem to have been stripped from the text, but you all can probably figure out where my comments begin.

      • You go, baboso. Trump was the only candidate from either party who understood money as “earnings” rather than “revenues.” The man is a cool breeze.

        • I’ll bet he is the only candidate who understood the difference between an expense and an investment. You could make a case for Fiorina, but given the way she ran Lucent and H-P, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t at a gut level really know how to tell one from another.

          • About Fiorina, that’s the damn truth! I was at HP when she was coming in with her East Coast hoard who were bent on demolishing “The HP Way.” It was their version of a “fundamental transformation.” I voted with my feet, never looked back, and feel vindicated that I made a smart and righteous move. My stock options would have been worth nothing for more than ten years if I had exercised them thanks to her, her successor and the dumb shit BOD. And now … Meg Whitman??

  15. I would suggest that the commentary we are seeing has far less to do with personal preferences than with who signs their paychecks. The Washington Generals, the perennial opponents of the Harlem Globe Trotters, were actually very good basketball players but winning was not in the script.

      • Being the “designated loser” is a pretty comfy job. No real responsibilities, and all you have to do is follow your partner’s lead. Only real qualification is, don’t have a conscience.

  16. The proof – if proof were needed – of the pathological insincerity of these Conservative, Inc. asshats, and ultimate cause of their undoing, is immigration. Not only did they fail to limit government and conserve middle-class family values, the state is now lawless leviathan under the control of a party whose ideology is to serve the unending expansion of the state. That state seeks to destroy the middle-class and the nuclear family and it has done a fine job so far – but the job is not yet finished. The final nail in the coffin is that the state seeks to swamp the population who actively support what is left of the republic with human garbage from the third world. Stopping this is Trump’s core issue – conserving the republic by enforcing immigration law. But these underwear stains of Conservative, Inc. can’t even rouse themselves to “conserve” the republic on this issue – which only underlines the fact that these people have finally been exposed for the hypocrites and liars that they are. They deserve everything coming to them and worse.

    • When you think about it, it was Obama who actually unmasked GOPc, by his blatant abrogations of the law. When they did nothing, and even passed his legislation and budgets unimpeded?! Well that was the GOPc being stripped nude in the public square. Trump picked up on it and ran, made them pay. But Obama could have easily done things as he wanted, without completely humiliating them. but humiliate them he did; thoroughly. and now the cucks like Jonah and Frum are likewise revealed and unmasked, albeit indirectly, by Obama, and directly by Trump.

      • Yeah, the GOPe has fought Trump and Trump supporters at a level unseen versus Obama or Democrats… and I noticed. I never heard any of that class speak about Democrat voters the way they’ve spoken of me. I’ve never heard the passion in an argument from them ever that reached the disdain they’ve spewed about Trump EVER aimed at a Democrat. No, they’ve clearly shown their spots now. Laid bare. Let the feast begin.

  17. This is like in the old gangster movies where some new guy takes over the gang. At first the old leader is allowed to hang around because he might be useful, but you find out he’s always looking for a chance to stab you in the back and you realize he needs to be killed.
    I have two books written by Mona Charen. I will never buy another, but I will think of her every time I walk past the appliance section of a department store. Lots of nice big ovens.

  18. And now that they have been ejected from *our* tribe, they belong to no tribe at all. they are of no use to the left any longer, and will be shunned by them as well.

    • The neo-cons will take their rightful places in the left, openly. I remember an article by the despicable Bill Crystal extolling the virtues of Big Gov. This was about 15 years ago, but to those like Crystal it is not strictly about the size of Gov as long as the Gov is big enough to fight wars for Israel. They want whatever is good for jews, and Big Gov offers the easiest path to that outcome.

      • The rightful term for neo-con may be RINO. Personally I find the antisemetism in your remarks a bit disturbing, it seems to be cropping up in more and more places, not just you and not just here. I’ve always thought we had grown out of that.

        • I don’t think it’s anti-semitic to point out that our policy of supporting Israel is why we have a big bull’s-eye painted on our backs.

          I also don’t think it’s anti-semitic to point out that the Jews involved in foreign policy are stirring up the majority of crap between the United States and Russia.

          • Our support for freedom, liberty and self-determination is the proximate cause of the bulls-eye on our back. Israel, Australia, Britain and others benefit from our help just as we benefit from theirs.

        • This is how noticing is attacked. Would you like me to apologize for adding 2+2? It will always equal 4.

        • Right on, Old Surfer. When I encounter anti-Semitism in a comments section, it’s a roll of the dice whether you’re dealing with a weak minded fool, or someone conducting an ugly masquerade designed to throw a spanned in the works.

        • “it seems to be cropping up in more and more places, not just you and not just here. I’ve always thought we had grown out of that.”

