The Cornucopia

This week I explain how to properly strangle a hobo with your belt, the best way to dispose of a body and how to make sure your daughter does not bring home a black guy. Well, maybe not all of that, but I do have some interesting topics to gas on about this week. It’s not a museum quality show, but I have some good stuff, I think.

Since there was some concern about Gab’s future, after it was attacked by some social justice warriors, I did not prepare to post this on Gab. Since the danger has past, I’ll be posting a bonus track there each week. That way, it helps get people on Gab and does a solid for the good guys fighting to keep the lamps from going out in the West.

For this week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the full show and segments from the show. I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

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32 thoughts on “The Cornucopia

  1. Gab, on which I occasionally post, was attacked by some alt-right people who had been libeled due to Gab’s legally defective policy of not moderating such posts. They are on very firm legal ground, as are the hosting organizations whose rules are being violated, and they are suing in a favorable forum, Texas, which is a Gab situated. So can the SJW nonsense…..Andrew Torba appears to have lost his mind.

  2. The opening music always reminds me of Apocalypse Now or was it the Blues Brothers ?

    And yes, pussy will always get you in trouble ! Or anything with tits or wheels will give you problems 😉

    And the Z-man is a Ted Nugent fan ? One more reason to love this podcast.

  3. I don’t listen to your audio presentations because I read so much faster than you talk. But, I think I’ll check this one out because I’ve always wanted to know the proper technique for strangling a hobo. Plus, I know how to dispose of a body, but its been a few years and I need to brush up on it.

  4. I’m afraid you will have to go bi-weekly, no homo!

    This must be the fastest hour in podcasting.

    The no-agenda show is 3 hours, just sayin.

  5. Jewish triumphalism can be seen almost everywhere, from the Left to the Right, the question is what is gonna happen when the current American Imperial system collapses, will our “aristocrats” take the blame or will be some goy patsy again?

  6. Kudos on the putative free speech observation of the left’s acceptable right-leaning men like Coulter and women like Shapiro.

    Has it ever occurred to you that Ms. Coulter, the skinny spinster, was once Eb Dawson*, the handyman for the Douglas’ on “Green Acres?” My theory is that Eb became depressed when “Green Acres” was canceled and he paid someone to mutilate his reproductive organs and has long since regretted the decision and so now he pens endless columns about how there are double standards and that liberals are the real racists etc.

    I think it you google a photo or two of each you can see the resemblance.

    * This obscure reference certainly dates me

  7. Maybe not Adolf money, but to quote some anon:

    “In 100 years, either Norway will be an Islamic republic or there will be statues of Anders Breivik in every Norwegian town.”

    That’s the thinking.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing Vox’s slide. I’ve seen any number of otherwise rational reputable people stand up in his defence when I noted that he is pretty much the gamma male he so despises in others. A lot of those people are going silent now; and I’m glad to see that. We need things like Gab to succeed, and we need people that can appeal to a larger audience that goes beyond the cellar dwelling man boys that are into dragons and comic books. We need to be more mature than that, as a movement we need to be able to roll with the punches as well as throw them.

    To wit – why aren’t WE negotiating the bounds of free speech with the Shapiros and the NRO cucks and RINOS? Were we smarter, we would have a whip on their asses and a bushel of carrots dangling in front of their faces – yet we let the left engage them. Aren’t we missing an opportunity here?

    • I think for now, the right course is to build our own platforms. One main reason for doing a podcast is to be another reasonable voice talking about the taboo topics that must be discussed. The more sane and sensible people we have writing, talking and videoing about the big issues, the more attractive our side is to normie. At some point, the Shapiros feel like they have to come to us.

      • The thing is, Shapiro is exactly the guy whose nose you want to keep out from under the tent. Like roaches, it’s a challenge that never ends. I’m not a small tent guy, but how many times is Charlie Brown going to kick that football?

      • I think so.

        We had a debate about immunization. He told me that basic, established immunology was junk science right up there with global warming and fit only for midwit fools. I think I called him an idiot or a moron, and left it at that. I was wrong to call him an idiot – but he IS childish and unstable… and intellectually dishonest. I’m not mad, it’s his blog, his campfire and his rules. I just don’t have a place there.

        But I like it here. It seems you can say anything within reason and have a discussion. If we’re lucky and the boys are up to par there may be a few rude jokes in the offing too. This is the level we have to be at to win the cucks and old world conservatives and expand our platforms. Would be nice to see Gab go that way and I don’t see men like Vox making that happen. But whadda I know? I am an old fart and gave up on dungeons and dragons and cool kids long, long ago.

    • Much as I didn’t care initially for Vox’s assault on Gab or the Nazi retards(better to ignore them), I must say the actions and behavior of Gab and and the alt-retard since the fights began have gone a fair distance in vindicating him.

        • Okay but what does that mean in relation to Taco Town’s point? I too find the actions of Gab’s power brokers completely bizarre. All of this could have gone on behind closed doors. I wouldn’t put Torba in charge of a bingo night based on his actions over the last two weeks.

          • Vox attacked Gab. He initiated he whole thing. He is completely in the wrong. All he had to do was act like an adult and ignore the taunts. He could not do that and now he has even fewer supporters than he did a month ago.

          • Vox’s behavior isn’t anything new. I’ve seen him get in these childish little spats many times in the past, this is no different other than the target, I have been following this however, and however childish Vox has been, Torba has looked far worse. Whatever faith I had in Gab has been destroyed by Torba’s behavior, and I say this as somebody who was initially mad at Vox for starting this.

    • I’ve been gently mocking my fellow Colorodans as they hyperventilate about the hyper loop. It’s like they are oblivious to the empty RTD light rail trains in Denver; the inability of the State to even built a 3rd lane for 9 miles between Castle Rock and Monument (which is desperately needed), and the physics of building a mag-lev low atmosphere train tube OVER the Rocky Frickin’ Mountains.

      All it represents is a six figure job for consultants to conduct polls and studies to “raise awareness”.

      WTF good is a tube that can get you to ONE PLACE in a metro area roughly the size of Rhode Island.

  9. the best way to dispose of a body

    “AAA carpet cleaning! This is Al.”

    Rapid fire speech, “Hey, Al! Umm, can you get blood out of a carpet? I mean like a lot blood? If you can’t get it out, can you dispose of it? Do you burn it? Burning would be best I think.”

  10. Interesting OpEd on the NYT yesterday by a Swede who went “undercover” with the alt-right. Pretty half baked piece but it was more notable that 20-30% of the comments aligned to what we see here, ”when you set up sides based on skin tone don’t be surprised when whitey picks a side you don’t like” and such. Good fun.

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