Tribal Policing

Allegedly, an old borscht belt gag was for the straight man to describe some terrible calamity and then the comic would ask, “Yes, but is it good for the Jews?” It is a question that Jews claim was common in the early 20th century. Whether or not that is true is impossible to pin down, but the sentence does return a lot of good search results, including a few books and long form articles. It fits into the self-deprecating humor popular with American Jews. It’s a form of “owning the insult” common with ethnics 100 years ago.

Like all stereotypes, this one has some truth to it. Jews in the first half of the 20th century invested heavily in policing their ranks and inculcating this sort of attitude, with regards to politics and society. To a lesser degree, Italians, Irish, Poles and other immigrant groups did the same thing. They formed ethnic societies, had their own newspapers, encouraged the better qualities among their people and so forth. Improvement societies were not passive, either. Ethnic leaders were not afraid to shame those who did not toe the line.

Today, the only ethnic solidarity we see is with blacks and Muslims. The former is the old fashioned sort common in the last century. Blacks shamelessly vote their skin in elections and make demands based on group solidarity. Muslims seem to be following a similar route, embracing the grievance culture in order to extort benefits from society. Otherwise, the overt and positive ethnic solidarity, even among Hispanics, is not a popular thing and in the case of whites, one of the few mortal sins of our age.

It is assumed that ethnic or racial solidarity is good for struggling minorities, terrible for majorities and of no use to successful minorities. Black solidarity is encouraged, while white solidarity is forbidden. Asian solidarity is never considered, because Asians have no trouble assimilating and succeeding in modern America. Jewish solidarity, of course, is a dangerous subject. The surest way to get hurled into the void is to be thought of as something less than enthusiastic for the Jews. It’s pretty close to a forbidden subject.

Some on the alt-right see this as proof of a conspiracy by the Tribe to take over society and rule from their secret lair in Manhattan. Whether or not 2% of the population should be in charge of a big country like America is a topic worth debating, but some of what goes on with the alt-right, however, makes it sound like Jews are super-intelligent space aliens sent to enslave the goyim. Magic Jew Theory is just a nutty as Magic Dirt Theory. Even so, placing Jews outside the realm of legitimate debate is probably not good for the Jews.

The reason, is it makes self-policing nearly impossible. It is impossible to not notice that when the NeverTrump clown car comes to a stop, the guys who pile out are wearing beanies. The whole NeverTrump thing looked like a Chinese restaurant on Christmas, because all of the outspoken members were obviously Jewish. People notice these things, no matter how much you scream at them about the sin of noticing. When guys like Bret Stephens write things like this, it’s as if he is trying to elicit The Backlash™.

Fifty years ago, Jewish leaders would have put the brakes on their members going in for the sort of stuff we see from the neocons. We know this because the guys who invented neoconnery fifty year ago, explicitly rejected this stuff. Communism was bad for the Jews and a strong and free America was good for the Jews, so they signed onto Buckley’s thing and started voting Republican. In other words, worrying about what was good for the Jews resulted in Jews policing their ranks, which was good for the Jews.

Put another way, David Horowitz was probably onto something when he called out Bill Kristol as a “renegade Jew.” The final paragraph of that piece is an explicit appeal to ethnic solidarity in the service of policing the ranks. Horowitz got a lot of grief over it, but he was probably right. Trump is good for the Jews, but reigning in suicidal crackpots is even better for the Jews. The worst possible thing that could happen to Jews in America is if the other 98% think the Jews are not on “our side.”

The predictable retort to this is “How come no one ever says this about the Finns or the Irish? There are people opposed to Trump and the New Right who are not Jewish.” If the NeverTrump cult was 90% Irish, people would notice that too, but it is not and further, the Irish are not wildly over-represented in the ruling class. There is simply no getting around the fact that Jews are unique among American ethnic groups in that they have come to dominate parts of the ruling class and punch way above their weight in others.

There’s little doubt that the culture is shifting with regards to the role of Jews in America and how to discuss it. The alt-right has a lot of well known anti-Semites and the whole Nazi meme thing. The people doing the most to enable and encourage this are the cosmopolitan crackpots like Bret Stephens. They are the anti-Semites best friend as they go out of their way to prove all of their claims. If you were trying to stir up hostility to Jews, you could do a lot worse than having Bret Stephens as your poster boy.

It is not just the Right, which has always been accused of harboring impure thoughts about the Chosen People. The Left are increasingly hostile to Jewish interests. When a Jewish professor is pilloried for not groveling to blacks on his campus, it means that identity politics on the Left will exclude Jews. Democrats are shamelessly hostile to Israel and they are actively courting Muslim voters, even going so far as to try and put Keith Ellison in as chair of their party. The result of this is inevitable.

Not being a member of the Tribe, it is hard to know if a return of self-policing is possible or desirable by those in the Tribe. Jews may simply be facing a different sort of ethnic decay that ended Irish and Italian solidarity. Even so, Jews are different. Unlike other ethnic groups, Jews are wildly over represented in the ruling classes. That means they will inevitably be subject to greater scrutiny. There’s also the natural phenomenon of people mocking and resenting their betters. Exactly no one loves their boss.

It’s why ruling classes have always tried to hold themselves to higher standards. It has always been understood that the trade-off for power and status is scrutiny and public judgement. It also meant public punishment for those who failed to live up to the elevated standards. Lucius Junius Brutus, founder of the Roman Republic, stood stoically as his two sons were executed for treason in the Tarquinian conspiracy. That is very high price to pay for power, but it is what is required of those who get to rule over us.

The example of Brutus is not simply that sacrifice, often terrible sacrifice, is the price of power. It’s that sacrifice in support of the culture, in support of the common beliefs of the people, is the price of power. The unwritten contract between the rulers and the ruled is that the rulers will do what is required to uphold the cultural structures that define the people, as they are the foundation upon which the elite stand. Brutus could not be Brutus, unless he and his blood were subject to the rules of the Republic.

America has been more than good for the Jews. It has been the greatest place, in the history of man, for the Chosen People. So good, in fact, that the country deserves a place next to Cyrus the Great in the pantheon of non-Jewish heroes of the Jewish people. As a result, Jews have a special obligation to the country. Like ruling elites everywhere, in all times, they have a duty to defend the culture that is the foundation of their status. That means sacrifice. A little self-policing is not too much to ask. It would be good for the Jews.

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  1. Regardless, it should never be tolerated so I leaned over and said to the two hens, “One day, their kids will be throwing your kids off a roof.” – I would have paid to see that.

  2. “…As a result, Jews have a special obligation to the country. Like ruling elites everywhere, in all times, they have a duty to defend the culture that is the foundation of their status. That means sacrifice…”

    You think the people that attacked us on 9-11 have the insight to rein themselves in? I doubt it. They can’t control their psychopaths that well. They also believe that no matter what they will prevail. Psychopaths are like that. They will burn this country to the ground. It’s us or them.

