Springtime in the Ghetto

Queenie has an afro the size of a beach ball. It’s more like a head full of soft, fuzzy springs that wave back and forth as she moves. She also has an ass the size of a small car, which she manages to stuff into skin tight jeans. It’s not a pleasant image in the abstract, but her big smile and sunny, black lady disposition makes it work. People like Queenie. Even when she is bossy, which is most of the time, it is impossible to be mad at her, because she fills a necessary role in the only way possible.

It’s why she is the assistant store manager down at the market. This is the ghetto market where all of the help is black and most of the customers are black and Hispanic. There are some old honkies who never moved away that still come into the store, but that’s during the day when it is safe. The rest of the time the store is what one has come to expect from an urban ghetto. In order to keep libertarianism from breaking out, the store needs a strong authority figure keeping order. That’s Queenie. She takes no guff from anyone.

The two big challenges for a business in the ghetto are getting decent workers and keeping the customers from stealing everything. Often times, the employees will help the customers steal so there is a dynamic to the challenges. Queenie is able to run herd on the boys and girls hired to stock shelves and run the registers, because she has no illusions about them. They are knuckleheads, who have to be watched all the times, because to do otherwise means they will be knuckleheads.

That’s the thing with young underclass blacks. It is not that all of them are prone to crime and trouble making. It’s that they have so few good examples. Hardly anyone is around to impose discipline, so the worst habits become normal. A black teen working at the market is not getting respect from his peers. He will get status by letting them steal some stuff from the freezer case. In other words, the bad influences far outnumber the positive influences. The ghetto is nothing but temptation. It’s why so many get into trouble.

That’s not gloss over the biological realities of the underclass. High time preference, poor impulse control and a high propensity for violence are all biological factors that are common in the under-class. There are exceptions, just as there are children born with significantly higher IQ’s than their parents. Nature is a roll of the dice, but the math is immutable. Most of the people in the under class are there because that’s their nature and all the nurture in the world is not going to over come it.

Anyway, it has been an ugly spring, but it is now warm enough for the locals to get outside and do outside things. Unlike in suburbia, Memorial Day is not about cookouts and family get togethers. The Hispanics will have a party on Sunday night because they are not going to work on Monday. For the blacks, it just means a change in the normal rhythms of life. The market has weird hours. Some businesses are closed., The liquor store is open on Sunday. Otherwise, it is just another weekend.

On this day, I’m picking up a few items I forgot to get on my normal trip to the market. I see Queenie in an animated discussion with two garbage bags. Donald Trump has decided to import unlimited numbers of Muslims and they have to go somewhere. That means dumping them into the broken down cities and towns, often with a Federal check attached, so the local politicians don’t squawk about it. The greatest human experiment in history is taking place. Low-IQ Muslims are being dumped into urban American ghettos.

Queenie was built for running herd on the black workers, keeping an eye on the customers of all races and interfacing with the white world that could use many more like her. She is not built for talking to a black Grimace that cannot even use non-verbal cues to help bridge the language barrier. She has the exasperated black lady look when she spots me and waves me over to help figure out what the trash bag is saying. That’s the thing with blacks. They accept human bio-diversity at the visceral level.

A swarthy looking male shows up, probably alarmed that a white man was now standing near his garbage bags. His English is useless, but I manage to figure out what they want is to wire money somewhere. This is one of those strange underground markets our politicians don’t understand. Our banks make money helping migrants and illegals send money home. Most convenience stores in this area have a Western Union machine so the illegal Mexican laborers can send money back home without having a bank account or ID.

After the garbage bags leave, I chit-chat with Queenie for a few minutes. She makes the point that she has no idea how to deal with these new people. She also makes the point that she thinks the garbage bags deserve no help or respect. It’s not their customs that offend her, I suspect. It’s their non-person-hood that’s the trouble. Whatever you think about blacks or black America, people like Queenie have a purpose in life, a reason to get up in the morning. To her, those trash bags are just sacks of nothing.

On my way out of the ghetto toward home, I thought about how things will unfold over the coming decades. Black America is matriarchal. How that is going to work with highly patriarchal Muslims migrants is going to be interesting. Throw in the clannishness of the Muslims being imported by Donald Trump, and it looks like a powder keg. Then again, Islam thrives where hope is thin on the ground so maybe the result is the Islamification of the ghetto. I can’t imagine Queenie in a burka, but I never imagined a burka in the ghetto.

