The Unanswered Question

Milo Yiannopoulos is out on the speaking tour, drawing as much attention to himself as possible, but also trying hard to differentiate himself from the people the Left currently hate almost as much as they hate white men. The new Goldstein of the Cult of Modern Liberalism is Richard Spencer and anyone they can associate with him. Spencer is variously described as a “white nationalist”, a “white supremacist” and, of course, a “Nazi.” As a result, Milo is trying very hard to prove he has nothing to do with any of it.

From a business perspective, it makes perfect sense. The people running the media in America are as committed to the New Religion as anyone so they will never allow a bad thinker into their thing. Milo dreams of being the gay Bill Buckley or the thinking man’s Rip Taylor. It’s hard to know what he is doing as he does seem to flit from one thing to the next, always in the pursuit of attention. Someone pointed me to this podcast by Sam Harris on Milo.

I don’t count myself a fan of Harris or Yiannopoulos so whatever issues they have are unknown to me. I don’t have anything against them either. I just don’t pay much attention to them. Just taking it on face value then, I’d say Harris is mostly correct. Milo is just an attention whore and he has found a way to be good at it in a way that causes people to give him money. It is social commentary as performance art, something comics have been doing since the Greeks.

Milo is a flamboyantly ridiculous person saying taboo things that are obviously true and everyone knows they are true. There is a long tradition in the West of lampooning the people in charge, especially the people in charge of public morality, which in the West, are often in charge of politics. Further, using a “fool” to ridicule the rulers is common. When Milo goes on campus and mocks feminists, as a ludicrously gay man, it insulates him, so he can say things about the womyn that are both true and forbidden.

That’s all good stuff and well within the Western tradition. In Germany, Till Eulenspiegel is a folkloric hero, who mocks politicians and public figures with political satire. He holds a mirror to make us aware of our times. The English had their court jesters, with some becoming quite wealthy. A fellow known only as a Stańczyk was a famous Polish jester and is a national hero to the Polish people. The point being is that fools like Milo are both useful and necessary, because they tell us something about our age.

That’s where guys like Sam Harris miss the point and get it wildly wrong. There’s a good case to be made that even Milo is not grasping the implications of his shtick.

“The reality is, if you force everyone to play identity politics, if you insist in pitting whites against blacks, women against men, straights against gays, the reality is you guys are gonna win and the left isn’t going to like it very much,” declared MILO. “But there’s a better way. Don’t fight identity politics with identity politics.”

That sounds great. What is it?

“White pride, white nationalism, white supremacy isn’t the way to go,” he continued. “The way to go is reminding them and yourselves that you should be aspiring to values and to ideas.”

Wonderful. And what are those values and ideals?

“You should be focusing on what unites people and not what drives them apart,” MILO concluded. “You shouldn’t give a shit about skin color, a shit about sexuality… You shouldn’t give a shit about gender, and you should be deeply suspicious of the people who do.”

So, nothing.

This is reminiscent of recent forays into doubt by big shot intellectuals like Charles Murray, Steven Pinker and Robert Putnam. In all three cases, they work through the case against the prevailing orthodoxy of the blank slate, egalitarianism and multiculturalism, only to be horrified by where it leads. In the case of Murray, he has been trying to atone for the Bell Curve ever since. Pinker now sounds like a raving loon and Putnam chants Progressive pieties to avoid finishing his thought.

In the case of Sam Harris, he is smart enough to know that the foundations of the Progressive orthodoxy are oogily-boogily of the first order, far more detached from reality than conventional religion. He’s either afraid to take his critique through to its logical conclusion or he lacks the imagination to see what comes next, so he rolls into a ball and starts gassing on about “unifying people with values and ideas.” Any variation of the word “unify” is a signal that what comes next is gibberish.

This is, in the realm of practical politics, why the Buckley crowd is circling the drain as a political force. Way back in the 60’s, they could not bring themselves to challenge the implausible claims by the Left with regards to civil rights. Instead, they picked the losing hand of state’s rights, hoping to avoid facing the Left over the “negro question.” As a result, they ceded the moral high ground to the Left with regards to race and identity. No amount of legal precedent could stand in the way of social justice!

Ever since, the Buckley-ites have had to fight the Left while acknowledging that the Left is their moral superior and the arbiter of civil morality. That’s a battle that can never be won as the other side will simply declare your latest position to be heresy and out of bounds. No matter how logical and right your position, it can never withstand the moral authorities saying it is wrong. That’s why the Left has won every battle in the culture war. They can thunder, “you may have facts, but we have righteousness!”

