Ruminations On The Way Down The Mountain

Yesterday, I made the trip to the Imperial Capital. I passed through the majestic gates of the Secret City, ascended the golden staircase into the heavens, to be among the Cloud People. I stood beneath the Glasir and watched Eikþyrnir and Heiðrún graze on the leaves of Læraðr. Despite the weather on the ground being dreary and drizzly, for us in the clouds, it was sunshine and gentle breezes, perfumed with the odor of honeysuckle. It was everything you imagine it is, among the Cloud People.

Actually, I was in meetings all day, in buildings that resemble the administrative structures you see on a typical college campus. In TV and movies, corporate and government structures are imagined as cold and sterile buildings made of glass and steel. In reality, they are almost almost always like the administrative buildings built on colleges that the boomers fondly remember from their youth. The new Apple lair is like something from a comic book, but only if the super-villain is a middle-aged homosexual.

Being a man of two worlds, I’ve found it easier to adjust to the Cloud than the other way around. When circumstances require me to spend extended time among the Cloud People, the trip back to the ground is like coming home from the 10-day dream vacation. It’s nice to see the old familiars, but there is a certain ennui. I always imagine it is the same feeling Adam and Eve had when they were ejected from the Garden. I also imagine it is what the Cloud People fear it is like too, which is why they avoid it at all costs.

For reasons I cannot go into, I was required to sit through a presentation by a middle-aged woman on the new diversity strategy for their organization. Of course, not a single person in the room was diverse. It was wall-to-wall honky. The presenter did not mention it and, if I had to guess, did not notice it. There was a ceremonial feel to it, as if she was leading the group in prayer. In fact, I had flashbacks to my youth in Jesuit schools where every class began with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer or a Hail Mary.

Communists used to work the civil religion angle this way, by having indoctrination sessions for workers before their shifts. They would also have struggle sessions for those who wandered off the reservation. My guess is this is the inspiration for the constant harangues about diversity among the Cloud People. The difference is the Dirt People are not participating. We’re more like audience members now. Instead of the ideological enforcers mingling with the workers to educate and discipline, the prols are now ignored.

It suggests that the Revolution has moved onto a new phase. In the French Revolution, after the White Terror, the Constitution of 1795 established The Directory. This was the start of a new phase in which the lower classes were mostly ignored, as the new ruling class consolidated its power. That may be what we are seeing with our managerial class as they largely ignore the results of recent elections and enforce discipline in their own ranks. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it may be useful in analyzing what we are seeing.

There is another angle, one you can see in this Scott Alexander post a few weeks ago, that was popular with the cognoscenti. Star Slate Codex is popular with people who not only think they are smart, but see themselves as steely-eyed reason machines. It’s also popular with people who like to believe stuff like this:

Yes, CNN leans liberal, but it’s not as liberal as FOX is conservative, and it’s not as open about it – it has a pretense of neutrality that FOX doesn’t, and although we can disagree about how realistic that pretense is I think few people would disagree that the pretense is there. Nor is there a liberal version of FOX that lacks that pretense of neutrality.

That’s a very believable argument if you have no familiarity with cable news or you look out at the world from deep inside the Progressive fever swamps. It is the sort of thing people write when they want to seem like the people who write things like this. It’s the worldview of someone confusing a mirror with a telescope. To Alexander, Fox is way out on the fringe and they are brazen about it. CNN, on the other hand, is maybe a little biased, but they are good people, my people, so they mean well.

Of course, there is the omnipresent hive mindedness. The world for Scott Alexander, and most of his readers, is a world of black hats and white hats. There are those inside the walls, the people of light, and the people outside the walls, in the outer darkness. The people outside are an undifferentiated collection of eyes peering out of the darkness, which is why they routinely misuse works like “conservative” when describing the people outside the walls. Words like “conservative” and “right-wing” just mean the outsiders.

Animals that find themselves isolated, like on an island, evolve in different ways, compared to those on the mainland. Insular dwarfism is the process where large animals get smaller over a number of generations when their population’s range is limited and isolated, like on an island. The reverse can happen where a small animal ends up on an island without predators. This is known as island gigantism. Some argue this is what happened with dinosaurs, but there is debate about that.

We may be seeing a form of this with our managerial class. Their isolation is shrinking their understanding of the world outside. The lack of interaction is resulting in a narrowness of the caste, to the point where we are as alien to them as they are to us. The latter is normal, while the former is dangerous. Similarly, their isolation is allowing their confidence to grow out of all proportion. Read Scott Alexander and what oozes through is a naive sense of confidence that he has it all figured out.

