The Time For Choosing

In 1964 Ronald Reagan gave what used to be a famous speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater. It came to be called A Time for Choosing. If you watch it today, it is quite jarring for a couple of reasons. One is the aggressive, almost angry style Reagan used while delivering it. The other is the clarity of it. There was no dancing around the topic or soft-selling the arguments. Reagan was making the point that the nation was at a crossroads and the decision would determine the nature of America forever.

Whatever you might think about Reagan, he was right about many things. At the time he was giving that speech, the nation truly was at a crossroads. It is not unreasonable to argue that the decisions made in that period sent America careening down the path that led us to the current crisis. It is remarkable just how horrible the 1960’s were for America and the West. The dawn of the Baby Boomer era of America started awful and just got worse every decade since, but the general direction was set in the late 1960’s.

An interesting aspect is that there have been chances to retrace our steps and fix the mistakes of the past. Reagan is the obvious example. If in 1964 the presidential election had been a narrow run thing for the Democrats, that may have been enough for Republicans to fight them in the kulturkampf that followed. Maybe it would have made little difference, but a major reason the Buckley Right has been so cowardly and pathetic over the last fifty years is they got their brains beat in during the 1960’s culture war.

A dozen years later, the Right had a chance to make up for it and nominate Reagan in 1976, but those old cucks from the previous decade prevented it. Still, they were overwhelmed in 1980 and Reagan went on to beat Carter. The GOP and conservatives had a great opportunity to rollback much of the damage done to the nation in the 1960’s, but they chose to fight the Cold War instead. Maybe that was the right thing, but imagine if Reagan had rolled back the welfare state, instead of modernizing the military.

The end of the Cold War set off a set of reactions by the political class that have shaped and defined the current crisis. Imagine if Reagan’s populism was more like Trump’s and instead of an amnesty and open borders policy, with a generous welfare state, we got a closed borders policy and greatly reduced welfare state. If the Soviets had staggered on for another generation unchallenged, the West would probably be poorer now, but it would be immensely whiter, more chauvinistic and better prepared for what’s coming.

In fairness to the men making these decisions in the 1980’s, they did not know what we know today. Reagan certainly had a sense of it with regards to immigration. He later called the immigration deal the biggest mistake of his presidency. Still, with regards to prioritizing the Cold War over all else, no one could know that the neocons were curdling into an ethnocentric suicide cult and the end of the Cold War would free them to indulge in all of their fantasies, at the expense of the nation. No one can see around corners.

The point of all this is every age faces a series of crossroads that have something in common. That is what defines the age. Our current age is a series of decisions about demographics. It is why so many of us on the Dissident Right no longer have patience with civic nationalists. That’s a debate of the past. Demographics, race, ethnicity and identity are the debates of the now. The choices people are making will define this era and define the choices for the next era, barring an unexpected collapse of civilization.

You can see the little choices forming up. The loathing of bad whites by Yankeedom has now curdled into a bizarre hatred of whites in general by Progressive whites. Nancy Pelosi spent eight hours speaking on the House floor, about how the future belongs to the swarthy others over the horizon. One of the stunning developments in my lifetime has been the lurch into naked, gleeful hatred of white people by the Left. It turns out that Obama was not just about Progressive spite. It was a warning about what comes next.

On the other side of this are those sensible white people who are now waking up to the demographic reality facing them. Some voted for Trump based on economics. Some voted for him because of habit. They just vote Republican. Still others voted for him because they oppose evil and that meant voting against Clinton. There are a million reasons Trump won, but the result was a re-framing of the choices facing white Americans. It’s no longer about liberal and conservative. It is about Team White versus Team Brown.

A lot of us see the choices shaping up and lament that it has come to this. “If only the Republicans had blocked immigration reform in the 80’s!” John Derbyshire once said that future generations will dig up the bones of the people who opened the borders and smash them to bits. There is some temporary solace in pondering what if and cursing the mistakes of the past, but that does not change the present. We are headed to the majority-minority world faster than our acceptance of it can keep pace.

The choice now is accept this reality, or continue to live in the past.

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  1. I just tried to post this to my Facebook page was blocked twice then asked if I would like to speak to an advisor from face book😒

  2. The League of the South recognized this trend , almost a quarter century ago. It’s far worse now.

    All southerners are white, a fact proven by the Obama voters in each southern state. In South Carolina, in every majority black county, Obama won their votes. That’s why, in 2008, Obama won 96% of the black vote nationally, the same or worse in the south.

    We know where our future lies. That future involves the removal of all blacks from southern lands. A tremendous undertaking, yet, it must happen.

  3. I remember that speech quite well. I was only 12 at the time, but my father insisted that I watch a replay of it.

    Dad then predicted that Reagan would be president some day. That was one thing he got right

  4. The goal of the NWO as championed by Bush Sr was always to remove the border to flood the country with people who were easier to control because the white people were not as dumb to be herded into a One-world-Order. It was all by intent.
    Next was the goal to divide us by Race, Religion, Class warfare and political ideology. Check they succeeded.
    Reading Q the Trump presidency was the choice of those who had to step in to save this country because a plan was set in motion with the foreign agent Hussein beginning the first act of that plan.
    Q posted about the ‘THE 16 YEAR PLAN TO DESTROY AMERICA”. The election of Hillary was needed to finally bring that republic own from within and get the NWO to control us all ergo it had to be stopped.
    What we see now is the result of what took place since the 60’s that was helped along by the republicans/neocons that posed as conservatives only then to govern in tandem with the left.
    We are indeed in a fight to survive with our white hats working with Trump and military leaders to beat back the NWO agents and traitors within our government.
    Read up and follow Q at #Qanon and all these other linked intel drops/crumbs to understand what is taking place behind the scene while Trump does his part as president. I’d say the deep state is out in force as they are no longer in control. We did indeed dodge more than a bullet when Hillary lost.

  5. I laugh at the trope that America is a nation of immigrants – well, yes, that is partially true – America is a nation of white immigrants. That’s the key. The statue of liberty is a white woman. Lady liberty is a white woman. The founders were white. America is a white nation. We get along, and treat each other well, and cooperate, because that is what white people do. If you are some other color you can come here and contribute, and we will tolerate you and even maybe accept you. But you have to act white in order for that to happen. Otherwise, go home to your shit hole non-white country. That’s the funniest thing – there are no shit hole white majority countries. Asian countries are a different matter – some are okay and some are not. But every brown majority country is a shit hole.

  6. White hating whites must be identified and dealt with the way animals with hydrophobia are “taken care of” think locally.