    • I posted a comment on Mike Shedlock’s site pointing out that the last thirty years of Askenaki debt lovers at the Fed have been an absolute disaster for the productive and stunningly enriching for the elite.
      I suggested it might be time to have a debt eschewing Muslim instead,

      My comment was, of course, deleted.

      One my almost think Shedlock was one of the Chosen, oh, right,,,,,

  3. “…Jews are super-intelligent space aliens sent to enslave the goyim. Magic Jew Theory is just a nutty as Magic Dirt Theory…”

    There’s nothing magic about the Jews. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Maybe not all but a large proportion. The way they control the country is relatively simple.
    1. They control the FED which funnels finance into Jewish hands.(bank bail out! We’re talking anywhere from $16 Trillion to double that or higher)
    2. With the cash they buy businesses and politicians.
    3. They own the press.
    4. They are blackmailing our Representatives with kiddie fucking.
    5. They have no empathy.

    The neocons are not any Americans friends in any way. These are the guys who helped start the wars we have in the middle east for Israel.

    Part of the reason I know they’re psychopaths is 9-11. Building 7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air for roughly 108′. This means that the building was supported by air. Well we all know that’s not true so it was demoed. Now I can see this just as easily as the Jews can and they, owning the media, say nothing. Plenty of other evidence leads to them also.

    Who could do such a bold and stupid thing but psychopaths?

    There’s now some genetic evidence to prove this.

    “…Low-activity MAOA genes (2R and 3R) are associated with impulsive aggression and psychopathy….”

    “…The population, which has the highest frequency of the combination of the “worrier gene” (low-activity COMT (Met)) and the “warrior gene” (low-activity MAOA), as far as I could ascertain, is the Ashkenazi Jewish population…”

    “…The Hoaxin’ have on average a much higher incidence of both the genes which predispose to paranoia and the genes which predispose to psychopathy and aggression…”

    Even if it’s wrong if you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you will never be surprised and Jew’s behavior will make sense.

  4. Why is there no discussion of ‘Kenite’ infested Israel and the fake Kahzanazi jews in their fake country waiting for their fake messiah? They didn’t just stop at the Israeli border! see: House of Saud. Deception my brothers and sisters.

  5. I hope more Jews read this book:

    A Jewish family lives down the street from me. Actually, the mother is Jewish and the father is some sort of nominal-mick Catholic who observes the occasional Jewish holiday because his wife wants to. Here is what I’ve observed from my N=1. WWII-era Jews are pretty rock-solid. The Jewish 90-something grandfather wows me with tales of the Pacific theater and killing “Japs.” He goes to synagogue regularly. All the regular attenders of synagogue are old. His kids are liberal and rarely go to synagogue, though they are solid people if liberal. His grandkids are a wreck: peace corps volunteers (you know the type). The grandson married a woman who had artificially inseminated herself and is attempting to raise his natural child with her child of unknown paternity. The wife is something of a lunatic. The granddaughter thinks grandpa is racist and they think girls should have some sort of circumcision ceremony also. I offer that Islam has one for daughters but they don’t get it. The data is not in on how the great-grandkids will turn out but my guess is poorly. Intelligence is no substitute for virtue and self-control. I’ve seen this same pattern amongst Jews I’ve worked with or gone to college with.

    Down south the religious Jews are all gun-toting Trump supporters. Overall, though, US Jews seem to be outmarrying or failing to have children. Most in the US don’t seem to know what the point of their Judaism is other than kvetching about red-state goys. It’s hardly a unifying theme to perpetuate a people.

    Martin Van Creveld and others say that liberal Jews are a huge problem in Israel too.

  6. There are 3 relatively large groups of American Jews who are fervently pro Trump (about 80% of them are): religious American Jews; 1st generation Russian immigrants that I am a part of (they are mostly not religious) and Iranian Jews (who are mostly religious). These groups are also strongly pro Israel.
    Most of lefty American Jews, who are Never Trumpers, are against Israeli policies and thus factually against Israel. Israeli society recognizes it more and more and getting ready for a divorce from American Jewish elites.
    As an example, recent article by Caroline Glick of Jerusalem Post calls for treating American Jewish Society at large as a society in crisis that needs help and cannot be relied upon.
    I’ve read several more similar articles in English-Israeli publications.
    People who are called Jewish elite by this blog are already looked down upon by minority of American Jews (definitely not Cloud people) and growing segment of Israelis.
    We Jews have never been famous for being uncomplicated group and we’ll probably continue that way.

    • Their support for Trump, however, is predicated on his policies towards Israel, not his immigration and other policies specifically benefiting America. And a large contingent of religious Jews are the Hasids, who vote for whoever their rebbe tells them to vote for, and that depends on who’s good for their continued social and fiscal parasitism in the U.S.

  7. I attended the wedding of a niece (in law) on Saturday. The immaculately clad groom and his men showed up as mutedly as possible on their four Harleys, The bride was stunningly beautiful in the white gown with train and various hand-maidens.
    The service, the old Church of England one (Episcopalian to you) was conducted quietly and reverently. The two hundred and fifty guests mixed and mingled afterward before the reception, chatting, swapping stories about their own weddings and sharing jokes. A perfect scene of peace and serenity. The darkest skin was the red on the back of my boy’s neck from his life-guarding shift the day or so before.

    Funny dat.

  8. I attended the wedding of a niece (in law) on Saturday. The groom and his men showed up as mutedly as possible on their four Harleys, The bride was stunningly beautiful in the white gown with train and various hand-maidens.
    The service, the old Church of England one (Episcopalian to you) was conducted quietly and reverently. The two hundred and fifty guests mixed and mingled afterward before the reception, chatting, sharing stories about their own weddings and sharing jokes. The darkest skin was the red on the back of my boy’s neck from his life-guarding shift the day or so before.

    Funny dat.

  9. When Europe is Muslim, is that when we’ll nuke it?

    Finally, mission accomplished.
    You must kill one third of two generations, fathers and sons, and then there is ‘peace.’

    WWI Bolshies, WWII Fabians, and next, Semitic overseers and the final death of the Roman Christians. With a global economy of debt bondage.When Europe is Muslim, is that when we’ll nuke it?

    Finally, mission accomplished.
    You must kill one third of two generations, fathers and sons, and then there is ‘peace.’

    WWI Bolshies, WWII Fabians, and next, Semitic overseers and the final death of the Roman Christians. With a global economy of debt bondage.

  10. Muslims and Jews prefer the other over Christians

    Christians are the group that is holding back global consensus and solidarity.