          Outgrow that? Hmmm. Jews have been kicked out of 104 different countries in the last two millennia. Think about that for a minute. Either the whole world has been irrational about the Jews for 2000 years…or not. Then consider that works out to one country roughly every twenty years. It seems like we’ve got some catching up to do.

          • I’d take a look at who has been responsible for a huge percentage of human progress. The human race needs these people, this country need these people, and antisemitism looks an awful lot like envy to me.

          • No, we really don’t. Maybe staying in the Country we handed Jews on silver platter plus lifetime of Welfare could have been enough. Nope, a race of devious pests that will not stop antagonizing HUMANITY until the world cheers for their eradication

        • I suggest you review a list of the biggest donors for both parties. (((coincidence)))?????

          • Zman, I know this is your site and I like your stuff, but you might give some thought to which readers you want to attract and which ones you let the anti-Semites repel.

          • Lorenzo. Agreed. My baseline is let the comments roll, etc., but antisemites are like an infestation of cockroaches. They drive all the worthwhile tenants out of the building. Tim

          • Tim,
            The thing is, I like Zman’s stuff, will continue to read it regularly and don’t care what’s in the comments. Because he has a refreshing take on things and writes well, I like to refer people to his articles. But I don’t want to have to start explaining to friends and colleagues that I disagree with the triple nested parentheses crowd, nor do I want to bother with a “please ignore the comments” disclaimer in my recommendations.

        • Neo-conservatives – are not conservatives at all in the American tradition. I basically think of them as liberals who wanted to blow shit up. They support big govt. , they support the welfare state, the support massive overseas intervention – etc.

          All of these things go directly against the founding principles of the country IMHO.

          • The neocons are definitely leftists. They are the political descendants of Trotskyites and they infest both parties. You can get a new dog in the White House and he gets the same old neocon fleas that infested the old one.

        • “The rightful term for neo-con may be RINO. Personally I find the antisemetism in your remarks a bit disturbing, it seems to be cropping up in more and more places, not just you and not just here. I’ve always thought we had grown out of that.”
          1) The true Republican In Name Only is a right wing conservative. Lincoln’s party was the party of radicals. By 1933 the Democrats just figured out they could do them one better. The so-called RINO IS the real Republican. Pay fucking attention, it’s 2016.
          2) The Jewish political DNA is as deadly to liberty as Dr. Salk’s vaccine was to polio. The next train to Auschwitz runs through it. Two Jews may have three opinions, but in politics they have have one opinion and it’s lethal. There is absolutely no backing them off their own version of a final solution for the human race.

          “Even opinion is of force enough to make itself be espoused at the expense of life”–Montaigne

          • Be glad Dr Salk was around. The Jews I know are creative and libertarian and I’m glad I have them on my side. Trains to Auschwitz? that’s sounding both paranoid and demented.

          • A libertarian is a progressive without the self-awareness or courage to say so, and you are the type who is not astute enough to separate principal from dissembling.

          • Perhaps you can enlighten me as to the correct terminology for freedom-loving patriotic individuals who believe in the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and who are willing to fight to restore and protect the United States?

          • Right jews are libertarian! What is the biggest voting block for the dhimmierats? The Amish?

          • There were other vaccines around when Dr Salk’s was picked. The Jews need to quite pretending that only the Jews can design vaccines. Guess which one is the primary one in use today. Not Salk’s.

  19. Trump has done a service, however unintended. Most here would prefer to have experienced the awareness gained in a Trump loss than what inevitably came next in an unlikely cuck win. But even a Trump win is a detour, not a change in direction. I speak with many different young people and women. The old Republic is quite dead, the Empire metastasizes. It needs no evil genius to direct it; health is a chore and disease is especially natural to a democracy. The only thing the Athenian mob that sentenced Socrates would need to fit perfectly in urban USA is a change of clothes.

    • “Most here would prefer to have experienced the awareness gained in a Trump loss than what inevitably came next in an unlikely cuck win”
      No! A Trump win opens up all sorts of possibilities, a win by Clinton closes the door on all positive paths and pretty much guarantees loss of Liberty for the dirt people. Next stop box #3.

  20. I have been saying loudly (and repeatedly) since 2008 that the first Republican candidate with the stones to make a clean cut from all things Bushian would be a landslide winner over the hated Barack Obama.

    Whatever good principles and patterns installed by President Reagan were quickly given the needle by H. W. and his blinkered lad W, and soon enough, the “Conservatives” became the party of only slightly less massive government, One World circle-jerkism, endless effing wars, fruitless nation building, and selling out the rubes in “Flyover Country”.

    Well, The Don shot a medium-sized middle finger to all of that, didn’t he? We’ll see if this kid was right about the accompanying landslide.

