The Mid-Wife Crisis

Here’s an anecdote to consider. In my most recent travels, I was told by friends about a woman we know. She is about to leave her husband, who we also know. The two of them are in their mid-to-late-40’s and their children are teenagers. The man is just a normie, who was happy to live his live as a conventional man. His wife, in contrast, had sampled the narcotic of feminism in college. In marriage, she went from being a college feminist to being a petite bourgeoisie feminist, living in a comfortable suburb.

The women who never move past college feminism tend toward a strange hypocrisy in married life. They adopt the lifestyle of June Cleaver, but rant and rave about women’s issue to anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot. During elections, for example, they are sure that some candidate is plotting to stuff their uterus with Bibles and sew their legs shut. They also over-indulge in the artsy lifestyle. The women in question was into local theater and visual arts, aping the modern carny aesthetic.

In the case of this particular woman, it also meant embracing the latest Progressive lunacies. Her daughter declared herself a lesbian in high school and is now demanding everyone pretend she is a male. One son was put on female hormones, even though he displayed no signs of insanity. It’s child abuse, of course, but it is the latest thing for middle-aged feminist loonies. Of course, she has gone overboard into social activism, almost all of which revolves around the crotch. Feminism is mostly a crotch fetish now.

We tend to think of feminism as a young woman’s game, but the real damage done to society is by the middle-aged feminists. They are like the post-graduate drug dealers that hang around high school kids, offering them booze and drugs. Not content with having thrown their own lives away, they give meaning to their lives by helping the next generation destroy itself. That’s the modern feminist. Her singular purpose is to pass the virus onto the next generation, while simultaneously ruining the lives of her peers.

When you step back from the rhetoric, feminism has always been a tantrum against biological reality. Nature has assigned narrow roles to the sexes. Men are wired to mate as often as possible with as many females as possible. Women, in contrast, are built to select a high status male and keep him around for protection of themselves and their off-spring. The pair-bonding we see outside of sub-Saharan Africa is a delicate balance that requires a complex social structure to maintain. Feminism is a tirade against this reality.

The reason feminism may have such a strong effect on middle-aged women is a combination of biological reality and modern youth culture. Women usually start having their babies in their mid-20’s. Some wait longer, but by mid-30’s most women are done with babies. This means that middle-aged women, like the one discussed at the start, coming to the end of their biological road in their 40’s. They created life and brought it to the point where it can take care of itself, so hey no longer have an obvious role.

That’s one half. The other half and maybe the real cause of this late onset lunacy we call feminism, is youth culture. Everyone feels the cold shoulder of our youth obsessed modern societies. For the longest time, men were accused of having mid-life crises, where they would get in better physical shape, buy a sports car and maybe trade the old lady in for a younger model. This is not all wrong, Most men reading this who are over 40 know exactly what this means. You’re no longer young and it kinda sucks, but you deal with it.

Women have a much more difficult problem in our modern youth culture. Men can still get women well into their old age. All they need is money and just enough to impress a younger women. There’s a reason old rich guys have young hot wives or girlfriends. Just ask our president about that. Old guys can still make babies too. I know a few men who started having kids in their late 40’s. Their wives were in their early 30’s. Put less delicately, a man still has a reason to exist well into his old age, socially and biologically.

The middle-aged woman therefore runs out of road in her 40’s and looks around wondering why she is suddenly invisible. Young men are not interested, even if she has money. Men her age are lusting after young flesh. That’s the biology. Then there is the fact that there’s no longer an important social role for women in their middle years. In a prior age, a woman would enter these years helping her children prepare themselves for marriage and settled life. Today, those tasks are turned over to schools and pop culture.

Feminism, at least for middle-aged women, may simply be a manifestation of the mid-life crisis. These females are like wasps in fall. The queen wasp has stopped laying eggs and the males are no longer needed to gather food for the hive. So, they go a bit bonkers and that’s why every public trash barrel has a million wasps around it. They have a brief orgy of self-indulgence before they die. Middle-aged women, finding themselves with no obvious purpose, take up the mania of feminism. It is their mid-wife crisis.

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  1. This is the age real women reaped the fruits of their labors as grandparents – but since the feminist have done their children out of any desire for a married lifestyle and/or having children ……….

  2. “When you step back from the rhetoric, feminism has always been a tantrum against biological reality. ”

    This. This is what I’ve pointed out to my wife (not a feminist; SAHM), that feminists are just raging at reality. And to go larger, leftists are raging at reality. They rage at the reality of race, economics, etc. ad nauseum. They may as well be raging at the sun for shining.

    They truly are science/reality deniers.

