The Christmas Podcast

This is the very first Christmas podcast, or Solstice podcast for the weirdos in the audience. The sort of material I like doing does not lend itself well to a Christmas theme, but I did weave some holiday related material in where appropriate. I’ve also been trying to improve my post-production skills. I know nothing about audio editing, but I am learning. The results are a little hit and miss this week.

I will put a Gab extra this week, mostly because I recorded it and decided not to use it in the regular podcast. I’m still thinking about how to use the Gab video service, but I’m pretty sure I will be doing some data-based presentations there in 2018. I think that might work. I will also be posting a special Kwanzaa podcast on the 26th, so make sure you check your Hitler phones for that next week.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the four longer segments from the show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android phone commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Unwelcome Mat (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: Tiberius & Immigration (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Churches & The Alt-Right
  • 42:00: Lefty Plays For Keeps (Link)
  • 47:00: The New GOP Strategy (Link)
  • 52:00: Jemele Hill (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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21 thoughts on “The Christmas Podcast

  1. You say that radicals have always tried to subvert religion to separate the people from their traditions. However, what isn’t fully conveyed by your description is that the examples you give didn’t so much repress religion so much as replace it. They became the religion. Soviet Russia is the perfect example. They merely outlawed the competition.

    You say the Nazi Christmas was bizarre, but what happened in Germany was a reversion to pre-Christian traditions. Nazis didn’t create the void caused by the loss of faith in divinity, but they exploited it. This was all predicted by Nietzsche around the 1870s. The death of God opened the gate to great ideological battles, where the ideologies pretended to supersede religion but really served as their next iteration.

  2. Just finished listening. Christmas day is all podcasts, because nearly all non-sports radio is automated Christmas music. First, was never intended to be a Christmas song at all: ”Although originally intended for the Thanksgiving season,[3] and having no connection to Christmas,[4]” like that dance number from A Charlie Brown Christmas, it got appropriated into a Christmas tune. And your finale, the guy that is ”disabled” due to being *ahem* well endowed in the male genitalia department. No surprise the pr0n industry came knocking, they’ve always been on the lookout for ”freaks of nature” and if they can’t find one naturally, they will manufacture them:
    You probably remember that name from the tawdry Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. As you can see from that page, it was indeed faked.
    Congratulations, you did something I didn’t think was even possible, you found a Christmas song I have never heard before… A genuinely funny one too!

  3. Total aside.
    My 16 year boy old works a couple of afternoons at the local vet’s after school.
    He’s been shipping home lots of chocolates and candies because
    ” People buy you things when you cut their dog open”.

  4. So glad there was a Christmas podcast. Xirl Science always gives me a bit of a headache, listening to the nonsense, but this week was worse than usual. I mean, better, haha.

    Anyway, Christmas isn’t just about presents, at least it doesn’t have to be, that’s for sure. There’s always spiked eggnog. May your Christmas be merry and bright!

  5. “Taxman” was literal when George Harrison recorded it. The UK top tax rate was 95% (“One for you nineteen for me”).

  6. Every time someone utters happy holidays i reply with happy holidays comrade! Because here in socialist eastern Europe we didn’t say merry Christmas either, December 25th was a normal working day, the authorities considered Christmas ideologically hostile, and Santa was replaced with Grandpa Frost who brought gifts on new years eve. Happy holidays is literally cultural Marxism.

  7. To paraphrase announcer Gary Owens describing Ed Wood’s scripts: These “academic” paper abstracts read like ransom notes pasted together from words randomly cut out of a Korean electronics manual.

  8. Someone calling himself “Z-man” made this reply to a comment at AKarlin’s blog:

    “Any relationship with The Land of Satan (Israel) is doomed to failure, that’s why my once great USA is going down to ruin.”

    Is this fellow in fact you? If so, would you mind developing the thought?

  9. Ohhhh, you used the word “Christmas” That’s a racist, dog-whistle, micro-aggression if I’ve ever seen one. The SJW-ACLU-DEEP STATE operatives will be staked out watching you now.

  10. The biggest reason to cut taxes is because the more money you give to the government – the more bad things they do with it.

