Why Conservatism Died

I read Tyler Cowen’s blog a couple of times a week, despite the fact he banned me from his site. I mostly skim the comments looking for familiar names. There are a handful of commenters there that post interesting responses. Cowen is not all that interesting. He’s Thomas Friedman without the mega-rich wife. Here’s Friedman’s wife’s home, in which she permits him to live. Banal rump-swabbery pays well, but not as well as marrying the daughter of a billionaire, so Cowen remains a junior rump-swab.

Looking for material, I stumbled upon this in Cowen’s links. It’s not a very interesting article, so don’t bother reading it. What is interesting is the author is a guy named Reihan Salam and he wants to reorganize American politics to be more like some place not called America, perhaps his home country of Bangladesh. Proportional representation has always been antithetical to the American creed, because it breeds the sort of tribalism and sectarianism a continental sized country can never afford.

One of the reasons many of us gave up on conventional politics is that in the mainstream, guys with weird, unpronounceable names, from foreign lands keep demanding we change our country to suit their needs. That would be tolerable if the response was “shut up and learn how to be Americans.” Instead, the political class goes out of its way to celebrate these people. Our rulers make it clear that the opinions of newly arrived boat people count for more than the opinions of the natives, who made the country possible.

Putting aside my justifiable xenophobia, take a look at Salam’s biography.

Salam was born in Brooklyn. His parents are Bangladeshi-born immigrants who arrived in New York in 1976; his father is an accountant and his mother is a dietician. Salam attended Stuyvesant High School and Cornell University before transferring to Harvard University, where he was a member of the Signet Society and lived in Pforzheimer House. He graduated from Harvard in 2001 with a degree in Social Studies.

Everything sounds like an American success story until that last line. What we have is a classic example of how the affirmative action game is played at the highest levels. Most likely he went into Cornell through the agricultural college, which has much lower admissions standards. He then transferred into Harvard because he ticked the right boxes and was placed into a nonsense track like social studies. Barak Obama was at least able to pass the bar. Salam has yet to prove he can stock shelves at a grocery store.

That’s not the worst of it. According to his bio, “Salam has been described as Literary Brooklyn’s Favorite Conservative. He has written that he intends to pump ideas into the bloodstream of American conservatism”. If there is any question about the dullness of Reihan Salam, it is answered right there. Conservatism, by definition, is the rejection of exactly what he claims as his goal. Conservatism, allegedly, is not about chasing the latest fads or ideas. It is the preservation of the proven and the traditional.

That’s not the worst of it. Again, according to his bio, “He believes it is “racist” for people to date only those of their own race.” Everyone knows that a cornerstone of conservatism is race mixing. Of course, that’s a requirement to get invited to the “right-wing” platforms on which he regularly performs. Salam is a regular on Slate, Vice, NPR, The Bill Maher Show, Chris Mathews Show and The Colbert Report. He also writes for National Review when he is not too busy with all of his other media ventures.

You can certainly see why Salam is Brooklyn’s favorite conservative. He’s a regular on all of their favorite shows and writes for their favorite publications. He even holds most of their favorite opinions. If you were one of those ridiculous racists who thinks words have meaning, you would erroneously think that Salam is just playing a well crafted role as the house broken conservative. That would be ridiculous. Salam is a conservative in the tradition of Bill Buckley and Ronald Reagan. What sort of bigot are you?

Obviously, Reihan Salam is just another guy working the Conservative Inc hustle. His utility lies entirely in the fact he has brown skin and a weird name. Instead of being an ornament on the ankle bracelet of Elizabeth Warren, he is a token on the charm bracelet of Rich Lowry. Even so, he is always ready to better deal himself and become a full-throated Progressive if there is a well paid opening. For now, he’s perfectly willing to convince people that today’s Progressive lunacy is tomorrow’s conservative dogma.

It’s why Conservatism is dead. It’s not just that they outsourced their movement to Asian migrants. It’s that they stopped being serious. They turned their thing into a parlor game, where they play a role the Left designed for them. Instead of being in opposition to the Left, they have embraced the morality of the Left, in order to party with the Left. If the public leaders of conservatism prefer to hang around degenerates like Bill Maher, rather than fight for the causes they claim to champion, why would anyone follow them?

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  1. Conservatism did NOT DIE.
    It was however hijacked by a lot of global grifter special interests though.

  2. I have in the last year noticed the same devolution in Megan McArdle that I first noted in Tyler Cowen starting when he began writing op-eds for the NYTimes. I am not sure they are even aware of it.

