Barren Cat Lady

The above is the speech from British Prime Minister Barren Cat Lady after the latest attack by Muslims in Britain. Like all modern political speeches, hers was vapid and stupid in ways that suggest the people who wrote it, and the Prime Minister herself, are suffering from brain damage. The best part of the speech was the airy and frivolous platitudes about the true nature of Islam. Funny how our pols are now all experts on Islam.

It is only five minutes long, but it is tough to take so I’ll cover the key points for you. Barren Cat Lady wants everyone to know that the people responsible for importing millions of hyper-violent savages into Britain are on top of things. That’s something you never hear addressed in public by the pols of any party or the so-called news reporters allegedly charged with grilling them. No one ever asks, “why did you import these strangers into our lands?” It’s treated as if it just magically happened like a freak storm or earth quake.

Of course, someone could start asking these questions, so the Barren Cat Lady promised to ramp up policing of the Internet. No kidding. That was her first big proposal. She wants the British government to further stamp out speech on-line and she wants other countries to stamp out free expression in their countries as well. When your first response to an attack by foreign invaders is to crack down on your own citizens, it is not unreasonable to wonder who Barren Cat Lady is blaming for these attacks.

After she promise to crack down on the Internet, as if it is a thing with agency of its own, she makes noises about properly worshiping the gods of the new religion. She provides an example by informing us that the Muslims doing this are not practicing real Islam. That despite what all the Imams say and their holy books instruct, the real Islam is this wonderful thing that is going to be great for Britain. Even though the corpses are piling up, what’s important is that you don’t notice that all the perpetrators are Muslims.

Humorously, she then declares this mysterious, perverted version of Islam, that looks like all the other versions of Islam, is the great challenge of our time. She then goes on to say that “British values” of pluralistic tolerance are superior to anything offered by the preachers of hate. Well, we will find out soon enough. So far, the British people have not been able to rouse themselves from their drunken degeneracy to do anything about this challenge. The scoreboard says the Muslims are winning in a blowout, pun intended.

Probably the most laugh out loud line in the sermon, and yes, this was a sermon, was when Barren Cat Lady said that “we have to be less tolerant of extremism. And yes, that could mean some embarrassing and difficult conversations.” Embarrassing for whom is never mentioned, but we know. The reason we know is after the last Muslim attack, the one last week, the Brits went around arresting white people for saying mean things about Muslims on Faceberg. Being arrested is embarrassing, even when you’re innocent.

What was revealed by this speech is that outside of the public eye, the people in charge of Britain have no emotional or moral attachment to the British people. As far as they are concerned, the people are just a burden, whether it is the hyper-violent oogily-boogily people that arrive over the channel or the native Brits. Barren Cat Lady sees no difference between a Muslim from Pakistan and an Episcopalian for York. She just sees grasping hands demanding her time when she would much rather be elsewhere.

Prior to watching this speech, I figured that this event would get the sane Brits out to vote next week for the Tories. Labour is led by a deranged lunatic who should probably be locked away in an institution. No matter how bad the Tories have been, incompetent is better than radically deranged. Watching Barren Cat Lady, I think I’d be switching my vote and going with the black pill candidate, Burn it down. The only hope is to wipe out the people who put Barren Cat Lady in charge and then have the final battle with the crazies.

This is the same problem we face in the US. Instead of Barren Cat Lady, we have faggots fools¹ like Caitlyn Graham and Paul Ryan supposedly leading the charge against the nihilistic death cult called the American Left. Trump is the black pill, which is why so many of us voted for him, despite what it most likely meant. The only way the West has any chance of defeating the demographic and ideological challenges facing it is to first hang all of the people currently in charge. Then new leaders can emerge to lead the fight.

¹ It has been brought to my attention that otherwise respectable and sensible gay males will use the term “faggot” as insider language and they would take offense at my use of it here. In short, I was unintentionally insulting faggots by calling Paul Ryan and Caitlyn Graham that name. My sincere apology to all the faggots in the reading audience.

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  2. About deportation in the UK- happens every weekday.
    Monday is Baghdad, Tuesday is Islamabad, Wednesday is Mogadishu, etc.

    The deportation officers are considered private contractors even though they are directly employed by the British Immigration ministry.
    Keeps Government involvement very quiet.

    They are not allowed weapons, and have no protection as Government personnel if stranded in a foreign airport. (The engines failed one time in Pakistan- forty unarmed Englishmen were left standing under a tree for six hours til repairs, surrounded by a million hostile eyes and far, far from home.)

