The Ruling Elite

Sine the usual suspects began to control popular culture, the image of the ruling class has been the WASP. The caricature was of a horse faced, toothy guy named “Prescott” that liked to wear a tennis sweater draped over his shoulders. Alternatively, it was the old guy sitting in a leather chair at his club, reading the Financial Times while smoking a pipe and drinking brandy. The point of these caricatures was to highlight the ethnic and cultural divide between the people in charge and the rest of us.

Like all stereotypes, the origins of this are rooted in fact. For a long time, the ruling elite of America was WASP and somewhat inbred. A relatively small number of ruling clans out of New England ran government, finance and foreign affairs. The Brahmins were folks who traced their roots to the founding. They went to the best schools, knew the best people and accepted their duty as the caretakers of the nation. They were of course, almost always Episcopalian.

This is no longer reality in America. It remained a popular stereotype because it is comforting to people. The rulers are not there because they are better. They were born into it or they had connections that allowed them to gain access to power. The ethnics still carry on like the world is run by guys named Pemberton. Jews, of course, love this social construct and are endlessly reminding us that they were kept out of golf courses by the WASP elite.

Despite the mythologizing, the fact is we no longer have a WASP ruling class. The real ethnic nature of the ruling class in America is Jewish. As I pointed out in my Mokita post, Jews are smart and we live in an age when being smart counts for a lot. The stereotype of the Jewish banker or Jewish lawyer is obviously true. The titans of global finance are all Jewish guys. The US Supreme Court is 30% Jewish and Obama has a Jewish guy warming in the bullpen to replace Scalia.

The argument has always been that Jews dominated banking because of historic discrimination and that’s not entirely false. Catholic prohibitions against usury allowed Jews to dominate the lending business, but that does not explain why Hollywood has always been dominated by Jews. It does not explain why 30% of the Fortune 1000 are people of Jewish descent. Jews are one percent of the population, but represent 47% of major American sports team owners.

Sport #Owners Jews Blacks Asian Whites Other
NBA 51 34 3 1 12 1
MLB 30 10 0 0 17 3
NHL 32 15 0 1 14 2
NFL 32 10 0 1 20 1
Total 145 69 3 3 63 7
47.59% 2.07% 2.07% 43.45% 4.83%

Ownership of sports teams is a great metric because it requires more than just money to own a team. You have to have connections in the elite. These sports leagues are clubs and they don’t just let anyone join. These are clubs for members of the American elite to show they are at the top. It’s the ultimate trophy for the most connected. The fact that close to half the people in sports ownership are Jewish is a reflection of the new American ruling class. It’s guys named Herb, not Prescott.

Despite this amazing dominance, Jews still act as if they are a put upon minority, scrambling to make a go of it in the teeth of ethnic hostility. The show Mad Men, from what I understand, is based on the myth that the Jews were kept out of advertising until last week. The guy that invented the ad business in America was a Jewish guy from Chicago back in the 1920’s. Then there is the whole golf club business that Steve Sailer writes about a lot.

It’s a powerful bit of mythology that probably works as motivation for young Jewish kids setting out in the world. Every ethnic group in America, except Germans and the English, has a similar sort of mythology. The Irish swear that their uncle Seamus was denied jobs because he was Irish. Italians claim they have been forever slandered by the whole Mafia thing. Poles work the Catholic angle. East Asians are quick to remind everyone about Fu Manchu and coolies.

Someone has to be the ruling elite in every society and having Jews in charge is probably not the worst choice. A ruling elite that nurses a grudge against the society over which it rules, because of past discrimination, sounds a lot like Syria where the Alawites angrily rule over Sunni majority. America is a not Syria, so there will not be a violent uprising against the ruler sect, but it does mean Jews will have to stop whining and accept their role as the ruling elite.

It also means that Americans will have rework their idea of the aristocrat. The Talmud is a best seller in South Korea because Koreans want to be successful so they are setting out to emulate the most successful ethnic group. Eventually, Americans will do the same thing. Instead of a striver changing his name to “Blake Ashcroft” and claiming Mayflower ancestry, the ambitious will change their name to Murray Goldblatt and claim Holocaust ancestry.

This is already happening at the fringes. Guys like John Podhoretz are constantly demanding to see Bar Mitzvah photos because they believe people are faking their Jewishness in order to gain access to the club. Whether or not people are “trying to pass” is tough to tell. Podhoretz is an evil little slug. He could just be trying to damage his betters in the community. Still, it is not far-fetched. There used to be a time when you had to prove you went to Choate before gaining access to the elite.