    Thank god for demographic change and immigration

  11. “If not Israel, what does fire up Jewish-Americans? In short, the Jewish precept of tikkun olam (“repairing the world”), construed by modern mainstream denominations to mean “social justice.” This isn’t surprising, given American Jewry’s perennial penchant for liberalism.

    The 1920 presidential election was the only contest for the White House in recorded history in which the Republican candidate bested the Democratic candidate among Jewish voters. And that was because the socialist candidate, Eugene V. Debs, trounced the Democratic candidate, Ohio governor James M. Cox, capturing 38 percent of the Jewish electorate to 19 percent. ”

    • This is interesting in its prominence in America.

      I believe (but have yet to confirm) that the boyfriend of Marine Le Pen is Jewish, and Sarkozy too. In the UK, Baron Howard led the Tories. These may be the Buckley Right for Zman readers, but my point is that in countries outside America, this Marxist connection seems diminished enough that Jews will publicly associate with right parties.

      And who does GOP have? Eric Cantor?

      • Conservative inc is run by neocons, Weakly Standard and National Review types. The sugar daddies are Koch and Adelson types. Party roots are even less deep than geographical roots.

      • You neglect to mention the Millibands in the UK, who’ve spat on the nation that took them in. Not to mention all the leftist Jewish journalists in France . . . and Sweden . . . and South Africa . . . oh, so sorry, they all left after their ardently desired end to apartheid occurred and now they’re all in America and Canada and Australia. And despite your assertion that Jews outside of America better assimilate and/or participate on both sides of the political aisle, they still all push for endless immigration and eventual replacement of native White stock. Jews in Australia insisted Israel should send the Africans it was deporting to Australia, rather than back to Africa. Jews in Sweden, who own almost the entire print and broadcast media in that country, are fully complicit in turning that country into a 3rd world hellhole of rape.

        Finally, the Jews of France are almost entirely of Algerian origin and arrived AFTER WWII, and their sense of French identity is a poor simulacrum, at best.

  12. I highly recommend the noel El Kahal-Oro by Hugo Wast for any of you who read Spanish. Interesting (and old) take on the JQ in South America. It’s been pretty well suppressed, of course, but it can be found. As far as I know, there’s no English translation.

  13. I get what you’re saying, Z-Man. Years ago I would have been one of those that would point the finger at you and call you an anti-Semite. But over the last 15 years I learned that the ‘racists’ were right about a whole bunch of things, and the PC crowd were wrong about a bunch of things too.

    But lord – we are playing with fire here. We need to start judging people again too. There’s a difference between good ethnics and bad ones and far too many morons aren’t smart enough to make that distinction. I dunno which way I will start shooting if that balloon goes up.

  14. A couple of points. Asians are genetically programmed to comply with authority due to millennia of harsh punishment for any variance. So they don’t cause trouble…But they don’t entirely assimilate…Asians I know who have been in the US for 60 years will still speak Chinese with other Chinese right in front of you, when the conversation started in English.And they know that we think it is rude.
    Jews, on the other hand, are programmed to emulate native Americans until they get some power, and then they revert to ethnicity and their begin undermining the native society. I had many Jewish friends when I was young, and I have seen how many of them changed…

  15. I don’t know about all this business but what i do know is that as an Anglo I’m sick of hearing from and about the Tribe and the Muslims.

  16. Even if the Jews aren’t literally the “Synagogue of Satan,” they might as well be. Their innate behaviour gives them undeserved wealth and power based on lies and deception. They never get to keep this wealth because it is taken directly from another group who eventually violently resist them. Like Sisyphus and his boulder, every time the Jew sees total victory within reach, he loses everything and has to start over again.

    They are a cursed people, if not spiritually, then psychologically, socially and aesthetically cursed.

  17. There is well earned precedent in history, not to mention glaring current history, for the jews to be looked at with suspicion by those of us who have a rather strong aversion to the forms marxism. I’m talking about jews who have made no bones about the dissolution of my country here, America, who are prominent figures in the establishment of cultural marxism. Quite an accomplishment in it’s own right, its ideology notwithstanding. So how does one not have a sense that under the circumstances and for what is at stake here, do you not question Jews as a tribe, and lets not get into the whole Jesus and the money changers thing, if your a believer in rightful liberty and self determination as a basis for your culture and tribe?
    Heres a sample of the marxists roll call:
    George Soros
    Felox Weil
    Carl Grunberg
    Theodore Adorno
    Max Horkheimer
    Herbert Marcuse
    Eric From
    Georgy Lukacs
    Wilhelm Reich
    Sigmend Freud
    Betty Friedan

    Then there’s like Z mentions, the whole nevertrumpers clown car? It begins, when you add in the list of other things like Rothchilds family banking cartels aka The Federal Reserve, which is neither, a pattern emmerges.

    Hey, the whole world is into identity politics it seems. And the one common thread in everything, ultimately is get the dirt people. What do we have a big fat fucking target on out backs or something? And all the actors above and their ilk get all wee weed up if we even mention defending and protecting our primal God given property, happiness, and liberty.

    What I think, and it may seem like an outlier, but if you give it a good honest think, it begins to make sense, that Trump was The Great Fuck You by us dirt people who have had quite enough, thank you very much. But he was something else, and all the above are having a real hard time with it, understandably as they are basically crooks and bullshit artists at the core, is for decades, maybe longer, the Kebaki theater known as Presidential Elections, the deep state, or permanent government, or whatever its called, preceding purposes has been to create chaos out of which a New World, or 1 World Order would be created. Heavy Duty stuff that, and just who coined that lovely phrase anyways?
    By way of The Great Fuck You, us dirt people chose a mandate, hired a fellow named Trump, that the One World order oligarchs did not pick for us to vote for, and his job is to create chaos that directly undermines that one world order, employing the virtues of Prudence, which is the rebirth of the ethics of responsibility.
    It is this conflict which lies at the heart of the fundamental issue of our time.
    And that is the exact intent of cultural marxism, to destroy prudence and ethics of responsibility, so this ideology of the human extinction movement it’s inventors intended to supplant all reason and, yes, prudence and ethics of responsibility with.
    And I suspect, a certain kind of tribal knowledge and organization is required in no uncertain terms to accomplish such a feat.

      • My grandfather was a “dirt person” who just happened to be a fast-on-his-feet math whiz with brass balls, so he ended up partnering with a Jewish financier and made it possible for me to have a fine education, ascendance into “elite” (I HATE that word!) social status and a comfortable life. Nevertheless, I identify with “dirt” folks and am determined that my heirs will do so as well. That’s why we left the USA, although we wish it the very best in draining the swamp for real, once and for all.

  18. “Fifty years ago, Jewish leaders would have put the brakes on their members going in for the sort of stuff we see from the neocons.”