There’s another problem with what Milo and Sam Harris are saying. Let’s stipulate that identity politics are a bad thing. Is playing that card better or worse than losing to the Left as they relentlessly play the identity politics game? Unless you have a serious mental illness, you have to see that the Left is nothing but identity politics now and they are winning. Just turn on the TV. Just look at the best seller list. The people of the New Religion hate white people, particularly white men and they will not be talked out of it.

The question that faces every man is not “what sort of society do I want for myself and my children?” That’s a lie and it has always been a lie. The question is “What are my choices and how do I achieve my preferred option?” The choice pushed by our betters is a world run by Black Lives Matters and women dressed as vaginas. If the other option is white pride, white nationalism and white supremacy, it is not hard to see how this is going to go.

All of the howling and complaining from the Official Right about the rise of the so-called alt-right is due to the unanswered question from the Milo piece. If the identity politics of the alt-right are bad, what’s the other option? If the answer is submission, which has been the case for the last three decades, at least, then the response is not just going to be “no” it is going to be “hell no!” No amount of moral preening is going to work because that is the thing people are rebelling against. What’s left is what is always what’s left and that’s force.

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  1. What TWS said is going to start with the little people. It is where such things come from. I’ve always held to the fact it is always the dirt people who have ever effected positive change in the world through history. Take Donald Trump, sure the man is wealthy, very successful self made man, but underneath it all he has that dirt people greatness. And by that I mean perseverance, a will to do better,. It isn’t arrogance or hubris, it is that belief in something better and larger. A belief in people can do good and do. It is why the PTB hate him, why he is reviled by the human extinction movement.

  2. The Unanswered Question is summed up pretty good in the conclusions in this piece about the judicial activism the left enjoys, and where it must be taken if it is to be stopped, like the rest of the components of cultural marxism.
    Pretty interesting piece. Personally everything about the news propaganda and activist developments surrounding President Trumps issuing of new immigration guidelines sure smells like a set up. I smell a rat.

  3. Hmmm, no one mentioned Milo pointing out that gays should be opposed to Muslims coming into Western countries. Instead we hear from clueless women and gays that don’t see Islam as a threat to them personally.

    • Musloids are a threat to everyone. That the cultural marxists and the SJW’s don’t get it is proof positive they are serious about exterminating the human race even if it kills them.

  4. The indomitable Ms. Pamela Geller wrote a wonderful piece on President Trump, she starts out:

    “It’s been less than a week since President Donald J. Trump took office, and he has, in no short order, astonishingly delivered on myriad campaign promises. In spades. His hands-on style of governing is breathtaking. The people spoke. The people won. And our man is delivering the goods. It’s what freedom is supposed to look like. We have been living under the boot of leftist autocrats for so long, we forgot it could be this good. We have been set free. Every day is Christmas.”
    (It gets even better, some great observations)

    Geller: President Trump – True to His Word

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  7. Dead on post! Everything we know from genetics, history, and looking at cultures around the world, says that multiculturalism is suicide. Western civilization is uniquely a product of highly intelligent and free thinking northern europeans. If that group becomes a minority, civilization will grind to a halt, and reverse. Murray, Pinker, et al. understand that, but aren’t willing to risk their jobs and reputations to acknowledge it….

  8. Yes, “you may have facts, but we have righteousness!” Pilgrim vs. Cavalier, Massachusettsian vs. Virginian, so it has been, so it shall be.

  9. The problem with White Nationalism is that we normal whites would have to accept the SWPL whites who are unreachable. That won’t happen. They have to go.

    The “ideas and values” Milo speaks are not the ideas and values of all whites. There are whites who hate other whites with a burning passion and they will never relent. They have to go – no exceptions.

  10. I watched Milo being interviewed by BBC and the interviewer challenged his racist comments and Milo emphatically pointed out that he could care less about the race, it was the culture he was attacking, not the race. He made the same comments about feminism.

    I agree with him; it’s not race or sex, it is culture that causes conflict. I believe very strongly that we too often confuse culture and race and put onto race the sins of culture.

    • Milo is a coward and being dishonest about this. Culture is a result of race. Western civilization was created by Whites. Not Asians, blacks or Muslims. The Han Chinese created their culture. Same with the Hindus, etc. To be at war with a culture is to be at war with the race that created it. Which the Left has been doing for some decades.

      Furthermore Feminism isn’t a culture, it’s a political construct created by some East coast Marxists and propagated by academia and wealthy, childless females who were incapable of being in a relationship with a man. The apparent goal was to screw up white working class women and turn them against men, marriage and motherhood.