  3. The point of bringing up “The Lion in Winter” is that it’s a nice intro to 2 remarkable people in English history,Henry II and his Queen,Eleanor of Aquitane. Their tempestuous relationship illustrates Zman’s point of biological reality. Men are wired to mate often and with many females,while women seek a high-status male for personal protection and that of their offspring. Eleanor bore Henry 8 children,5 of them males,an enormous accomplishment in itself in 12th century England. How many Kingdoms have been thrown into chaos for lack of male heirs? There was another Henry later on who sent 2 of his Queens to the headsman’s block for inability to produce sons. One would have assumed Eleanor had secured a place by Henry II’s side after being so fruitful,but no,his affairs were numerous thruout their marriage,and he was open and unapologetic about it. (It’s good to be King). Three of their boys went on to become King. Richard the Lionheart everyone has heard of,but their youngest, King John,who inherited none of his parent’s considerable talents,is the hapless doofus who was forced to sign a little document known as the Magna Carta.

    It’s rumored that Eleanor had Rosamond,Henry’s favorite mistress,poisoned.

    Interesting that though both Henry and Eleanor had the means to kill one another,they did not.

  4. Has anyone else noticed a trend among young, college educated urbanite feminists under the age of 40 where they get into relationships with guys who are rather easy going, i.e. beta males, or turn lesbian, and then adopt dogs and treat them like their human kids? I live in San Francisco and you see this kind of set up EVERYWHERE. It was the same when I lived in Manhattan and to a lesser degree in Charlotte, NC.

    • And, I gotta say this – if there is anything more pathetic than an elderly lesbian – I have yet to see it.

  5. All living things are creatures of habit, and most habits are hardwired during our formative years. The tantrum habit (in either sex) is one of the most insidious and debilitating behaviors that one can be afflicted with; but in women, this is a ticking time bomb. Feminist anger is merely a convenient outlet for the public exercise of pitching a fit, and generally is about getting worked up enough to release some endorphins (poor substitute for an orgasm). This problem used to be easily solved with a sharp backhand, but now that will get your ass tossed into the hoosegow.

  6. “When you step back from the rhetoric, feminism has always been a tantrum against biological reality.”
    Toxic Penis Envy?

  7. Someone get these women some grandchildren STAT. Seriously, that’s what they need to stay sane.

  8. I’m guessing most of you guys don’t know many women.

    There is a reason cougars are popular.

    Men are subject to the same biological issues as women. It is unsafe for a man to have children after 30.

    • I used to prefer older women. There’s an upper limit on that.

      Cougars are popular if they’re especially attractive and put a lot of maintenance work in. And then, only for fun.

      Not the same biological issues. We can still generally actually produce the necessary material long after women cannot. It DOES start to face viability issues on an ascending scale but we’re not talking all the cells are gone here. 30 is also too early. For any value of ‘unsafe’ I can fathom, of course.

  9. Gee willickers, Z man. I was innoculated against femnist marxism as a little girl when my mother died. Now in my 50s my only mid life crisis is what to make for dinner and whether my grand kids are sleeping over. Life is grand. And I only have an honorary high school diploma.

    • Righto, Jewel. I am in my mid-sixties, a traditionalist and relish having the least amount to do possible. So far, I have stayed out of mischief without joining the hospital auxiliary. In my forties, fifties and even early sixties, I was occupied with teenagers and adult children.

  10. I don’t know if anyone else covered this but there was more than one respectable and useful outlet for women this age once upon a time but we’ve replaced those functions with the welfare state.

    Women could help out with their family. Either living in the home (if they were single) or coming over every day. That was just part of what they could do. Volunteering for important and useful jobs was also a big part. Communities used to have many different organizations, committees, and clubs that offered all kinds of functions.

    My wife used to join those (this was at the tail end of their real usefulness) and clothes, food, shelter, furniture, and events were constantly being found or organized for individuals and the community.

    Now these groups are mostly redundant and since we’re all bowling alone the events, greetings, etc are just not done. In a homogenous community of civic minded folks you can have a welcome wagon, ice cream social, and a Fourth of July committee. Now you cannot.

    • I was going to say something similar. There still are plenty of places to volunteer time towards community causes for middle-aged women who don’t work.

      You are right that their used to be far more before the left decided that “society” = government in all things.

  11. This discussion brings to mind the James Goldman play “The Lion in Winter”,and its excellent film version with Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn. I think many feminists see themselves as the Eleanor of Aquitane that Hepburn portrayed-strong,witty,able to hold her own against O’Toole’s formidable Henry II. The thing modern feminists are blind to is the genuine love and respect the two had,despite their very real intrigues against one another. The dialogue is fiction,but not the reality. The haggard harridans who make up the modern feminist movement are a blight to man and womankind. What a waste.

    • Katherine Hepburn? Brrrrrrrrrr! Can’t stand that androgynous harpy. Never understood what Hollywood or fans saw in her.

