We Need A Tom Doniphon

Recently, the nation’s cat ladies have been asking the rest of us, “Aren’t you afraid that Trump is going to become a dictator and start bullying journalists and judges just to get his way?” Of course we’re all suppose to start from the premise that Trump is Hitler reborn and just looking for a reason to impose martial law. The fact that Trump has assiduously adhered to the rules of the game to this point is just proof that he is Hitler. After all, Hitler won an election too and we all know how that worked out.

My answer to that query is, “No, I’m not afraid Trump will do all those things. I’m afraid he won’t do those things.” For the last three decades, probably longer, the guys allegedly on the side of the rest of us, have been obsessed with playing by the rules. The thing I don’t fear is that Trump will “go too far” or fail to respect the rules of the game. I don’t care about those rules anymore. Those rules are the bars of the cage. What we don’t need now is a guy obsessed with procedure. We need a guy willing to break the rules.

We have reached a point where it is heads they win, tails we lose. The game has been rigged to make reforming the system within the rules an impossibility. When a majority of the people favor a policy that the managerial class opposes, the policy gets hamstrung by the rules of the game. All of a sudden, the process is sacred. When the managerial class wants something for their masters, they change the rules so it either flies through or simply happens without anyone noticing. The process is not all that important.

All the blather about America being a nation of laws is just cover for the fact that ours is a lawless nation ruled by lawless men. An obvious example is the Ninth Circuit judges, who have fabricated a legal justification for throwing sand in the gears of a wildly popular executive order issued by President Trump. These are not men enforcing the law or respecting the laws. These are men who hold the law in contempt. All that matters to them is obedience to the weird secular cult we have come to call Progressivism.

If what it takes to break the stranglehold this cult has on society is a dictator willing to toss a few judges from a helicopter, then sign me up for dictatorship. I’d much prefer to live in a society where me and my neighbors meet once a month to govern ourselves and our community, but that’s not on offer. What is on offer now is the post-modern theocracy that uses the corrupted and degraded tools of 18th century liberalism to maintain its grip on society. Squads of government men rounding these people up in the middle of the night sounds pretty good right now.

Totalitarians attempt to change the world and human nature, by controlling all aspects of society, including the granular aspects of the political system. It’s what makes reform impossible as we are quickly seeing with the opposition to Trump’s policies. It’s not that they object, on policy grounds, to the very mild reforms that are being proposed. What is at issue is the very concept of the all encompassing world state. To permit reform is to permit questioning and that can never be tolerated.

The only way to break the totalitarian stranglehold may be with a an authoritarian willing to bust down doors and crack some heads. Authoritarianism is only concerned with political power and as long as that is not contested it gives society a certain degree of liberty. You can still have judges falling out of helicopters as we saw with Pinochet, but the people can still go about their lives, free from the hectoring of secular fanatics living off the tax payers. Trump ordering the execution of the 9th Circuit is not ideal, but it beats the hell out of being ruled by angry lunatics from San Francisco.

The main argument against personal rule is that the person eventually dies. Then you have to hope the next guy is not crazy or dangerous. That’s also an upside to authoritarianism. Trump is not going to live forever. What follows is not likely to be another authoritarian. Pinochet eventually gave way to a form of self-government. The reason Chile did not suffer the same fate as Venezuela or Argentina is that Pinochet had most of the secular fanatics shot and tossed into a pit. As a result, Chile came out of the other end of the Pinochet years looking pretty good.

America is headed for a bad end unless things change quickly and radically. The suicide cult that has control of our society is not going to stop until we’re all dead. At some point, you have to use every means necessary to prevent a catastrophe. If that means Lindsay Graham winds up in pit covered in lime, so be it. If Bill Kristol has to write his tantrums from exile in Israel, I can live with that. In order to have a world run by Senator Ranse Stoddard, you first need a Tom Doniphon to do the dirty work of clearing out  Liberty Valance.

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  2. here in lies the rub…. my fear… is that the totalitarian left sees THEMSELVES as tom doniphon. all of deplorable raysis middle americans they see as liberty valance. they tell us over and over how our words and disagreement are “violence” and i don’t doubt for a second that that’s how they see it. it is why in their world view violence against us is wholly justified. we ARE the Liberty valance character that stands in the way of their idealized utopia. was this movie perhaps penned by a commie? is it odd that liberty stands in the way of democracy? we assume since we are the side of the second amendment that we would handily win any civil conflict but at the same time it is THEY who are doing the mental ground work necessary to prepare themselves psychologically for committing violence against their fellow citizens. that’s what punching thee richard spensers of the world boils down to. now consider that overwhelmingly better armed america has yielded little to no change in vietnam, afghanistan, iraq, libya, yemen, syria… et cetera because we have lacked the will for unbridled carnage. it proves that ultimately better armed does not guaranty victory. it is the will to violence that ultimately matters and it is specifically that psychological arena in which the left is doing it’s leg work. how many readers here and elsewhere on the right are willing to go out there and actively start pursuing violence against the left? most of us tell ourselves that we would defend the homestead against the horde, but if they are at your door it’s already too late. an atomized defense is no defense at all. their hivemind is at work putting up the artifice of justifications to commit violence against the right. they want an idealized democracy and we are merely a speed bump in road o their way to utopia.

  3. 180 poast. This is the Law of Unintended COnsequences, or in the case of the Leftist mindset denying reality. One thing will, all else being equal, always lead to another.

    Pinochet didn’t spring full grown from the forehead of a peaceful civilized first-world nation; sickness begets death or a cure. There is no third option. Never has been.

  4. I’ll just settle for the Third American Revolution and when we come through to the other side this situation won’t happen again that soon.

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  6. One problem with supporting a strongman tyrant to clean up your mess is that his and your definition of a mess may be very different. Another problem is that tyrants tend to increase their tyranny over time.

    Doniphon was no tyrant, he was a man with the will and the skill to employ violence in defence of the right.

    We don’t need *A* Tom Doniphon, we need to EACH BECOME Tom Doniphon. We need a country full of Tom Doniphons. The good news is that we have one, I think.

  7. A hopeful note sung over at Belmont Club:

    “I see the Democrat strongholds as slivers of prosperity surrounded by dysfunction. There is so much that could be pushed over with a tap that looks impregnable and secure.”

    Maybe we could get some of our own ‘activist trainers’? That’s a mature industry over at the Left, and I feel like misbehavin’…

    • It really won’t take much. They all share one thing in common, wrenching their grasp from the levers of power isn’t easy at first, but once it begins, the thing in common is they will collapse faster than anyone thought. That is all they had, that power.

  8. “but that’s not on offer”

    Certainly not, if you dismiss it out of hand. But wishing for a dictator is supposed to be more reasonable?

    The grass is not greener on the other side of the hill. The grass on the other side of the hill will be torched. Oh, and that dictator? He does not care what you think.

    Certainly, the current system is going to flop soon. But there are a lot better alternatives than dictatorship. Secession and panarchy, for two.

    • I appreciate your sentiment about secession — but, speaking as someone who’s read over 100 books about the so-called Civil War, I think our history has ruled that out as an option. Especially since:
      1) the federal government is many, many times more powerful now than it was before 1861;
      2) the two sides in our current conflict are not geographically separated, but thoroughly intermingled, since there are leftists in every single town in America, even in the reddest county of the reddest state; and finally,
      3) our moral and cultural capital is much diminished since the 1861-1865 conflict, so in any armed conflict now, the “rules of war” would be thrown completely out the window. The first Civil War would look like a church picnic by comparison.

      In many ways, the 1861-65 conflict was not a “civil war” at all, since there were actual, clearly recognizable battle fronts, and a rough dividing line between North and South. True civil wars are ghastly nightmares in which the war is fought on every street, in every town, in every part of the country, and massacres are common. Look at the French Revolution, the Russian communist revolution, and the Spanish Civil War to see what a true civil war looks like. And even those conflicts do not begin to approximate the horror of what would happen in an America where the population has been dumbed down by the education system, debased by commercial pop culture, desensitized by pornography, and zombified by mass media; and where the government has at its disposal extremely precise, omnipresent surveillance, and weaponry ranging from mind control to killer drones.

      • Secession is never off the table, the damn marxists are still waging war against it every day all around us. They fear people who believe in secession like nothing else. It is part of why they revise history of us, why they despise the south and all symbols of it. Secession is a matter of the heart and mind, just as resistance is never futile. Abolition of the state is quite possible also.
        The construct of the large nation state in the West will not survive much longer without scripture and Christian catechisms limiting and defining government. If people nullify the power of the leviathan through withdrawal of consent, anything is possible.
        We just witnessed a peaceful coup take place against the marxists on November 8th. And Sister, are they pissed off about it. That grass roots movement of people has been evolving since before the Tea Party rally, they all didn’t just fade away into nothing, that plurality is adapting, improvising, it is insurgent, pretty soon it will have the power of a preference cascade that is more powerful than any other force. The transnationalists and their domestic actors are sticking their meathooks in a meat grinder. Us dirt people don’t burn down our homes and towns, we go and burn down our enemies structures and centers of power, when we do, and it takes a lot to get us that kind of mad, it creates an indomitable force like no force on Earth. But there for the Grace of God we go.

