Ranting About The Cult

This week, I seem to have a bit of an obsession with the Progressives. I think dealing with Civic Nationalists this week had me thinking about their spiritual masters more than usual. I’m also working on another project that has me thinking about Lefty in a serious way. Regardless, this week’s show is heavy on the Cult of Modern Liberalism.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. I’m getting better at hitting the exact mark on each section. That brings me joy. There is also a bonus track on Gab, where I talk a little about reparations. If you are not on Gab, you should be. Despite their flaws, they are the good guys fighting to keep the lamps from going out in the West.

For this week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the four longer segments from the show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android phone commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Vegas (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: The Uncertain Past (Link)
  • 22:00: Girls Science (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: A Ramble About The Cult (Link)
  • 42:00: What Comes Next (Link)
  • 47:00: Press F For Respects (Link)
  • 52:00: Female Trouble (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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49 thoughts on “Ranting About The Cult

  1. RE: Progs
    There is a wonderful parallel between the Pubbies and the Donkeys. Both parties have a base. This base is used to support the uniparty aims of the party professionals, while attempting to keep the base in line. The difference is the pubbie party base is comprised generally of normal people, while the donkey base is almost entirely weirdo.

    Here’s the donkey version of the story: https://theintercept.com/2017/10/20/democratic-party-drama-puts-deputy-chair-keith-ellison-in-a-tough-spot/

    An interesting exercise for the https://anepigone.blogspot.com is to figure out how many normals there are (the pubbie base) in comparison to the weirdo population, the donkey base. I used to think years ago that the weirdos were just a few score thousand )Black Panthers, WeatherPeople, and such), then I adjusted upward to the hundreds of thousands when I saw the kind of support the nuclear freeze people (you would know them as the KGB) could turn out in the 1980s, then to the millions (looking at the astro-turfed crowds hating on W), and now, I fear, several tens of millions (what else can account for the “Rapture of the Obama” as well as “The Resistance”, along with its power to destroy the lives of normals). This is not going to be easy

  2. “My muslim friend said to me that ‘You in the West do not understand us.’ ‘I agree,’ I replied. We in the West see things from a two eyebrow perspective.'” -Dave Attell (not the edgiest joke, but a rebuttal to your statement @ around 45:00 that comedians won’t touch Mohammedans).

    Good podcast, but I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of Michel Foucault (pronounced pretty much like “Michelle” “Foo-Coe”). His “bio-politics” BS is the reason every black intellectual says “Black bodies” rather than “black people.” His whole thing was that Utopian thinker Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon could be used as a metaphor (and sometimes literally, as in the case of some prisons) for the potential to be surveilled to make us behave as if we were constantly under surveillance (and we, in turn, internalized these fears and policed ourselves, sort of like Orwell’s Crimestop) . Foucault was a gay libertine who liked anonymous sexual encounters and died of AIDS (he recanted a lot of his BS on his deathbed).

    • He probably also knows Sartre said “Hell is other people.” He just doesn’t want to seem like an egghead.

      • Both Sartre and Foucault were miserable degenerates whose primary goal (if they were to be honest) was to make others share their misery.

  3. One of my great film disappointments was showing Soylent Green to my sons. At the end Charlton Heston is being chased around the Soylent Green plant by hundreds of plant employees and security and all of a sudden I think, gee hasn’t just one of those guys told his wife what he does for a living?

    Made the whole movie absurd for me from then on.

    On the other hand, large scale conspiracies can and do occur, but not because of any plan of genius, but because a large number of like minded people cooperate in working toward a common goal all while denying that they are working in concert, or have any common plan. This is true because they have no written contracts with each other, and no one overseeing the progress of things other than informal reportage. The culture they develop is itself the conspiracy.

    That’s how we get reserve banking systems and university faculties.

    Which both need to be nuked or gassed. Take your pick.

    • Weren’t the plant employees convict labor?

      So he tells his wife. Then what? What can she do?

      Also, I think I’d pick gas, and put it on pay-per-view.

    • It’s worse than that. It takes something like 10lbs of food to produce 1lb of tissue. So a society eating soylent green would starve out immediately.

      But don’t let that put you off the movie. Otherwise how could you enjoy things like The Matrix (humans as batteries, as if they are net energy producers).

  4. I already saw the Faber article. I’m surprised Bodymore, Murderland hasn’t been renamed Zimbabwe 😉
    ”The Baltimore Police Department has announced the deaths of three men shot in two separate incidents, pushing the city’s homicide count to 278 so far this year ‒ ahead of New York in terms of total murders, and Chicago in murders per capita.”
    Stay safe friend!

  5. Yes, Brits are weird. I left the UK 14 years ago having been born and raised there to British parents, and when I go back, I find them weird. That said, people probably think I’m weird too.