On the other hand, Jewish fertility rates in American are around 1.9, with the highest being among ultra-orthodox sects at 4.1. The Jews in charge are not breeding and it only takes a generation or two of these sorts of TFR’s before Jews in America begin to look like the Amish. Then there is the inevitable out-breeding and falling away from the faith that challenges all religious minorities. It is entirely possible that Jews in America are at their peak and are about to experience a slide into oblivion.

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  7. Thanks for the stat charts on professional sports and Jewish ownership. What was not mentioned was that having a sports team is a great opportunity to launder money, and there are hoards of people paying cash at stadiums for tickets and food/drinks. All the inter-tribal scheming that goes within the US, they can funnel some of that money through a Jewish sports owner – a great way to launder money.

    Even Pablo Escobar figured this out in Colombia’s Atlético Nacional soccer team in the 70’s.

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  9. Great post with many great observations! The Jews in America – the K Street types – are most leftists people who do not even support their own Jewish people who do not follow the Talmud and rather the Torah. They couldn’t be more opposite. I agree with your opinion about Podhoretz – a deceptive guy always on the prowl for money to support his outfit while opining. Having said that I think the most evil, dominating and controlling Jews period are the Rothchild’s and their spawn. They own and control 65% of the wealth owned of the world combined although their greed is neverending and their want control of 100%.
    It is they who direct elections, federal reserve, governements, wars, intelligence and anything else one can think of. They are the most demonic family that ever existed.

    • Illuminati! Knights Templar! Masons! Mormons! Knights of Columbus! Skull and Bones! And, of course, “the Rothchild’s (sic) and their spawn.”

      • Exactly right! I would add the British Queen, the catholic pope and the Vatican, the Rockefeller’s – the corporate media that serves as propaganda arm of these demonic entities while keeping many americans uninformed while conditioning them and nudging them forwards – towards the one-world-government and its hell it will unleash against all of us!

  10. Jewish women (like the Shiksa) have abandoned their faith and are marrying gentiles. The men, who, without the women are basically non-practicing, are marrying said shiskas – even black ones, wowee! Judaism, like Islam is in big trouble and wont experience a renaissance. Their kids eat sausage, Hawaiian pizza and shrimp sushi.

    When you mentioned Podhoretz, I was worried but then you mentioned what a piece of filth he his, I relaxed.

  11. “Everything about American society reveals that it is half Judaized, and the other half negrified.” — Adolf Hitler, January 1942. If it wasn’t true then, it is certainly true now. How he must be laughing in Hell – “see, I told you, but you wouldn’t listen!”

    The next sentence in the quote is also significant: “How can one expect a state like that to hold together?”

  12. I am an Anglo-Saxon American (how’s that for a mouthful?) that doesn’t quite understand the Jewish mentality on how they think about things. The Jewish truck driver neighbor of mine doesn’t really give a damn about Kosher food, but he kinda-sorta supports Israel as long as it doesn’t cost him anything. He’s wishy-washy at best about such things. He isn’t aware of how much of his tax dollars goes to Israel and most likely wouldn’t care. He does very much care about his life and his family.

    On the other hand, the Jewish people who are loud mouthed about “cultural diversity”, being “good neighbors” and talk endlessly about “tolerance” and “Pease and love to all regardless of ethnicity” and all that nonsense are putting themselves in particular risk either from our own home grown barbarians in the inner cities or (especially) from the importation of all these Muslim morons from stone age cultures who would like nothing more that to kill Jews and subjugate the rest of us.

    I don’t get it. It seems like madness to me. Is it insanity or some form of cultural suicide by them?

    • “Is it insanity or some form of cultural suicide by them?”

      Either way, their cousins in Israel don’t seem to share it, which should tell you something.

  13. I think that political correctness favors hard line Muslims above all others, including above blacks (though you seem to think being black trumps being muslim) and above gays and ultimately, even above women. Given that Muslims have a particular animosity towards Jews and share the left’s animosity towards Christians, this will hurt Jews in particular. That, rather than low birth-rates.

    Jewish support is drifting to the right. Apparently, in France and in Britain, most Jews vote for the right (by a small margin). In America, there’s still a large majority for the left, but the trend is clear. This will also make it easier for political correctness (if it continues, and that’s a big if in the age of Islamic terrorism) to be even more clearly against Jews.

