Lessons of Identity

One of the remarkable things about identity politics is that the only group of humans not embracing identity politics are modern western white people. That is not entirely accurate, as some elements of the white population embrace identity politics. It is just not white identity politics. The groups that do embrace some form of identity politics, seem to look for groupings that are, to one degree or another, anti-white. That is the reality of identity politics. It is not just a thing whites do not do. It is something that only anti-whites do.

You see this in the election results from Alabama. Blacks hate white people and they have been trained now to see Trump as the face of white America. Blacks in Alabama correctly saw the election as a referendum on Trump and raced out to vote for the other guy. You can be sure that few of them had the slightest idea about the other guy. They just saw famous blacks supporting him, so they went out and voted their skin. The preliminary numbers show that black turnout was up compared to 2016. Blacks like identity politics.

“Bible believing Christians” were largely responsible for Moore winning the primary, but they have proven to be an easily manipulated identity group. They will vote for “their guy” but at the first hint that their guy does not tick all the right boxes, they will abandon him. In contrast, their guy can be a flaming liberal like a Jimmy Carter, or warmongering neocon like George Bush, and they will flock to the polls for him. The primary identity of “Bible believing Christians” is their desire to be embraced by the people in charge.

Homosexuals are another group that revealed themselves in this election. Matt Drudge was campaigning against Moore from the start, simply because Moore is old school on the sodomy issue. That is the definition of single issue politics. In that David French post I wrote about yesterday; he had a section on the gay stuff. National Review is now run by a homosexual activist, Jason Lee Steorts, who ran off Mark Steyn for repeating a fifty year old gay joke. Gays are homosexual first, everything else a very distant second.

The funny thing about identity politics in America, something the alt-right guys talk about frequently, is that whites are the only definable group that does not engage in identity politics. If every identity group in America was asked to send a representative to a flag convention, whites would be the only group not present. If someone did show up, he would have no idea what sort of flag to wave. He would probably just take one of his “I’m So Sorry” t-shirts and wave that around. No one would find this the least bit remarkable.

When it comes to politics, at least, the only definable feature of white identity is self-sabotage. That was on full display in Alabama. Moore was cast by the Left and the so-called Right as the white identity candidate. They were not explicit, but that was the message they wanted to send. White voters responded to this by staying home. The political class will spend the next year crowing about the result. They should be proud of their work. It is no small thing to get a far Left candidate elected in Alabama.

The biggest lesson of the Alabama race is something that the Dissident Right has been discussing for years now. The American political class has evolved to thwart anything resembling identity politics among majorities. Cosmopolitan globalism cannot work unless the population is deracinated and atomized. The whole point of our politics is to prevent anything resembling a transcendent majority to counter the power of the semi-permanent political class. Social democracy only works if everyone is at one another’s throat.

That is a big reason the political class has locked shields against Trump. It is exactly why they despise Bannon. While Trump is not a white identitarian, he fully grasps the importance of demographics. Bannon is viewed by the political class as a white nationalist in a tricorn hat. As long as America is majority white, any hint of white identity is seen as a mortal threat to the system. They are not wrong about that. If whites start voting their skin, both parties collapse and we end up with a vastly different ruling class.

Finally, there is a tendency for many on the Dissident Right to think that identity politics is an inevitability. That is the lesson of history everywhere except the white world. Rhodesia and South Africa had white ruling classes. In both cases, whites were just as enthusiastic about fighting one another as in maintaining their position. Rhodesia is no more and South Africa is well on its way toward a white genocide. Even as the bodies stack up and the black parties become more blood thirsty, whites refuse to embrace their identity.

In fact, this is the lesson of Europe. The Mongols and Muslims both found that Europeans were not incredibly good at uniting for a common purpose. Serendipity and geography were the great enemy of these invaders. On the other hand, Europeans have been spectacularly proficient at making war on one another. It is entirely possible that the competitive evolutionary pressures that advanced the cognitive skills of whites, compared to other racial groups, also makes them unable to cooperate with one another across ethnic lines.

An expression I am fond of using is “You learn more from your failures than from your successes.” For the people promoting identitarian politics, last night was a reminder that the people in charge are really good at pitting one group against another. They are especially good at pitting one group of whites against another, so they will fink on their own guys and harm their own interests. Most of the whites who stayed home, rather than vote for Moore, will be out blaming the whites who voted for Moore in the primary.

It is also a reminder that Trump is not particularly good at being President. He is not just an imperfect vessel for populist politics. He is a cup with a hole in it. It is not all his fault, as he is a saddled with a party that is just an extension of the Democrat Party. Last night should be a reminder that this is a long game. Trump will be impeached or voted out of office. His utility was always as a way to discredit the system and damage the Republican Party. That means it will only get uglier, but it is what must be done to break the system.

America’s problem is not demographics. It is the white people currently in charge.

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  1. Another factor in the fall of White America is people not being honest with their children. They tell their kids “we’re all equal “, but really don’t believe that crap . They just say it because they think that’s what they’re supposed to do.

    Then they try to hide their shock when little Susie brings home Tyrone. Even then they don’t have the guts to tell their kids they going down the wrong path.

    I like the “It’s okay to be white ” campaign / movement. If everyone else gets to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism then why not whites ?

  2. You wrote: “social democracy only works if everyone is at everyone else’s throat.”

    Agree, except that we do not live under social democracy. Try Iceland.
    Instead you should have said that “neoliberalism only works if everyone is at everyone else’s throat.”
    And we live in a neoliberal pseudo-democracy.

    • Here is how Wikipedia describes Social Democracy:

      Social democracy is a political, social and economic ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a capitalist economy, as well as a policy regime involving a commitment to representative and participatory democracy, measures for income redistribution and regulation of the economy in the general interest and welfare state provisions.

      Does America support economic and social interventions to promote social justice? YES! Bussng. Affirmative action. Earned Income Tax Credit.

      Is it within the framework of a capitalist economy? YES! We have private ownership of most things, we have the worlds largest stock market, etc.

      Do we have a commitment to representative and participatory democracy. YES! Regular elections, citizen initiatives in many places, town hall meetings, etc.

      Measures for Income Redistribution? YES! Social Security, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, fuel oil subsidies, Obama phones, EBT cards, WIC program, Food stamps, Earned Income Tax Credits, etc.