    • The only rule the leftists honor, is there are no rules in regards to will of the governed of the white dirt people. but that works both ways. That truth weaponizes our dirt people consent and withdrawal of it. People are beginning to grok, that makes us the drivers of this bus of insanity and it is up to us to slam on the brakes. You got to wrap your heart and mind around that sooner or later if you are going to survive the consequences of the wonton malicious destruction of civil society of this republic and the original ideas it was predicated upon, your gonna have to fight for it. The very basic premise of freedom and liberty is what is at stake here. Trust in our will being honored, it’s loss, leaves us dirt people with but our primal natural God given rights, our essential human terrain. Ideas like the rule of law, a civil society, even the concept of “the social contract” is like a week old road kill possum run flat in the hot sun on the DC beltway. It is terrible to look upon and accept, and it is infested with maggots.
      And funny as it sounds, that is as it should be. Then it is dirt people who become manifest in that reality.
      Because really, when you get down to it, there was never any trusting the leviathan to begin with. Just an illusion.
      Maybe a President Trump can help. Lord knows any help from that office is a good deal. But the battle right now is the elites now exist to survive their illegitimacy.
      Everything is co-opted or hijacked to those means, nothing is left untainted or uncorrupted to those ends.
      It is an ugly nasty reality, but one we must face without fear if we are to survive this juggernaut.
      Here’s the thing, the recent string of oval office usurpers and it’s deep state regime of Amerika, has everything in common with the EU. The EU is Carl Marx’s ghost come back to haunt the dummies for buying into a deal just too good to be true. Kind of like Hope & Change.
      Until The Great Fuck You, in the form of Trump, maybe the equation has changed in some way, we will see soon enough, but in the meantime, I see the scope of the lawless disregard for The Rule of Law expanding exponentially by the day by the very nature of corruption of the elites lust to retain absolute power. Everything they do now involves surviving that illegitimacy.
      Let us not not beat around the bush here on another level. This All about guns. Don’t kid yourself. Everything these fucking scumbags do revolves around and ultimately involves guns. It is guns that give these pieces of shit their power. It is guns that they fear. It is guns that they must have if they are to take over our country in order to rule with an iron fist. It is guns that they must take from the populous in order obtain that absolute power. It is guns they understand like none other are the only real power behind anything. It is guns this system of government now lives by. It is guns that they use to enforce everything.
      And it is guns in the hands of We The People that they fear like nothing else.
      Anything else becomes a cheap side show when they start shooting…

      “Resistance begins with a moral precept, before strategy, tactics, and weapons: My life is mine. Only when you proudly insist on it, recognizing all that precept implies, will you be ready, willing, and able to fight for it with complete moral clarity.” – Robert Gore

      “Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.” – Dr. Jerry Pournelle

      “There is no government like No government”-unknown

      Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others. –Edward Abbey

      “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Steal a fish from one guy and give it to another–and keep doing that on a daily basis–and you’ll make the first guy p*ssed off, but you’ll make the second guy lazy and dependent on you. Then you can tell the second guy that the first guy is greedy for wanting to keep the fish he caught. Then the second guy will cheer for you to steal more fish. Then you can prohibit anyone from fishing without getting permission from you. Then you can expand the racket, stealing fish from more people and buying the loyalty of others. Then you can get the recipients of the stolen fish to act as your hired thugs. Then you can … well, you know the rest.” – Larken Rose

      The power to hurt – the sheer unacquisitive, unproductive power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to inflict pain and grief—is a kind of bargaining power, not easy to use but used often.
      Thomas C. Schelling Arms and Influence

  9. I’m waiting for the Grapes of Wrath moment where the corrupt sheriff and his thugs show up at the dance, trying to find a riot.

  10. The mantra for so many years has been, “wait until the next election” and “you vote counts”. Well, here we are, still with the same mind set, as we watch the country “transform” into something we would not want to live in. It seems we have been conditioned to just wait, but in doing so, we miss opportunities to restore what was lost. So far the opportunity we will take will be when our lives and homes are threatened, but by then,it will be too late; there will be nothing left to preserve. So I agree with the article and am encouraged with the speed that president Trump is moving, but am fearful that he will grind to a halt with all the saboteurs that are lurking in the shadows. It is an epic battle we are witnessing, one that will decide whether we will be free or chained in whatever the latest identity/gender worship we will be required to bow down to.

  11. Vigilante: noun, plural noun: vigilantes: a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.

    To hell with this shit about “Squads of government men rounding these people up in the middle of the night”.

    The first thing we will round up and liquidate are “Squads of government men”.

  12. Pinochet killed 3000 fanatics who themselves had killed 300,000 more, per a Chilean commentor. He then stayed long enough to purge the judiciary of it’s holdouts as well.

    Iran’s feather-boa dictator, Mossadegh, confiscated the assets of any opposition and was declaring the Pasdaran (Iranian Congress) null and void as he assumed supreme executive powers.

    The Shah replaced him. Over 20 years, his ‘brutal’ SAVAK killed 500 radicals, who themselves had murdered more than 20,000.

    If we do not clean house, soon, let us consider whom it is that the Left lionizes.
    Arafat, anyone?
    Che and Castro? Examples abound.

    Maybe we could do as Ted Kennedy said-
    “Let’s drive off that bridge when we come to it.”

  13. Here’s the deal. If this goes on, the military, the National Guard, and law enforcement agencies are going to be called out into the streets to “keep the peace”. They are training for it already, ever heard of Jade Helm? What you want is for the military to be called out on “them”, not on “us” or on “everyone”. Prepare to the utmost, hold your fire, and let these crazies keep taking it further and further. Then practice the art of “lets you and him fight”, “you” being law enforcement and “him” being the crazies.

    We are winning now, don’t you understand? Play it like we are winning. The other side is giving us a gift, they are going off on blind emotion (and set up to do so by the Globalists). They have nothing else. They will try to ass-ass-inate the big guy or take down his tower. Let them try! You get the public behind you by suffering a Pearl Harbor before you set out to fight. Awful, I know, but it is how you get it done. It takes a Boston Massacre to get things going in the right direction. Be smart, it will all come to you , maybe just not in the most satisfying or quick way.

    • Did you notice that odd minute during the Inauguration when a group of military men lined up silently behind Trump?

      No need for bluster. They’ve got his back.
      Been reading that military patriots are ready to purge national security and defense of the Deep State civilian criminals who have brought our doctrines, our good name, and our Nation to ruin.

      • I seen that also, there was no mistaking the various subtle but sublime little cues throughout. Have to say it was a heart warming relief to see it. Bet you it was a signal as discreet message change of the guard to certain elements of domestic and foreign enemies.

    • Lets hope those Oaths really count for something other than fealty to the most admired or powerful Alpha leader. Out of the fire and into the frying pan kind of thing.
      I believe Montesquieu was right. Large nation states are incapable protecting the dirt peoples freedoms and liberty by their very nature they tend towards totalitarianism, they are too far removed from the dirt people, there are too many unaccountable agents within them, and all that implies regarding what men with power want, more power.

      Dutch, here is a splendid work on the ideas and reasons about standing armies and the peoples natural right of arms stretching from the English King Alfred in 871 to today. It references many historical examples and thinking, and the reason involved in your comment. Very well and concisely written. A great read.

      David E. Vandercoy, 1994 Valparaiso Univ. Law Review

  14. Either Z is having a really bad day or he is seeing how easily a civil war two could be upon us. The pendulum of the culture wars has swung in the other direction. Hillary was zenith and now with momentum it follows the arc back with force. There will be casualties and collateral damage.

    Hold tight with deep belief and faith, stand by the role of law ( you’ll be surprised how righteous it is – remember the consitituion was written by deeply moral and religious men) and remember a majority of working class women in the red states voted for Trump also. When we stand together we cannot be broken – against all odds we won and will keep on winning.

    • You do realize what the Constitution actually proves don’t you? It’s been the best system to constrain the nature of man and it failed utterly in the end. Law proved no to be no restraint on the desires of man. Where it wasn’t subverted it was outright ignored, and all so that the bureaucracy could serve the desires of the ruling class. The American experiment has proved that there is no ideal or law superior the nature of man. It’s proven that the most important ingredient to a stable and just society is a just man. There simply is no substitute. No magic dirt, no magic paper. When man falters nothing can stop the fall.

      • Yeah it’s man who decides if the constitution is a bullet proof vest or toilet paper. Still I sense their fear of it. We may have already gone too far down and a reset (war) inevitable if that happens the codex is even more important.

      • I do not consider the Constitution to be the failure? It is it’s people who have failed. Just as Ben Franklin told the woman when she asked what sort of government the delegates had created, he answered “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

        We, have failed. Our forefathers have failed. The Founders understood the weaknesses of man and put together the best things ever produced for governing men, but that too, without constant cleansing has morphed into something of a monster that resembles in no way that which was intended.

        We have forgotten God’s law, and natural law. And have supplanted that with the law of greed. The problems we see are the result of the “Love of Money” which is the root of all evil. Everything we see, we know can be diagnosed by “following the money.” It’s all about money. That is the god the world worships today. And that is what Globalists, Muslims, everyone wants, is money. Conquest is all about wealth. If you are not capable of creating your own, or too lazy, you take it. That is what we are seeing. The Takers (Progressives) are favoring other Takers. And they are punishing the rubes who pay the freight and endure being pissed on.

        Well, the Rubes have begun standing up and are pushing back. Soon the Left will be drinking their own piss.

        • Not so fast friend, I’m going to pick a bone with you. I can only speak for myself here, I never failed in my duty as a dirt person, nor my faith in the great creator and the ideas that where fought for that created liberty. Those thing have nothing to do with that instrument of the humanists who crafted a document of administrative tyranny. And what of all the dirt people of the South who desired to peacefully secede from that tyranny, are they guilty of failure? How about LeVoy Finnicum, or Randy Weaver’s wife and son? I do not believe it for a second, in fact, if anyone has held up to the ideals and catechisms of Christian values and principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Compact Theory of Confederation, the rejection of The Leviathan State, it is us dirt people who have been faithful to the ideas and ideals. It is not us who have violated the Constitution to such an extent, that they have made the illegitimate power they hold into an illusion of legitimacy, whose ideology, agenda greed, and lust for absolute power is so repugnant it requires the use of force and violence of the State to enforce. What of all the soldiers of the Confederacy who fought and died for their freedom from federal tyranny and the war of aggression it waged upon the South?
          No, it is we dirt people who are the glue that keeps this fucking disaster in the making together. It is our adherence to basic every day decency and virtue, of leaving others alone, of our Christian values, of finding it within ourselves the grace to turn the other cheek.
          That piece of rancid parchment was not the dirt peoples idea, we had what we wanted in the Compact of Confederation, it was what all that blood and suffering was sacrificed for. The Constitution was the product of the the interests and influence of the managerial techno class of the day, it was a conspiracy to remove scripture and God before everything. To give exclusive administrative power to a cabal of colonial Nomenklaturer over the affairs of every facet in the sphere of the dirt peoples lives in order to confiscate a portion of the fruits of their labor. The minute the ink was dry on it, it was downhill from there to today. And today that cabal is fighting over the spoils remaining of their never ending war on us dirt peoples liberty.
          The Constitution has never in all it’s life created one erg of freedom and Liberty. Only us dirt people can do that. If it wasn’t for all the dirt people who have stood their ground thru the time of this country, we would all be indentured slaves in no uncertain terms. If we are guilty of anything, it is omission, not commission, that is the sole bailiwick of those who run things.