    The key thing here is the fifty years ago part. The community back then policed itself because it was a cohesive community where shaming could really do something. The Jews in America aren’t completely atomized but outside of Orthodox circles (where that community shaming mechanism still functions) its a community that is falling apart. If community policing still worked well, intermarriage rates wouldn’t be between 60-70%; an entity like J-Street would never have gotten traction in a regulated Jewish community even 30 years ago.

    “The people doing the most to enable and encourage this are the cosmopolitan crackpots like Bret Stephens.”

    When I read that Bret Stephens article, I mainly wondered if he lost his mind. Then it became clear that he was signaling to the New York Times crowd that he deserves to stay there. (When they hired him, apparently there was some sort of a protest over it.) The problem with his signaling is that he’s doing it on the front page of the newspaper and acting like its some conversation over drinks that has no consequences. Its the same with all those occasional articles that pop up where some prominent in his own head Jewish guy asks if Jews are white, like he’s going to be able to carve an exception for himself in the militant minority left. Journalistic self-awareness seems to be at absolute zero.

    “The Left are increasingly hostile to Jewish interests.”

    This is absolutely nothing new to anyone who’s been paying attention. The only thing that surprised me over the years was how much all the Jews on the left could delude themselves to the situation. The situation with the left seems to be coming to a head now which isn’t a bad thing; there’s still time for course correction on the part of the community as a whole because of it.

    “When a Jewish professor is pilloried for not groveling to blacks on his campus, it means that identity politics on the Left will exclude Jews.”

    Leftist politics has been shifting away from Jews for decades; the public, including the Jewish public haven’t been paying attention to whats been happening on campus but this shift has been going on since at least the turn of the century. Its not just a demographic issue although thats a big part of it. When Columbia and NYU and even schools in the middle of Arkansas have campuses and funding coming in from the Gulf states, who’s side do you think the school is going to take?

    “Not being a member of the Tribe, it is hard to know if a return of self-policing is possible or desirable by those in the Tribe. Jews may simply be facing a different sort of ethnic decay that ended Irish and Italian solidarity.”

    I don’t know if its really possible today; in the future as the Jewish community shifts more and more towards a smaller and more Orthodox version of itself, I think that self-policing the Orthodox do will continue but right now how do you self-police a community where the individual members don’t care about the community itself? Many of the Jews that are in the elite mostly view being Jewish as ethnic background rather than something that they belong to. For every Jared Kushner, where being Jewish was important enough that he had his future wife convert, there are dozens of Marc Mezvinskys. When Mezvinsky married Chelsea Clinton, he wasn’t ashamed of his background but it didn’t mean as much to him as having a vegan catered wedding.

    “A little self-policing is not too much to ask. It would be good for the Jews.”

    I don’t disagree. The problem I think is that the Jewish community has the same problem the rest of the country has; the elite is disconnected heavily from everyone except the elite. Take the Never Trump lunatics; they’ve been howling to the moon about Trump but how did Jews outside of the elite strongholds in Manhattan vote? Here’s the map: Outside of Staten Island, his line of victory was all Jewish Orthodox and Jewish Russian neighborhoods, the Jewish working class. The elite in Manhattan will never really encounter those voters in Brooklyn. (To use a Tom Wolfe example, when Leonard Bernstein was hosting the Black Panthers, the working class Jews who had businesses under threat in Black neighborhoods made his life miserable. But the thing is that they were all still operating in the same social circle. Today Bret Stephens can call for unlimited diversity and won’t hear a peep because the Orthodox and Russian working class who would criticize and shame him aren’t in his circle; Boro Park and Brighton Beach might as well be on the moon for him.) And the divide between the Jewish elite and average citizen on immigration is just as wide: and

    So how do you police an elite that only seems to talk to itself?

    • I think you are on to something here. The Jewish elite was Jewish, first and foremost, and the rest came from that. Now the broader elite has self-segregated, and includes a very high proportion of Jews. But the Jewish elite itself is disconnecting from its Jewish roots. The new broader elite is taking its place. The Jewish segment is turning its back on its Jewish background both to assume the protective color of non-Jew, and also because the tribal connections have been completely supplanted by the elitest connections. Beyond that, the Jewish elite want nothing to do with Israel or the old ways. They are done with it all. And the liberal Democrats are both a steamroller to finish the obliteration of the old ways, and also a means to buy off the other tribes (they hope).

      • They are not Jewish, they are part of the globalist tribe who happen to share some common ancestry with the Ashkenazi tribe. The only thing they know is Tikkun Olam – that is NOT Judaism.

        • There is no mere happenstance connection between Ashkenazi and atheist Ashkenazi Jews. Even religious Jews have an irresistible urge to perfect the world once they mix in it.

        • Sorry, but that’s the standard line every time and every place there is any criticism of the cadre of liberal Jews – “They’re not really Jewish.” That game of “it’s a religion!” or “No, it’s a race!” is one most Americans simply won’t play any longer. Regardless of levels of religious observance or obeisance toward Israel, they all regard themselves as culturally Jewish, and their politics heavily reflect that.

  19. American Jews are also schizophrenic in regard to Israel. Half of them work the back channels of US government in order to support and sustain the Jewish State, while the other half actively works to undermine Jewish-Israeli identity and subvert the hard choices that keep them safe in their Mideast outpost. And like black people, they vote habitually and reflexively Democrat, regardless of how badly they are treated by its leadership. Jews are not immune from the same disease that is destroying the rest of the species.

  20. “It’s why ruling classes have always tried to hold themselves to higher standards. It has always been understood that the trade-off for power and status is scrutiny and public judgement. It also meant public punishment for those who failed to live up to the elevated standards. Lucius Junius Brutus, founder of the Roman Republic, stood stoically as his two sons were executed for treason in the Tarquinian conspiracy. That is very high price to pay for power, but it is what is required of those who get to rule over us.”

    This may have been true 50-100 years ago. No longer. As you have noted consistently, America has evolved into a system of anarcho-tyranny in which there are no consequences for the Cloud People, most of whom are Democrats.

    Jamie Gorelick is the consummate example. She should have been hounded from respectable society for her decision to implement the wall between the intelligence community and the law enforcement community, the result of which was made evident on 9/11/2001. Instead she was appointed a Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae, where she oversaw a $10B accounting scandal. Her penalty: a $25MM payout from Fannie Mae and a partnership at a blue-blood DC firm.

    Democrats understand that if you want to run your government as a kleptocratic criminal syndicate, you need complete control over the Department of Justice.

    • Nailed it re. Jamie Gorelick. When I saw that she was _on_ the 9/11 Commission instead of in the dock in front of it, I knew the fix was in. I took it then that the Clinton’s had conned the Bush Folk using false promises of national unity (that they broke just as soon as it was convenient in ’04).