      Regulation of the Economy? YES! Lots and lots. Local, county, state and Federal level. Millions of pages of regulations! Is it in the general interest. Yep, more or less. Some special interests, lots of legit regulations like building codes.

  3. ““Bible believing Christians” were largely responsible for Moore winning the primary, but they have proven to be an easily manipulated identity group.”

    I think a lesson of the Alabama election is that its a mistake to think that the old media is washed up regardless of what the raw numbers might tell us. Social Media and the Internet have their impact for the hard core but its mostly a sideshow when compared to television. Trump made social media work for him but mostly as a tool to fight and bate the media who run around on TV crying about his online antics. You and I don’t watch TV but thats not most of the country and it has an effect.

    “If every identity group in America was asked to send a representative to a flag convention, whites would be the only group not present.”

    Thats probably because the demographics burned into their minds is of it still being 1963; John Derbyshire made the point sometime in 2008 or 2012 when his kids were going to vote – I remember him implying that his daughter probably voted for Obama and then him wondering if it was the act of so many parents trying to protect their kids from diversity by moving to the safe white suburban bubble that might be driving some of the action, that the kids in safety look around, are told that diversity is life in school and then don’t see it where they live so they clamor for it when they become political adults. (I can’t find the article – it may have been a Radio Derb segment – but I remember it from back in the day mainly because he sounded so much more pessimistic than usual.)

  4. Whites survived for thousands of years thinking of themselves as a group with interests.
    Then they stopped doing it in the mid 1960s, beginning with the young people.
    Dummies on sites like this act so confused about why this happened, but it’s very simple.
    The young people stopped defending white interests because for the first time in history, universities & the media taught them that doing so was immoral & low status.
    That’s it.
    The reason WHY did universities & the media switched from supporting white civilization to atttacking it is also simple.
    By the 1960s both the media and elite academia had become dominated by an ethnic group that was competing with whites for power.
    As long as white people allow the universities & media to define our morality & status, white people will find white identity immoral & low-class.

    • This is basically what I said above, and have said here before. I would push the paradigm shift in racial self interest back to WWII. That war shattered the self image that many European intellectuals had about themselves and our societies. They decided changes had to be made, that they could never let something like that happen again… and by the 60’s, elements of academia and media, in alliance with government, decided to change the way we viewed ourselves and how we interacted with other races/ethnicities.
      The middle and working classes did not just role over and swallow this all at once, it took 2 generations of incessant repetition of certain themes and buzz words to convince most whites that they had no right to see themselves as distinct peoples with the moral right defend their interests.
      Even now, most whites still self segregate and behave in ways that reveal their preferences, despite what they say in mixed company or in the lunch room at work.
      I’m old enough to remember most white folks openly advocating for what today would be called “white supremacy”.
      White people being soft and spineless is a very recent trend.
      Our ancestors didn’t conquer the world, and build modernity from the ground up, without explicitly white identity politics.
      Now, whether or not we can reverse current trends before it’s too late remains to be seen.

      • Observer and Dave, great observations. I would argue that the Vietnam War, in the ‘60s, soured the American white youth and intellectuals, as it was viewed as a white affront on a non-white culture. The whites turned on themselves, as much as other races turned on them. The intellectual community lost it as early as World War I, as they destroyed art and began to rip down the language and written word. They began to embrace totalitarians of all stripes in a big way, a full century ago.

    • hard to argue with you Observer, but here’s a Q for you: What’s the end game? once that ethnic group has won out, and white ppl vanquished, won’t they then become targeted as the new “white ppl”?

      • I dunno. Why does there have to be an end game?
        People go through their lives just trying to survive & get a little ahead right now, without considering the long term. After all, if they can triumph today, they figure that they can do the same later too.
        It seems logical that groups of people would do the same thing.
        In terms of Jews, I would add that they don’t seem to mind being a resented minority surrounded by hostile others the way that whites do now.
        They’ve gotten used to it, and developed ways to thrive in that situation. Remember, they have spent a long, long time living as outsiders in other people’s countries.
        That condition is new to whites, especially in what were once our own nations. So we are more bothered by it than the Jews are.

  5. I seem to recall that Neanderthals were larger brained, smarter and more socially cooperative than Cro-Magnons.

    The latter won out purely by being more violent.

    Welcome to your future.

  6. I am glad to see this Alabama special election over and done. It was a distraction, all tarted-up by the media, to keep people from focusing on important stuf.

  7. Over 70 comments already and I don’t see any concerning Z’s observation: “On the other hand, Europeans have been spectacularly proficient at making war on one another. It’s entirely possible that the competitive evolutionary pressures that advanced the cognitive skills of whites, compared to other racial groups, also makes them unable to cooperate with one another across ethnic lines.” This may be more prescient than it appears, at first blush.

    Sun Tzu: “Know the enemy and know yourself, in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.”

    While I think we’ve come to know the globalist enemy (or at least have a much better understanding of them than say we did two to three years ago and longer), we don’t know ourselves, and, therefore, our chances remain no better than 50 – 50.

    I could go on, but point started, if not made.

  8. Unable to cooperate with each other across ethnic lines? Seriously? So, multi-ethnic European nations like Canada, the US and Australia are impossible?

    No, the problem is subconscious, assumed hyper-White Supremecy. Liberals and Cuckservatives treat brown/black people like pets. They can’t comprehend that a group of people who can barely tie their shoes are a real threat. Many of the Boer farm murders are carried out by farmhands or blacks hired by the White farmers. They helped Mr. Kunta, gave him a job, let him bring home fresh produce for his 8 kids. Yet, the entire time Mr. Kunta hated the farmers and one night he got some friends together and cut the farmers to pieces.

    Remember the movie “The Far Side”? A wealthy Texas couple dumps tons of resources into a dumb black thug who eventually grows up to play professional sportsball.

    Whites only fight other Whites because they only perceive them as a real threat. Subconscious White Supremecy is so deeply ingrained, they can’t understand they are in direct competition with these primitive people and they are losing.

