Diversity and Reality

In the movie The Godfather, there’s a scene where Don Corleone is giving Michael some advice about life. He says, “I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.” It’s a great line and it was true for most of human existence. The role of males in society has always exposed them to the greater risk. That and male competition has often been for keeps. When the stakes are high the room for error is smaller so men have always had to be the less reckless of the sexes.

We live in a soft age where women run most things so that means we live in a careless age as well. All sorts of silly and ridiculous things are indulged because the margin for error seems endless. You can make up a bunch of silly diversity rules, for example, on the college campus, because little serious work is done on the college campus. Most of what is done is busy work. In the areas where serious work is done, like the hard sciences, you see very little of the PC nonsense we associate with the academy.

That’s a pretty good measure to keep in mind. In any area where you see lots of PC jaclassery, you can be sure that most of the work is unimportant. Of course, the opposite is true as well. In Silicon Valley, for example, work has to get done and the work is challenging, so they don’t waste a ton of time on counting colors and vaginas in the work force. Even Facebook is forced to comport to reality.

Facebook has put itself at the forefront of efforts to recruit a more diverse workforce, including a targeted internal recruiting strategy in 2015 designed to bring in female, black and Latino software engineers.

Yet within Facebook’s engineering department, the push has been hampered by a multi-layered hiring process that gives a small committee of high-ranking engineers veto power over promising candidates, frustrating recruiters and hindering progress on diversity goals.

Facebook started incentivizing recruiters in 2015 to find engineering candidates who weren’t already well represented at the company – women, black and Latino workers. But during the final stage for engineering hires, the decision-makers were risk-averse, often declining the minority candidates. The engineering leaders making the ultimate choices, almost all white or Asian men, often assessed candidates on traditional metrics like where they attended college, whether they had worked at a top tech firm, or whether current Facebook employees could vouch for them, according to former recruiters, who asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to speak publicly about their work.

The people running Facebook need real work to get done and get done quickly. That means hiring the best people they can find. They don’t have a lot of time to indulge the diversity nonsense so they don’t. If they filled their cubicles with a rainbow of diversity hires, the PC Puritans would love them, but their share holders and users would not. Since the latter pay the bills, Facebook can live with some bad press. Zuckerberg will just donate another billion dollars to some Progressive cause.

That leads to another rule. When a company that appears to doing real work hires a powerskirt to bring diversity to the firm, it means the insiders have cashed out and no longer think the firm is a good bet. Yahoo made that clear when they hired Marrisa Mayer to diversify the company. She immediately went berserk and started firing men and turning the place into an estrogen circus. This was possible because the smart money had left and they could afford to indulge in some PC jackassery.

That’s the thing about modern liberalism. Identity politics cannot survive contact with reality. That’s because it is the ultimate luxury item. It can be indulged only where the consequences are of no consequence. The Federal government can have a workforce that ticks all the boxes on the diversity scorecard, because no one actually wants the government to do anything. Having a collection of incompetent people at a government agency goes unnoticed so they can fill it up with diversity hires.

While the futurists promise us a future where all the required work is done by AI robots, so we can enjoy the long overdue flying cars and jet-packs, that’s not now. In the present, the hard work of keeping society going still needs to be done by competent people. Ask anyone who hires for a living and they will tell you that the demand for competence outstrips the supply in just about every field. That means wherever real work gets done, diversity can never be a top priority, so it will not be a top priority.

Reality. It is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it.

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  1. “That means hiring the best people they can find. They don’t have a lot of time to indulge the diversity nonsense so they don’t.”

    In the last tech company I worked for (Sequent, which made the most powerful computers then available), in the engineering department there was plenty of diversity even though diversity was not the aim. There were white people, gays and straights, Asians, Indians and Pakistanis (which means Hindus and Muslims), and even a few women. All quite competent. That was in the software department. Strangely though, the hardware side, where I worked, it was all white men, often ex-military. Neither the software side nor the hardware side was trying to hire any but the best. What was wrong with that?

    I hate holier-than-thou diversity bureaucrats. The world will be a better place when they are all put up against the wall.

  2. This is another fractal effect of the income tax- gotta get those women and minorities paying the company store.

  3. The “diversity” talk is coverup for dividing people into identity groups to make it easier for Mockingbird Media to get them to do the bidding of the shadow Deep State government.