  7. If ya still be a “coaster/citYzen” and not even have an inland RURAL Plan B/’System D’, “The Time For Choosing” is fading fast. Time for boozing and schmoozing – “social lingo” for “fellowship” – b/4 “the big KILL/reset”. What way it be a happen’n – astro/geophysical-precipitated civil collapse, bio-engineered plague, global financial/economic fiasco, unmitigated global military WMD engagement – dunno, but a “The Road” scenario or the word “carnage”, uttered by the unprepared/unfortunate emaciated “survivors/zombies” killing each other, seems appropriate.

      • Haha, so good!
        Even so, Hillary was to be the straw to break the camel’s back. The Final Reset.

        The financial collapse was to be triggered, bringing on the NDAA dictatorship.

        Obama, rehabilitated, would likely be the savior brought in to restore order after casting down Madame Mao.

  8. One of the moral projects I set for myself years ago was to find something positive one could say about Obama. Thanks to the Bush family, I have found it at last.

    Obama’s contempt for our country – particularly its white inhabitants – was on the table for eight years. He hated America, he hated the Constitution, he hated the rule of law, he hated white people. We got it.

    George W Bush, on the other hand, lied to us for eight years. And now he’s out there lambasting all of us who voted him in, twice; we’re ignorant savages, I guess, because we couldn’t see through his lies.

    I spit on the Bush family.

    Oh, and by the way, Papa Bush, if you are still alive: Reagan – the guy you despised as not “of quality”, the Gipper, bedded some big-time women, and you didn’t.

    Younger readers of the Z-blog won’t appreciate the joy we had in 1980 when Reagan was elected; it wasn’t a razor-thin win like Trump’s, but a sea-change – a total repudiation of the Left. And it was beautiful. Nothing lasts, of course, and the Left – like a sturdy fungus – kept its cool and waited for new opportunities.

  9. This is very incisive. Hardly a wasted word. Our last chance to choose right is very near, if we haven’t missed it.

  10. doubt there is ALREADY little motivation for the younger gens to be digging up bones, let alone smashing them with whatever “tool” unknown to them. but WAR, there will be, probably beginning with generational – remaining Boomers are [justly] screwed, which then leads to civil and finally a big-ass in-house world “conflict” to douse the civil; after which, the FIAT, interest-encumbered debt is reset and all the past corp/gov-agent corruption, fraud, unjust incarceration and murder is rendered to the memory-hole. whether there be any remaining “humans” still healthy and inclined enough to engage in past “normal” breeding/reproducing, dunno cuz . . . I will have long before “planted” my sorry ass, MYSELF. Hoo-wah.

    • Like mobster LBJ with his (((grandparents)))?

      Or Hillary and Mad Albright’s (((grandmothers)))?

      Or Allan Dulles’ (((employer)))?

    • This reveals the limitations of the right-left framework. For his era and in his specific context, Reagan was right-wing. We no longer live in that era and our context is completely different.

      • I would argue that he was a relative right winger, not an absolute one. Our political tradition flows from leftist fountain of the Revolution and actual right wingery is just plainly outside it.

        Of course, I’m in favor of more or less abandoning the revolution.

        • I’ve wondered at times if I would have supported the Revolution or been a loyalist; I know I would not have been one of the fence-sitters.

          Then I look at the alternative: Canada, our benign and de-balled northern neighbor. They faced the same choice, they stuck with crown and empire. And here they are, with Justin Trudeau their boy-king, a well-coiffed Romulus Augustulus, and their totalitarian rules against normal speech.

          Give me muskets and hard-tack; anything but Canada.

          • Funny enough, many of the American Tories moved to Canada. I wonder why (what is now) Canada didn’t participate in the revolution?

          • I catch myself feeling bad for Canadians sometimes, especially whenever their little cuck PM opens his yap. But they have made their own bed, just like England and most of Europe; it’s too late for Canada.

        • “leftist fountain of the Revolution” <= absolute twaddle. Where are all these purple prose purveyors coming from?!

      • The fact of US-USSR nuclear stand-off seemed one of those “forever” conditions in the 1970s and 1980s, and anyone who did not grow up in that worrisome milieu cannot understand the exhilaration people felt in the wake of its dramatic dissolution in the 1989-1991 era. Reagan was the main actor in this dramatic development, supported by Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, Helmut Kohl and even that old socialist François Mitterand. The West had leaders in those days, patriots… It’s all gone now.

        Reagan was enough of an economist and a careful observer to see what all our ‘Soviet experts’ refused to see: That the USSR, for all its missiles and carrier fleets, couldn’t win in Afghanistan, or feed its people without American wheat. He saw what any child could see, but what Harvard and Columbia ‘Soviet experts’ could not see: That the oligarchs who controlled the Empire had nothing but fear to sustain them.

        The first burst of drunken laughter was all it took to bring down the empire. And Reagan was the impresario. It’s all very hard to explain to a younger generation what the Gipper did for us.

        It’s true that the overall pattern of American decline that started in the 1960s has brought us to the edge of oblivion, and that Reagan did not halt this decline. But he gave us breathing time, the way Trump is doing now. Guys like this are like ‘Big John’ in the old country song, holding up the timbers in a collapsing mine to let us get the hell out.

        • You have a different definition of “edge of oblivion” than a person who knows what that phrase actually means. I bet you spent 30 minutes going over various “dramatic” phrases. Maybe while wearing a cape.

  11. “We are headed to the majority-minority world faster than our acceptance of it can keep pace.”

    “The choice now is accept this reality, or continue to live in the past.”

    You keep walking up to the edge of the diving board but refusing to jump. You somehow differentiate your “dissident right” from the “alt-right” and “white nationalist” labels, to avoid scaring the horses. OK, fair enough.

    Your close to this article on “Time to Choose” is a disappointing anti-climax. The only thing we can choose, according to you, is to “accept this reality” of “a majority minority world” (USA, given the context of the article)

    Sounds like you are acquiescing to the plan of the Left, accept the inevitable, find your niche in the new, inevitable majority-minority America.

    Because: you don’t want to follow the logic of your own thinking. It’s getting painful to read YET ANOTHER almost-but-not-quite article from Zman. It’s reminiscent of watching a closeted gay struggle to come out of the closet.

    I hope you make it some day. You won’t be quite as special (the almost, but not-quite a white nationalist segment is pretty small), but you will at least actually have something to tell us about “choosing”, because you will have chosen.

    • Pro-white alone is fine so long as one does not mislead. There isn’t much ambiguity for white Americans who realize their position. Simply put, you will politically neutralize or remove your enemies or they will do the same to you.

