Ta-Nehisi Coates : Bigot or Honest?

The word “bigot” like the word “racist” has become nothing more than a synonym for “bad” as used by the Left.  It is a part of the Left’s war on language. If you brought in ten left-wing intellectuals and asked them to write down five principles of fascism, you would get a dozen responses. Some would require years to finish the answer. The same is true of racism. They would all agree that racism is bad, but what actually constitutes racism is a mystery that must be provided to them by others.

Professional lunatic Tim Wise has made a career, as it were, trying to write a definition of the word. The word “bigot” has gone in for the same treatment, except it basically means anyone who rustles the Left. You get called a bigot, for example, if you don’t want homosexual males showering with your kids at school. You are a bigot if your wife stays at home with the kids. Even so, we are still allowed to keep dictionaries and we can look up the definition of these words. Here’s the entry for bigot from Webster’s

a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially:  one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

Note the modifier. A bigot is someone that has an irrational intolerance or fear of something or someone. Refusing to have dealings with Catholics because you think the Pope is trying to control the world is bigotry. Refusing to have dealings with the Mafia because you think they may try to kill you is not bigotry. The former is not based on any known facts, while the later is based on mountains of evidence and history.

On the other hand, refusing to have dealings with Catholics because you you don’t like them and think Catholicism is an offense to God is rational. If you are a devout Muslim, for example, you think Catholics and all Christians are enemies of God. They are non-believers, which you are commanded by Allah to oppose. If you are truly devout, you have nothing to say to these people other than “submit or die.”

This brings us to the point of this post. The increasingly famous Mr. Coates has been obsessing over the Michael Dunn murder case. For those unfamiliar, this is the case of white man shooting a black.  A middle-aged white guy shot and killed a young black male at a gas station. The black male was playing loud music, as is their custom, and the old white guy took exception. An argument ensued and the white guy pulled a gun and started shooting, killing 19-year old Jordan Davis.

To get on TV, the state prosecutor wildly over-charged the white guy with first degree murder. The jury chose to convict on attempted murder, which will put the white guy away for the rest of his life, given the sentencing guidelines and his age. Given the notoriety, the white guy will be murdered in prison within five years. That’s just a reality of the modern prison system. Famous prisoners always have a target on them, but famous racists have a special bounty on them from the blacks.

A rational person would look at the events and conclude the jury got it as right as they were allowed. If the prosecutor was not a fool, he would have properly charged the case and Dunn would have been found guilty of murder. Instead, we have a result that black victimologist can wave around as proof they are being hunted by evil white devils. One of them is Mr. Coats, the subject of this post. His latest post is an interview of sorts with the victim’s mother.

Last Thursday, I took my son to meet Lucia McBath, because he is 13, about the age when a black boy begins to directly understand what his country thinks of him. His parents cannot save him. His parents cannot save both his person and his humanity. At 13, I learned that whole streets were prohibited to me, that ways of speaking, walking, and laughing made me a target. That is because within the relative peace of America, great violence—institutional, interpersonal, existential—marks the black experience. The progeny of the plundered were all around me in West Baltimore—were, in fact, me.

What the country thinks of his son is not rooted in superstition. When adults confront a teenage male, they immediately begin to assess the risk. Young males are by nature, the most dangerous members of any human society. In America, young black males commit almost a third of the homicides, despite being just 3% of the population. Unless you are from another planet, you know this. Mr. Coates knows it too. That’s why he no longer lives in West Baltimore and instead lives with white people.

That’s the important bit to know about West Baltimore. It is and has been 100% black since Mr. Coates has been alive. It is a crime ridden war zone because it is run by out of control black youth gangs. He knows that. His father certainly knew it. His father claims to have been a Black Panther, but was most likely just another looter in the riots of 1968. For anyone of any race to be a little cautious if not frightened by young black males is simply acknowledging observable reality.

The question of the post is whether Mr. Coates is honest or a bigot. We can dispense with honest as it is clear he is not being very honest. Unless he has brain damage or has had a psychotic break, he certainly knows the greatest threat to his son is not a white guy at a Florida gas station. He also knows the real reason people are wary around young black males. He could simply say he hates this reality and wishes it were otherwise. That would be honest. Instead he conjures another reason.

Mr. Coates keeps using the word “plundered” to describe blacks in America. The idea, I surmise, is that blacks are in this degraded state due to white racism. His coevals in West Baltimore were joining gangs and shooting each other because long ago a white guy did bad things to their ancestors. Alternatively, the rules of society make young black males into homicidal maniacs, despite the fact most black males are not homicidal maniacs. Whatever works to excuse the behavior is the rule here.

The fact is, Coates, like all American blacks, is entirely defined by his relationship with white Americans. He is incapable of being grateful, because it would strip him of his sense of purpose, his reason to exist. Therefore, the never ending blood feud must be continued generation after generations. It’s a superstition now, where blacks are trained to fear whites, even though whites are coddling blacks to a degree never seen. His irrational fear of whites makes him a bigot, according to Webster’s.

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