    • This also somehow ties into white people’s obsession with our ideals of equality. We really go out of our way to show blacks especially we see them as our equals, and I think it is related to the fact that white Europeans (straight white men!) literally created modernity & civilization, the world all people now live in. There is a manifest jealousy from some who in their hearts notice this fact (white feminists are some of the most bitter, along with the angry black activist types), while ironically white men don’t seem to notice and certainly don’t hold it over anyone. Liberals in society have chosen to impose double standards like affirmative action to try to even things up to rid themselves of this cognitive dissonance with disastrous results. This has only created rage from the people just mentioned, who cope with feelings of fraud and insecurity by turning their aggression outwards the more we bend to show them pity or help.

    • I believe the movie was The Blind Side, which is a reference to the blind side of a quarterback in football. The Far Side was cartoon strip. Also, IIRC the couple were from Alabama or Mississippi, not Texas. Otherwise your point is well taken.

    • What then does silence accomplish?

      All this chatter means a great deal to me.
      That’s why we humans do it.

    • Nothing. It just gives people a place to vent. It is all talk and complaining by old guys and young losers standing in the path of history

    • good way to test your ideas, J. go ahead. throw one out. we’ll tell you if you’re right or wrong.

  9. You can’t beat something with nothing. Trumps’ press cannot get worse than 94% negative, and that’s what it’s been for almost 2 years. Everyone that has attacked him has had the worse for it. The Democrats are in abysmal shape for national candidates. The corruption of the DOJ and FBI vs Trump will be a MAJOR turning point, AND it should all be hitting stride early 2019 I’m thinking. I mean, major arrests, trials, etc.

  10. A black pill posting today Mr. Zman.

    What if the GOP had run Mo Brooks as you suggested not so long ago? Surely he could have won that extra one percent.

    Candidate quality has always been important. We forget about it at our own risk.

    • Oh boy, a game of hypotheticals!! Here’s one, what if the GOP were an actual real opposition party and supported the candidate the people wanted? Surely Roy Moore would’ve gotten that extra one percent, no?

    • Who knows what the GOP would have accused him of. The other lesson of this is the GOP is willing to accuse these guys of anything. They would have claimed “credible evidence” that Mo Brooks was into testicle porn.

  11. I agree Trump will be impeached; particularly after this.

    The scary thing about this is it can’t be placed solely at the feet of yearbookgate.

    It occurs to me Trump was hit, weeks before his election, with a similar scandal. Both were transparently media fabrications (I mean honestly, a moment’s critical reflection: 40 years, never heard of before, Washington fucking post, weeks before and enormous election…come the fuck on people use your eyes).

    But Trump won. And he won with a lot more negative press than Moore in a lot less conservative a polity than Alabama. No, it’s bigger than the 14 year old I think…i worry that whites have been intimidated by the backlash against Trump and all he implies and are returning to their chains…

    Zmans Europe comparison is not encouraging.

    Cheer me up guys?

      • I can’t say that I really agree with you, Bert. There’s no doubt that Trump has played a part in his own troubles, but so does every president, and Trump has faced a barrage of negativity that I have never seen directed at a president before, and I lived through Watergate and Iran-Contra, and that certainly has played a majority role in his problems. As for offering constructive criticism, I don’t see how telling Trump to stop tweeting (which arguably got him into the White House) or saying that he should prioritize trade instead of immigration (when polls indicate that it was the immigration issue that put him in the White House) is really all that constructive. In addition, I don’t believe that calling people idiots, or making fun of their legitimate concerns, is the best way to get people to listen to you, either.

        And yeah, Roy Moore was not a good candidate. But he didn’t want to kill babies, or over-run the country with socialist voting ethnic shills. That counts for something with me.

    • “I agree Trump will be impeached; particularly after this.”

      Since only a majority vote in the House is needed to impeach, you could be right. But it takes 2/3 of the Senate to remove him from office, which isn’t going to happen.

      • A Democrat senator in Alabama…how do you think republicans will fare in 2018? Those remaining, how confident are you they will not turn on Trump?

        I confess I am not very confident in frightened GOP senators. Your faith in the Republican party outpaces mine.

  12. So my “I can’t lose” theory of the AL Senate race is going to play out. Had Moore won, add another insurgent hacking away at the eGOP. The GOP won sort of a pyrrhic victory though because the reason Moore got nominated was voter rage over the eGOP fighting Trump (so they voted against the eGOP’s candidate, that Strange guy). The message whether Moore won/lost was loud and clear, “You’ve lost your base.”

    I don’t see how the GOP holds onto Congress in 2018 without advancing Trump’s agenda pretty aggressively at this point. I think that’s why the slipped the individual mandate repeal into the Senate tax bill. I don’t know if it’ll survive conference though.

    The GOP will of course read the EXACT OPPOSITE message out of this, which is that they should surrender even more to the Leftists.

    The reason I can’t lose? Because whether Moore wins or loses, the GOP loses.

  13. I’d like to see if the D’s can maintain their 10-to-1 spending advantage when campaigns are going on all across the country.

    As to identity, certainly it can be ignored when doing so does not impact survival. But whites are just as concerned with survival as others are. When the crunch comes, many more will make the right choice. The more whites are attacked, the more they will resist.

  14. If the Republican establishment and evangelical leaders had gotten behind Moore, he would have won. I heard Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a prominent public evangelical voice say on his daily news broadcast the other day that he could not vote for someone like Roy Moore if the accusations were true, and that they seemed “credible.” In other words, he gave Moore the kiss of death. Mohler’s daily “briefing” is broadcast on Christian radio stations across the country, so he surely had some impact, but more than this I think his thinking is reflective of that of many Christians in the U.S.

    They seem to be more concerned with the moral background of candidates than with the moral future that they select when they decide not to vote, or vote for the other guy. Too bad, but it almost appears as if they’d rather shun a guy for his (alleged) past sins, than vote for him to prevent the certain future sins, immorality, and cuckiness of his opponent.

    It strikes me as ironic, since Jesus is supposed to forgive one’s sins, but apparently many Christians in this country still want to hold even merely alleged sins from the distant past against political candidates.

    • Frauds. They care so much about “muh principles” that they’re willing to let an advocate of baby killing into the Senate. Pathetic!