On the way down the mountain, into the land of the Dirt People, I started thinking about the not-so-silent coup that is unfolding in Washington against Trump. It’s not really fair to call it a coup. It is more of a tantrum. Trump is not going anywhere. But, the managerial class attempt to de-legitimize Trump is somewhat analogous to the Coup of 18 Fructidor V. After the elections in which the Royalists made great gains, republicans purged all the winners banishing 57 leaders to death in Guiana and closed royalist newspapers.

After the election of 2016, we are seeing a panicked managerial class trying to pick off members of the Trump team and isolate him from any base of support he may enjoy in his own party. Just as with the Directory, the people in charge seem to be wildly out of touch with the reality of their circumstances. Trump is not Napoleon, but Napoleon was not Napoleon at that point either. The point here is our managerial elite’s determination to circle the wagons and enforce ideological discipline may be weakening their position.


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  2. my youth in Jesuit schools where every class began with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer or a Hail Mary.

    Back when YOU were in H.S., the Jebbies might have actually meant it, too.

  3. “Animals that find themselves isolated, like on an island, prison, or university, evolve in different ways,…”
    Just thought I’d help.

  4. That’s what makes life in academia so fun – they’ve been able to present their opinions as facts for so long that they think they ARE facts. Their intellectual immune systems decay accordingly… with, I hope, predictable consequences — just as an island ecosystem is extremely vulnerable to any outside pathogen, so it is in the Cloud. The pendulum, when it swings, is going to swing back very far, very fast. Which is why I say that today’s blue-haired bicurious vegan slam poet is tomorrow’s obergruppenfuhrer. Give it ten years and the inevitable economic dislocation, and today’s SJWs will be spouting stuff that’d make Richard Spencer blush. They have no natural defenses, and, being what they are, will conclude that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  5. I’ve never met a corporate diversity flogger who wasn’t a black woman.

  6. Having lived in Silicon Valley for 10-years, I’ll admit every time I return to the States, I connect more with American “dirt people” than these uber-liberals who have not one single clue about anything past their immediate neighborhoods.

    From Florida to South Dakota people are as you say, down to earth and not full of themselves at all. Germans can be a bit “stick up the butt” and maybe a bit liberal as you say, and I get that. But it’s was a refreshing visit to spend time with those in the south and mid-west.

    I used to be a bit put off when a woman I don’t know in a fried chicken shack calls me “honey” or “sweet heart”…I beg you’re pardon!? We haven’t been introduced! But over time it’s really just the friendly nature of most Americans that touches us that you are so real, even if we do complain you’re also a bit superficial.

    My point is throughout my travels, everyone I spoke with, from Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa and back were very much in favor of Trump. They couldn’t really explain what they expected him to do, or how he was going to do it, but it was more “Well, it can’t really get any worse now, can it?!”

    I for one am amazed and the overt hatred people are showing towards President Trump. I don’t think we have ever seen anything like it before, even with those who despised Nixon. I may not think much of a man who made his fortune in real estate and casinos, but if the American people believe enough in him, then I think everyone should at least give the man a chance. Granted, if he’s stop tweeting it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    After all, isn’t that what America is all about…a place to start over (or start new) and try again?

    • The opposite of hate is not love, but apathy (it has been said). What percentage of the German citizenship is apathetic about Angela Merkel? I ask this because, love Trump or hate him, Americans of all stripes appear very engaged right now in what is going on. Ultimately, what the Cloud People want from the rest of us is disengagement, the “oh well, whatever” attitude. That is how they cement in place their hegemony. Hillary Clinton as President would have encouraged such an attitude. Is that attitude widely shared in Germany and in Europe generally?

      • @ Dutch – This is just my opinion, but I would guess a large part of most working, tax paying Germans would probably agree – Angela Merkel, love her or hate her, has been good for Germany over all.

        Unlike some of our former Chancellors, there are no scandals under her administration, and she has done a pretty good job for Germany. Our economy is strong, people who want to work have jobs, companies are not off-shoring, so things continue to work well for us. Ask a Frenchman, Spaniard, Greek, Italian or Englishman that same question about their leaders and you might get a very different answer.

        The best comparison I can think of is President Regan. He was a very good statesman, and was well liked and respected by most Americans and Europeans. As I understand, America did very well under his presidency. Yet he also made a mistake with the Iran Contra issue which tarnished his career. But I don’t think anyone would diminish his overall effectiveness just because of Iran Contra. It’s basically the same here with Frau Merkel and the refugee issue. I know, that is not exactly a one-to-one comparison, but you get the idea.

        The refugee issue was the only real major dividing point across most parties, and people realized the likes of the AFD were far worse (because of the far right “Nazi” association) so they will most likely keep the CDU during our next elections. What people are really afraid of is the connection between Nazi’s and radical Islam. In some ways, they are not so different in their hatred of one particular group. It’s actually why Islam and most Muslims are not anti-German. They associate Germany with Hitler, and for obvious reasons, what he accomplished while in power.