    But if we get a mandate, O God let it be so, the door will slam on the MSM and the lack of media access to America’s New Leaders will be something to behold. And the loss of Republican chairmanships and leadership positions and the total dismantling of their grift apparatus will be known by the wailing of the never Trumpers in their endless teeth-nashing.

    See ya Wednesday!

  21. When Trump is elected President he will have a Congressional hearing on media bias, he also should create his on TV channel and newsites.

  22. I take no particular pride in saying this, but the hate felt at this point is entirely mutual. My opinion of Conservative, Inc. must be quite similar to the feelings of a conman’s victim after being swindled out of something valuable. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but I’ve actually grown to despise Quislings like Will and Goldberg and Nordlinger more than the likes of Harry Reid. Reid is deplorable indeed, but I know who he is and what he stands for and he hasn’t spent the last 25+ years treating me as a mark to be exploited.

    I think the most interesting paragraph in that Post piece has to be this:

    In other words: It looks like the NeverTrumpers are leading a movement without a real base. And no matter what happens on Tuesday, they’ll have a mess to clean up.

    It’s hard to imagine why the author thinks a movement without any followers is capable of “cleaning up” anything. I read it more as an indication that the Left has become aware that their phony kept opposition has become nearly useless – clean it up or else. Vindictiveness is unbecoming, but a part of me wants to see the apparatchiks in Conservative, Inc. waiting tables or making frappucinos next year after their donors pull their funding and the invites to appear on NPR or PMSNBC dry up.

    • “a part of me wants to see the apparatchiks in Conservative, Inc. waiting tables or making frappucinos next year after their donors pull their funding and the invites to appear on NPR or PMSNBC dry up.”

      If they lose their jobs with Conservative, Inc., they’ll just re-flag as something on the reasonable/sensible Left.

    • “The movement without a base” piece is deep. The writers at NR and “Weakly Standard” (pun intended) are part of the DC hive, smart guys and gals who create think tanks and journals and inflate their value to give themselves a feathered nest at the expense of the hoi polloi, the builders and truckers and hod carriers and small businessmen who bear an increasing burden of carrying the load.
      There are several groups of parasites sucking the life out of the nation. The obvious easy target is the underclass, the blacks and poor whites from dysfunctional families and cities and forgotten rural areas. There are the bureaucrats and party functionaries living large on our nickel, producing nothing but strangulation. And then there are the chattering class, EJ Dionne and Jonah Goldberg, Rachel Maddow and Megyn Kelly, snarky elitist mouthpieces taking selfies about nothing.
      I’ve been blue collar from the womb and frankly I’m sick to death of ignorant fools pissing on my children’s future and telling me it’s raining.

    • When the MSM collapses, it will be tough on the cuckservatives…..But worse things can happen to them…

  23. To me, Bret Stephens launched this NeverTrump war against the base (as opposed to just Trump himself) in his August 31, 2015 column when he declared “If you don’t find Trump appalling, you’re appalling.” At that point I was not a Trump supporter, but was certainly not opposed to him either. But that remark was eye-opening. One of the amazing things about this election is how each side of the GOP has used Trump for its own purposes. The base has used Trump as a giant middle finger to Conservative, Inc., and Conservative, Inc. has used Trump as an excuse to turn on its supporters. Z is right. What Official Conservatism hates is more revealing than what it likes.

    • “If you don’t find Trump appalling, you’re appalling.”

      The proper response to “you’re either with us or against us” is “fuck you”. Accompanied by biting their throat out, if you can manage it.

    • Stevens has changed his position without ever admitting to that. Not his best moment on either end.

    • What Conservative, Inc. likes is very simple–money– from the billionaires who like open borders and constant war.

  24. “What is happening now is a delayed reaction to the massive failures under George W. Bush.”

    At least that’s been true for me. I stayed invested in GWB and the neocons, etc. far too long on account of his contemptible domestic enemies. As was GWB, I was in the military during Vietnam and was stung by the stupid waste of it all. I thought he, and I knew I had seen this movie before and knew how it ended. The transparently hypocritical, opportunistic and frankly anti-American actions of his critics, often the very same people as with Vietnam, lead me to defend him from them, mentally.

    They were for the war before they were against it, fine with it so long as it cost them nothing personally, ready to jump into opposition for political gain as soon as it was useful and convent, content leaving the military and its accomplishments and sacrifices suddenly for naught, actually cared nothing for the foreigners involved, casually abandoning them to their fate, etc. I excused his non-conservative domestic errors as being necessary to shore up support to get the now-underway foreign policy tasks done. As justifcation, on both occasions, the virilent domestic political opposition ceased immediately after the left took power, QED. Therefore no rethink needed: Until running the obviously vulnerable Magic Mormon in 2012 and the Great Betrayal by the Republican Congress in 2014, that is.