      And you’re missing the elephant in the room. Namely the Left’s demonization of conservative whites and Western civilization as the source of all evil in the world. How can whites meet these fanatics a in compromise when they are so hated? They can’t. So they’ve ended up losing one cultural and economic battle after another. There is only abject capitulation.if you to appease the Left.

      • Feminism and Marxism (but I repeat myself) were not imposed by Han Chinese or Hindus, but is entirely a Western. grown disease metastasizing under the tyranny of the god of democratic equality. Race won’t save you. Diversity will sink any useful political accomodation, yes, but the Marxist sinkhole was proceeding apace most everywhere well before the third world was invited in to speed the process. Federalism and the denial of female suffrage are the only known antidotes under democratic rule, and both are long lost. Obey.

        Milo is not a coward. He may not be standing on the shoulders of giants, but he is standing.

          • Try and find a Marxist culture in Russia. Sure they dominated things for seventy years, but the culture of Russia remained something very un-Marxist. The underlying culture won the war, not the ideology that was superimposed on it. Big difference between ideology and culture. Good subject to research.

    • I agree too. Seems to me the intent is to conflate culture with “racism”, makes destroying peoples culture much easier. Hence destroy American culture so then it is easy to destroy America as an idea and way of life. Culture is upstream of politics as Andrew Breitbart said so well. “Racism”, a wholly Marxist invented term, is politicizing culture.

      • Every other slice of the culture went tribal years ago. The white male tribe just woke up recently, and is doing nothing other than operating at the level that others have for decades. It is interesting that there are many people who are not white males who are supporting the white male tribe these days.

        • Goes to show you the innate natural legitimacy of ones primal right to ones own tribe and culture. Why would anyone with a rational realistic sense of the world want to destroy their own culture. There is something terribly wrong with the brains in whites who call for the white race to be abolished.

    • Got my thumbs up. Thats just it right there. It’s time for unvarnished truth spoken in plain clear language.

  11. “Sam Harris ……… rolls into a ball and starts gassing on about “unifying people with values and ideas.” Any variation of the word “unify” is a signal that what comes next is gibberish.”

    We’re supposed to have Unity now??
    I thought we were supposed to have Diversity.
    I am so confused now.

    • Typical deplorable. Don’t you know your supposed to bow the supremacy of the collective and it’s double think?
      It’s back to public re-education for you. A good dose of Common Core indoctrination will re-adjust your mind.

  12. “f the identity politics of the alt-right are bad, what’s the other option?” There isn’t one. Milo, Murray and the others know it full well but lack the guts to say it. Because it ends with the application of violence.

    When the elites made identity politics the defacto religion of the Left and white males and Western civ the source of all woes in the world,, it made peaceable compromise with the white majority impossible. Submission isn’t a option, Trump’s victory demonstrates that. That was a giant middle finger aimed directly at the elites and their tools. Push them too hard and you won’t get a middle-finger.

    In short our elites unwittingly introduced 3rd world style politics into the U.S. The sort where differences are settled with bombs and guns. It’s not there yet, but it’s getting close as the Left become further unhinged at every Executive Order by Trump. Violence is coming, it’s just a matter of when.

    Maybe I’m dead wrong, but I do get the feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

  13. Western (white) supremacy was universally regarded prior to 1925 and was referenced as ‘the white man’s burden.’ The left has made this idea as unmentionable in polite society as the ‘N-word.’ After nearly 100 years of prohibition, it’s going to take a lot of rehabilitation.

  14. “If the identity politics of the alt-right are bad, what’s the other option?”

    Identity politics with a wink and nod that focuses on big numbers when it comes to demographics and downplays social conservatism. The alt-right/alt-light feud is stupid. If there is any hope for the future, we need as many “normies” on board as we can get.

    Milo has done more to mainstream controversial views on race and gender than pretty much anyone else has, and he’s as anti-Muslim as a somewhat mainstream figure can be. He might be a sociopathic con man who believes in nothing, but he’s our sociopathic con man who believes in nothing. We need more Milos, not less, even if they have to occasionally indulge the left by rejecting “racism.”

    What we need to focus on is appealing to average white men who are disgusted by feminism and political correctness, but who would never consider being sympathetic to open white nationalism. Then we need to focus on appealing more to average white women, who will follow naturally as more men get on board.

  15. it always comes down to might makes right. always. anything else is just noise.

    so the left will push things until one side or the other is exterminated. always.

    so if it is to be done, better it is done now.

    • Trump has given us just enough time to organize and prepare ourselves for what comes next. And I’m not talking about GOP political agendas. We need a clear thought path we can pursue with relentless dedication.

