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A strange example of how not to deal with fanatics is here in this posting I saw on the twitter machine the other day. It is a tantrum about the alleged lack of diversity in the video game rackets. It is comedy gold.

BioWare’s attempt to depict a trans woman character in Mass Effect: Andromeda was a disaster. From a report that emerged about BioWare’s apparent failure to consult with actual trans people, to the developer’s unsubstantiated claim about its “diverse” workforce, its mishandling of the issue is highlighting a massive issue in the gaming industry: We don’t really know anything about the people who make the games we play.

I don’t know about this particular game, but many games have unicorns and elves in them. I doubt that the game makers consult with unicorns and elves about how they depict those characters. So-called “trans people” are just as mythical as elves. A man pretending to be a woman is no different than someone walking around thinking they are a hobbit from the shire. Are game makers required to consult with the people pretending to be hobbits?

To its credit, BioWare is updating the character, Hainly Abrams, to be a more sensitive, realistic depiction of a trans person’s lived experience. But the whole kerfuffle has made one thing clear: If game developers want to show they’re taking representation seriously, they should stop being so secretive about whom they hire.

Why this ridiculous weirdo thinks it is any of his business would make for an interesting interview, but neo-fascists like Tim Mulkerin tend to avoid these questions. They just take it for granted that they have the whip hand as cultural commissars.

Unfortunately, there’s simply not enough pressure on game developers to hire more marginalized folks at the moment — and that’s something diversity reports might kick-start. Right now, it’s easier to just maintain the status quo, to maintain employment devoid of actual diversity — because nobody will ever know the difference. Publishing diversity reports would be a great first step to shaking things up.

Maybe banks and law firms should do the same or perhaps Tim should demand diversity on the Supreme Court of the United States. After all, three lesbians and just one WASP male suggests a strong bias against the majority of the population. How about some diversity in the NBA? Not a lot of the majority population there either. Oh right. Never mind.

And it’s not as though the value of having a diverse staff is up for debate. It’s clear that diverse workforces improve companies and the economy at large. In fact, the benefits of a diverse workplace are evident when it comes to the writing of BioWare’s last game, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There you go. The fact that there is no evidence that so-called diversity has any value is unimportant. What’s important is it is not up for debate you bigots. The fact that diversity is actually terrible for tech companies is besides the point.

What game companies like BioWare are about to learn is that the only response to the diversity lunatics is a hearty and enthusiastic “Go fuck yourself!” when they show up at the door. BioWare would make more money by having a character modeled after David Duke than they would by catering to mentally disturbed men in sundresses, who also like gaming. There’s zero benefit in paying the pervgeld to the trannies. You just end up with a bunch of perverts and deviants in your ranks.

Or worse. BioWare invested in diversity rather than producing a quality product and the result was a shit product they cannot give away. Lunatics like Tim Mulkerin will claim the reason is the game failed to include enough blue-haired lesbians on the development team or some such nonsense, because that is how the mind of a fanatic works. They can’t change their mind and they won’t change the subject. The reality is there is no market for this stuff. Gamers want to have fun, not be lectured by a lunatic.


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  1. My wife is a licensed clinical psychologist with 30+ year experience. it is her professional opinion that there is no such thing as a “transexual”. These people are mentally ill and need appropriate help, not affimance.

  2. Bioware made it impossible to play Dragon age.

    Me: God job buddy killing that enemy!

    Impossibly Emo Bi Elf: I love you too handsome man warrior let’s hip in the sack.

  3. Mulkerin is going to be shocked when, in the brave new world to come, the Diversity Gestapo turns out to be staffed by angry lesbians who hate all men.

  4. It’s probably true that game-makers don’t always interview the subject of their games. I like to play a game based on WW1 and WW2 warships, and I would almost guarantee the makers have never talked to a battleship.

    Still, despite that desperate flaw the game is good.

  5. If the end of white supremacy means the fags take over, I’ll go back to picking cotton.

  6. Obviously, the only solution is to reduce all game systems to 8-bit and below. No one cared what Pac Man “represented.” Even Samus Aran in Metroid was the subject of controversy.