  4. From the Mercury News link:

    “When Savitt [male editor fired by Mayer] began at Yahoo the top managers reporting to her … including the chief editors of the verticals and magazines, were less than 20 percent female. Within a year and a half those top managers were more than 80 percent female,”

    “Of the approximately 16 senior-level editorial employees hired or promoted by Savitt … in approximately an 18-month period, 14 of them, or 87 percent, were female,”

    A society cannot survive such jackassery. Unless Yahoo’s intent was to turn left and go down.

    For many years Yahoo’s business plan appears to have been “controlled flight into terrain.”

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  6. Dear Capitalist Running Dogs,

    I’m sure glad the US Armed Forces have promoted women into the combat arms branches.


    Vladimir Putin

  7. My dad spent his career as one of the three Assistant Postmaster Generals (not a political appointment). In the 1960’s he hired a black Harvard Law graduate, and was exited to have a Harvard grad because that was so rare. My father was U of Michigan. He was completely unprepared for the reality of this man’s competence. He was not a man who need to learn the same lesson twice, but the barn door was open. Then he was assigned a secretary who typed forty words a minute on a good day, and never made the effort to improve herself. Job for life.

  8. “The engineering leaders making the ultimate choices, almost all white or Asian men, often assessed candidates on traditional metrics like where they attended college, whether they had worked at a top tech firm, or whether current Facebook employees could vouch for them.”

    I remember the good old days when that list of criteria was called “being qualified for the job”. Out with the old, in with the new, I suppose. That’s why this report (from CNN, so take it fwiw) is so heartening, under the headline “Trump is appointing people who hate the agencies they will lead”.


    Years ago, the Air Force had this pesky problem where they were misplacing nuclear weapons and their launch officers were cheating on proficiency evaluations and falling asleep on the job. As a former nuclear weapons officer, now a contractor, I was invited to a very senior level meeting (O8-O9 general officer stuff) to talk to them about ways to get the situation under control. I was disinvited from the very senior level meeting when they asked me what I thought, and I said this:

    “You don’t change the culture of an organization by sending people into that organization who were born there and are looking for a way back in. You send in people who hate those lazy, incompetent, bastards, fire everybody down to O5, and rebuild the culture from scratch. You replace the culture with the one you want.”

    i.e. You hire people who hate the organization they’ll be leading.

    Anyway, I still tease people I knew back then that they should’ve let me go to the meeting just to be the “spark plug”. I’ve always been the guy who can say stuff like that and live to tell the tale.

    Time Magazine would later interview me about this very subject, and I was the only person in Mark Thomson’s reports who would use his real name. That was around 2008 when the original nuke problems went public. The Mark Thompson reports came several years later (around 2013) when more nukes were misplaced and there were widely reported cheating scandals. As I told Thompson at the time…this culture and these problems have been around a very long time. That they didn’t “fix” things in 2008 is because they didn’t listen to guys like me.

    I hated those motherf***ers. In 2008, they should have sent me to do the job.

  9. Reminds me of a quote (can’t attribute it to anyone….faulty memory): “Women never step into a field until it’s been rendered safe by men.”

  10. Excellent column, pithy and to the point. Next Exhibit demonstrating SJW destruction of tech companies, Twitter.

  11. It’s about demonstrated competence these days in engineering. To get your foot in the door you had to have an MS and your masters thesis better be something shit hot like a media access controller or a database application. It need not be saleable, but it had better work.

    The downside to that is that the days when engineers could apprentice while working on some lesser feature or subsystem are gone.

    If I’m VP of engineering, I cannot afford to take the risk that 7 out of the 10 diversity hires don’t work out since I don’t even have the jobs anymore where I can train them or hide them if I think they have potential but aren’t ready for prime time yet. Your engineers don’t have time to train apprentices these days, anyway.

    But since I’ve come to really dislike Facebook, I say hire lots and lots of diverse engineers.

    The thing I really can’t understand is why boards keep hiring Marissa Mayers. Besides looking good in a tight red dress stretched out over an exercise ball, what does she really have to offer? (I guess the same goes for ¡Carly!) There’s always at least one big investor on the board who knows that she’s just going to drive morale and productivity into the toilet with the private nursery, gym, and “diverse hires.” Are they loaning the stock to short sellers on the side?

  12. One other big difference between Facebook and Yahoo under Marissa Mayer. Most or all of Yahoo’s market capitalization under Mayer cam from its passive holding in Alibaba. The market gave no–are almost no–value to the parts of the enterprise she could actually control.