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  1. When Margaret Sanger awards appear in administrative offices of gene-editing labs, ghettos will revert to grasslands and be deleted from history text books faster than civil war generals.

  2. “I never imagined a burka in the ghetto. ”

    You should drive down Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia sometime.

  3. I’ve never met a Jamaican woman who didn’t know what she was doing, never met a Jamaican man who did.

  4. Donald Trump has decided to import unlimited numbers of Muslims and they have to go somewhere.

    I also read that the other day. How do we know this isn’t just more fake news?

  5. I thought of the Zman when I read this last week and saved it for the next time he mentioned IQ.

    I’ve an IQ of 95, is it too low?
    Bill Lennan

    True story.

    I went to high school with a guy who could barely read.

    His attendance was poor at best and he dropped out after his junior year.

    He would have likely had scored a very low IQ just because his reading was so bad.

    He was also an OG waterman – spear fisherman, surfer, sailor.

    He purchased his first house at 20 and was looking for tax shelters at 25. He was NOT a drug dealer.

    He got into the family business as a kid, proved he had the business chops to run the show before he was 18, continued to grow the family fortunes until I lost track of him.

    The guy outperformed MBAs all day long.

    He didn’t care about IQ. He cared about happy employees, repeat ( and happy ) customers, and growing the business. He had amazing emotional intelligence (EQ).

    As others have mentioned – IQ isn’t a great metric for life or career success. It just means you can do well on a particular type of test. The real world doesn’t care about your test scores – but it does care about your EQ.

    Work on your EQ ( it’s growable ) and rock the world 🙂

    • I enjoyed that story and take the point.

      Suspect many in ghettos have low EQ as well. Sadly. Otherwise they wouldn’t be such a violent shitholes.

      • I think the two things that are relevant is that intelligence is both nature and nurture, and that testing can’t always capture that.

        That’s why I have to take issue when people say that our immigrants have low IQ. Do they have low IQ because they they come from certain cultures where they don’t have an organized, logical approach to thinking, or do they just not have the raw brain matter? I think that is an important distinction that should first be considered before making blanket assumptions about immigration.

    • I’ve got a (repeatably tested) IQ 4 SD’s above the mean but was, let’s say, imperfectly socialized. I’d gladly drop 30 points to fix that.

  6. The muslims have finally gotten into the ghetto HS where I work. For now they’re totally outsiders, hemmed in with the ESL students. 3rd or 4th class citizens – it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  7. ZMan, the brief Washington Examiner article linked on increasing refugee quota is not quite accurate due to its having been spun off an article in the New York Times. That article had far more detail, and made it clear that, although President Trump wanted the refugee limit reduced, the State Department had made the decision to increase it. But it’s not as wide open as the Examiner article would have us believe. Never a fan of the NYT, I have to say they tried to be more accurate in their reporting. Here is the NYT article from another source that doesn’t have a paywall:


    And the limit was lifted, not done away with.

    • Should have said spun off the NYT article and drastically shortened to remove important detail.

    • I hear ya, but I’m not so easily won over. The Progs insist that 2+2=85 and “our side” gets them to agree that 2+2=7. That’s not a victory. That’s a different wrong answer. The right answer with regards Muslim migrants is zero. We take zero. The program is shut down and only rare exceptions are considered.

      Trump could end this today. He chooses not to.

    • I am waiting and hoping for better from Trump Administration but at same time skeptical, as this seems to be a Western trend to destroy white Christian European heritage that bad leaders persist in moving forward with in spite of angry constituents and terrible social consequences.

      45,732 refugees admitted this fiscal year so far, 45% are Muslim

      Only Poland’s and Hungary’s leaders insist on protecting their countries and people from Muslim invasions. The rest of Europe and the U.S. are destroying our social fabric and heritage without regard.

      Polish PM: “Where are you headed, Europe? Rise from your knees.”

      Will leaders like Poland’s persuade a change of course? To me, a no-brainer, mass expulsion required. Will it happen? Kinda doubt it.

  8. I see the makings of a great sitcom, in this posting. Something like “Omar & Queenie” where Omar is the new store manager. Together they keep all the colorful locals in line.

  9. “Most of the people in the under class are there because that’s their nature and all the nurture in the world is not going to over come it.”

    Except that bad nurturing can and will overwhelm good nature and, as the rest of this article points out, children in the ghetto are submerged in bad nurturing. Culture, like language, is inculcated in the first few years of life. If it doesn’t happen then, nature’s facility for such withers and dies.