    The former officer told me to imagine a typical stop in Mogadishu- you step off the plane, to be greeted by 50 nine-year-olds in uniform, waving AK-47s around and high as kites from chewing khat all morning.

    Wait til the Muslim baby boom grows up…

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  4. Perhaps she is not being insane (in the sense you mean it). Perhaps she is intentionally trying to destroy her country and it’s people. And Merkel certainly seems to be doing the same thing in Germany.

    What strikes me as odd is that the citizenry of these countries seems to be OK with that course of action. If that is indeed the case, then the species will likely be better off without them in the gene pool. I am not at all sure that you can still find a single swinging pair anywhere on the European continent.

  5. The problem with calling the PM “Barren Cat Lady” is that readers might easily confuse her with the most destructive woman on the planet, Chancellor Frau Merkel. May is a conflict averse liberal, unlike the late, great Maggie T. Merkel is a woman of great discipline whose late life surge of maternal generosity happened to be directed at 5 million Muslim men of fighting age. Or she was a subversive Soviet plant. Either way, her East German youth left its mark.

    • Our old Austrian chancellor was right man for this job once upon a time. Unfortunately he rounded up the wrong people. Keep in mind almost none of the European leaders have children. It’s why they don’t care about the future of Europe. .

  6. “As for my people, children* are their oppressors, and women* rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” Isaiah 3:12

    *Children= Mentally stunted Islamic radical terrorists
    *Women= Barren Cat Lady

  7. What can May do really? The UK has the medical equivalent of stage 4 cancer. There is no cure at this point. Never has a society expelled such a significant percentage of it’s population successfully. And the people running the show have no stomach for even much lesser steps, like halting immigration. At this point it’s a slow ride to the bottom. Her only option is what she is doing, shovel the BS, continue on the path to disaster, and continue to draw a large government paycheck.

  8. I apologize in advance for the length of my preceding comment. I have tired of the apologetics of my former colleagues in the field.

  9. “…that the Muslims doing this are not practicing real Islam. That despite what all the Imams say and their holy books instruct, the real Islam is this wonderful thing that is going to be great for Britain.”
    In what must be one of the great ironies of history, the great Progressive palliative of education has played a significant part in the rise of radical Islam. Traditional culture and the rhthym of village life informed most muslim’s understanding of Islam until the post-war period. The spread of literacy and greater access to the Quran both in its original Arabic and translation allowed nominal or merely cultural Muslims to read the actual scripture. This has reduced today’s much balleyhooed moderate Muslim to the awkward sophistry of omission: shunting aside without reflection large parts of the Quran and Hadith to retain a faith in name that cannot be reconciled with a world that is very different from that of its founding texts.
    The text is immutable and eternal, the literal word of God, and says so itself in a self-serving tautology which its adherents point to as proof of its superiority to the apocryphal Gospel, the stories of Jesus as recounted by mere mortals, transcribed by man, and mutated in translation. No; the Quran was descended from the skies, in its original language – a language that is no more difficult for an educated Arab to read than is Shakespeare for yesterday’s high school student. It is a trap: Muslims today can be modern only through willful omission, no amount of interpretation can relieve them of its most insidious exhortations.
    Something that renowned Islamic scholars such as Ms. May and Messrs. Bush, Blair, Kerry, et al, should consider. I’m afraid that my views comport uncomfortably well with those of the learned Islamic clericy (ulama), including those of the “moderates” at Al Azhar university in Cairo.
    What does the future hold? Quietly ask a secular or moderate Muslims if a Qardawi, a Zahrani or Bin Laden is a better muslim than he. When posed unagressively and in confidence, in thirty years of study and residence in the Middle East I have never heard a no.

  10. Well, has the threat level in London been raised to Flower, Candle, or Teddy Bear-
    Or are we talking a full Katy Perry this time?

  11. Good Lady May might benefit from reading Sir Winston Churchill’s first-person account of service in Sudan in 1898, “The River War”. His commentary on mohammedism is dead solid perfect. I have no doubt he would be absolutely appalled at what Great Britain’s “leaders” have allowed to happen to their country.
    That’s assuming his book is even allowed to be printed anymore.

  12. This is not anything new — the Cathars rejected the material world, called Muslims their friends, forbade sex, castrated the males, embraced suicide, deplored even farmyard animals reproducing, as they held the Devil made the material world and God and Jesus belonged wholly to the spiritual one; denying the Triune nature of God and Jesus. The Children’s Crusade was at the time known as a corrupt enslaving disaster destined to hive off much of Europe’s children to Islamic slavery.

