The Cult of Anti-Racism

The ridiculous lecturing of Mike Pence, from the cast of Hamilton the other day, is a good reminder that religions are highly adaptive. The Progressive nutters quickly went from smug triumphalism the day of the election to declaring themselves the new Freedom Riders, fighting the segregationists. Within hours of the result, race hustling grifters like Jamelle Bouie were spinning fantasies where he and his hotep brothers were spontaneously organizing a black underground resistance movement.

The musical Hamilton is flypaper for moonbats, because it titillates their fantasies about race. Progressive don’t actually like real flesh and blood black people very much, which is why they avoid them. Take a look at the liberal bastions of America and you always find urban reservations for the folks who likes to keep it realz. It’s why big cities are using housing gimmicks to ship their blacks to the suburbs. Gentrification is just Progressive ethnic cleansing.

No, Progressives prefer their black people to be like the ones in their fantasy version of America. These are blacks like Obama. Black but, you know, not really black. As Steve Sailer put it, Obama is the nation’s first black wigger. It is one of life’s great ironies that the ideal black man on the Left is an exotic mulatto, who acts and sounds like an Oreo. Most people would have preferred President Camacho, but in the Progressive paradise, everything is drained of color, even the black guys.

Half a century ago, Progressive radicals adopted anti-racism as a tactic. It let them lever themselves into positions of political authority by first establishing their moral authority. The old honkies on the Left, who wanted economic justice for all Americans, were pushed aside by the New Left, who promised racial justice. In the 60’s and 70’s, these new anti-racists took over the Left and when the Cold War ended, they came to dominate it.

The trouble with moral causes like anti-racism, is there is no limiting principle, so it quickly went from political expedient to religious tenet. You can’t really be anti-racist enough. How does one define the anti-racist paradise? It’s why they are always chanting about the “more work needs to be done.” It’s also why they have developed a fetish for miscegenation. The only way there can be no racism is if there are no races and the way to achieve that is inter-breeding.

It’s why the genetic test kit companies like doing ads where the customer discovers she is not what she was told. No one in these ads learns they are 100% pure honky. Instead, the person always learns they are a beef stew of different ethnic tribes. There’s even one with a middle-aged cat lady type learning that she has some American Indian in he blood. You can be sure she went right out and bought some dream catchers and started talking about her spirit guide.

The one exception is a white man delighted to learn he is not German. instead he is a mix of groups from the British Isles. He was, of course, thankful to learn he was not a Nazi. The message being sent in these ads is that even though race and ethnicity are biological reality, inter-breeding makes it unimportant. Most likely the people running these firms know better, but they also know they are on dangerous ground. They make these ads to keep the anti-racist wackos off their back.

Progressives may have built the still and cooked up the anti-racist moonshine, but the Official Right is just as drunk off the concoction as the Left. This post on the Federalist is a good example of how people, thinking they are conservatives, buy into all the anti-racism stuff. The author of that piece is sure that race relations were just fine until Trump and his voters broke some deal we are just learning about now. It’s as if the author is unaware of the last decade.

The other day, National Review editor Rich Lowry had a piece up begging the Left to not cast him and his fellows into the pit reserved for the racists. Despite the fact that Trump is the most diversity celebrating President in American history, the boys and girls of the Official Right™ accept the Left’s claims about his racism, simply because Trump does not attend the Church of Anti-Racism. It is how the hive mind works. You’re either inside the walls or outside the walls. There are no gray areas.

Steve Sailer is convinced this is just a conspiracy to reclaim the urban landscape. To some degree he is right, but that’s a downstream consequence. As anti-racism has become a defining feature of the Progressive sense of self, these schemes to hide away dis-confirmation have become a natural defense mechanism. Shipping the ghetto out to flyover country is just a way to hide the problem from the new modern hipsters in gentrified areas.

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  1. “You can be sure she went right out and bought some dream catchers and started talking about her spirit guide.”
    My totem animal is Rocky the Flying Squirrel. (Heard this once and laughed myself silly.)

  2. I lost five minutes of my life making an honest effort to make sense of the word “racist”, and it can’t be done. It’s a made up word, and badly done it is. I now challenge every person who uses the word to tell me what it means, and to this point no one will repeat that mistake because it is indefensible. Don’t provoke a homo-Sapienist.

    • A relative at the Thanksgiving dinner got started on Trump’s “racist” questioning of Obama’s birth certificate. I replied that maybe Trump just didn’t like Obama very much (I avoided introducing the concept of Trump’s adoption of the Left’s Alinskying tactics). No response.