      Alternatively, there was the Saudi $$$ aspect as a not mutually exclusive explanation. But, Cloud Solidarity fits the fact pattern too.

    • Ms Gorelick is currently a director at She also served as legal advisor to Jared Kushner on his role at the White House. In Cloud People World,she’s one of the Cloudiest. Modern day Madame Lafarge.

  21. “How come no one ever says this about the Finns or the Irish?” Because being “Irish-American” means watching Notre Dame football. Being “Jewish-American” means sending your son to fight in the Israeli Defense Force, like noted “conservative” David Brooks did. Although that’s one solution to America’s ethnic strife — universal conscription. It’s hard to believe Magic Jew Theory when you’re in boot camp together, and as a bonus, it’s hard to flaunt your Harvard connections when you’re down in the motor pool with some hick with a sixth-grade education. Bring back the draft!

    • I realize that your probably tongue-in-cheek here, but there are numerous problems with this idea. To begin with, it would be very costly, both economically and socially Many WWII stories and movies push the social class and ethnic leveling effect of mass conscription, giving it a patina of virtue. But these are all wartime propaganda and must be viewed accordingly.

      Suffice it to say that historically, unless a crusade was underway such as the WW’s were made out to be, mass conscription was only politically acceptable when not really needed. I.e., there was little real danger of mass casualties. But when it _is_ needed, excuses for exemption will vastly multiply. At least these were my observations during the Vietnam era.

      Then, multiplying excuses for draft exemption, both for politically connected individuals and groups representing elite and middle class spawn ( students, peace corps volunteers, etc), morphed into a seemingly systemic corruption. This perception played no small part in the turmoil of 1968 – 1972. Blacks and working class whites felt (with justification) that their kids were being used as cannon fodder. Most elite spawn took the ‘outs’ that were offered but, apparently (rightly) felt dirty about it. So they deflected their self-hatred to ‘the syssteem’.

      As dispositive evidence for my theory, just as soon as the draft ended in 1972, the mss unrest went ‘poof’ and disappeared. Yet the injustices supposedly being protested were unchanged.

      • I see what you mean, and yeah, I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek. But not entirely. My proposed draft law is: Unless you actually are the sole breadwinner for a spouse and at least one child under the age of 15, no exceptions, period. Your Gender Studies degree with just have to wait a few years, Snowflake. And I do mean *everybody* — draft women, gays, and trannies straight into the infantry. You’ve been through boot; don’t you think that’d straighten them out? 🙂 It’ll never happen, but just proposing it would be hilarious — let’s hear the anti-capitalist, anti-rayciss, anti-homophobia Left explain why they’re faaaar too good to have to share a foxhole with the Diversity.

        • I have to admit that I enjoyed that mental picture too. But with ‘everybody’ drafted we’re talking about ginormous numbers of inductees. In 2016 there were roughly 2.2 million males and 2.1 million females turning 18.* That’s the population of the entire Philadelphia urban area or about 1/2 NY City_!

          So for a two-year draft, you’d have to replicate NY City to house all of them, but just not in a single place. Now, I know that there’s a lot of empty land yet in the US, just not in agreeable places, but building and staffing this infrastructure would be a truly vast undertaking.

          Then there’s the problem of chaperoning 4 million horny females from 4 million horny males. Now, you may say that presiding over a constant orgy of this magnitude is what universities are for, and you might be right 😉 But we, like Big U, would have to pretend that useful training is going on. Unimaginable_!

          As for the gays and trannies, etc., since they’d die in the wild, so to speak, and depend now on Big Sis Govt. to exist, they’d have to be segregated for their own protection, at least on the male side. That would end up looking a lot like the old involuntary state mental hospitals. Bad optics.

          Just scratching the surface here…

          *It is surprisingly difficult to get answers to simple questions at

      • Blacks were actually underrepresented in the Vietnam era military, and were below population percentage in casualties, too.

        • More the case for White working class guys. But to a ‘community organizer’ data mean little. The agitation was real enough, regardless. And it was plausible: Blacks _were_ coming back in steel boxes to a more concentrated population, making it look true enough.

        • An IQ of 75 bags a deferment even when the Army has a pressing need of bodies.

    • If there’s gonna be a draft in this country, dammit, it’s gonna be an all gay, tranny, gender queer & female pool that’s drawn from, if I get my way. I want to see the Island of Misfit Toys forced to fight for their rights, with weapons.
      Yes, before anyone asks, I am a woman & yes, I am a sadist. But, I repeat myself.

      • I get the sentiment. And, so long as I was in no way responsible for having to try to turn them into effective troops, I might, at least briefly, enjoy some of the sadism. To invoke a prior post on the subject, just like like an evil frat bro during pledge week 😉

        But it would be the height of criminal irresponsibility to actually send any such out to perform any dangerous task, much less into combat. I mean, if you actually intend to kill them, just do it straight out, save the time and the money and don’t involve us in the mess. We have feelings too, after all. And besides, there’s a chance we might get personally caught up in such a ‘snafu’ (look it up).

      • Look up Eddie Izzard’s “1st Battalion Transvestite Brigade” from his “Dress to Kill” comedy act on YouTube. Perfect!

  22. Nice little piece here which needs to be seen heavily outside our circle.
    Nonetheless, it will be of no use to all the mentioned ingrates out there.

    • Nice little piece you’ve got here. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it.

  23. Big question, big problem. Things are a bit easier for us now because they are more identifiable and traceable with the internet, and we can communicate with each other, which balances the scale a bit with their more closely held family group. I think they see all of this and it scares them. The ability to root from country to country and slip in between parties in order to skim shekels away from those who make and those who consume, lending to both at interest and then slinking off with bags of gold is being lost. This has something to do with getting more interested in governing. The problem with being in a position of governance is that it is hard to maintain invisibility. This is why they want to make noticing illegal.
    The emperor doesn’t want invisible clothes, he wants to be invisible himself.
    Maintaining invisibility is the role of the ADL and the SPLC. It is why Andrew Anglin is being dragged into court to try and silence his noticing.
    We still have the freedom to notice, and the ability to discuss these things in fora like this, but that freedom is at risk because of these people. We hear from other Jews on the right that they don’t go along with this, and we see that they are as powerless as we are. All we can do is raise money to help those who are attacked in order to preserve our freedoms and hope that the black robed ephors agree with us.
    As such it looks like the freedom to notice will be preserved. After a time this ability to notice will make its way into the broader discussions of society. At this point the questions about what actions are appropriate will be discussed. Then we will be able to address the issues about the nature of transactions and money, and the roles people play in it, and how it will need to be changed, and whether some kind of “affirmative action” will be needed. Notice how after Solon reformed the system of debt payments and declared some debts unpayable and forgiven that the kingdom of Croesus was destroyed. I think there was a connection.
    Hopefully we will be able to reform things without having to be surviving a massive conflagration, defeat, and hyperinflation to pay debts run up by liberals and war, but then again, what are the members of this 2% that have power pushing for? War and debt. Their keys to keeping that power.