    • What the feminists don’t realize is that Eleanor’s insistence on having her own way led her husband to exile her. Rather than enjoy an old age together (with, probably, some royal dalliance – strictly out of sight of the old dear, for her sake), she held firm – and, lived in isolation.
      Worse, her attitude poisoned her children, who grew up warped and stunted. No parent can feel successful if their children have not good character.

  12. When you understand that women serve 3 basic functions in life, everything else falls in place. They are the gateway into this universe (very important), they are the primary providers for the new protoplasm until the children can care for themselves, and they are here to make life as UNNECESSARILY DIFFICULT as possible.

    Women are herd animals. Well, all humans are, but women especially so. They create their own hierarchy within the female community. The pecking order is based on status and shame. Remember that feminism follows three fundamental rules of human nature. Firstly, P.T. Barnum’s rules, especially the one that you can fool all the people some of the time. Secondly, society is like an aircraft carrier. It takes a long time to change course and just as long to bring it back to the original heading, hence the almost 50 year arc of feminism from equal pay to transgender use of restrooms. Thirdly, misery loves company. I think this one should be the slogan for feminism. “Feminism! Because misery loves company.”

  13. Most of the men reading this post have friend(s) in similar circumstances. I have watched several of my male friends who married “strong” women get dumped in their late 40s.

    I have some sympathy for men of our generation who find themselves in this situation. The Internet didn’t exist when we were in college, and there certainly was no readily accessible men’s movement back then.

    Today’s young men get no sympathy if they make the mistake of marrying a feminist. There is no shortage of resources available online to educate themselves about the consequences of making that choice. These young feminists need to be shunned and called out as the unlovable beasts they are.

  14. That’s as good an explanation of the Female Culture as I’ve ever read.
    BTW, I’m 66. Never went through the “Oh, NO! I’m OLD!” panic that so many did. I’m recently retired, and am working on developing a professional writing career (after teaching Chemistry and Physics for many years).
    I have a husband, and truly treasure him. I look forward to a long life together as seniors. Can’t imagine why women want to dump a perfectly good man.

  15. My thought is that women are almost all Good Little Girls that believe everything they are taught. Today Good Little Girls are taught feminism and other lies and it is ruining their lives.

    Men and boys understand that most of what they are taught is ruling-class bullshit.

  16. A very selfish view of “the womens’ movement”, if I may: Young, beautiful women roaming the aisles between 1st class and business offering drinks and wonderful fantasies. Suddenly, overweight, middle aged, pasty white cold bitches throwing peanuts at everyone. I still miss Braniff.

  17. Feminism was never about emancipation. It was a shit test by women to see how much they could get away with until men told them “Enough”, just like you do to children who throw temper tantrums when they dont get their way. And look at how much they have gotten away with. Every modern ill we have today: SWJ culture, Juvenile delinquency, fatherless homes, uncontrolled immigration, welfare state, LGBTQMKH, equality doctrine etc all stem from societies allowing women to run amok with little or no restraint, while at the same time bearing no responsibility for their “activities”. The actions of these Mid-Wife babies ie I mean women is clearly linked to the cultural suicide that is clearly destroying whatever is left of west civilization at least in the US & Europe until the muslims take over. They seem to be the only ones who understand female nature & ever ready to take steps no matter how draconian to keep “women” in check

  18. Their not being able to have kids can be changed. Look at this article.

    Mice embryos from skin cells and by 2037 human embryos from skin cells

    Of course the dark side of this for Women is that with the new artificial wombs, the link below is one with a lamb in it, Men will no longer need Women to have kids. When this happens Men and Women will be truly equal and it will be very interesting on how exactly society will handle this. Combine Men able to choose to have children on their own, sex robots and I think a lot of Women will really not like it.

    • There is a good possibility that at this point, having no use for us, men will simply kill us all off.

      • No, we actually like being around women and need the female energy they/you emanate or we feel insane. If women aren’t sweet to us, the energy-flow is messed up. We’re glad when sweet women are also intelligent, because this gives the energy a higher wavelength or something. Sweetness is the necessity, intelligence a bonus.

        • What I have gleaned from the comments here and in previous posts: women destroy civilization through hypergamy, are unthinking herd animals good only for procreation, have only those rights men deign to allow them, by their very tainted nature need strong restraints (up to and including enslavement), are dangerous when educated and exist to make life difficult. I have my doubts you would keep us around when our main functions could be delegated to robots and artificial wombs.

          • I believe Maureen Dowd wrote a book which concluded with women ridding themselves of men once they had that whole parthenogenesis thing figured out.

            It’s another interesting subset to the current problem set. You get rid of life’s existential imperatives (more and more every day!), and what then happens to relationships, cultures, societies, and polities? So if the two sexes have no need of each other to further the species, what happens next?

            Larry Niven’s A World Out of Time offers a somewhat tongue in cheek answer to the question, if you are looking for some diversion.