  13. I work as a consultant for big tech and government contracting, and the diversity bug is ubiquitous within all big tech and government contractors. It is routine practice for the HR department’s diversity police to have a direct input into the performance review of project managers or team leaders. If the group a manager assembles for a project doesn’t meet the HR department’s diversity quotas (and yes, they are quotas) the manager will get docked on his/her review and his/her upward mobility in the company will be limited.

    It’s mildly ironic, of course, because all big tech companies are literally swimming with Asians and Indians but they don’t count for diversity purposes. In my graduate engineering program I was one of two white students out of a group of approximately 50 students. All the rest were from Asia or India. Imagine an Asian or Indian manager of a team composed of 90% Asians and Indians getting dinged by HR for failing to meet diversity quotas and you have imagined Corporate America in the Obama era.

    The end result has been that a lot of big tech and government contractors are now functioning much like the government in the sense that the diversified in-house team defines and manages a project, but a lot of the actual work is performed by outside contractors. HR departments are now pushing hard to impose diversity quotas on these outside contractors, who are responding by staffing appropriately internally and hiring their own outside contractors to do the work. It’s simply an iterative process through which the costs of diversity are baked into the cake.

    @Drake–the Diversity Executive Director (DED) has not been shoved into a hole in the basement. She is busy collecting diversity data on your company’s employees and crafting a Diversity Action Plan to present for approval by the Board of Directors. Her plan will be approved by the Board and you can look forward to years of HR breathing down your neck.

    The way to succeed in this environment is to define the resources you need for a project, then simply add in the staffing to meet HR’s diversity goals. At the end of every project give the diverse employees glowing reviews and recommend at least one for promotion. You’ll be the apple of HR’s eye and C-suite executives will take note. The fact that your project costs increased by 30-50% won’t even be noticed.

  14. I have noticed that big corporations tend to appoint female or minority CEOs after they have screwed the pooch. Apple, Yahoo, H-P, McDonald’s, GM, and IBM come to mind. The female or minority CEO may succeed or fail, but it appears that a board of a company that hasn’t got it together tries to buy some level of immunity with the new appointment. It is not that the female or minority leadership screwed things up, it is that a board that gets paid very well for their somewhat minimal commitment to the enterprise, and often gets paid in stock, searches for every means possible to keep the stock up. Generally that means a dividend hike, stock buybacks, and a new female or minority CEO. Symptom, not cause. The cause is non-merit based hiring and an activist HR department.

  15. whole segments of American society are now “the enemy” of well over half the citizenry.

    the left will wither as the rest of the country re-routes around them; and replaces them. the mooches will gravitate towards the few blue states willing to give them welfare as federal benefits devolve back to the states. the left is now out of power and soon to be losing all access to public funds. but still has it’s army of leeches to sustain. have to keep the cadres spinning, while waiting for “the call”.

  16. My limited observation is a variance on your observation that the insiders have cashed out when the PC parasites show up: This happens when the insiders begin to worry more about propping up their option values through other means than beating the competition, driving the technology, etc. This usually coincides with the firms’ growth decelerating.

    Alternatively it happens when the founder’s’ progeny begin to be brought into positions of power. Then it is that the focus turns to being able to run with the elites, which they have been trained to do, sometimes all they have been trained to do. Decorative outside board members then get added to dress up the annual report. And, since they must show something to justify their cushy pay and perks but know little of the guts of the business, they work where they are comfortable, aka on diversity.

    IOW, the new/revised insiders cut a deal that the elite will make their organs of power available for stock market influence so long as a goodly number of them get ‘meaningful careers’ as PC parasites. This can work temporarily as god press can substitute for good numbers in a lot of investment management circles, witness the career of Eleanore Holmes (sp_?).

    Still love “power skirts”.

    • I used to believe that financial self-interest would keep the network owners from letting their personal politics get too one sided. i remember when the newspapers in the 70’s would spill on Dem politicians that got caught behaving badly. not any more. mind boggling to see them burn down their own businesses this way.

  17. Heard a really solid observation a few years back about men and woman’s roles, the best comment I think I’ll ever hear. I was up in NH road racing motorcycles, an inherently dangerous and exciting way to have fun, there where two young ladies sitting just outside the pit garage door, a bunch of us veteran racers shared for mutual support and tribe, I was just inside working on my bike for the next race, one of these ladies was a newcomers girl friend, all of a sudden she pipes up and says to the other, “Men, they are like little boys on big toy’s”. I look up because the comment was delivered in that typical feminist condescending tone of voice, the other lady as smooth and confident as can be comes back with, “These Men, they are the men of centuries past who grabbed their swords and spears and went out to defend their family’s and homes”. “Wild as they are I like being around these Men, I never have to worry about being a Woman.”
    I learned so much from that comment because it defined so much, it still defines things to this day in my mind. It is what I use to gauge my interactions with other men, and woman. And as I’ve grown older I find those are the men and woman, who understand about the sword and the spear I am attracted to and respect.
    That is why I admire Donald Trump, a man who understands the sword and the spear, why he is surrounded by warriors and fair strong maiden’s, why half this country sneers at him and his admirers, why so many of us dirt people are shat on by those who would sneer, because our existence as people who understand things like the sword, the spear, the rifle, is for men and woman who haven’t forgotten what the sword spear and rifle is for.

