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Last week, The Anti-Defamation League put out a proscription list of hate thinkers they have deemed to be a danger to the republic. In years past, they would roll out lists of old geezers from the 1960’s, but now they are going after the alt-right. They describe Richard Spencer’s thing as “the most visible extremist movement” in the country. They also listed the alt-lite as fellow travelers. The point of the list is to intimidate people into disassociating from the people on the list. The ADL is trying isolate and ostracize these people.

Ironically, it is not a lot different from what the Klan used to do in a bygone era. As is true with most things in the current crisis, the history of the Ku Klux Klan has been retconned to fit the current narrative. According the prevailing mythologies, the Klan was just like the 19th century Cossacks. Instead of riding through Jewish villages on horseback, the Klan drove through black neighborhoods in pickup trucks.They are portrayed as sort of an off-the-books secret police, run by southern political leaders.

The truth is something different. The primary role of the Klan was to keep whites in line, not blacks. Sure, the Klan would terrorize blacks on occasion, but they were mostly interested in keeping the white majority in line. A white business that did not strictly adhere to the color line, for example, could find itself in trouble with the local Klan. They did not have to resort to physical violence in most cases. The most effective weapon of the 20th century Klan was social pressure to force whites to toe the racial line.

The other important bit about the Klan that has been thrown down the memory hole is that they lost. The reason is that after a while, their moral authority eroded and therefore their ability to apply pressure on whites decreased. Think about it. The Klan has no credibility today so they have no power. That means they had real power only when the white majority took them seriously. A look at history shows that the Klan was most active when their influence was on the wane. In that regard, it was always a rearguard action.

The same logic applies to the ADL and SPLC. Within recent memory, being called out by either group would ruin a media career and certainly destroy a political career. People in outsider politics could guarantee they would remain in outsider politics if they found themselves on the ADL’s list of bad thinkers. While you could survive having private doubts about the prevailing orthodoxy on race, you could not survive even the hint of antisemitism. That’s what made the ADL and SPLC so powerful.

This list and the SPLC’s recent missteps suggest that like the Klan in the 50’s and 60’s, these groups are now waning in authority. Including guys like Gavin McInness on their list of crime thinkers is so ridiculous, the only proper response is to laugh. The Proud Boys are about as edgy and subversive as bingo night at The Villages. The only reason anyone cares about them is that McInness is a media gadfly. His “group” is really just a fan club he maintains to promote his media appearances and internet show.

Another indication that these groups and their moral authority are on the wane is the fact that the response has ranged from indifference to mockery. McInness had a meltdown on twitter, but he was the exception. Most of the alt-lite people simply ignored it, as there was very little media coverage. The alt-right people were howling with laughter, congratulating one another over having made the list. The whole point of the name and shame campaign is to actually shame people. If they are laughing, they are not feeling much shame.

There’s another connection to the Klan. These groups, especially their leaders, have gotten very rich in the skins game. Morris Dees has become super-rich peddling himself as the Hebrew Avenger. When you need to hide your money in the Cayman Islands, you have a lot of money. The skins game has been very good to groups like the ADL, just as segregation was a profitable venture for members of the Klan. The ADL is mostly playing defense now, hoping for one last payday in the skins game.

Of course, that’s where the analogy breaks down. The Klan was never able to turn their thing into a profitable enterprise. That’s mostly because they lost, but there’s not much evidence to suggest they tried to monetize their movement. The ADL and SPLC have always been money making schemes from the start. Despite the greed though, they were highly effective at changing public attitudes. At the very top of the modern hierarchy of sin is the sin of antisemitism. It’s the one unforgivable transgression.

Still, the thumbless way that groups like the ADL are responding to the Dissident Right suggests they have not just lost their way, but lost their relevance. When Progressive propaganda outlets are running features like this one about the SPLC, the writing is on the wall. The people in charge no longer respect the moral authority of these groups and their intended victims no longer fear them. Like the Klan, the ADL and SPLC can only exist as long as they are feared or respected. Neither is true now.