  12. It wasn’t a choice of either/or…Reagan was a cuck on race and immigration, and highly naive if he actually believed Democrat promises on enforcement of the border and other provisions of the 1986 Act. Halting illegal immigration would have made the country stronger and richer, but the Republicans are addicted to virtue signaling…

  13. It’s likely that Europe will be the bellwether of this phenomenon. There are many side-by-side exemplars that will play out in real time over the next decade or so. We may be able to learn from their mistakes before a crisis point is reached here in the US. Regardless, it is foolhardy to rely a solution from our government. More likely, they will remain part of the problem. A bottom-up solution is the most viable, so long as cultural and societal rot has not advanced too far.

    • Europe is already shifting fast to ethnic nationalism. However the situation there is different, Danes know who a Dane and so on.

      White OTOH is not a race, its a color and the mixed American “Whites” are essentially a new people with a weak identity this makes it easier for the globalists to leverage and harder for a real identity to be built

      It can be done though, its already started

      The only other nation with the same issue is the UK but truth to tell British people (aka Whites) are probably more racist than most here and do understand. They can’t say since Airstrip One is a police state but its there. If it wasn’t the BBC wouldn’t be pushing relentless black-washing 24-7

      In the end no matter what, the globalists will have to be kept from power period, no meddling, no influence peddling. Nothing . Power and responsibility at the most local level possible

      Getting anyway one to stand up and take the power and use it wisely and with honor will be a challenge, its what the Chinese call the mandate of Heaven but once this can be done, you can get very good results

      • How the fuck is white not a race? Every single white person on the planet came out of a very small part of the world — North/Western Europe.

        • Or from Southern Europe or Slavs from Eastern Europe or maybe people with mixed ancestors some of whom are not White

          The White people East and West of the Hajinal line might as well be different races and the US has people from both sides

          The reason White Nationalism doesn’t sell in Europe is because Europeans have a distinct national identity that goes back a long way and is deep They acknowledge they are all European folk but the type of societies a Scandinavian would build don’t match with societies from Italy, Spain, or Germany

          Hajinal line differences are the big reason but cultural differences are magnified in ways that Americans won’t see or understand

          European peoples are not one people, not necessarily brothers but cousins

          Given the world is arrayed against us, the old Bedouin proverb I and my cousin against the world applies here but if say a comet left only Euro folk on this Earth , there would be no one race Kumbaya thing. We’d be killing each other off in hours

          Also in the US its even more sketchy where more than a few “White” people have other racial ancestors , I’d guess as many as 10% of White people have one or more distant ancestors they can prove , American Indian Grandma, Octoroon ancestor, quarter Asians , Indios Mexican grandma , tons of part Mexicans in California hat sort of thing . It might be slightly higher than that if you count Jews but Ashkenazim in my mind are European people

          These people are White for American purposes and Euro DNA is string enough to make a European style society but they are not pure stock European like Euro Folk and the society they build will be different

          Virtually no White people in the US is purely one Euro stock , I’m entirely European best as I can tell ignoring a family legend about a distant Japanese ancestor but I have many distinct groups some of whom are quite different .

          A European might have two close related (Swede married a Norwegian or something) which gives different results

  14. I’ve always wanted to dig up LBJ and piss on his corpse. Okay. I got that off my chest…er, bladder.

    • LBJ did more damage to this country than any President in US history. He destroyed the right of free association with the Civil Rights Act, probably made voting fraud easier with the Voting Rights Act, bankrupted us with the Great Society programs, got us involved in a quagmire in Vietnam, and most importantly signed the 1965 Immigration Act, guaranteeing the demographic dissolution of the country.

      • Nah, LBJ was a “piker” compared to the Great Depression dictator, FDR!

        Blacks were mostly Republican until they bought into the “free stuff” policies of the DEMs. The Repubs can still buy ’em back!

        But its very difficult to undo the hid storical propaganda that supports so much of what FDR did to the Constitution and the rule of law; not to mention his near-total surrender to the Soviet Communists, abroad and here in the US.

        Won’t even mention FDR’s sell-out of 25,000 WWII American POWs captured by the Soviets, never repatriated and left to die in the Gulag! Those POWs kept that 3rd world Soviet shithole going, because the Russian peasants were too stupid to run all that Lend-Lease shit FDR gave them !!!!

  15. It always puzzles me when Medved and other mainstream conservatives talk about how sunny Reagan was. Part of his appeal was his righteous anger. Remember the “I paid for this microphone” when he was debating George Bush. People were tired of the US getting pushed around, and Reagan tapped into that frustration, much like Trump is doing now.

    • His speeches about welfare leeches weren’t sunny, either. Or try his defense of not giving up the Panama canal.

  16. “Tossing all the brown or dark skinned peoples that came here.” May be pleasant fantasy, but the truth of the matter is all to many of us (old’ins) have cute, little brown or half-black nieces, nephews, or grandchildren. And it wasn’t the stock that brought them.
    Damn the color difference, it’s how they are being brought up; what they are being taught to believe that’s important. That’s why I continue to harp on the need to dismantle the Federal intrusion into education. That’s the most important thing.

    ‘Diversity’ of color be damned, it’s the dilution of our superior western culture that will destroy us.

    (OK, yes. Build the damn wall. )

    • DNA is destiny. Your mulatto grandchildren will be easily persuaded to abandon the white man’s civilization. There are plenty of mixed race people in Haiti. They make no difference.

      • I am confused about this miscegenation thing. Is there a hierarchy of race mixing, i.e., gradations of badthink and wrongdoing? Is it all equally reprehensible? It seems to be okay when white males advocate abandoning white American females to outbreed with presumably more compliant and submissive Asian and Latina women, but disgraceful when white women mate with someone of another race. Attitudes seem most lenient toward white/Asian race mixing, less so toward white/mestizo and very unfavorable toward white/black. Some public figures in the dissident or paleo right who talk the most about racial differences and the horrors of miscegenation are given a complete pass in their own personal lives. Are their children okay and do they qualify as white or will they have to go back? Does it all hinge on the IQ of the respective races? Does it matter whether it’s done to virtue signal/make a political statement/upset dad or if two individuals of different races simply fell in love with each other? It’s difficult to sort out all the mixed messaging.

        • To the victor goes the spoils.
          We take their women.
          They don’t take ours.

          As Reagan said, “We win. They lose.”
          That’s why white is the sexiest, most desired spoil in the world.
          We uplift their strain.
          They sully ours.
          Yes, we get a pass. We take it.

          Nature ain’t fair. Sorry.
          Whites have proven that they are mostly benevolent conquerors.

          (Until the ‘anarchists’ came in to avenge and renew their lost dream of the Southern slave empire. Now a global dream- the End Time.)

          That’s why the real Master Race, instinctively flipping the story since Abraham the Lucifer, is aflame with vengeance. You Romans stole their Book and made it better.