  18. Oh, and one of the best quotes I heard on the subject went as follows: “A company goes into decline once they put in place a stand-alone HR department; once HR gets a seat on the board, the decline is terminal.”

  19. Magnificent post! I’m at a major oil company*, and I’ve long said that the whole industry is no longer much interested in getting the job done. It’s all about the process, and looking good while doing it. We might as well be a branch of the government.

    *Not ExxonMobil. They do better than the rest for good reasons.

  20. One place that no one ever thinks about when it comes to competence is in surgical technicians. The people who hand the instruments to the surgeon. They are expected to have everything available that might be needed during the operation, and to have them set up in an accessible manner, and then to be able to respond to commands without even thinking about what they are doing, the best of them able to anticipate the surgeon’s next move. It is also one of those fields where you can go into it in complete ignorance as to whether you are appropriate for it or not. I’ve seen people go halfway through and pass out in the OR, have problems maintain focus, or get all the way through the training and the expense thereof and find that the pressure of being ready is just too much for them. The most dangerous are the ones who are barely competent and manage to stay in just long enough to get in on a dangerous complex operation that they find is their level of incompetence. Then everybody suffers.
    And consider this: these are third tier in importance in the OR. The surgeon and circulating nurse are both above them in the pecking order. And are the positions that are more subject to affirmative action. Just think about that for a minute.

      • Lots of possibilities, if it is true. Remember, you have to look at any set of statistics with a skeptical eye. Investigators tend to find what they are expected to find and methods of keeping track and deciding how to define what is being looked at change all the time. This alters perspective. Two examples would be the explosion of prostate cancer in the USA in the 1990’s this was in part because of the baby boomers entering into the appropriate age group and an alteration in diagnosis and screening. There was an interest in making more diagnoses, there was a set up for the diagnosis to be made more frequently, and a lot of money to be made. Another has to do with tornadoes. Several years back when there was a lot of push by the global warming folks to attribute increases in weather disasters to global warming they changed the criterion for declaring a tornado from someone having witnessed it to a pattern being seen on radar. This resulted in a few years of greatly increased calls of tornadoes.
        All that said, there is the reality of increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics and the fact that more people get antibiotics for various thing, plus the varying degrees of immune suppression various groups of people in society are in from taking certain medications or from diseases affecting immunity.
        This boils down to the fact that a higher level of acuity is present in both hospitals and emergency rooms. Sicker patients are being cared for. And part of this is because they are being kept alive longer and we are using entirely new classes of medications that affect resistance. Many more people now are on either corticosteroids or monoclonal antibody preparations for treatment of various autoimmune diseases than ever before. Any drug you see advertised with -mab at the end of the generic name is a monoclonal antibody. Typically these are used to modify the immune system in some way.
        So if it is happening, and I think it is, a simple explanation that it could be taken care of by more regulations and actions by the Joint Commisssion on Hospital Accreditation isn’t going to help, and those regs aren’t going to help, but merely make our jobs tougher.

    • No one things about it because a well trained monkey can do the work of a surgical technician. Yes, as you said, they stand there and hand you instruments. And I suppose they have a college degree? I’m sure they must do – from one of your oh so excellent universities. Or was it from ITT tech next to the shopping mall.

      • You hit the nail on the head, Karl. I just pointed out how important the lowest job in the OR is and you just compared that person to a monkey. That’s the real difference between our systems.

  21. About 6 months ago my employer announced the hiring of a “Diversity Executive Director”. I was worried when I read it, but fortunately I have yet to encounter her on anything I’ve worked on.

    I assume they checked off whatever box the necessary for to make the government folks we sell to happy, and quietly lost her down in HR somewhere.

  22. “….That’s the thing about modern liberalism. Identity politics cannot survive contact with reality….”

    It is this very reason that liberalism always and inevitably leads to tyranny and loss of liberty.