    Simply put, there is a significant cost in HBD terms of White adaptation to civilization, high trust, high dutifulness, high intelligence can lead to catastrophic desires to burn down the current material world and tradition in favor of some utopia to come; and that is present among similar situated Asian populations as well: the Cultural Revolution, the Taipeng Rebellion that killed 60 million with muzzle loading muskets. All triggered by manifest corruption: the Church with the Albigensian Heretics, the Chinese managerial class with both the Taipeng Rebellion and Cultural Revolution.

    There is a reason we are led in the West by Cat Ladies and Gay-Boys: Ireland’s new PM is gay and an immigrant (he’s not Irish, that’s for sure); Macron, Trudeau, etc. And its the same reason we are importing lots and lots of Muslim. The standard argument is Aristotelian — circles rotating within circles about the Earth instead of irregular orbits which is simpler and correct. Somehow Jews seek to find advantage in … turning the UK and French nuclear arsenals over to Jihad as well as those nations being rapidly “Judenrein” something even the Furher could not do completely.

    Or its just women divorced from needing the White beta male have decided to import the most low IQ dominant men they could find. As the pill and condom have made the White Western advantage — White men would do ANYTHING of their own free will to protect their nuclear family formed in turn of the mostly free choice of women to find the best man who’d stick around before it was too late. In contrast to the Big Man societies of Muslim and African and pre-Columbian American civilizations. The simplest and best explanation would assume that since women are no longer making early choices in their mates which were essentially irrevocable and thus caused great satisfaction (few wish to admit a mistake that cannot be undone); but instead are playing the field and dissatisfied with a male stock EVOLVED for dutiful beta male provisioning and reassurance instead of sexy dominance, well they turned into the Manson family.

    If you think of Theresa May, John McCain, Lindsay Grahamnesty, and Mutti Merkel as Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, Tex Watson cloned, and Sara Jane Moore you would not be far wrong. Duh women make excuses for murderers as long as said killers are “dominant” and sufficiently cruel. Heck Islamic Immavasion and domination is GOOD for White women, they can have a chance to trade up. Women under Vichy had a great time with the Occupiers and the men … not so much as forced slave labor for most.

    We have Trump because there are still White men who induce fear and thus desire among women … various military vets who credibly killed someone, motorcycle club members, etc. Europe has what exactly on offer from their native men to compete with Mohammed Mohammed and his murder club?

    All that said, May is preferable to Corbyn as May will follow the status quo and Corbyn will flood Britain in a few months with fifty million Muslims and Africans and lead a war of extermination against Whites like a Children’s Crusade or Albigensians or Heaven’s Gate on steroids. There is no zero zilch nada hope for recovery of White nations, but there is hope for White survival. Thus May over Corbyn.

  13. I started listening but couldn’t bear it any longer after the first “this is not true Islam” or some variant of that. I didn’t like her before, being a libertarian (ooh, controversial) and this hasn’t helped. I’m starting to think that maybe I should vote for somebody else. Hard to see a government of any colour going back on Brexit, and I don’t think she would mess it up any less badly than the competition.

  14. Of course off to the side ther awaits Barmy Prince Charlie, who has been seen wrapped in the Muslim robes of his would-be subjects. God save the Queen a bit longer please.

  15. anyone who is flustered by a little rough language, is guaranteed to turn on you when the heat is on. better to flush them out now, and know where you really stand. there is no shortage of hand wringers and “cautious voices”; and 0 need or use for them. they are really on the other side, no matter what else they say or do. this was always going to be a war fought in the streets…

  16. May–“It will only be defeated when we turn people’s minds away from this violence and make them understand that our values…..” blah blah. They understand your values perfectly. That is exactly the problem.

  17. May translated:

    “The problem that can’t be acknowledged as a problem really isn’t a problem and won’t be addressed by any means that might prove effective because that would mean we’ve acknowledged the problem as a problem, and because the actions themselves would actually cause a worse problem, and we can’t have that.”

    These people have a death wish, theirs and ours. Something they share in common with the savages that they go to such great lengths to mollify, excuse and protect, no matter how frequently the mangled flesh and pools of blood decorate their streets.

    • Not until they share in the butcher’s bill.
      “Pull up the drawbridge, you fools!”

  18. We’re seeing the deliberate creation of an Overseer class.
    This us a setup to create the EU Army, along with a domestic department of Virtue enforcers.
    Both will be Muslim dominant.

