The Tribal States of America

The other day, I heard someone use the word “kike” in public. I can’t remember when I last heard someone use the word in conversation. My grandfather would use it, along with WOP, Spic, Mic, Jew, Polack and other colorful euphemisms. That was just the way men of his generation spoke to one another. One of his old friends was Italian and he called him a “Guinea bastard” so often it may as well have been his given name. In turn, his buddies would call him a commie, a rook, a pinko, etc.

That was a long time ago. In our sensitive age, people are afraid to mention the race of a crime suspect, lest they get accused of blasphemy. The result is we get crime bulletins from the news that tell us the suspect is tall and bi-pedal. In fact, I’ve learned to take some pleasure in mentioning race in conversation, just to see the honkies flinch. Blacks and Hispanics never flinch, but honkies are so beaten down they come close to tears at the mere mention of race or ethnicity.

In the incident the other day, no one seemed to notice, although I probably missed the context. Still, I was bit surprised to hear the word in public. I don’t think “kike” was ever a slur as it has no negative connotations. It’s roots are supposedly from Ellis Island, but that could be apocryphal. It’s also possible the people I overheard were Jewish, and they were owning the insult, in the same way blacks use the word “nigger” in every other sentence. Given the complexion of the people in the room, my guess is they were not Jewish.

The hand-wringers all swear that we are reliving Weimar Germany and Trump is the 12th invisible Hitler the prophecies foretold. The inevitable result is the Cossacks galloping through the streets of Jewish neighborhoods. Maybe so, but I’m skeptical. Trump seems to get along well with the Tribe and he seems to love his Jewish grandchildren. He has quite a few Jewish advisers and business partners. Maybe they are not making Hitlers like they used to, but my hunch is he is not Hitler and we are not Weimar Germany.

Still, the special position for Jews in American may be changing. It’s impossible not to notice that the roster of people leading the opposition to Trump reads like a Manhattan law firm. It’s also hard to not notice that people with a precious metal in their name are wildly over-represented in America’s ruling elite. It’s fair to say that Jews in America are the new WASP’s, a narrow ethnic group that dominates the ruling classes. Instead of Pemberton and Prescott in the overstuffed leather chairs, it’s Goldstein and Silverberg.

As a result, it will become increasingly acceptable to make sport of the Jews, just as it was acceptable to make fun of the WASP’s in the prior century. I grew up in a time when all the rich people were portrayed by Hollywood as a cartoonish version of the Monopoly guy, plotting with others in the elite to block the advance of the lower classes. The horse-faced actor William Devane made a career out of playing the sinister WASP at the head of a conspiracy against the swarthy people, excluded from the best golf clubs.

I doubt we’ll ever see Hollywood treating elite Jews that way, since Hollywood is run by Jews, but you never know. The movie War Dogs was not very sympathetic to the two Orthodox Jews at the center of the story. Still, mockery of the new ruling elite will probably be restricted to the on-line culture, which is increasingly where people get their enjoyments. The Right Stuff’s podcast The Daily Shoah is a good example. It’s a blend of commentary, locker room humor and Family Guy style mockery of the Chosen People.

Whether or not this is a sustainable arrangement is debatable. Whites in American have never been anti-Semitic and have largely accepted the reality of Jewish success in America. In fact, most whites take some pride in it, seeing it as validation of America’s meritocratic culture. The millions of Muslims being imported will obviously be hostile to this arrangement. Hispanics and Asians don’t seem to care. Progressive whites, on the other hand, are increasingly anti-Semitic, suggesting there is a war brewing among the Cloud People. The Democrats coming close to putting Keith Ellison in charge is a good example.

There’s something else to consider. There are a decent number of Jews in the Dissident Right, supporting Trump and often sympathetic to the alt-right. For example, the news site Breitbart is run by Joel Pollak, an Orthodox Jew. Mickey Kaus has been on the forefront of the patriotic immigration issue. It’s entirely possible that American Jews will come to view multiculturalism and open borders as suicidal, because they are bad for the Jews. Israel, after all, is pretty much the opposite of what the American Left advocates.

It’s fair to say that the America now passing into history was one built by the northern WASP elite, that emerged after the Civil War. These were the men who got rich in the Industrial Revolution. They built a country in their image. They wanted to conquer the world and they did. The people in charge now, in the technological age, will remake America into whatever they believe will suit their purposes. The Tribal States of America will reflect their interests, their cultural prejudices and their view of what’s best for the people in charge of the country.