    If you think Jews have somehow controlled the system (or else why would so many of them make lots of money) or that men have controlled the system (and therefore make more than women), then you’d have to ask why non-Chinese would arrange things so that ‘asians’ would be earning so much. They’re about the highest on average, earning some 20% more. Thunderf00t had a good time laughing at feminists by using this statistic, mimicking them by asking “why am I, a white man, worth 20% less than an asian?”.

    In theory, ‘asians’ (the Chinese kind, not the Pakistani) would be on their way to joining the elites in twenty years. They’ll certainly have a lot of money, but precisely because they fit into the system, they too will be discriminated against. I think the left hoped that because China is nominally Communist that the Chinese will be anti-American. The left is disappointed that Chinese people spend a lot of time studying science rather than gender studies and black history 🙂
    People are always rising and falling and right now the future looks Muslim and black and maybe Hispanic. It all depends on how many Muslims come before the anti-Islamic backlash builds up and on whether political correctness gets rolled back. In that sense, having lots of Hispanics, at least if criminals are screened out, can be a bulwark against Islamisation.

  14. Amen and Amen. The Jews have been riding this gravy train for the last 50 years especially in the era of meritocracy. They have used this victimization meme to hide the fact that they are truly the elite of this country because they are fearful, due to their history, that if it is acknowledged that they are the ruling class there would be resentment and hatred against them among lower income groups. They are especially fearful of evangelical Christians. In fact due to their Holocaust phobia they politically are liberal always pushing in our culture the Utopian and anti- authoritarianism ideology. Their history has left indelible scars.

    • Fearful of evangelical Christians? Um, no, modern evangelicals are quite pro-Jew and pro-Israel. As far as Jews being fearful, they have quite a long history of annoying the natives of whatever lands they settle in, to the point that they almost inevitably get kicked out– or worse. After a few thousand years of this, its become a chicken-or-the-egg thing; do they get kicked out because they are obnoxious and fail to assimilate, or do they become obnoxious because they are so distrustful of the natives that they deliberately choose not to assimilate?

  15. My in-laws and husband are Chinese and my FIL was deeply disappointed to learn I wasn’t Jewish. He thinks Jews run the whole world and he was very excited by the prospect of his son marrying into such a distinguished group. It was this weirdly enthusiastic statement of what is considered an anti-Semitic trope. Jews run the world! And that’s great! And I’d like to join their club and subscribe to their newsletter!

  16. I used to subscribe to Commentary. I was slightly shocked at the number of articles and letters expressing concern over the demography of American Jewry.

  17. Until I went to a Jewish commuter college on Long Island I had never met a Jew. My grandmother used to cuss and say defaming things about ‘The Jews’ which made it interesting when my father found out her maiden name was a common European Jewish surname.
    At school I discovered Jewish girls. I liked Jewish girls, really, really liked Jewish girls. Heartbreaking when I realized they were having a fling before they married a nice Jewish boy. Working part and full time in retail I’ve worked with and for Jews. I admired some, a few made me understand Hitler.
    Their separateness is real. Friendly but closed off, well, it’s a free country.

    Didn’t care for ‘Mad Men’, it wasn’t the country I remembered. I decided that the writers didn’t care for America of that time very much, or knew nothing about it. Never bothered to watch the end, (even when it showed up on Netflix for free) did that alcoholic prick Don finally drink himself to death?

    • He had yet another crippling identity crisis (the third or fourth at least, I lost count), and in the last scene, we are left with the distinct impression that he reacquired his composure and returned to the ad agency and proceeded to create one of the most iconic ad campaigns of all time.

      I thought the show did a good job chronicling the creeping degeneracy of the 1960s, and that Don Draper was an interesting character lens through which the audience could watch that degeneracy unfold. But yes, the show writers clearly hated America, as they were obviously of the opinion that the degeneracy of the 1960s was a good thing.

  18. “The Jews” are rich and successful and run things. (1) So who do you want in charge?, and (2) I’ve never known a rich Jew. Successful, hard-working, yes. But not rich. Not that there are no “rich Jews”; obviously there are, or there would not be anti-Jewish animosity. The main problem is, most of the world continues its Canaanite, Moabite and Philistine society and ignores the real message.