    Substitute the word culture for nurture and reconsider the Jesuit claim that given the first 7 years of a child’s life, that they will return the man.

  10. As someone who has been following on-going developments with the Trump Administration since it’s inception, I find it curious that Zman would place much credence in stories from the MSM that are basically rumors with no “official” announcement from the White House.

    Every day there are stories, rumors, innuendo galore attacking Trump, associates or family. There has always been an immigration policy for the U.S. and I am sure you would agree that what is important here, and no facts are provided, is just what this supposed change in policy has to do with the Middle East countries that are suspect.

    I would encourage all to pay more attention to The Conservative Treehouse (The Last Refuge) for some solid interpretations of what is going in the Trump universe and that of his many enemies in the Deep State and on the Left. Sundance, who writes much of the content there is on par with our own Zman for brilliance, analysis and word craft.

    If you are doubting Pres. Trump, I would say to you “Check your sources. What are you reading lately?” All consider the source.

    • @ LetsPlay – Interesting. I too read into the comments that thezman is not that impressed with the achievements and accomplishments (or lack of) by President Trump so far.

      Of course we (over here) are hearing all about him calling the Germans “bad” and shoving the prime minister of Montenegro and of course the “alpha male” hand shake issue with French President Macron. To be honest, no one really cares about those things. They just make good gossip-news headlines. But it does same something about his character, which isn’t good.

      Imagine he shoved your father like that, would you be okay with it? It’s not the act of shoving the man, it’s the lack of respect that’s really at the core of the issue.

      I understand his “America First” attitude and I think it’s about time you had a president who promoted such a position. As America goes, so goes the world – as they say. His tactics may have worked in boardroom deals, but I hope he learns that alienating friends and allies is not the best way to go about doing it.

      • Yes Karl, our President was rough on the sensitive leaders of Europe. They are so cultured and refined that any hint of masculinity or demanding of respect is seen as so backwards. I think we have to admit we don’t know everything that went on behind the scenes but you have to admit that he did not receive a very warm reception. Not that one would be expected after their “friend” Obozo has left the stage of Office and now they have to deal with this brash character. It is not of their choosing. But it is the choosing of so many American people.

        And as one of the Deplorables, I think I can speak for them when I say that their cold shoulders, their behind the hand snide remarks during his speech, their year-after-year deadbeat status paying on NATO contributions (most of the countries) while being able to build a brand new HQ location, and their lifestyle bought and paid for by the American soldier and taxpayer (their freedom), are enough to make red-blooded American take umbrage at the nose-in-the-air attitude of these leaders who think they are so great and so entitled to so much.

        Don’t get me wrong. I do not lump all people’s, like the German people in with their leaders, they work hard and are creative and innovative in many ways that contribute to the global economy but they do wear some responsibility for keeping these people in power.

        So as much as Europeans might not like it, we are who we are. We are not pussies. I like to remember the English, who while being provided with provisions and arms by the U.S. during WW2, and in the build up to the invasion of Fortress Europe, said about Americans GI’s, “they are overpaid, overfed, oversexed and over here”. That was written by a British comic named Tommy Trinder (1909-1989) but the sentiment while humorous is still based on the honest feeling that we, Americans were still not really wanted. No one likes to be saved and the fact is Europe has been saved twice by the US and the countries don’t like to remember that fact. But they don’t learn from history and won’t invest in protecting themselves. Of course, a big part of that is the fault of American politicians and the MIC who have made a lot of money for decades since the end of the war “protecting” Europe from the Soviet horde. And now the Russian horde is knocking at the door. So whatchagonnadoaboutit? Call Uncle Sam?

      • “… shoving the prime minister of Montenegro…”

        This shows poor taste. Shoving people around has nothing to do with masculinity or being Alpha.

  11. Just fyi, the “Podcaster Pro” indiegogo crowd funding campaign by Adam Curry (the no agenda guy) is now live, that’s something i see you backing Z, as you said you want to start a podcast:

    “The Podcaster Pro™ is a USB Audio device that has been over a decade in the making by Adam Curry. The Podcaster Pro™, your laptop, and an XLR mic are all you need to make podcasts that sound like they were recorded in a professional recording studio! The Podcaster Pro™ brings Mic Preamps, EQ, Compressor, Noise-gate, Mix-minus, and Voice Processing in a single USB device about the size of a hardcover book.”