        What most Americans don’t fully realize is that for Germany, we have had a long history of Muslim Turks (who are also German citizens) who live here, work, raise their children and get along without any major issues for nearly 70-years. It’s only the recent radicalization where we have had problems, and no Turks that anyone is aware of, have radicalized. And honestly, most Turks are very happy here since they are free of the hard-core Muslim influence they would have to face if they returned to Turkey.

        So our association with the Muslim religion has been peaceful only until recently. And without blaming anyone, things really started to get bad once the middle east began to unravel due to current US war against terror. Especially when countries like Iran, Iraq and Libya splintered and ISIS could flourish. I’m not saying what the US is doing is wrong, but even the best intentions can have very negative, unforeseen consequences.

        Terrorism in Europe and America, at least until recently, is perceived mostly as home grown. Here we have had the IRA in Ireland, RAF and a few Nazi groups in Germany while in the US, you had the Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh. But with the recent attacks in Paris and now Manchester, things are obviously changing.

        • Yes Karl, some of us know about the long history with the Muslim Turks including the WWII involvements. But that is not of your generations doing.
          What you should be focusing on, however IMHO, is Merkel’s role with the EU in foisting this ME immigration on your neighbors and the chaos it is causing all along your borders. I think you will agree that the Obama administration including Clinton and Kerry State Departments were utter failures in developing any kind of stability. The recent, say since 2014, mass refugee crisis, which was created by other forces, was not a direct result of the US involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was a direct result of stupidity on display from US diplomats playing king makers in ME countries which back fired spectacularly.
          I am hopeful and look to see what Merkel does to support Trump in his efforts to combat the ISIS threat, or Islamic Terrorism throughout Europe regardless of the desires of those in Brussels. I am not that hopeful but as they say, “Hope for the best, plan for the worst.” While Merkel is taking care of the Germans, you can’t say she has the best interests of her neighbors at heart and that smacks of years gone by. “Deutchland uber alles”, and such. There is a difference between nationalism which takes care of ones people and interests but also protects the common interests of those “partners” in the hood and an attitude which encourages the failure of others using surrogates. Trump, is defending the much abused and maligned American generosity and making sure that recipients pay their fair share for protection the Eagle provides and the economic benefits of trade with the world’s best partner.

    • It would be a bad idea were Trump to stop tweeting. When he is not setting the narrative he is poking a stick in the prog eye. It keeps them occupied and off balance.

      • by pausing his tweets, he builds anticipation , and provides real snap when he gets back online. always leave them wanting more, as the wise man once said.

      • “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln (Solomon 17:28)

        • Come on Karl, don’t you find it rather refreshing to have a businessman running things rather than the old, tired stereotype politician who talks a lot but doesn’t accomplish much? Take a look at Trump’s Contract with Americans and look at the things he has accomplished based on the “promises” he made to the American people.

          Yes, Trump is not smooth, or scripted but that is rather novel in this day and age of PR managed everything about politicians who can’t go off script because of what the latest polls say. If anything, I fear he might become too guarded with his words due to his current experience. A bit gun shy, so to speak, in American parlance. You have to admit, everyone is gunning for him. And I mean everyone, except for the people who voted for him. That is part of the goal. Shut him down until he can be removed! Look past the media and look at both his agenda and what he has accomplished in just four months. It really is amazing and puts Obama to shame for the putz he truly was from the beginning.

      • It is the velocity of his actions that keeps the Left off balance. Just when they get settled in to attack mode on one issue, he is off on another topic or two, or three. They are having trouble keeping up. Hence, they are trying to stop the train by using faux investigations as if a smoke screen or fog will keep the mighty Trump frozen when he has night vision, flir, and radar running simultaneously. Kinda like the Predator in the Alien movie series, able to switch modes when the enemy is using outdated tactics.

    • karl, do german women have healthy sexual appetites, in general i mean? they usually look kind of sour to me.

      • Germans have been the subject of jokes about sexual proclivities for centuries

        Homosexuality “The German Disease” back in the 19th and 20th and these days “Industrial S&M” rubber and metal

        Its partially true like most stereotypes, Wiemar Germany was degenerate even by modern standards

        However when the circumstances are right,, Land, Faith and Prosperity Germans can breed fast. A huge percentage of the US population has some German blood, yours truly included and they started as a small minority

        Problem is they are without religion, crowded and don’t feel especially prosperous , pretty much same as everyone else.