    To me, GWB’s critical geo-strategic error before starting Afghanistan* & Iraq was not to ask the critical questions about future domestic political support. I.e., “Knowing how unprincipled and implacable my leftist domestic enemies are, and having already shown during Vietnam what they will do to discredit it if the war drags on, can the stated geo-strategic objectives be achieved fast enough to forestall what I know will otherwise happen_?”. Since that the stated objective was to turn the Mid-East into, if not into Denmark, at least into Latin America, the answer was obviously, “No, not nearly enough time, even if theoretically possible”. So, time to rethink the plan asap.

    *Given its role in 9/11, it was essential to punish the Taliban. It was most definitely not essential to try to remake Afghanistan.

    • Really good points AlNorte. Bush II was stabbed in the back by the usual suspects, same cowards that ditched South Vietnam. Pretty much the same bunch of turncoats are behind the Never Trump crap. party labels matter not at all.

      • Bush got some really bad advice about being noble and not standing up for himself and that history would judge… et al. Well… He ended up making everyone who supported him and his war, the troops, all, look like idiots as the left lied, cheated, and muddled everything to get their political chit. That’s all the left wanted, and as soon as they got it… they were fine with wars here and there and overthrows and handing out money, etc… as long as they were the ones in charge. History will not be kind to Bush 43.

        • Bush II was a willing collaborator with his friends and fellow globalists.
          How “noble” was creation of DHS and passage of the Patriot Act?

          • I’m with you. Different wing of the same bird. Bush’s father announced he was voting for the Hildabeast, and I’m sure he will too.

      • Bush II was not stabbed in the back! He regularly collaborated with the Left ,as a member of the Uniparty.
        Time to take off your Bush blinders and accept W as part of the problem; not as being back-stabbed.

        • True. W refused to even talk about prosecuting Clinton once he gained office. Clinton could have been prosecuted for his actual crimes, which were much more serious than what the Congressional impeachment was based on. The Clinton Crime Family could have been dismantled in 2001, but W wasn’t interested.

          Actually, W is a moron. He was openly controlled by his VP and his cabinet. Trump seems to be allowing the old line republicans into his circle. He will probably make Giuliani his AG. You can count on Giuliani to give as much cover to Clinton as Lynch has been giving her.

    • “GWB’s critical geo-strategic error before starting Afghanistan* & Iraq was”…being born a member of the Bush Crime Family! W was just Poppie’s stooge as a member of the Clan. Globalist and admitted NWO-ers, the Bush CF is in it for benefit of the Elites. They never were “Conservatives”, of any sort. Anyone willing to use their brain will recognize 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ of the worst kind: killing Americans for monetary benefit of the Elites and using that disaster as an excuse for the Patriot Act, the DHS and an attack on Afghanistan, then later Iraq; neither of which was otherwise justifiable.

  25. Watching the hysteria on the so-called-right almost gives me a sentimental twinge. I can almost believe that some of them were dupes themselves, and genuinely believed they were leading an opposition to the left. We and those like us have known for some time that they are merely another face of the ruling uniparty, but perhaps there are some who genuinely have not understood the source of their unpopularity.

  26. It might have helped if the “conservatives”, formally known as republicans, had even remotely TRIED to CONSERVE something of the REPUBLIC they claimed to serve when elected but only managed to conserve he KY stains on their shorts when barry was finished with them! They caved and showed themselves to be cowards when it came to CONSERVING our way of life! Republicans have NO ONE to blame but themselves for whatever happens Tues!

    • Honestly, so many of them are dual citizen nepotistic imposters, they probably ran out of Gov Cushy overpaid jobs on the left, so they just ushered overflow to the right side of the Aisle and stuck them there.

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  28. Everything moves left in politics, so the Tory conservatives in the UK glibly talk about supporting the original Labour policy on health — the overburdened and understaffed, foreign health-tourist supporting NHS — rather than have an alternative idea. Of course, maybe there are no other ideas; the choice facing us is that people either die of complications from a broken limb or you work hard to stop the flow of blood from drunks who have fallen, insensible, on their beer glass. Someone has to pay and jolly Joe Public is as good as any one so the NHS idea doesn’t need to be looked at.

    The point is that conservatives today merely strive to be slightly better humans (not difficult with destructive socialists on the loose) and maybe, just maybe, offer a more sensible brand of handling state largesse. I am fond of saying that when entering politics, despite his public (that is, private) posh education Cameron thought about joining the Labour party despite having zero connections and understanding with the working man. But Labour were polishing future war-criminal Tony Blair up for office so Cam recognised there was no way to be top dog there and chose the Tories. But the point is he was leftie in outlook to begin with even though he had never done what lot of lefties used to do once and actually get up at 5 in the morning to dig coal out of the ground or pour boiling steel into vats. The Tories weren’t going to reject him for having left-of-centre ideas and he rose, majestically, to a position where he could eventually run away as soon as the British public said “go forth and multiply” over his desperate plea to stay in the EU.