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  1. It occurred to me what has changed in the last two generations. I grew up in a lower-middle income part of a city that included practically every ethnic group imaginable, although no Muslims. Yes, those epithets would be thrown around liberally BUT they didn’t include any attendant adjectives or adverbs. I have decided that is the difference between then and now. Before it wasn’t personal, now it is to our detriment very much so. The current generation’s, including the asshats at Middlebury, for example are too emotionally invested in destroying anyone who is not their kind or disagrees with them. Sad.

  2. I’m a baby boomer who grew up in the eastern U.S. including Long Island if that helps frame this comment: Kike has always been a slur, at least during my lifetime, which is why it’s largely gone the way of the Dodo just like the other terms you cited.

  3. Well congratulations for striking a mighty blow against political correctness. You used the word “nigger.” The speech police will be at your door any minute.
    I have grown so tired of hearing “the n word.” If someone calls someone a “nigger,” lets recount the story accurately. How absolutely silly to hear great people (I’m thinking of Rush) recount a story by saying Jessie Jackson called Al Sharpton the n word. And Al replied “No Jessie, I’m not a n word, but you’re a n word.” If someone uses the word “nigger,” let’s report the story accurately and stop filtering our speech, writing, and thoughts through the left’s political correctness rules.

  4. I find it very interesting so many ignore the 800lb gorilla in the room. Ignore the obvious. How can that be? More than 50 million dirt people voted for President Trump as NOT status quo selected next regime place holder.
    It wasn’t Trump, or anything else from bigotry to ideology when you get down to the crux of it, it was us dirt people.
    Dirt People. Even when the greatest fuck you to the status quo in modern history smacks them upside the head, a color revolution in living color prime time, so many still don’t grok it, Take this correspondence for example. Two obviously intelligent educated people. One I greatly admire, has spoken about patriotism and freedom countless times. And he doesn’t see the obvious:

    Comment on ‘Irrationality in the election process’
    “Dr Pournelle
    Donald Trump’s primary run and election shocked me. By shocked, I mean more than surprised. So much so that I changed my views on politics. Where before I believed in making a choice of candidate based on reason, Trump showed me that I was mistaken. (In this sense Trump followed Hitler, and I do not mean that as an insult. Like Hitler, Trump treated the election as irrational and acted accordingly. The result validated his approach.)
    IMO Trump’s primary run demonstrated that the electoral process is not rational. If he ever showed consistency in his approach to different candidates, I failed to see it. Instead, it seemed to me that he shifted with the winds and worked to project an image that would garner the most votes at the moment. Opportunistic populism, if you will.
    Trump’s approach in the general election changed again. Trump’s attacked Hillary Clinton by echoing the perceptions of the people of Middle America. She never answered his attacks, possibly because she thought a response to be beneath her dignity, possibly because she had no answer; but in either case, Trump damaged her. Clinton played well in California. Trump played well in the swing states that decided the election.
    Anyway, that is my view of the election. I shall be grateful to hear yours.
    Live long and prosper
    h lynn keith”

    Jerry Pournelle replies:
    “That may be the first use of Hitler in rational discourse I have seen in some time. I am not sure I have a complete understanding of the Trump strategy; like nearly everyone else not already in the Trump camp, I thought he had no path to the White House.”

    -excerpted from

  5. Orthodox Jews are in most cases our allies. They actually believe in God; a concept which is central to Western Civilization.

  6. The undercurrent here is that there are two kinds of Jews in America: the Orthodox and everybody else. Non-Orthodox Jews intermarry at staggeringly high rates. My aunt married a Jewish guy, so I’ve got two half Jewish cousins. A lot of gentiles I know have Jewish relatives by marriage, especially if you grew up in/near a big Jewish population center or went to a selective college. Intermarriage is so routine, to the point where I just assume that any young person with a Jewish surname has a non-Jewish mother and according to Jewish law, isn’t actually Jewish at all. Liberal Jews (using liberal in the religious, not political sense) are intermarrying with the rest of the country’s elites at staggeringly high rates: north of fifty percent. And they vote heavily leftist.

    On the other side, you have the Orthodox. They marry young, have lots of kids (more modern learning Orthodox Jews have 5 kids and it only goes up from there) and retain a very high percentage of them within the faith. I read in the paper that the most common baby names in Brooklyn are Chaya and Moshe. They have a disproportionate number of the babies here in NYC, which is very obvious if you ever find yourself needing to spend time at the children’s hospital. On the rare occasion they marry someone who isn’t born Jewish, it’s an Orthodox convert (Ivanka Trump) and the kids are raised within the religion and mostly stay there as adults. And they vote heavily Republican. One Hasidic group here block votes for who their leader tells them to. Well, usually they do. This time around their leader told them to vote Hillary and they STILL went heavily Trump.