    Taking money out of your pocket means money into the pockets of all manner of progressive interests like : cat ladies, gimmee-dats, ethnic interests, refugee resettlement campaigns, etc

    Conservatives seem to have been cucked so hard they no longer even object to ALSO supporting financially the guy who is banging their wife.

    You can’t have civic nationalism when your money is taken from you to support your enemies. All those Sub-Saharan Africans you referred to – don’t come here and support themselves. They come here and get supported by your tax dollars.

    Starve the goddam monkeys.

    You seem to think the chicken came before the egg. I think the egg came first and none of this invasion happened with FIRST having a big government to support it.

    • I recall the Reagnites making this argument in the 1980’s. “If we put a cap on taxes, the government will have no choice but to limit spending.” Over three decades of deficit spending has put the lie to that claim. Spending hikes have accelerated over the last decades. It is not an accident that the state has double in size as migrants have poured over the border since the 1980’s immigration “reform” opened the floodgates.

      • I still say this is a chicken and egg discussion. You say the migrants forced the doubling of the government – I say the natives doubled the government and the migrants are a side effect. I’m not sure how you think that non-citizens are responsible for the doubling of the size of the government – since they have to (or are at least supposed to ) be citizens to vote for that doubling.

        The government isn’t staffed up with migrants – it’s full of natives. And the bulk of the support for large government comes from natives. If you spend much time talking with leftists – you’ll find them wholeheartedly in support of ever growing government.

        Taxes as a percentage of GDP haven’t really changed much since WW2. The government can’t extract much more than about 20-21% of GDP in taxation. They can juggle around who gets hit – but they can’t take much more than that without inciting revolt or seriously and negatively affecting the economy.

        There is a cap on taxes – it’s that % of GDP thing I just referred to. The cap should be lower – lower like how taxes were before WW2 IMHO. WW2 forced government spending up and it stayed there ever since. Since taxes no longer fully fund all the spending the government wants to engage in – they now practice deficit spending and just keep running up the debt. This is Keynesianism – or at least their interpretation of Keynesian economics.

        Large government is a feature of progressive leftism. It’s not a feature of any sort of legitimate conservative thought. Thinking you’re going to keep big government and somehow manage to kick out all the migrants seems like playing the devil’s game if you ask me – the devil is going to win. It’s HIS game – how could he not win his own game? (how do you think the progressive left is going to lose it’s own game of huge government? It’s not going to happen)

        There’s a definite strain of thought I see showing up in much of the comments on your posts that seem to come from out of heads of people who can’t seem to wean themselves from leftist thought patterns. In your own words – there seems to be a bunch of people who are liberals who got mugged by reality. Apparently the mugging didn’t take too well – they probably needed a stomp-down after the mugging to fully change their thought patterns.

      • The purpose of government is the looting of the governed. All political parties do is switch who gets the loot. After they have taken their cut, of course.

        • Without a doubt, and that is exactly why Trump and his cronies benefit from this “trickle down”. But what is heard are “crickets” from the masses who supported him. Do they not realize they are going to get it good and hard in the future, that the tax cuts are merely payoffs for globalists?

      • You’re certainly correct. However, if Washington wants to bankrupt itself, and I don’t get the bill, then that’s perfect. The deficit spending can’t continue forever.

  11. I know you’ve asked about this previously, and I see it cropped up in some of the links again, but the reason you see “Turn” so much in these papers is that it has something to do with the concept of shift in consciousness, by way of one of the German thinkers who used “Wendung” (change of direction, orientation, or circumstances) to explain a massive intellectual and spiritual sea change (i.e. the way paintings had a flat, planer 2-dimensional look to them and then seemingly out of nowhere the world viewed the third dimension in art). Another example would be the supposed shift in consciousness from the time of Homer to the time of Socrates, a shift from a focus on deeds to a metaphysics. What you were was in your heart and your stomach and then all of a sudden there was a duality, and then an alienation (from the time of Goethe to say Nietzsche). These are real “Wendungen,” not the “turns” the leftists are talking about, but their appropriation of the term shows how inflated their belief of their own importance is. The left has never really understood time anyway.

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