          Mengele, their servant, experimented in making them pass- and remained a free man to the end of his days in 1992.
          This, while living eyewitnesses, bookkeepers and gate guards, were hunted down.

          This is not malevolence.
          It is sustaining belief.
          The worst of the worst survived the Fall of the Garden- proof they were chosen to rule the cattle.
          Traumatic evolution in action.

          Empathy is in us. We are something new.
          Conquest is in the rest.
          Which is higher? Which, resiliant?
          Nature’s blind opportunism is beyond in-group morality.

          Either we survive, or their helots destroy us. Nature doesn’t care.

          Vae victis!
          Woe to the vanquished!

          • Readers, forgive me, but last nite I listened to an SPLC rep on the increasingly mulatto XM Progressive station basically advocate the Final Solution against ‘white extremists’.

            Lakov ‘science’- flip, flip, flip.
            Twasn’t Germans who first used the phrase, “Final Solution”, either.

            Since we’re becoming Prison America, let’s go to prison rules- if that skin tribe won’t ‘take care’ of their Chesters, we will. And the ladies will then send us love letters!

          • “That’s why white is the sexiest, most desired spoil in the world.”

            I’ve noticed that, among Mexican men, the most desirable trophy is a blonde white woman.

        • Hmmmm. I am a casual observer of the so-called ‘Manosphere’ and I’ve never seen them or any of the alt-right types advocating race mixing. In fact, most are dead set against it.
          Awhile back I believe there was even a graph out where The Worst Hitler Ever presented the divorce stats for mixed race couples – and by far the biggest losers were the blacks and whites, followed closely by all the other combinations involving blacks. It was up around 90% + for black men and white women, and a solid majority of those involved violent spousal abuse. (It was the kind of hatey stuff ya see by guys like that deplorable Audacious Epigone, LOL).

          I have seen a lot of hate thrown at American white women smell strongly of kitty litter and estrogen and as far as that goes, it’s entirely understandable….

          • Heartiste of the Manosphere certainly recommends race mixing. Included in his endorsement of Thai women: “American women really have changed for the worse. The verdict is in. Pump and dump them and find your wife in another land…”
            John Derbyshire and Happy Acres both have Chinese wives. All right, that’s only two examples, but there are probably more and I’m unaware of anyone ever questioning their choices. I have seen commenters on this very blog advocating in favor of Asian and Hispanic women over whites.
            So it seems miscegenation for me, but not for thee.

          • I believe Heartiste does NOT advocate miscegenation with nogs. Other, closer in color-races seem to be OK.

          • Roissy (@Heartiste) advocates ditching American blobby shrews for East European hotties. Not mud people.

          • Since white men are so unacceptable to white women I can’t understand why they care if the men then elect to marry women from other cultures. It’s like throwing a dog out on the street and then getting annoyed when you see that the neighbor has taken him in and he appears to be quite happy with his new situation.

            But perhaps white women have suddenly been taken with concern for the future of the race.

          • Thanks for the shooty war ethnic cleansing heads up, Glen. Although I am not a leftist, I will certainly take that under advisement. Bdp, men should of course be free to choose a partner of whatever race they prefer, as should women. It’s only the glaring hypocrisy that’s annoying, not any measure of regret. I already have a white husband. My son has married a lovely Catholic, ethnically Mexican girl and I certainly expect my two miscegenated grandsons to be competitive by any metric with racially pure whites, although it is a little early in the game to know for sure. They will most likely also be as culturally American as apple pie and that’s not just the grandma talking, either. They will simply have the advantage of being bilingual and a penchant for Mexican food, which is not at all unusual where we live. My real concern for their future-well, a major one, anyway- is the increasing racial animus among certain groups as time goes by. If you had read my link to Chateau Heartiste, you would see that the author is quite approving of Fred Reed’s marriage to a Mexican woman, as well as Fred’s assessment of Thai women, so he is not just recommending white women from other countries. (I understand Fred is not terribly well regarded here, but anyhoo). Roissy also includes Chinese women in his list of top alternatives to Americans per this link.

          • There’s the exception to every rule, Bunny. And, given the shrewish conduct and sexual degeneracy currently overtaking our white North American women… I can understand those exceptions. CH is a proponent for sexual market value theory, and I quite agree with him that liberal/feminist/SJW white women are at the bottom of that particular totem pole – and therefore are literally forced to ‘burn the coal and pay the toll’ – or get a cat. CH regards such women with contempt – I feel sorry for them. At the end of the day, they are victims of their own stupidity. Unfortunately our young men are victims of it too – and they will get by any way they can just as CH does.
            You may snigger at all this as you see fit. I think we are looking at the beginnings of the next civil war or possibly a race war which WILL involve ethnic cleansing. Were I you, and given how leftists treat their useful fools – I would keep my eyes wide open in the days ahead if I were you.

          • Glen, the simple answer is everyone hates mudsharks, even nigs, if you peruse the data on domestic abuse/assault, nigs hate them the most.

          • I have a couple of friends who happened to be mixed race, one mulatto the other happa .(Thai/Irish)

            Even in a time and place where it was not a big deal (Southern California) the palpable sense of loss these men had from not having a real ethnicity was something they carried with them. Even l purple pill me (at the time) could see it

            Mixing races seems to just be cruel

            Now sure some people come out alright, I know a lovely happa lady who happened to be pretty red pilled

            On of the rare success stories

            I asked her “How do your parents feel about you marrying a white guy”

            her reply was “They are great with it, they’d have killed me if I’d married a Thai guy.”

            She meant the Asian parent here but Is suspect the White guy also knew what a mistake he made

            So in the end a generation or two these peoples grand kids (they will be kids, the couple is LDS) will have that legendary Asian ancestor but it would have been easier on everyone had they not done it in the first place

            For most its far worse

        • There is a shortage of white women who have not bought into feminism and all it’s traps. Latinas and Asians expand desirable opportunity for a white man. Black women are not desirable to him. White women are not attracted to Asian males because although Asian males are willing and able they are not dominant. That’s on you.

        • “It seems to be okay when white males advocate abandoning white American females to outbreed with presumably more compliant and submissive Asian and Latina women, but disgraceful when white women mate with someone of another race”

          Correct. That’s the rule.

        • All valid concerns, but the wrong venue. I will try to answer your question. The thesis here is that white/black coupling yields a ‘black’ child: That is to say, a mulatto is ‘black’. Barack Obama is ‘black’ by this criterion, despite having a white mother and a penchant for hanging out with rich white people on exclusive golf courses. All the prerogatives and privileges of ‘blackness’ go with being a mulatto, a quadroon, an octaroon, or even – applying the Elizabeth Warren standard – 1/32nd-roon (sorry, don’t know the word for this). Racial purity is thus cornered into being a ‘white thing’. By any rational consideration of genetics, IQ, and so on, Obama could just as well be ‘white’ as ‘black’.