    Sharia banking for the elites- 0% interest (“no usury”) will rest on an interest rentier backbone of “public” investment, like sharia-friendly banking does today.

    People will be forced to claw and compete for the privileges and protections of the Overseer class. Internal jizya will be the new meritocracy.

    This is why I’ve been such a boorish Johnny One-note, an outlier to our common Narratives. This fits a very old template, a demographic strategy that works very, very well.

    The Owner class, at long last, will rule.
    Islam will be their buffer.
    Civilization will once again collapse, and the Culling of the livestock- a Tribulation- will begin.

    We may yet live to see this, in the next generation. The whites almost escaped to space.

    How fortunate are we! Times dreamed of!
    To see both a man on the moon, and then to see the Fall!

    • Forgive me, I think ‘Islamic-friendly socialism’ or may be a more accurate term- more… flexible.

      A new term will certainly come in vogue, as did ‘Progressive’.
      ‘Democracy’ or ‘Democratic’, perhaps?

        • And women, ever eager to oppress each other, will make burkhas the new virtue signalling. Expect even more institutional support of mudsharking.

    • What are other examples of the application of such a template — a ruling class using an alien population as a “buffer” against the lower strata of its own people?

      • Good question- the same class forms domestically within populations too, doesn’t it?
        But aliens are already isolate, unsympathetic, banding together to get and hold what they can.

  19. I watched May’s speech on television. When she got to the part about the need to have a “difficult and embarrassing conversation,” I laughed out loud. I knew at that moment that England was doomed.

    • It really was one of those unintended revelatory moments. I suppose all of us and most normal people knew all along that the people in charge are frightened to death by the rules of their own religion. What we saw was that the ruling class is now so divorced from reality that they think the rest of us will be scandalized by the truth.

      It reminds me a bit of what college presidents say about the lack of black coaches and athletic directors. They tip-toe around it because they think the fans would revolt if their alma mater hired a black guy. In realty, the fans don’t care in the least. The people in charge are simply living in an alternative universe.

      • The really diabolical aspect of this performance is that May was the Home Minister before becoming PM following the Brexit vote, IIRC. That means she was _in charge_ of the internal security of the UK. These cells were created and metastasized _on her watch_!

        Unlike Cameron following his losing the Brexit vote, no resigning on principle for her_! Then hatred would have won.

    • Mark Steyn made a trenchant response to that “embarrassing conversation” remark. He merely observed, “embarrassing for whom?”

  20. “Are they stupid or evil?” has been a debate for years. I’ve been leaning towards “evil” for a while and your breakdown of May’s speech has me leaning even farther that way.

    (Anyone who hears this speech and believes it still falls into the “useful idiot” category)

    • incompetent is the word i would use. her government is making a mess of pretty much everything they do from brexit negotiations to running a idiotic campaign hillary style. no wonder they cannot cope with the islamists (who most likely were on gov payroll in the past).

  21. Come on, Z; if we would just sing Kumbayah a little louder and slower, the Mohammedans MUST understand! You and your extremest readers just don’t emote enough!

    • It really has become a cargo cult. They think that by chanting these incantations enough, things will magically return to the heady days of their youth when multiculturalism meant cool kebab stands just off campus.

      • This is really the crux of it. Baby Boomer bureaucrats remember traveling to Muslim countries before the Saudis used their money to reform world-wide Islam to be more in line with Mohammed’s teachings. Also, back then, more Muslims remembered how Westerners went more than a little crazy in WWI and WWII and were really efficient killers, so these bureaucrats would be coddled when they traveled.

        THat is all water under the bridge, but the Boomers aren’t dead yet so we can’t move on from the tyranny of their antiquated and suicidal worldview.

        Across the street from me, some aging hippies have “art” on their wall of a woman in a hijab made of an American flag with a banal caption of how ‘hate’ won’t divide ‘We the People.’ Who is ‘We’ the people anymore? Them? Me? They also have pictures up of Mandela, Ghandi, and a bunch of other brown people. Boomers have never been asked to form a coherent worldview and grew up in the safety created by the savagery of their parents. These are the types of people you don’t want at the wheel.

  22. Great article.
    The time for a slow orderly expulsion of the barbarians is past.

    All that’s left now is we either submit, expel them, or die trying.

    • I only know of one fully successful expulsion (Spanish), one almost fully successful (Balkans), and one half-successful thus far (Israel) — all three cases involve securing a small territory and then expanding from it. (There may be lots of examples that I just don’t know about, in which it has worked differently — I’d like to hear about them from people who know.)