  29. After six weeks, one ‘Trump’ yard sign is gone. And, no, the local police do not take reports on stolen ‘Trump’ signs.
    The ‘Trump’ banner flying from a flagpole on the porch is untouched…
    …ignore the dog (he’s friendly) beware the owner.

    • My neighbor quit putting Trump signs out.. they kept getting stolen. After 3 times, he’s doing what the rest of us are… voting Trump, but can’t show support because of the culture of inclusion.

      • I had that happen to me once. I put the replacement sign up in a holly tree. If the thief wanted that sign so bad that he was willing to climb something as evil as that tree, he was welcome to it.

    • In Falmouth Foreside, Maine (doctors-and-lawyers suburb of Portland), some crazy liberal lady got arrested for attacking Trump signs. Pretty funny.

  30. Out here in fly-over country, it’s called “Ride for the Brand”. You draw their pay, you punch cows their way.
    Half the boys on the Lazy 8 might have spent two seasons with half the boys on the Rockin’ H, but when the fight’s on, it’s your bunkhouse against theirs.
    Come snowfall, they will all be looking for better pay and easier work as the brothers they always were. The thing that universally unites their ire, is a new Rancher, which is why we have the Trump Rodeo and Stampede. Different is always reviled by the old hands, until they get a shot at drawing the new Rancher’s pay.

  31. Worth noting that the French and the Dutch did what they did after the war was somewhere down the road. While there was danger from the Germans they were all goody-two-shoes. And complicit in the murder of their Jews.

    • I know this is going to send people scurrying for cover and no, I am not advocating mass extermination, but did you ever think that their dislike of the Jews might be legitimate? Jews are associated with behaviors people find distasteful. In fact, Jews are at the forefront of pushing their causes, which often involves normalization of those distasteful behaviors. Most people don’t realize that a not-insignificant number of Jews are anti-christian bigots, and they look at the world from the standpoint of undermining Christian norms.

      Read this article from the Jewish Quarterly celebrating the Jews’ involvement in the pornography industry. Especially beginning with the heading “Sexual Revolutionaries”. It will give you a new perspective on things.


      Bottom line is that nobody cares what God you pray to. Nobody messes with Hindus because they’re generally peaceful people and don’t cause a lot of trouble. The same can’t be said for all other religious groups.

      • It’s no mistake that a group that has defined itself always and everywhere as outsiders has been consistently against the main groups amongst which they’ve lived. To the extent to which they have been tolerated aliens, this opposition makes them covert enemies. To the extent to which they have been accepted as co-citizens, this opposition makes them traitors.

        And we all know how we used to deal with traitors.

        • A lot of groups, not only religious groups, are peaceable when they’re in the minority. As they grow as a percentage of the local or national population, the demands grow and the aggressiveness grows.

      • AMEN. For some reason, despite throwing millions away on money, casualties, and rearranging and redefining an entire inhabited region On the map,
        We cannot get rid of these international invasive termites. They refuse to stay the fuck out. #109 times flat out BANNED as a people.
        Self awareness or personal reflection status? Zero. Nobody else in history has been nor ever will be so utterly devoid of any foresight nor appreciation for the very people whos religious principles of forgiveness have been the only reason the barrier to global peace hasn’t been ERADICATED once and for all.
        They are a wicked supremacist wackjob threat to HUMANITY.
        we are all forced to cower like abused housewives under this warped abusive cult and their Useful Goyim, as they loot steal incite enslave murder pervert and subjugate.
        God forbid they stay away from us tucked away in the country we served on silver platter and give it a rest.

    • The Dutch were an interesting case. They probably had more collaborators AND more resisters as a % than any other occupied country.

  32. To me, conservatism is Reagan and Reagan conservatism was all about 1) Love of America, 2) Strong Military and 3) Economic prosperity for all.

    To me, Republican conservatism is about 1) unquestioned fealty to free trade dogma, 2) collusion with the left in forcing big government schemes and liberalism on the public (global warming, RomneyCare, immigration), 3) warmongering and unnecessary provocation of Russia, 4) hamfisted outsourcing of jobs, 5) adoption of the left’s hedonistic lifestyles (Denny Hastert) and 6) Israel, Israel, Israel.

    And they wonder why they don’t have a base of deep support?

    • Reagan amnestied the first 3 million illegal alien Mexicans.

      He successfully shrunk the government by give or take 0%, and he initiated the second great explosion of government and government debt.

      He didn’t kill welfare, didn’t restore freedom of association, and didn’t re-establish patriarchy.