          • Doug, if you find the Constitution to be a “rancid piece of parchment” then we do have a problem. I tried to find something on the “Compact of Confederation” and I guess you are referring to something from the Civil War era?

            Of course, the Constitution does not stand alone. It goes hand in hand with the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. As has been said very eloquently, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” – Winston Churchill
            Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/w/winstonchu164161.html

            What I mean when I say “it is the people who have failed,” I mean exactly that. The documents record the idea of America and how the Republic “Should” be governed. The fact that it has been perverted, and that this perversion has been accepted, acquiesced to, and tolerated IS all our fault. And yes, I will include even the Dirt people. We have, over the decades, allowed things to get to this point and that is simply on us.

            If your home has a rotting foundation and is infested with termites, it takes a long time for that work to result in the collapse of your structure. If one is not paying attention, then whose fault is it really for the final result? We can blame the termites, the mold and scum that rot the supports. But as Ben Franklin was warning us, and which our leaders and educators and we ourselves have neglected to maintain at the top of our list is the need to keep an eye on our “house.” We trusted our so-called leaders, political, business and others to do what was right. They mostly did what was in their own best interest and to hell with the rest of the country. Pieces of paper did not do those things over that long period of time. It was done by the rats who were entrusted with the responsibility to look after our best interests. We have seen time after time just how well that has worked out.

            We, Dirt People, act like we are so righteous compared to the Left and talk about how we are busy producing, raising our kids, going to church, and being good people, and yet when the rubber hits the road, we will not take a few days to march on our State Capitals, Washington DC, spend the money necessary to make a “peaceful” show of force to TPTB about how pissed off we are. No. The Tea Party has to play nice, have a picnic and organize. What is wrong with having a million or two million or five voices yelling “THIS HAS TO STOP RIGHT NOW!” and camp on their doorstep for a few days to show some seriousness?

            I know you are still hurting from the whupping your folks took during the War Between the States and maybe my mentioning of Gen. Sherman made you mad at me for uttering his name. But I respect him because he did his job. And that was to win the war. It was not to play nice. But, let’s try to set that aside. We are fighting a common enemy here. Progressives are that enemy and we know they are playing the long game. They control many of the important and influential institutions. We have Trump, our Leader of the Renaissance, and we need to turn the tide but first we need to accept responsibility for our part in this debacle.

          • LetsPlay, w/o knowing about the Articles of Confederation you must also be oblivious to the Anti-Federalist’s also. The Articles of Confederation pre-date the US Constitution by several years and governed the nation for that time,. The Federalist Papers, by Jay, Hamilton, and Madison, were essays pointing out the flaws in the Confederation, and the need for a stronger, centralized government. The Anti- Federalist papers refuted the claims of Madison, Jay and Hamilton. They were a collection of essays that basically foresaw the Federal Government becoming tyrannical, as it indeed has.
            The Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the United States, on November 15, 1777. However, ratification of the Articles of Confederation by all thirteen states did not occur until March 1, 1781.
            I challenge you to READ THE ANTIFEDERALIST essays. The scales will fall from your eyes. BTW, the Constitution failed for-score and seven years after its adoption. Since 1865 the United States has ceased to exist. The Federal Government went to war against its own people, locked up judges, controlled the press, it did eevrything it cold to hold on to its power, with no consideration for the law. We have all been raised in the ashes of a Republic.

        • So man failed not the Constitution. It’s almost as if you’re saying that whether the principles embodied in the Constitutions require men to behave accordingly for them to succeed. Making men more powerful than the ideals themselves. I could have sworn I said that very thing.

          • DF, what I was responding to was your statement of ” … and it failed utterly in the end.” I acknowledge you say later “It’s proven that the most important ingredient to a stable and just society is a just man.”, however, I guess it would be a correction in logic to say that this last makes the former incorrect. It was not the Constitution that failed, that is all I am saying.

          • But it didn’t succeed either. It’s goal was to be bulletproof, or as bulletproof as they could make it, but it wasn’t enough. Corruption still won. I’m not trying to cheapen the document or the ideals. I personally think it’s as good as words on paper can do, and apparently I’m not alone. Ben Franklin said “if you can keep it”, and that seems to indicate that more was required.

    • I’m like you WH, the Constitution and its amendments mean nothing to me now. My rights do not stem from a piece of parchment nor laws man creates, as we are seeing first hand mean nothing to those whose sole responsibility was to uphold them.
      The Stoics understood ideas are like seeds, you plant them and they grow out of all size to their tiny beginnings.
      Z probably has always understood. I’ll send you a hundreds bucks if he didn’t. No matter, the closer we all come, as you say, in solidarity the stronger we are. No need for all to agree on everything, but being united, that is paramount.
      And of great import and immense value all outside their seeming diminutive power, people such as Z, well they are leaders in their own right. They are thought leaders, they are as the axiom goes, more powerful than the sword, but you have to have the sword to protect the pen also. They are inextricably linked, as the ideas, not so much the laws, as those are man made, but the ideas and primal rights codified in the 1st and 2nd Amendments are the first thing.

  15. I use to be one of those Conservative/libertarians that argued over the minutia of laws, traditions, and procedures, Then I realized there was no way in hell any of that was going to happen in the real world. Now I don’t care what color the cat is as long as it catches mice. The only thing that matters is real world results, the rest is just mental masturbation. It feels okay, and kills some time, but in the end is nothing more than a waste of paper towels.

  16. It’s the smirking arrogance of the Left`as they brazenly break the rules to win, that has brought me to longing for the helicopter solution too. No matter what set of rules the Right plays by, managing to win just brings forth another hilarious bout of “Heads we win, tails you lose” from the Left.

    Now that the Ninth Circuit judges have done their pirouettes to the applause of THEIR side, I want to know what Trump is going to DO? It’s not enough to say, “Don’t worry, the Supreme Court will set things right.” The Supreme Court has become the Right’s “panic room”, where we have to flee every day while murderers and rapists break in and rampage through the house. Looking to the SC to rescue us is just the last rule left in the game, when the other side has shown how gleefully it’s broken the hundred preceding rules to rob us.

    What’s going to happen now? I’m not interested in watching Trump play the Noble Hero, wronged and mistreated. That’s been the story of Official Conservatism since Reagan, and I’m through with it. If Trump can’t prevent the Left from pulling these stunts, then he has to make them PAY. Pay and pay and pay, until even finally they figure out that the price is too high. I don’t care what it looks like. Automatic financial audits for every judge who participated in this scam would be a start. How can they be hurt? Who can start impeachment proceedings? Divorce records? Custody disputes? Support payment squabbles? Get all of it out in public, and never let up until the cupboard is bare. Then start making stuff up. If they don’t lose something, they’ll never do anything differently.

    • I like it. Kinda like Gen. Wm. T. Sherman and his scorched earth campaign. Things will not change until you make them feel the pain. Right now, they are the ones dishing it out. Let’s see how they like being on the receiving end.

      • Careful what you wish for, it was Lincoln’s Marxist who waged total scorched earth warfare against a sovereign population whom had every right and legal interpretation of the right to secede. Sherman’s march was pogrom on American soil. It was to make sure secession would die a bloody end and remind all who entertain such rights the consequences of defying the Banksters and one world order of the day. Remember Waco, it was Lincoln’s marxist decedents who used tanks and deliberately incinerated all those people because they where white men and Christian, remember who was running the regime in DC.
        This is what the left is historically capable of, there is nothing new about what is ramping up today. It will be genocide waged on a larger scale against us dirt People. Trump is not the target. It is who and what Trump represents.
        I’m in no way saying resistance is futile. I say we win this time.

        • Doug, I Letsplay is pointing out though, that the central point is, it will continue until and unless they feel the pain and forfeit the field. The left/Progs have done nothing BUT throw crap in our faces and taunted us. They have collectively flaunted the rule of law and perverted society… and they scream when anyone tries to bring them to bear. It’s time for real consequences for their sedition and treachery. There “should” be an account for inflaming their folks and inciting riots.

          • I understand, and am not above thinking what payback is due, same as the next guy who is fed up with their stupid shit stirring. But this is a war of hearts and minds. If we dirt people are going to win this, holding the moral high grounds is as important as holding the tactical. We got to do it right. It isn’t just the leftists who want us slaves or dead. It isn’t about winning the battles, I have no doubts we win those hands down when it comes to it, it’s about winning something better after the battles. Winning the peace, winning liberty. If it is for revenge, or throwing the moral precept out for expediency, that kind of war will rip us so far apart we are fucking toast. If you win hearts and minds you win everything. It’s getting our legitimacy ducks in a row. Look, we got to get this right this time, or we end up in the same boat all over again. If it means civil war, exterminate every single one of them no holds barred. They started it, they pushed it, they doubled down on it, lets give them every inch of the rope and yank. They are their own worst enemy, wait for it, they will do half the job of exterminating themselves. It is what they are, the human extinction movement.

  17. Good oh, Zman. Things “could” get kinda weird and ugly I’m think. Read this morn that Messieurs Obama ( NYPost) is making noise behind scenes to lead a shadow, insurgency to thwart the new administration and to organize resistance whenever and wherever to seed trouble.

    With the judges you describe, it is not hard to imagine a real conflict that our country has not seen. A former administration in active sedition with active judges willing to help. The rub comes when Trump and his decide to fight for the country, the rule of law and the Constitution. The ramifications will be ruinous since the federal government is full of toadies willing to obstruct from the inside. If and once the battle is joined, the press will cover it as a Hitlerian operation and misrepresent EVERYTHING and incite chaos. I hope we’re not headed there, but the Progs are playing with fire and they clearly don’t care what it leads to. They aren’t in power right now and they don’t care if they burn it all down evidently.