    This is causing seismic shifts in the larger Jewish world, because the Orthodox have their own schools, camps, charities and foundations that have very different priorities than liberal Jews, and they aren’t interested in funding the liberal Jewish/leftist charities American Jews have historically supported.

    If current trends continue (big if) liberal Jews will mostly cease to exist as a distinct group via intermarriage, and my grandkids will view Jews like the Amish: funny dressing religious people with unusual headgear.

    • Marina said:
      “I read in the paper that the most common baby names in Brooklyn are Chaya and Moshe.”

      Ha! not in Bay Ridge, nor Kensington. the most common name around here is Mohamed.

      • Marina said:
        “…causing seismic shifts in the larger Jewish world, because the Orthodox have their own schools, camps, charities and foundations that have very different priorities than liberal Jews, and they aren’t interested in funding the liberal Jewish/leftist charities American Jews have historically supported.”
        That is the most important thing for everyone else to understand.

        There are two seperate groups of jews, lefty irreligious ones, and religious ones (as well as a smattering of conservative non-religious jews). Don’t hate on all jews because of the small minority of commies and liberals. In any case they are intermarrying themselves out of existence, and not breeding either.

  7. “Still, I was bit surprised to hear the word in public. I don’t think “kike” was ever a slur as it has no negative connotations.”

    Kike started out as a upper class German Jewish slur against lower class Russian Jews and eventually spread out from there. Nothing much has changed since – the Jewish secular upper classes hate the Orthodox lower classes with a passion. Thats part of the Trump hate – its not that he has a Jewish daughter and grandchildren but that they are the wrong kind of Jews. (Ivanka converting to Orthodox Judaism is seen as a serious commitment in religious and Israeli circles; in Jewish Reform circles it means she did something low class or basically in Marxist terms is a class traitor.)

    “It’s also possible the people I overheard were Jewish, and they were owning the insult, in the same way blacks use the word “nigger” in every other sentence. ”

    Some Jewish hipsters tried to do that with “Heeb” a few years ago but there aren’t any takers for that the way blacks use “Nigger”. Usually if kike comes up its most likely not a jew saying it.

    “The hand-wringers all swear that we are reliving Weimar Germany and Trump is the 12th invisible Hitler the prophecies foretold.”

    That line made me laugh out loud.

    “It’s fair to say that Jews in America are the new WASP’s, a narrow ethnic group that dominates the ruling classes.”

    On the Internet you’d almost get the idea that WASPs are as rare as spotted owl or that they’ve been driven out of power. But the WASPS haven’t disappeared into the ether. Thats not to say that Jews have not moved into the ruling class in a visible way but it seems to be that the situation is more that rather than replacing WASPs, Jews have assimilated into their class.

    Whats likely is that in a few generations those Jews will either see their bloodline die out (since they don’t have children or they end up with a gay son) or they won’t identify as Jewish. (American Jewry is basically splitting along the lines of Ivanka Trump and Marc Mezvinsky. For those who don’t recognize the name, Mezvinsky is Chelsea Clinton’s husband. And when he got married the most important thing for him wasn’t about anything Jewish but that the catering be vegan.)

    “It’s entirely possible that American Jews will come to view multiculturalism and open borders as suicidal, because they are bad for the Jews.”

    The thing that never gets mentioned when Jews comes up is how the group is basically involved in a cold civil war of its own along a lot of lines. (Here’s a good article that gives an idea of whats going on: ) Basically though, American Jewry is in a position of flux right now; the elites and old power bases are highly secular and in decline. Assimilation is officially 60% and probably closer to 70% and they aren’t having children. They’ve also gotten stuck in a signalling spiral like the rest of the left. (Jews for Palestine is just as warped and crazy as Queers for Palestine.) On the ground in the Jewish neighborhoods outside Manhattan not a lot of people are happy about the open borders or multiculturalism but none of those people gets to write articles in the newspapers of appear on television. (I think a while back Steve Sailer had a post somewhere where the statistics showed something like the Jewish public wasn’t that far off from other Americans about immigration but the elites were.)

  8. I don’t think “kike” was ever a slur as it has no negative connotations.

    Not quite sure what you mean by “slur” here, but the word certainly has an ugly sound to my ear. Not quite as bad as the dreaded “N-word that must not be named”, but it’s in the same order of magnitude.