      He was an extremely charismatic guy, and with that charisma he generated decades of additional legitimacy for a fundamentally broken system.

      Let us not make the same mistake he did.

      The Beltway Behemoth must die so that the American Nation may live.

      RAGE — Retire All Government Employees.

      • Nor did Reagan respond sufficiently after Hezbollah blew up those marines. He should have annihilated them. Reagan had a lot of real accomplishments, but he does get overpraised today.

        • Nor did the Neocon Reagan build the Mexican fence. But he did attack firearms freedom with 1986 Gun Control Act. He was a leftist in disguise.

          • Leftist in disguise is a little harsh. But Reagan let Bush hijack his administration pretty early on. I guess getting shot by a Bush family friend was a pretty clear message that Reagan chose not to ignore.

          • He didn’t “let” Bush control the administration – he was forced into it right from the outset. Gary North has detailed this – back room dealings – including the media (Walter Cronkite) forced him into it: http://www.garynorth.com/members/5217.cfm

            One of the great mysteries of Reagan’s candidacy was why he put George Bush on the ticket. Bush had savaged Reagan in the campaign. He invented the phrase “voodoo economics” to dismiss supply-side income tax cuts. Reagan had sworn to the Right’s leaders that he would not appoint Bush to the ticket. This fact has gone down the media’s memory hole. Conservative political activists in the D.C. area felt betrayed when he accepted Bush at the July convention. I knew some of them. They were angry.

            I was not surprised in the least. His willingness in 1976 to accept liberal Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania as his V.P. signaled that he was willing to compromise on this issue.

            There has long been a question: Why did he risk alienating his followers by breaking his word? The answer: he had no choice if he wanted to win.

            On July 28, 2007, I went public with this much of the story.

            The following story I believe is true. It was told to me by W. Cleon Skousen (The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist). Immediately prior to Reagan’s smiling announcement of Bush as his VP running mate, Reagan had spent the weekend at a large estate in Leesburg, Virginia. At that meeting was one of Skousen’s relatives (not Mark or Joel). He witnessed two CFR members, very prominent, who cornered Reagan for the weekend. According to this third-hand, unverifiable testimony — which Skousen relayed to me a few years later — they presented Reagan with a choice: Bush as VP with media neutrality or someone else with media skewering. One of these figures was a talking head with enormous influence. The other was a Rockefeller hireling with enormous influence. They are still alive. One of them still has influence.

            The one who no longer had influence was Cronkite, the talking head. At some point, the other member of the two-man team will die. I will reveal his name at that time.

            Skousen’s relative was a nephew.

            The media are in a position to make or break any candidate. They knew Reagan might win. They wanted leverage if he did. Carter was a political liability for the Establishment in 1980. They wanted a new face. But they wanted to control him.

            This is Ed Meese’s 2008 version of Reagan’s decision. Notice that Cronkite was in the middle of this decision, too.

      • Were you drawing breath when Reagan was President? Who controlled the Congress? How many things that you listed went to the Congress to die? How many Air Traffic Controllers would argue with your shrinking the Government comment?

        Ask any labor attorney or Union person who will honestly tell you what a profound kick in the teeth his firing PATCO did to them in the 80’s and 90’s. Profound. Reagan did what he could with what he had, and his number one priority was fighting the USSR… and he HAD to let other things go. He prevailed on the USSR even though up until 1989, the press and the Democrats constantly said he was an idiot for trying… and some to this day give others more credit. Well, it wasn’t Reagan alone, obviously, but without his “brash” talk and arms buildup , the Polish wouldn’t have had a chance to stand up, nor the Pope to make headway.

        Reagan was an outlier. He had to work with milktoast Republican get-a-long Senate and a fully empowered Democrat House.that had been controlled by the Democrats since FDR! Good grief!

        • Max, you are spot on! You can tell a lot about the comments above whom these people really hate. And what I presume from these comments is that none of them, and they can correct me if this is not true, have never held a leadership or position of responsibility of major significance where they can empathize with someone in Reagan’s position. You can tear anyone to shreds for what they did or didn’t do, or how they did it, but they were the brave souls in the arena facing down victory or defeat where those who stay safe never know the meaning of competition or success or failure … to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt.

          All they do is whine, just like the liberals “we” are supposed to be fighting.

          • The President has less power over the government than the average freshly-minted CEO.

            If one does not hold power, one does not have authority. If one does not have authority, one cannot have responsibility. If one does not have responsibility, one cannot have accountability.

            In modern parlance, a man with a government accountable to him is called a “dictator”.

            I don’t empathize with Reagan. Reagan was weak. Reagan rolled over and got with the program. Reagan was a coward.

