The Z-Cast: Episode 2

This week I try to build on lessons learned from week one. I have decided to create both a full episode and a collection of sub-episodes. The full podcast will be on my Spreaker page and on my YouTube channel. The sub-episodes will be on the YouTube channel only as that is just easier for me. Converting these things to the YouTube format and uploading them is a pain. There has to be a better way, but for now I’ll just suffer for my art.

Here is the direct download link


29 thoughts on “The Z-Cast: Episode 2

  1. Funny intro music coincidence. I took a music appreciation class as a senior in HS and the only music I remember from the class were bach’s toccata and fugue and IN A GADDA DA VIDA by iron butterfly

  2. Great timing on segment length. Hallelujah on Notre Dame. Went to school in Chicago during the peak of ND’s football dominance (their apogee our nadir). I fucking still cringe every time I see “Touchdown Jesus” or the Moonie like ND fans.

  3. Thought I would chip in with some encouragement a few days late. I will definitely continue listening in the future. It would be nice if you were able to do a show with the TDS guys and maybe give them some hints on how going full nazi is not going to win the masses.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed both podcasts. My hearing must not be as acute as some others as everything sounds good to me.

    As for pen names; I believe leftists/their allies seek to eradicate pen-names as its so much easier to attack the person on the right ad hominem, than seek to defend the arguments on the left which are absurd.

  5. I enjoyed your second Cast. You are getting better at the sound quality aspect and seem more comfortable.

    I listen to podcasts for content. You are a first rate mind with intelligent things, useful things to say. As long as the sound quality is adequate to hear the mind behind it I’m good. Kinda like a Live album versus a studio album. Different experiences. Live ‘quality’ of the performance was usually weaker but it was perhaps more memorable. Energy. Passion. Vibe.

    I mean I still laugh at the stoner yelling out “Freeeeeeeeee Bird” from the audience on Lynyrd Skynyrd Live from the 70’s.

  6. Hey Z-Man another great show, hard to believe it’s only your 2nd podcast. Your riff on brisket was on point–I’ve had the non-BBQ version of Jewish brisket at friends houses (in Texas no less) many times.

    One more techy thing–you are saturating your mic–just turn down the recording volume so that the recording “meter” never gets close to zero. You should be able to adjust the recording volume by moving the slider next to the mic input icon. (Looks like that defaults to max gain in Audacity, not a good thing.)

    When I looked at the waveform of your MP3 file the saturation was obvious–it was a solid blue bar from -1.0 to +1.0. Should have a lot of white space between 0.5 and the limit.

    Hope this helps. Looking forward to your next show!

  7. Z, you’re great and all, but you seem to have completely misunderstood the “robot apocalypse”. The robots don’t have to be conscious AIs to take your job, and that’s the problem we’re going to be facing before very long. There simply won’t be enough jobs for everyone who wishes to work, and that imbalance will grow……until there are no more jobs.

  8. Great job. Nice to receive a more long-form Z-man. The audio is very clear and the level of each section is very consistent; slight level differences from one section to the next but no big deal.

    Thanks for making it available on youtube; too bad that the process of converting it is a pain.

  9. Good podcast, but the correct pronunciation of John’s name, strange as it sounds, is “Darby-Sure.” I like your “artillery segue” sound more than his little electric metronome click.

    Re: Kathy Shaidle, there are some people I read on all subjects (like Steve Sailer or you) and then there are some people who are only good for specific things. I read Kathy for her knowledge of feminism’s treachery and skip her otherwise.

    Re: the media just going full retard/fake, someone in Russia said that he read Pravda every day, because when it became total lies, you could read a story, reverse its assertions, and arrive at the truth. That’s the utility of something like “The New York Times” at this point. If they have an article headlined, “Donald Trump tells more lies” I know I’m about to read some lies from “The Times” about Trump.

    He calls himself a ”libertarian”. But it’s the standard ”Cops evil badge gang, blacks wonderful upstanding citizens” you’d expect out of any lefty or (what he really is) a libertardian an-cap. It’s easy to have your head buried deep in the sand when you live out in very White, very rural,_Virginia
    Perhaps in Reality Land
    he might be able to figure out that water is wet.

      • Oh it gets worse:
        He’s complaining about a push to lower the legal blood alcohol limit from .08 to .05 (the standard in Canada and most other first-world countries).
        Read through it, it comes off as an excessively wordy version of the old (and stupid) ”I can drive better drunk than most people can sober!”.
        I think he should be allowed to drink and drive just as much as his heart desires…
        But only within the city limits of Detroit.

  11. very good episode. just one minor point – the EU is actually very effective when it comes to the big things like trade deals bcs most of the birocratic talent is there.

    in reality most of the things that affect businesses and individuals (like ISO standards) are done by independent or semi independent organizations that are headquartered in places like Geneva. EU is just a middle man in many cases. what is annoying people is the euro communist stuff similar to what SJW are doing in US. it hasn’t led to a widespread revolt cause a lot of people in the western europe actually like those things and we in the east like their money so we find ourselves at a standstill.

  12. @43:18 – “The Great Enemy of Zionist Meat Products.”

    Username available… 🙂

    Great podcast, Z-man.

  13. 1.It did my heart good to hear you feel the same way about Notre Dame.
    2.I hope Haggard’s music makes a comeback. It’s good Dirt People stuff.

    • I came here to suggest the exact same thing. Given that I am a fan of both of you, I would love to hear a wide ranging discussion between the two of you on various topics. You both have very strong personalities, and in some cases very divergent opinions and a discussion between the highly civilised Z-Man and the self proclaimed Barbarian Lafond would be awesome.

  14. Fine show. Very useful for when I am occupied at something where I can’t read, which is often. You will go to hell for the artful dismissal of female writers. Hope to see you there.

    • Fixed. I was having such a bitch of time getting stuff loaded to YpuTube, I forgot to tag the post. The YouTube stuff is still messed up, but I’m tired of messing with it.

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