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  1. you are a good writer with a lot of good points, but you miss the crux of the matter–elite/establishment propaganda aimed at young white minds…that is the genesis and core of this entire multiculti, mass immigration, neoliberal regime…the child is the father of the adult….those who control the past control the future…etc…our culture was domesticated by Big Business/plutocrats/elite/establishment via a slanted anti-white version of history…it all starts there…I have yet to see you isolate this aspect of what is going on…

  2. I turned myself into Obama’s Attack Watch. I didn’t even get a lousy “Certified Liar About Obama” t-shirt. Now you’re telling me it’s too late to turn myself into the SPLC for a “Certified Hater” t-shirt? Life sucks.

  3. I got on the SPLC mailing list (and never donated again to the organization that gave them my name). Got off it by returning their mailer saying that I found THEM to be a hate group,

  4. “Still, the thumbless way that groups like the ADL are responding to the Dissident Right suggests they have not just lost their way, but lost their relevance.”

    I think part of the problem is the three generation rule; first makes the money, second passes it on, third squanders it. Its also a matter of demographics. The people who are going to involve themselves in the ADL (or in ADL fundraising) are going to be more like the current head of the organization who is a former Obama administration official. That last part, “former Obama administration” is probably the most important part in why the organization is going the way it is with the speed it is.

    You’d think an organization that is supposed to deal with anti-semitism would be even mildly interested in the the leftist third world unrest going on American campuses but that doesn’t seem to even register on their radar. Given that its a progressive radar, that’s not exactly surprising. (And if you’re wondering what could be going through the mind of Jonathan Greenblatt, keep in mind that he’s married to an Iranian Jew which means he probably figures he can claim his kids as “people of color”. Thats a madness all of its absolute own but the idea that the people on their way up in the progressive world might not want the people currently on top to keep their seats or even think them worthy of their seats hasn’t seemed to occur to him.)

    • Heh- that a Clinton tool like Obama wouldn’t overthrow his masters certainly didn’t occur to them.

      (-Tasked with using early software in 1991 to ‘discover’ discriminitory lending in Boston
      -Occasionally showed up as a guest lecturer to teach Alinsky tactics in filing race lawsuits, in Chicago
      -with Ayers, stole $150 million of a dead Republican’s trust money in the Annenberg Challenge minority education scam
      -given charge of the Arkansas Community Organizers for Reform Now, he turned a group of 30 aging hippies into a national org and personal army 300,000 strong. ‘Arkansas’ was changed into ‘American’ in ACORN- now ‘COIN’ and the relabeling ‘OFA’)

  5. “The Proud Boys are about as edgy and subversive as bingo night at The Villages.”
    But come on now, those Fred Perry polo shirts are dope, fam.

  6. “The other important bit about the Klan that has been thrown down the memory hole is that they lost.”

    The other thing you forgot is the unstable situation after the end of the Civil War. Government wasn’t protecting whites, so they had to protect themselves.

  7. “The truth is something different. The primary role of the Klan was to keep whites in line, not blacks.”

    You were asleep in American history class. The primary role of the KKK was to purify American society through white supremacy and white nationalism. Violence was a key instrument against whites and blacks who dared to cross them.

    “Sure, the Klan would terrorize blacks on occasion, but they were mostly interested in keeping the white majority in line.”

    First, it was more than “an occasion”. Second, apparently you are opposed to freedom of association. Southern whites who preferred to deal with blacks economically and socially have that liberty; they should not have been shamed, at best, or hung, at worst, merely for choosing to befriend them. The KKK it would appear was opposed to freedom of association. Moreover, the KKK still maintains credibility, as they have the power to recruit. David Duke is an example of the KKK’s continued presence in our society.

    • You are talking out your ass here. Mostly likely because that’s where you keep your head.

      Your reading comprehension is below average to boot.

      I suggest you get someone with a three digit IQ to explain this stuff you you so you can stop making a giant ass of yourself in the comment section.

    • you have made what is sometimes called a category error. consequently your comments are non sequiturs. the author was not endorsing or advocating (on behalf of) any groups, he is providing well informed analysis. you can agree or disagree with the analysis, without casting aspersions on the character of the author.

      • That’s what pissed me off. I’ve written a lot about free association and private discrimination. I don’t care if people call me names. Just get the names right.

    • David Duke is only relevant on a national scale when the media has to slander a Republican during Presidential election time. Otherwise nobody says or hears a peep from him other than perhaps local politics. Like the silliness of the press trying to get Trump to denounce Duke because Duke supported him for President. To simpletons, that is a sign that Trump has to be a racist because a racist supports him. If Duke had supported Hillary, it would have been treated as a nothing burger because Duke is irrelevant. Hey the Communist Party USA and other Communist political outfits in this country openly supported Hillary. Was she ever asked to denounce communism?