            A great man would have stood up for his people by any means necessary. A great man would have knocked off those threatening him, cut the government, and purged everyone who didn’t get with his program, which should have been deporting the foreigners, killing welfare, restoring freedom of association, re-establishing patriarchy, and setting up a proper line of succession in order to keep the levers of power permanently away from the forces of evil.

            Call that whining if you like. I call it a path to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. In fact, it is the only serious path to the only serious victory.

            Hail Victory.

          • Gee another hand puppet! Do we really need to hear all these Obamaists bray such irrational and illiterate nonsense. My guess is this clown wasn’t even born wwhen Reagan was in office but does turn East and pray to Castro three times a day, after which it sacrifices to Stalin and Marx.

          • AMEN.
            Instinctively, women are repulsed by this legion of weak, insufferable, apologizing,effeminate men. Similar to Feminism, it’s intended to repel gender harmony.
            On the flip side: Bitter, competitive, vicious white men are internalizing that frustration and sense of powerlessness and displacement, and in turn behave in a very unnatural, catty/woman like way when interacting with us.

            Meanwhile, women running around like obnoxious, shrill, lazy, overweight, hookers with ZERO self respect and are earning reputation as pump and dumps/Green Card gateways and are destroying our men one child support/family court scheme at a time.
            We must fix this, or settle in mass to a state eligible for succession. It’s saturated in Marxist filth on every level. It’s almost to that point

        • Reagan had a Senate R majority for 6 of his 8 years. He also had the veto. I didn’t see him vetoing any budgets. Reagan was like Obama when it came to debt – a huge expansion during his term of office.

          Some people are not paying attention. There are no good presidents and haven’t been, since at least Calvin Coolidge.

          • I agree with you about Coolidge. Here’s Mencken’s take:

            ” In what manner he would have performed himself if the holy angels had shoved the Depression forward a couple of years – this we can only guess, and one man’s hazard is as good as another’s. My own is that he would have responded to bad times precisely as he responded to good ones – that is, by pulling down the blinds, stretching his legs upon his desk, and snoozing away the lazy afternoons…. He slept more than any other President, whether by day or by night. Nero fiddled, but Coolidge only snored…. Counting out Harding as a cipher only, Dr. Coolidge was preceded by one World Saver and followed by two more. What enlightened American, having to choose between any of them and another Coolidge, would hesitate for an instant? There were no thrills while he reigned, but neither were there any headaches. He had no ideas, and he was not a nuisance.

          • Gee you missed the senile trope there skippy..

            If what you say were true, and who can contest the fact that you were there to see it, then I pray we have another preisent guilty of what you accuse Reagan of rather than a really active critter like Obama striding across all those luxury golfcourses every week insuring the security, prosperity and happiness of the average American.

            Isn’t it strange how much better we are with Obama in office than with Reagan. Why Reagan never matched Obama’s unemployment numbers yet he had more than 25 million more workers in the workforce than Obama does with a far smaller population.

            Ah its easy to slime someone when your sa faculty lounge leftist. And a handpuppet one at that. Try varying your writting style skippy.

          • Paul tell us how many years he controlled the House. Crickets. Nice to know you can control the budget process when half of your senators were RINOs who wouldn’t back you, even then. But hell, facts don’t matter to losers like you do they skippy?

        • Max, all that is precisely why no man who aspires to change the course plotted by the Leviathan on the Potomac will ever do so within the restrictions of the office of President.

      • Gee the only things Reagan did were to defeat that greatest threat to the USA without firing a shot in the face of liarers like yourself.

        He turned around the US economy creating tens of millions of jobs and creating decades of prosperity.

        Reagan only defeated raging inflation in excess of 15% annually and reduced it to 4% something no other politician has done in this country.

        Reagan successfully rebuilt the military after being gutted by the democrats after Vietnam, reducing it to tatters.

        Reagan reduced government regulations by the ton, something pinheads do not like to point out given the fact he did not ever control the senate and the house at the same time. But ignore that, I’m sure you’ll assure us the Dhimmies helped him, right.

        Reagan didn’t kill welfare, he tried and you attack him for not accomplishing that. We’ll tell us who did kill welfare skippy?

        Don’t you think you give yourself away calling for the re-establishment of patriarchy, comrade?

        No he didn’t re-establish freedom of association, but he tried rather than aiding in its destruction, but hey why not facts impede your raging tirade, right?

        Yes let’s get rid of a system and exchange it for what exacty, skippy? Let us know after you contact Soros Central will you.

    • Reagan… oh you mean the guy who enthusiastically helped get the gun control snowball rolling in California while he was governor there? Anyone recognize this quotable quote regarding the Mulford Act of 1967, outlawing open carry in the Golden State?

      “I don’t know of any sportsman who leaves his home with a gun to go out into the field to hunt or for target shooting who carries that gun loaded.”