      Racism, sexism, and misogynism are simply reflex responses meant to shut people up and put people down. The reversion to using them in conversation is in direct measure to the vacuousness of the speaker’s thinking.

      • Yes, but misogynism is actually a word–the practice of misogyny–no matter that the word is being abused.. But so far as I know one cannot practice race.

      • That’s sounds like just the thing to ask some Millenial SJW: ” Have you always practiced vacuous misognyism? ” Or ” Just how long have you been a vacuous misogynist? ” Might been hard to hold the stunned look on my face when I ask the question, though, while they stumble for an answer.

  3. Just realized (while reading about pension problems in Cali) that all of America’s cities are dying. They are like the corpses of dead dogs; still providing sustenance to the fleas, but quickly putrefying.

    • It is no accident that when Dickens wrote about poverty and human suffering, he sited the story in London. Cities are destinations for the unencumbered and the dispossessed. Criminality also can find both a haven and plenty of opportunity in the cities. The suburbs and rural areas have a social structure that requires some level of integration into it, which is partly the responsibility of the new arrivals.

  4. Upon careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an intellectual elitist and therefore by default a raysiss: collectively, blacks, amerinds and to a lesser degree mestizos are not high-intellect, well-educated and cultured, although I know exceptions to the rule, particularly among the latter group. Those exceptions have racial attitudes that make mine seem like those of a female pastor of a progressive church.

    • I’ve been wondering how China’s “men” who have no women are going to change the country as they go abroad seeking women to bring home. Not exactly “sticking to your own” when your government has limited your options with the one-child rule. Millions of men who have no mating potential. It’s either go abroad looking or use up that testosterone on the battlefield while it’s hot!

  5. I met a raycissst in the parking lot of Costco. He didn’t like the fact that I was taking so long to get my sister into the car (she was in a wheelchair) and I was blocking his way into the parking space next to us. Here was this old geezer, in his minivan, calling me Paco and telling me to get out of his way and that I shouldn’t even be in this country! Racism, yeah it’s there. Overt or covert. There are many aspects to the theme, none of them necessarily good but I tend to think they are built mainly from one’s experience. Ignorance is a large part of it. If you haven’t had a lot of exposure to “others” then a single incident can “color” your feelings about some peoples. But as you gain more experience and your ignorance wanes, you learn that people are pretty much the same wherever you go. Good and bad in all. Mother rapers and father stabbers … etc. And then there are those neighborhoods where, as Cheech & Chong used to say “Night ain’t no time to be in dis here neighborhood!” And for survival’s sake, you better know where those neighborhoods are located.

    • In my experience a raysis is created by exposure to the Diverse. I was not a raysis until I had exposure to negroes, now I am a raysis and I don’t care who knows it. As far as I am concerned there are two basic types of white people, the raysis, and the stupid. You can quote me on this.

    • “Here was this old geezer, in his minivan, calling me Paco”

      I suspected you were a Mexican.

      “and that I shouldn’t even be in this country!”


    • I have half Asian kids and the progressive fetish for interracial relationships and children bugs ME. It’s very uncomfortable to have people fawning over your family for the mere fact of its existence. My children are not some bold symbol of a new and enlightened future.

  6. Think I’ve posted this before, but if I haven’t everyone here needs to read and print this out…

    John Derbyshire’s column that got him exiled from NRO into outer darkness: “The Talk”: BadThink up close and personal:

    Also, this snapshot of Black crime and history:

    Also, pretty much everything Heather McDonald has written over then past 3-4 years.

    This last one cites multiple sources of what our Founding Fathers really  thought about race, including that war criminal, good ol’ Honest Abe:

    Always keep your head on a swivel and avoid them. Around Blacks, Never Relax. They are not like us. Not. At. All.

  7. The cult of anti racism will last as long as the money does. The race hustling, affirmative action and diversity industries (all scams) are huge sources of revenue for hundreds of thousands of people. When I hear “we’ve come a long way but we still have a long way to go” I know I’m listening to a con artist.

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  9. If race and genetics don’t/shouldn’t matter, why bother to look? The people doing genetic testing on themselves for some kind of multicultural affirmation are being hypocritical.

    • I always wanted to be Race-ist so I thought I should start a spread sheet of races. I am still on number one. What race is a Hispanic?

      • Anyone who identifies as Hispanic. Especially when applying for a position where getting it might be determined by affirmative action, in which case especially if one’s name is Smith or Jones.

      • Hispanic is not a “race.” It is more of a catch-all for multiple “ethnicity’s.” A word concocted by our ever efficient gummint.