          • Not “you” personally, Bunny — I’m sure you’re very sweet. (Most of us like to take walks in the park with women, and other things of that sort which can’t be done with robots. Well, I guess it will at some point be possible to take a walk in the park with a robot, but it just wouldn’t be the same thing. And, come to think of it, having sex with an unconscious being wouldn’t be the same thing either. The after-sex cuddling certainly wouldn’t be as pleasant.)

          • I have read the same comments, without similar conclusions. We understand through several thousand years of example the spectacular deficiencies of men, and the disadvantages women may experience through that. Now, for the first time, we are experiencing what lays under the rock of full female empowerment. It would be even more fascinating were I studying it from another era but my own. Nobody can foresee the consequences either of what he destroys, or of what he constructs. We will not survive this, and likely we shouldn’t. Freedom is a dirty word. Men must be slaves to something, or they become slaves to everything.

          • I said my wife had no college. I didn’t say she doesn’t know anything. Before we married I told her I didn’t like to handle money. She took care of paying the bills, arranging the investments, and has made a lot of property transactions where all I have to do is sign the papers. Thanks Thanks to this I was able to concentrate on my career and retire early.
            I think the lack of indoctrination at a major university is a huge plus. Education doesn’t make you smart, nature does. And baby, you ain’t got it.

          • “…women destroy civilization through hypergamy, are unthinking herd animals…etc…etc…”

            I think a lot of this is because Women say they’re liberated but they’re not. They’re either living off of their Fathers, some Man or the government. If you look at it from that perspective then you can see why Men say Women are out of control. There’s quite a lot of hostility towards Men today by a Women who are not paying their own way. They’re not being part of society as the traditional Wives and Mothers yet they still expect the respect that Wives and Mothers “earned” by raising children and being a valuable part of a household. Of course I’m not saying “all” Women don’t pay their own way but the numbers are extremely high.

            To Men Women’s attacks on them sound just like the Negros attacks on Whites while Whites fund damn most all of their ability to live in a Civilization. Without us the Negros would be living in the Congo.

            It’s not Men want to get rid of W Omen. I think most of us are tired of your complaining about you’re status in society while not doing much in the way of raising it yourself. Women just want :status” because…they’re Women. It doesn’t work that way.

            It will interesting what happens when Men can control their own raising of children. I suspect that Women will stop complaining so much and try to get along with us better after a a few decades of loud rebellion.

            It will also change society and make it solely dependent on Men. In the past Sparta, I believe, fell apart because they ran out of Spartans. We know the Spartans numbers declines. I assume Spartan Women refused to have children.

      • If there are no women, we’ll kill ourselves off.

        A wonderful little story by James R. Kelly, “Men Are Trouble”, in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine:
        Seventy years after the aliens arrived, Earth remains in a steep economic depression. Nobody wants to work; suicide and abortion are rampant.

        What the aliens did upon their arrival was so terrible that none will speak about those times.
        So sudden, and so terrible, that one third of the human race committed suicide before the next day’s dawn.

        “Forget it,” they tell the young ones, “you couldn’t possibly understand.” They remember something that the young will never know.

        What they remember…. is Men.

        Dim memories as little girls, of fathers and brothers.
        And the oldest- not many of them left- remember something called “husbands”– whatever that was!

      • I’ve thought the same thing! I do not think men will keep us here, once they can produce offspring w/o us. Why would they?

  19. At the risk of clogging up your comments with self-promotion, allow me to point towards a blog post I wrote recently concerning the well-known feminist journalist Laurie Penny who, having been raped by a scumbag at the age of 19, found the older women whose company they kept – who she describes as “strong feminists” – told her it was all her fault. My concluding paragraph:

    I write this partly because the damage these so-called feminists do to impressionable young women is shameful, and twofold: firstly they encourage women to make extremely poor decisions which are very difficult to reverse, and then they deny them the ability to deal with what has happened and move on. Instead they fill their heads with the same garbage that got them into the mess in the first place and encourage them to preach the same poison to the younger generation – as Penny is now doing. Her brand of politically-charged feminism is going to make it more likely impressionable young women get raped because she is presenting ordinary, decent men as rapists and encouraging them to adopt the same misguided attitudes towards sex, friendship, and social interaction that landed her in such trouble. She’s learned something from her experience, but alas she ought to have learned a lot more.

    • I think some of it stems from the fact that too many women seek approval from their Alpha led group. Remember, the worst thing that a woman can suffer is to be excluded and shut out. So most will do anything to be included in the pack,and submit themselves to the Alpha female to get crumbs of approval. Now for the Alpha woman in the pack, it is always in her selfish interest to not let anyone else in the group to compete with her in looks or attention (“Mirror, mirror, on the wall” explains in a nutshell how most women hate anyone competing with them.) So of course the Alpha female is going to destroy the young and naive in her group so they will not divert male attention from her, but still become her little groupies feeding her praise how she is the most prettiest, smartest, and coolest in all the land.

