We’re Winning

I’m slowly fine tuning the format as I get used to doing this. I like the four ten minute segments and then the three five minute ones. I may go to a 3-5 format at some point. I’m straddling a few worlds here, as far as audience, so I’m thinking about how to do a little normie politics, along with some dissident politics. This week is a tentative effort in that direction. I like structure so I will tighten up the format in the coming weeks.

This week I have the usual variety of items. The degree of precision in hitting the mark on each segment would make a German blush. That brings me unlimited joy, bordering on bliss. There is no bonus track on Gab this week. I’ll do something over the weekend after I get back from the Mencken Society bash. If you are not on Gab, you should be. Despite their flaws, they are the good guys fighting to keep the lamps from going out in the West.

For this week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the four longer segments from the show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android phone commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

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31 thoughts on “We’re Winning

  1. Have been listening to your podcast for a few weeks now and really enjoy it! Keep up the great work!

  2. First, I’ve started listening to the podcasts and they’re both informative and entertaining. However, many of the segments (e.g. girl science et al.) are depressing due to their abundance and profundity. I’m not sure it’s helpful to emphasize how bad things are getting in our culture, and I wouldn’t think we are really winning until universities stop hiring the idiots that write those things. It seems to me that society isn’t just carrying the burden of dead-weight anymore, our institutions are now proactively rewarding and growing it like a cancer.

    • ” I’m not sure it’s helpful to emphasize how bad things are getting in our culture”

      You are deranged.

      The first thing that has to be done is to describe and delimit the problem.

      You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

  3. Really enjoy the power hour,it allows you room to expound on a variety of topics. I like the music as well, anyone who doesn’t like Wagner Ought to be napalmed, and let’s face it, Zers just wanna have fun.

  4. I discovered an “FM transmitter”, sold wherever earbuds and such are.

    Plug it into your phone, turn the radio to a specified frequency (say 88.3 or whatever), and it transmits any downloaded playlists or podcasts thru your car soeakers.

    For dinosaurs like me, driving Flintstone vehicles or reduced to text only, this means I can enter the fancy-shmancy modern world.

    Been wanting to listen to Batchelor and Savage podcasts for years, and thanks to Zman, I found out that all you do is touch the button.

    Last week I discovered YouTunes.
    I finally learned how to download music!
    Z-casts, here I come!!

    • PS- about 25 bucks

      Talk radio is near dead since being taken over by the agents of C.U.C.K., Hannity the Moron Cheerleader and Levin the Shrieking Housewife. Bring the samizdat pirate broadcasts, like something out of “They Live”!

    • I burn the podcast onto a cd.
      16 cents each.
      Independent of any cell service, battery powered device. (other than the car.)

      • You have a CD player? And know how to burn ’em?
        One of these days…

        (I’m gonna get a game. Been wanting one since I saw Galaxa on a Commodore 64 cassette in 1977)

          • Bilejones’ CD suggestion, actually, is rather a capital idea. Putting it on the list.

            Someday, though, when the Thought Police break in and find my recorded library of hatethinkers…

  5. Would you please turn down the volume on at least the transition tones? It’s simply too loud, in relation to your spoken volume. I set the volume to a comfortable setting based on your speaking volume, and then BOOM. Are you afraid we’ve fallen asleep?

    • I think the levels are pretty dang consistent. Now Pandora, when the ads come on – that’s a jarring volume increase. Z man, fire for effect; this is not chamber music, it’s dissident right polemics. I think you have the tech issues well in hand and need not worry about them. Just my $.02, but I have familiarity with audio, and audio ain’t any problem of yours, IMO. It’s like typos in blogging; not an issue.

      But others hear things differently, and all due respect to them. I listen to your podacast on youtube; maybe it’s different on Spreaker.

  6. “The degree of precision in hitting the mark on each segment would make a German blush.”

    Ach du lieber!

  7. That stoltenberg creep is/was managing editor of the AARP magazine. Just another reason to avoid that organization.

  8. If by winning you mean impending impeachment if Trump and the continued rejection of white western values by the young and People of Color I would agree

    • I think it’s disgraceful that neither Weinstein nor Spacey molested any young people of color?! That’s 3 strikes in my book (every day of the week).

    • For the last time, there are no such things as “People of Color”. There are Blacks, 57 different types of “Hispanics” ( a classification made up by Nixon, by the way), and several different types of Arabs/Middle Easterners/South Asians, some of which are essentially white, and saw themselves as such, until about fifty years ago, when the gibs train started rolling. They all hate each other’s guts, and would probably have started killing each other already, were it not easier to whine for the aforementioned gibs from whitey, which are running out, by the way.

      The “Browning of America”, if it ever happens (doubtful) will not bring peace, but conflict.

    • Trent! Tiny! (Yes, it’s you – the caps on “People of Color” is a dead giveaway.)

      Tis’ amazing, but I actually agree with you: The people of color are rejecting white western values – stuff like STEM, and reason, and truthfulness, and honesty, and fairness, and political liberty, and justice, and sanitation, and medicine. Which is why I’m so confident that they will soon recreate the shithole conditions of their countries of origin, and white men will have to clean up the mess the wogs have made for themselves, just like we did during the 19th century, when white men introduced wogs to radical ideas like not shitting in the street. People of color do things that people of color do – they just can’t help themselves, and white men will need to look after them like the spoiled stupid children they are.

  9. I just found this blog through WRSA. I love the podcast and you blog musings. Keep up the excellent work!

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