      • Milo is the least of their problems. The rest of America is beginning surround them. It is coming from every direction now. The left is loosing it’s collective mind today. The tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth, explody heads. A veritable banquet collective insanity over the blocking of immigrants. Then Homeland Security issues a statement it is putting national security above activist judges orders, (the legacy of Obama’s reckless disregard of the rule of law they all applauded is coming back to haunt them).
        Blocking a key component of the globalist elites agenda is like hitting a key nerve. They are going to run out of Rent A Protesters pretty soon the rate things are going.
        And whats even better, sure as the sun rises, Trump is going to really mind fuck the bastards just when it couldn’t get any more delicious, bet a hundred bucks by monday Ol’ Trump will pull another fuck you out of his hat. Talk about gaslighting!

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  17. They are terrified about where it leads because it all leads to collapse and war, and not the noble kind of war, but the ethnic kind. Where women and children are the best and easiest targets, because you’re trying to destroy the enemy’s population. A wise and cautious elite would have realized that before they undertook this experiment, and realized that if they were wrong the outcome would be horrific, the risk was that great, but they didn’t, and now we’ll have to deal with the failure of their multicultural EUtopia..

  18. The battle is always for the young.

    How many thought leaders show up on the nation’s campii to openly champion conservative principles against a torrent of leftist lies & physical assaults?

    Milo & Ann Coulter have done more to win the hearts & minds of the young then all the clever essayists holding forth on who is and is not conservative.

    Luv the Zman’s writings, but props to the actual warriors on the front lines.

    • Actually, many do. The provocateurs get all the attention, but plenty of normies show up to give talks. Most quietly put up with the bullshit that gets hurled at them. Milo and Coulter do take a lot of crap, but they get paid really well for it too.

      Life is nothing but trade-offs.

    • While we honor the troops who do actual combat, do you think they don’t “appreciate” their brethren who provide them with ammo, H2O and MRE’s? I would have to question the overall “effectiveness” of people like MIlo, but it takes a full Order of Battle to win. Zman and other essayists play their role in the effort and deserve their share of kudo’s especially when first amendment rights are under attack on the internet as well.

    • Milo’s DePaul event is worth a viewing. (

      Do campus admins conspire with non-student BLM activists & the Chicago police to assault normy speakers and shut down events?

      If you’re not taking flak you’re not over the target. You’re not a threat. Your message is not effective.

      The vast majority of essayists have only air dropped derision on Milo Yabadabadoopolis, not moral, physical or intellectual support. Milo’s speeches are underpinned by his own research and his own knowledge of culture, history and philosophy.

      Certainly Milo’s outspoken opposition to Muslim immigration is not derived from elegant essays but the clear & present danger of encroaching sharia law occurring in his beloved England and London.

      Most people find out-sized egos objectionable. But it takes men with out-sized egos to leave a comfortable life, strap on a pair of pearl handled pistols and lead ground offensives into enemy territory.

      It is no surprise the loony left have over-run academia, culture, media, and government given the cucked conservative intelligentsia of the past few decades.

      It is no surprise a completely ineffectual conservative intelligentsia is being brushed aside by a ridiculously coiffed businessman, a dangerous faggot and a leggy blonde.

      It is no surprise many people cheer & applaud the improbable new leaders of conservatism while failed intelligentsia transition from ankle-biting to pant leg tugging.

      ‘Merika !!

    • Also, Milo does not charge any speaking fees for his campus events.

      Milo explains that it takes a sizable chunk of chutzpah to charge 19 year olds $20,000 for the privilege of listening to your opinions.

      No one picks up a rifle and steps on the battlefield for the great pay.

      • Sounds good but at $5.00 each to listen while foregoing their favorite latte is not much of a sacrifice per person. He has expenses also and the tribe should realize and understand that.

        • If you actually watched any of Milo’s college events you would know the audience is a few hundred max inside smallish auditoriums.

          $20,000 at $5.00 a pop is 4,000 attendees.

          200 attendees at $5.00 a pop would not cover air fare.

          Better arguments from Zman readers are expected.

          Indeed, what is the argument?

          It is soo disappointing that even after the yuuge lesson Trump just taught the entire conservative movement, here we are sniping & bitching at another conservative that is yuugely successful at delivering the conservative message to a new audience with little opportunity to really hear & accept conservatism.

          Meanwhile the loony left loons onward through the culture.

  19. Milo serves a purpose and reaches a audience that is scared to death to say anything and has been groomed by the school system and correct thought to take it. He is doing what stand up comics used to do… except the last 10 years they’ve stopped doing…. Comics only , mostly, make fun of the right, now that the left has gained control of the schools and society and all the programming and up until Nov, the Government.