      • Their historical arc suggests they will cull their own herd to extinction.

      • I believe that much of the preening and dressing done by women is not to impress the men, but to help establish the woman in the social hierarchy of her female peers. Women, in part, like “bad boys” because they can use that “bad boy” relationship to establish their own credentials among the women. They can corral these guys and it makes them “strong”. Guys do the same thing, in part with cars. The guys will also attach themselves to harridans, as long as they are “hot”. This is, in part, a statement to the other men in their circle.

      • No, it’s usually just the old bitter hags with mental illnesses, who come back to colleges and indoctrinate new bitter hags with mental illnesses, into their coven. Lather, rinse, repeat.
        Unless it’s changed dramatically since I left college…I doubt it, it still appears to be the same methodology according to the YouTube videos from the campuses of insanity.

  20. We tend to think of feminism as a young woman’s game, but the real damage done to society is by the middle-aged feminists. They are like the post-graduate drug dealers that hang around high school kids, offering them booze and drugs. Not content with having thrown their own lives away, they give meaning to their lives by helping the next generation destroy itself. That’s the modern feminist. Her singular purpose is to pass the virus onto the next generation, while simultaneously ruining the lives of her peers.

    This is an excellent point, one I have observed first-hand. I am currently writing a book based on my experiences with a rather disturbed Russian-American woman living in (where else?) Brooklyn who had made some extremely unwise mating choices in her early twenties. When she discovered her mistake and her life lay in tatters she was only 25 and had plenty of time to recover, but turned to mother figures who were hardcore, third-wave feminists. Rather than getting her back on track they filled her head with feminist shite and convinced her she’d done nothing wrong and anyone who suggests she reflects on her experience, learns from it, and distances herself from the lifestyle that led her to it is a judgemental asshole who she should angrily shout at and tell to fuck off. When I knew her she was 32, still angrily defending her decisions to fuck around in open relationships with middle-aged men ten years earlier. Laughably, she was looking to settle down. One of the main points in my book is the one you make above: the modern feminists, ugly to the very core, exist to drag other women down. It’s both tragic and disgraceful.

    • Those who linger too long in the moon temple of marxist feminism become human sacrifices, their hearts cut out and placed on the altar of the great death goddess.

  21. You hit on the simple reason feminism (and other forms of leftism) are so insane. Leftists criticize social institutions as if they weren’t a reflection of deeper, biological and immutable reality. Goethe said, “Das ur-Bild ist das Bild und das Spiegelung.” In English, “The original image is the image and the reflection.” Biology is the original image and social constructs are the reflection of biological reality. Women who think they can “smash patriarchy” are as smart as people who think punching a person’s reflection in a mirror will destroy the actual person in question.

    Old men are not invisible to younger women, because at some level women understand that these men can still do their part to reproduce (which is really our purpose). Once a woman’s eggs die, she isn’t put out on an ice floe or burnt on a pyre, but she does become invisible. If a woman has any talent or intelligence, she would be grateful (not resentful) for this newfound invisibility. She gets to pursue hobbies and interests without having men constantly try to screw her. Getting a gross satin vagina hat (and putting one on your ten year-old daughter) and yelling at Donald Trump is not going to change millions of years of biology, although Trump does work as a catch-all Devil for all the left’s ills, especially for those childless cat ladies who look at his wife and daughter and see Aryan fertility goddesses.

    • Old men are also not invisible to younger women because they tend to be very good at providing (a home, financial security, and maybe even devotion). These things matter to women, very much so.

  22. “They also over-indulge in the artsy lifestyle. The women in question was into local theater and visual arts, aping the modern carny aesthetic.”

    Sinclair Lewis described the ur-Artsy-Feminist via the character Carol Kennicott in the novel “Main Street” in 1920.

    This behavior has been gestating for a long time.

  23. Funny how you used a wasp analogy. Kinsey was a wasp biologist before he went into sex full time. He took his midlife crisis all the way through a really perverted life and died of sepsis after jacking off with a piece of rope up his urethra.

  24. “They no longer have a role”, that is only true if all female roles must be about themselves. Otherwise, there are plenty of meaningful female roles, particularly family centered. You have no young family relatives in dire need of temporary help/stabilization while your grandkids or grand nephews and nieces are infants in temporary need of near constant care_? Or, you have no elderly relatives in need of occasional regular supervision to ensure that they have their meds straight, etc._?

    The obvious mistake that many males have made recently is to think that the male ‘lower brain’s’ thinking should be paramount over their upper brain’s thinking. Crazy sex in youth will still involve a lot of crazy once the sex dies down, as it inevitably must. You may be the center of attention now, but how long will that particular drama last_? Be assured that ‘drama’ is a drug that only wears off once the female dramatist’s attraction level goes well beyond zero.

