Trapped In A Black Vagina

This week I give over the entire podcast to reading the Epic of Gilgamesh in its original ancient language, Akkadian. I’m kidding, of course, but you can listen that if you are interested. I listened to a few minutes of it and it was interesting, but I don’t think hip-hop performers will be sampling anything from it.

This week I have the usual variety of items. I’ll tried posting a bonus track on Gab this week, but their video system is bleeped up and I don’t know when it will be fixed. If you are not on Gab, you should be, despite their flaws. They are the good guys fighting to keep the lamps from going out in the West.

For this week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has only segments from the show as they are now censoring me. Every effort to post the full show was rejected without much of an explanation, so I just posted some clips. Sorry. I think this is the last week of YouTube. The service sucks and the company is evil. I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

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64 thoughts on “Trapped In A Black Vagina

  1. A dozen years ago (former) talk radio personality Neal Boortz and Georgia Congressman John Linder came up with an idea called The FairTax:
    The idea was abolish the IRS and replace the income tax with a national sales tax. The notion being nearly all state collect a sales tax anyway so why not tack on a federal sales tax too? With the claim that unlike the income tax it can’t be ‘gamed’ with exemptions and deductions.
    The problem is, yes, a sales tax can be ‘gamed’. I live in Florida, who pretty much operates with a ”FairTax”, the bulk of the state budget is based on the state sales tax.
    The FL sales tax is routinely ‘gamed’, example, food for your dog is taxable, food for your ostrich is not. Also twice a year there are ‘sales tax holidays’ in May for ‘disaster prep’ (batteries, camping gear, generators, ect.) and August for ‘back to school’ (typical school supplies). Those grow, shrink, or are eliminated as state budgets need to help balance. The worst part of it though is what Boortz dubbed ”The Prebate”:
    Literally a monthly handout to all US citizens. You can see how that could go horribly wrong; ”I’s gets da same check as whitey?! Dass rasiss!” – every ”gimme group” will push for more in the interest of ”fairness” and ”to fight discrimination”.

  2. The German “blood libel” will be retained because Germans are not allowed to like being German. Germany must be subsumed under the EU, and to allow Germans to enjoy being German completely goes against the goals of the EU, which include eliminating the national identities in forms any more substantial than tourist sites.

  3. If the Simon Wiesenthal Center was serious; you think they might put a little effort into going after George Soros, an actual living Nazi collaborator. He probably pays them to ignore him.

  4. In regards to Finland

    The truth is that white men are not desiresble to women

    Men of Color are masculine and can beat the hell out of white men in a physical fight

    Import some Black Men from Africa (which is happening) and those panties will drop

  5. The Finnish government has been asking young people to have more children for the last 10 to 15 years ( that I can remember )

    Unfortunately the attitude is we’re not going to be told what to do by some bureaucrat. Some have matured and started families but may be too little too late.

    Militant feminism, pursuit of higher education / careers has also taken its toll. When Finland was homogeneous the the socialist high taxes / big welfare state seemed to work for them very well.

    Now with the invasion of the third world savages the government will play Robin Hood stealing money from the white people in the form of higher taxes to house and feed their new parasites.

    P.S. the Germans may have a disdain for Americans do to the large military base in Rammstein. US servicemen have committed some serious crimes over the years. Have gotten with the people of Deutschland just fine. Perhaps we should have the same personality ? 🙂 and yes they are more than fed up about the whole Nazi thing

    • >Germans may have a disdain for Americans do to the large military base in Rammstein

      No they don’t.

      They love those bases and the economic activity around them.

      It’s the opposite to the situation in Okinawa.

    • S.L.
      The hidden assumption is that any country *needs* a birthrate > total replacement ratio. Why_?

      My answer, FWIW, is *Socialism*, pure and simple. Socialism devours capital, both human and economic, and has great trouble replacing it due to ordinary human nature.

      The magic thinkers that brought in socialism in the first place have some dim idea that they ought to be replacing the human capital seed corn that they’re eating up there in the Cloud but can’t figure out how to do this. “I know, lets devour someone *else’s* human capital. Gee, where to find any_? The whole first world has gone socialist. I know, teacher, I know, I know, we’ll bring them in from the third world.” Genius_!

      • Socialism is the “skim” writ large. Everyone, in their occupations, skims off the top for their own uses and well-being, as part of the process. As long as most of them are producing something of worth or lasting value, even though they take their skim, everything works fine. Socialism allows the skim but doesn’t actually demand work of value to be done as part of the process. So everyone is skimming off the top, but no one is providing anything of value underneath it all. Taking a skim off the skim of others (taxes), is doubly hurtful to the system. Politicians using the taxes to devise more skims is triply hurtful.