    • I get the impression that something or someone like Milo was inevitable. There was a cultural niche just sitting there waiting to be filled. It could have been partially filled by different people fulfilling different aspects of it but he saw the entire spectrum of the political marketplace and decided to try and fill the whole thing himself. The result is this philosophical/political chimera that has no capacity to reproduce itself, but fills a void as a freak show for a while. Dr. Johnson’s description of women pastors comes to mind.

      • Milo sure has a lot of courage going up against that mob. There is not many who would. Milo deserves kudos for that. Reminds me of a job I had years ago fabricating and installing prison equipment. You would see inmates fling or wipe their feces on the walls, plug their toilets and flood the floor with raw sewage, anything to get attention. It’s no different with the left. They fling their shit on everything, flood the news with their cultural sewage. I reckon it’s getting time to take definative measures against them.

  20. I disagree Z-man. The right, alt or otherwise, needs to get over ideology and identity. It doesn’t matter what you think or who you are, what matters is winning. If the left wins, nothing else matters. No matter who Milo is, what he thinks, or what he says he is out there scoring points for our side. Winning is what matters.

  21. Nice to see Richard Spencer mentioned here, he’s always been a great thinker and just recently is starting to assert some real leadership in the New Right. Certain nefarious forces (forces that have gotten very, very used to winning) recently went after his mother, who lives in Montana, and they weren’t prepared for what happened next. Only those who are paying close attention followed that story, but IMO we will look back on that a decade from now and realize it signaled a turning point in American politics.

    • I don’t know what I think about Spencer. He reminds me a lot of someone I know in terms of voice and demeanor. That’s not a flattering comparison as the person I know can’t hold a job and has drifted from one thing to the next. For that reason or maybe others, I don’t trust him. That’s not to say I distrust him or I have any specific issues against him. I just don’t know enough to form an opinion. I sense a lack of maturity, I guess.

      Time will tell.

      • Doesn’t Spencer live in his mom’s basement? not exactly leadership material; re: Life of Brian.

        on the other hand, the guy that punched him turns out to be into poo (you can find the pics of him that were unearthed)

        • He doesn’t live in his mom’s basement. Either way, no one should expect people advocating for White interests to make a lot of money. Not exactly a high paying industry now a days. Besides, there are more important things than money.

          I am just thankful that he put himself out there. Not many people have the balls to that that.

          • Spencer comes from a very wealthy family, so he doesn’t have any money concerns. His mother owns a lot of real estate in Whitefish, MT; she was targeted for extortion by a local real estate agent under cover of “social justice”. It was a plan that would have succeeded brilliantly before the age of social media, but instead it blew up in her face and the real estate agent got herself fired for her trouble. The plan started to get media traction when it looked like it might work, then the media rapidly backed away when it got scotched, so it flew under the radar. The Governor of Montana even started to get involved, until he realized he had a live grenade in his hands.

          • I remember that. That real-estate agent had quite a scam going as a really nasty SJW who would dox owners through social media, devalue their property the she would swoop in and snatch it up at a discount for resale at full market value using a network of 2nd interest parties.
            Typical corrupt cultural marxist shakedown. A real shoe in for a state or fed senate seat.

          • I have a long story to tell along these lines some day. May need to wait until a few people die before telling it.

      • I think I know what Spencer is. He may well be that “The Unanswered Question”, or close enough to be catalyst. He himself may not be exactly this, but Spencer is representative of something the cultural marxists fear most. And that something is Spencer is representative of American White Males who will be the Men who pick up their rifles one day here and wage total war against the racists commonly called SJW and Cultural Marxists. When it happens, it will be a grass fire, it will burn with a ferocity which is relentless.
        I think the more astute members of the human extinction movement see that, and is why they reserve particular hatred for Spencer. Remember when he taunted them with the Roman salute and they took the bait screaming it was proof Spencer et all are Nazi white supremecists?