      • Up until about 18 months ago, David Duke was living in a hut in the Ukraine. Somehow he made his way back and has been trying to attach himself to the alt-right, but I think they consider him a museum piece, at best.

        • If Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Roof and David Duke didn’t exist, the left would need to invent them. How many hundreds on the left have done the crimes or taken the edgy positions that these three represent in the last 20 years?

          • “If Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Roof and David Duke didn’t exist, the left would need to invent them.”

            How do you know they didn’t? Never discount what can be accomplished with $Trillions of un-accounted-for dollars. I am of the opinion that damned near every reportable thing which happens in the public eye is part of a show, with a script, a plot, actors, producers and directors.

    • Jews have been at war with each other since the beginning, notably since the Great Betrayal of the Ten Tribes in 712 BC.
      It’s even listed in their strategy Book.

      Just like everyone else. Jewish history resembles the fallen Western Roman Europe. Their talent of camolfauge and narrative- hidden history- is what makes it interesting.

  8. The klan was the domain of the democrats until they figured out it was politically incorrect and employed the hate by proxy method. Margaret Sanger was so good at it, the Nazis considered her a role model.

  9. I laugh when the “diversified” work area I am subjected to, has one of the group talk about white supremacists and the Klan as if this was the early 1900’s. BLM makes the Klan look like a bunch of beta male sissies today. One fellow talking about how he was in S. Carolina a few years ago and the Klan was running rampant down there. Asked how he knew this, did he see a bunch of guys running around in the sheets? He said no, he never saw anything, but you know its rampant, its just hidden. I did a google search for Klan related crimes, found nothing and said if the Klan is running rampant down there, they are doing a piss poor job of terror and promoting themselves. The retort to me? “You’re just ignorant.” LOL

    • Twenty years ago, I was in West Virginia. I fell into conversation with a good old boy who was probably late-40’s or early-50’s at the time, so he is an old man now. He mentioned that he was in the Klan 20 years ago, before his kids were born. He quit when he started having kids because he said, “All we did was sit around drinking and playing cards. My wife would no put up with it.”

      The only place the Klan exists today is in the imagination of lunatics.

      • Actually, a good percentage of members of the Klan today are informants. Its funny actually. I picture a bust of a small group of klansmen and the majority of the people holding guns and badges are infiltrators.

        You did not mention the difference between the Klan in Reconstruction, the 1920’s and today. The Klan in the South after 1866 was actually one of the few groups that dealt with Southern Whites’ problems. They were similar in that regard to the early mafia, in that they were local and provided protection and “justice” for those outside the power structure. It only lasted until into the 1870’s, by which time Southern Whites had recaptured control of their local and State governments. The 2nd Klan was organized about 1915, lasted longer, and was primarily outside of the South. It had millions of members and had more of an anti-Catholic and anti-jewish leaning. Being anti-jewish meant they were going to be toppled soon, and they had pretty much disappeared by the 1940’s. The 3rd wave was Southern and was in response to the forceable imposition of blacks into White society, schools, and the political process.

        The Klan of today has maybe 3 to 5,000 members. It is a joke. I do not doubt their beliefs, but that such an insignificant number of people can be labeled as a force of “evil” to be reckoned with is just part of the divide and conquer dialectic.

        • Yeah, the Klan only exists in the fevered imagination of Progressives. It’s why that “reality” show on the “modern Klan” ended up hiring actors. If you could find 1000 people to pretend they are in the Klan I’d be surprised.

          The real Klan was really three different iterations. The Reconstruction version started out as a drinking club for ex-soldiers. It then morphed into a political force. Then it petered out after a generation. The second Klan in the beginning of the 20th century was mostly a reaction to the changes brought on by industrialization and the South finally recovering from the war. The mid-century Klan was a different thing entirely and mostly a response to the changes post-war.

          Regardless, it’s all ancient history at the point.

          • An episode of NPR’s “This American Life” exists which is illustrative of at least one extreme tactic jews use maintain fear and group cohesion within their ranks. The episode focused on summer camps; in this instance jewish summer camp.