        Bringing in third worlders is so foolish, as the brilliant cloud people thinkers figure they can skim off their good work. But there isn’t any good work. They have simply increased the number of those living off an unearned skim, further drowning the system.

    • Sweden was somewhat helpful to Germany in WWII, allowing troop transports, and hostile to Russia.
      So (((guess))) who started pushing the majority of the immigration effort even in the 70s, not to mention the Soros-Spectre- Kahane reconquista today.

      Their endless lust for bloody revenge, whether for something they started or even for a story they themselves made up.
      So…. Semitic, no difference tween the two brothers.

  6. I liked you segment on “Is the Pope Catholic?”

    In it you used the word “shadow” and that is a descriptor I use for the recent Church of the progressive Popes whose praxis is anthropocentric rather than theocentric and so I think of my church as a shadow church- one lacking substance (although it still has the sacraments etc).

    Now, that doesn’t mean that the Church has changed any of its doctrines – it literally can’t as the charism of the Hoy Ghost prevents such evil- but its too human leaders with power and authority don’t give a darn about Tradition and Tradition binds every Pope – even this one.

    It does mean that the church is essentially “invisibilium” outside the traditional orders but what the church is experiencing is its passion which recapitulates the passion of Jesus Christ.

    There will come a point at which nearly everyone will think the church has died and that is when Jesus Christ will resurrect it and so there will be no confusion about whose church it is – it is His, and He is the rock and the Popes, no matter how virtuous or vile they are aught but little rocks – in the sense that they are His vicar.

    During the Arian crisis it was the laity (and a few famous saints such as Athanaasius) which preserved the faith whereas the majority of Bishops were heterodox.

      • Ol’ Bullets Barnhart is benighted on this matter.

        She has slipped into an odd legalism in trying to deny that Benedict XVI resigned and Franciscus elected.

        On this matter she is a complete waste of time

    • Big upvote for the info, “the Bishops were heterdox.”

      Since I’m Arianite (‘he was a prophet’), are you saying the claim of Paul and Asimodeus (‘he was a Greek demigod born of Father Zeus and a mortal woman’) was actually falling out of favor amongst the higher clerisy? That’s big news, well repressed.

        • Well, you lost me: I can’t tell whether you are trying to be ironic or iconoclastic.

          Either way, I am sure you amused your own self anyways

  7. Z, yet another superb podcast. I’ve been downloading and listening to the previous episodes whenever I have time as I started with episode 12 and I have had to work backwards. IMO you have a great set of pipes and excellent diction.

    I love the “girl science” section. “She is trapped in a black vagina” just made me snicker and oddly enough I was driving through “the Block” in Baltimore at that moment.

  8. I stood up during the die Fahnen hoch part.

    Only to realize it wasn’t the anthem, my bad!

    But one can’t take a chance, or knee.

  9. The western world will soon be comprised of People of Color.

    How do you think that will effect things?

    It seems like you guys fear a loss of privilege and a peaceful equitable society

    • There are many more “people of color” in my family than otherwise. The biggest shitlords are not lilly white but fully western. There are blacks on the other side of the family, and they are all losers who don’t show up at reunions.

      I don’t think your POC vision of the future is going to hold up. My grandkids are going to eat you and yours for lunch.

    • The multicult societies that are equitable are violent, those that are peaceful are dominated by minorities. The smaller the intelligent fraction the greater their domination, necessarily. As the denominator rises equity falls..Shake your rattle and enjoy.

    • Yes, we fear loss of a peaceful equitable society that is a privilege to live in. The non-Western world is conspicuously devoid of these things.

      You see, once America goes under, there will be no place left to flee.

  10. Trapped in a black…

    Every time I see crap like This I am astonished that some-one some where thinks this crap is of any economic value at all. All these women should have starved to death decades ago.

  11. I agree with you about Milo, and wrote a post back in February when he had his troubles about how he’s done what the PUAs call “overgaming”. His initial act was to gain attention, but once he was making headlines he needed to dial it down a notch and say something new or interesting. Instead we just got more camping it up and attention seeking.

    Your issues with YouTube might be to do with the music, possibly.

    • The copyright issue just means no monetization, which is fine with me as I don’t participate in it. For some reason my uploads were being deleted for no obvious reason. Then I was able to upload them.

      I really hate YouTube.

  12. I had the opportunity to travel to Germany this summer and do touristy and non-touristy things for a few weeks. Germany is starting to show the signs that brought Trump to power.