  24. Good essay.
    Something that seems sort of relevant, although I’m not quite sure how, is that thoughtful anti-Jewists and thoughtful Jews seem to enjoy arguing with each other in blog-comments (e.g. at Jim’s site), as though there’s some kind of background affection in play. Maybe this is a creative tension?
    Great “individualistic” writers such as Shakespeare and Dickens (everything seen from a personal rather than cultural/social point of view) used to give non-religious Jews and non-Jews (even religious non-Jews, I think) some common ground to stand on and feel as a shared heritage. Now nobody cares about oldish books anymore, so this is gone.

    • “thoughtful anti-Jewists and thoughtful Jews seem to enjoy arguing with each other in blog-comments”

      I think this sort of debate and quasi-comraderi comes from the fact that both groups are working from the same premises. White Nationalism is uniting various ethnic Europeans with a common cultural heritage in the same way Judaism units various ethnic Semites with a common cultural heritage. It’s not a perfect fit and the comparison tends to offend both camps when bluntly stated, but I’ve had more thoughtful conversations with Zionists than whites who weren’t racially aware because the former “gets it,” when it comes to thinking about group interactions.

      “Great “individualistic” writers such as Shakespeare and Dickens (everything seen from a personal rather than cultural/social point of view) used to give non-religious Jews and non-Jews (even religious non-Jews, I think) some common ground to stand on and feel as a shared heritage. Now nobody cares about oldish books anymore, so this is gone.”

      This has to do with the nature of the world at the time. When Europa was ascendant, many Jews already living in the West were more or less convinced they wanted to partially assimilate and didn’t much care for the Zionists or Internationalists. The world wars more or less pushed elite Jews in one direction or the other and the shared cultural heritage in Europe was shelved in favor of a more ethnocentric defense.

      Ironically, I see the same forces at work on Europeans now. They’re coming under the same sort of political and population pressures that Jews were in the inter-war period. The fallout is already apparent. Some whites are becoming open to naked tribalism. Others are becoming caricatures of internationalism instead.

      • I lived in a major city in America upon arriving. I saw many “whites” (at home we do not have such a clear cut definition, just you are a native of our land or you are Muslim or from a former colony, usually both) busying themselves with stupid pursuits like exercises classes, expensive breakfasts and other things you call “lifestyle”.

        In my town outside the cloud people, yes, there is hunting season and football games, but much social live revolves around church sponsored activities.

        I see the cloud people do not have this “community” as they might call it, and they use stupid yoga and silly things to feel spiritual and in communion with others.

        I think a return to the church would solve many of these problem for whites. One must not forget that many of the leftist Jews have now abandoned the faith and have married gentiles. Religious observance is a strong social adhesive. Perhaps even more powerful than ethnic nationalism. Nevertheless, I encourage whites to find some sort of unifying identity. One must feel part of something greater to function as a human.

  25. “The Left are increasingly hostile to Jewish interests”

    Leftist Jews I know are in complete denial that this is so.

    • A few months ago, a young English lad was sent down for using Daily Stormer-ish language to troll and threaten a left-wing Jewish politician.

      One fact that was largely ignored, of course, was that this politician, Luciana Berger, is a member of the Labour party, who are totally dependent on the Muslim vote, and the Mohammedan brigade tend, as a rule of thumb, not to have much affection for Jews. And that’s putting it mildly.

      The coalition of the fringes on these isles, then, appears to be just as fragile as it is in the US (and elsewhere), and quite how the aforementioned politician feels about her party’s hard-left, pro-Palestinian leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is something I can only speculate on.

  26. I am a long-time reader, born outside of America, but a legal immigrant. I was sent here for work and have no intention of going back to my birth country in Western Europe. I have settled outside of the coasts, where the “dirt people” reside, but still in a large city. I am also an observant Jew (though it is difficult to do so in the south, my faith remains important).

    I notice a few things

    1) American Jews are more leftist than any other nation. It’s the unthinking, knee-jerk sort that is a stereotype of Jews, but in reality, has died away outside of America. Canada, the UK, France, Australia…Jews openly support parties right of center. In these places, the left has become the new Nazi party, as far as antisemitism goes.

    2) Similarly, in these countries, the Jews have a strong connection to the values and traditions. French, British, Canadian for example, rally around football (European) and hockey, the local music and culture and past times.When I interact with American Jews, especially in the larger coastal cities, they assume that I hate Trump, that I am a social progressive and that I must feel stifled coming from Europe to what they see as a provincial town in the south.

    When I tell them about the refugees ruining my homeland, that I like country music, that I drive the pickup truck that my plant builds, they look shocked. They see these things as “goyish”, which I understand, yet in no way do I feel that my faith or my ethnic background is diminished by adopting these things.

    3) Your Jewish youth have an alarming lack of connection to Israel. They disdain it as a “colonial”, “settler” state. Many of my White Christian co-workers are far more supporting. I have never heard any remark about my faith from these “goyim” that leftist Jews in America fear so greatly. They are welcome to take their summer holiday in the ghettos of Paris or Berlin or Stockholm, where they cannot wear the kippah or the star of david or have a septum that is too long, or else they will be beaten, if not killed.

    (I thank G-D every day that one day I will be a citizen with the right to bear arms, and my children will never experience being defenseless against this hatred.)

    In the late 1700s we had our own “Haskalah” or Enlightenment, where we decided that we must become part of “The West” without losing our faith. Perhaps it is time to re-affirm these values for our Tribe, and resist the drift towards being secular leftist social justice advocates with Semitic DNA.

    • Thanks for that. I was about to say in a comment of my own in response to Zman,’s fine post ,that I question that there is anybody of note left in the American branch of the Tribe to police itself.

      • That’s the notable strength of the lefty elite tribe members. They understand as well as anyone else that you cannot effectively punish a tribal group individually. They’ll simply form up in solidarity to prevent it, network around it, or support the individual until the trouble passes, softening the blow immensely.

        Therefor it’s easy for them to trot out the meme of collective guilt and punishment. They know it works, elites use it against the dirt whites all the time, and they simultaneously know that if it’s used against them it can be an effective fulcrum to rally ersatz neutral Jews to their own cause.

        If what Hypercacher says is true, I think it’s a hopeful sign. It will take much more individualism on the part of normal Jews and much more tribalism on the part of whites to rectify the political problems that have been plaguing the west over the last century.