            The subject recalled an assembly where camp councilors were lecturing the campers on jewish identity and the dangers of the goyim. A man in full Klan gear rode up on horseback and snatched the interviewee from the crowd – to the screams of horror of the crowd, then rode off into the Borscht Belt woods. When out of ear shot she heard a familiar voice under the hood telling her to calm down.

            If the Klan did not exist, the tribe would have to invent it.

            “Loxism is a real thing” – FBI Anon

    • “I did a google search for Klan related crimes, found nothing and said if the Klan is running rampant down there…”

      You do live in a bubble, because the search “klan related crimes in south carolina” reveals KKK operations there who are rampant in the state regarding their operations there.

      • @anti-Gonstic – Outside of the Dylan Roof shooting headline at the top of the search “klan related crimes in south carolina” there is squat there. The next item on the list is “12 Horrific Crimes…..” did you bother to read the article, or are you the typical regressive low-info person who only reads the headlines and not the article? The article covered the 12 worst crimes going back to 1921 and most of them were outside S. Carolina. #3 on the list was the “Trials & Tribulations of the KKK in S.C.” which covered the years 1871-1875. The rest of the page is just random articles covering a wide range of issues.

        Oh the SPLC lists KKK as a hate group in SC link? Big fing deal. Where are the links of news stories with the KKK burning, killing, raping, looting and all the crime they have been committing over the past 30 years? You’re just like the guy who says Christians are worse than Islamists when it comes to terrorism and the first thing out of your mouth would be Timothy McVeigh from over 20 years ago and then you drop the subject.

      • Okay, I’ll bite. I googled “klan related crimes in south carolina” and found pretty much nothing.

        But there was this gem from two years ago: “In the last year, four hate crimes were committed in South Carolina, including the distribution of KKK leaflets in Seneca.”

        That be some scary shit. Leaflets in Seneca! Enough to make the average freshwoman at Oberlin get all light headed, I’m sure.

        reveals KKK operations there who are rampant in the state regarding their operations there

        I take it English isn’t your native tongue?

        • It’s an old lefty gag. They expand the definition to something to include things no sane person would include, in order to exaggerate the problem. That way, a couple of guys handing out flyers for their club can be classed as alt-right terrorism. Meanwhile, a Prog warrior gunning down a congressman is just another case of gun violence.

          I really have no patience for this sort of bullshit.

          • The bullshit comes from you. The Reconstruction version of the KKK was in direct relation to blacks receiving the the right to vote. President Grant took them out. The 1920’s version was anti-Jew, anti-Catholic, anti-immigration, anti-alcohol. Internal problems took them out. The 1950’s version was a result of the removal of Jim Crow segregation from southern life. Furthermore, if white people in the South sought to interact with black people and were legally and socially prohibited, then there was a clear violation of freedom of association. Your hypocrisy is revealed.

      • I saw the SPLC magazine in a police office too. In 6 months of issues, two mentions of tiny, Islamic flavored gangs.

        This at a time when alShabaa had 24 camps and had bought a defunct Boy Scout camp in Iowa; Jamaat al Fuqra had 69 training camps operating. Golly knows how many more, with 8000 Sunni mosques open by then. (2004-ish)

    • People love to join a club, and the college students love to join one that is fierce and demanding and outrageous, yet doesn’t require them to actually do anything themselves. Especially ones that get the females all weepy and swoony.

  10. Not too sure antisemitism is an unforgivable transgression. It’s always been an element of Leftist ideology, albeit not particularly emphasized. Given the current Leftists infatuation with radical Islam, I think it’s now an “in” thing for the feral humans.

  11. Man, the Trump administration is one big hoot, isn’t it? I’ve been grinning like an idiot for months. What the hell did you people think was going to happen?!? Congrats, “””Progressives,””” you’ve reduced the word “racist” and all its cognates to “I admit I just lost the argument.” Good show.

      • Paraphrasing an exchange on Ace of Spades:

        My schadenboner just became a registered FAA flight hazard.

        MY schadenboner just acheived low earth orbit.

        My schadenboner just became self-aware!

        My shadenboner just destroyed the Death Star, and is now on a seek-and-destroy mission for Kate Upton’s Clam Canyon…

  12. At the very top of the modern hierarchy of sin is the sin of antisemitism. It’s the one unforgivable transgression.

    The rise to prominence of Linda Sarsour might suggest that Islamaphobia has edged out antisemitism. It’s certainly headed in that direction, and in the UK it’s way ahead. See the definitions of Islamaphobia according to the Met police here.