    • here you have it and below is just an exerpt, read the whole thing


      I asked him several “what if” questions and let him riff on them… I just let him talk and wargame out the Second Civil War, there in the back seat of my car as we drove to the airport, and he painted a picture of horrific death and destruction. Once this conflict started, even the best-case scenarios he described sounded truly grim. He seemed to believe that civilian casualties would be extremely high, given how much fighting would centered in and around large cities, and that food would be used as a weapon, causing famine and starvation on a terrifying scale. Booby traps, IED’s, rampant bombings, drone strikes, snipers, local-level assassinations, mortars and shelling, death squads (both government and rebel), reprisal killings, torture… it sounded more like the Middle East than middle America.

      Wheeler got quiet for a few moments, and then he said something that I will never, ever forget.

      “These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

      And lemme tell ya, he had the list… he rattled off 25 or 30 names of well-known, prominent politicians, mostly Democrats, but a few Republicans, several members of the current Cabinet, a couple of Obama’s “czars”, a couple of figures from the Bush administration and the Republican establishment, several media company executives and on-camera newscasters, reporters, and pundits, a couple of people who are active in leftist politics but not in elected office… he had obviously thought about this to some degree already.

      I was struck by his cold, detached, matter-of-fact tone. I said, “Dude… that’s more French Revolution than American Revolution. Do you really think that is the way to go?”

      Wheeler said, “I believe in efficiency and economy of action. You wouldn’t trade one hundred of those criminal bastards for ten million of your fellow Americans?”

      • A million thanks- I was so hoping someone would bring that.

        He had me at “95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

    • Absolutely, O went to work on day one.
      His lux ‘vacations’ are cover for planning sessions. Not done by a long shot.

  18. I only had to read the first paragraph or two to give a thumbs up on this one.
    I was just wishing this morning that Trump was a little more like Duterte.

    • No, you don’t want that. Read up on Rodrigo some. Trump is using resources Duterte wouldn’t have a clue what to do with, if he had them … which he doesn’t.

  19. You know, one could make the argument that the three main male leads represent the Id, Ego, and Superego.

  20. You have bought the concept that Trump is all that different from any other of the candidates for POTUS. He is only different in that he has personality and is obviously more intelligent and quicker with his wit than the other losers like Graham, Romney, Sanders, Clinton, etc.

    And Trump is backing off his most popular policies dealing with nation building, empire building and overly expensive international adventurism.

  21. Excellent post. Among your best. And you’re right; outside of violence the current trajectory of the US is highly unlikely to change. No government has ever voluntarily returned self determination back to the individual. It could happen, never is a long time, but I doubt that we have reached some new point in human history. The left wants a war. I, being Christian, must wait for them to attack first or some other morale imperative such as hunger. The world is such a place that when some seek war, they will find it. Soon enough, others will oblige. One upside to the American Church being castrated is; it will not lift a finger if it starts raining judges. Myself, I have a very low opinion of the rules of men.

    • ” I, being Christian, must wait for them to attack first or some other morale imperative such as hunger”

      let me reword this to make it clearer: “i am too comfortable and cowardly to do anything myself, so i will wait to see which side wins”

      • No, that’s not it. Thanks for your unqualified opinion of me. There is no such thing as righteous self-offense before a holy and just God. Only righteous self-defense. I’m not a churchian, I’m an actual Christian who carries a weapon 24/7 in defense of self and those less able. I was given a code, by Him, that I must live by or perish by, but I can’t change the code itself. Fear the ruthless vengeance of just man in concert with the holy redeemer.

          • Killing people who are not a threat is not a manly act. It is cowardly. Politically, at what point is a justified determination of self defense reached, is something mankind has struggled with since recorded history began. I’m not the first, nor will I be the last. Taking a life, personally and individually and intimately, is no easy act. Mostly, big mouths calling for killing are the biggest cowards, mostly.

          • Stop kicking your own.
            That’s the Left’s national sport- once the Revolution is over, the Grim and Determined get to the truly important work of denouncing each other.

      • Now, now, unfair.
        Once the shootin’ starts, it’s all over, never to return. Helicopter rain should be a gentleman’s affair.

        Besides, the lights are still on, and I hope they stay on. Got toilet paper?

    • “No government has ever voluntarily returned self determination back to the individual.” It’s never been tried other than the Confederacy’s secession from the Norths tyranny. But if we never try, it will never happen. And how many of us want to go into that long goodnight having never fought and tried? And really, maybe it isn’t the purview of the government, maybe it is the purview of the people to reconstitute a government suitable to their individual freedoms and happiness. For how else do we get this 10 ton whale of a leviathan off our backs? It isn’t going to leave us alone because we ask nice now is it?

      • Good points every one. I didn’t think about the war of northern aggression. That may qualify as an attempt at voluntarily returned liberty. I’ve been wrong before. I like your point about reconstituting a government suitable to ourselves. We really are different peoples. We are more like 4 or 5 peoples, I don’t know. To bad we all can’t simply say; this ain’t working so let’s split up into regions. Most on the right would go for it if were presented as the best of peaceable solutions. The left? I can’t imagine they would just walk away without wanting to rule over others. I just can’t picture such a thing.

        • Nothing is easy or simple in this, there are no clear cut remedies. All we got is each other if we stick together, that it all begins with each of us, that we don’t have to stand or put up with this shit no longer. That in no uncertain terms should we ever bend a knee to the bastards. No more!
          We get another shot at this you know that? We get to do something about that legacy of freedom we where handed. It only happens once in an age. We got what it takes to come out the other side of this great tribulation coming better for it as a people. It happened once, it can happen again.

        • Have you read William S. Lind’s Victoria? It is exactly about what you suggest about splitting up in regions. Victoria begins in NH and Maine, they secede, and the cascade of secession and the resulting nullification of federal centralized power. http://www.traditionalright.com/victoria/ It has a lot going for it, not least of all it was something that has already taken place and was working pretty well under The Articles of Confederation. They had some important things to work out, but it left no doubts the autonomy of the individual sovereign nations states was critical to assuring the peoples will was attended to. Which was the whole idea.

          Read this and see just how correct your idea of smaller regions appears:

          …The Antifederalists relied extensively on the works of Baron de (p.1033)Montesquieu to support the proposition that the geographic size of an area strongly influenced its form of government.[190] Montesquieu had written democracy could survive only in a small-sized state, small enough to permit the actual participation of the people in government and small enough so that each citizen understands that promoting the public good directly promotes the individual.[191] A middle-sized territory, as Montesquieu terms it, would inevitably become a monarchy; to an extensive territory, a despotic form of government was best adapted. In large republics, the public good is sacrificed to a multiplicity of views and the citizens do not perceive the nexus between promoting the public good and their individual welfare.
          According to Montesquieu, a middle-sized territory would tend to become a monarchy because ambitious persons who do not perceive the public good as beneficial to them seek grandeur by imposing their will on others. One person eventually prevails and assumes the role as prince. The monarchy then exists through a system of honor established by giving perks and titles. If the territory is too large, one person cannot command sufficient allegiance on honor of enough of the populace to control the territory. Ruling a large territory requires more than a system of titles and perks. Order can be maintained only by immediate, passive obedience to the rules; passive obedience can be achieved only by an instilling fear. The multiplicity of views, the dissents, are stifled by fear. According to Montesquieu, rule by fear, despotism, was a logical incident of the government of a large territory. Montesquieu’s theory continued that while a small republic could internally maintain its republican character, it would be destroyed by foreign forces.[192] The dilemma could be resolved only by a confederate republic, a form of government in which small states become individual members of an association which is able to provide security for the whole body.[193]
          The Antifederalists used Montesquieu’s well-known works to argue for a less powerful central government and more autonomy for the individual states, a government which would more closely resemble the Articles of Confederation model and Montesquieu’s confederate republic rather than that proposed by the Constitution. Antifederalist publications confirm that preserving the autonomy of the states was a means to the end of protecting the people’s rights, not an end (p.1034)in itself. In arguing against the new Constitution, the Pennsylvania Minority framed the question–“Is it probable that the dissolution of the state governments, and the establishment of one consolidated empire would be eligible in its nature, and satisfactory to the people in its administration?”[194]
          The answer– “I think not, as … so extensive a territory could not be governed, connected and preserved, but by the supremacy of despotic power.”[195]
          The reason– Being “satiated with the blessings of liberty” after “asserting their inalienable rights against foreign despots at the expense of so much blood and treasure,” the people will spurn the shackles prepared for them under the new Constitution and confirm their liberties.[196]
          Although the complaint was the dissolution of state governments, the problem was viewed as a loss of the people’s rights.
          In another publication, an unidentified Pennsylvania Antifederalist, writing under the pen name Montezuma, purported to be an advocate of the Constitution and to give the “inside story” of the dark designs of the proponents. Montezuma suggested:
          We have taken pains to leave the legislatures of each free and independent state, as they now call themselves, in such a situation that they will eventually be absorbed by our grand continental vortex, or dwindle into petty corporations, and have power over little else than yoaking logs, of determining the width of cart wheels.[197]
          Montezuma continued that state legislatures would be powerless when the national government exercised exclusive control over commerce and the power to wage war, make peace, coin money, borrow money, organize the militia and call them forth to crush insurrections.[198] By eliminating the powers of the states, the clouds of popular insurrection would likewise be broken.[199]
          Another Antifederalist writer, using the name John DeWitt, posed similar arguments to the people of Massachusetts to influence the ratification convention (p.1035)in that state. The writer, whose true identity is unknown, argued that the strong national government would swallow up the state governments in a hasty stride to a Universal Empire in the Western World. The predicted result was a loss of the people’s liberty.[200] Again, the Antifederalist argument was that retention of power by the states was necessary to secure the rights of the people…

          -from History of The Second Amendment

  22. I like John Wayne movies, but, in that one, I’d argue that Doniphon was a narcissistic coward, afraid to face the law and take the consequences of his action – in fact, murder (he was not directly attacked, and it was an allegedly fair fight, by the standards of that time). He cared only about himself, not the town, or even the girl he supposedly loved.

    It was, in fact, Jimmy’s character that showed bravery, standing up time and again, in a lost battle. He went into that fight KNOWING he was going to die. He went anyway, which makes him the guy with the brass ones, not Doniphon.

    • jimmy’s character was a cuck. you might want to read up on narcissism. also, you completely mis-interpreted Tom’s motives for “hiding” his involvement. he did that *so* jimmy’s character would get the credit, because he knew his time was over. other than that, i agree with you.

      oh, would love to hear from you how Shane was a coward too.