  12. I drove through my old neighborhood to see the house I lived in the first several years of my life. It is a black slum now. The roads leading toward the freeway are littered with empty stores, a mall that is eighty percent unoccupied, and what businesses that seem to be operating all have Spanish names. Maybe the idea is to bring in Mexicans and Muslims to push out the blacks–doing the jobs Americans won’t do–because foreigners aren’t on a white guilt trip.

    • “…bring in Mexicans and Muslims to push out the blacks…”

      And where are the blacks supposed to go?

      • They’re trying to push the blacks to the suburbs with section 8 vouchers and us in the suburbs back to the cities.

  13. Despite being deeply, indescribably, unspeakably offended by the insensitivity Zman displays, and the crimethinkingness of his opinions, I am very interested in the question he poses. Since the America federal government has decided to bring in Muslim refugees in quantity and dump them in the inner city ghettos, whose inhabitants are as far away from them as possible in culture and customs, how will this play out?

    Law enforcement will not be a factor, since it’s mostly retreated to its stations and patrol cars, venturing out only for the drug raids that bring that sweet fed money (and confiscated drug dealer money and goods.)

    Anecdotally, guys are shooting dope in the open right across from the Baltimore police stations, or jacking passerby in plain view of cops. Nobody wants to be the next Darren Wilson.

    I think that the relationship between the incoming Muslims and the black ghetto residents will eventually be something like the relationship of Arabs and blacks in Subsaharan Africa before the European conquests. Low level warfare on both sides, exploitation, probably the return of slavery (plenty of people are willing to sell their kids-the American Eastern seaboard is littered with the bones of European kids who were sold by their parents into servitude and then worked to death by their Puritan, Cavalier and Quaker owners.)

  14. I’m old enough to remember when black families were not only patriarchal, but black fathers were the embodiment of suffering integrity and they tenaciously held their families together despite the turmoil of third class status in multi-ethnic society that demanded you fight your way up the ladder to assimilate. These men worked incredibly hard and largely suffered in silence; aided only by fiercely loyal wives and a strong church community.

    You can thank Lyndon Johnson, and his fellow Democrat back-stabbers, that killed this cultural black institution and replaced it with the Great Society Program. The end result was that strong black fathers were driven into exile and their women were seduced into government dependency via addiction to welfare heroin.

    It heartens me to hear that women like Queenie are fighting back.

    • Got everything right except that last sentence. Queenie should be a man with a family.

    • LBJ had lots of support from Midwestern and Northeastern liberal Republicans like the Rockefellers.

  15. “There are exceptions, just as there are children born with significantly higher IQ’s than their parents.”

    Well… Momma’s baby Poppa’s maybe.
    Just as the predations of the medieval Baron upon the more sightly daughters of the commoners kept the peasants’ gene pool refreshed, so the forays into the ghetto by unhappily married East Siders looking for companionship produces the occasional ghetto prodigy.

  16. I know the plutocrats in the countries of origin make big money off renumerations/wire transfers (I think Ann Coulter talked about Carlos Slim taking his cut from every dollar that goes back to Mexico). American banks are obviously complicit, and in on the take, though I don’t know the details.

    I’m not sure how black Muslims (Farrakhan/Prison conversion types) are going to mix with real Muslims, who regard the “Yakub/White man is the devil” stuff as weird apostasy. Blacks are already feeling the sharp elbows of Hispanics in the “rainbow coalition,” so I think they must understand that by now even progressives have lost interest in them and have moved on to Muslims and transgenders, etc. We’ll still be told to worship the random mulatto athlete/politician, but I think for black people it’s back to the back of the bus.

    • TelCo’s make money on phone cards and burners. Carlos Slip owns the Mexican wireless business so gets a piece of the phone home business. Banks on both ends get their beak wet on the remittances. About $30 billion a year is sent by illegals back to the home country. Human trafficking is big business.

    • Organs like Western Union get paid by the small business for using the name and the network, plus they get a percentage of the amount transferred and they make some on the foreign exchange rates. They have the game wired coming and going. The banks do the same. It is all a poor man’s version of wire transfers where the provider doesn’t get too greedy as to draw attention to themselves or the ire of those poor sending remittances home.

  17. I think things will increasingly get to the point that our “public servants” will have to be, let us say, demographically challenged, before things begin to improve.