    • Hypercacher,
      As a non-native American Jew, it is understandable that you would notice such (apparent) incongruities within your religion… At least the American brand of it. Thus, you are forgiven—but foolishly naïve. I might assume that by “Jew” you mean you are an ethnic Jew, and not merely one of some other generic race who practices Talmudic Judaism. I might assume wrongly, however—you may correct me. If you are ethnically a Jew, then I’m a bit confused at your surprise, as the pattern you notice is entirely historically typical of racial “Jews”—wherever and whenever they’ve lived upon the face of this earth since their inception…

      Which brings up the question of when exactly that was. And of course that leads to the bigger question of WHO exactly these are who call themselves “Jews”. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are merely ignorant of these matters and are a simple blind follower of the Jews’ religion (and thus yourself deceived, if well meaning). Hint: it’s probable you haven’t the slightest idea of the truth.

      But, to clarify things a bit for you, the “Jews” in America are exactly as they’ve been portrayed by most observant people throughout the ages and which typify those characteristics you’ve noticed among your brethren here…and some much more nefarious than you appear to be aware of. Zman’s post, which I generally agree with, should be helpful for you to understand some of the reasons for it. I do however object to his description of the Tribe as being God’s “Chosen People”, as an honest view of scripture (Old and New) and history will demonstrate definitively that the identity of those calling themselves “Jews” today (and even before the time of Christ) are NOT Israelites. That is to say, they are ethnically not the children of Israel, though they may be yet the progeny of Abraham (Google Edomites). Moreover, they have vehemently rejected the true religion of Abraham—and Moses—though they deny this in the face of naïve Christians to maintain their fraud. Again, many Jews today understand this, but the uninitiated are unaware of the deception (and are thus themselves deceived). Therefore:

      Welcome to America… Established as a Christian nation by white Anglo-Saxon Christian Israelites who believed and lived out their faith—in obedience to God’s Law—that THIS land is Zion, ultimately promised to the children of Israel via the prophets of God, and destined to fulfill God’s promises (and judgments!) decreed unto them. And you can thank devout followers of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Father, for your “right” to bear arms… And every other righteous law, statute and freedom of this land which you now enjoy.

      • You will probably say that I am a descdent of the Kahzar, for I am Ashkenazi, from Europe. I do not look Anglo-Saxon, nor do I look like the Scholomo Schekelberg memes.

        Each night before sleep I reaffirm my faith in the One G-D of Israel. But in the morning when I awaken, I am part of One Nation Under G-D, and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to keep it that way.

  27. When Trump’s campaign HQ opened in my state I walked in and volunteered. I had never done campaign work and didn’t know what to expect. The only person in the building was an old Jewish guy running the office. He and I were all Trump had those first few weeks and we spent hours on the phone calling people, helping them get registered to vote and encouraging other supporters who came in.

    Across town Bush, Cruz and Rubio had paid GOP staff members and canvassers drumming up support. One day the state Republican co-chair who was a Jewish Cruz supporter stopped by Trump’s office and invited us to lunch. So there I was, sitting between two Jews, one a leader of the GOP in my state and the other Trump’s top campaign guy. It became clear very quickly that these two men were long-time allies fighting the dominate Democrat machine in my state and now the situation put them temporarily at odds with each other.

    The meeting was heated at first, but once some assurances were made that candidate Trump would be treated fairly by the state GOP the conversation shifted away from local politics. Almost everything discussed from then on was Jewish centered including measures to prevent a Palestinian State, Trump’s comments about Israel and what a Clinton presidency would mean for Jews. Both men displayed an open loyalty to Israel and their primary concern was their tribe, the US and its people were generally an afterthought.

    As a younger man and as a newcomer I remained quiet at this meeting and chose instead to observe and learn. Two things stuck with me that day. First, the tribal mentality and perspective of cultural hierarchy these men freely shared and even took for granted I, as a White man of European descent, was forbidden to speak of or even mention on equal terms without being branded a Nazi or a racist. Second, we cannot continue to rely on such men to govern us if we want our race and cultural heritage survive.

    • “…When Trump’s campaign HQ opened in my state I walked in and volunteered. I had never done campaign work and didn’t know what to expect. The only person in the building was an old Jewish guy running the office…”

      Somebody had to spy on them and see what Trump was up to.

  28. The problem with Jews isn’t that they are over-represented in the ruling elite, but they are over-represented in the bust-out/extraction faction of the elite. Just looking at the junk bond fiasco in the 80s, the main perpetrators were Ivan Boesky, Dennis Levine, and Michael Milken. These guys didn’t want to join the WASP club; they were actively hostile to the Boston Brahman caste and wrecked lives and trust permanently (a lot of young Jewish malefactors tangential to the high-yield scandal were just cutting their teeth at Lehman and Goldman Sachs in the 80s and would go on to almost destroy world markets in the 2000s).

    Also, I have to disagree that with power and ruling comes more scrutiny. Power and money mean that (unless you court the limelight, a la Trump) your life and your doings are as private as you want them to be. Marcel Reich (the Mark Rich pardoned by Bill Clinton) used to brag that before he got busted, the AP only had one grainy photo of him on file.

    Important also to remember is that Jews are subdivided between the descendants of German aristocracy (sometimes dangerous/hostile to WASPs) and a rabidly vengeful contingent of shtetl and Russian Jews who hear the hoofbeat of the approaching Cossack and the lash of the Czar’s whip in everything the goyim do. Paul Gottfried has written more about this than anyone else I know of.

  29. I think you’d be well served reading some of Kevin MacDonald’s work on the subject of Jewish Evolutionary Psychology. The conspiracy bogeyman is just a means of describing or, more often, discrediting the depiction of a naturally occurring phenomenon in a heavily ethnocentric and long-time cosmopolitan group. Political power is one of their fortes because they would not have survived as an urbanized diaspora without that capacity to court the elites and operate as middle-men on their behalf.

    The problem of modernity is that Jews have increasingly become an elite unto themselves and have shown that they are not entirely suited for the role. Kristol and the neocons are the right camp while the radical left has a much longer running connection to Jewish power. That the left is becoming increasingly hostile to Israel doesn’t concern them so much because prominent Jews still hold their purse strings, contributing over half the donation money to the DNC.

    Putting a finger on the exact problem with the Jewish elite in the West, I think you hit the high point. Jews are absolutely not interested in self-sacrifice for anyone but other Jews. You’ll hear endless stories about the philanthropic efforts of Jewish billionaires, but in almost every case the money is going to some clearly crooked political influence peddling operation or to an explicitly Jewish charity. Civilization is breaking up in the West because Westerners are no longer in sufficient control over their own nations to make the kind of sacrifices that could spare them the coming turmoil.

    Being able to deflect criticism by “placing Jews outside the realm of legitimate debate,” is what got them this far. So I very much doubt they will change their minds about that any time soon. It seems much more likely to me that they will simply run afoul of their own myriad commitments built atop a dwindling base of European productivity. And in case you think this is a blind spot, it isn’t. They’ve been keen to improve their ties with China and India since at-least the early 00’s.