  23. Here, here! the libs have just about pushed the rest of the country to the point where one way helicopter rides (and one way stadium visits) are acceptable. mobbing mcconnell’s house is going to help trump immensely. hopefully all the muslims will be returned to sender as well.

    • Lets hope his son catches the same illness also.
      How he has managed to remain alive so long after all he has done is a testament of how truly crooked and corrupt those running things are.

  24. Z Man;
    Your second-last paragraph about the perils of strong-man succession is totally consistent with the thrust of your just-previous post about the history of Rome. One of the few things that writers on the subject cannot really disagree with is that during the unified empire, Rome prospered when there was orderly succession to Emperor and faltered when there was not. Most agree that the wastage of provinces and legions caused by the civil wars of succession was one of the main causes of the fall to the barbarians who were increasingly recruited to participate in said civil wars.

    Now we have The Cloud Folk attempting to disrupt the orderly succession of President of the US….

    • Western Rome fell because eventually the tax revenue dried up, and the state collapsed on its own. not so exciting as a barbarian invasion, but that’s in fact what happened. same is happening now, here, re: government pensions and pay levels. wait till all the tax eaters in cali learn there is no more “porridge” for them.

      • Al is more correct, though you are both correct.

        Bringing in foreign mercenaries who expect to get pay from a shrinking tax base… vicious circle

        The new Overseer class muscle will defend their privileges as vibrantly as our homegrown overseers, political officers, and informants, or more.

        We’re not seeing ordinary stupid here- this is weaponized stupid.
        This is enemy action.

  25. When the judiciary has fabricated jurisdiction over a matter (there was neither standing nor jurisdiction in the 9th circuit case), my opinion as a former Federal litigator is that the President has every right to point that out and treat the Order as null and void. Andy Jackson and Lincoln did it in far less egregious cases….

    • I thought the same as you. The only thing I have thought of is; he is using this to his advantage. He could have told them to pound sand and he didn’t recognize their authority to even hear the case ( either Federal Court). BUT in allowing this to unfold… a lot of folks are stepping across the line and I figure, the administration is learning from this … taking notes, and building public consciousness to a clearly out of control progressive movement and wacky judges. Time will tell if it’s a missed opportunity or my hunch is correct.

      • I hope you’re right. Scott Adams calls him a “Master Persuader” and we’re always being told that it’s the nature of a businessman like Trump, when he’s making a deal, to start with a high demand, then negotiate down to something more reasonable.

        But what happens when a man offers a deal and the other side not only won’t make a counter-offer, they insult him and throw him out of the room? Sometimes what happens is that he takes a harder line, and the other side eventually is left wishing they’d taken his initial offer. I deeply hope that’s what’s happening now. That Trump has started off with a very measured, defensible EO doing little more than continuing what Obama’s administration started, as a way of drawing out his opponents. And they’re shrieking and chimping out so his next move will be to say, “Right. You didn’t like that? Well, now I’m ordering all immigration offices in those countries closed, and adding a few more for good measure. Now NOBODY is coming in, and your tinkertoy justices can’t do a damn thing about it.”

  26. I posted this on Kakistocracy this morning. It’s relevant to this post too:

    The solution to the issue of federal judges acting as philosopher-kings is to pare back the subject matter jurisdiction of the lower federal courts to hear questions arising under the constitution. Full stop.

    The US Supreme Court is established by Article III of the constitution, and it’s jurisdictional scope is set forth therein. Neither the executive nor the legislative branch can change this.

    By contrast, while the constitution authorizes the creation of lower (i.e., district and appellate) courts, there is no *requirement* in the constitution to establish a system of lower federal courts. Lower federal courts are established by federal law and their subject matter jurisdiction is similarly defined by statute.

    Congress and the President can amend federal law (28 U.S.C. 1331) to remove, or severely limit, the original jurisdiction of the lower federal courts. This is the constitutional and correct remedy to an over-reaching judicial branch.

    As an historical aside, the first Congress did not grant the system of lower federal courts original jurisdiction over federal questions *precisely* because they understood that it would make the judicial branch too powerful. The Federalists, under John Adams, expanded federal court jurisdiction in a blatant attempt to expand and pack the judiciary at the end of the Adams administration. The Democratic-Republicans, under Jefferson, repealed the law and reverted to limited jurisdiction for federal courts. Federal court jurisdiction remained limited until the Reconstruction era.

    And if ever one needed evidence that federal court jurisdiction needs to be curtailed, this article should suffice:


    Synopsis: Federal Claims Court judge finds “implied contract” between health insurance company and HHS for risk corridor payments prohibited by Republican Congress and signed by Obama in budget reconciliation process. Thus, FedGov (i.e., taxpayers) must pay health insurance company payments specifically prohibited by Congress and the President.

    • defund the 9th circuit court and see what happens. bring personal law suits against the sitting judges — in friendly jurisdictions. doxx the shit out of the liberal judges. produces videos that will “guide” the crazies into thinking killing a judge makes one a “hero”

      • With respect, there really is no practical way to remove funding from the 9th Circuit. And federal judges have immunity from personal lawsuits for their acts on the bench. These are not viable solutions. Nor are doxxing or killing federal judges.

        At the very least we need to eliminate the privileges of Senatorial Courtesy and the Blue Slip process. Judge Robart is on the bench because Democratic Senator Patty Murray recommended him and the Bush Administration acquiesced. This needs to stop.


          • The 9th Circuit is a federal court circuit. It is funded by the federal government.

            The problem is not the 9th Circuit, per se. The problem is that the 9th Circuit is stacked with liberal, activist judges. This is not accidental. Rather, it is a direct result of Senatorial Courtesy and the Blue Slip process referenced above. Most of the district courts in the 9th Circuit are in the populated areas of the West Coast. Accordingly, the Senators of CA, OR, and WA get have a vastly disproportionate influence on the appointment of district court judges in the 9th Circuit. Liberal Senators appoint liberal judges.

            End Senatorial Courtesy and the Blue Slip process and the 9th Circuit will revert to the mean over time.

        • True to some extent. But they can be Impeached. It may just start to become a remedy, that Impeachment as a weapon of rule of law’s time has come. Franklin was brilliant when he proposed Impeach instead of physical assassination as a constitutional republic’s remedy to treasonous politicians and executives. He felt Impeachment was a form of personal Assassination very effective because of the potential message inherent in such action to remove usurpers and conspiracies of treason from government. Lord knows there is no shortage of usurpation and treason.

  27. We have time. Anger at the so-called judges in WA and the 9th Circuit is driving most of this. Working against the Government Party is that NOBODY expected them to rule differently. NOBODY expected the Media to report that a Boston district judge refused to interfere with Trump’s executive order.

    That’s the kind of antidemocratic lawlessness that the Persuadeable Public understands. The Persuadeable ones get angry when illegal Mexicans show up to try and intimidate law enforcement from deporting a woman who is a known criminal (forgery, stolen SSAN, etc). It’s the kind of stuff that makes shrinking and eliminating the 9th Circuit easier. It makes confirmation of Scalia’s replacement easier. It makes regular old law enforcement easier…because all of the things happening right now are derived from some patina of popular support.

    The screamers and the lawless judges are kicking the legs out from under their own stools.

    Remember, Trump put that travel ban out when he had virtually no cabinet. Probably rushed, but hardly a big problem. Just issue a new one, or order the military to deny entry of foreign chartered aircraft into US airspace if they are flagged from those 7 countries or contain non Visa passengers carrying passports from those countries…which we know before those planes even take off.

    I don’t have really any faith in the Congressional Republicans other than that they are gutless cowards, and they scare easily. These left wing rallies at their town halls are NOTHING compared to what awaits them – and Democrats – if this continues.

    • The average American has known that we have gone off the rails for many decades at least, but has been cowed out of speaking up about it for a long time. Now the typical citizen is seeing that he has been right in his outlook all along. Call them Persuadables. What they are is the real silent majority that is finally seeing their own point of view being represented and defended. The crazies will self-identify, and if they keep it up, they will need to emigrate to some other country if they want to venture out beyond their own front doors without catching it from all sides. As it should be. These people are traitors to the American experiment in self-governance. We need to shun them, disempower them, and send them on their way, all in an aggressive but non-violent sort of way. Shame is a powerful tool (look how well it has worked on the rest of us for so long). Shame them incessantly. Make them hate it to be them. Make them the social untouchables. Kick them out of the club. They have been trying to do that to us forever. Throw it back at them, all day, every day.

      • Good comment. I think a useful first step would be to expand the “press pool” to greatly marginalize the Government Media. I don’t know that even Trump could get away with kicking, say, CNN out of the White House (though he seems ready to try). But he can invite 100 others and ignore CNN/NBC/ABC/etc entirely.

        The silent majority felt isolated and ashamed mainly because they had been banished from the public square…ethnic cleansing in the media, in a way. Those days are nearly over. The social media rage spirals of the Government Party are largely the result of the silent majority logging on and throwing the bullshit flag.

      • Cogent observation, but what is this “shame” you speak of?

        I don’t see much evidence of it in the behavior of the left. You could argue that the systematic elimination of shame is part of the progressive vision.

    • Yeah, Pyrrhic victory for the 9th circuit. There will be no tears shed when it is carved up. Also, Trump has been given an early example of why appointing good judges to these courts matter. He has a LOT of appointments to make. I also think because of the 9th, a LOT of folks would agree to new limits of term for Federal Judges. Trump knows how to learn from setbacks. None of this drama will have been wasted.

    • Agree. I see Trump following the process as far as he can, spelling out very clearly for the Persuadeables that he’s all out of options. Are helicopters coming? That’s up to the Left/Deep State, but I’d give Trump 12-18mos before he sees that as a valid option.

  28. Nothing is going to happen until the progs draw first blood or Trump engineers some sort of reichstag fire event.

    • so all the Trump supporters beaten unconscious isn’t drawing blood? harassing Trump’s daughter in public isn’t akin to same?

    • It’s already gotten to that Taco! Look at the Trump rally riot in San Diego during the campaign. Look at the riots at Berkley. That’s where we’re headed. The DC inauguration riots? The tell will be to see if those ~230 get real jail time and make it well known. I hope the Feds get a few of them to give info and go after the higher ups…. regardless of where that leads.