    Hell, even that won’t work — we’ll have to hear arguments about whether Missile Command was the Russians (or the Iranians, or the Norks) bombing us, or if it’s us bombing them.

  7. The more of this sort of thing the better.

    As a group we always look for and choose the easy way out. Anything to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation. Until we no longer have an easy way out.

    Pile it on, please. The sooner we reach the breaking point the sooner we have our hand forced.

  8. As long as video games don’t devolve into some kind of weird utility/monopoly/bundled option (a la cable news), and purchasing power remains supreme, the social justice warriors are going to keep losing this one. The worm is turning, and in favor of sanity. It looks like Starbucks has taken a beating for its brilliant idea to hire refugees to sell lattes in their stores, for instance.

    The good thing about our progressive overlords is that, despite their messianic posturing, they like money as much as anyone else (or maybe more), and most gamers are about as PC as boxing fans (racial epithets are par-for-the-course in online trash talking). The usual suspects will continue to try to infiltrate whenever they can, but anything that involves the celebration of the martial instinct (even if vicarious, as with video games) isn’t going to allow them to get much traction. The best video games are about beating people up, blowing things up, up, killing or slaying an enemy, or somehow achieving victory. It’s prog-proof (as we found out with Gamer Gate).

  9. BioWare used to be one of the better studios out there. I think the rot set in way back around Dragon Age II. Got more and more noticeable, culminating in the SJW train wreck of Andromeda.

    What’s REALLY made it obvious is comparison to the Polish-made Witcher series, especially Witcher 3. The Poles put nary a drop of Cult into the game. Your character is a completely non-ironic rugged hetero male, who loves the ladies. And the craftsmanship on the gameplay itself is obvious.

    I noticed it straight off playing Witcher, and it gives me hope there’s still a few corners out there in the world fighting off Cult disease.

  10. “the benefits of a diverse workplace are evident when it comes to the writing of BioWare’s last game, Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

    Did they have to consult the dragon community to make it good?

  11. The question I’ve yet to see answered is:
    Do these people believe this bollocks or are they just fucking with us?

  12. “And it’s not as though the value of having a diverse staff is up for debate. It’s clear that diverse workforces improve companies and the economy at large. In fact, the benefits of a diverse workplace are evident when it comes to the writing of BioWare’s last game, Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

    This is a combination of 3 different disingenuous debating techniques as compiled by John T. Reed. The first is the False Premise where the debater makes a statement that assumes some other fact has already been proven when it has not; in court, such a statement will be objected to successfully by opposing counsel on the grounds that it “assumes facts not in evidence.”

    The second is the Unqualified Expert Opinion where the debater gives or cites an apparently expert opinion which is not from a qualified expert; in court, an expert must prove his qualifications and be certified by the judge before he can give an opinion.

    The third is a relatively new one, the Political Correctness Tactic. He describes this as a refusal to debate. Al Gore said regarding an argument against his global warming theory that “the debate is over.” Gee. Who is the one who gets to decide that? Is he some kind of king or pope who gets to order the rest of us around? The politically correct have a list of statements that, to them, cannot be debated. Of course, it’s easier to be certain when you only have to check a list or catechism of political-correctness than when you have to figure stuff out using facts and logic. The realm of the politically correct is a facts- and logic-free zone.

    • The assertion about diversity increasing productivity *might* be true but for the Prog’s deliberate conflation of racial and moral diversity with the kind of diversity that sometimes works on large/ill-defined projects, namely diversity of skill sets and mental processes among a small group that is committed to the organization and its goals. Also, this diversity only works with an established and empowered group leader who is able to exercise a ‘Goldilocks’ style [not too structured, not too loose] of solution (not process) focused leadership.

  13. Any form of utopianism eventually requires totalitarian force in order to come into being or to continue to exist.
    If you want proof check out the recent statement by the libertarian party of Nevada wherein it declares the right to expel people who are not tolerant enough.
    I am in agreement with the fellow above who says that this is all about the assertion of power by the left. On the other hand, I wonder if this pattern could go on repeating itself for a long time to come. The Inquisition lasted quite a long time. This may do the same.

