The Z-Cast: Radio Days

This week I’m continuing the experiment. The segments are shorter and there are more of them, but organized into logical groupings. I think I may have struck on an idea that will work for me. Each week, I’ll do bits around a few themes or topics. That makes it easier to select material and keeps me from rambling on like a lunatic. I’m finding that there’s so much in the news I can rant and rave about that I need to set limits.

I also did some tinkering with the sound quality. People told me I needed to crank back the volume a little and trim the high parts of the audio. In the process of learning how to do that, I found out that cheaper gear and software, means it is much harder to do this efficiently. It looks like another item to the learning curve will be figuring out how to select the right equipment for the job. But, I only have a whole $30 invested thus far.

This week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the full show and an image that stays put the whole time. I’ve also offered up on YouTube segments from the show for those with a short attention span. I think I like this method going forward. Next up will be loading up iTunes with the podcast, but that’s a bit more involved. I want to use their API rather than do it manually so I’ll be unriddling that this week, as time permits.

This Week’s Show

  • 00:00: Opening
  • 01:40: Ballot Stuffing (Link) (Link)
  • 05:45: Court Packing (Link)
  • 09:44: Drone Swarm (Link)
  • 14:58: Grifters (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 20:13: Health Care (Link)
  • 25:30 Sports Posting (Link) (Link)
  • 35:30 The Mule (Link) (Link)
  • 45:30 Saudi Arabia (Link)
  • 50:30 Syria (Link)
  • 55:30 Israel (Link)
  • 59: 59 Closing

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54 thoughts on “The Z-Cast: Radio Days

  1. Great podcast, I’ve listened to them all. You should challenge yourself to do an entire episode without using the phrase “you know”.

    • That is a colloquialism I’ve picked up living in the Mid-Atlantic. I also say “ca wash” still, from living in Boston for a long time. Get a few drinks in me, and I’ll start dropping “y’all” on you.

  2. Hey Zman what was the story on The Mule? I click the links and they were about Trump. You mention a story about the Mule coming back will cause plants to fall

  3. The podcast is okay, seems professional enough to me. My only problem is figuring out how to listen to individual sections of it. Are they listed in YouTube?

  4. This is reminiscent of the little radio programs Reagan put together. I used to listen to them while driving to school as an undergrad.

  5. I listen to 30-40 Alt-Right or conservative podcasts every week and yours is already one of the best.

  6. Another great show, Z. I don’t think you need to get a better mic, unless you really want to spend more money. When the recording level is set well, the mice you have sounds fine. It is tough to record different segments consistently big with breaks in-between–if you talk a little louder or softer (maybe different energy level or mood) it will make a difference. Have to check & set the level every time. You can do it post-recording, but it’s a pain.

    More importantly your topics are winners and you make interesting and provocative points. Really well done.

  7. podcast getting better all the time. comment about saudi arabia- there is no option on the table of not dealing with them. they are the guardians of mecca so it is vital to have the rulers on your side. israel is keeping them in line.

    • I agree with the first part, and with both Odid Yinon and Eretz Yisrael.
      Let the Semitics deal with their own Frankenstein’s monster- only if they contain and quarantine it.

      They won’t, and that’s why I think Slavic Russia’s Nasserite socialism was a less worse alternative.
      One one hand, it was modernizing the Muslim world. On the other, however, it kept it well fed.

  8. thezman: Why not, instead of a late episode, do a quick history of the blog, the z man origin story (every superhero hast one)! Maybe with a little q&a thrown into mix, something that would not require much preparing.

    Because the worst thing a podcast can do, is break schedule.

  9. Never played, never heard of Smear a Queer. I was robbed, deprived of a proper childhood. Not to late to teach it to my grandsons though.

    • We used to play smear the queer after lunch. We would use a crushed milk carton from the lunch room. If I remember correctly you ran with it until someone took it away or you were tackled to the ground and couldn’t move. Then you threw it on the ground and someone would pick it up and run with it.