          But here we are all in on race realism, IQ, and all that; we overlook the fact that Obama is ‘black’ not by genetics but by cultural code: His black father trumps his white mother – not an IQ argument, but a “purity” argument.

          Make no mistake – I hate Obama and I hate the whole ‘race system’ that gives mulattos and octaroons the right to lecture me on oppression. I hate a system that says that anyone not purely white back through three or four generations is thus “black”.

          Ok, so, miscegenation confuses you. Well, Obama is the spawn of miscegenation, the fruit of a coupling between a hardcore Kenyan Marxist and a loopy NW white hippie chick. All such couplings are added to the roster of the racial enemy. So naturally we oppose miscegenation.

      • No, there are not plenty of mixed race people in Haiti. That is actually why Haiti remains unalterably Haiti and the Dominica does not.

      • Soon after winning their slave rebellion revolution in 1804 the HNIC made himself Emperor for Life. Anyone not pledging allegiance to him was murdered.

        Next up: they killed all the white people left in the country, except for a few woman who agreed to marry black men. Per Wikipedia:

        The massacre, which took place throughout Haiti, occurred from early January 1804 until 22 April 1804 and resulted in the death of 3,000 to 5,000 men, women, and children.[4]

        Squads of soldiers moved from house to house, torturing and killing entire families.[5] Even whites who had been friendly and sympathetic to the black population were imprisoned and later killed.[6] A second wave of massacres targeted white women and children.[6]

        By the end of April 1804, some 3,000 to 5,000 people had been killed[20] and the white Haitians were practically eradicated.

        Eventually a mulatto elite came to have a great deal of power in Haiti, which led to a second massacre of mulattos in the name of “blackism”, the ideology of the dictator Papa Doc Duvalier.

    • North of the Mason Dixon Line, Show me any AA who is truly”Black”!
      Most are some form of mulatto, just as BHO was (although his other half may have been Indonesian.

      Many of those mulatoes have skin lighter than mine, but still bear the kinky hair, large nose, thick lips and significantly lower IQ of their African heritage.

      It’s that damned IQ differential that causes much of the problem.

    • Funny you should mention that. They did the same thing with St. Trayvon. When he got capped, the media put him in the spotlight as a Skittle gobbling tot on the way to the candy store. A couple weeks later the narrative vapour locked when it turned out he was your stereotypical black juvie with a rap sheet as long as your arm. Ooops. Did I say that? Gosh darn it, those li’l black kids are cute, aren’t they?

      Apropos of nothing at all, baby chimpanzees are cute as buttons too. Then they grow up, become violent and aggressive and need to live in cages when in civilized environs.

      • Q: would you (anyone in the comments, not just Mr Filthie) rather live next to a family of chimp, or nigs? Personally I cannot make a clear choice…

    • The political leanings are genetically determined not a product of culture in almost all cases. Chinese people will build a Chinese society, Swedes will build a Swede society and so on.

      Civic Nationalism is a fraud plain and simple.

      This is not new knowledge either as John Jay noted in Federalist 2

      With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice, that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country, to one united people; a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established their general Liberty and Independence.

      You can argue that bringing in slaves threw the pooch but even if it didn’t the myriad of of other European immigrants did. The founders original society only worked with Englishmen and maybe some Germans , Anglos in other words

      It didn’t work with Irish , Italians , Swedes or any of the other myriad of European folks including my ancestors

      That society is as dead as the Etruscan one

      That said a society worth living in can be constructed from the mess of White (and a few others) peoples here, it won’t be the same but its worthy and livable, so long as its not based on lies.

      In fact if repatriation is done fast enough maybe the small number of fully Americanized brown folk can stay, there isn’t as much mixing as the media wants you to think the US , well the new US can survive at 80%+ White well enough if realistic are in charge and the Left is gone

      If it can’t be done fast enough they have to go back from whatever lands Y/T claims and people who’ve chosen to mix will have to choose one side or another. Such is War

      • “Chinese people will build a Chinese society, Swedes will build a Swede society and so on. ”

        I think this is true, but it’s important to understand that this occurs over time. You can import a tiny minority of Chinese here, and have them as some fraction of the population, and they will eventually assimilate to a large extent.

        The majority race will determine the culture, and other racial groups will accommodate to it in varying degrees, as their genetically determined behavior and consequent natural culture corresponds to the dominant culture.

        That’s why Asians fit in here fairly well. Their cultures are essentially more socialized and hierarchical versions of our own. Latins with a lot of European heritage adjust well too, because they’re basically us with an admixture of indigenous tribes from Latin America.

        Blacks might as well be from a different planet. Look to the motherland and you can see what that planet is like. Or look to Detroit or Baltimore, where they’ve assumed majority status and had the time to transmute the former culture into something more reflective of their innate genetic endowment.

        I think one of the primary determinants of the culture that different racial groups form is something related to their ability to form stable hierarchies. I guess that might be another way of saying their ability to form institutions.

        Some guy I can’t remember made the observation that in Africa people tend to naturally live in smaller groups of a few hundred, where the tribal elders have absolute dominion over everyone. Nobody gets out of line because they know that their misbehavior will be severely and instantly punished.

        In societies like ours, where you have to internalize a lot of what’s considered proper behavior, and swift and severe punishment for transgressing it is not present, blacks have trouble adjusting. This may be partly a function of mental ability, since internalizing mores and codes requires a degree of intelligence. Coupled with maturation, most white people learn how to behave. Retards and blacks never do.

    • You fucked up with your kids, you should have made it crystal clear, no muds,ever under any circumstances.
      You will have to leave with them. i have distant relations that fit that description. i will have no problem whatsoever using any
      means necessary to ensure their compliance.
      Its for the good of everyone.

    • Good point. Got some little brown nieces and nephews meself.

      I once stood next to a very tall, very light, older black man with yellow in his hair and sky blue eyes. In southern Virginia.

      I swear he had the saddest face I’ve ever seen.

    • It is how they are brought up. But they cannot escape being brought up to identify as black, and to the extent that they self-identify in that manner, they hate whites.

      Obama is a perfect example. He was brought up with all the privileges and niceties of white culture, given entry to all the best institutions that white society had to offer, and to what end?

      He still identifies as a black man whose mission is to get whitey for the wrongs that were committed against “his people.”

      This is the way these people think. They just cannot and will not leave their black identity behind and be human beings relating to other human beings.

      Everything for them is about race all the time. Whenever they don’t get their way – it is because of their race. They can’t conceive of any other cause.