    • Amen, Sgt. Bob. It’s the deeply ingrained work ethic and applied cultural attributes that ensure Jewish success. I married into the tribe and the in-laws are all WASPS on steroids.

      Please remember that so called WASPS applied the same same Judaic cultural traits to create their success historically long before connections and inherited wealth became factors.

  19. Besides fertility you left out assimilation; public numbers sit around 60% or so and the reality is probably closer to 70%. So the future of Jews in America is probably largely a split between becoming the urban Amish and the new Cherokees (i.e. everyone in the elite claiming to have a Jewish grandparent or being 1/32 Jewish). That doesn’t mean oblivion but probably a retrenchment – the elite will use the 1/64th or whatever drop rule as an updated way of being exotic and probably to coast of the memory of high Jewish IQ (i.e. my great-great-grandfather was Jewish so I must have some of that Jewish genius!) and the rest will remain strong where they are demographically strong (Mormans are big in Utah, Jews will probably remain big in the northeast and Florida).

    As for our image of what makes up the ruling class, it probably will change in time; right now its in flux and probably needs another generation or two before the new image catches up and overtakes the old one. I’m not so sure though that its going to go quite the way you describe (“the ambitious will change their name to Murray Goldblatt”); we live in a media age so people still want to look cool. We’re more likely to get a future along the lines of Aliens, where you had Paul Reiser’s playing a character named “Burke”.

    As for John Podhoretz, he’s a lowlife like the majority of people involved in politics. But what he’s doing with the Bar Mitzvah photo’s thing is probably an informal version of what the Indian tribes do to except he doesn’t have a physical membership list to work off of. I wouldn’t be shocked if a few years down the line the Orthodox do start to do something like that.

    • The out-breeding/assimilation thing is interesting in contrast to the boiling-off/in-breeding we see with ultra-orthodox sects. Maryland has always had a very large Jewish population, but it is 90% Reformed I’m guessing. Finding a Jew that goes to Temple is no easy thing these days. There’s also a large Lubavitcher community as well. One side has one kid per family so they can send them to private schools. The other side has ten kids and they go to Hebrew schools only. One side is fully engaged in society while the other is isolated.

      In a couple of generations, people will think of Jews as we now think of the Amish.

      • Part of it is probably that we are talking about two different groups within a larger group. The large part of the liberal/reform section of American Jews comes from people who settled here at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. While there was some Orthodox settlement in that era, the majority of the Orthodox Jews who are booming population-wise today came after World War Two. (There is also some turnover from one group to the other – some Orthodox boil off and become secular but there is also movement in the opposite direction. In some cases (mainly the Lubavitch) there are massive attempts at “converting” secular Jews to orthodoxy.)

        As for Jews as similar to the Amish in the future, its probably healthier for everyone involved.

        • That’s the other thing. I grew up in the New South, where everyone is anonymous and interchangeable, so the kind of secular Jews who end up in the Elite just seem like stereotypical East Coasters to me — pushy hustlers who talk too much, too loud, and too damn fast, and won’t get out of your personal space (to me, Woody Allen sounds like a NYC cab driver who thinks too much). There are major differences between groups, I realize, just as there are major differences between the “Irish” guy who likes Notre Dame and the professional Irish guy in Southie who sends money back “home” to the IRA (or wishes he did, anyway). For those of us between the coasts, I guess I’m saying, “Jew” just doesn’t mean that much (if you’re not a certain overly-excitable type, anyway).

        • Don’t really know if you or anyone else that might be able to give me any info, but I honestly don’t know much about Jews hiding their lineage, or completely shucking off all Jewish roots, or if that has ever been a common occurrence. I grew up in the Deep South, without any notion of whatever European ancestry made up my family tree. My immediate family was not religious, but our larger surrounding relatives were all Southern Baptist & I never thought much about it. Once the ability to search records online became available, my cousin started the tree and 2 yrs ago, I got involved and we reached an end of searchable records at a 10th great grandfather, who was some Ashkenazim rabbi, of high standing in a town in Germany bearing his surname, (my surname), as well. We assumed we’d gone wrong, as this made no sense to us, as we’d never heard, nor had our parents, that we were descended from Jewish ancestry. Turns out my long past Jewish kin really are fastidious record keepers and before coming to the new world in the mid 1700s, all ties to that ancestry were completely dropped. I don’t really give a flip one way or another, (John Podhorentz would faint away, lol), but I’m really curious if this type of thing was common, or if anyone knows under what circumstances my family became untied from the past and made their way so quickly to America. Any ideas welcome.