    • I suspect you are correct. The muzzies can murder as many of us as they like and our rulers will do nothing. At some point, some of our team will clue the muzzies in on how to hit the ruling class and then things get interesting.

      • Yes. The final revolution is when the muslims and the native western stock realize they have the same enemy.

      • That’s exactly what happened with the IRA: they were content with a “low level of violence” in order to avoid a civil war, i.e. us oiks being killed. That changed when the politicians started being targetted.

        • Were I an exploding Mohammed, my primary target would be the Neocons at National Review, American Enterprise Institute, etc.It is astonishing how readily people forget the creation and slaughter of “white extremists” during the Clinton regime and who then ceased to exist .

      • I’m shocked that one of those terrorists hasn’t already figured out how lax security is at private airports. It would not be all that difficult to commandeer a fairly large private jet.

  18. Haven’t seen much of that around here. On rare occasions you might see three or four garbage bags roaming up and down the aisles.

    Of course it’s still early in the game. Boston and satellite cities could definitely be overrun just like other areas of the country.

    Not sure what kind of conflict could ensue. People have been predicting a war with the blacks and Hispanics but they seem to have an uneasy truce at least for the moment.

    One thing’s for sure if the Moose limbs pull any of their crap in the ghetto there will be some swift street justice.

    Then there will be a call to move them out to the suburbs. Once we start to see the killings that go on in England, France and Germany will be interesting to see if America will finally pull its head out of its ass and get rid of this human plague .

  19. Muslims imported by Donald Trump…. Zman, I can spot a trigger from a mile away. That’s Scott Adams persuasion stuff. I cannot for the life of me figure out what your point is, except to trigger folks.

    Just because Trump is surrounded by globalists who wish to import the world to destabilize America, doesn’t mean he’s doing jack squat. Let’s see where we’re at in 8 years. I’m gonna say, we’ll be in a much better position regarding visas and refugees, etc. But hey, if you gotta dig on Trump , whatever… it’s in the water evidently.

    • Trump can halt the so-called refugee program if he wants. He could put the brakes on Muslim migration too, despite the jerk-offs on the bench trying to stop him. He could simply require that all visa applications be sign by him. No court could touch him.

      Look. Trump is merely an instrument. I have no emotional commitment to him. He is only as valuable as he is useful. So far, on the issues that matter, he is proving to be useless.

      • The Saudis pull out all the stops on Trump’s trip to the ME, and now he starts talking the “no true Muslim” theme and the State Dept. swings the door wide open for “refugees”. So who got to Trump and how?

        • I think the most likely answer is that Trump is easily flattered. In politics, that is not a great quality.

          • Obviously easily offended, Trump is likely easily flattered as well. That was my thinking. Interesting how Trump was surrounded by Saudis carrying swords and sidearms during parts of his visit.

      • Trump has sided with the Sunnis against the Shiites. This is pretty obvious. He surely had to give something up to get such an ostentatiously “warm” reception from the Saudis (an obvious signal to the Muslim world) as well as their overt and covert help against Iran. Obama did the reverse as he saw Iran as the best way of of neutralizing if not annihilating Israel, who he hates. I trust Trump’s motives much more than I do/did Obama’s. I don’t trust the Saudis nor anyone in the ME and Trump probably doesn’t either. At least I hope he doesn’t. That said, this business of choosing sides is ingrained in humans: in politics, international affairs and life. We often choose wrong, but we do choose.

        • Just where the hell do you mindless fuck-wits get the idea that Iran will annihilate Israel?

          If only it were true.

          • Ha ha ha, they couldn’t even take down Iraqi forces in ten years of war on their next door neighbor! Ha ha ha. Dey be so bad!

      • Politicians could also propose something along the lines of the 1924 Johnson-Reed Immigration Act, which banned immigrants from specific regions of the world deemed troublesome to the country. It bothers me that with all the discussions around this topic, few pundits have brought this up. It imposed quotas on Italians, Japanese, and Chinese, for starters.

        • The difference between the Congress passing a law and the President issuing an edict is what the court is being asked to decide. Congress routinely delegates its authority to the Executive and this is one example. The Executive gets to set the rules for entry. The Court is now saying he is disqualified from exercising this power due to past statements they interpret as bigoted. The most recent ruling says the Court’s undefined and mystical understanding the Equal Protection Clause applied to foreigners demanding entry.