    • I have no doubt the progs will continue provoking in many ways until Trump is forced to crack down in the name of keeping the peace and enforcing law and order. The progs intend this so they can point their fingers and cry “Dictator!” and have the media machine go wild with it, further turning Americans against each other in the process.

      • Wouldn’t taking away their money sources be a way to level the playing field some?
        Freeze any funds sitting in U.S. banks and hack the rest. Deport any foreign born trouble makers. Then you could deal with the anarchists and community organizers.

        • I would love it if that happened. Let’s hope the FBI and Dept of Justice have dedicated some resources to investigating those very things. After team Hillary tried to destroy FBI Comey’s reputation on the way down, he has nowhere to go but up. He knows where the bodies are buried and what’s what. I’m curious what he’ll do under Trump. Will he do more than salvage his reputation? Will he go on to nail some of these traitors?

          • Doug, don’t you imagine there is more than a few “black ops” retirees still able to kidnap a few puffy looking old men and take them to someplace…..
            Not so friendly?
            An unprovable crime that says you’re next.

  29. Someone very wisely noted recently (it even might have been Zman) that people are realizing elections no longer change anything — anything substantial. That’s potentially risky territory, for the fully sufficient reason that people may decide to change things in less orderly ways. Personally I’m more worried they won’t.

    Mitch McConnell can vanish and never be missed ever again. However if having his personal residence mobbed by SJW goons can’t wake him from his Cloud Privilege slumber, he deserves what’s coming. The Prog street vanguard has shown they are willing to break the Cloud Rules to win, rules the genteel lapdogs of Conservatism Inc. find so precious. It’s about time another faction breaks them. Go long on Andrew Jackson. Hell, go long Obama. He defied federal court orders.

    Does Trump have the stomach for this? Time will tell. The beknighted man has his own party members in office trying to kneecap him.

    • In Greece, the people decided the ruling party had to go so they elected what they were told was their ideological opposite. The result was more of the same. Nothing changed. When the people went looking for a new option, the two main parties joined to make one party, despite being ideological opposites supposedly. That’s how Greece ended up with Syriza. When the next crisis comes and the people decide Syriza has to go, my bet is they turn to a strongman.

      Germany is heading down the same path. Merkel is losing support. The next turn in the wheel will be SDP. When that fails, AfD is ready for their turn. France is also in this same process. It is the inevitable end of democracy. Trump is an imperfect instrument, but he is better than what comes next if reform falters.

      • Do not throw in the towel! Do you want to live in such a world, waiting for the knock on the door and the arrests to follow? Fight this with every fiber of your being, not to strike down your enemies, but to find friends. Support each other in resisting the temptation to fall to the dark side in your own actions, or to give up in the face of bad times.

        I am an often skeptical Christian, but Jesus’ example teaches us two things. One is to always do the right thing, the second is to never give in. You might go down in a bad way, but you did so standing tall, not on your knees.

          • Why’d he do it?
            Because they were cheating their mandatory customers, giving 9 talents for 10- in the God’s own house!

            (One had to exchange any currency for the shekels only used in temple)

        • As a Christian, I simply look at the writing on the wall. God gave us free will as well as His Word. He sent his Chosen People, the Jews into lands to conquer and subdue the land and it’s people’s for their own use. The fact that our country is split almost 50/50 means to me that it is essentially impossible to hope for reconciliation and that we will have to endure the kind of crap we are seeing for decades to come, unless something drastic changes the balance. I opt for preserving the country as it was founded and view the Progressives as the enemy. We are way past the point of debates with political opponents and civil discourse. We have foreign terrorists like Georgie-boy Soros messing with our way of life and yet he remains untouchable. My question is “Why?” When Bin Laden was taken out, G. Soros should have moved to the top of the Most Wanted List and others who are well know, and in our government, included on the list as well. Fire anyone hired into the Federal Government during Obama’s two terms. Period. We will see just how these liberals respond when they face the wrath of citizens who do not like their behavior. Things are out of hand and they are calling out for the rain to fall on them hard! They will not know what has hit them.

    • I am not so sure that one can truthfully say that elections don’t change anything. Trump’s election changes everything. We have opened a door and walked into a new place, and there is no going back now, no matter how Trump’s tenure turns out. Until last November ninth, I, too, believed that elections changed nothing. What I have come to realize is that elections where the choices are all representatives of the powers that be, almost all of the elections, do change nothing. Very occasionally, an outside candidate forces his way into the game and everything changes. These are the days that will be talked about in the history books, no matter how it turns out.

      • True enough; the real question is has anything *substantial* changed. Only time will tell. Trump can rewrite his EO or issue fifty more; the Cathedral’s bottomless supply of lawfare soldiers will crush every one in court. All we suggest is Trump pay as little attention to court rulings as Jackson did, or Obama — which is to say, obey most of the time. Trump needn’t defy all or even most judges, just a crucial few. This is less lawless than it appears, especially when it is Robart who is defying plenary executive prerogatives of the president.

        • Baby steps. Illegals are getting rounded up this weekend and sent to Mexico. A small percentage for sure, but it IS happening. A illegal was just thrown in prison for voting fraud for 8 years in Texas. It is starting as a trickle , but I’d wager, soon, self deportations will start en masse.. this obviously is just immigration and you are referring to big things, but the rule of law has to be reestablished and a very prominent way to do that is enforce immigration law. Trump has said it, we either have a country or we don’t. I think he clearly recognizes the existential threat. I wish him well and the tell, will be going after the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR in the US. Also, Soros and the big lefty NGO’s that are funding the trouble.

          • Calfornia Senate Leader Kevin de Leon just acknowledged the other day how widespread the theft / fraudulent use of U.S. Social Security Numbers (SSN) was by the illegal immigrant community and how it’s no big deal, should not be a deportable offense. That even half of his own family would be eligible for deportation under Trump’s EO. Over the years, penalties for fraudulent use of SSN have been lessened as the law was somewhat de-fanged in order to accommodate illegal immigrants’ needs in taking U.S. jobs. The effect being a U.S. citizen who commits SSN fraud would be prosecuted and punished much more severely than illegal immigrant, the idea being that the illegals aren’t really doing any harm with it, no identity theft, just need that SSN in order to have a U.S. job and get along in U.S. society. What kind of legal precedents are set with such a lawless mindset? In my mind, it’s exactly upside down. The illegals should be EXTRA penalized, first of all for being here illegally and secondly for breaking law on fraudulent use of someone else’s SSN. As Trump said, we have a lot of good laws on the books already, they only need to be enforced. Although life is very gray, currently the U.S. very much needs a period of stiff black-and-white law and order.



          • Have you ever noticed how poor neighborhoods seem to have a lot of income tax filing store fronts? Considering that these are exactly the kinds of people who pay no income taxes? Think ‘tax refund’ scam. For each tax refund an applicant gets, the tax store front must make a tidy sum.

          • No, dear, you are simply too kindhearted for this wicked, wicked world. May you always be so.

            Now, if we could just Meena in here:
            “I’m here to kick ass and change diapers, and I’m all outta diapers…”

        • Trump is making them, as Alynski put it, to defend their own standards. He is making them react, the cat bird seat so to say. They walked right into a trap of their own making. Trump has done a number of things like that, like with The Wall for instance. Their attempts of de-facto creation out of whole cloth laws as in overturning the “Unconstitutionality” and “UnAmerican” ban on immigration. ( Regardless it is Black Letter Law immigration is the sole purview of the chief executive and no one else. ) They own that ruling it is “UnAmerican”, including the next terrorist attack or illegal immigrant who commits a highly egregious crime. We all know you can not reason with these people, but you can make them irrelevant and illegitimate on the public and political stage they think they rule with impunity. Hang them by their own petards and feckless disregard.

      • Dutch you hit on something germane. I keep thinking lately since Trump was elected about the obscure theory of Water Empires. I read about it a long time ago as English class home work assignment when I was in Jr High School. It was actually in a science fiction story we where given to read. I can’t remember who wrote it. Anyways, in simplest terms if I remember correctly, a Water Empire lasts a long time because it has absolute control on a key component in it’s society, it seems like an immutable power, until one day an internal disruption unseen and thought impossible comes along, and the Water Empire is revealed as a fossilized vulnerable corrupt entity that can not survive any internal disruption and it rapidly collapses.
        We also where assigned Eric Frank Russell’s wonderful Sci-Fi story about a planet of Anarchist’s, ‘And Then There Where None’, and his great tale of rebellion and defiance of tyranny, ‘Wasp’. Today they would probably burn my English teacher at the stake for Apostasy.

    • Let’s give Mitch his due. He’s been the consummate politician. He’s sniffed the wind and now he’s seen the way the wind is blowing. He’ll be on our side…..until someone makes him a better offer. Sometimes, a politician is more useful than an ideologue. A politician can be frightened into following your demands, but an ideologue may choose to resist to the death.

      • I’m sorry but “consumate poltician” is way too polite a description of that weasel face, ass sucking scumbag! A politician who is supposed to be American first, should do what is best for America, then his constituents, then his own political beliefs. No, he is a weasel survivor who continues to exist because like a roach, he scurry’s from one morsel to another always looking over his shoulder never minding who or what he has to crawl over to do so. A real politician knows how to reach win-win deals and move things along. He and people like Paul Ryan are enemies of our new president. You cannot trust these ass-wipes for anything!

    • TINVOWOOT has many meanings. The most profound is voting was never intended for voting our way out of anything, it was intended for not getting in the predicament of having to vote our way out of what has happened to begin with.

  30. The way I see it, what Trump is trying to do right now is to change things without bloodshed. Not sure what to make of that.