      • • Sicily by the Normans in the 1200s (successful)
        • If you don’t count Greece as part of the Balkans, there’s that one, too
        • The half successful expulsion during the Indian partition (unfortunately, the number of Hindus cleansed from the (H)indus river basin is virtually 100%)
        • Failed attempts by Crusaders in the Near East
        • Failed attempt by the Greeks in 1922-23 to seize the Ionian coast (Southern Turkey). Resulted in ethnic cleansing of Ionian Greeks by Kemal Attaturk. Follow up: In one of his first of many acts to win the mob, Nasser cleanses the Alexandrian Greeks, even before he went after the Jew.

        So far, not looking so good for the home team.

      • You forget the numerous ethnic cleansing of E Europe in 1945 where any ethic foreigners in the various nations there (looking at you Czech Republic), mostly Germans, were run out or killed. Of course, it helps a lot having a 10 mil strong Red Army at your back. Don’t know where or how you’d conjure something like that up these days in the UK, for example. So maybe not a relevant example.

        • I was trying to stick to the Muslim ones, Al. I’ll add the Russians in the Crimea. There are still a few Crimean Tartars around but not many and the ethnic Russian there are still very loyal to the Rodina, as recent events have shown. I’ve read in one book that the Kairite Jews led an anti-Islamic revolt in Egypt in medieval times. I can’t find a reference to it after a quick google search. Which doesn’t surprise me. Mainstream Ashkenazi and Shephardic Judaism can’t stand them, contend that they are extinct (there are Egyptian Kairite synagogues extant in the US), and tend to leave them out of the histories.

  23. Instead of Barren Cat Lady, we have faggots like Caitlyn Graham and Paul Ryan

    I’ve noticed that over at Gab you talk less moderately than you do here. I think the Gab-talk is creeping over. Not that I mind, but given the numbers of overall readers you get here, you may want to tone it down so as not to épater les bourgeois. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve decided that the Death Cult needs to be dealt with by all available means, even if that means messing up the crease in our pants.

    Myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all hopeless. We’ll get “rivers of blood” all right. But the blood will be ours.

    • Funny you should mention it. When I wrote that line, I had the same thought. I’ve been treating Gab as sort of a locker room space where I can just let it fly without considering who may be listening. It is the most causal of internet discourse. In the real world, it is easier to maintain a barrier between the locker room you, the public you, the work you, the family you, etc. There are endless visual reminders and plenty of people to gasp when you forget where you are.

      On-line, that does not exist so it is easier to forget where you are. I’ve been thinking that the better course is to just maintain an Internet voice across all platforms. That way, you don’t insert locker room language where it does not belong.

      That said, I really hate Paul Ryan and Caitlyn Graham. My only regret is there is not a nastier word for them than “faggot” that I can use.

      • Well Z, if you really need some nastier suggestions, I have a few for you that might fit the bill. Especially for that pair. BTW – you left out Caitlyns partner-in-crimes, McLame. But I will use discretion for the sake of your readers.

      • Yeah, I don’t disagree with the feeling about those people. They certainly deserve to be called out. That John Rivers person you interact with on Gab definitely uses rather “evocative” language. I guess it boils down to who you plan on addressing and what you aim to get out of it.

        If you ( =’one’) just want to rant against current circumstances, there’s no harm in using strong language, particularly if you just want to preach to the choir. On the other hand, if you want to talk some sense into the “normies”, it’s probably better not to use language that will simply repel most listeners before they actually get to hear the message.

        And is “faggot” really worse than, say, “mother fucker”?

        • John Rivers social media game should be viewed as comedy first, and serious commentary second. It’s a way to mock the prevailing orthodoxy and the PC scolds. I’m fairly convinced that this was instrumental in getting Trump elected. Lots of these guys were on twitter using “evocative” language to move the Overton Window. I think Ricky Vaughn moved more votes to Trump than any of Trump’s ads.

          I was just talking to a woman who told me pretty much the same thing you are saying. She says she likes sending my posts around to friends because they work on the normies. I’ve never thought much about *who* actually reads this blog and what they do with my posts. As much fun as it is to mix it up social media, I’m probably doing more good sticking to a form that is more accessible to normies. We all have our role to play and all that.

          As far as “faggot” versus “mother fucker” I’m not sure. If someone called me a faggot, I’d want to punch them in the nose. If they called me a mother fucker, I suppose it would depend on the context. Regardless, I never use these words in daily life. I tend not use coarse language when in conversation, even when hanging with the fellas.

          • Well, here’s my advice, for what it’s worth.