    • It may be true that if evangelicals as a whole had backed Moore he would have won—but that wasn’t going to happen. Because God gives us the leaders we deserve. And when His people, as a nation, are disobedient to His Word, the prescribed consequence naturally follows… As with Israel of old, ‘strangers would rule over us and aliens oppress us’.

      Because Christians see fit to cast off God’s Law, and can’t even be bothered to read their Bibles, they are suckers for every wolf, like Mohler, who will easily and happily lead them astray. Christians especially, and Whites in general, can’t even perceive they are in bondage *right now* because they are blind to their own identity. Therefore, our God says, “Behold, I will deliver thee into the hand of them whom thou hatest, into the hand of them from whom thy mind is alienated: And they shall deal with thee hatefully, and shall take away all thy labour…” (Ezekiel 23) Sound familiar?

      “What is wrong with Whites?” The same that has always been wrong: we are a “stiff-necked people”. Always have been since Egypt. Speaking of identity, readers of their Bibles will note that when God sent the House of Israel (so-called “lost 10 Tribes”) into the final Assyrian captivity for their rebelliousness, He told them they would ‘lose their identity’. They would forget who they were as they wandered the earth for the next few millennia. But also, that He would one day seek them out and find them, and they would remember who they were, and He would save them from their enemies. That day is at hand.

      More and more of us have come to know this truth that the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, and Germanic kindred (which make up almost all of white American stock) ARE that House of Israel, and when we turn back to God, He will turn back to us. Moreover, we WILL turn back, albeit after much terror and tribulation. You are right now watching it beginning to unfold.

  15. I think we should avoid defending Roy Moore. Did he ever talk about immigration? DACA? Jobs? Trade? No much. Everything with him was God this and gays that. He was a “populist” apparently because he wore a cowboy hat and had a gun at a rally and rode a horse. That’s amusing but it doesn’t cut it.

    The bigger issue is that Trump is very unpopular right now and his base is depressed due to him failing to get anything they wanted done. I like him but he really has to do better.

    • If Trump wants to win in 2020, he needs to start building the damned Wall. Right now, no excuses, full stop. If he does, he wins in 2020, and keeps the House and Senate. If not, not. It really is that simple.

      • I personally think the trade issues, specifically scrapping NAFTA, would exponentially help him more than the wall.

        • Utterly disagree. Polls indicate that immigration was the reason Trump won, hands down. Trade, while objectively important, was nothing compared to this. With all due respect, I have to wonder what planet people who think the Wall is not that important to Trump supporters live on, anyway?

          • I didn’t say it wasn’t important. I said it wasn’t as important as trade issues, especially in places like PA.

      • There’s an awful lot that can be done with just enforcing legislation that’s currently on the books.

    • This is why whites always lose. Moore may not have been great on your issues, but he was a reliable vote for those issues. Jones is a reliable vote against your interests.

      • People should care about a candidate’s morality because it’s reflective on the kind of person they are. It’s really wrong to suggest that they must vote a certain way because “It’s Good For The Whites”. Whatever that means.

        • Up to a point, yeah. But there’s no doubt that both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama were personally decent men, but both were disasters as presidents, because they believed in the wrong things. As C.S. Lewis pointed out, evil causes gain most of their efficacy due to the number of good people associated with them. A man who is brave, loyal, dedicated temperate, intelligent and selfless, and uses those qualities in the service of evil, is far more dangerous than a sleazy grifter working in the same cause.

          Besides, it’s not clear to me that wanting to date teenagers is a worse moral failing than wanting to slaughter babies in the womb.

          • “Besides, it’s not clear to me that wanting to date teenagers is a worse moral failing than wanting to slaughter babies in the womb.”

            Dating teenagers can lead to creating babies in the womb. Since that’s the opposite of slaughtering babies in the womb, how come Roy didn’t get any credit for it?

            No justice in this world.

        • But how long do you hold someone’s alleged sins against them? Even if we’re going by Catholic standards, and I think 40 years is long enough to do penance for accusations.

          The other thing is that “good for whitey” is really not just about whitey.

          The fact is that it was whitey who created the world where everyone can enjoy the abundance, leisure, and personal liberty to criticize him.

          Take whitey’s influence away and you have South Africa, or Zimbabwe, or Brazil, or Mexico.

          Whites have been all about recognizing the inherent right of more and more people to live with a certain dignity and self determination. They’re the ONLY people on the planet who do that, and do it to the extent that it undermines their own self interest.

          That’s what you people don’t get. Get rid of whitey and his values, and you’re going to live in some very interesting times.

        • Another useless moderate chimes in. So eager to bash their own side. When will fools like you learn, Bert? The Left HATES you, no amount of pathetic virtue signaling on your part will do any good. So sack up and stop stabbing your own side in the back.

          • It’s getting very difficult to talk to Trump fans on the Internet because so many of them refuse to accept that he has played a part in his own troubles this past year.

            I voted for Trump and I like him. I don’t want him to fail. Which is why I’m offering my thoughts on what he has to do to fix what ails his administration. Unless of course you believe every single poll is fake and he isn’t in fact hovering somewhere around 35% approval rating. Then by all means continue to scream “THE LEFT HATES YOU WHITE GENOCIDE LOL PWNED LIBS CUCKCUCKCUCKCUCKCUCK” like the mindless Twitter bots do and don’t be surprised to see this result get repeated all over the country next November.

            And Roy Moore was a shit candidate.

        • That mentality is a luxury available to members of a homogeneous, high-trust society. We no longer live in such a society and you’re a fool if you continue to act as if we do.

        • Instead of saying “People should care about ________” be honest. Say “I care about ________ and people should be like me.” That’s what you mean.

      • Z Man;
        Inarguably true, *if* he could have been counted on to actually do so. If the New Right is going to become something, finding a new method of vetting candidates so as mitigate the old ‘principle-agent’ problem is critical. IOW, just because some politician *says* he’ll vote your way, there is no guarantee that he/she actually will.

        Obviously, campaign rhetoric is not enough. McCain is the classic example of pretending to care about your voter’s concerns while mostly working for The Cloud. Also the risk is that he/she might vote as he/she promised on the *unimportant* issues while voting with The Cloud on the important ones: Looking at you Collins & Merkowski.

        Claiming to be an Evangelical Christian is also not enough. W claimed to be one (and maybe he is). Never-the-less, the best one can say about what he did for Evangelicals is that he *may* have temporarily slowed down the pervnado. Roll back was never on the table.