    • It really does sound awful. That alone should have killed it off. I don’t remember my grandfather’s generation using it much. They just used “jews” or the “the tribe” most of the time. That’s another thing. Those old guys generally admired the Jews. It was probably a WW2 thing, but they respected the Jews and a lot of ethnics emulated them.

      • Hunt up some of the early ‘Mad Magazine’ collections from the 1950s and 1960s. Kike this, wop that, spic here and there, and utterly hilarious. I found them as a kid in one of my dad’s boxes of old paperbacks and my mom had to run down to the basement because she thought I was having a convulsion from laughing so hard.

        But anything sounds mean if you say it mean – tone carries emotion. Remember the old movie ‘Porky’s’ and the bigot who tries to mess with the jewish kid by saying, “Let’s go fly some kites!” He’s never heard the original word himself, so he doesn’t know how to say it.

  9. Haven’t heard that old chestnut in many decades. Went back-east to school in the mid-50s and found out about Jews (in California, everyone I knew was Episcopalian, every Catholic and Jew of us). A true anachronism.

  10. The battle lines in the war between vanilla white Progs and Jewish white Progs will be drawn along the same lines as the Israelis and the Palestinians. On one side, a mildly technocratic, technological, modern, secular, society. And on the other a thuggist, anti-modern, totalitarian, death cult. Based on the “resistance” movement, the vanilla Progs have chosen the latter side.

  11. But it’s counter-semite, if anything!

    Because they are the tip of the spear of leftism, and you can not oppose one without locking horns with the other, or am i wrong? It’s like the dual alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary before WW1, attacking one will drag the other along, the two are interwoven.

    Being conservative is by definition and DE-facto anti-semitic.

  12. I miss those days. Back then we truly had free speech. It was fun to break each other’s balls and use the stereotypes that came with every ethnicity. The Irish were drunkards, the Jews were cheap, the blacks were lazy and the Italians were braggarts ( or as we used to call them “dig- me’s” )

    And now we carry on like soulless drones speaking only of the weather and sports. Hiding our resentments behind closed doors to the point we are a nation divided.

    Thank you liberal Progressives. Life is so much better now ( insert sarcasm )

  13. I have been to Israel a number of times, both business and tourism, and can back up Z Man that it is most unlike the Jewish sub-culture here. A favorite Israeli joke: An American from N York goes to Israel for the first time. After looking around for a few days he can’t hold it in any longer and asks the tour guide, “Where are all the Jews_?”.

  14. The Jews culturally lack the ability to control the outrageous behavior of members of their group when it comes to dealing with outsiders. Think pornographers, shady financial scammers and Hollywood big shots trying to undermine healthy society: these parasitic and destructive groups are largely Jewish and yet there are no Jews who are able to criticize publicly these guys as Jews. They are unwilling to call out members of their group who hurt members of other groups. Even friendly outside criticism of these bad guys as Jews is instantly rejected as anti-Semitic.

    The principal of group solidarity overrides even self preservation. Self preservation because as you note eventually people will catch on that they are being taken advantage of by a group which does not respect them or their culture.

    The Catholic thinker Hilare Belloc wrote a book on the Jews before WWII predicting that bad things would happen to them unless Jews were able to self criticize about the threat they posed to others and to change their behavior to have more respect (Belloc considered this threat to come from financial scheming and he considered Bolshevism Jewish as many others did at that time). It does not excuse or justify in any way the Holocaust to point out that he was correct in this prediction.

    Obviously most Jews are normal people, the trick is to get them to criticize the high functioning sociopath Jews who hurt outside groups then demand protection from their fellows on the grounds of ethnic solidarity.

    • It occurs to me that whites are no less ruled by their own sociopaths, even as we were once still free to criticize them. Sociopaths are the natural rulers in a democracy.

    • “It does not excuse or justify in any way the Holocaust”

      Well, except for the fact that “The Holocaust”® didn’t really happen. A lot of Jews died in the camps due to starvation and disease at the end of the war, which is simply what happens in prison camps on the losing side of any war. Meanwhile, a million or so Germans died in Eisenhower’s internment camps right after the war– something that was entirely preventable. I wonder when Hollywood will start making movies about that?

  15. I’m not sure that the Jews will last anywhere near as long as the WASPs. For no other reason than that the rate of out-marriage is now so vast: apart from the ultra-Orthodox in Brooklyn, how many Jews now marry, yet alone raise children, within the faith?