            John Rivers and the boys on 4chan can make all the fun they want of PC memes with their praise of der Fuhrer and green frogs and whatnot, and I’m sure there’s scope for that.

            Your task is to try and make the normies “woke” by writing essays that conveys the “alt-right” (or whatever) views on what ails our current society and politics in a way that’s pithy, funny and biting. You make Sailer thoughts amenable to regular people in a immediate and engaging way. It makes them think, and perhaps allows them to realize how absurd the idiocy that the “elites” are peddling these days is. (I sort of think most people have a general sense of this, but the ongoing propaganda has made it difficult for them to recognize and express the extent to which they’ve been sold a bill of goods.)

            So, stick to your last (as they say) and keep aiming for the “general” audience. You’re really doing a service that way. And that means steering clear of needless provocation. God knows what you say is hard enough for most people to take in without the “bad” words!

            YMMV, of course.

          • I think you are right. I started this blog for my own amusement, but it has turned into something else. I’m still getting used to the idea of having an audience.

            I’m feeling like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he saw is name in the phone book.

      • There was a more civilized time, possibly back in the gay nineties, when to light a fire you employed a bundle of faggots, and a fellow with the urge might ask to bum a fag. Now the fag is up your bum, so you gotta check your language in these post-civilized times and be niggardly with the linguistic exuberance. Forward.

      • My, you gentlemen sure are posh, feeling the need to exorcise the word “faggot” from a blog posting. I am afraid this poor old grandmother would never be quite up to snuff with the likes of you all, what with all my years working in the import business, dealing strictly with men in factories. I tend to speak like a cross between a dictator and a long shore man. It’s really very charming, though, I have a heavy Southern accent. 😉

  24. Thank you for interpreting Ms. May’s comments. I would not have listened to her, just as I did not listen to a retard (Al Gore) talking about climate change on Fox News Sunday today. What could either of those people say that would be worth hearing? All one gets from some people are platitudes and/or absurdities, because they actually don’t know what they are talking about. Al Gore on climate? What could he possibly know?

  25. “What was revealed by this speech is that outside of the public eye, the people in charge of Britain have no emotional or moral attachment to the British people.”

    This is something I became aware in the last couple of months, the “Western” elite has no love for its people, Brexit and Trump were a accident for them in their grand design.

  26. This is a Christian society and Christianity underpins our culture and our way of life. Given how successful that way of life has been, I don’t understand why these elites are so hell bent on introducing alien cultures to our countries.

    • Ask the Jews who control all media and international banking. They HATE Christians and are 100% anti-Christ. Synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews but are not and DO LIE! Jesus wasn’t mincing words because He told the truth about those filthy subversives and their even filthier Talmud. They will stop at nothing until they rule the world.

      • pretty sure the rev jim was making with the humour there 😀 see, jim jones conned 900 negroes into drinking cyanide, but posting here is what will blacken (pun unavoidable) his “good” name.

  27. So, “pluralistic tolerance” is superior, but shut up with your opinions or you end up reading, in gaol. Okay then, Barren Cat Lady.

    Last night, on the dreadful Fox channel, the beknighted Mark Steyn made his usual good sense, talking to a “Judge Jeanine.” However, afterwards the squawky woman talked to some former FBI director and at one point a startling phrase passed her mouth. Responding to some call for greater action from law enforcement, she crawed out “How can we do this in a free society?”

    Free society? What? What planet does she call home? Where is this free society when you can be *jailed* in the U.K. for saying Muslims are barbarians that don’t belong here? You may not like that but you neither are free to say it. What free society when London is the most heavily surveilled, camera-ridden city on the map, when you can’t board a plane or enter a museum without body searches, when you can be arrested for taking photos in an underground station, when your daughter can’t leave her Rotherham preschool without fear of being sodomized by vibrant neighbors, *and* the police ignore it if she is? What free society when the penalties for defending yourself routinely outweigh the consequences for an assailant? What free society when, if you so much as tweet you don’t appreciate your old neighborhood being overrun by women in body bags and surly men in knit caps scowling at you on the street, then the results are you get fired and the disarmed bobbies boot you into a van for prolonged questioning?

    I agree with a waggish Zman tweet. I’m rooting for the Muzzies too; they want it more.

    • While I agree that Britain is much further along in the Orwellian vision, the U.S. is not that far behind. I cringe many times when I hear the same platitudes on FOX News. The Flag, Mom and Apple Pie! Yessiree! Meanwhile, our politics, culture, and society stinks from a decay which is both intentional on account of the Left, and the result of neglect by regular America, even those who call themselves Deplorables or flyover country.