  22. Milo is playing identity politics also, yet it is a very different in that he is not so much playing pick and choose identity politics, he is identifying the truth of everyones identities, good and bad, warts and all, and it really pisses the left off because they can’t stand what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. That makes their drama exactly what it is.
    The left is a lot of people who haven’t a care to think for themselves, it is much more gratifying and safer to let others make the choice and follow that choice. Plus it is very deeply exciting drama, that never ends because around the corner is another fix of drama to refresh the last high you are coming down from, and it is an ugly world you have created in your mind, so another hit is all that is needed to forget. Instead of substance abuse, it’s cultural abuse. They are culturalholics. Or dramaholics. Something like that. But identity drama is rich with endless possibilities, just make up something new, it is a pallet, a veritable banquet feast of drama waiting to be exploited.
    It is great circus watching it from the rural remoteness of the political wilderness of flyover land. The contrast from my world to the world of the collective is in itself a great identifier. What the left doesn’t know, is by trying to identify their enemy in such the way they do, they make it easy for me, they empower me their enemy in no uncertain doubt, to be their enemy in return. And by that I’m saying instead of using identity politics to demean, disenfranchise, dis-arm, and pogrom me, they provide sustenance and purpose to my determination and courage of my convictions. The effect on me is exact opposite than the intended goal. Somebody said it is best to be despised by the despicable. Right.
    The more the left tries, the more it fails, the more it fails, the more it doubles down. When it doubles down on doubling down, it isn’t jumping the shark, it is jumping sharks with sharks.
    Milo got a huge set of balls. To wade into that shark infested feeding frenzy, takes some serious personal courage to keep your wits about you. Talk about stirring up a hornets nest, he’s using a bottle of raid and a Louisville Slugger.
    With Milo, the left is like a mindless pit bull thats latched onto a branch on a tree, can’t let go of Milo. It’s single mindedness of the hive can’t help itself, like moths to a flame. Banning him makes him stronger, letting him speak makes him stronger, the left, like with Spencer, is deranged, those to guys are cultural marxist magnets. It’s akin to what happens in combat. Everyone wants to stop the guy with the belt fed weapon, but the guy with the flame thrower, everyone wants to kill him with a primal fear, and Milo and Spencer are two guys with a belt fed and a flame thrower. They are all locked in mortal combat.

  23. Another great post.

    My only problem with getting these somewhat downbeat bits of info is that they remind me that there is no victory in these fights. We will never defeat the left, at best we will keep them in temporary check, until a new generation forgets all of the old lessons and starts buying the lefts’ drivel.

    God help us but we are stupid monkeys.

    So we’d better learn to enjoy, or at least tolerate, endless culture wars.

    • I’ve been wondering of late, maybe this is what Christ meant when he said, using the language and categories of his days, that “the poor will always be with you”?

      • It is DEFINITELY what Albert Einstein meant when he said, “The majority of the stupid is invincible, and will be with us always.”

  24. >> ‘“You should be focusing on what unites people and not what drives them apart,” MILO concluded.’

    Fair enough; a few things historically observable about human nature are strong bonds based on kinship, race and sexuality in the family

    >> ‘“You shouldn’t give a shit about skin color, a shit about sexuality…”‘

    And we’re right back to progressive wishcasting regarding human nature.

  25. That’s the most baffling thing about the Left. Their fundamental premises all rest on violence, they fetishize violence, they seem droolingly eager for political violence… and yet, should it actually come, “prison bitch” would be Pajamaboy’s best case scenario. After all, WE are the racist redneck gun nuts, no? The ones who went into the military because we’re too stupid to go to college. I know, I know, if they could grok the logical outcomes of things they wouldn’t be liberals, but you’d think some primitive self preservation instinct would kick in at some point…..

    • They believe they will prevail with superior technology. We’ll see how well that technology works when we dynamite a few key power plants and water sources. These people have never thought through what a real civil war would be like.

    • It is a preplanned provocation. Albert Pike wrote, “Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

  26. Now is a good time to reread Zman’s pinned Mokita tab at the top of the page. Until those things may pass freely through the Overton Window, not much progress will happen out in the open. Don’t look for Conservatism Inc. to ever discuss them, either. The staff of NRO or the Weekly Standard would sooner work for Salon than do that.

  27. To the mentally ill, taking the words of a Mr. Trump some eleven years ago talking guy-to-guy in locker room vernacular with assumed privacy, and then morphing that into worldwide public displays of vulgarity displayed in costumes, language, gestures, signage, etc. is a good way to make a mountain out of a mole hill while embarrassing themselves in the process. And the Left did this while claiming to represent all women. These people have taken Helen Reddy’s “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar” and transformed it into “I Am Cunt, Hear Me Shriek Profanities.” I would have preferred they burn bras and call it “Bonfire of the Vanities.”

    To me the “Unanswered Question” is “How did the Left come to dominate this country’s institutions over the past decades while people did next to nothing to stop it?” Making the current situation about the difference between BLM and White Nationalism is too simplistic and those are side shows for the most part. History shows these Leftest ideas as retreads that have failed time and again. They are “ideas that are so good, they have to be forced on everyone!” I don’t know who said that but is it so true.

    So just how does this happen? Maybe others can enlighten me but it is one topic I will be researching.