    • Exactly. Push back hard, and do not waver. Play by the rules, but at the far end of the rules. These crazy people are beclowning and isolating themselves, and the pushback of the normals will get stronger and stronger. The genius of our system is the ability to fix things within the system. Almost all governments are instituted to perpetuate themselves, ours was instituted to reinvent itself as it goes. Don’t give up on the system. We have been hypnotized and lied to for a century or more, and the blinders are coming off just now. Leverage that realization within the system, have faith in your fellow Americans, help them to see and follow the righteous path, and the whole world will be better off for it. These loonies can rot in jail as the girlfriends of the hard core inmates, while we go on with our lives. That is a much more just ending than having them go out on the wrong end of a helicopter flight, which is too quick of a fate, sets them up to be martyrs, and makes those of us who support such things no better than they are, in some ways. The average American gets it now, even here in California. Let Immigration and the criminal justice system, backed by an aware, resuolute, and armed citizenry, do their work, and we’ll beat this thing. The right way. Trump is the perfect man to lead us, because he will go the distance (I believe and I hope), and he will do it right. Witness the immigration ruling. He will win this battle, he already is. Illegal immigrants are getting arrested for illegal voting. That’s a twofer!

      Sorry for the long rant. I believe the Soros backed globalists are trying to win by encouraging us to be as lawless as they are, so a free-for-all results and they take over. We must counter them in a clever way that does not leave us open to that outcome. Trump gets it, he is a wise and clever leader, follow him and support him. I was not initially impressed by him, but he is exactly right on the important stuff and also the tactics.

      • Let’s see… 58M abortions since Rowe v Wade (who knows how many more in NY, CA, and the other states that legalized it before), 100K’s dead in black communities due to violence, and now tens of thousands more of our white and black dead, apparently drinking and drugging themselves to death in middle age due to being made superfluous by crazed policy. And you know what really galls me? After aborting the 58M babies, the bastards imported roughly the same number of legal and illegal migrants to keep the economy from stagnating like Europe and Japan. Doug is right. It is democide.

        And you, brother, are waiting for a Fort Sumter or a Battle of Lexington and Concord?

      • Yes! To all of it, Dutch.

        As another alternative to the helicopter drops, I have fantasies of seeing revoked citizenship of heavy-duty globalists like Soros, Hillary, Merkel, all the EU leadership and sending them to Saudi Arabia or any of the Gulf states. Not welcome back to Western civilization, or at least the U.S.

        Either use the corrupt existing U.S. telecommunications / broadcasting laws against them or revise the laws to take away media control from globalists and allow re-programming of people with broadcasts of the many alternative sources to be found these days that teach the versions of history I wish I had learned in high school or college — the kind of things humans really need to know in order to be informed and avoid being used by globalists, the horrifying results of which we see today on a massive scale. We never could have gotten to this point without the efforts of the powerful media and things will not improve until this tool is neutralized or taken away from the criminal elite.

        Of course the same treatment for our criminally dysfunctional schools of indoctrination. Godspeed, Betsy DeVos! And massive re-grounding of U.S. culture in decency, allowing Christians and churches to spearhead this effort. Not muslims, not jews. Christians. To revive our shared heritage and moral traditions. (If you want the muslim or the jewish kind, go to that part of the world for it and enjoy.) God knows secular democracy, another tool of the elite, has brought us to the destructive degenerate state we see before us.

        • 100% agree with Dutch, and 95% with Chuckie. Disagree with Chuckie about “not Jews.” Orthodox Jewish believers are our friends and allies. Witness the Orthodox Jews who are totally with us in the struggles against abortion and against the attempted redefinition of marriage to include homosexual partnerships. The Jews who actually believe that the Torah, the prophets and the Psalms are the inspired word of God are descendants of the ancient Hebrews to whom the Lord God revealed Himself, and through whom our Messiah, Jesus, came to the earth. Jesus is a Jew! So please don’t deny real believing Jews a seat at the table, they are our brothers. I think you’ve gotten jaded by the “secular Jews” who are Jewish only by ethnic descent and not in terms of actual religious faith.

          • Kathy, I used to be in your camp but, with all due respect to your graciousness and beautiful creed, after working for Jews came to see a very ugly reality about what they think of goyim and how we are exploited. Also read up a lot on them and re-learned some history, which I’m doing a whole lot of in recent years. Don’t feel too bad for them, they have a disproportionate amount of money and power and will be just fine. They definitely look out for each other, while we Christians compete and undermine each other. They play all angles in politics, business and government, so they’ve got it covered. They’ll be moving on to the next conquest after they’ve sucked the life out of our country and kicked suckers like you and me to the curb. Often praised for their aggressive intellect and enterprising ways, I ask, What good is it if it’s used to exploit and destroy everyone around you who’s not part of your exclusive “tribe”? It’s a strange thing, the love Americans have for their Jewish exploiters and their U.S. taxpayer-funded creation Israel.

          • The Orthodox Jews I’ve encountered are not friendly to Christians or anyone other than Jews. I’ve come across outright hostile ones here in L.A. (in NYC and DC as well); at best they don’t acknowledge your existence or make any kind of contact. Some are apparently even violent to humans, like some of the settlers, not just in Israel but in Ukraine and other places on the planet (Colombia, Brazil and other places they’re developing outposts). I’ve come to think these Orthodox are the fearless extremist zealots sent out to fight their way into existence in places they’re not welcome, so as to facilitate the way for Jewish businessmen to come in after them and live comfortably as they exploit the natives. Jews are the original separatists; the pharisees. Not just separate, but above, better.

            Compare that to an Orthodox Christian or Evangelical, who will most likely extend the hand of friendship to anyone they encounter, regardless of religion, and treat others with kindness and tolerance. It is this beautiful Christian grace and kindness that is exploited, over and over again. At some point, we need to protect Christians to ensure our future on this planet. We should take a page from the Jewish book and look out for Christians, being sure to give a Christian the plum job, the plum project, the better pay, the favorable-rate loan even if there’s a Jew or Muslim working just as hard or is just as deserving. Christians are being killed off and sidelined because of their tolerance and we can’t ignore that.

            John 8:44

        • As farms Soros, Hildabitch and Bubba, Obummer, and the rest go, I hear there are some vacancies at Club Gitmo.

    • You can’t legitimately start throwing people out of helicopters or dumping them into pits without first exhausting all the other options.

      I’ve always felt that one of the vital keys to the American Revolution – was the militia men who stood on Lexington Common didn’t just start shooting wildly at the British when they showed up. They were ordered to disperse – and were in the process of doing so – when the shot rang out. Some of the militia men were shot – so they shot back. From then on – it was a war – and the Brits started it.

      Prior to that there had been many appeals to the British to stop acting like a bunch of a-holes. They decided they weren’t going to listen. Then they proved they were going to impose their aholishness thru force of arms.

      Once you get past that Rubicon – you’re entirely justified in any moral code I have ever seen – at fighting back against an enemy that has demonstrated they will KILL YOU.

      IMHO this general principle is active in a wide range of human activity. You can see it in action quite regularly in divorce cases where the husband gets caught cheating – the wife tells him to stop – he doesn’t and then ends up getting taken to the cleaners in court.

    • You’ve got it Taco. Trump has balls the size of North America and tells everyone what he’s going to do. Law and Order will prevail and peace brought to America with an Iron Fist and Will backed up by the Dirt People. Here’s the deal though, we have to grind the progs into dust in order for peace to last many, many generations. I have no patience for anyone who doesn’t get this including family and friends. We’ve been given one chance to derail the train to oblivion and set a new course.

      • What seems apparent to me is that without the money and ideas backing their ideas, the people being used as “tools” for the progressive cause would be like the robots who simply go limp when their power source is taken off-line. Take off the head of the snake and the rest won’t know what to do or have the motivation to do it. We know who the snakes are.

        • LetsPlay I agree with your assessment and this is a simple and effective way to fight back against the One Worlders. Real, enforced economic sanctions along with targeted assassinations will quickly mute the desire of Soros (only one example) and his ilk to bring attention to themselves as funders of anarchy. I want the dirt people led by Trump to get back in the big boy sandbox.

  31. I am with Z, it is the only way. The human extinction movement will not stop. Till they are. Shit rolls down hill. It rolls onto us dirt people. It is the nature of such things. It is the dirt people who have ever effected positive change in this world. The manifest truth is most dirt people know this. There is no voting our way out of this. There never was. That is not such a bad thing either. Because us dirt people become manifest in our righteousness and our legitimacy.

  32. The natural abiding nationalism and traditionalism of the dirt people acknowledges hard truths about humanity, because they are human, it looks to the time horned patriarchal legacies of the past to see toward the future because they are what patriarchy is.
    The clouds wanted democide. They wanted to visit the globalist agenda on us. They wanted “equality”. Well it is time they got their equality. Equally all exterminated. They wanted a western hemisphere one world order, give them a world that is equally well ordered to rid them from our world. They like their rules?Give them the kind of rules where they will either be vanquished, or they will run and hide because our wrath is so terrible they will need the likes of a republican constitution to protect themselves from us. Because that will be the only thing that saves them from us, the thing they wanted to destroy so they could destroy us.

  33. How much time do people think we have? I have heard Trump knows all regarding the Deep State, 9/11/01, etc. Most of us have already concluded that there is no point in dialoguing with the zombies anymore. So what do we see as the current necessary role of the ordinary citizen?

    • well, so far over 700 sexual traffickers and predators have been rounded up in the last week or so. and not a peep of it in the pizza press.

      • Pretty hard to believe, right? Stands to reason all the fake news, fake memes, crisis as a means and the desperate use of false flag operations like anti-fa hired “rioters” going on, is a two pronged strategy of tactics implemented to distract from the truth and to hopefully undermine President Trump’s legitimacy in order to retain the power which would cover up what these people truly are and the things they are doing and have done to us and our country.
        In following what can be separated wheat from chaff on Pizzagate, it’s looking like at least 1000 public officials from every level of the US government, including 150 congressmen, are involved in this sick hedonistic international ring of sexual and spiritual perversion. Anthony Wiener’s arrest and the discovery of the chain of evidence stored on his computer and phone is by all accounts of the NYC detectives investigating, on a level of horror that eclipses anything they have ever been involved in investigating. That the people involved in this ring reach up into the highest seats of government.

      • Could you provide any links? This is the first I’ve heard of this. I tried just doing a google search, but haven’t found anything yet.