      And I include myself. When I was in my prime years working long hours in high tech, life outside Silicon Valley was of little concern and now I am seeing the result of that neglect. Maybe that is natural as one gets busy with work, family, home, etc. but the results are predictable. The infestation by louses goes on unnoticed until the foundation begins crumbling and then everyone starts saying “What happened?”

      Well, time to shore things up but few are willing to take the necessary measures to even define the problem as if ignoring it further will make it go away. Many of us never learn. But for the grace of God, some of us do, and now we have PDJT fighting for our country.

      Thanks for all of your comments and to Zman for his postings. With this discussion, I know I am on semi-firm ground in my understanding of things in my view and can take actions to support the correction in ways that I can.

      • Did she use her “panties as the “white flag” she was waving? I thought the French were the surrender monkeys.

        • Only because you listen to the Neocon filth.I suggest you become less ignorant about the astonishing number of Frenchmen who died defending their country

          • Jones, don’t get your panties in a twist. Making fun of the French isn’t “neocon” filth, just good ‘ol humor based on a jaundiced historical view. Not since Napoleon has France done anything of note to defend herself. It’s like the joke “I have a French rifle for sale: never fired, only dropped once!”

            Everyone knows about Frenchmen, some of them anyway, and their fighting prowess, i.e. The Resistance fighters. The Foreign Legion is known far and wide but those conscripts are made up of many vagabonds from many lands trying to make a new start. I guess what may override those patriots is not only the likes of the Nazi sympathizers in WW2 (Vichy I think it was), and all the way up to now with the light in loafers Macron wannabe tough guy. Double dealing, no respect to the U.S. who should be their favorite ally as with Britain. Why should the French get respect. Respect has to be earned Buddy.

      • It took 2 decades to force the establishments hand on Brexit, I feel we are slowly turning the corner here on Islam.too slow for our dead but for my kids future truly feel the rest of the country will catch up with those of us Englisht hat have struggled against this plague for so long.

  28. Sadly, it appears that Trump is going to be an incrementalist, at best. I have been writing in these comments about the urgent need to conduct an Erodgan-style purge of FedGov, starting with the DoJ and moving through the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the military. Trump’s been in office six months and he’s managed to get rid of Comey and to get Sessions and Rosenstein confirmed. At this rate he will get 8-10 significant appointments by the end of his term.

    As to May, I don’t think Britain is anywhere close to a breaking point.

    • The impulse to judge Trump after a few months needs to be resisted. He got better as a candidate and he’ll get better as president. He’s too smart and competitive not too. Let’s see where we are next year before making any sweeping declarations.

      • Today he proposed to fire the Air Traffic controllers and make them private. OK it’s not a big liberty issue, but, how long have the GOP campaigned on shit like this, only to do absolutely nothing when in power? Trump is getting it done. Maybe he can kill Big Bird and NPR too.

    • Come on “Guest”, give the man a break! No he has not been in office six months. Do your finger counting. Jan. 20 to May 20 is four (4) months and he is now into his fifth month. He is a smart business man who has picked some great people and he “delegates” but he holds people to goals and metrics and wants results.

      As for your desire for an Erdogan-type, are you seriously fricking kidding me? You need to check his background more thoroughly. He is not a tough guy in any American sense. He is a Muslim dictator who wants to reestablish the Caliphate in the old Byzantine Empire. I don’t trust that guy for a minute.

      • A few more refugees and Turkey will finally become a full NATO member.
        To fight Russian influence, ya know.

  29. i was thinking part of the problem with dealing with Islam is that it is truly foreign to Europe and America. Unlike in dealing with the Irish IRA, people (at least subconsciously) know that Muslims are a foreign tribe, and they know they really don’t understand it, which makes it hard to talk about publicly. The question to me is how did it go from being ok to say something bad about the other tribe in public that may have been somewhat ignorant, to not ok to say something bad about the other tribe that may be somewhat ignorant.

    • and the follow up is, as a non-muslim, how can I differentiate a peaceful Muslim from one who wants to set off a bomb in a concert hall. (obviously the answer has to be before the attack, otherwise it is useless). If no one can give a useful response then it is clear where the problem is located.

    • Foreign tribe or not, when the mounting evidence says that something isn’t kosher with a group of people and it starts with their belief systems, you don’t have to understand much more when bodies are dropping and being blown to bits. If you have an infestation in your home, you don’t try to understand the critter except for what it is that you are doing to encourage it. Then you eradicate it and do what you can to keep it from coming back.