    The people in charge and in academia think things are just great. Allowing in all of these refugees is wonderful. One of the individuals making these points hasn’t lived in Germany for decades but made sure he could vote against AfD.

    You can’t go anywhere in Germany without hearing or seeing something about the Holocaust. There are gold cobblestones in front of any building where Jews were hauled away, with the names of dates of the individuals deaths.

    The younger people are pretty much fed up with it. The Holocaust and Hitler are all they hear about in schools. It has hit the point of being counter-productive. As with the racism drumbeat, at some point people go fine, I’m deplorable and I no longer care.

    Economically, you are starting to see hollowed out small towns the same way you see them in the US.

    I don’t know where it is going to end in Germany but it can’t keep going on the same path.

  13. Dagnabbit. Don’t touch that button!
    So I touched it. It was an accident, I swear.

    Someday, when they find my dirty, disheveled bum self clutching a dying smartphone in a ditch, I’ll cry, “Z-man! You did this to me!”

  14. A written blog post with all the info you had in the Deutschland Uber Alles segment would be great. I would love to have that info to fall back on the next time I’m in an argument with some Israel first type.

  15. Taxes are a big deal up here in Canada right now. Our idiot whoreson of a prime minister wants to raise taxes and eliminate tax breaks for small businesses ‘because they aren’t paying their share…’

    I know it won’t happen but I would love to see a universal flat tax. Start it at 15% for individuals and 18% for corporations. Right across the board, from welfare slobs right up to CEO’s. Taxes are done in 15 minutes with a $7.00 calculator. No ‘aggressive accounting”, no favouritism, no endless bureaucracies to be weaponized by idiot politicians of colour.

  16. Babies are insurance for women with uncertain prospects. Having a welfare state makes women have a sense of security about the future so that they feel less need to supply insurance for the future in children who might be able to provide for them.

      • I couldn’t quite figure the Chinese lady owner’s bright smile when she bragged, “Four sons!”, no mention of the daughters.

        One of the employees, a more Americanized nephew, whispered to me, “That’s Social Security in China. They’ll provide for her.”

    • The US TFR dropped to around 1.8 or so in the 1930’s during the great depression and when the welfare state was paltry , food stamps and a few programs mostly for men does not a welfare state make.

      In fact more years have been spent at low/stable fertility sine the 20th century than high fertility

      The reason the baby boom occurred is a vast increase in wealth combined with faux ruralism in the form of the suburbs .

      Basically regular working people got much richer in land terms and money ones and the delayed urge to have babies, social pressure and the “Just had a war, have a kid” instinct kicked in viola baby boom

      Its a non repeatable circumstance

      After the US economy started to tank after 1973 its not a surprise the TFR rate leveled , people were gradually poorer and measured as percentage GDP they are less than half as rich as they were in 1973

      White TFR the only one I’m tracking here is fairly stable and was in the 30’s till 1940 and from 1972 onward was fairly stable, replacement to a bit below which suggests to me that once development reaches a certain level a natural population equilibrium occurs.

      This is stable or a bit lower for most of the “White” world with crowded or formerly Communist and economically unstable nations mostly having significantly lower rates

      Poland for example has so many people overseas its suffering despite being highly religious

      They key to repair and sustaining society though is to make society more homogeneous and to ensure that immigration is near zero or negative in some places

      This requires a very different economic system though, more controls on trade and a responsive ultra nationalist government

      This won’t happen until the US and its money obsessed globalists are gone from power either because the US is simply no longer able to do anything to people who opt out of its system or by regime change, preferably peaceful

      The folks saying we need more religion are long and short, wrong . Th more highly religious states have lower fertility than more secular ones, Poland is at extinction level whereas White Swedes who are not religious, and Leftist are near replacement , a tiny bump an they get growth

      • I agree that they have fewer when they know they’ll have trouble feeding them. Women don’t like to have to compete with their children for food. What I’m talking about is old age planning. What I’ve noticed is that women in countries with little or no social safety net for the aged but easy access to food or a stable economy will have a lot of kids. Their daughters will promptly stop doing so when they have access to social insurance or family wealth, or if they emigrate to a social democracy.

        This is just an observation based on having spent a lot of time in third world countries. I’m not really into demography that much.

      • A.B.
        You are missing the most critical factor in the baby boom, namely WWII. But you are right that this (hopefully) is a one-off – hate to have a rerun.

        The US industrial capital stock was rebuilt from the drawdowns and abandonment of the ’30’s via government subsidy for purposes of war production, certainly since 1940 – almost two years before we became an active belligerent.