    • It has simply taken a while to Wake the Sleeping Giant. The Germans and Japanese tried it the Communists tried it. Just wait after a fed heads get thumped the giant will slumber again….

      • Thank you. I know of Gramsci but what amazes is the life of the “movement” over time and different people and places. One might think the fight for freedom would be even stronger but it seems just the opposite. But this fits with the Laws of Thermodynamics – Chaos Theory/Entropy. It is never ending and the good fight must continually be renewed amid assaults from all sides. The force is strong on the dark side.

        • The underlying motive power of liberty is often mistaken as absence of might, because it is a sublime thing. Remember liberty is a relatively new idea to humanity. It’s going through it’s formative age. Liberty didn’t start and end with our founders, it is a gift of legacy. It can never be stuffed back in it’s bottle no matter how hard tyranny tries. It took 5000 years for liberty to be planted and take root. It changed the world forever. In some ways I get the sense right now, we are living through the penultimate battle between liberty and tyranny. I’m betting we as a nation come out the other side better and greater for liberty. We get this chance to do it right, nothing is so bad it ain’t good for something, and no matter how bad it is made to look, regardless of the hate and derision, underlying it all, there exist a nation of really good people. I think we win.

    • “So just how does this happen?”

      Good question, and a complete answer would take a thick book, but here’s a partial answer in a few lines:

      After WW2, a political consensus emerged in this country, outside of what used to be the Confederate South, that blacks must be made, once and for all, full and equal citizens. To that end, all remaining legal and economic obstacles thought to hinder blacks were removed, and other incentives, like affirmative action and welfare, were put in place to discriminate in favor of blacks, with the full weight of the federal government behind them.

      But in the ensuing decades blacks did not, and have not, become full and equal citizens. A rational person, examining the evidence, would be forced to conclude that while many individual blacks can function as such, a huge percentage of blacks, perhaps the majority, are unable to function as citizens. But to the left, this failure is a mark, not against blacks, but against a system that while conferring on blacks every conceivable advantage, must, MUST operate with some sort of secret cabalistic intent to deny blacks their rightful place in society; hence, the left must resort to quasi-mystical forces, like the nebulous but all pervasive agent of “white privilege,” to explain away the failure of their efforts at social engineering. The hysteria has reached a fever pitch in part because overwhelming empirical evidence, like the persistence of IQ scores and two-term black president, eat away at the narrative of potent but hidden white hate.

      The progressive left has reached a dead-end. They can either admit to themselves that their progressive utopia can not and will not be realized, or they can advocate political retribution and outright violence against those forces, white men in particular, who are somehow responsible for the failure of their utopia from coming into being. They are especially angry because 0bama was supposed to the harbinger of this utopia (just remember the messianic nonsense from 2008) and Hillary the inheritor, but now she is out and he is gone, and his achievements, such as they are, are being dismantled with alacrity. From the evidence of the rhetoric, the left has decided that the time has come to label their opponents as a force of metaphysical evil which must be attacked and destroyed. We all know where this is headed.

      • P.S.:

        I had not read the Pollack piece linked above when I wrote this, but let’s just say that re Scott Adams, the power of confirmation bias is strong.

  28. i don’t blame Milo for insisting on retractions but after he got them he should have moved on. Instead he started grovelling. Too bad, but I suppose if you’re in it for the money you eventually have to grovel.

  29. Force is what’s left. Well stated. It’s the communists playbook, always.

    Focusing, Unifying, Values, and Ideas. This is why the left relies on emotion to achieve power and control over the narrative. Because there are no facts by which one can sustainably measure the demonstrable results of focusing, unifying, values, and ideas. All are fluid and all are unique to the individual. It is truly a cult based on achieving the feeling of righteous superiority. Meanwhile, it’s leaders suck a system dry of all wealth and opportunity, knowing that they are full of it and just want what is always the objective, power and money. But the very worst are the cult of personality leaders that are willing to destroy anything and everything just for adoration.

    • They are trying to play Kill The Kulak. Except the American Kulak is well armed and any Kulak worth his salt understands.

      • It’s like watching a house dog that has finally caught some live prey. It knows that something comes next but can’t quiet figure out how to do it. The left is trying to figure out how to skin a well armed cat, that doesn’t wish to be skinned.

        • It goes along with how much hate is directed to people like Milo. I always thought there is a lot of truth to what your saying about the well armed citizenry. They have to be very measured and circumspect in how hard they push the dirt people. The left is very careful where it runs it’s false flag “protests”, they always are run in definite blue cities/states. It is very obvious the “protests” are astroturf, the echo chamber media is unanimous in sympathy and support of the repressed but brave “protesters”, and you absolutely never hear a peep out of a single one of the hundreds of millions of dirt people, like either we do not exist, our the “protesters” are the voice of the dirt people. Like Milo, the truth there are American’s opposed to the approved narrative has to be destroyed at all costs.