      Your half-black nieces and nephews may not exhibit this attitude yet, but as they get older it would be very unusual if they didn’t adopt it wholesale.

    • Sorry I don’t know many cute half black kiddies or half caste Latinos (something that doesn’t exist Brazil has let’s see about 45 different terms for how white or mixed you are). What I do see are a bunch of black thugs who hate whites. I also see whites who pretend to be black.

      There are hard working blacks and there are the majority niggers, lawless, shiftless, violent animals who whine the night away about what society owes them and how the man keeps them from building black utopia in Harlem.

      What you see in Detroit, Harlem, Jackson, Flint, Newark, St Louis, New Orleans is black utopia. They just haven’t finished looting and burning it down yet but give em time.

      And if we allow the turd world to keep dumping their “best” here we will soon be like France orSweden. By the way anyone bother to see what France, Sweden, Germany and the UK have become? Any wonder gun purchase have doubled in these countries while crime rates have tripled or worse.

      Yeah, give us your thugs, pimps, thrash, and racists. The Dems and faculty loungers want you.

  17. Yes, the changes are coming (actually happening already–just go to a Costco or Walmart in a poorer area of a big city to the multiracial bazaar.) It’s going to be a matter of sorting out into provinces, I think. One of the main things going on with Trumpism and the even the full-blooded Alt-Right (Mike Enoch and others) is an attempt to shift the Overton Window to where we can talk about things that have been made taboo. I do think progress is being made, but two big things that will be hard to make progress on are “freedom of association” and “states’ rights.” Both have been smeared with images of the worst kind of bigotry and cruelty. I think the Right needs to latch on to the way blacks and Latinos have been pushing for black-only or Latino-only graduation ceremonies and other things and say: Wouldn’t it be better for all if we have our own areas and events? Even whites? It will take time, and the Left/”respectable Right” establishment will freak out no matter how carefully the subject is broached, but they’ll react that way no matter what.

    • My view is the first step if for white to recognize their minority status. That’s happening. The young are way ahead of the curve, but older whites seem to be catching up. The idea of white identity is next and that seems to be slowly gaining some traction. Oddly, the reaction of anti-whites is helping this along. Those commercials celebrating the browning of America are our best friend. Once whites start to think of themselves as a group with a shared interest in a multi-racial world, the rest follows.

      • 2012 is going to go down in history as one of those years, like 1929 in Ukraine or 1936 in Germany or 1993 in Rwanda, when it became clear that something Very Very Bad was on the way. The question is, can we rise to the occasion and stop it in time? Personally, I’m optimistic, people are starting to wake up. ZMan is right, the left is actually helping us here.

      • Nancy’s fervent wish to see a miscegenated “America” as so vividly and blatantly expressed on the floor of the Senate is propaganda gold.

        • That’s why I can’t quite agree with teapartydoc. Just rip off the frickin’ bandage already, no deKlerk-Mandela slow-but-sure death for me.

          Let’s give the ladies what they want- a fight.
          Then they can f*** the victor.

        • Ah Pelosi’s rant is just that. Her “garndson” wished to be brown? Yeah next he will wish to a transgendered zebra. You can bet Pelosi would disown her kiddies if they brought some ghetto type home to meet her.

      • It’s not a long trip to return back to the days where there was “rampant prejudice” (as the left would put it).

        I’m 53. My father is 76 – he grew up in NYC , and pretty much never spoke about black people kindly. Among his generation jokes about the N word and stuff like – was common. Him and his friends would throw those jokes around like it was nothing – and these were men who came from all different areas of the Northeast.

        I know plenty of people in my age group – who grew up around Boston in the 1970’s and 1980’s – who were subject to things like forced bussing – who throw around the N word with no reservations whatsoever.

        People of my age feel bad about it – a little – but we still do it. Somewhere along the line though the societal oppression of “racism” has run amuck and now it’s become somewhat tyrannical trying to subsume even the slightest hint of it.

        What’s my point here? My point is that all the “racism” of old is still there among a good part of the population IMHO – and we’re not that far separated from days gone past when there was actual separation – it’s within living memory. Separation isn’t something that went away in 1750 and is therefore thought of ancient history. It’s relatively recent – and the current day behavior of blacks lends itself to the youngsters talking to their grandfathers – who can then respond with ” Yes son – I remember when we didn’t have to put up with this shit because the blacks knew their place – and we ENFORCED IT – the lefties did this to you – I hope you realize that”

        You don’t have to open up a book on ancient history – you just have to talk to grampy to get the truth about the way things used to be.

        I think there’s many old whites who don’t need to “catch up” – they just need to open up once the boot on that left foot is off their neck.

        • Re-frame the bad old days of segregation for what they were: the apex of black achievement in culture and family. Common photos reveal people who knew who they were and were secured to something.

        • Grandpa also told jokes about blonds and pollock’s. No one thought it was racist, it was just humor. Blacks are a minority in the USA, but can’t accept it.. Asians and Hispanics are also minorities, but they show some respect for whitey and the country. What a concept.

          • Walter E Williams was very amusing on this point; he was a ‘colored’, then a ‘negro’, then a ‘black’… when it came to ‘african-American he jumped ship and declared independence: He was a black, and that was enough for him.


        Made this couple months ago. It seemed before its time then, but things sure can change in a hurry.
        We are all going to need each other in ways we can’t even imagine before this is over.
        So much is in flux anything is possible given the right kind of motive power and audacity.
        When us White Christian Men if The West realize we are a plurality not to be trifled with, that is when things will change.
        Its always been the dirt people who have acer effected positive change in this world.
        If that is difficult to grok, just ask your self this: Who else has changed the world for positive once the power elite have raped and plundered our intrinsic wealth and prosperity and left an unmitigated disaster that was once the most free prosperous civilization in human history?

  18. One thing that is going to be difficult, but necessary is to pull the lever for all those virtue signalling Republicucks this fall.

    But necessary it is.

  19. I’m not a Nazi. But my son is. That’s because I’ve raised him to be rational and thoughtful. We can argue about trade and economics and freedom of worship all we want – once we have survived the intended destruction of Christendom, Western Civilization, and the white race. Literally nothing else matters if we lose this fight.

    The future belongs to those who show up.

    • I have to caution my son to keep it under his hat.

      Matthew 10:16
      “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

      Wisdom is keeping it to yourself and appearing to be just another doe-eyed Cucked American unless sure of your company.

    • “We can argue about trade and economics and freedom of worship all we want – once we have survived the intended destruction of Christendom, Western Civilization, and the white race. Literally nothing else matters if we lose this fight.”