    • we played Smear the Queer in the late 1970s at school and we also had a week of fun themed days at school, one of which was Slave Day, lol

  10. I really liked the podcast. Don’t wnat to give the impression that most of it was stellar.

  11. I notice you said that Syria is a problem we don’t understand.

    Well I do. It was stated very plainly by the Israeli’s that their strategy was to break up the Arab States into squabbling provinces like Lebanon. They then attacked us on 9-11 by blowing up the WTC and building 7 to give us an excuse to be involved there and blamed it on the Arabs. That building 7 had the bottom demoed out from under it can not be disputed as it fell the exact same speed as a rock dropped in air. “Meaning” if the rock was supported by air then the building, in the same gravity field, falling the same speed, was also supported by air. As we know the building wasn’t hovering in the air the bottom support MUST have been removed. How I leave as a exercise for others but I assume explosives.

    All these “experts” are agents of the Jews and say whatever they tell them too. Some may be inclined to Jewish thoughts on how things are done and are hired for this reason. Any other opinion need not apply.

    The Jews run our foreign policy, our banks, own most of our economy and as far as I can see from their past and their behavior now are a tribe of psychopaths and if we keep letting them run things we will be ruined and possibly massacred like they have done to many other populations in the past. If we didn’t have large scale gun ownership I suspect they would have already done so. We are in peril.

    • Let’s also put the pipeline myth to rest. I got to wondering about this so I looked up pipelines across the Mediterranean and found there’s a few already and there’s plans for more.

      So the idea that they MUST have Syria for a pipeline is a lie. The attacks on Assad are as I said to destroy and atomize the Arab nations by the Jews.

      More evidence that this is a lie is what company wants to spend money on a pipeline through a country embroiled or recently embroiled in a civil war to emplace a pipeline? It’s stupid.

      For fun type “pipelines across the Mediterranean” and look at the pictures of all the pipelines and also where they run from and to. The Saudi’s have already placed pipelines to Egypt that can go across the Med.

      • i think the pipeline is part of it but no doubt the jews would lke to destroy Syria and other middle east countries

      • Israel gave up the southern half of their country- and its oil fields- to Anwar Sadat. Oil seems unimportant.

        An atomised Arab world means an endless proxy army. For a thousand years, Jews fled Christian European pogroms for protected sanctuary in the Muslim world. Hebrew became a dead language, only resurrected in 1948, as Arabic had become the primary language used by the majority of Ashkenazim.

        I believe we are seeing an attempted repeat of epic revenge; the “Soviet” Empire probably was such an attempt.

        Memories are millenia long, never forgive or forget.
        If it is true that the Saudi Wahabbi line are Donmeh Jews- other alternate lines failed to take- then the NGO immuvasion organization of Soros, Kahane, and Spectre makes sense.

        As Wiseman says, we ‘must’ deal with Mecca. The petrodollar depends on it. Oddly, that was arranged by Kissinger.

        Since my dad was one of those building the Ghawar storage tanks- given away, as were the Suez oil fields- I would prefer the option volunteered by thousands of retired Air Force personnel after 9-11. Those guys demanded a one-way flight to the Ka’bah, no return necessary.

  12. You seem to be developing a little more confidence and are improving your timing in presentation. Very good.
    I look forward to actually meeting you Friday evening after the AmRen opening session. I will stand the first round for you and Derb.

  13. Tennis is more popular today in Europe (with the possible exception of Germany) than at any time in my life, and I’m old enough to remember the Borg/Connors/McEnroe days. Right now I’m in Canada. Here I’d say it declined just like in the U.S. from the late 1980s until about five years ago when it began a resurgence. So no, we don’t need to change it; but just like with soccer you Americans will no doubt talk about! (Maybe you guys do that just to troll the rest of the world?)

    Incidentally, it is also a very American characteristic to mention female sports (Williams sisters) as if they were serious. It is the same with soccer. Even in the most die-hard soccer countries most people would struggle to name a single female player but in the U.S. (Canada too) the women’s team get as much attention as the men. The influence of leftist sports media is probably responsible for that.

    Speaking of sports media, the recent criticism of John McEnroe (himself a liberal) for saying that Serena Williams would be ranked 700 or something on the men’s tour is a perfect example of their attitude. They know, or they have to know – they must! – that he’s right yet still they went after him. Kudos to McEnroe for not backing down or apologizing.

    On the podcast format change this one with shorter, more focused segments with a pause between them is definitely the way to go. Great job!