    • The ultra-Orthodox are a separate nation, like the Amish. They are involved in business, but not the ones that we are speaking of–propaganda. The (not ultra) Orthodox are also having large families, so it is the very nature of American Jews that may change. Faster, please.

  16. What a great flashback… My old man and his friends and most of both side of my family of mic’s spoke just like that, and as the 60’s were coming to an end, it was starting to change …. But All in the Family was still a pretty good mirror…. which was very popular and we loved the Jeffersons too…. I remember being mortified when my dad told the neighbor that “that they hired a new nigger gal down at the hardware store…. and she was, incredulously, REALLY GREAT “!! not a hint of racism, or being derogatory ( other than she was a WOMAN in working in a hardware store that wasn’t family) …..just espousing the reality in our rural white enclave…. the but one needs to look at Amos & Andy to see just how far we’ve strayed from healthy ball busting and laughing at ourselves.

  17. Everything now said about Jews used to be said about Catholics, especially “they’ll always favor Rome [Israel] over America.” Unfortunately for the Jews, they’re often recognizable by sight — Paddy O’Houlihan might be an Orangeman, but Schlomo Goldstein is definitely a Jew, especially if he *looks* like a Schlomo Goldstein. So Schlomo will experience subconscious distrust from a lot of folks, even while eating a bacon-smothered hot dog at the ballpark, and Paddy won’t, even though he wears a hair shirt and goes to mass eight times a week. Whether that’s good, bad, or indifferent is beyond my pay grade (I suspect bad), but I sure **hope** their loyalty to the Tribe is as strong as the internet makes it out to be — keep importing Mohammeds and there WILL be a pogrom sooner than later. Schlomo is capable of understanding that; Paddy isn’t (hell, these days Paddy is probably cheering it on). I’m with Schlomo on this one.

    • There’s a great deal of ruin in the Ashkenazim. They are times every bit as suicidal as Progressive whites. Some Jews argue that because persecution and exclusion are such a big part of Jewish identity, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Maybe that’s true or maybe some higher percentage of Jews are prone to high intelligence and suicidal lunacy. Thus they are over represented in that group as well.

      But, on the whole, Jews are smart and America is not anti-Semitic, so there’s plenty of room to navigate to a sensible place.

      • Firstly, I enjoy your writing and insights, glad Vox linked to you a while back.

        Second, I wish I shared your optimism. I believe they see their goal in sight – that being the extinction of White run societies, and with it the White race. Although the tribal functionaries who openly advocate for this are numerous, and increasingly open regarding their intentions, I have yet to see any from their ranks speak against it. Oh sure, there may be some on the cuck right who push for it to happen at a slower pace, but their collective foot is always on the gas. Their biggest impediment is that they have thusfar failed to disarm us. Notice that this is so important to them that they do not use the frequently-employed “goy spokesmodel” tactic. Here a corrupt, or blackmailed goy is used to push anti-White measures in which tribal fingerprints could prove inconvenient. Teddy Kennedy and the 1965 Immigration Act being the most infamous example.

        In short, given their tendencies to double down, I believe this will end in a civil war. The tribe is just trying to get the demographics more to their liking before the shooting begins. Minorities are being weaponized against Whites via increasingly inflammatory rhetoric in education and the media. They are primed to drag us out of our homes and kill us when it is decided the time is right. Meanwhile, the tribe is pushing gun restrictions at the state level where the political climate is favorable – OR/WA and New England. In OR and WA tribal state legislators annual attempt to pass bills allowing unannounced, warrantless searches of gun owners homes 24/7/365. The 4th Circuit was preparing to overturn Heller in the anticipation of a Hillary win.

        This will not end well. There are no sorer losers on the planet than these people. See: Samson Plan

      • “Some Jews argue that because persecution and exclusion are such a big part of Jewish identity, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. ”

        A lot of this is a very modern thing, mainly in the last 30 years; I mean, Holocaust museums did not use to dot the land after all. The problem that Jews in America outside of the Orthodox can’t seem to answer is if you aren’t into the Jewish religion then why stick with the Jewish identity? Without that answer they assimilate into the dominant religion of the country which is leftism.

  18. I think the bagel tribe has long been the most fair-game minority to stereotype and poke fun at for the reason you suggest – success.

    Having such an outsize presence in entertainment and comedy in particular certainly has an impact too. Gotta have a sense of humor.

    Contrast this with the most taboo group to make fun of or criticize, blacks. The least successful by most measures.