          The Court is leading us down the road to lunacy, in which our Constitution prohibits us from keeping foreigners out of the country. That’s an untenable paradox, which is probably why the SCOTUS will have to settle it.

          • Somewhat like the voting rights act. If you create “majority-minority” districts you are unconstitutional. If you don’t create a district that the minorities can win your are unconstitutional. I suppose North Carolina was overstuffing their sausages.

      • I’m not surprised, My assumption is that Trump was there to maybe try and stabilize the economy so his family business of shady real estate deals and middle to high end hotels and casinos could continue for a while longer

        Despite big words, a betrayal was almost certainly inevitable and expected

        Still that buying time lets the rest of us stock up on ammo and supplies for the fun times and the long overdo end of the union.

        And no it ca’t be salvaged except under fairly extreme circumstances, functionally elimination of the old order and an .Alt Right despotism capable of forced homogeneity , pre 65 demographics, and end to leftism and an economy that encourages long term work for men

        Unless there is some hidden pool of colonels , we can’t have a circulation of the elite so we are left with implosion.

        Trump likely true purpose is to give hope than to yank it away which allows the energy needed for change, an anent of Chaos or Kek if you feel like it.

        I think in some ways the elite know this which is why they hate him. They’ve always know it, hence his appearances as President on the Simpson’s

        He is one of the horsemen of the end of the nation

        All that rambling aside, I’ give him a year maybe two before i fully judge. He needs to have secure footing which he doesn’t have if, big if he wants to try and fix anything substantive without being Kennedy’d or Nixon’d

  20. Throw in the clannishness of the Muslims being imported by Donald Trump,

    Burka = non person hood?

    But you mean this group arrived AFTER 1/21, or better yet later?
    It is just as disingenuous to blame Trump for the status quo after 8 years of Obama as when CNN MSNBC does it.
    I think the State Department needs to be drained ASAP, but the mid level bureaucrats still have power to do their mischief.

    In any case, the dynamic will be interesting. Someone should hack and disable Western Union (I was thinking EBT cards, but that should be second).

    • Better yet, a 10% haircut for all anonymous foreign transfers. _Thats_ how you get Mexico to pay for the wall.

    • Meaningless comments such as this can be placed in the scrapbook of America’s history next to those sardonic questions like “Where where you when the country died?”

      Your answer: “Oh, I was busy making excuses for elected officials and fantasizing about ‘hacking’.”

      POTUS worship started very early in our nation’s history. Political parties only added to the fervor. Witnessing first hand the cults following Reagan and every chief after killed any hope boomers would demand accountability. The blind-eye many of you stubbornly cast on Trump’s poor choices simply adds another chapter to a book one step closer to its end.

  21. Z Man;
    Interesting observation about the potential Black Matriarchy vs. Muslim Patriarchy conflict. AFAIK, Black Muslims are predominantly males converted in prison. I’d guess that part of their motivation is rejection of female domination. Females of all races have the powers of the state on their side and at their summons in cases of male-female conflict. You would know better than I how far the writ of the state runs in the ghetto but my sense is that it’s none too far. So, who wins_?

    It’s easy to see that if the contest is 1-on-1 physical conflict, the male wins until the state steps in. Then, usually the male loses and life goes on as before. But what if your baby-daddy comes back cleaned up but demands you become one of the black blobs *and* is able to marshal some of the juice of the Moslem Brotherhood law-fare wedge_?

    • >what if your baby-daddy comes back cleaned up but demands you become one of the black blobs

      Most women prefer a man who’s willing to be a man to breeding drones.

      Of course, it’s a question of how much a man raised with no father by a mother on welfare/government job, with guys marching in and out of the bedroom, is able to transform himself in accordance with the Muslim idea of manhood, and of how much a woman raised in the same environment is able to change to accommodate.

      As far as I know from reading Umar Lee’s blog comments back in the day, the black Muslim convert community is trying to figure out how to deal with black pathologies and Muslim ones at the same time.

      • >what if your baby-daddy comes back cleaned up but demands you become one of the black blobs

        Just having your baby-daddy come back is unusual enough. If he got him a J-O-B and be wanting to stay around and support you, you gone do what he say. Expecially if he be acting all strong and about god and everythang, and not running around wit otha ho’s like he done before.