        ‘Shared values’ was probably what was implicitly being used in the AL race. The teenybopper ‘courting’ was enough to bring those into question with enough AL Repubs. For those not familiar with the older Deep South, this was sometimes an earlier, regional version of being a PUA.

        One has to admire the efficiency and effectiveness of the Clinton Crime Family’s Russian gangster methods: Have kompromat on anybody important.

      • “…Moore may not have been great on your issues, but he was a reliable vote for those issues…”

        EXACTLY. 100%

  16. It is not that Whites aren’t identity voters. It’s that a significant percentage are not, enough so that their vote is split. Of course you have the SJW coalition, but, outside of the college and millennial posers, that is an insignificant percentage of Whites. Besides, there is nothing you can do that will wake those people. Only age and experience will change them. The problem for Whites are those that view elections as sporting contests. The dumbing down of the White man has been enhanced by the sports ball religion. When your life no longer has meaning, some men will distract themselves by assigning meaning to a bunch of apes that can run, jump, hit, throw, catch, whatever. White men’s lives have deteriorated to the point that their family, group, club, town, whatever, no longer matters to them enough. Things seem to just continue as they are, regardless of what you do. Things do change, but the change is incremental, and those that have no understanding of history become the frog in the pot of heated water.

    My point is that there is a percentage of White men that are so divorced from intellect that the only thing that matters to them is to be on the winning side. Acceptance by the herd becomes the real goal and the herd becomes some abstract concept of “multiculturalism” rather than your genetic grouping. This group will repeat whatever slogans are promoted by the “herd” and won’t care if they are true or not. They just want to “win”, and winning is not being ostracized. These people are the embodiment of the chumps in the Emperor’s New Clothing. Anyone can see that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes, they just want to win, and winning means not being seen as “stupid”. Notice that “stupid” is not actual stupidity. It is honesty. We have become a culture of atomized human beings looking for anything to glom onto so our life can have meaning. And as long as we have food in our belly, toys, TV, and circuses, we won’t resist. It will take an economic collapse the likes of which we have never seen to jar these weak men out of their complacency.

    • I am confident that complacent people will double down on their complacency, no matter what happens. They are invested in their complacency, and people do not abandon what they are invested in.

      • I recommend stocking up on food, guns, ammo and a method to get clean water. As has been stated here in the past, this will not end well. Getting your mind right will also help.

          • I love people who think that mis-spelling words refutes the point being made. Relax, you’ve got plenty of company.

          • Here he is, the useless so called “moderate”, saving his ire for those whose side he is supposedly on. Are you a Boomer by any chance Bert?

          • I’ll replay to this.

            You have a slight point, Collective action and identity is why Whites have such a problem getting things done.

            way too much individualism and while not everyone is stuck on stupid like this, militias and the Cajun Navy and the like are on the right track until White Americans stop associating working with others outside work or the State as Communism, they won’t get anything done

            want to really prepare, start a bowling league or a civic group and make it work

            This skills and connections will come in handy even more than another case of 5..56 , not that you can have too much ammo

          • Please specify. Homos? Hebes? Melanists? Methodists?

            You forgot the ThatsNotWhoWeAre scold at the end.

          • Hey Bert, if you stop eating soy based products you would likely relate better to the host and posters on this site.

  17. Point taken. But let’s not overlook the fact that Moore is a nut case and a godawful political candidate. Pull up any interview with him, he rambles incoherently. He’s not even a good liar. I watched the first interview he gave after the hitting on teenagers shit came out and thought “you fucking did it.”

    Don’t get me wrong, it sucks that he lost. But part of the lesson here is even in Alabama a total jubumblefuck with an R by his name won’t necessarily win.

    • That’s the point. Blacks will rally to Maxine Waters, because she is pro-black. Feminists will rally to Fake Indian, despite the fact she is as dumb as a post. You can be sure that when Al Franken decided to not quit the Senate, there will be no outcry. It’s only when it comes to conservative whites where we see the standards raised to the heavens and no exceptions granted. The people leading the charge are almost always white!

      For whites, principles are the chains they use to enslave themselves.

      • The attacks against Moore were designed not just to peel off the evangelical vote, but also white suburban women. It worked like a charm.

    • It ain’t over yet. There are still votes to be counted and its close enough that he can mandate a recount. Bannon probably has the money to make it happen. You never know

      That said Moore was a lousy candidate , Trump supporters are often pretty Liberal (not Leftist, Liberal) and Moore is well Hard Core Religious Right . with fairly low stakes. two years in a seat they probably can recapture it wasn’t worth the trouble

      As to race becoming important its happening, slowly but surely. I live in a racial divided area of California (roughly 1/3 each , maybe a few less Whites and more White Hispanics) and you can tell that Whites are well aware of race in how they act with each other and other groups

      They are not quite ready for us against them, this will destroy the standard of living overnight but this can and will trigger in time. How it plays out, no clue.

      In any case, anyone who thinks there is a voting way out of the mess is being silly. Its going to come to war, period end of story Given weapons sold (haven’t gone down under Trump) ammo stocked, food preps and all the rest, people are aware and slowly growing ready

      They lack well collective and class awareness (pardon the Commie talk) but they will get them, they also aren’t ready to embrace the mad and the bad and no one can blame them for that

      When a leader comes along or the State gets weaker, which it will or the Left overreaches and its game on. My guess is this will be after the Boomers die off in numbers

      It will be something like

      The leader says “You know those Hallmark movies you like so much?”

      The crowd murmurs is understanding

      “It will be bloody, it will be ugly but I’ll give you, your children and your grandchildren that America. evil will be routed”

      And than there will be war, God help us all.

      • It may come to that but people look for leaders in times like that and usually those are people of intelligence. We’ll need those people of intelligence to want Liberty more than $ or materialistic goods.
        It’ll take as much sacrifice from folks today as it took to revolt against the British 200 plus years ago. I hope we have the courage and the fortitude to see it through. Let’s hope they don’t continue to boil us as slowly as they’re already doing. They’ll get what they want with a slow boil. Too much heat too soon and the SHTF. They don’t want that.
        I never would’ve thought in my lifetime we would be on the cusp of such a thing. A revolution.