    • The bagel tribe is highly nepotistic, and reflexively hostile to Northern Europeans like Trump gaining any power…Americans began to notice this fact about 30 years ago. As they have gained increasing control of the US media, they have attempted to suppress such observations, while increasing the behavior. Male members of the tribe now run 100% of Hollywood studies and 100% of the MSM…..

      Note that, the charge that Walt Disney is an ”anti-semite”. That he wasn’t exactly a fan of jews (and for very good reason, they nearly destroyed him early on: and he’s been known to express his displeasure about it:
      But a Nazi (or supporter)? NO.
      But the real reason I bring up Disney is due the company’s fate after his death. Pre-1984 Disney had a stellar reputation for clean, quality all-ages entertainment – as well as it’s US patriotism. In ’84 due to a heavy debt load from constructing/opening EPCOT as well as slumping movies, the sharks started to circle:
      ”In 1984, financier Saul Steinberg’s Reliance Group Holdings launched a hostile takeover bid for Walt Disney Productions,[6] with the intent of selling off some of its operations.[28]”. Look at that name, do I really need to add this: ((()))?
      Granted, post-’85 the company roared back to success (personally, I think it was due to the same demographics that rescued Harley-Davidson and Chrysler – which were also suffering pre-’85) but the ‘tone’ of the company quickly began to change. Touchstone pictures, gobbling up ABC and ESPN, and a increasingly hard-left POV led by (((Michael Eisner))).
      All I had to do was name ESPN to give you an idea what Disney has morphed into. Walt wouldn’t have liked it.

      • Saul Steinberg was a very short-term investor … he owned Disney stock for only about 6 months, before selling it back to the company. His initial investment, if I remenber correctly, was less than $60million, and he made about $20million profit selling it back to the company. Disney considered it “greenmail”, sort of like blackmail; it would have been a hostile takeover, unwanted by the Board of Drirectors. They did not want Saul taking over the company as an outsider, and were willing to pay him to go away.
        Saul saw great value locked up in Disney. Previously, they would only re-release their classic movies on a seven year cycle, so there was always a cohort of children who couldn’t see a particular movie until they were old enough to not care to; they could only see whatever classic had been re-released at the time. There was an opportunity to sell more product to each batch of kids.
        This era, the early 1980s, was also when VCRs were becoming widespread; Saul saw that there would be a huge market to sell Disney’s old, already paid for, movies.
        After Steinberg went away, this takeover attempt spurred Disney to take action to improve the companies bottom line. If you look at the price of Disney stock during the early eighties, you’ll see that Steinberg made a quick 20-30%, but in the next couple of years Disney’s share price went up ten times. Steinberg correctly saw that the company was mismanaged, was sitting on huge untapped wealth, and needed to be shaken up from its slumber. After paying Saul to go away, the company made those changes and became much stronger.
        So why the hate for Saul??

      • I have often wondered about whether or not Walt Disney was eliminated by the tribe for just the purpose of taking over the highly influential and visible company. A company with a history of moral fortitude would be invaluable in introducing debilitating concepts into the public. Concepts like homosexuality, “diversity”, feminism, all the nasties that have infected our culture today.

  19. I remember that too, when people talked straight. People understood those cultural nuances for what they were, and behaved like brave and proud adults accordingly. If anything, you had a thin skin, you where considered weak.
    My Grandpa called one of his best friends “his favorite coon”, in return he was called “my favorite redneck”. My grandpa friends wife was Hawaiian, they would have a Hawaiian Lua cookout every 4th of July to die for. Those two would get to drinking and carrying on, what a great time. They loved and respected each other and showed it by insulting each other and by being brave enough to really insult the world that was too ignorant to see people are different.

  20. I must be getting very old. I remember when my father’s generation used to refer to loose women as “broads.” Also, my memory is that the use of these terms was habitual and reflexive more so than declarative and hurtful. In other words, it was more about casual communication than deliberate ad hominem. In that era, if you really did throw it out as an insult, fists would fly soon thereafter.

  21. I think the word “kike” comes from German Jewish immigrants to differentiate themselves from Jews of eastern Europe origin carrying loaves of kikel (sp?), a bread stuff. The German Jews felt culturally superior and this was a stereotype they used.

    Please correct me if anyone knows better.

    • The story I heard was, when the Jews arrived in america at Ellis Island, they would mark the checkboxes on their paperwork with a circle (“Kikel”) instead of an “X” because they considered that a sign of the Cross.

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