  3. Yes, the credo of “Actions speak louder than words” is what really matters. This clown can “talk” all he wants but that does not make him what he claims to be. Just look at who his friends and business associates are.

    That’s like the shocker I got yesterday hearing that Joe Scarsborough was leaving the Republican Party. What??? Who would have believed he would be registered in the RNC? What for? A turd is a turd no matter how perfume you put on it.

  4. At least ConInc. lived the good life. Defeated Communism and smashed the Iron Curtain, which is no mean feat. The alt-white movement is stillborn or worse, born with Down’s syndrome.

    • Your hindsight is 20/20. Good job, I guess.

      Might want to work on your foresight, though.

  5. Maybe this discussion solves the mystery of why a colonial administration model with the Cloud as the colonial district officers, etc. and with us as the native subjects feels and sound about right but there’s no obvious overseas mother country. The Cloud is building a global overseas mother country one celebrated migrant at a time.

  6. Salam only shows that even on the alleged right there are some pretty worthless people with worthless degrees. I guess in theory worthless conservatives like Rubio and Ryan could be in law practice. What would Salam do with a a degree in social studies?

  7. These phony conservatives fill a need.

    The soccer mommies and Joe six packs needs someone they can point to whenever they’re accused of being racist, homophobic, etc.

    See ? I’m a nice conservative like this guy.

    Honestly who wouldn’t jump in on this racket ? It’s free money.

  8. This is why I pray for the day I wake up and read the news that Trump has had most Democrat, RINO, cuck politicians, so-called “journalists” “editors” and a large portion if deep state operatives rounded up and imprisoned.

      • “Hoist the black flag and start slitting throats!”

        I have to tell you, Old Surfer, that’s a bit of a weird declaration, since you were just decrying anti-Semitism, a couple of comments, above. Who, exactly, do you think would be the overwhelming majority of these folks “rounded up,” by Trump, causing seditious acts? I feel as if you haven’t thought this through. A good 80% of the punditry of Conserv, Inc. are Jews. If you took all the mid-range and low level right leaning Republican bloggers, Twitterati, and think tankers who sway opinions, you are looking at Zionist City. It’s sadly a fairly lockstep bunch of strivers, who all want to sniff Jonah Goldberg’s sweaty underpants.

  9. “they have embraced the morality of the Left, in order to party with the Left.” That’s it, right there. The problem is: Culture is HARD. It takes a lot of training to explain why Mozart is better than Salieri, or even why Salieri is better than, say, Jay-Z. And nobody gets laid to a symphony, while rap is nothing more than mating music for modern savages. You can hold the line for civilization, or you can have a good time… at least, that’s the choice that has been presented to us since 1900. And since all of Western Culture is self-reinforcing, once you give up on explaining why Salieri is better than Jay-Z, you’re only a step or two away from giving everyone xhyr own personal pronoun.

  10. I think it’s all degenerating into professional wrestling. The point of Conservatives Inc. is to go on liberal TV shows and provide entertainment to liberal viewers. They exist to fight and lose, like the bad guys in wrestling. But they can’t be just some scrub from small town, they have to have real credentials and authentically put up a fight. The guys who make up the Washington Generals are probably pretty good at basketball.

    And that I think is the simplest definition of Alt-Right, it is the Right which is not merely entertainment for liberals.

  11. What did you do to get banned from Tyler’s site?

    BTW, the term “rump swab” is hilarious!

      • I went back and re-read the column. Now I’m going to have to link to Cowen for the first time to see what this particular douche looks like. OK, did that. He’s a placeholder. My learned aversion to the term “conservative” has grown into something more resembling disgust. If you are not right wing you are left wing. Plenty of choices on the right, but conservatism is not one of them.

      • That is some pretty tame stuff you linked to. Barely rises to the act of Petty Noticing, let alone Noticing While Gentile or even Aggregated Noticing With Intent to Analyze.

        So, do you mean the JQ in general is something for which Cowen has no tolerance?

      • “The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

        One cannot defend himself against the Jew. He attacks with lightning speed from his position of safety and uses his abilities to crush any attempt at defense.

        Quickly he turns the attacker’s charges back on him and the attacker becomes the liar, the troublemaker, the terrorist. Nothing could be more mistaken than to defend oneself. That is just what the Jew wants. He can invent a new lie every day for the enemy to respond to, and the result is that the enemy spends so much time defending himself that he has no time to do what the Jew really fears: to attack.”

        more here: https://tinyurl.com/ycc5vlfv

        Our esteemed Uncle had many similar things to say on this subject, which he expounded from His Comfy Chair.