    Disclaimer: Males can be dysfunctional jerks too, just in different ways that are seemingly invisible at the time to stupid young females, I guess.

    • Yeah I need to weigh in on this idea of elders not having a role anymore. Men and women both have roles as long as they live, and certainly as long as they have living family, especially younger family.

      Those roles are extremely important. One such role I view as vital is demonstrating to the young not to fear age. Another is the patient sharing of life experiences. Still another is demonstrating and experiencing the importance of family itself. I am very fortunate to still have my Dad, he is 88. We live in different states but we stay in touch. I started noticing in my 40’s the way he made it a point to talk about aging in non-threatening ways. My Mom is also not shy about saying what she thinks. I have become fond of telling folks “parenting never ends”. Don’t tell them they have no role to play. They do, and it’s a vital one.

      The pressures on teenagers and young adults now is absolutely shocking, and IMO much of it has to do with role confusion and purpose-of-life. The need has never been greater for guidance and the haven of a firm, loving and grounded family. Our (now adult) children got (and still get) to see first hand my relationship with my parents, and my wife’s relationship with hers, and with my siblings and their kids, and wife’s siblings / kids and so on. Family: the original support group.

    • Childless 50 year old lady here. I wanted to weigh in on the idea that we have no role beyond fertility. This is only true for the non-Christians. Also, I agree with Al that there aren’t really roles that involve us getting sunshine pumped up our ass for being beautiful or “badass” (as idiot feminists say–how I hate that term). If Z went to church he would notice that the bulk of the work serving the community is done by middle-aged women (and men–they do different things). We are usually still healthy and vigorous, but we don’t have children at home so we’re freer to give our time. My church relies absolutely on us gals of a certain age for cooking, cleaning, child-tending, gardening, and beautifying. Some of the other ladies complain about the lack of participation by younger women, but I don’t mind. I like having something important to do.

      Menopause is really a lot like puberty, but in reverse. It’s being bombarded and buffeted with a crazy hormone storm that very much reminds me of when the hormones first came online. I had always heard all sorts of melodramatic moaning about how terrible it all is. It made me determined to not act like an idiot when my turn came, as it now has. I get it when I see women losing their ever-loving minds, being terribly unhappy. It’s intense at times, and requires adjustment. But it’s nothing to be a drama queen about.

  25. I think you have left out the most important evil of Feminism. And that is hatred for babies. It’s why they enshrine abortion. It’s also the one thing that women can do that men cannot. So let’s convince women not to do that.

    It is truly funny, as an internet acquaintance has a daughter that took up with a lesbian. They planned to get married and even went off to Germany together. They came back and it fell apart. The daughter’s new boyfriend is a guy. The mom is clearly thrilled but she had to virtue signal that it was because it’s so hard to be a lesbian in today’s society. The real reason she is thrilled is because she wants grandkids and won’t admit it.

    • Interestingly, the average “lesbian” in modern society has had about 10 different male sex partners, more than the average non-lesbian woman. It would be hard being a lesbian if you constantly have different Ps in your V.

  26. These women are dark holes of unhappiness and depletion. Perhaps if they could have made some sacrifices for the sake of others in a more traditional lifestyle they would have some joy to show for it. They are barren of love in every way.

  27. . One son was put on female hormones, even though he displayed no signs of insanity. It’s child abuse, of course, but it is the latest thing for middle-aged feminist loonies.

    Are you serious? Can a parent (and doctor) force this onto a boy who has never expressed any interest in being a “transgender”?

    If this is true, both the parents and the medical professionals involved should be prosecuted for assault. Yes, assault is the appropriate definition of the crime of inflicting physical changes onto an individual without their consent.

    • I get the impression this woman is trying to fill the void created by her inadequate parenting with virtue signaling.

  28. “The pair-bonding we see outside of sub-Saharan Africa is a delicate balance that requires a complex social structure to maintain.”

    That’s the long and short of it. As the norms punishing defection from traditional pair-bonding were taken out, the whole structure began to unravel. Civilization cannot long survive uncivilized behavior, including ersatz natural behaviors like female hypergamy and male polygamy.

    • I’m starting to wonder of this is all bad. Given the extreme human extinction risks of A.I. and gene engineering not even including virtual reality, sex bits and hundreds of other technologies, maybe a Dark Age with some degree of dysgenic stupidity might even end up saving the human species as a whole from itself.

      It won’t help us if a dinosaur killer comes along but you can’t everything I guess.

  29. I’m going to dox myself with this comment, but this story reminds me of something I was talking about with my tai-tai the other day. We were both attending a certain Midwestern university in the 90’s when a foreign student snapped and murdered several fellow students, a bunch of professors and a dean of student affairs. He also shot and paralyzed a student that had roomed with a girl I went to high school with.