    Look at those individuals in “liberal” Western Europe that have been prosecuted for saying the “wrong” thing. Look at the university campuses here in the USA that have become real world examples of Orwell’s Animal Farm.
    And political correctness – always and uniquely advanced by “liberals” – is nothing more than an effort to stifle dissenting opinions.

    Liberalism today is totalitarianism/fascism/communism (but I repeat myself) and that is why liberals are so dangerous. They talk a good line – equal rights, blah blah blah – but it is merely a cover, a ruse to to impose their form of tyranny upon the citizenry. For them, the ends justifies the means. For them it’s OK if one must crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

    It is this reason that every effort must be made to destroy them – politically, economically and existentially – because there simply is no doubt that if given the opportunity, today’s liberals would do likewise to those whom oppose their agenda.

    I do not think most liberals desire to re-open, literally speaking, the gas chambers and gulags in which to toss those they define to be “enemies of the state,” but as reality and their utopian world view collide and conflict, harsher and harsher methods must be brought to bear to achieve their goals. And their world view is in every respect a deeply held religious belief.

    We all know what happens when religious zealots achieve political power.

  23. “Having a collection of incompetent people at a government agency goes unnoticed so they can fill it up with diversity hires.”

    Having a collection of incompetent people at a government agency goes unnoticed…until you visit the DMV.

    I would just add that in addition to the differences between companies, you can also see the stark difference between the various processes within a company. In production, it’s all business – no time for bullshit, because widgets have to go out the door. Almost entirely men. In sales, there’s more leeway, so you get more women and more bullshit. Finance is totally useless (with the exception of 8 weeks a year). And HR…well, that’s where you go to pick up dates, no?

  24. I am sorry to say this all springs from one of the modern era’s great pieces of nonsense: the myth that ‘you can be anything you want to be.’

    Short answer is, no you can’t. Wishing one was taller or could withstand extra G to fly in space or be able to wow people with mediocre singing or even come up with exciting software innovations when you can’t grasp the basics of computers is just part of the ongoing waste of time indulged by people who should know better. People saying you can do anything is pushing people into trying to do jobs they can’t and the inevitable happens; you get nothing but dross and errors from such idiocy. Telling someone they are amazing when they are not is no help at all.

    People should find out what they can do, and then strive to do it well.

    • better to play the hand you were dealt — well — than to pretend you have a better hand than you do.

    • There are tools to help people do that more effectively such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which is a test that leverages the work of Carl Jung. I have found it very helpful and surprisingly accurate for myself at least. People need to be realistic and understand they have strengths and weaknesses, interests and things that can be learned and others that are simply God-given talents and abilities. Why educators can’t simplify things for kids is problematic. I also remember when I started high school I was asked if I wanted the “trades” or the “college” track. They did not expect or encourage everyone to go to college.

      • My wife works in education, and she is astonished how many people in her business insist on using complex (and often therefore unknown) words to youngsters in order to ‘teach’ them. If the student cannot even begin to grasp what he or she is being told, then they let it pass them by. Merely saying big words for the sake of it is the exact opposite of what education should be.

  25. Switzerland ranked near the bottom scoring last year as the forth worst place for women to work. Only Turkey, Japan and South Korea are considered worse. But women are well represented in Swiss parliament with about 30% of posts held by women.

    As a result, the Swiss now have a plan to hire more women in the workforce. Ironically, this is in a country where 25% of the Swiss population are ex-pats who provide most of the professional work; e.g.doctors, engineers, chemists, technical skilled people, etc. and most of those people are not surprisingly, men. As you can guess, none of the “for profit” companies will be changing their hiring practices anytime soon – with the possible exception of the HR departments – which are already 90% women.

    As you say, the powers that be can afford to put more women into government positions because no one cares what the government does. At least until it affects our pocketbook or puts more foreigners in our neighborhoods. Which, unfortunately, is exactly what governments seem to do best.

    But then, maybe having more women in government is a good thing considering the Swiss haven’t invaded anyone since 1815.

    • Interesting that women didn’t get the right to vote in Switzerland until 1971. Wonder how many Swiss males think it was a good idea now? Respectfully disagree that women in government leads to less warfare. The Four Horsewomyn of the Middle Eastern Apocalypse are Hillary Clinton,Valarie Jarrett,Susan Rice and Samantha Power. The refugee problem and ocean of blood and misery are on their hands.

        • Women are violent, in the “why don’t you and him fight?” sort of way.

          The difference between men and women is when the chips are down and the fight looks like a losing one, the men will go out fighting all the way. The women will try to walk away.