        • I’m a Jew, and if I punched you in the face your facial structure would collapse. You pathetic faggot.

          • I’m very partial to a Jew who will throw a punch, especially since where I come from so few will take their own side in a fight.

          • “Quickly he turns the attacker’s charges back on him and the attacker becomes the liar, the troublemaker, the terrorist.”

            Thanks for proving my point. kek.

        • Such bigotry is the par for the course for the alt-white neanderthals. The alt-white is the KKK where the white sheets have been replaced with business suits.

      • I’ve been noticing a lot of outright antisemitism on GAB which bothers the hell out of me. I thought we’d put that o rest in the West, but no. This is a real blot on the conservative movement.

  12. “Salam has been described as Literary Brooklyn’s Favorite Conservative.”

    Fuck that guy.

    Kentucky Headhunter has been described as “the avatar of perfection” and ” a living god.”

    It’s fun to just make shit up. Try it yourselves. Be your own CNN.

    • “Epaminondas is not only a handsome guy, but his political and literary insights are simply unimpeachable and have never been seriously challenged.”

      • “Buckaroo Banzai is a well-known rock star, brain surgeon, nuclear scientist, secret agent, and the confidant of many Presidents”

  13. >What we have is a classic example of how the affirmative action game is played at the highest levels

    Reyhan went to Stuyvesant High School, which admits students entirely based on performance on a standardized math and English test. Stuy takes a rasher of shit every year because its students are, obviously, largely Asian and Jewish and not at all representative of NYC’s ethnic composition.

    I doubt that Reyhan needed AA to get into the Ivy Leagues. I also doubt that AA extends to Bangladeshis and other South Asians. When it comes to East Asians, there is negative AA, to the point where an East Asian needs an extra 200 points on the SAT to get into a school over an otherwise equivalent white student, and 400 over an otherwise equivalent black.

    >Salam is a conservative in the tradition of Bill Buckley and Ronald Reagan.

    This is true. Both Buckley and Reagan were conservatives in name only, and actually were on the center left of the conservative spectrum of their day. Reagan used to be a straight up commie, and Buckley was a Skull and Bones creep. Their job was to move the right-most edge of the Overton Window leftwards. You can see Charlotte Isserbyt’s reminiscences of her time at Reagan’s Department of Education, where she came in expecting a conservative policy and encountered straight up progressivism pushed and condoned by the highest levels.

    Similarly, Reyhan inhabits the center left part of today’s conservative spectrum, which has moved leftwards considerably since the days of Buckley and Reagan, to which movement Buckley and Reagan considerably contributed.

    • Stuyvesant High School is a good counter point, but I know for a fact that the Ivies score South Asians higher for diversity reasons. Bangladesh also has added weirdness that is most attractive to the sorts of people in an admissions committee. That leads me to believe that Sailer’s point about Asians gaming the entrance exams at these primary schools is on target. Also, there’s no question that Stuyvesant High School gets more qualified applicants than it has seats, which means other criteria come into play.

      I think you are wildly under estimating how rampant the diversity game is in education. It’s all consuming.

      I also took the time to survey his writing and banal is being generous. It’s not T. N. Coates quality, but I would not put my name to it.

      • “I also took the time to survey his writing and banal is being generous. It’s not T. N. Coates quality, but I would not put my name to it.”

        Absolutely true. If this guy was named Richard Salem, and was from Oklahoma, he’d be a barista somewhere, and everybody knows it. He makes Kevin Williamson look like Melville.

    • As a follow up, I looked up some numbers. “Stuyvesant High School is ranked 13th within New York. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Stuyvesant High School is 89 percent. The student body makeup is 59 percent male and 41 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 80 percent. Stuyvesant High School is 1 of 522 high schools in the New York City Public Schools.”

      I think treating admission to Stuyvesant like acceptance into Mensa is probably an error.

      • That’s gotta be counting Chinese kids as “minority”, cuz Stuyvesant’s like 80% Chinese now. LionoftheBlogosphere, who went there, has noted this.

        • I had the same thought. Sailer and others have looked at this and it certainly does look like the Chinese have figured out how to game admissions tests via the test prep route. Frankly, I’d be floored if these test prep outfits were not buying the tests in advance.