        • Exactly. One of my sons guaranteed his admission into a graduate program this way, and I actually had a white cousin who got away with claiming he was black on a law school application. I put down native American on my sat test and got all kinds of scholarship offers. The amount of bullshit in the system is so high that they can’t recognize when you throw the bullshit back.

  10. You hit on an important distinction on the economic versus racial/social justice. I’m just old enough to remember when the goals of the Left were tangible. One could understand if you were winning or losing. Now the agenda consists solely of Things That Cannot Be Measured. “Unconscious bias”, “privilege” and the like allow for a never ending and ever expansive agenda into every aspect of citizens’ lives. Even original aims like the right to vote, that were easy to define and measure have now devolved into vague themes like “voter suppression” that literally define the same people that were formerly willing to risk life and limb to get into a polling booth as amoeba minded creatures that can’t even find a local address on election day…

    • Concrete goals are measurable and ideas based upon them are falsifiable. It is a pattern of leftist rule that the parameters of virtue become these immeasurable vapors because it becomes the only way to maintain power. In the same way the rule of the Jacobins in Paris hounded people according to their commitment to the Revolution or their patriotic virtue and beheaded them on these bases, or similar criteria in Stalin’s purges, or the Cultural Revolution in China. It’s all the same. And it’s a sign that leftist rule is on the way out, too.

    • “I’m just old enough to remember when the goals of the Left were tangible.”

      The extermination of a population is always a tangible goal. They’re just more ambitious about the population that they aim to exterminate this time around.

  11. “Progressive don’t actually like real flesh and blood black people … Take a look at the liberal bastions of America and you always find urban reservations for the folks who likes to keep it realz.”

    Lefties always talk about “Diversity” and “Integration”, ad naseum. I live in Chicago. Yet all of the white leftists I know live safely among their own race and economic class. I like to point out their hypocrisy and suggest they be the ones to actually provide the “Integration” and move to 65th and Bishop. They never take me up on this suggestion, but I refuse to ever let them forget about their failure to do so. Even notice that integration (as proffered by Progressives) is always for black people to move to where white leftists are and not the other way around?

    • No kidding. Happen to live in one of those “Cloud People” towns outside NYC. Very affluent,with the exception of one end of town where most of the section 8 and rental housing is located. There are multiple elementary neighborhood elementary schools (generally a very good thing), which also means real problems managing fluctuating class sizes and differentiation in instruction and the top and bottom ends of the academic distribution. The superintendent made the mistake of simply opening a “dialog” on the feasibility of trying a Princeton Plan (pooling students by grade in different schools) which also would have meant spreading the concentration of minority students one school over the otherwise lily white schools. The Wrath of Khan immediately descended and the remaining life of the proposal was measurable only in nano-seconds. Leaders of the pack were the usual suspects that sport Obama stickers and gnash their teeth over the dangers or sending kids to school with disposable water bottles….

      • I lived in a college town for many years. The eggheads were always out there pushing for greater “diversity” in the city schools….until a clerical oversight or a deep-cover shitlord rezoned a large part of the faculty ghetto into the actual ghetto. White flight? At about Mach fucking 3, thank you very much… at which point they all got out there and started pushing for more “diversity” in the schools again. The People’s Temple had nothing on these freaks.

  12. Would you like to know the other discussion we can’t have? It’s about Boomers that went to segregated schools. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone mention it. I’d never thought about it, until I read about the problems they had desegregating the schools in Oklahoma City. That’s when I realized the school I went to was segregated. The Indian kids (feather, not dot) went to school with us. I’m sure there would be a huge social stigmata about it, but the fact is that the kids didn’t really have a say in it. And once you are out of the school system, it’s hard to compare your experience with how the schools are currently run. Maybe it can be talked about after we all die off 😉

    • I graduated from high school in 1966. Our schools were not integrated yet. When my kids got to elementary school they had black kids in their classes.
      It didn’t become a real problem until high school, when the northern blacks made their way into the south.
      Now…….God help us all.

  13. My blue eyed, blond husband took the DNA test. He was hoping to find that mythical Indian princess his grandmother mentioned, but found he was 2% Northern African. He likes to remind me he’s a soul man now, but I keep telling him that might not go over well publicly.