      • @ Karl. Interesting question. I would say Germans are not exactly “passionate” people as one thinks of the French or Italians. But we’re not as bad as the Swiss, I think!

        It may be because we tend to approach life a bit more seriously. I hate to admit it, but we are not known for a sense of humor either, which I think one must have to make light of things in life. But we do have beer, which makes up for that. However a drunkard husband would explain the wife’s sour face!

        I think it is safe to say Germans are not caught up in the superficial – no one cares how we have our hair styled, or how much make-up women wear, what jeans we have on nor are we obsessed with our weight or fitness.

        There are differences between regions in Germany like Bavaria for example. The attitudes of Catholics vs. Protestants may have an effect. Catholics are generally “live and let live” and are more easy going while Protestants, are generally more stiff.

        Of course this is a generalization, but when you look at fashion or food, that’s all about the French and Italians. We Germans are about hard work and cars – over engineered as they may be. France and Italy, well, you have Renault and Fiat, which speaks for itself. As for hard work, just look at Spain and Portugal. They haven’t been world superpowers since 500-years.

        • other karl, thanks for the response, i was genuinely curious. you are being a little disingenous when you use Fiat as a measure of italian engineering (and i think you know what i mean here 🙂 )

          • @ K. Hungus – Disingenuous is when you build a sports car in the Mazda factory in Japan, using nearly 90% of Mazda parts (less engine) and market it as a Fiat Spyder 124.

            If you’re talking Italian super-cars, that’s a very different conversation. 🙂

        • Mr. Horst, you answered the question as “Germans are not exactly “passionate” people” when I think the answer should have pertained to German women. I would think the answer would be self evident … that women are pretty much the same the world over as far as cultural differences on romance or child rearing go; those are different but Mr. Hungus was specifically asking about “sexual appetitos.”

          I guess an honest answer would depend on your ability to draw a conclusion based on varied experience between German women and women from other countries/cultures, no? In my limited experience, one of the biggest hindrances to a healthy sexual appetite is the effect of religion. A woman can really view sex in a negative way and there is not a lot to be done to overcome those effects. OTOH, openness in a culture about sex can a great thing when the mutual attraction, the spark of desire is ignited between two people.

          • to quote the great Clark Gable ” when a cold mama gets hot, boy, how she sizzles”

            that was kind of what i as wondering about Teutonic babes. they seem kind of bitchy on the outside, but seem to be capable of some fireworks.

  7. “The point here is our managerial elite’s determination to circle the wagons and enforce ideological discipline may be weakening their position.”

    The way you beat a bureaucracy is by using its own rules against it. The Government Party has a certain way that they fight. The classic examples from 2016 being the bizarre KKK stuff, the Corey Lewandowski non-battery, and tax returns. That’s how they fight.

    When you don’t fight in that way, you force the Government Party and the bureaucracy to fight in ways that violate their own rules. The leaking of classified information is a great example of this. That is as illegal as shooting a convenience store clerk in broad daylight for a pack of smokes, and nearly as severe. To “beat” Trump, the Government Party has to break a lot of rules. The problem, of course, that people are noticing is that the people accusing Trump of fake crimes are doing so by committing ACTUAL crimes.

    Or, take Comey, who is widely hated by left and right…on the left because of his last minute torpedoing of Clinton…on the right for both his non-referal-of-charges in July and his similar decision in October. That guy was pretty clearly collecting a set of dossiers on nearly everybody in Washington, like J. Edgar Hoover. He kept memos which may or may not be true so as to give himself some layers of protection against being fired, a classic bureaucratic thing to do. According to published reports, he actually laughed when CNN reported his firing, and thought it was a practical joke. That’s how you know you’ve successfully defeated the Government Party using their own rules: utter disbelief.

    By not referring charges on Clinton, who was the most likely winner last year until she lost, he was saving up chits to cash in later if she tried to cross him. Here’s the problem, though. Trump comes along and uses the Government Party’s own procedures against him. Comey goes in front of Congress and testifies under oath certain things which he cannot now go back in front of Congress and reverse. Trump fires him a few days later. All sorts of high and middle level bureaucrats are similarly under oath, and have made public statements which they cannot now go back on. Prominent Democrats are backing away from impeachment talk, and with Mueller and Comey being such good buddies, the odds of Mueller surviving the investigation he has been put in charge of are very small.

    Then there’s the whole “Electoral Vote” thing.

    That’s how you use the Government Party’s own rules against them.

  8. Z Man;
    Not sure your French Revolution metaphor works for the current situation, but if it does Alexander is trying out for the Marquis de Lafayette role*. That is, seeking (he thinks) to bridge the air-gap** as the media middle ground is being emptied. He’s even sorta right about why it’s being emptied, namely Progs having lost all sense of restraint and common citizenship with the rest of us.