          • There was a test prep company 10-15 years ago that would have kids in China take the paper SAT exam and email the results to corporate HQ. Then the prep company would spend the night encoding the answers into the design on pencils. They would pick the kids up in a limo, hand them the pencils, and explain the encoding on the way to the test center. That was the test prep. I think it cost about $10K.

            I went to grad school with some spoiled, rich Asian kid who was there on a fellowship since he allegedly had some stellar GMAT score. At the end of the two years we were all convinced that he had a ringer take the test for him since he showed no academic ability at all. Word on the street is that he still has not gotten his diploma.

      • I went to Stuyvesant in the mid-to-late 90s.

        “Minority” means “Chinese and Korean”. At the time, they were 50%. Now they’re 80%.

        Everybody there was bright, in the sense of IQ. But there were many, many intelligent people who were not very smart-they’d never had a non-banal thought in their heads (at least not one they’d let themselves think aloud.) Probably the majority of students.

        A very clear microcosm of what is wrong with American elites.

        In four years there, I met a lot of people whom I was deeply unimpressed by in terms of their depth, imagination, integrity, etc., but I did not meet a single one who I thought was stupid academically. And trust me-I know stupid-before Stuy, I spent several years in regular NYC schools, and spent almost a decade in the US military afterwards.

        Richard Feynman went to Stuy’s sister school, Bronx Science, which has a slightly lower cutoff on the same test. Here’s what he had to say:

        “When I was in high school, one of the first honors I got was to be a member of the Arista, which is a group of kids who got good grades — hmm? Everybody wanted to be a member of the Arista. And when I got into the Arista, I discovered that what they did in their meetings was to sit around to discuss who else was [in a lofty tone of voice] worthy to join this wonderful group that we are. Okay? So we sat around trying to decide who it was who would get to be allowed into this Arista. This kind of thing bothers me psychologically for one or another reason I don’t understand myself.”

        Needless to say, Feynman’s Bronx Science had a lot fewer faceless strivers than Reyhan’s Stuyvesant-the times changed, and in general Jews do not make for great mindless grinds…there were a lot of people there in the 90s who were very self-congratulatory and conformist, Arista-style. As far as conservative punditry, Reyhan is about as good as you’re going to get from that environment, no AA required.

  14. The open merger of Conservative, Inc. and Progressivism, Inc. is a direct result of the Dirt People electing Donald Trump. E.G.: I watched a few minutes of Steve Hayes and Chris Stirewalt whack Trump this morning. I changed channels just to prevent puking.

    • It’s no wonder Trump keeps winning, with enemies like ConInc. Moshe Dayan, when asked how to win wars like the Israeli Army did, famously said, “Fight Arabs!” As any liberal can tell you, fighting Conservatism, Inc will always be crowned with success. The real threat is from the Ringmaster (Soros) not the clowns.

  15. My first response to nonsense like Salam is to go on about our counties republican tradition of government and how the most effective way for people to retain control of their government is to keep it close to home. But more and more I find myself saying to people like Salam ‘you have to go back’.

  16. Going back yet again to an old target, Jonah Goldberg remains another example of what we might consider a Rising Star of True Conservatism prior to the avalanche of red pills in 2016. Way back during Bush Jr., long before Obergefell, he declared we lost the war on gay/fake marriage, and isn’t it a relief to move on?

    Had he his way last November, being Never Trump, now he would be penning pieces on how we lost the war against immigration, gun control and the overturn of Citizens United, and isn’t it liberating to move along to make the Conservative Case for Transgender Toilets?

    I recall this noxious man chatting on a podcast with two more textbook cucks, Rob Long and Podhoretz Jr.; they were sneering and kvetching over how silly it is to get upset about male trannies lurking in womens’ rooms. It’s just so beneath Conservatism! So their preferred response was to ignore it and get off the topic ASAP.

    (Oh, Goldberg’s wife collected a paycheck from the Bushes in some sinecure.)

    He wrote a surprisingly clever book, Liberal Fascism, which has to be the longest written argument of DR3 ever. It’s a pity that DR3 appeals to no one but housebroken conservatives.

    And this guy Goldberg isn’t even a vibrant, exotically pigmented and colorfully named minority immigrant. That’s how debased Conservatism Inc. and its scions grow.

    Wait, he is a member of *one* certain identity group. But only a racist would notice that.