          • Interesting link,thx. Like most govt agencies,I take CDC with a grain of salt,but this report makes sense. Damn right women are capable of violence,and poor impulse control. Good behavior is a 2-way street. The smug superiority of grrrl-power feminism is irritating to me personally,and I’m female. Women in America by and large have pretty good lives,compared to much of the world. I guess gratitude is so last century.

          • Lesbian couples can be way more violent than gays or a normal couple. And women are more likely to use ‘sneaky’ violence. Clobbering a guy in his sleep with a cast iron skillet or trying to cut his throat with a wood carving knife, putting poison in food or beverages. I’ve never seen a guy poison anyone but I saw several women who either tried to poison them with various drugs or adulterated their food.

            Guys will clobber a woman in the heat of the moment but women are more likely to do the sucker punch.

          • I learned what women are from my daughters, and their friends. No, men are not raised to understand women, they are raised to respect them which leaves them even more clueless. One wonders what our mothers were thinking. Girls are equipped from the earliest age to cope with things (however badly) that do not even enter a boys mind until he is facing the consequence of that. This arrangement must have worked in the age before equality or we would not be here. Times have changed, and now we may soon not be here.

          • Yes, we are operating from a false set of values, which came from . . . ? My daughters are working the relationship dynamic, albeit in a clueless, feminism/Leftist fashion, far better than my poor son, who keeps trying to be nice to women. You’re right, it used to work, but now?

          • Actually a lot of the time it’s “Why don’t you and him fight over ME” otherwise it’s all good.

        • In early colonial times, native warriors would capture members of hostile tribe and bring them home. their women did most if not all of torturing.I remember reading about some early 1600s English expedition to New World. A few of young sailors were captured by natives after they were lured away from a camp by a sight of a your woman. Once they were brought to Indian village, old women cut off their fingers and toes using clam shells. Women are far more vicious than men – just look at male boxers after a long bout. They’re bloody and in a world of hurt, but they hug each other. Women hold grudges for years to come.

    • You know, I have a kid with some medical issues, am gestating another, a husband who works long hours, and more housework than I have time for by a factor of two. In my free time, I’d like to maintain something resembling an adult relationship with my husband, engage in a few inexpensive hobbies, get some large projects around the home done, socialize with my friends and perhaps go to bed early if the children let me. Why do feminists insist on looking at my life and going, “You know what she needs? A FULL TIME JOB. She doesn’t have enough to do.” Because that is really the last thing I want in my life. If someone offered me a full time job I’d run screaming in the opposite direction.

      • That’s why the West child rate is plummeting. The idea that anyone, Men or Women, can do everything is foolish. We have to help each other in the fashion that we do best.

      • Maybe their mind is stuck on stupid from the ’50’s image and they think stay-at-homes, you know, like … sit at home all day and watch the soaps eating bon bons while dressed in a house coat and slippers?

        Marina, with all you have going on, you made my shoulders sag as you listed the things you would “also” like to have time to do. How about starting out simple … when Hubby gets home, after he has a brief recovery period, take a hot bath and have your “recovery” time also? Just a suggestion. Women like you are what have made civilization great.

  26. I live in LA and all public departments are a mess of incompetent diversity from programs started over 20 years ago. To make matters worse, it was spread to Police and Fireservices, two departments whose citizens lives depends.
    We are lost. A big reset is needed, the question is what type of reset will we get, painful or really bloody painful?

    • I have heard that women firefighters are often referred to as “firewatchers”. Can anyone vouch for that? I so want t to be true…

      • Diversity was never intended to work.
        Like Affirmative action, they are dress rehearsal for a cultural civil war.

      • From the Pittsburgh fire dept. I’ve heard stories that the male fire fighters need to lift the women fire fighters up & move them out of the way so they can get to work.

    • That is why the ideology of diversity has been so successful, it was never meant to work like White people think it was meant to, it’s intent was to make White people think it would work if they submitted to it.
      Diversity is slavery of the mind. Hence it is the destruction of vibrant cultures, mores, and legacy, that are by nature diverse and vibrant because of their heritage and traditions long established.
      Diversity is rewriting, destruction of culture. It’s it’s whole intent.

      • No, there is nothing wrong with diversity. What is wrong is *forced* diversity, coercion by government thugs. Let people hire and fire whom they please; that’s liberty, and there will be diversity enough when we are free.

    • “the question is what type of reset will we get, painful or really bloody painful?”

      First one, then the other.

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