    • To ensure the adoration of a theorem for any length of time, faith is not enough, a police force is needed as well–

  14. American video game companies face competition from foreign competitors who aren’t weighed down by anti-white, anti-male hatred and SJW hires. This isn’t like Hollywood, where they have an effective monopoly on an entire industry.

  15. My nine year old grandson spends his days in a progressive grade school (is there any other kind), reads six grades above his own, and is a gamer. He was, without any encouragement from me, entirely dismissive of the SJW effort to infect games. It was more like a snort–give it your best shot, fool. Tough target to go after.

    • Most hope-inducing comment of the day. I’m glad some kids can still see through this guff.

  16. The number of drama queens willing to LARP as their opposite sex is vanishingly small, the number of genuinely mentally ill who believe they are another sex is even smaller, and the number of true biological hermaphrodites is even smaller still. Consider how outsized this issue has become compared to the numbers involved. This indicates it’s not about the issue itself, it’s about forcing submission of the majority to elite opinion: ANY opinion they choose.

    Relation to reality is entirely optional and usually unwelcome. If you came from Andromeda and watched American television for a week, you would think half of all marriages are biracial, gays are universally hilarious and never have HIV or drug problems, and five foot tall girls can take down six foot, 200 lb. men with a flip, while simultaneously sharpshooting the eye out of a target at 1000 yards.

  17. Speaking of perv-geld…

    Tucker Carlson’s first guest in his new time slot in Monday is Bruce Jenner in drag. Ya think he’s gonna do his usual job of ummasking liberal lunacy?

    Fat fucking chance. 100-1 he’ll genuflect at the altar of diversity.

    Faux News, indeed.

  18. Itty bitty factions of Perv fanatics of various hues and fetishes have been able to cause most largish organizations to bend the knee in supplication over the last 10 years or so: More importantly, to devote significant resources to advancing individual Pervs and their causes. So why wouldn’t the ‘Pervosphere’ suppose that converging gaming would be another layup_?

    Most organizations are OK with accomodating tiny minority fanatics as long as their regular customers don’t care and it doesn’t cost much. For example, kosher lemonade (see link). Here is a witty but over long disquisition on the dynamic:

    I guess in this instance, apparently unlike the movie-going public, the customers care *a lot’ about the quality of the product and Perv debasement is immediately obvious rather than down the road a bit. And, saying FU right away is the only safe course of action.

  19. I learned about “dame-geld” and now “perv-geld” from this site. All of this gelding needs to stop, right now! My geld and I are going on a little boat trip on the lake this weekend. Rumor is one of us won’t make it back to shore.

  20. “And it’s not as though the value of having a diverse staff is up for debate” <= the tell

    ever have a diverse team for a class project? how'd that work out for you?

    diversity produces measurable decreases in productivity, and any other metric for company performance. or a society's relative performance.

    • diversity produces measurable decreases in productivity, and any other metric for company performance. or a society’s relative performance.

      Not sure if this is correlation or causation. For example, would you argue that adding the diversity of European colonists to the Americas, Africa and Asia decreased productivity in those places?

      There may be something to be said for homogeneous groups performing better because of a biologically-based trust of the in-group. But I think that this “added diversity == lower productivity” is more a result of diversity hiring initiatives, lowered admissions standards, invade/invite the world, etc. injecting people who are less productive into a group and dragging the performance down.

      IOW, the potential negative effects of simply having a diverse group of people would be overwhelmed by selecting people who were 100% competent and ultra-productive.

      Forced diversity, like what the SJWs are pushing in the gaming industry, inherently leads to selection rules that overlook productivity, leading to many incompetent employees.

      • Look a level playing field puts most ethnics at a severe disadvantage in a 1st world country. Doubly so in STEM related work. There is simply no place for them except the dole. it also raises some very uncomfortable questions about ethnics that a lot of people prefer not to think about.

  21. I submit the example presented in this post as anecdotal evidence of the devolution of the species. Lack of rationality, check. Unrestrained whining about a faux problem, check. Delusion of superiority, check. Unintended advocacy of specie’s suicide, check. Unmitigated arrogance, check.