    • A S-ton pile of masks got dropped in the summer and autumn of 2015 through 2016. I appreciate the clarity. What the heck.. look back amongst the wrecked careers and tattered business models… the book deals… bwhahahaaaa. A catharsis … unlike I’ve ever read about or seen. So many went so far out on their branches… and sawed them off. The great red-pilling of the USA 2015-16 should make for great study in a few years, as we’re still too close to the event to fully appreciate the cleanse we’re living through. 2018 and 2020 ought to be revealing as those are the next two high tides.. heh. I can’t wait. Love it. MAGA!

  17. “He believes it is “racist” for people to date only those of their own race.”

    Translation: “Where da White Wimminz?!?”

    You know, the Alt-Right wouldn’t be gaining so much traction if the Left and Conservatism, Inc. weren’t working so hard to confirm its observations.

  18. The denizens of Conservatism Inc. have snuggled up to the rest of the Political/Media Establishment, and are much more comfortable there than with the real Right. They are mild mannered, ineffectual debating partners for the left, many of whom are lacking in authentic intellectual prowess. They attend the same educational institutions, live in the same upscale neighborhoods, and eat at the same restaurants. With the able help of Conservatism Inc., these ambitious, ladder-climbing apparatchiks have created exactly the sort of inoffensive, useless “opponent” that the left desires: a marionette conservatism that will not venture beyond a very narrow parameter of highly restricted themes.

    • Just like The Washington Generals, who were pretty good BB players, but who existed solely to lose to The Harlem Globe-trotters. From Rush.

    • The political media establishment and the punditry are the servant class of Big Global Gov Inc. The politicians occasionally pretend to care what we think, and the MSM / punditry tells us what to think. All of this is simply to allow the looting to continue unimpeded while we believe our “vote” matters. Of course it does not.

      Krauthammer is a psychologist, for crying out loud. The only qualification got these jobs is saying what you’re supposed to say and not straying off the reservation, keeping the debate framed within acceptable boundaries. Having great legs doesn’t hurt either.

      Pundits compete for fame, fortune, and mostly for a spot serving the elites. One can only guess at the bennies.

      The purpose of government is looting. I will continue to “fantasize” about smaller government.

      George Carlin: “It’s a big club…and you ain’t in it.”

  19. Affirmative action memes performing below their pay grade have created a vacuum in our social order. White alpha males abhor a vacuum. I’m fastening my seat belt.

  20. Maybe just becoming a “get off my lawn” old man, but what is truly irritating about all these types…white, asian, whatever, is that “pundit” has become an entry level career track. These people have never actually worked for a living, made a payroll, actually run the models that show the ROE sensitivities based on tax rate/domicile. They just set up shop and start espousing nonsense about “proportional representation” or what ever else is the flavor of the day. At least with Progs, my expectation is to get blithering idiots with no grounding in reality. That’s their schtick. Bernie got kicked out of his commune because…he didn’t want to work. And never held a job until age 40. That makes him eminently qualified for that side of the house.

    • Tom Rogan is a classic example of this. He is trotted out by Conservative Inc as an expert on the Middle East and national security. He’s British so they kit him out to look like he works at MI-6. I used to enjoy posting copies of his resume in the comments of his articles. The reason is he has never had a job, other than as a doorman at Wimbledon during his college years. He popped out of college and declared himself a national security expert. He is essentially an actor playing a role.

        • Have a soft spot for Boot, mainly because we have almost identical educational backgrounds. But he has blind spots. “Savage Wars of Peace” was good book in that it covered a wildly ignored swath of military and diplomatic history, but then his conclusions simply do not fit a modern media driven world. “Civilizing ’em with a Krag” can no longer happen out sight of cameras, twitter and Facebook…

        • Well I take that back (nothing do with down votes, could give a shit) after watching him “Triple Crown” himself with Tucker Carlson. That was pathetic.

        • Max Boot is a hysterically deranged homosexual who speaks as if he were on some moral crusade. It’s only a matter of time before his tenuous grasp of sanity snaps like an old, dry rotted rubber band. I’m expecting a lurid TMZ headline.

    • You are right. It is truly APPALLING the DRIVEL that the news networks expect the people to swallow. And the people DO swallow it. But it’s a chicken-and-egg question: Do they swallow stupid drivel because they are stupid, or are the stupid because they swallow stupid drivel?

  21. At last I understand why so much of the Narrative rhymes with “Gack unh unh blooorf”! It’s that full- throated thing!

  22. Being a CDN of the rightwing kind is a lonely existence politically. since parliamentary democracy is the syatem we’re used to, proportional representation would be a jolly good idea if for no other reason than watching centrist mainstream paries have to form coalitions with our first nationalist party. the look on trudeau’s face alone would be worth it.