    • Agree. Anti-semitism seems to be the new “in” thing. Certainly if you judge by the reports from my kids in college. It’s just cloaked under “anti-Zionism”.

      • Can confirm. They’ll give you some boilerplate about the Palestinians, of course, but it’s obvious their hearts aren’t really in it. Antisemitism is rapidly becoming the hot new hate on campus. Which makes sense, I suppose — if you’re gonna decry “privilege,” there’s no more privileged group in America.

        • Honkies often confuse anti-Zionism, anti-Israel and anti-Semitism. Progressive Jews are very often anti-Zionists. They think nationalism of all stripes is illegitimate. Then you have Progs who are pro-Palestinian, so they are anti-Israel, but they are fanatically opposed to anti-Semitism.

          There is a slow convergence on the Left as it becomes less white, but there are still plenty of Jewish liberals who oppose Israel or Zionism, but are sure everyone on the Right is a fan of Hitler too.

          • I know some anti-Israel Jews. They are nutty radical egalitarians who vehemently deny that there is any difference between the races, particularly with regard to IQ. These people must have been the perfect communist apparatchiks back in the day.

          • Good on Z for noting the differing factions. Israel itself is halved by socialist lunatics, with plenty of government gangsters.

            Herzl’s 1870 ‘Zionism’- save your pennies to buy Jerusalem back- was replaced by Red Labor Party Socialist neo-“Zionism” in 1931, conquest by any means or mask necessary. Those masks can be either left or right- again, any means necessary. Traitors.

    • Bloody hell. If there is one thing that gets under my skin – it’s the constant screaming of “phobia!!”.

      It’s either homophobia – or now it’s islamophobia.

      Guess what lefties screaming about “phobias”.

      I don’t have an “irrational fear”. I don’t like you. There’s a difference.

  13. The weirdest thing about the Left’s obsession with the Klan is that, if you have even the most basic grasp of math (like third grade math) the fear-mongering about the KKK is a transparent joke. The KKK at its most powerful, back when congressmen and businessmen still held ranks like “exalted cyclops” or “grand kleagle,” maybe killed a couple hundred black people in a year. Here are the numbers for murders in ONE CITY (Chicago) for one year (thus far): “Year to Date
    Shot & Killed: 369
    Shot & Wounded: 1744
    Total Shot: 2113
    Total Homicides: 397”

    Neither the Klan nor the police are anywhere near as dangerous to black people as black people are. Also, ain’t it ironic that this is happening in the quintessential democratic stronghold (where our first and last black president matriculated in the racial hustle)? Trump wants to call the feds into Chicago to do something about the situation. Every white pansy and house negro like Ta Nehisi-Coates is calling it a bad idea. Every sane and rational black person who cares about black people thinks it’s a good idea.

    • Only about 4,200 people were lynched in the South between 1865 and 1952. Over one fourth of the lynchees were white. The reality today is that blacks commit murder at a higher rate annually than were lynched during the entire Jim Crow period. Let that settle itself into your head.

  14. Still not tired of winning!

    I was surprised at how fast I turned from a phile to an HBD realist once I began to question.

    I’ve become rather a broken record, unfortunately. A lifetime of emotional response blinded me to the huge gaping holes in main narratives such as ‘the Holocaust’ or ‘the Slavery Paper’.

    Thank gosh for the Web. Other large frauds, such as Global Warming or Wars on Terror, aren’t stampeding the herd very long anymore.

  15. Anti-black racism is a more unforgivable sin in the Progressive theology than anti-Semitism. That’s why “ni@@er” is the most horrible taboo word in the English language (except when blacks say it). Way worse than “k1ke,” or “sp1c” or “f@gg0t” for that matter.

    Morris Dees the “Hebrew Avenger” is not a Jewboy and was raised Baptist. It is true that he was named, via his father Morris Sr., after a Jewish friend of his grandfather, hence having a first name that was popular among Jewish men of his generation.

    • I was working from the fact that the SPLC seems to raise most of its money from Jewish widows. Some say they prey on them. Dees puts himself out there as the defender of the vulnerable, especially the Jews and especially the Jews with money to donate.

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