  6. “a wife in Vegas is like going to China with a sack of rice” fantastic

    Man, Dino had a damn fine voice. So sad about losing his son; took all the life out of him. There was this project back in the 80’s where they paired old time greats with modern singers. Bono was paired with Sinatra; the results (for Bono) were not pretty. Guy basically can’t really sing so much as shout in a musical way.

    • I’m fond of saying that most pop singers sound like a bag of cats when not relying on electronic enhancements. In some cases, it is shocking how bad they sound.

  7. I’m a rifleman. Back when my eyes were brighter, and my nerves were sure and steady I was one of the best marksmen around. I could beat most squaddies and the ERT snipers that used our range. Still can, occasionally. Could Oswald shoot a cheap milsurp rifle, with a bargain basement scope in a broken mount at a moving target with the precision of a Swiss watch and at speeds that make a semiauto rifle jealous? Maybe. I could win Lotto 649 too, and buy the Z blog out of pocket change and turn it over to the queers and trannies. Ya get what I’m saying here, Z? Also, many people that can shed light on that business ARE conveniently dead!

    911. Even the fire dept. can tell you something was fishy with that. If there were even the remotest POSSIBILITY of the buildings coming down as they did they would never have gone in. The engineers that design these buildings design them for catastrophes like that. Those towers would have withstood everything up to and including powerful earthquakes. I work with the iron workers; burning jet fuel won’t come close to producing the temps required to blow the temper out of structural steel. If they did, the buildings would have toppled. Instead they came down like a controlled demolition.

    You touched on this even in this great podcast: truth stares us in the face, and we are not allowed to acknowledge it. I dunno whodunnit – either for JFK, 911 or this Vegas dude. I just know I am being hustled. Think about Vegas too – it’s the same for cops as it is for any of us. At work there’s any number of tattletales and finks that will go scurrying off to the execs if I screw up. Fact is – I keep those a-holes honest with the threat that I will do the same to them if they screw up. All these gaps? All these coincidences? All to hide the incompetence of some low level flunky? Somebody would have finked! I think something BIG is going on here, and some very, very big and nasty fish don’t want us to know about it.

    • The engineers that design these buildings design them for catastrophes like that.

      I’m an engineer who has been involved in the design of buildings (and power stations and oil installation). Passenger planes slamming into them full of fuel were never considered. I watched the towers collapse on TV in a room full of civil engineers, we were all amazed. Then the Popular Mechanics (I think) documentary came out, we gathered around to watch it, and understood it fully. Short version: jet fuel burning will weaken steel so that it fails catastrophically. The two towers collapsed differently, but both made perfect sense. Even now, buildings aren’t designed to withstand such an attack. To do so would leave everything looking like a low-rise concrete bunker.

      • The question was never about degrees of temperature.

        The question is who knew what- the degree of plausible deniability.

        Never, ever look up ‘Venice Flying Circus’- any and every pageview will be loaded with malware, blockage, big chunks of the page missing or fuzzed.

        • Sorry, trying not to blather as usual.
          VFC is Mideastern Agency stringers training as pilots in Jeb’s Florida, ostensibly as drug pilots for Pappy’s Afghan opium operation.

          Those ‘pilots’ had their own agenda, one hatched in Hamburg and funded by Prince Bandar.

          Son Marvin happened to be the WTC building manager for new owner Silverstein.

          Saddam, bin Laden, his uncle Mullah Omar (Pakistan’s puppet), Ayatollah Khomeini (British-Indian, not Persian),
          Noriega, Mexico’s Salinas- all of these were Bush-Agency stringers.

          I have to laugh when Zman claims there is no Deep State. This is Empire business, an economy above borders.

          Like dark matter, it’s operations are unseen yet warp all of the visible world out of true. That’s why things often don’t make sense.

      • I have a copy of the book published by the engineers who reviewed the event. The high strength low alloy steel elements, of which the towers were constructed, began to sag around 850 degrees F, jet fuel, kerosene, can easily achieve these temperatures. The failure was described as a “pancake” failure, I could go on for quite some time, but I don’t like to type. In my professional opinion the towers were destroyed by fires caused by burning fuel. There is no mystery here, everything that happened is easily explained.

        A.T.Tapman P.E.

        • I (and thousands of others) watched a warehouse fire under a continuous span steel girder bridge. The girders sagged twenty feet due to heat-induced weakening and expansion.

          The “controlled demolition”, “freefall speed” people are full of shit at best, nuts or propagandists otherwise.

          End of story.

          • Bullshit. Those “real engineers” are talking out their ass. Remember, this was built in NYC in the most corrupt era since Tammany Hall. The engineering specs on the blues and vetted by inspectors was, I ASSURE you, not the material or standards used in actual construction. I worked for the city for years as an inspector in the 90’s, and I got my structural engineering degree while interning for the company that handled the investigation of the KC Crown Center collapse (where using a lower grade steel bolt and one a third of an inch off to save money, or a decimal point was left off, depending on the narrative pushed and from who) resulted in over a 100 deaths. KC is corrupt as fuck and doesn’t compare AT ALL to the shit got up to in NYC. Just this last week I discovered a “double brick” wall between two tenements that was a single course. Your conspiracy shit assumes 7 was built to spec. It wasn’t.