  30. We can exalt the west or become like every one else. Petty, small with occasional innovations but nothing special. We have been on a nearly century long retreat from our birthright. Time to stop the slide, reclaim what is ours, and be an example for the rest.

    If they do not learn from our greatness, so be it. The west was truly great. It can be so again. We just have to reach out for it. Milo has a role as a jester. The jape against the rich and powerful has always been a part of our culture, it shows a willingness to cut across the grain and bravery to face those who can say ‘off with his head’ while telling a joke. That takes a special kind of man. That doesn’t mean that we should all put on motley and try to emulate the Fool.

    • Can Western culture be separated from Western people is the question. No other group has proven that they have a grasp on maintaining it. Africans certainly can’t, and neither can North and South American Indians, and the Asians haven’t even tried. They’ve taken the technology and mostly said ‘thanks but no thanks’ to the rest, but I can’t fault them for preferring their own ways.

      • The only valid test for this would be to raise, from birth, African and Asian babies by western mothers. Infants discover entirely on their own that mothers are talking to them (not simply making noise) and then learn through repetition words and so on. This would probably be best expressed as an instinctual behavior. There is no reason to believe that emotional and other communicative behaviors are not instinctual as well.

        It is this early imprinting that gives rise to the culture. For instance, is there a man alive who, upon smelling lilacs (or other spring flowers) on a beautiful spring morning that is not swept back to the emotions and memories of an adolescent first love? It’s the smell, it’s the emotion, and it’s the memories that are all tied together. That is the essence of culture.

        Culture is hardwired, probably through the process of myelination, by developing infants and then tapering off rapidly after the age of seven and then stopping entirely in the early twenties. This hardwired culture can never be unlearned or relearned and it is responsible for how all memories, sensory inputs and emotions are associated together and stored in the brain. The smell of lilacs, the emotion of love or the memory of the girl will each retrieve all of the others in whole.

        While you may, as an adult, learn about another culture, you will never be of that culture. It’s too late, you’re reasoning patterns are already hardwired and you can’t undo them. In short, it isn’t race that matters as much as is the culture within which you were raised.

        • This comment lies on the blank slate side of the nature/nurture question and is more of an assertion rather than an argument. That said, I can see attractive points in it. I have felt for a long time that certain aspects of personality and predisposition are formed in a kind of imprinting that is not a conscious act on the part of anyone involved. Whether or not this takes place during the final development of myelinization of the nervous system is a question that I don’t have an answer for. I do know that certain pathways are not fully developed at birth and that there is an interplay between family training and the full expression of the traits involved. This is most easily seen in developing conscious bowel and bladder control, and one can even see with careful observation the steps by which this development takes place. There may be as yet unknown similar events taking place with things like sexual proclivity that are under the control of similar processes.
          I think that the above is why there is such a commitment on the left for there only being some inborn tendency that might be attributable to genetics to account for the current epidemic of cultural Kluver-Bucy syndrome.

          • Thank you.

            Rather than a blank slate, I see a human infant as a fully functional car lacking only a driver. I see the imprinting as the installation of the driver; once the driver is place, the car will go where the driver takes it.

            In no case will the installation of the driver improve or reduce the inherent capabilities of the car, but will dramatically alter the how the car is used. That is, a fast well cornering car will always be a fast, well cornering car unless the driver is thoughtless and drives it abusively.

            In other words, the driver did not come with the newborn infant; rather, the driver was imprinted by the infant’s culture in the first few years of his life. It would be only under extreme circumstances that a driver’s nature could be altered later in life. K-12 and university training would be insufficient to this task. So I see it only as the initial nuturing, the first instantiation of culture if you will, as the key to maximising the future adult’s capabilities. With poor imprinting, the car’s speed and cornering ability will be lost forever or even worse, abused forever.

          • The high functioning libs probably know this. That’s why the new emphasis on early childhood and daycare starting as soon as a kid gets past the introitus.

        • Our only source of information is what happens in the real world. Africans can’t seem to maintain Western society. Any city or state that becomes controlled by blacks always seems to collapse into a pit of corruption and violence. Is this a product of African culture or African’s themselves? We’ll never get to run your test to find out. However, we can choose to live in places where they aren’t in control.

    • Milo does a great job advocating for free speech, which is crucial. He will eventually come around on the other stuff.

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