        • Intelligence is highly overrated when it comes to getting things done. I’d rather have a half-wit Roy Moore who will doggedly stick to the right side of the issue than someone who will pontificate in a astute manner. It’s not like these issues take mighty intellectual force to understand.

          Now I agree with you if we’re talking about setting up the recommendations of military spending for the next decade like Pournelle did or managing health care issues but Congressmen don’t do that. They have aides for that. They just need to vote the right way on issues that favor us first.

  18. Spot on observation about the realities of white identity RE: South Africa. Even when a tremendous minority facing extermination for their skin, whites in general seem phenomenally averse to embracing any sort of white identity.

  19. “America’s problem is not demographics. It is the white people currently in charge.”

    This is the real problem. Not, as many on the Alt-Right say, the JQ. Brett Stevens at Amerika.org noted that no one outside did this to us, no conspiracy did this to us, we did this to ourselves. While the Jews have outsized influence, the rest of us had to choose to assent to their hugely left wing project. If the mothership from The Galaxy of the Jews arrived and beamed up every last one of them, a million white shitlibs would immediately take their place and continue the project. No miniscule group of malefactors could lead the larger society by the nose unless a whole lot of normies chose to cooperate. The problem is the WQ, the white question. Or as John Derbyshire is fond of saying, what the hell is the matter with white people?

    • This gets to the root of the issue. Who let millions of Jewish people into the country to begin with ? Who ceded the sociocultural high ground to them ?
      The WASP’s did.
      They also imported and sustained a black underclass, and held the door open for millions of Southern and Eastern Europeans.
      What the financial and managerial elite is now doing with Mexicans, their 19th century forerunners did with the Irish, Italians, Poles and Jews.
      I say this as someone with Italian and Polish ancestry.
      The WASP’s created a giant mess, quite frankly, which grows worse with every succeeding wave of immigrants.
      There is something wrong with white people, at least the ones who have grown soft and apathetic after several generations spent living in suburban tranquility.
      I grew up in a mid size industrial city in Upstate NY in the 70’s, and I remember how balkanized the various ethnic groups were. I know the same scenario existed in urban areas all over the U.S.
      Working class white ethnics absolutely practiced identity politics. So did the South. Explicitly so.
      Then the 60’s happened, and the Cloud People in NY/DC/LA decided explicit white identity politics was gauche, and initiated an intensive immersion program in self loathing directed at white America. it took several decades, but it worked.
      The Cathedral won. The barbarians have not only broken through the gates, they are going to outnumber us in another generation. They live right next to us, and the Cloud people have convinced the average white man and woman that we have no moral right to remain a demographic or cultural majority.

      • @Dave
        For now white wimmin are safe. This has been talked about before but as the white male culture is continuously attacked the white females will bear children to darker men. It’s a matter of self preservation. The women whom resist such copulation might either be raped into submission and bred multiple times until they’re no longer fertile or outright killed….if they resemble Chelsea.
        Regarding jokes, I gotta relay is this one.
        I seen a meme last night that I’m not sure how to post but it’s a picture of Chelsea and it says-
        “Chelsea Clinton….
        So ugly that when she’s giving head it still counts as anal.”

  20. Non-whites are as good at genocide or perhaps much better than whites at it, it’s just that most people are too innumerate to control for the massive population growth in the last few hundred years. Control for this and you’ll discover that our massive fratricidal European wars and Civil Wars were minor affairs compared to say, what the Mongols did to everyone in their path (screwing all the women and killing all the men is usually the best tactic to succeed demographically, a la Genghis Khan). Lawrence Keeley pointed this out in “War Before Civilization.” Jared Taylor talked about this many times in regards to anthropologists being stumped by old burial sites where entire liquidated tribes are interred that remain nameless because they just got wiped out by competitors.

    In most ecosystems, when one group holds a large majority and there is a hostile minority or minorities, there might not be a lot of bloodshed (except ironically between the minorities). When everyone is a minority, however, everyone wants to be the king and you get endemic and constant warfare. You can observe this axiom in everything from prisons where the racial balance shifts to nation-states. Silly-ass self-abasing white people (from Boomers to Millenials) can still afford the self-flagellation because there are still a large number of sane, implicitly racially conscious whites (the kinds who do things like join the military, hunt and fish) keeping things in check and protecting them from themselves. Once we go from majority to plurality to just another minority, there’s probably going to be a lot of violence, but (as I mentioned earlier and you pointed out) it will still be mostly intra-minority. Bad whites will (hopefully) take the fight to the white people who helped bring the roof down on our heads. Hispanics and blacks (despite the rhetoric) will continue to kill each other and themselves. Asians may ironically be the ones to benefit most from this resulting chaos. Jews will probably be a despised remnant who will have already fled to Israel.

    • Liberals and Muslims thrive on the naïveté that “people are the same all over”.

      (Wow, spell check sure does dress up those fancy words!)

    • They don’t understand that it’s suicidal. They’re unaware of what demographic change means, or even unaware of just how much the demographics will change. Whites, especially boomers growing up in 87 percent White America, have no concept of identity politics, just like a fish surrounded by water, has no concept of water. Whites will get it eventually, but I fear it’ll be too late. It’s a race against time.

  21. In hindsight, the Republicans should have seen Moore’s sandbagging by the media a mile out and prepared for it. It’s not like they didn’t try the same stunt with Trump at a crucial point in 2016. From now on, if the Republicans don’t anticipate perfectly-timed vague allegations of sexual abuse on the part of any candidate in future and plan for it accordingly, they’re too dim for office.

    • They are too dim for office. A lot of that might stem from trying to appear as tribunes of working people, while really wanting to represent the managerial class. Well, plus plain stupidity.

    • Moore was not ready for prime time. Mo Brooks could have easily won, even in the face of similar charges, and even in the face of GOP opposition.

      • You nailed it. I’ve lived in AL 45 years, but grew up midwest and lived all over until ’73. Moore has always been as rough-hewn as they come, and his entourage isn’t much better. When this election was nationalized and the slickers moved in, Moore was a goner.

    • Tim;
      Not new, NYT tried it with McCain in 2008, as well. With Bush II it was an old DWI in 2000 and the Dan Rather fiasco in 2004. Don’t remember about 1996. With Romey it was the lame ‘binders full of women’ business.