  22. Hobbits,orcs,and elves are more grounded in reality than the social justice wankers,whining incessantly about every tiny thing. BioWare should make them TantrumWorld,populated with the LGBTQ rainbow-heads,where they can play out their fantasies. But no,the wanker mission in life is to f**k up RealWorld,where the rest of us live.

  23. For a long time, the gaming industry struck me as an odd hill for progressives to want to die on. But with more of this happening, it’s becoming apparent that they really do. The first of these issues I can remember is the calls for what amounted to more racial diversity in African tribes. Then there was GamerGate. Then a fun gaming site, Kotaku, at some point 100% converged on SJW hysteria (much like their sports-oriented sister site Deadspin… both were swallowed by the black hole that is Gawker). Now it seems like there is an uproar about “lack of diversity” in some form or another in the videogame industry on a weekly basis.

    I’ve come to believe that the exact reason that the gaming industry struck me as an odd target is actually the reason it is a perfect target for progressives: the gaming industry is a group of people generally minding their own business and trying to have fun. This is something progs absolutely will not stand for. If they get the impression that you simply don’t care about their silly SJW nonsense, God help you. Because you will be made to care. To a progressive/SJW, apathy toward progressive goals is worse than antipathy because apathy implies the progressives and their gods to be impotent, whereas antipathy implies that the matters are at least worth caring about. Two bonus reasons to attack the gaming industry: (1) mega buck$ and (2) a media channel to directly brainwash young men.

    So there it is. Single out and attack a strong and apathetic opponent. Punish them for their apathy as an example to others with the idea that they don’t have to care. Then take over a major entertainment industry and use it for propaganda.

    • Ack. “You will be made to care” seems to be an Erick Erickson quote. I somewhat loathe that man. Oh well. Credit where it’s due, I think there is a lot of truth to that sentiment, regardless of source.

    • “…the gaming industry struck me as an odd target is actually the reason it is a perfect target for progressives: the gaming industry is a group of people generally minding their own business and trying to have fun. This is something progs absolutely will not stand for.”

      We cannot let our young males skip church if we want them to develop proper zealous fervor, Comrades!

      Also, we need to address the lack of transgender hobbitry and elfdom.

    • The fact that the SJW’s finally decided to go all in and start screwing with the gamers – might have something to do with 4Chan chasing Shia LeBouf across multiple continents and trolling out his Hewell Noctividus crap – and the fact that people showed up at Berkeley and engaged in some good old fashioned soccer hooliganism with the Antifa d-bags.

      Maybe the gamers finally figured out that you can’t run and you can’t hide. Plus I’ve seen a few comments that run along the lines of :” playing video games is fun – but fighting in the streets is fun too”, show up in some of the stuff I’ve read about the Berkeley showdown.

  24. The city had to diversify their workforce so they ran out to find a black woman.
    A semi-literate low level secretary was found and immediately promoted to the head of a large department.

    It was painfully obvious she had no clue what was going on and the city hired a small army of assistants to basically do the job for her. She was trotted out for photo ops and the usual ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

    Years went by and she would receive regular awards for her outstanding service to the community. She finally retired with a healthy city pension and probably still thinks to this day she actually did something. ( location and name omitted to protect the guilty )

    Sounds like the perverts are cashing in. Now every business will have to have their token drag queen. Good Lord , what a world !

    • You know it is possible to add a trans gender character to a fantasy game . As long as you have fun with it .

      Imagine if you would a scene in the game where the dragon swoops down to consume the trans-fairmaiden (trans-maiden? trans-fairy?) chained to the post as a sacrifice. Depending on the option taken by the gamer the Dragon would either choke to death on the unpalatable morsel or take one bite spit it out and then fly off to destroy the village.
      The End.

      • Did you ever see Andy Warhol’s “Dracula”? He needed the blood of virgins to survive. His victims kept insisting they were virgins and every time he’d end up puking his guts out. In one case he almost got a young nubile virgin, but the hero got to her first!

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