      • Well, that’s not the story I have, or thefirefighters that responded on 911. Suffice it to say I have to question your credentials and/or your competence.

        Had the steel sagged as our leaders said it did – the top floors would have leaned over and toppled, not come straight down. Think about it – only one section of the structure was exposed to the heat.

        But that is physics – full of icky math and stuff. It’s better to believe what we’re told. Handle it like the JFK assassination: bullets can travel in circles too!

        Pull my other finger fellas – it has bells on it.

        • A sniper with a civil engineering degree, now that is impressive. At least you do believe that heat melts steel. One detail you may be unaware of — unimportant as it is – would be the actual design of the building. I can tell by your comment, you think the steel frame is on the outside of the building. Once you sober up, have someone read up on the actual design of the twin towers.

          • Gun club duffer, currently in possession of 19 rifles and pistols with a few un-prestigious trophies and medals for proficient use of same. (But still a more distinguished marksman than Oswald was).

            Ex – iron worker, now a supplier of precision bolting and torquing tools to the industry. Technical secondary education with a rudimentary understanding of vectors and physics. When I cut structural steel I needed an oxy-acetylene torch that carefully blended oxygen and acetylene at high pressure to attain cutting temps. Who knew you could use liquid kerosene instead?

            Do you know what a vector is, Karl?

            Sure – I may be wrong about all this and you can mock my background all ya want. But the NYC fire chiefs? I suppose you’re smarter than they are too?

            That’s always the reaction I get from non-technical people and proggies when I ask about the obvious discrepancies in their narratives: “You’re stupid! Believe me or else!!!!”

          • Glen, Oxygen does the cutting, acetylene is only required to bring the steel up to kindling temperature, when kindling temp is achieved, the acetylene may be turned off and the cut will continue. The oxygen causes the steel to combust. Try it, works every time.

          • I grew up on a Nebraska farm, and was running an oxy/acet rig at 12, both flux welding and cutting up scrap. Acet is expensive, my dad was a farmer AND vo-ag welding teacher who was parsimonious with his acetylene. He always said the mark of a good cutting-torch runner was whether they were steady enough to drop the acet from their mix after the burn began. You obviously know what you’re talking about. With a clean tip, I can go through four inches of one inch steel in less than 20 seconds. We used to have contests in 4-H and FFA to test our skills. Steel is like any other carbon creation; it’ll oxidize when presented with 02 under pressure when it is hot enough.

          • Glenfilthie, did you or did you not know that the twin towers supporting steel frame was in the central core of the building? Yes, or no is all you need to say. Try not to lie..

        • “Pancaking” is a well-established phenomena in buildings of that nature. All it took were a few of the vertical supports (the ones remaining not fractured on the floors from the initial impacts) getting hot enough to bend. You assholes are, I sometimes wonder, perhaps shills to deflect/make crazy upon the very REAL questionable aspects of this event- Israeli involvement for one; stock sales, etc.- by making us appear nuts. It’s a well-established tactic. FACT: there were planes flown into the towers. Fact: the towers collapsed as a result of this; NOT “controlled demo”. No further evidence of this is necessary than that THE AMERICAN MILITARY REACTION WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME WHETHER THE TOWERS COLLAPSED OR NOT. This whole “controlled demo” thing is retarded and, quite frankly, a diversion from the real issues. IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW THEY FELL, WHAT MATTERED WAS THE ATTACK. I often wonder if the people pushing your narrative aren’t outright shills. It did happen. I saw it from my rooftop. Your shilling for “controlled demo” is just an op to create a fog around (((those))) who carried out this attack and stood to gain from it. ZERO NEGATIVES AND MANY POSITIVES FOR ISRAEL, NO MATTER HOW IT HAPPENED.

    • Jeeesus. Ever used a blast furnace? I stood and watched, and we could see molten steel being blown out the impact exit side after thirty minutes of flame, suction, and oxidization. Did the kikes want this to happen and maybe facilitate it? Yes. Was there “controlled demo”? NO. Don’t be a retard.

  8. I really enjoyed your video this week. I could rant about cults and factions forever. Cults have the best advertising to find their loyal followers. I love that you’re on iTunes and Google Play now.

  9. re: where did Paddock get his money; it was reported he made millions in real estate. So go look up the records of all his transactions. Wasn’t done.

    • It’s another example of the fact there is no investigative reporting. The news services just repeat what they are told. If the cops said Paddock was a Time Bandit from the 24th century, the news organization would report it as fact, claiming to have the exclusive.

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