      So, yeah. From the advent of the Clinton Crime family*, in every national election, media figures are giddy with anticipation about what the ‘October surprise’ this year will be. Likely as not they already know and are just flashing the gang sign to their peeps.

      A smart party would have some informants under cover to find this intelligence so as to be able to counter it in advance. Perps just cannot resist bragging, so this ought not be that hard.

      *Russian gangster methods, baby.

      • Don’t fall into the trap that assumes that the Establishment Republicans have any interest in supporting anyone who is on Trump’s side. The Establishment Republicans would rather flip Congress to the Democrats than endanger the Uniparty gravy train.

        These days, I assume that anything the Republican Party does in support of Trump is merely to serve as appearances of support, to mollify the people in the home state.

  22. I think there’s a good chance they will hound him into resigning. Now they’re going to start chipping away at the few semi-loyal lieutenants he still has around him, until he’s basically alone in the White House.

    The whole time they are going to be beating him about the head and shoulders with this sexual harrassment thing. He’ll have to spend a lot of his time denying it – and he’s not too good at that as we recently saw with Senator Gillibrand.

    Eventually he will be so weakened and isolated that they’ll be able to push him into resigning with whatever scandal they cook up next -whether it’s another serving of nothing cheeseburger on Russia, or whatever. Republicans are not just going to back away from him like he is radioactive and emitting gamma rays now. They’re going to openly and viciously start attacking him.

    It’s Nixon 2.0 now.

    • Trump’s ace in the hole is the other side is stocked with stupid people. They will wildly overplay their hand now. He is the best counter puncher in politics. But, I think it is a foregone conclusion that the GOP loses the senate in 2018 and maybe the House. That means two more years of nothing getting done.

      • Actually I see the House as more susceptible than the Senate. I’m pretty sure the 33 or 34 Senate races in 2018 are generally more Republican friendly. But if there’s no wall all bets are off.

        After last night I’d bet the farm there’s not going to be a wall by 2018 either. The optics of Alabama are such that the mainstream media will literally labotomize the low information electorate going forward, including many so called “conservatives “, the end result of which could easily be the renewal of the so called blue wave.

        No matter how things shake out in the short term there’s absolutely zero chance America will ever come together as presently constituted and be a united front in a healthy sense of the term. Of course if the left regains full reign of power then they can force our love for everything left I guess, or at least that will be what is tried. To say the least, going forward, sanguine I’m not.

  23. “The primary identity of “Bible believing Christians” is their desire to be embraced by the people in charge.”

    If that is true– and given recent history, I can’t deny it’s true for large numbers of us– but if it is true, we should repent. That is not what Christians are supposed to be about.

    Our time of being embraced by the people in charge is OVER, and we need to understand that. We are despised in this country.

    • I find this to be somewhat of a straw man. Not your comment but Z’s.

      I know few Christians who clamor for that. I’ve been in Christian Ed since 93.

      Caricatures have some power to illuminate but in this case, it may be more at the cloud level than with the dirt people.

  24. Great post. I have a feeling that when the voting data is parsed it will reveal that the reason behind Moore’s loss will be low turnout and/or switching party by Republican white women. This is significant because even though the allegations against Moore were nearly 40 years old and lacking any meaningful evidence the media narrative still swayed their vote away from Moore. If the Democrats and their media can sway an election in Alabama based on hazy recollections of aging cat lady spinsters, they can definitely affect election results in competitive states with similar allegations. The Democrats have found Republicans’ Achilles heel: women.

    It’s 51-49 in the Senate. There will be no repeal of Obamacare or any meaningful immigration reform. With any luck Doug Jones will kill the tax reform package and Republican donors will close their purses on the GOPe. Trump had better push his judicial nominees fast because it’s now entirely possible that Republicans will lose the Senate in 18.

    • Jones won’t be seated til the next session starts in January. The only way he could affect the tax vote next week is to have the fastest state certification of an election in modern history.

  25. The clock is ticking, and identity politics is on the march bearing down on white peope, the vast majority of whom have no idea how much their world is going to change.

    • In a way, the faster things start to fall apart for whitey the better. There’s at least a chance that a critical mass of people will wake up, instead of being slowly boiled like a frog in a pot

  26. The outcome of the vote last night in Alabama is more or less irrelevant. The same thing would have happened if Moore “won.” The GOPe had already said they wouldn’t seat him election or no election. What was he going to do, go to the court and sue the legislative branch? They decide the courts jurisdiction and where the court can go pound sand. The cuckoo leaders would have teamed up with the Democrat wing of the deep state and passed a veto proof law making their decision immune to judicial review.

    I think that would have been a better outcome. It would have forced the establishment to get right up in the faces of the plebs, the vaunted “voters” and tell them that they don’t tell Fedgov what to do. They’ll let us have some ritualistic checking of some boxes on paper or a display screen and pledging allegiance to some cloth on a stick, but at the end of the day, we’re hear to be led, not to dictate terms to our betters.

    But instead, here we are, pretending our political institutions still work as advertised.

    • Actually, the Senate cannot deny a seat. That was decided by the courts in Powell v. McCormack. “The majority opinion held that Congress does not have the power to develop qualifications other than those specified in Art. I, § 2, cl. 1-2.”

      • I put little past them at this point. They constantly ignore the constitution. Like a court decision is going to make them behave. Like I said, it would have been better had he won. Some masks and velvet gloves would come off.

  27. The business with white Evangelicals is really ironic. They are always going on about “no one is without sin, we’re all sinners, no one is good, no, not one” (all perfectly true of course), but when they find that one of their own political candidates has possibly done something wrong in the past, they turn on them with an indescribable fury. They admit that everyone is a sinner, but they want their candidates to be without sin. So, of course, the Uniparty, who literally don’t care if their candidates are child molesters as long as they vote properly, find it easy to keep the Evangelicals home. As Trump would say, Sad! But of course, anyone who thought that establishing a new country was going to be easy hasn’t thought this through.

    • My theory is that Evangelicals in the South are going through the same process as Protestants in the North. The middle and upper middle classes see their faith as just another decoration on their piety tree. Leisure has always been the enemy of prudence. The South is rich now. I’m fond of pointing out that if Germany was a US state, it would be the poorest state in the Union.