      I’ve been saying this for a long time, all the while remembering my good friends and neighbors who belong to those “other” groups. As I look in the mirror each morning I consider whether or not I have the required intestinal fortitude to do what must be done to preserve our country, our people and our way of life. I hope so.

    • Reagan was also held in check by the swamp.

      He was threatened by the media (Walter Cronkite) – to accept George Bush as his VP. This story is yet another piece of evidence of why the swamp needs to be drained. It’s been a swamp for a long time – and nobody believed it. It wasn’t until Trump came along – and refused to bow down to the media – that just how swampy the whole thing is started to become evident to a lot of people:

      (this is from 2009 – the media’s capabilities have degraded since then)


      One of the great mysteries of Reagan’s candidacy was why he put George Bush on the ticket. Bush had savaged Reagan in the campaign. He invented the phrase “voodoo economics” to dismiss supply-side income tax cuts. Reagan had sworn to the Right’s leaders that he would not appoint Bush to the ticket. This fact has gone down the media’s memory hole. Conservative political activists in the D.C. area felt betrayed when he accepted Bush at the July convention. I knew some of them. They were angry.

      I was not surprised in the least. His willingness in 1976 to accept liberal Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania as his V.P. signaled that he was willing to compromise on this issue.

      There has long been a question: Why did he risk alienating his followers by breaking his word? The answer: he had no choice if he wanted to win.

      On July 28, 2007, I went public with this much of the story.

      The following story I believe is true. It was told to me by W. Cleon Skousen (The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist). Immediately prior to Reagan’s smiling announcement of Bush as his VP running mate, Reagan had spent the weekend at a large estate in Leesburg, Virginia. At that meeting was one of Skousen’s relatives (not Mark or Joel). He witnessed two CFR members, very prominent, who cornered Reagan for the weekend. According to this third-hand, unverifiable testimony — which Skousen relayed to me a few years later — they presented Reagan with a choice: Bush as VP with media neutrality or someone else with media skewering. One of these figures was a talking head with enormous influence. The other was a Rockefeller hireling with enormous influence. They are still alive. One of them still has influence.

      The one who no longer had influence was Cronkite, the talking head. At some point, the other member of the two-man team will die. I will reveal his name at that time.

      Skousen’s relative was a nephew.

      The media are in a position to make or break any candidate. They knew Reagan might win. They wanted leverage if he did. Carter was a political liability for the Establishment in 1980. They wanted a new face. But they wanted to control him.

      This is Ed Meese’s 2008 version of Reagan’s decision. Notice that Cronkite was in the middle of this decision, too.

      Bush’s advisor, James Baker III, took control of the White House as Chief of Staff as soon as Reagan was inaugurated. Here is the Wikipedia entry on him.

      He served as the Chief of Staff in President Ronald Reagan’s first administration and in the final year of the administration of President George H. W. Bush. Baker also served as Secretary of the Treasury from 1985-1988 in the second Reagan administration, and Secretary of State in the George H. W. Bush administration.

      There was not a single New Right figure in the top echelon of the Reagan Administration. They were all CFR and Bush people. There were a few conservatives briefly in the lower levels. Then, one by one, they quit.

      Reagan fooled the Establishment, and he fooled the Right. He got three of his four main goals into law: a larger military, rolling back the USSR, and lowering top marginal tax rates. The fourth goal, a balanced budget, was sacrificed. He vetoed almost no spending bills in 8 years.


      • Sigh. I am so tedious.

        But a young HW Bush had an oil venture in Cuba, the Zapata Oil Co.

        This, at the same time the State Dept was funneling $200 million dollars, over seven years from 1952-59, to a revolutionary named Fidel Castro.

        We protected Castro, and were his number one suppliers,
        COD, since then til now.
        The Soviets supplied him, but on credit, and he stiffed them.

        “Bush’s Zapata venture (or perhaps his cover) was financed in part by Eugene Meyer, the owner at the time of the Washington Post. Meyer was also a Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the first President of the World Bank.

        The code names for three of the CIA naval vessels used in the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion were “Houston”, “Barbara” and “Zapata”. More than investment banking and the oil business, Bush 41′s real career was likely with The Agency.”
        From an article on the HRG Group.

  20. What’s to stop the white maj-min from deporting 50m browns? just push them into mexico; done in a week.

    • Rhodesia and South Africa are good reminders that whites lack the will for genocide, unless the victims look like us.

      • I don’t know if Rhodesia was ever viable, the white minority was just too small. Looking back white South Africans should have partitioned South Africa back in the apartheid era. A majority white/Colored republic in what is now Cape Province/western South Africa and an independent black republic in the east.

        There are rumors one South African President or PM (the one that was assassinated) wanted to do just that, but I don’t know if that’s ever been confirmed.

        • The Rhodesians took too good care of their blacks. From 1960-1970 the black population expanded by factors I don’t remember, while the white population remained the same. When the settlers came there were scattered tribes with incredibly high infant mortality and low life expectancy. Making a garden out of a desert pushed things along, too.

          • At the French conquest of Algeria the Arab population was 1.5 million spread over 2.4 million square miles. French notions of plumbing and sewers pushed that total to 40 million presently and the French back into France. Now with foreign adventure passe each Caucasian country is doing a domestic version of that old magic.

        • You know what’s really sad and that is we have history to look to see what happens when you don’t come together and we still are making the same mistakes knowing that it ends with us enslaved or dead…How fucked up is that…Sad That…

      • Deportation is not genocide. Remember the Greece/Turkey exchange of populations. Maybe we can make agreements along those lines.

      • I’d argue that the will for genocide is simply a matter of having the correct motivation. The Germans found it by having their nation defeated in war, descend into chaos after that war – and then finding a group to assign the blame to. They justified it by calling those getting marched into the chambers a different race – and one that had caused German’s suffering.

        The Soviets didn’t seem to have a problem with genociding people that were not white, and the Japanese didn’t have much problem finding justifications for genociding Chinese and Koreans – who were seen as a different race.

        The left seems to think (or at least used to think) that genocide flows from separating people into races. I remember these arguments being made in decades past where they were very clear in relating the Holocaust to the separation of people into different races, religions, etc.

        IMHO – this is where some of the current day “equality” insanity has evolved from.

        Watching what has been going down over the last 2 years or so – I don’t think the will to genocide non-white races is gone. It’s suppressed and subsumed – but still there. And those who have it – have all they need to justify it in their own heads by pointing to the antics of the BLM crowd, the condition of cities like Detroit, Chicago – and Baltimore, quoting black crime statistics – etc. There’s also quite a bit of very in-your-face aggression coming out of the black left about “killing whitey”, which if it keeps up – will sooner or later push more and more people over to understanding exactly why there’s talk of separation of black and white at best – and sending them all back to Africa or worse.