    • It is strange. Some Jewish intellectuals, namely the neocons, seem to get that it is in their best interest for America to thrive. My guess is they may just like the weather better than Israel. Still, they get that far, but then advocate for policies that have proven destructive to America. On the other hand, there are Jewish intellectuals who don’t seem to have noticed that they are running out of places to go. India? China? Best of luck fellas. Those cultures will never embrace Jews in any numbers. And Israel without a strong US will be wiped out.

      All that said, Jews are smart and adaptive. There are Jewish thinkers assessing the problem and coming to the conclusion that what is best for the Jews is American nationalism. More important, downstream among regular Jewish Americans, there is a growing discontent with neo-liberalism. I know more than a few Jews who want to slam the door in immigration, crack down on the renegade global corporations and bring the culture back to something closer to the 1950’s.

      • “Israel without a strong US will be wiped out.” I wouldn’t bet on that. As you say, “they punch above their weight” and Israel has always managed to do just that. From using German Me-109’s smuggled out of Czechoslovakia to create their first air force, to using (then) antiquated Sherman tanks in the Six-Day and Yom Kippur Wars.

        A more accurate statement would be “Europe without a strong US will be wiped out.” That I would not debate.

        • Though when and if the moslems get control of France or the UK, which have thermonuclear weapons, Israel will be staring at the abyss….

          • Oh, I suspect the “preemptive strike” doctrine would come into play well before the abyss came in sight.

        • I think that the number of democracies doing business with Israel would be vanishingly small without the American boot on their throat.

        • My theory, shared by no one, is that Israel would be exponentially more formidable the fewer the friends they had.

      • China’s immigration policy is refreshingly simple. Loyal Han Chinese, whatever their country of birth, and absolutely no one else….

      • Look into Plan Andinia (, a conspiracy theory of course, but one that has traction down here. A few months ago I was in the Amazon region of Perú along with a group of Israeli soldiers who’d recently completed their tour of duty. We had some very interesting conversations (in English and Spanish both) and they seemed astounded that an old non-Jewish guy was so conversant on history and contemporary politics. Two of them asked if I weren’t actually Jewish, a question I’ve been hearing since secondary school long, long ago, almost always from folks who have no idea how condescending such a question comes off.

      • I’d just point out that the “American success,” the Neocons were promoting wasn’t the same kind that Americans of the same era were interested in. Neocons wanted a controlling interest in right-wing politics in order to suppress the Old RIght (eg. Buchanan), who were at odds with liberalism, interventionism, and so forth. So, with that in mind, I think it would be fair to say the Neocons too were just doing what was “good for the Jews,” as well.

        This is why I suggested above that, I find it dubious that Jews have historically policed their own in order to cultivate a more generally inoffensive and palatable presence in politics. At the time the neocons rose to prominence, there were no shortage of right wing Americans who saw the coup as an extremely blatant snubbing of their interests. There has never been, I don’t think, a shortage of chutzpah in Jewish politics.

        Of course, I do think you’re on to something with your estimation that neither China nor India are an effective port of call for Jews. I have more skepticism about the proposition that American nationalism will receive a fair hearing from many Jews with political influence, but that will be revealed to us in due time. Trump is the obvious bellwether in this regard.

        I don’t observe the same skepticism of neoliberalism from the Jews I know, but I am aware that many are afraid of Muslim immigration in particular. Unfortunately, Muslim immigration is just the tip of the demographic iceberg for the Americans. Jews will also need to realize that, even if the gates and closed and all immigration stops, there will not be 20 years left on the American Experiment simply due to birth-rates and the age of the white population.

        1950s America was a function of the population being 90%+ European derived. That can’t even be approximated without policies that the overwhelming number of influential Jews consider to be well beyond the pale for any country but Israel. So either the opinions of those Jews will be changed, owed to the peer pressure from the Jews you mentioned, or they’ll get to take their chances with the Zuckerbergs in Beijing.

      • Neocons don’t give a shit about America. Their goal isn’t to help America, but to influence the government when the Right is in charge so as to benefit Israel. Usually by going to war with some regional threat, costing us trillions of $$ and thousands of lives.

        • “will never embrace Jews”

          No culture has ever embraced jews except post-MSM Western nations. Jews don’t operate by making friends, they operate by making themselves useful to the elites especially as a means to funnel wealth from the non-elites to the elites (taking a good share of course.) Our love of jews & israel is only due to constant programming from a media monopoly. It isn’t a coincidence that the breakdown of that monopoly due to technology is happening at the same time as rising anti-semitism. To know them is to hate them.

    • It can hardly be disputed that Jews have gone from contributing to parasitizing Western society in the last 50 years, particularly by laying eggs in the form of mass 3d world immigration that is destroying the West.

    • Some unironically say “Hitler did nothing wrong” what with the 6 gorillion I never seriously considered this. I think it is time for reconsideration.

  30. “…they have a duty to defend the culture that is the foundation of their status.”

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”. Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

      • Perhaps. “The only statement I care to make about the quote is that it fits in with what is going on. The quote is 15 years old, and the quote has fit the world situation up to this time.”

        When did Zman deputize you to thought police the comments TS? Congrats on your new station.

        • When somebody litters on the commons one can shrug because it isn’t his, or pick it up because it’s the commons. I’ve done both. But it’s still litter. Nobody around here believes Netanyahu is so stupid as to say that even if he believed it. Especially if he believed it. That’s Hillary territory.

        • Perhaps I should threaten to throw you off a rooftop? Is that more to your liking as a typical leftist? Now get lost.

        • So rather than admit it’s BS, you assert the Dan Rather defense:
          “Fake, but accurate.”

          • Sweet Boomerposts guys. Or are they (((Boomerposts)))?

            I sure enjoy being lectured about “muh respectability” by the those who drove the car into the ditch and now want to assert their moral superiority. You’re like the Oathcuckers (the ANTIFA of the right) enforcing the orthodoxy which got us here, while impotently decrying the decay under their watch with a pot belly, bellicosity, and an AR. The causative reasons for the nation’s death are staring you right in the face and you possess the willful blindness of the coward. You refuse throw off the decades of unrelenting (((programming))) because you selfishly hope the wheels stay on long enough that you can soak up the last dime of SSI before dying comfortably in the bankrupt 2nd World shithole you are leaving your descendants.

            Getting out of the GD way is the least you can do. At this late date no one cares about your moral judgements but you. It only convinces those who don’t want to live in Norte Brazil that you are part of the problem….the citizen versions of the traitor John McCain. It’s fucking sad.

      • The US should have glassed the shitty little country after the attack on the Liberty,

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