      • I remind him of that too. I think the Irish and Dutch pretty much overwhelmed the other nationalities 😉

      • The Carthaginians were a Phoenician people from the Levant, that is to say Semites.
        North Africa would also have had all the peoples from the Roman Empire, many of whom went there in the Legions and Auxiliaries. And then Vandals

    • My wife is now reveling in her newly discovered Neanderthal heritage (actually most people with deep European roots have some)

  14. Alternative theory: Anti-Rasiss was just the most successful product line from the Frankfurt School’s line-of-business diversifications from their original ‘pure’ economic Marxism grift. Createing additional ‘oppressor’ classes such as the Whites, The Patriarchy, etc. was smart marketing once it was, even then, starting to become obvious that many of their fellow intellectuals were becoming ‘The Man’. Given the infinite store of human grievances in this fallen world, it only makes sense to mine them all. Anti-Rasiss became the mother lode due to historical circumstances (Civil Rights movement to piggyback upon). All of these, of course, have the common feature of constantly movable goalposts.

    • And the civil rights movement was no accident. It was a Trojan horse. “Oh, a present. How nice. Who’s it from?”

  15. With all of the masturbatory congratulatory nonsense the Lefties spew about race, one would do well to procure a wet dream catcher instead.

  16. Why is racism any worse than interracialism? When you see the way the latter is peddled by that fount of evil called Hollywood, you know it can’t be good.

  17. the TV-ing & MOVIE-ing (& theater-ing) of our culture has made it so people think blax are as smart as the characters they portray. the (((left))) easily sneaked in the idea (thru casting) that all groups are exactly equal on all characteristics b/c we can create that on TV, in movies & plays. & now people think that is reality.

  18. ” There’s even one with a middle-aged cat lady type learning that she has some American Indian in he blood. ”

    I wouldn’t call Elizabeth Warren middle-aged, but 60’s are the new 40’s, right?

  19. On another note, this is a question I have that I have yet to find a good answer for:

    What is the best way to handle or react to limp wristed people on the so-called right who give in to the cult?

      • I would agree that this would be ideal, but in reality it doesn’t seem to be happening or it’s happening in slow motion. Too often the cuckservatives seem to be getting away with it.

        • you haven’t seen my comments over at Instacuck! the cucks haven’t gotten away with a thing; it is all in the internet record. they are marked men.

  20. Ultimately, like all successful scams, “racism” relies on the willful failure to observe reality…But as the Alt-Right has discovered, when everybody is a racist or even “Hitler”, the scam starts to disintegrate

    • old saying:
      if you meet a jerk, so what.. it’s just one jerk;
      if you think everyone you meet is a jerk.. then probably you’re the jerk.

      same thing for “racists”.

  21. If it’s a defense mechanism, it’s a reflexive one not a conscious one. I see no organization or coordination from them at all.

    The biggest enemy of the cult of anti racism is indeed reality.

    • Oh Brother, you said it, it’s more than reality. They will end up thrown under the wheels of the bus called cultural marxism or into the maw of genocide the moment their usefulness is over. That is the way of all things tyranny no matter it’s name.
      And after all they have been complicit in the Fabian pogrom of the dirt people of America, and when it reaches it’s climax their only friends they will have, have ever had, will be the dirt people.
      But they best wake up to the scam pretty soon, because unlike themselves, dirt people don’t commit self destructive cultural suicide, rape pillage and burn down their towns and cities, destroy centuries of tried and true traditions of providential life, when pushed to the maximum they come to your towns and cities and raze them to the ground, they exterminate their enemy like no other people can. And the dirt people are very good at it once they have no other moral options of tolerance for such toxic fellow humans.
      Call it White Privilege, or what preferred marxist foisted pronouns of the current narrative you want. There is a reason the western white Christian world is so successful through time and history, why the West, it’s men and women, elevated themselves spiritually, economically, scientifically, and industriously, why we have retained a certain definable everlasting virtue and catechisms of moral traditions, and it is in no uncertain terms dirt people mind you please, who have been the only people to ever effect positive change beyond protecting their meat and women with a spear in a mud hut every day and have repeatedly overcome the tyrant and the sycophants rule of men.

      The hard reality that can no longer be put off of the doubling down of the cultural marxists in their toxic derangement. They mean to have their civil war if it means destroying everything to have it, even their own destruction. If it means no one can have anything.
      Me, I have no doubts the dirt people prevail, that things playing out couldn’t happen any other way, that there is far more good in this world, that that good is what the human extinction movement abhors and is trying to extinguish, and that that good is something dirt people understand in their bones if nothing else is worth fighting for, and at some point that good becomes legion unlike any force imaginable. It just takes a lot of trial and tribulation for it to become a zeitgeist and then an indomitable undeniable force. And that the left for all it’s bluster and systematic coercion, has nothing like it, it has nothing to offer, only the power of fear and loathing, but as it becomes ever more irrelevant by the day, by the revelation, the left by it’s own hand reveals itself for not so much what it is, but for what it is not.

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