    • Nothing has changed. You will need; potable water, food, shelter, warmth, like minded community(tribe), weapons and ammunition. The exact same thing you needed yesterday. The war will not be televised, comms(not commercial) will be a plus. Your role is to live, reproduce, and raise young in the way that they should go. Nothing has changed. Since you’re no longer ‘dialoging with the zombies’ you have a threat that must be addressed. People who can’t communicate fight. The bigger your tribe, the better your tribe’s natural resources, and the better your tribe’s armaments the better off you will be. We ain’t voting our way out of this, and we aren’t going to have government managerial-ize our way out of this. God speed.

      • I’ll back what your saying with everything I have Fred by saying that the absence of those things in our culture you mention has led to our becoming complacent and forgetful of our freedoms. That without those ideas and preparatory thinking as natural and a condition of self determination and individual liberty, us dirt people lack the hearts and minds and become vulnerable subjects of illegitimate power. It is a great and noble thing to see people becoming beginning to understand the past to understand the future, for becoming self sufficient, able to prepare for and defend themselves and their family and their tribe. It is that kind of character and aspects of living free that created this country. And it is that sense of ourselves and our God granted sovereignty that will create freedom and liberty. Because freedom and liberty, happiness and prosperity, comes from nothing else, it is the purview of the dirt people.

      • Spot on. Anyone wondering how to go about such a daunting task to transition from todays normal to the mindset Fred describes, I suggest looking up The Reluctant Partisan, by John Mosby.

        (https://readfomag.com/product/the-reluctant-partisan-vol-1-the-guerrilla/) (https://mountainguerrilla.wordpress.com/)

        In this day and age of cheap, easy convenient goods from Amazon and Wal-Mart, it may seem expensive. it’s worth remembering the relation of quality, value, and cost, as well as what’s at stake.

      • Amen Fred and Doug…I been advocating for building Community for a long time and if you can do it from where you are living then move to somewhere you can…

    • Holding pattern for the foreseeable future, so you might want to take this time to get ready. Everything is going to go along, not great but okay, as long as the checks keep coming, but when the checks quit coming all hell is going to break loose. The only problem is that we’ve got lunatics running the economic system now. It’s going to be one hell of a show.

    • The answer, or the question really, has always been the prospect for unencumbered individual, and unfettered economic, liberty. Those two absolutely essential qualifications of sovereign individual freedom are nowhere to be seen or heard spoken by anyone outside the realm of the dirt people. And I mean no one, speaks of those things in the arena of affairs of the people, nor their will as the governed of the republic. All I see is a political and ideological war over who will hold power over a fractured and divided Former United States of America, otherwise known as FUSA, to the critical thinking dirt people who comprise a movement of secessionists from the Leviathan State. And they are right, as proof is in the pudding, or telling, in the sphere of current political affairs.
      Us dirt people are with the sole exception of candidate, and President Trump’s pulpit of orations, hinted at as what matters most in his MAGA agenda. You have to ask if your critically thinking how principled those promises are of his interests in the sovereign dirt people. I’m not saying that out of criticism or to place doubt on the man or the President, it is my way of expressing my view and my perspective, my glimmer of hope, of how radical he is willing to go, how deep is the so called deep state, how possible is it to dethrone the powers that be, and is it possible through peaceful redress and political process, to nullify the organs and actors who have invested a century and a half, from the very office of power that has consistently betrayed it’s Oath of Office, an oath to specifically defend us dirt people and us dirt people only, inclusive the laws designed to protect and defend dirt people freedoms and sovereignty, and to NOT, in no uncertain terms, create an in-defeatable administration state, out whole cloth thru usurpation of illusionary power the USC grants them.
      A gargantuan task by any standards for one man. So you have to ask, are peaceful means suitable, are they capable of destroying the cabal of ruling class criminals of a unipolar crime syndicate in Brooks Brothers suits, whose agenda has always been reliant on the power of the institutional state which controls every facet in the sphere of us dirt peoples lives, a transnational order whose goal it to obtain totalitarian power and profit off the sweat of our labor and industriousness?

      Or was Patrick Henry prescient and armed violent redress the only viable option?

      My personal understanding of the catechisms of the birth of liberty, and their deep historical reasons that led to revolution, how they led the absolute demands for the amendments clauses of the USC in order to protect that which was so hard won, demands specifically as a condition many of the sovereign states of compact of confederation demanded before they would commit to ratification of the USC, are things which run through my blood, they are in my bones, they are inalienable tradition and legacy.
      That I have instinctual sense fighting for my freedom, violently, if needs be, is a natural born duty and a pre-requisite of having liberty.
      Patrick Henry put it so well when he stated “I smell a Rat”. Henry being the most ardent, but almost unanimous, advocate of the 2nd Amendment clause, for reasons he predicted that have far exceeded his worst predictions for a future of administrative tyranny of the centralized state. Henry and others realized that The United States Constitution was an instrument of centralized power, that once it’s inherent danger was realized by darker human nature, which tends towards absolute power controlling absolutely, that the reasons of why a 2nd Amendment, become evident as the only viable and powerful enough recourse back to individual liberty left for the dirt people if their insights came to be.

      A few years over 2 centuries later, author economist and columnist Gary North wrote his masterpieces of critical thinking.
      Quote from Al Benson Jr’s amazing essay on Norths two masterpieces:


      “…North wrote a book almost twenty years ago now called Political Polytheism which dealt with much of this. For starters he noted that: “…The Constitution removed Christian religious tests as the judicial requirement of the judges and officers of the new national government. That, in and of itself, delivered the republic into the hands of the humanists. Nothing else was necessary after that. From that point on the secularization of America was a mopping-up operation.” That’s a much different assessment than most of us have been fed regarding the Constitution, even in Christian circles, or might I say, especially in Christian circles? I have to admit that when I first saw North’s book and skimmed it, I was a little hesitant about his thesis. As the years have passed I have become much less so.

      And he made another trenchant observation, one that many of us, myself included, had not even thought of at the time. I since have come to where I can see his logic. He said: “The sought-for Constitutional balance of the one and the many, apart from the Bible and Old Testament case laws, is unattainable.” In other words you cannot have the proper relationship between a central government and the state governments apart from Scripture. So the further this country departs from Scripture and God’s law the more impossible it will be for us to really do anything right, especially in the area of differing governmental jurisdictions. By the same token, the “checks and balances” we have been told will keep the different branches of the national government in their proper spheres won’t work either.

      North also noted that: “Like Newton’s universe apart from God’s constant, active providence, the ‘balanced Constitution’ will eventually move toward centralized tyranny (the fear of the Anti-Federalists) or toward dissolution (the fear of the Federalists). Both movements took place in 1861-65.” The Anti-Federalists feared tyranny; the Federalists feared secession. North’s comments add a whole different perspective to the question of the Constitution and what it really says.

      Back in August of 2004, Gary North wrote an article called Conspiracy In Philadelphia. He also wrote a book by the same name. He observed: “In 1787 the states, with one exception (Rhode Island) were explicitly based on faith in God. In most cases, elected state representatives were required to swear their belief in the Trinity. The new constitution made all such oaths illegal for federal office (Article VI, Clause III). By means of the 14th Amendment (1868), the U.S. Supreme Court has applied this prohibition to state governments completing the transformation in the case of Torcasso vs. Watkins (1961). I told this story fifteen years ago. In response, the silence has been deafening.” Mr. North, like many of us over the years, has learned that the movers and shakers, the ruling elite, the country’s “other masters” will simply ignore what they do not want dealt with, and they press their lackeys in the “news” media to do the same, and the media bombards us with sports extravaganzas and “reality shows” to the point where we do not have the time or inclination for any serious reflection. If the truth can be out there and almost totally ignored by the general populace, Christians included, they don’t even have to bother shoving it down the “memory hole” anymore. Most people today will gaze at the plans for their own destruction and that of their kids–and yawn.

      However, for the unusual few that may be concerned about the truth and how it might affect their children and grandchildren, Mr. North has posted his book Conspiracy In Philadelphia on the Internet, from which it can be downloaded. My son downloaded it for me and for a friend of mine at church. It can be found at http://www.garynorth.com/philadelphia.pdf and I would encourage those who have genuine concerns about our “founding document” and its background to download North’s book and see what he has to say. Knowing about Mr. North, I am sure his analysis will be penetrating and worth your time…”

    • Support Trump as long as he supports us.
      Realize that even a totalitarian/ populist government can’t do everything, and so look for ways at the local level to de-commy America

    • Au Contraire, to win all Doniphon wouldn’t have had to shoot Stoddard too. Since it was likely that the wounded Stoddard would miss, all he had to do was let Valence shoot Stoddard first and then fire second or so later and kill Valence. Shooting too late could even have been an accident of timing, certainly would have looked like one. No jury would have convicted him for bushwhacking an obvious menace to public order who was then in the act of murdering a wounded man, etc., etc. As a result, Doniphon would likely have had Hallie to wife and the potential political career as The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.

      Menace and rival removed in one stroke_! And, since Stoddard knew the truth but kept it quiet for his own advantage, he actually proved unworthy of Doniphon’s sacrifice. IOW, Stoddard could have done the honorable thing afterward and given Doniphon the credit but he chose expediency and ambition.

      Q: Why not one of those endings_? The answer is obvious:This is Hollywood and everybody knows that Liberals deserve to win by taking advantage of the primitive codes of the unenlightened. At least this always worked before people started waking up to the amoral selfishness of that narrative.

      • “No jury would have convicted…” But the theme of the whole show was that until Valance was killed and Stoddard’s gang of eunuchs took over, there WAS no law except that created at the point of a gun. To quote from the theme song. So, Tommy, my man, shoot Valance, then Stoddard, take the chick out to your ranch, and live happily ever after.

        The End.

    • can’t agree here, jd. Stoddard had 2 giant brass ones and a spine of titanium. We need such men just as we needed a Lincoln or an Eisenhower. Rightly or no, i always saw the Stoddard-Doniphan pair as a Lincoln-Grant, Lee-Jackson or Ike-Patton pair. The one has strengths that the other doesn’t, but needs.

      • It took Doniphan to kill Valance, but it took Stoddard to be a hero for doing so and get away with it.

      • Lincoln? Give me a break. Lincoln was a traitor to the Constitution. You need to be deprogrammed, Sir.

        • The Constitution? Give me a break. The Constitution is a few empty words inked on ancient, disintegrating parchment. You need to be deprogrammed, sir.

          (Keep pining over it though, I’m sure it will help you crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.)

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