      • “I’m fond of pointing out that if Germany was a US state, it would be the poorest state in the Union.”

        How do you figure that? German GDP/capita is ~$41K. There are 11 U.S. states below that level. Mississippi is at $32K/capita.

        • Georgia and North Carolina are more prosperous than Germany. Mississippi still has a higher standard of living than overcrowded Germany. I’ve been to both places. I would prefer Mississippi as long as I was not cheek by jowl with blacks. And that is easily done. Given an annual income of $100,000, a man can live very well indeed in Mississippi. Not so well in Germany.

          • “Given an annual income of $100,000, a man can live very well indeed in Mississippi.”

            And how many $100K jobs will you find in Mississippi? I live in Silicon Valley, one of the most expensive places on the planet, but my salary compensates. I earn your magic $100K about every 3 months.

      • I worked continuously in Germany from 1994 to 2009 and I’ve been in the poorest states of the USA. I don’t know the basis for what you’re fond of pointing out, but it’s wrong. If rural Missippians suddenly started living like rural Germans, they’d think the rapture happened and they’d been swooped up to Heaven. People live as well in German towns and cities as anywhere in the USA

        Granted, Tante Angela’s Musselman imports are wrecking the place, but that’s a different issue. The population is as PC whipped as half of Americans are, but they live well. They are circling the drain of history, but they aren’t Red Clay Georgians.

        • Gotta agree here. I’m a US expat who travels the world frequently, and Bavaria is the only place I’d seriously consider living other than the US.

          • I lived in Bavaria for a year. Whenever I tried to make a trip of more than 20 miles, it became a chore. VERY densely populated. One village or town after another. Unless you’re on an Autobahn or train, travel is difficult. No thanks. Beautiful place, though. And wonderful people.

    • Toddy;
      IIRC, white evangelicals voted overwhelmingly for Trump. White women voted majority for Trump too. To pry them away was the whole point of that ‘grabbing’ video with the Bush fingerprints on it. Didn’t work. So yet another sex scandal *alone* halting white evangelical turnout is an insufficient explanation.*

      How about the GOPe’s not keeping any of their legislative promises so far_? Nobody likes to feel like they’re cynically being used. And the GOPe has a long history of cynically using white evangelicals.

      Then there is also GOPe ineptness in the mix. Every election important enough to bring out the Soros-funded NGO trolls features some late-breaking sex scandal hooting from the MSM. Outing Moore for ‘courting’ teenyboppers 40 odd years ago was just SOP. It should have been foreseen as Tim mentioned elsewhere. Failure to anticipate and prepare to counter an enemy’s standard tactics is always costly, in politics as well as war.

      So, while white evangelicals may make a convenient scapegoat, the explanation largely lies elsewhere, I’d say.

      * And do we know for a fact that they didn’t turn out any differently than in past, low turnout, by-elections, BTW_?

      • I certainly don’t want to be too hard on Evangelicals, but I’ve seen the effect I was commenting on in my own family. I have no idea if Uniparty smear tactics work with all or even most Evangelicals, but it certainly works on some.

        • Toddy;
          Yeah, I know some like that too. Everybody wants to be thought well of by their reference group: Progs. for their ‘woke-ness’ insanity, Pervs for their slickness in getting over on the ‘normies’, Evangelicals for their normie niceness, etc.

          Problem is, while it’s no problem for the dys-civic to be dys-civic, it’s work contrary to human nature to hold onto normie niceness, although civilization depends upon it. It requires rejecting things you’d like to do that you know are wrong: Far less fun.

          So, when someone who appeared to also reject the fun in favor of the good is shown to have actually lived like a Perv, doing what felt good while enjoying the advantages of your denial, you’re pissed. This is also human nature.

    • That’s a significant distinction between the civil religion of the Uniparty and the Republicans, who are mostly Christian or at least Christian-leaning in their behavior and values.

      It’s really hard to violate the morals and values of the Uniparty because they basically have none. As long as you don’t consort with the other side, you’re a loyal soldier in the Uniparty ranks, notwithstanding Franken’s resignation, which was clearly designed as a tactic to help the Dems start badgering Trump to do the same.

      The new right, on the other hand, is comprised significantly by (real) Christians – who have a lot of rules about what constitutes moral conduct. Lots of rules means it’s easier to go astray. But the admonition to “le he who is without sin cast the first stone” is long forgotten.

      All it takes is accusations to get everybody throwing rocks at guys on the so-called conservative side.

    • Question: How do you make a fruit cordial?

      Punch Line: Just be nice to him!

      It’s an old joke from the Rat pack days. Steorts flew into a rage and that was the end of Steyn at NR.

      • What makes it worse, is that Steyn only quoted Dean Martin making the joke as an illustration of how far the culture had shifted. It wasn’t some off-hand putdown of gays.

        • Yeah, that was the amusing bit. Steyn was basically saying that homosexuals have no sense of humor, so the humorless homosexual fired him. It was the same thing that happened to Mel Gibson. He said the Jews run Hollywood, so the Jews that run Hollywood un-personed him for noticing that they run Hollywood.

      • Steyn also got in trouble for quoting Bill Buckley’s line that guys with AIDS should have “DO NOT ENTER” tattooed on their rears.

        Yes you can’t even quote the founder there now.

        • Buckley – what a gasbag he was. I just checked out on YouTube his once-famous exchange with Gore Vidal in 1968, when Buckley got pissed, called Vidal a fag and threatened to beat him up.

          It’s quite true that Vidal was being a dick, but – to my surprise – I found that Vidal wiped the floor in that discussion, and Mr. Highfalutin’ aka Mr Buckley came off as an ass. Vidal was more prepared, more organized, more confident, more clever, and Buckley thought his Yale background, his annoying diction and his cigarette holder would carry the day.

          See the videos for yourself. On one side, the exasperating and possibly insane homo author of novels like Julian and Burr and Lincoln – all terrific, by the way, – and on the other side, a pompous, Yale-educated prig.

          Vidal from his grave should be laughing at the primacy of a homo fuck-boy like Jason Steorts in what lingers of Buckleys’ shriveled project.

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