    Many years after the incident I read a book about it. What I remember the most is how the wife of one of the murdered professors had run out on him to travel the world and “find herself”. After he was dead she showed back up at the university to pretend how important he was and how great their relationship was and how deeply deeply she felt the pain of the other victims. After she made a big ostentatious display of compassion she was no doubt back on that worldwide tour finding herself once again. That has ever since struck me as the most ignominious end a man could conceive of. Cucked, abandoned, murdered and tossed into the ground while the woman who ditched you shows up to make everyone feel sorry for her.

    • The weird thing is, she probably believed most of the fairy tale she built up.

    • And the moral of that story for men is: don’t get cucked, bite the big one and take the red pill, after all its about improving as a man, something which does not involve a woman at all. Once you have improved, the women come to you.

    • I’ve witnessed a similar situation. A wife divorced her first husband of about 20 years who was faithful but boring, went to live with a brutal man who knocked her front teeth out, and went running back to her former husband, who took her back for the sake of the kids. She later left him again, and now, decades later, she goes on and on to her grown-up children about how she always only loved one man, her first love, her original husband. Spare me.

      • It’s definitely one of those events that makes you forever remember “where you were”. I was lucky to be eating lunch off-campus at this diner near my apartment. There was this pissy little snow falling at the time too as I recall.

  30. have read that 70% (or 80% in some articles) of all divorces are initiated by women.

    • I’ll bet it’s really almost 100%, if you take into consideration the months of marriage-poisoning all-but-programmatic castrating bitchiness on the wife’s part that would lead most of that minority of male divorce-“initiators” to formally “initiate” the divorce. If divorce is socially possible, a woman will first try to bully the man into formally initiating it; if that doesn’t work, she’ll do so herself.

      • Depending on which study one cites, adultery is still the number one or number two reason for divorce. Men outperform women in that arena. Anecdotally, every divorce I know of has been initiated by women due to their spouse’s infidelity or addiction.

        • I would agree. The question is, what sends him off to stray? Sometimes it is opportunity, and sometimes it is the cold rejection at home. Some women are receptive to their mate always, some at certain times, and others not at all any more. The lack of the wife’s sexual receptivity will send the husband astray, every time. I suspect that sometimes the wife will kick in to “rejection always” mode to initiate the separation process that she wants, but so it will play out in such a way that she is the more sympathetic partner.

          • we are only as god made us 😛

            also, we XY are only a specialized kind of female (back me up on this TPdoc)

          • If the wife is consistently really happy about the act with the husband, he is much less likely to seek variety. Can’t speak for the other way around, being male and all. My own experience, YMMV.

          • Several years back there was a book published by a former high end escort. I forget the name but in the book the author wrote that in her experience and that of other women working in that field, over 90% of their customers were married men between the ages of 45-65. These men spent rather sizable sums of money to see young, pretty and educated escorts because they were tired of their wives but didn’t want to or couldn’t afford a divorce.

        • “Or addiction” is pretty loose. A couple of beers a night, maybe? A joint or two in the evenings? The husband’s supposed infidelity isn’t the occasion for divorce in most cases, and anyway it doesn’t justify divorce. No way should “he cheated on me!” be accepted as an excuse for divorce. That’s all it is — an excuse, an occasion, the one the wife’s probably been waiting for, for a long time.

        • would you say these men had conspicuous wealth? that would tie into the thesis that men with money have more options than women with money.

        • Anecdotally every single divorce (except one) I know was due to the woman filing because she was cheating on her husband and wanted his money or was bored, or didn’t want the kids anymore, or was bored and wanted to get her groove back, or was pissed because the husband was doing things and she was bored.

          I’ve seen far more divorces than you.

      • That sounds familar. My own mother wrecked her marriage with her vituperativeness, then lashed out at my father for not being communicative. She was impatient for conflict and imagined infidelity, too, so she retained a lawyer and filed for divorce.

        All this began to play out when I was about 12 or 13 and my brother, about 10 or 11. She couldn’t have picked a worse time in our lives, of course, and all along she played both the victim and the selfless martyr, telling us, “I’m doing this for you kids”. The court approved the divorce when I was 17, at which point the man hater promptly had a emotional meltdown. Having received everything she’d demanded, she flinched. So a reconciliation was attempted, but she was as unrepentant as ever. The divorce was finalized at about the same time as my graduation a year later.

        I mentioned that mother was a man hater by which I meant to suggest her habit of bad mouthing men frequently. (The only woman who qualified for such hostility was her own overbearing mother.) This went on for years, and along the way, back in the 90’s, she decided also that she was no longer satisfied with the divorce settlement. This motivated her to call my father’s office and spread rumors that he wasn’t honoring the agreement. The court disagreed once contrary evidence was presented, and with that most of his suffering at her hands came to an end.