    But, as you say, he’s wrong about the virtues of his chosen side (evidently he can’t bear to give up the Cool Kids lunch table) what that the emptying media middle means and the futility of trying to use shame as a weapon against the Dirt People any more. As a related side note, as much as I could stand to read of the tedious comment thread had a distinct Court of Versailles feel of insincere, exaggerated politeness to it (As in: ‘Non, non, non, after you Alphonse’ from the cartoons I remember from the late ’50’s)

    *But without, you know, the actual ability and nobility of character.

    **Used to prevent sewage back flow into something that needs to be pristine, like a sink or dishwasher, so an apt metaphor for the Cloud – Dirt separation you so poetically describe.

  9. I have been banned from Scott Alexander’s blog many times over the years, mostly for posting acerbic commentary much like what you see here. In most cases, the communal SSC response was hyperventilation followed by visceral attack (think Chihuahua frothing and barking hysterically to ward off danger from a Rottweiler). Being that Scott is resident psychiatrist, I once asked him when hypersensitivity becomes a psychosis. He has hated me ever since.

  10. Well, I guess it’s better than my trip to Portland on Monday. Lots of “Black Lives Matter” signs in the white, upscale part of town. There were also signs that appeared to be of an American Flag. But each stripe at a lecture about “my America”. “Immigrants are respected” and “Diversity is our strength”. Haven’t seen them before. But don’t you dare open a burrito food truck if you are white!

    The Cloud People don’t notice the mental gymnastics they have to do to believe the things they believe. So CBS has a story about Manchester and has to mention that the killer’s parents were from Libya and the killer went back to Libya then Syria. Of course the Cloud People must not notice that Trump tried to temporarily from coming into the US from those countries. But I bet the Dirt People remember.Love may trump hate, but it doesn’t do a lot to convince a killer that he shouldn’t make a nail bomb.

    • I understand that in Portland, Mexican food outlets owned by whites are being shut down because they are exercising “cultural appropriation”.

      Don’t those ISIS guys know that they are culturally appropriating explosives from the Chinese? Have they no shame?

      • It’s one way appropriation. Any race can appropriate from the whites but whites are the only group accused of cultural appropriation.

        • If the white culture didn’t get appropriated by the others, most of the rest of them would be living in dirt holes in the ground, foraging for their next meal.

        • Don’t the Mexican’s know they are appropriating technology from Germans with their foodtrucks?
          Herr Diesel and Herr Benz would surely object.

    • Those are like Buddhist Prayer wheels. If they keep reciting the mantra long enough, they can overcome logic and believe their own bullshit. Or at least ignore their hypocrisy.

  11. Scott Alexander recently banned the term “human biodiversity” and “HBD” in comments on his blog. He didn’t ban the discussion of HBD-related topics, and it seems that he did this because SJWs were searching through the comments and looking for people who they could identify in real life to go Middlebury on.

    It’s kind of weird to see that happening in the rationalist community, but maybe I don’t pay enough attention to it. A year ago it seemed like neoreactionaries were a tolerated minority in the comments on SSC. A couple of weeks ago commenters were becoming apoplectic over a post where Scott said a few positive things about Charles Murray.

    It seems like Scott is feeling a lot of pressure right now. I was genuinely surprised by the post that Z-Man quoted and happy to see the first commenter take him to task.

    I recently went to a SSC meetup and about 25 people attended. I’d guess that about 15 of the people there were social justice types and the other 10 were the type of people who read Jonathan Haidt. One guy even mentioned Moldbug and not in a negative way. Everyone got along pretty well, but I didn’t go to the second meetup. My guess is that the group will split over political differences if meetups keep happening.

    • It’s a purity spiral. It’s why I’ve lost all sympathy for Murray. He keeps thinking he can appease the lunatics, but he should know better. It’s the old gag about feeding the aligators so they will eat you last.

  12. CNN is (silently) on the bigscreen in the lobby of my work building. They use this multi-camera technique where there are three or six or eight people on the screen at once. It reminds me of the old Brady Bunch intro of my misspent youth. They all have huge exaggerated frowns, all the time. No doubt there is some sort of CNN corporate edict that there will be no smiling during Trump’s tenure.

    It doesn’t matter at all in the big scheme of things, but do these people ever have one minute when they are not pawns of their Cloud masters? Do they ever feel like political prostitutes? What a pathetic existence.

    I suppose they are being groomed to cheerfully report on how well things are going, smiling all the way, on the days in the future when domestic political enemies of the Clouds are being put to death.

  13. “Nor is there a liberal version of FOX that lacks that pretense of neutrality.”