        The left used to seem to understand that if you sow division in society – then division and hatred, war – and genocide – is what you will reap. Seems like that all went into the trash bin somewhere around when Obama got elected and the “black community” now seems to think they’ve got one up on whitey.

        Even some of the blacks understand how stupid this belief is:

        “When the crackers come down to the hood and say bitch load up into the truck your ass is gettin up into the truck”


        • Proof right there that the mad religion of Holocaustianity will destroy everything the West has built. As it has done for 4,000 years, Collapse after Collapse, cull after cull.

      • Re: “Rhodesia and South Africa are good reminders that whites lack the will for genocide, unless the victims look like us.”

        Who said anything about killing anyone? Mass deportations are possible, as the Eisenhower administration did in the 1950s when it sent home to Mexico the “wetbacks,” as they were then called.

        Mass deportations will surely be labeled as ‘genocide” by the cultural Marxists of the left, but since they call traditional Americans “Nazis” everytime they do anything, no loss there.

        We won’t be committing genocide; we’ll be preventing genocide – our own, that of whites in the U.S. Louis Farrakhan and other black leaders no longer even disguise the fact that they have the Robert Mugabe solution in mind for us. ‘Death by machete”….

        • Politically impossible – unless Trump or someone strikes suddenly by declaring martial law with the right units mobilized and the right ones not. Well planned in other words.

        • We could re-vitalize the railroad industry by running boxcars from various parts of the country down to the border, where the military or National Guard would make certain the occupants crossed back into Mexico. The ones from Central and South America could find their way back, since they already knew the route.

      • That is actually an awesome comment. And not just whites – Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, they enjoyed exterminating their blood brothers. To say nothing of the Rwandans or the natives here in America – like the Iroquois – who wiped out tribal neighbors with a ruthlessness that would have made Hitler blush.

        Which is why I remain unconvinced that ‘Team Brown’ is our existential enemy. Historically, genocide is not of the remote people, but the people next door. Kamala Harris may hate white people; it’s Hillary Clinton and her ilk who actually wants to gas and destroy.

        Don’t get me wrong: I see the deal. Browns are the anvil – but SJW fanatics are the hammer.

    • Nothing, and it may come to that…But all that is really required is to cut off welfare and free medical care, then shut down the mass employers of illegals.

      • It would appear to any sane outside observer who has no dog in this fight that yes, take away benefits and punish employers who violate the law would fix this.

        No, we’ve got to have walls, endless negotiations and amnesties and play tag on the border.

        • LOL – “walls”. Patton perhaps summed up such best: “Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity. If mountain ranges and oceans can be overcome, anything made by man can be overcome.” Granted ‘the wall” may have been one of the key issues to the Trumpster’s surprise upset of the Hildabeast and Co, but it will most likely go the way of Patton’s observation. Around, over, under – it WILL be breached. In 1215, Genghis Khan breached the formidable Great Wall of China, allegedly stating “The strength of a wall depends on the courage of those who defend it.” Then, in 1644, the Manchus again breached said wall, over-throwing the Khans. A very good summary of wall’s effectiveness: “The Wall’s of History” ( ) pretty such sums up the “ultimate effectiveness” of “walls”. With regard to Patton’s observation, consider strategically placed military encampments along the Mexican border to patrol a [USA-side] designated however-wide “free-fire” zone – for “training purposes only”, of course. Any “activity/movement” within said zone is immediately and arbitrarily answered with “lethal force” – NO prior “authorization” required. Then, shut down ALL cross-border traffic for 30 days. WHO then, do you think, would “mitigate/solve” the problem of BOTH migrants AND drugs?

          • “A” Border wall is just like a lock. It keeps the “honest” honest. A Border wall becomes a mind set, it is something that reminds some that it is not to be crossed. The criminals will still cross it, the wall may slow them down long enough for pictures and an alarm.
            Anyone living in Mexico can go to the American side of the Border and ask for a “Day-Pass”. It is a one day “visa”. My third wife had to come across like that and we got her papers later, but she came over without paying money or a guide (most of her family was already here).
            There are areas a wall is not necessary, other places it needs to be seen. Do you lock you car door or your house? If so WHY? If someone wants in they will break a window or knock down a door, why lock it in the first place?

          • 1. Forced entry usually makes some noise, hence the pooches.
            2. Insurance companies usually require a forced entry indication for a claim.
            3. Forced entry is sometimes an indicator that it isn’t the flower deliveryman. and that when you shoot the MF’ r it is castle doctrine or you feared for your precious bodily fluids.

          • Your door lock keeps people honest? What a piece of magic! Mine keeps the dishonest out.

            Tell me where I can buy one of these wonders. My locks prevent the entrance of illegals and work just fine.

            How many illegals have your locks converted to honest citizens?

          • Well lucky for us it isn’t Patton or Ghengis our wall has to stop. You seem to be ignorant of the proven efficacy of border walls.

          • My suggestion is towers or aerostats with remote controlled miniguns. If this sounds harsh, consider that after the notifications are made there will be very few willing to try it.

          • Yeah and Patton got his head handed to him by those fixed defenses at Metz.

            Your comment is worth it contents. You assert that illegals are the equivalent of Genghis Khan. Really, then we better add minefields, moats, and fill those moats with crocs.

            I served at the Fulda Gap. Fences work, just ask any East German.

        • Agreed. All it would take is actual enforcement and strict fines for any employer hiring illegals. Self-deportation would be cheaper, but you could also earmark the money from fines to strengthen border enforcement. A few headlines about massive fines per illegal employed, and a couple of unexpected visits from ICE, and Mexico would be thinking of building their own wall.

    • The Mestizo and the negro problem are two entirely different problems.

      Pushing the non-white Mestizos out of the southern states, not including the southwest, can be done via buses.

      The Negro Question is somewhat more difficult.

      Negroes must be transported off the North American continent and placed in Africa. Several African countries actually pay bounties to well trained negroes from the US. Paying a one time transportation acceptance bounty would be a good idea, and far cheaper than permitting negroes to remain on this continent. Negroes cost whites billions of dollars every year in welfare and costs of their huge crime stats.

      • Can you name these countries. American blacks once they have been to Africa instantly transform into Americans. African blacks once they see American blacks in the US want nothing to do with American “black” culture.

        • I drink Guinness, on occasion, with Nigerians. They frequently mock the “African-American” moniker and say the violent robbing young black males which constantly populate our TV screens with their obscenities would, in Mother Africa, receive a teatime point blank bullet to the back of the head.

          • Amazingly perceptive who( read no one) wants anything to do with American Negro gangsterism aka ghetto life aka ” across 110th street

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