        War production + conscription picked up all the labor market slack of the depression and then some. The expected post-war depression failed to materialize, unlike following WWI, IMHO, because *all* of our competitor industrialized countries were literally bombed flat. Also, wartime rationing had created a reservoir of pent up demand everywhere, the US most definitely included.

        Therefore, once the industrial plant was converted to (mostly) civilian use, production and employment could be sustained at a reasonable level taking up the domestic pent-up demand and selling overseas for basic consumption and rebuilding.

        Most importantly, something like 12 million young men were taken away from family formation from 1940 (when conscription began) to 1945 (when the war ended), also creating a reservoir of pent-up demand, IYKWIM. These men almost all returned in less than a year determined to make up for lost time 😉 Certainly this was the case in my extended family.

        Suburbs were the *result* of all the above factors, not the cause. Returning young men formed families and had the kids all at once that they would have spaced out over 6 + years. So housing was urgently needed and there was credit money readily available to pay for it (the GI Bill). This building boom also kept the US economy at near full employment, leading, in turn, to more family formation and childbirths. To all but the most extreme of our domestic enemies (Marxists seeking victory for the USSR, Tree Huggers, etc.) it seemed like a virtuous circle at the time.

  17. The relationship between Germany and Turkey has nothing to do with German antisemitism. Turkey uses Germany as a lever against the rest of Europe, and especially Russia, and Germany reciprocates this. It all goes back to the diplomatic jockeying over the straits at either end of the Sea of Marmara back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Think of it the way Churchill thought of England’s long standing policy toward the Continent in keeping a balance of power, allying with whomever was found to be in opposition to whomever was the dominant power at the time. Just another version of this.

    And my problem with Germans has nothing to do with WWII. I simply have yet to find one that I like. I might sympathize with some of the political aspirations of the far right, but I don’t like German Nazis because they’re German.

    • I always thought Thatcher was right. Germany should never have been allowed to unite. In fact, it should have been broken up further. Maybe after the next war.

      • Why do you think this? I ask because I respect your mind. I don’t agree, but admittedly I haven’t given much thought to the advantages of a fragmented Germany.

        • Germany was nothing like a country before Bismark, and most of Best Of came before unification. Might be a lesson for us there somewhere.

      • You don’t take over the weakest tool as an end- goal.
        You aim for the strongest tool.

        (I’m thinking of Gorbachev’s 1985 deal with the Italian, then other Euro Communist partys to rebuild the Soviet west of the Urals. The French conveniently boosted the Euro-Arabian Dialogue about the same time.)

    • The Forty-Eighter immigration from Germany was a disaster for the US. They flooded the Midwest and brought in socialist ideas with them. And they’re still a pain in the ass.

      • They were also quite prominent in the Union Army during the Civil War, the Red Republicans finding common cause with the Black Republicans. Lincoln made more than a few of them generals.

      • I’ve referred to this phenomenon before when arguing it out with people about how this country should return to years past by disassembling the Federal government monstrosity. Socialism and big government was not an idea that was born here – it was imported. Just broaching that subject seems to really piss people off and make them go into strange contortions of denial.

      • The importation of two million Talmud Parsers between 1880 and 1920 was the real disaster, America lost what was left of English Common Law, The flood of Federal regulation began and we’ve been burdened with the most screwed up foreign policy on the plant.

        • How is English common law working in England these days where there hasn’t been a flood of German immigrants since the Saxons landed?

      • Yes, one can’t help notice all the German names among our internal enemies. Clintonhoffer, Obamawitz, Sorosgrüber, Sharpton von Könisberger, Paulus von Ryan, to name only a handful.

        It’s a clear pattern: Let us ‘normies’ add immigrant post-war Germans to our list of enemies. It’s a big list.

        German immigrants also gave us Eisenhower, the A-bomb, and Lawrence Welk. Also my maternal grandfather, of German parentage, whose only comment when I’d ask him about his ww1 experiences in the Argonne was “I got my share of Huns”.

        • Eisenhower’s ancestors arrived in the 18th century. Those Germans assimilated into American civilization quite well.

    • Doc;
      That, and German officers and munitions greatly helped Turkey preserve its Anatolian core + The Straights during WWI. See Gallipoli, Battle of for an example of the direct effect.

      For an indirect effect, the Turkish officers who saw off the Greek land-grab in the early 1920’s were trained and promoted under German officers, most spectacularly, Kemal Ataturk.

  18. Zman, Spreaker says the post is currently unavailable. The page is there; just won’t play. Maybe something techish.

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