    1. What a poorly written sentence. Is it good if they pretend to be neutral?

    2. Has this guy really never watched MSNBC? Or is that his idea of unbiased reporting?

  14. As always, it’s hard to distinguish between actions that weaken a position and actions that evidence a weakened position. My tier zero interpretation is that the Cloud People have come prepared to re-fight the same war they had with Nixon. Their key advantage in that war was complete control over public knowledge. But even die hard SlateStarCodexers nowadays probably realize the Russian collusion angle is obvious hogwash.

    In lieu of making a prediction about the specific outcome, I’ll offer this: in 1973 only a very small number of people recognized what took place as a coup. If the Clouds manage to impeach Trump, a hundred million Americans will see a coup take place. The consequences could be catastrophic.

    • I guess that when the media started calling themselves “the Fourth Estate,” that should have been a strong tell. I’ll admit I missed it.

      As Scott Adams might say, 1973 is the movie they have playing in their heads with flashbacks to the Reichstag fire and the Glorious Revolution thrown in for extra drama.

    • Nixon’s family had a Quaker background and Tricky Dick knew how to feel shame. Donald Trump demonstrates no such capacity. The Donald will go down swinging, and his attitude alone, no matter the truth of the charges, will carry millions of followers a long way with him. Many people have no idea how much quiet power a true Alpha male can carry. Which is why so many people and organizations who do understand it will do anything to kill the Alpha traits in any white male. Alpha males who wield their power well are the most powerful and dangerous people of all.

      • Totally agree about throwing punches to the very end if it happens. A lesser man might have dropped out after grab em by the pussy. Trump kept on.

    • I saw that earlier. Not that off-topic. An inside glimpse at how Trump is battling the parasitic class. Fascinating how widely the media is trying to spin this stuff.

  15. Thanks for all you do, Z man. For some reason, I wandered over to Sean Hannity’s twitter thread on Seth Rich. It was 98% sub-morons repeating 140-char talking points. The remaining 2% were witty repackagings of the same 140-char talking points. I’m not even counting the attaboys to the witty posters. It’s nice having a corner where I can talk to smart people who support their arguments with evidence.

    A coup it is and solely in the informational realm… so far. I’m wracking my brain this morning trying to come up with an example of a sovereign who was shamed out of his offices. I know there have been a few. Donald Trump does not strike me as that kind of guy.

    • the only one i can thnk of was that english king guy who stepped down to marry an american whoore.

    • As long as Trump understands what is going on he should be OK, and he’s done enough of this over the years that he should understand. The problem may be the ’18 midterms, where we, the great unwashed, don’t fully understand, become disaffected, and elect a bunch of GOPe/Dem scoundrels to Congress.

      • am expecting trump to roll out big push to primary all the skunks, sometime early in 2018.

        • He had better do it, a lot of people will boycott the skunks. I do have confidence he is not going to tip his hand too early, he understands how timing works. For evidence, see your interesting link below.

      • The problem may be the ’18 midterms, where we, the great unwashed, don’t fully understand, become disaffected, and elect a bunch of GOPe/Dem scoundrels to Congress

        I think this is why GOPe are slow-walking a final resolution to this ObamaCare repeal fiasco. The House has yet to submit a bill to the Senate for consideration. I think they are actively trying to wait this out until the mid-terms, for exactly the reasons you stated.

    • I wonder if the end game is what we saw with Moldylocks, the young twat who got punched in the face at Berkeley. The black clad goons were riding high when they had numbers, police protection and faced no real opposition. Then a few guys in homemade armor show up, throw some punches and the lefty goons run away and hide. Moldylocks never contemplated a scenario in which the other side would meet her violence with violence. Antifa has tuned out to be a paper tiger.

      In the primary, the Wuss Right called Trump every scare word in their collection and he shrugged them off. Implicit in his response to their demands he “straighten up or else” was that he was willing to take the “or else” option. Conservative Inc. turned out to be another paper tiger. Official Washington is giving him the business now, but he is still standing. His trip abroad is turning into a PR success. He’ll come back for round two with Washington rest and ready to rumble. They may be about to learn that they can’t take a punch either.

      The point being is that the relatively small number of people who have gamed the system to their own benefit, at the expense of the rest of us, are delusional about their own abilities. Once they collide with reality, it will not end well.

        • What Dutch was referring to is a statement by Mike Tyson,”Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face”. Quite brilliant, Mike Tyson or not.

          • I’m sorry but that is pandering to da black man. That is not brilliant in any sense as it has been said many times by many people. Notably some famous Generals who said that the best plans go out the window once the shooting starts. Tyson is an idiot. And an animal.