  30. already have a list of gop traitors 😀

    we really do have to eliminate the traitorous right first, then use the full power of the state to expel the entirety of the left. kick out the bottom 1% every year, let in new Americans based on a rigorous civics test. but no Europeans, they are carriers of the disease of socialism…

      • Seeing as I live in South America, I up-voted the comment practically reflexively, but I’ve since had second thoughts.

        As far as I know, the USA has no general comparable to Pinochet and the US military has little in common with what was the Chilean military of that time. And, too, conditions in the USA of 2017 are very dissimilar to those of Chile in 1973. I’d be more inclined to wish for Francisco Franco, because the Spanish Civil War would be to my way of thinking a more likely US scenario, but there’s no general remotely resembling Franco either.

        • This is a good point and something I’ve thought about as well. A modern US general in charge of the country would make Barren Cat Lady look like Rommel or Patton. But, as a concise way to make the point, “we need a Pinochet” works so I use it.

          In reality, we’ll need a counter culture that includes a lot of rank and file members of the armed forces. When the revolution comes, the generals get hanged along with the politicians and corporate heads.

          • No second thoughts about up-voting this one! I agree with your elaboration of the original point about Pinochet: widely distributed consensus that the man knew what he was about and that many “little” Pinochets are needed to get the job done.

          • I think one of the unintended side effects of sending tens of thousands of young people to the Muslim world in pointless wars of choice is that they came back completely red-pilled about biology, democracy and multiculturalism.

          • I hope you’re right, Z. But some of those young people also come back sympathetic to the enemy and resentful of their own country (think Timothy Mc Veigh). Not to mention all the Prog brainwashing our soldiers get, thanks to the people in charge. Not to mention how many of them are gang members, and return to the U.S. as gang members who now have perfected killing skills.

            I used to hope that ex-military folks would be on our side. I now think it would be very foolish to count on them.

          • McVeigh is something of a outlier. Most enlisted men come back from combat hurt, messed up and bitter at the government for reneging on their promises. Many got shafted after we withdrew from Iraq and were thrown out on some bullshit excuse. Lots of careers were ended. Then there is the VA cesspit that has screwed a lot of vets over.

            There is very little love between the former enlisted men and the government.

          • I have lived in OKC since 1979. Please find another example instead of McVeigh. He was a double digit IQ moron. He was pulled over, after the bombing, because of an expired license plate on his getaway car. He only represents veterans if Hillary represents honest working Americans.

          • A Chilean commenter explained it this way:

            3000 communists killed 300,000 people.
            Pinochet killed the 3000 communists.
            Then he stayed long enough to purge the judicial system of it’s communist judges, returning the system to constitutional rule- then he retired.

            Remember the Left hounded him unto his death, attacking him as an old man long gone.

        • I knew several Colonels who would have fit the bill. None of them would ever make more than one-star as they didn’t kiss the right asses and were more concerned about killing our enemies than turning the Marine Corps into a politically correct daycare center.

        • Thank goodness. Franco is never mentioned. Oddly forgotten in the Narrative.

          The only nationalist to successfully fight off the Red Front, and return his country to consitutional monarchy.

      • i get the distinct feeling that Trump is backed by a militaristic faction of the deep state. and that they are willing to do whatever is necessary to cut out the rot, and restore a semblance of the republic.

        what’s really interesting, is that the gop is almost at the point where they can ammend the constitution unilaterally.

        • GOP? Do anything unilaterally? Where did that come from? The GOP is so ineffective as to be afraid of their own shadows and couldn’t amend shit if their lives depended on it. And therein lies the rub. They simply need to go. They are worthless, at least 90% of them.

          • yeah, as constituted now the GOP is the very near enemy. I assume Trump will either take it over, or create a new party that will draw 60+% from dems and gop. we won’t have to wait long to see how this plays out.

          • At some point…the 60s most likely, the GOP was (((guided))) into choosing race traitors to fill its electoral ranks. Some of the more far flung, and traditional areas could smell a rat, and continued to elect men such as Sen. Jeff Sessions and Ron Paul. This resulted in their becoming the only socio/ethnic group socially acceptable to wish death upon. Our rulers are neither benign, nor subtle. I always try to return the favor.

        • I pray you are right.
          True that the GOP may have enough state governors for an Article V Convention.
          Unfortunately the GOP is… the GOP.

        • I keep hoping that is true too. But it isn’t actually clear that those people exist as an entity, are united enough to act to realize their goals.

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