      • That is a fascinating take, Z. For what it’s worth, I have much personal experience with Jews for family and professional reasons. If, as seems certain, the Jews who are breeding replace the Jews who are not, I still do not see things changing at the top of the world. Just as the Amish have their Wilding and bleed off especially rambunctious DNA, the Lubavitcher community will in some way supply the Jewish ruling class with new talent. Perhaps they will improve it. The world needs only so many NBA owners and trillionaire’s in any event.

  20. I agree that the Irish are a problematic elite, but better James Michael Curley or Richard Daley running your city than David Dinkins or Kwame Kilpatrick.

  21. The fertility rate among actual leading-society Jews is ever lower. I think its down to a couple a gay guys adopting a black kid.

  22. That’s half the appeal of communism — you have to prove your proletarian class origins to get anywhere (in theory, of course; in reality, the Politburo is what revolutionaries always are — middle-class intellectuals and their sons, who had the kind of elite upbringing that would put Prescott to shame). But Prescott always used to put on a show about how much he loved America. He went into the service (if only as a REMF) and watched baseball (even if he played polo at home) — cf. JFK, PT-109. and their “touch football” games. The problem with the Jews is that they never grasped this. Irish of the Boss Tweed variety, Italians like Giuliani, Polacks on Chicago’s south side, whatever — they liked being what they were, but they were desperate to be accepted as “real Americans.” Jews for the most part never even bothered to try, and it has haunted them ever since.

    • It’s a little more complicated for Jews to assimilate. What defines them is more than just some link to a part of the world. The Irish are not duty bound to God by a covenant. There is nothing magical about their blood or their relationship to the Almighty. Therefore, marrying the Italian girl is no big deal. The Irish-Italian kid is free to marry the black guy and their kid can still pretend to be at least part-Irish.

      Oddly, what works against Jews in America is the lack of antisemitism. Donald Trump does not care that his daughter married a Jewish guy and converted. This near total lack of discrimination means outbreeding and religious fidelity are impossible to police. Jews in America are becoming diluted, outside the ultra-orthodox. Close to 50% of Jews now consider themselves non-religious.

      • A *little* more complicated, true, but didn’t Jewish intellectuals basically invent the “proposition nation” part of American culture? And marrying the Italian girl would be a death sentence — socially, but he’d at least catch a beating — for an Irish guy well into the 20th century. There’s no real difference between Jews and, say, East Asians, who currently have out-breeding rules that would make a rabbi faint… and who, in a technological society, will be the new elite soon enough (Suresh Chadhury always wins the junior math competition, narrowly beating out Jin-Yu Chang).

        I totally agree with the lack of antisemitism being a “problem” (for lack of a better word) in policing group cohesion. Which is why Jews seem to virtue-signal by constantly one-upping each other on who is more pro-Israel. It’s fun to tell liberals “just move to Sweden already if you love it so much,” but Jews really can move to Israel… they don’t, and won’t, but they’ll sure wax eloquent about how much they love the ancestral homeland.

        • Israel has basically become another secular outlet for religion among most assimilated Jews. Thats not to say that Jews overall wouldn’t be interested and supportive of Israel otherwise but it would probably be more low-key. The problem though is that you can create a sort of secular religion out of anything but it won’t stand the test of time unless it has God in it. You can see that now with Jewish support of Israel – its still strong but 20 years ago you would never have seen groups like JStreet or Jewish Voice for Palestine outside of the far-far-far fringe.

          • Zionism is a way to express Jewish Feeling that is less taxing than, say, actually practicing Judaism. In America, Jews become Reform or Zionist so they can feel Jewish and hang around other Jews without actually keeping the Sabbath or kosher or other difficult things. Reform Judaism is basically a dead letter in Israel itself because Israelis live their whole lives as conscious Jews and around other Jews, so it serves no purpose.

          • Reform Judaism served a purpose in a more religious oriented age; it was a way to have a sort of Protestant Christianity without Jesus and probably kept more people from converting outright which was a big issue at the time. These days its basically hollowed out like any other mainstream religious group and is pretty much just another political action group.