        By the time mother died about 7 yrs ago I had seen her just once in the previous six years, and I didn’t speak to her at all during the final four years of her life. I skipped the funeral and haven’t seen or spoken to the brother either since about a year prior to her death. We had our own issues, esp. with his habitually smart mouth. Perhaps it was a manifestation of our stressful family situation, but I suspect origins native to his character and mentality. The final straw was during a vacation when a petty issue prompted a nasty put down from him. It occured about a month after I’d lost a job at a firm which failed and involved ridiculing me for not having found another job yet. His life was pretty good at the time, and I decided then and there that I was going to remove him from my own life without further quarrel or expanation.

        The relationship with my father, too, deteriorated as I came to terms with his career as an AFSCaMiE parasite
        in the Democrats’ machine. (He was a Marine, as well.) We had lived in a big rust belt city that went bankrupt years later thanks in no small part to a black mayor whom dear dad defended from criticism by other relatives. He worked in a department devoted ostensibly to community and economic dvelopment, then he retired comfortably to a balmy Atlantic state. What a guy, huh? Imagine having all that on your resume AND the temerity to recite frequently the old cliché about people who live in glass houses not throwing stones.

        Imagine also having to figure out the hard way that your father lost his front teeth not because of some accident at a baseball game, as he declared when you were young, but because he’s an oily mama’s boy who, once upon a time, was punched on the mouth by some helpful person who tried to administer a correction. Imagine further that you figure out only in your 30’s why your father never taught you how to fight. (It’s a shortcoming since rectified with lessons in kung fu and krav maga.)

        So it seems that I lost the family lottery. Oh, well. Others have experienced much worse, and this world is not some kind of standing conspiracy against me and justice. Stuff happens to us because we deserve it, and I’m not the only one stuck paying enourmous debts accumulated so that Democrats could grab a few more votes, and so that my father and other persons like him can live in luxury far above their past productivity. My point of ending on this note is to suggest that we ought not to burn much lamp oil while writing complaints about feminists, progs, and other hazards. Better to suspect our own culpability for our situations and to give up vices, e.g. secularism and drinking. If our efforts are fruitful enough, the cosmos will reward us with opportunities to smack down and break up organizations like AFSCME and the Democrats. If not, we will have nonetheless the benefits of a little vice extirpated from our own selves.

        • How does “an oily mama’s boy” become a Marine, though? And getting your front teeth knocked out in a fight could be seen as an honorable battle-scar … Why didn’t your father teach you how to fight? I don’t get this part. Either being able to fight makes you more likely to fight, in which case you’re more likely to get your front teeth knocked out, but then you’re certainly not playing the part of “an oily mama’s boy,” or it makes you able to fight more effectively, in which case you’re less likely to get your front teeth knocked out. …?

  31. “In a prior age, a woman would enter these years helping her children prepare themselves for marriage and settled life.”

    And also, in a prior age, a most important role – and ongoing ’til death! – was being Grandma to her children’s children. Now, you may help your precious “only” settle in somewhere, solo or shacking-up, but grandkids? She’ll be lucky if that happens in a decade, if ever.

    (I wonder what percentage of “families” are 1-child? Mine is, and it may be more “affordable,” but, boy-oh-boy, does it put pressure on that Only. The hopes, dreams, and future of “The Family Line,” are a heavy burden for one kid to bear.)

    • There’s also the time lag. The 30 year old woman who got married, had a few kids and is then pushing 50, is looking at maybe a decade or more before grandchildren.

      • an interesting phenomena is that over time, men’s T levels drop (making them more docile) while women’s T levels rise (due to dropping E levels) making them more feisty — and crazy.

        • My theory as to why young black males commit so much crime is testosterone levels. It’s why black men who reach middle age often become super responsible.

        • Yes! I see this every day, around me & also experience it. Even without the feminism, hitting middle age just makes women crazy. True story. As for “feisty,” I was extremely aggressive when I was young, always getting into trouble for fist fighting and the like, and now that I’ve hit middle aged, that same hormonal rage is back with a vengeance.
          I live in one of these snotty, gated, golfing communities with a bunch of really old blue haired people, so the urge to jack jaws, is discouraged, should that particular urge hit.
          I kill chipmunks, instead.

    • I’m a 50 yr old grandma, 4 step grandchildren, 4 grandchildren of my own, an unmarried son, and haven’t ever once been drawn to the cult of feminism.
      I do not understand its appeal now, I didn’t understand its appeal when I was in college.
      It’s just a collection of bored, self-absorbed, cruel, & generally mentally unwell people. With cats
      Only thing I wonder is, how are there not mass homicides in the suburbs, nightly?

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