  23. I certainly no longer refer to myself as a conservative with the likes of Bill Kristol or Eric Erikkson as potential soul mates. I don’t know what I am but I know for a fact that these so called conservatives can’t even keep perverts out of the women’s bathroom.

    • especially the wide-stance kind of pervert (and the wrestling coach type of pervert)

  24. You already know this Z but is worth saying again, the western elite is Neoliberal to the bone, the so called Center-Right and Center-Left parties in western countries are ruled by Neoliberals and when they don’t the media comes crashing down on them, just look the never ending smear campaign on Trump and Corbyn!

    Even when the establishment stop supporting the main parties they come with “outsiders” like McMuffin (CIA, Goldman Sachs) and Macron (Rotshchild, Bilderberger).

  25. Here in Australia our conservative side has also been slithering up to the left for the last 30 years. But now we’ve gone one better than you. The prime minister, who is the leader of Australia’s conservative party which paradoxically is called The Liberal Party, made a speech in London a few days ago where he declared that the Liberal party is not and never has been conservative.

    Which was news to quite a number of us delcons, (delusional conservatives).

    In other words, not only are they not bothering to hide it in Australia any more, they’re shouting it from the rooftops.

  26. The good news is that even if people aren’t going to abide by conservative moral principles, nature does, and will reassert itself and punish those who ignore her. If someone like Milo Yiannopoulos wants to call himself both gay and conservative, fine, but homosexuality is dangerous (as the CDC numbers as much as Leviticus make clear). Physically dangerous behavior (and dangerous policies like open-door immigration) can never be conservative because the consequences of these follies are incredibly expensive and require massive tax dollars (AIDS meds are incredibly expensive and court-appointed translators for Mexican or Nigerian felons charge by the hour). What you do in your bedroom (or the bathhouse) is your business until your treatment comes out of my wallet, and you forfeit the right to call me racist the second I have to foot the bill for the medical or legal expenses for someone with an unpronounceable name who Salam says should have been here.

  27. One of the reasons many of us gave up on conventional politics is that in the mainstream, guys with weird, unpronounceable names, from foreign lands keep demanding we change our country to suit their needs. That would be tolerable if the response was “shut up and learn how to be Americans.” Instead, the political class goes out of its way to celebrate these people.

    You even elected one president, FFS!

    • Tranny bathrooms, anal sex, gay cakes, Marxist classrooms, the Military Industrial Complex, Muslim soldiers, patriotic open borders, duh. What all good Conservatives for, in 2017.

  28. He looks like the non-obese, beardless version of Kevin Williamson, another of our favorites.

  29. Salam isn’t just a failed (or masquerading) conservative, he is an affront to the male gender and the species as a whole. Turn back the clock 10,000 years and he would be the bait in the mastodon trap. Shame itself is becoming extinct in our culture.

    • Mastodons were herbivores and green hair hadn’t been invented yet. Let’s go with smilodon.

      • I agree that Salam belongs in the vegetable category, but I think you’re saying that he would even be a failure as bait.

  30. The disconnect came through loud and clear with the Sadiq Khan vignette at the Democrat National Convention. The Dems and the bigwigs of Conservatism, Inc. were breathless with admiration when the heroic Muslim, with his silent laundry-bag sidekick, “called out” Donald Trump and “shamed” him by waving a pocket Constitution at him. So noble! So diverse! So that’s-who-we-are!

    Ordinary Americans (and some foreigners, like me) saw a chippy, haughty foreigner playing the martinet schoolmaster to an American who’d been born and raised in this country. He clearly thought that he was the superior “American” and had no embarrassment lecturing a man whose roots went back 3 generations. He’d be just as arrogant to an American whose ancestors had fought in the Revolutionary War.

    To the great surprise of the best and the brightest, normal Americans were repelled by the Paki upstart, and the “scandal” had no effect on Trump’s popularity. It probably enhanced it.

  31. “Even so, he is always ready to better deal himself and become a full-throated Progressive if there is a well paid opening.”

    Word gets out NBC is going to be shaking up MSNBC’s on-air talent and suddenly Meghan Kelly is on Fox doing a softball interview with pedo-sadist Alefantis while wearing sexy lavender off-the-shoulder evening wear.

    She may as well as held an imaginary phone to her ear and mouthed “Call me”

  32. You take that back! Some of my best friends are gay transexual Marxist negroid conservative writers.

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