          • Tyson seems to me to be a high-functioning autistic, a “Black nerd,” not at all a normie-Negro-thug. His somewhat effeminate/pedantic manner of speech is typical of autistics; his rages are austistic rages rather than Negro-thug rages. He has an autistic’s obsessive interest in the minutia of boxing-history. He doesn’t seem to be at all stupid — just very weird. Maybe I’m delusional, but he seems to me to have more in common with White nerds than with Negro normies (e.g. Evander Holyfield).

      • I sincerely hope that it ends that well. A perusal of Latin American history indicates that a coup by one branch of the oligarchs, such as we see underway right now often results in a counter coup by the actual regimental officers commanding the actual troops. Before I was in the military myself I never understood how ‘mere’ colonels could end up in charge of 3rd. world pest-holes. “Were’t there generals, what happened to them_?”, I thought. Then I realized that actual, personal command of the actual, capable forces is what really matters in the pinch.

        • That’s how the Greek colonels ended up running the country. And Greece back in the fifties and sixties was far from being third world.

      • Reminds me of what David Pryce-Jones wrote of Saudi Arabia in The Closed Circle: A squad trained to Western standards could overthrow the regime at anytime. (paraphrasing from memory)

        I keep trying to think of a scenario where they could (not would) even fight. This is what I keep coming up with

        – Use credit money to hire mercs. We built lots of hiring networks in Nigeria, Uganda, and Peru during the recent wars. And those guys were OK for static perimeter defense. But they wouldn’t be able to do much more than that.

        – Use urban National Guard units, Reserve units, and Police forces. Some might fight, but not every unit or cop would and the worst backwoods Guard unit would wipe them off the map.

        – Again use credit money to “invite” the semi-pro team in. I’m talking Russia, China, or maybe India here. One, if I’m Putin or Xi, a fight with the Dirt People is not something I want to get into. Even if the Cloud makes it very lucrative for me to intervene, I still run the risk of fighting a continent-wide guerilla war, which if I lose, will leave me with tens of millions of very pissed off Dirt People to fight at some future date.

        – Unleash the urban criminal class. They won’t stand up against any disciplined unit, are more prone to atrocity than all of the above, and will turn on you.

        I’m not saying that the above are likely. I just think that the Cloud saw Antifa auger in and are probably assessing their options. My shakiest assumption is that the Cloud has some understanding of military history and operations and would come to the same conclusions as me. They’ve done some really stupid things in the past from the viewpoint of us who have a knowledge of past wars and political conflicts, so maybe they will do some more stupid things.

        Would they try for something really evil? Mind control? Bio weapons? I dunno. Some of the fringes of the Cloud talk about these things sometimes. Some of the ELF types discuss culling the human race back to about 500M. So I’m not saying that the Cloud is actively debating that. Just that there are some at the edges of the Cloud who have already brought it up and have some confidence that it will come up again in a crisis.

        • I think the CLoud’s plan is to use State coercion to make us all somehow disappear or buy into the New Faith. It’s like Zman said, most don’t know anyone outside the cloud. They think the State will always show up to do their bidding because it always has. The officers in our military are all globalist Cloud people. The enlisted are not. Our DAs are all Cloud people. Most police are not.

          The CLoud people think they have this inherent legitimacy to rule they do not have.

          • What you say about military officers is true of the *generals*, who are politically selected at the higher levels. The officers who matter in unstable situations are the so-called ‘field grade officers’ (majors & colonels) who are the actual, personal troop/squadron commanders. They are largely rural/small city whites to this day, fwiw.

            They, and the NCO’s as you say, are the ones who are personally able to see that orders are carried out. And they are the ones able to know how likely any order is to be carried out. As Ceausescu found out in Romania, it can be fatal to issue orders that the troops aren’t willing to carry out. That is, if you order the troops to fire on the crowd and one soldier says no, he is in deep, possibly fatal trouble, but if 500 say no, it is *you* who are in deep, possibly fatal trouble.

    • To paraphrase someone I heard on FOX News, who knows Trump as a Real Estate guy, he built his success having to deal with the Mafia, City Inspectors and Unions, a most evil trio as you can imagine in any sector of the galaxy! I don’t believe there is much in the way of new villany on this planet that will surprise or get the better of him.

      I must admit to having some apprehension at his going to Brussels but on seeing a picture of him flanked by T-Rex and McMaster, I felt better knowing that the so-called “masters of the NWO” were being put on notice that they were dealing with a NEW America, not a pussy weakling like before who wanted to be their bitch.