      • Looking at it from the other direction, its not so much a problem of lack of antisemitism as it is that the assimilating majority don’t really know how to articulate a reason for the non-Jewish partner to convert since they don’t believe in the actual religion anymore. Woody Allen, the Democratic Party and Israel aren’t enough to keep two people from marrying or to have one of them convert to a religion the other doesn’t take seriously.

        • I’ve known more than a few Jews who could not tell you the first thing about Judaism. We tend to think of secularization as being a Christian thing, but it has hit Jews just as hard, maybe harder. Without much in the way of antisemitism, Jews in America did not benefit from tribal loyalty like they did in Europe. In fact, the opposite is true. In America, tribal loyalty is self-limiting.

          • Look at Comrade Sanders. A secular Jew who would be completely shocked at the Tenth Commandment.

          • I knew a Jewish guy who once — because he was on a foreign airline and didn’t understand the menu — ate pork and later hated himself for it. No, not because he had broken a golden rule, but because he enjoyed it so much and knew he could never eat it again (well, not officially)

          • I can count on one hand the number of Jews I’ve known who follow the dietary laws. On the East Coast of the US, seafood is too plentiful and too delicious to give up, even for Yahweh. Then there’s bacon, which is proof God wants us to be happy.

            I know a guy in the food business who tells me about 20% of Jews claim to keep kosher. I’ve known a few Jewish men who keep kosher at home, but make an exception for lunch and dinner on weekends.

            Interestingly, food is often certified Halal by a rabbi. I doubt Muslims know this.

      • “Oddly, what works against Jews in America is the lack of antisemitism.”

        Well, yes. Subject a group of people to a hundred generations of harassment and outright attempted extermination and, if the group survives, you will have a population selected for intelligence, adaptability and cohesiveness. Remove that pressure and those traits regress to the mean of the population as a whole. However, Islam is starting to remind Jews of pogroms and holocausts, so the pressure is being applied again.

        • My guess is Jews will not exist in Europe by 2050. Americans have no tolerance for Jew-hating so I suspect we figure out how to keep the Muslims out, which is not all that difficult. So, American will become the new Israel.

          • Europe isn’t exactly swimming in Jews today; the total for the continent is something like 2 million. I think that most of the major Jewish communities will disappear either to Israel or North America but that there will still be something here and there. Most likely the largest community that would remain would be in Russia.

          • The last I recall, Israel and the US host 85% of Jews worldwide. Then it is France, Canada, the UK and then Russia. After that it is very small communities for the most part. Given the anti-Israel sentiment on the American Left, I would not bet on Israel sticking around for the long haul.

          • World Jewish population is mostly US and Israel plus the countries you mentioned; as for Israel’s survival, I think that they should be more worried about their own left than about the American Left. Latest news is that the head of their leftist camp basically signed the country away on the eve of the last election right before he lost.

          • America has no tolerance for Jew hating? Hmmm. Maybe that’s true for the recent past, but America seems to be warming up to the idea. Jews aren’t helping themselves much, as everything they seem to be associated with (banking, Hollywood, neoconservatism, homosexuality, trangenderism, unlimited immigration of third worlders, the media, etc) seems to be coming under increased scrutiny as being decidedly anti-American.

          • But just because the ADL defines what hate is.

            You don’t like smelly gefiltefisch, that’s hate by default! Debate over.

          • “Americans have no tolerance for Jew hating…,” I would have agreed with this, 15 yrs ago, without a second of hesitation. However, in 2016, I think if you could hear the innermost thoughts of a good number of folks around this land, you’d find that if not outright “hate,” there’s developed a curiously suspicious spotlight suddenly turned on the Jewish elites, and what previously had only been innermost thoughts, has become a low grumble. With the GOP Beltway,( elites in the party, think tanks, publications, money changing classes), violently recoiling from anything to do with Trump, using diaphanously ridiculous excuses, (their “conservative principles,” lolol), and coincidentally being led by lions of “The Tribe,” a growing subsection of the populace is suddenly putting 1+1 together and deducing that 2=Jews. What that means in 2016, maybe nothing, but I am 100% certain that there’s going to be a huge pushback against the status quo of Jewish elite ruling over the right wing, and it won’t end well. Of course it’s just one group fighting to hold onto their power, and lashing out in a panic, firing wildly at the nominee, the voters, the donors, the media, or whoever they can pin blame of their failure upon. This may look incomprehensible in the eyes of John & Jane Q Public, who aren’t all consumed with politics, but as always, it comes down to cui bono.

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