  14. Maybe this will be helpful. You can get most any sound you want by using open source free software. Maybe slightly more difficult that multi-hundred dollars software you buy but possible. I’m assuming you need a compressor to bring the volume up on quieter passages and lower the high volumes and a equalizer. With cheap hardware and proper tweaking of the sound signal you can get a reasonable sound out of most anything. (I said reasonable not perfect for the nitpickers)Here’s a page I found by someone who does podcast with the software ” Audacity” that’s free. It also has plugins where you can have a stupendous amount of different effects. Want to sound like Darth Vader? Anyways here’s the link.

  15. If Israel is a theocracy based upon religion, why are they genetically testing immigrants? It’s a religion that worships a race who considers itself gods, and you goyim are beasts created in human form to serve them as slaves…..2800 goyim slaves per jew to be exact per the Talmud.

    Don’t Boomerpost. Boomerposting is to lose. Boomerposting is to accept the genocide of your race.

  16. Just listened to the first episode- very good stuff. Looking forward to checking out 2 and 3.

  17. A search on for “Z-cast” yields only a podcaster who describes himself as “Yo guys! Im Zack. I live in Akron Ohio and am very new to the broadcasting business.” Not you I think.

  18. One technical suggestion. You need some way to keep your sound level constant. At the beginning of each segment it’s quite loud, then softens. The last segment the sound level was really low compared to the rest.

    Perhaps some sign off music to end the podcast.

    • Sign-off suggestions include ‘Night and Day’ by Ella Fitzgerald, ‘Die Nacht’ by Schubert, and ‘Love Shack’ by the B52s, depending in the mood you intend to convey. Just a thought from a drunken Trumpster…

      • What’s the story with all those hashmarks? I’m just Pimpkin’s nephew. I don’t even know where the left hashmark is on my keypad.

  19. You call modern America a theocracy, a progressive theocracy, and I get your point, but with this objection, or caveat, or whatever:

    Progressive theocracy differs (and the difference isn’t trivial) from Islamic theocracy because it has no foundation in a sacred body of writings. Say what you will about the Koran, but it is the basis of government, law, and morals in a very substantial portion of the present world. Within its own sphere it is harshly conservative, not to say reactionary.

    In old England they used to say “the law is an ass”. That was meant as a compliment. The stupidest, most retrograde law in the world is better than no law. There was a time in England when people knew this.

    It is also why Sharia wins, and we lose.

    Progressivism is not based on anything but “the current year”. It has no ideology, it has no dialectical coherence, however ruthless; it gives no rules or direction for how to live your life. It asks you to submit to the whims of your rulers and feel righteous doing so.

    It is the vacuum of lost souls.

    Islam will win because, like the cockroach, odious and primitive though it may be, it seems to withstand all disasters, because it offers people a floor to stand on.

    Western civilization was a miracle. Let’s watch its sunset and be glad that we had a glimpse of it.

  20. I like your suggestions on how to improve the appeal of tennis. It reminded me of something Bill James wrote years ago, concerning baseball. His observation was that if modern ballplayers had to play in the ballparks and use the equipment on hand in 1950, they’d soon be playing baseball as it was played in 1950.

    Athletes should never transcend the game they play – it is a sign of decay in the sport: Excellence is the goal of the athlete, not transcendence. It’s the main problem I had with Barry Bonds: The game itself had become too easy for him, which meant the game itself was sick. Or, when an ordinary player like Brady Anderson hit 50 homers in a season… I cried out in my mind for the return of gigantic fields, dirty baseballs, stoney infields, and spitball pitchers, to vindicate the game… anyway I lost interest in baseball.

    Or when the NBA reconfigured itself to showcase M Jordan, and his endless imitators… go on Youtube and watch (if it’s still around) the last game of the 1973 finals between the Knicks and the Lakers and see what the game used to look like.

    As for tennis, you make an excellent point. Generally I hate women’s sports; but crushing serves go back to the 60s for the men’s game and with the ladies, you could see the serve and volley game and really enjoy it. I think it was when Navratilova asserted clear dominance over Chris Evert – due entirely to her mannish power – that my mild interest in watching tennis began to fade away, as all simple pleasures must in age of collapse.

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