      Indeed… sentiments one could expect to hear from any modern-day leftist anti-gun congressweasel or Bloomberg astroturf shill. How this guy generates so much worship among the allegedly pro-2nd-Amendment crowd is entirely beyond my fathoming. Is it just because libtards hate him? Let’s all please get something straight: the enemy of your enemy is not your friend. He simply has the potential to be useful in certain narrow contingencies.


  33. Time to think of a new name for a new party. Let the name “Republican” sit rusting next to “Whig” on the trash heap of History.

      • by all means, idjit. Name it after the guy who let the (((neo-conz))) in the door…and the the (((neo-conz))) favorite warmonger, bloody imperialist, and genocide artist: Churchill. That’s sure to work. Actually, the time for “political parties” and “elections” is about over.

        • Haxo demonstrates that he has earned his Soros gild today. Exactly who ties your shoe laces for you Haxo?

        • Very true. Sadly, truth triggers these totally clueless scaredy cats. Still parroting Nazi big bad Boogeyman Hitler Goodwin nuggets.
          Overall great article. Conservative/Republican Party has been infiltrated, and is just a hollow shell of what it used to be. Much like our religions and Educational institutions.
          The only enthusiasm they muster up is for destroying Israels enemies with our men and money, and shamelessly exploiting the low taxes and free market aspects, which normally is great principles of freedom,
          ( unless you’re a dual citizen sociopathic vampire with a contempt for Nationalism unless it’s the chosen strip of blood soaked land in the Desert.)

          Oh, AND manipulate Christians misguided, grossly perverted Scriptures they paid some Schofield hack in late 1800s to twist around to their liking in his revised reference Bible.
          Anyyyhooo.. who’s to say “Republicans” are really even Genuine Republicans?
          If so, they sure managed to elect the gayest, scandal driven, sex offending, criminal Republicans that are the most publicly demoralizing to religious traditionalists after getting “caught” and make all of us the source of ridicule.
          We are under siege by Communists, and McCarthy will be vindicated.

    • There is something they hate more than us dirt people, like nothing else, secession.
      There is pretty damn much no going back to the “old days”, not in the sense we remember them. We are going to have to create our own new good old days, it is a long term project for sure.
      The political elite is trying to create an anarchists criminal oligarchy, where the only rule, for them, is there are no rules but the power to rule over us dirt people.
      When the backbone of this country starts thinking that laws and rules are not worth following, it’s a short bus to a different anarchy.
      These two anarchy’s are like oil and water. But you watch, if it gets as bad as it potentially has the possibilities of becoming, nullification and secession will sprout up in a myriad of ways and places. It’s already begun.

      • Many forget that the Civil War did not begin when the states seceded. It began when (hot head) South Carolinians started the shooting war by bombing Ft. Sumter.
        Prior to that, Lincoln, and most northerners, realized that he had no justification for sending troops to attack the Confederacy. Ft. Sumter’s bombing gave Lincoln the excuse he needed to respond to the aggression.
        The South really made two gigantic mistakes; starting the shooting war and seceding to maintain / expand slavery (a worse justification to secede cannot be found).

        Today, the states must convene a Constitutional Convention to restore the primacy of the states, dissolve all the Federal Agencies excepting the US Treasury and Defense, provide means for the states to overturn any laws passed by Congress, and restrict the US Supreme Court to adjudicate ONLY those cases involving legal issues between the States. The Constitutional Amendments enacted in the early 20th century implementing the personal and corporate income tax and the direct election of US Senators must be also be annulled.
        That’s just for starters (e.g., individuals on public relief should not be allowed to vote).
        Frankly, the Federal Govt. must be eviscerated; it has become a government of, by and for the ruling elites, the special interests, the professional politicians, the bureaucrats , and all their groupies (e.g., the mass media, lobbyists).
        King George III was given the boot by the colonies for actions that are nursery school play compared to what “our” own govt. does to screw over the citizenry.

        • The North lit the fuse with their constant increases in tarriffs. Lincoln’s refusal to allow Southern states to leave peacefully was the cause of the conflict. If you had any education you’d know that the Constitution was ratified only because three states demanded the right to leave the union for any reason, and when the other states agreed to this these three states ratified the Constitution.

          Now my poorly educated friend, try and guess what those three states were and why Lincoln rushed headlong into a war that caused the deaths of over 650,000 Americans and destroyed the unity and wealth of a third of the nation.

    • Trump said the other day that he was going to change the Republican party into a “Worker’s Party”. I wouldn’t mind a party with that in there somewhere.

      • No, no, no.
        Any party with the name “workers” in it is overtly redolent of communism.
        Working Families Party is a wing of the left, Soros, and all that.
        The name is designed to suck in, fool, and deceive ordinary Americans, especially: workers.
        It is progressive to its core.

        Come up with something else.

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