  16. Trump’s army has 60 million soldiers. The dem party is in collapse, they have been routed and are now in a panic. Their fund raising has cratered as the loons drive off the non-maniacs. As the current system winds down, and the new system starts emerging, I have a feeling that Cloudland will not be with us much longer. maybe some new age Donovan will write a song about them

    • The Democrats have been “routed”? If only. They are far from being crushed, sent fleeing in a disorderly way, and dispersed. If ever they are so routed, we will know it from signs such as millions of them fleeing for Canada and Europe.

        • Karl, the Democrats lost some seats. It was a little setback, not a rout.

          If a rout against the Democrats is what you seek, we will need to take up arms against the GOP, the center left party of the USA. It would be just as if we were communist revolutionaries, which is interesting, since some leftists would be willing to help.

          Anyhow, extinguish it. Extirpate it. Eradicate it. The GOP. In what appears to be a genuine communist revolution. Afterwards, the Democrats will break into two pieces, both palpably communist, due to disagreements about how to set up their humanist paradise. One faction will be for crazies like Liz Fauxcahontas and Bernie, and another faction for the less crazy commies. As usual for commies, they will be at each others throats within a few years or less.

          After breaking up the GOP, the Trump army will have to decide what to do when someone points out that their “heroes”, aka cops and soldiers, are STILL serving and protecting the commies and capitalist racketeers, as “heroes” have been for more than 80 years. Oh, and it will then be clear that the Trump army has NO representation in government.

          Now here’s a critical aspect of this idea to rout the Democrats: Several hundred thousand “heroes” will have to be subdued. Of course, most “heroes” are like my father, a retired civil servant. They became government employees for the pensions and health benefits, and for basically no other reason, whatever they might like to believe. Most of them will make their peace with what appears to be a rising communist regime. Let them show their true colors, I say.

          Yet it should not be too difficult to take on the heroes, even though they are well trained. After all, Trump’s “army” has 60m soldiers, plus there are a few million realists like me who didn’t vote for Trump. Further, many of the heroes, too, hate the left and their billionaire friends. So some of the heroes could be induced to stop other heroes. Even just 5% turning would be a frightful experience for the Democrats, who wouldn’t take forever to figure out what’s happening and then freak out. They would fear that they are soon to be left naked with no one else to do their bully work for them.

          Meanwhile, as the “heroes” are being served their just dessert, the Democrats and other commies will be getting nervous for other reasons, too. Some impatient people will have abandoned the plan and begun to hunt them down like the arrogant dogs which they are.


    • Karl, steady man. Trump may spy a way through, even I can in my less sober moments. But remember this–the Republican Party has zero love for Trump. The bi-elections are coming, never good in these cases, and Trump is not preparing candidates to replace cuckservatives. Trump is not a party man, any party, and Republicans will continue to be Republicans. Not a good combination.

      • agreed on the gop. dealing with them will take time and patience. think about this scenario: trump drops the hammer on key dems and gops based on evidence comey collected. he appears bipartisan while dealing with two groups of enemies. the rest of the gop pussies will fall into line tout suite. and he busts up amazon, google, and apple on anti-trust charges.

        • Trump can fix the GOP with a couple of simple actions: Show the pictures that NSA has of Little Linda Graham diddling little boy, prosecute Insane McCain for corruption.

          • Jones, you are on a roll with a good idea! Don’t stop there. We need to get rid of Ryan, McConnell (and I don’t care if his wife is in the Cabinet!), and re-institute the UnAmerican Acts Laws and go after all the Leftist politicians and scum like Bill Ayers that still walk the earth and suck O’s.

        • Karl, you are the first person I have heard mention busting up those behemoths. Anti-trust. Anti-competition. Just how Bezo’s was able to buy his way into acquisition of a “news” organ is worthy of investigation. I hope that while Sessions has recused himself from all this Russian BS, he is busy building cases for all manner of other BS that is really important.

    • Trump is making some of the same mistakes as Napoleon, that cost the Corsican all of his gains in combat. I get that Trump can’t really trust anyone but his family members at this point, but having Kushner and Ivanka or his sons too close to the actual doings of government and policy is not a good idea or a good look. Nepotism was a large part of Napoleon’s downfall, although (ironically) Russia played a large part in it, too.

      • Nepotism made Napoleon, too. His brother in the Directory facilitated his rise.

        • really enjoy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge of revolutionary era france 🙂

    • Since you’ve used the “Trump’s army” metaphor (and I consider myself among them), when does the actual SHOOTING WAR start? I’m ready and I hear from many others that they’re ready too. Ready to finally, decisively end this silly struggle we’ve had with the lunatic left for decades now. We’ve had enough transgender-high-tax-climate-crazy-it-takes-a-village stupidity and want it to end. NOW!

      • I expect their will be a 10M march on DC, ostensibly peaceful, before the midterms. a trooping of the colour.

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