  22. The other thing is, Western politicians are “All in” on Islam. I think it was Daniel Greenfield who made this point, but for Western politicians to repent about the millions of Muslims imported to the West is impossible. No one in the managerial class can repent of a peccadillo, much less of an error so large as to destroy an entire civilization. No! Much better to go ‘all in’ on the problem rather than turn about. You see this on shows like “HOmeland” where there’s an American who turns Turk but he ‘misunderstands’ Islam and goes on a violent jihad. He is portrayed against ‘peaceful’ Muslims who tell him he isn’t a true Muslim (despite Mohammed’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in his Medinan period). You also see it in movies like “Zero Dark Thirty” where a big-fish intelligence bureaucrat is interrupted while banging his head towards Mecca and the bureaucrat interrupting his salat kicks around a few surahs with him.

    This attitude seems to pervade the whole managerial class. I knew a manager whose friend was killed in a jihad attack on a US armed forces recruiting station in Tennessee, of all places. Xe still can’t bring ximself to say anything critical about Islam nor doubt that we should have unlimited Muslim immigration.

    When you think about it, if the US government of the early 20th century had the same attitude it has today, we’d have let zero Armenian refugees in. They all would’ve died at the hands of the Turk just as we’re letting Daesh massacre all of the Near Eastern Christians today.

    • Do you know what the deal was besides selling a bunch of military stuff? Trump is no fool and he knows who the Saudi’s are. I give him the benefit of the doubt having done big business in NYC and having to deal with the mob, unions, and other elements like city inspectors. And that is just in NY. He has had business relationships around the world with many kinds of people. So what may appear to be “rotten” is only what we see. We don’t know the rest of his plan or how it will unfold. Give him a chance.

      I think you would agree that he has done a far sight better than Obozo bowing to others, apologizing around the world and sending all kinds of money to the Muslim Brotherhood which should be labeled a Terrorist Organization along with CAIR.

      Also, I am glad he is pissing off people like Merkel by saying things she doesn’t like. I say “Tough titties!” Suck it up Buttercup! There’s a new Sheriff in town and no more pansy ass, limp wristed, girl bike riding poser as head of the US.

      • I’m glad he’s pissing off Barreness Merkel and Macron (isn’t that some kind of cookie?). Really, truly I am. Brings a smile to my face every time.

        Past results are no guarantee of future performance, but it seems that every time the U.S goes into the negotiating room with the Saudis, we come out with a lot of obligations on our part and a lot of shaky promises from them. There are two reasons for that:

        1. The Saudis always lie.

        2. SA is a feudal state. King “promises” to do something. And that affects Prince Haidar bin Salami’s ability to ship $100M’s of Petro Dollars to Salifi scumbags approximately 0%.

        I dunno. Maybe if we get them to buy a few $100B of military stuff, that reduces Haidar’s ability to send a few $100M on Wahabi masjids and suicide bombers. Plus I’m all for keeping the Saudis in the fight with the Shia. I hope they really both do lose this time.

        • The thing that came to my attention during Trumps visit to “The Kingdom” was how the Saudi’s have apparently changed their approach to Wahhabi-ism since it has turned on them and is threatening their monarchy, i.e. bite them in the ass. So how is that for keeping faith with the Koran and walking the talk?

          Regardless of the KSA, the entire region is threatened by radical Islam as well as the west and as is well know, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” So if they spend their oil money to buy our weapons, so be it. To fight these idiots, they don’t need the latest and greatest technology, just lots of it. Good for American jobs and profits. But it better be hard cash, not credit and I am sure Trump knows better on that score.

  23. I suspect politicians of these decaying metropolises are more than willing to accept garbage bags because cities get a certain amount of federal reimbursement depending on their size. Foseti is another flea on the dog, but as a government employee, he’s useful to explain to us in Dirtsville how the federal government works. If municipalities can’t keep people, they can’t get the government money.

    The liberal Protestant churches and Catholics have colluded in a weird way for government cash as well. In most cities, the WASPs and ethnic white Catholics have all fled the city leaving declining tithing for the local liberal Protestant churches and CAtholic parishes. The remaining congregants are dying of old age. Where to get money? The Federal government, of course! Let’s become a refugee resetllement organization! I bet this is how parts of Michigan were turned into the Middle East. Rather than stop the underlying cause of white flight (black violence), it was better to import an entirely new population. The politicians agree for other reasons.

    Now the poltiicians are trying to whip us all back into the city with gasoline taxes, bad/immigrant-clogged roads, and SEction 8ers in the suburbs. WE THE PEOPLE (actual Americans) seem to be wise to it this time

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