Something’s Happening Here

True believers are incapable of accepting disconfirmation. The reason for this is their individual identity becomes so entangled in the cause, that anything contradicting the cause is viewed as a personal assault. That’s why Progressives react to contacts with reality as if they have been violently assaulted. For them, there is no line separating themselves and the cause. An assault on the cause, even just contrary facts, is felt like a kick to the groin. It’s why Progressive women equate free speech with violence.

There’s another product of this and that’s the inability to adapt to political reality. They set off on a course, with a pleasing narrative in their head, and stick with it no matter what happens. This delusional determination is why the Left keeps at their pet causes with a great deal of success, but it is also why they eventually burn themselves out in an orgy of recrimination. They can’t let go of the dream, even when the cause is lost, so they look for people to blame. You see that in this Atlantic piece.

Remember “this is not normal?”

A year ago, it was the motto of the self-styled “Resistance”—the coalition of liberals, Democrats, and a few wayward conservatives who were implacably opposed to the Trump administration. The endless refrain represented the refusal to countenance Trump as an ordinary political actor. Doing so, they feared, would eventually lead to the acceptance of racism, xenophobia, corruption, and authoritarianism as a regular and unremarkable feature of politics and society.

People articulating  such views were easy to find—online, on the front pages, and on the streets. The day after President Trump’s inauguration, the Women’s March turned into one of the largest nationwide demonstrations in American history. A week later, tens of thousands of people turned up at airports to oppose and obstruct Trump’s Muslim ban. By harnessing this unqualified opposition, Democrats were able to score shocking political and policy victories: stealing a Senate seat in Alabama, saving Obamacare, winning deep-red districts in state races, and coming close to taking the Virginia House of Delegates in the face of heavy gerrymandering.
And yet, today, in the highest circles of Democratic party politics, resistance is waning. “This is normal enough,” many key Democrats seem to be saying. When Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wrote in advance of Trump’s State of the Union several weeks ago, he focused on finding ways to “work with” the president, such as infrastructure.

The lunatics are sure they are winning. It is written in the prophecies. How can their elected leaders not see this? Why are they quitting just when victory is at hand? Of course, that’s not reality, but reality is far too unpleasant to accept, so they are re-imagining the present in order to hold onto the dream. The Democrat leaders, especially Chuck Schumer, they know what’s happening. Thanks to Trump’s political maneuvering, white voters now see the Democrats as the Brown Party.

The outcome of any final immigration deal is unknown, in part because Democrats voluntarily relinquished much of their leverage by striking a bargain on the budget. But there can be little doubt that many in the party were prepared to make serious—and politically unpopular—policy concessions to Trump. At one point, that reportedly included funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border (opposed by 60 percent of Americans). As it stands, Democrats in both houses appear to be on the brink of dropping demands to protect the “Dreamers,” undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children (protections that are supported by 74 percent of Americans). “He’s not asking for the kind of money that would build a wall sea to shining sea,” reasoned Missouri’s Claire McCaskill. “He’s asking for the kind of money that can say he built a wall.”

The reality is the Democrats got a better deal from the seditious Mitch McConnell than they were ever going to get from Trump, so they cut a deal with the treacherous wing of the GOP. That was smart politics, even if the lunatics in the Democrat Party refuse to accept it. As it stands, spending for the wall is now off the table for two years and there is no reason for the cucks to bring immigration issues to a vote. Basically, the cucks are doing the heavy lifting for Team Brown to undermine the patriots.

That’s depressing, but the good news here is that Chuck Schumer suddenly realized that the whites are waking up to what’s happening and they are prepared to act accordingly. That means the midterms could very well be a referendum on Team Brown’s plan to turn America into Brazil. More important, Trump seems to have figured this out too and he is now talking about making the midterm a referendum on immigration. That’s a huge change in the political culture. It speaks to just how fast things have changed in the last year.

The better news is the mouth breathers of the “resistance” movement have decided to go full jihad over immigration. They see their leaders as insufficiently enthusiastic for the great brown future. They will want to make the midterms about immigration and send a message to their leaders. For decades, immigration patriots like John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow labored just to get politicians to mention immigration. Now we appear to be heading a big political fight about serious immigration reform.

It’s just a symbolic fight. Chad and Stacy are now talking about chain migration and wondering if it makes sense to be importing Somalis into Minnesota. Up until recent, most Americans have known nothing of visa lotteries, chain migration and visa abuse. Now the granular details of the issue are circulating in polite company. People are waking up to the fact that the nice Hindu at the 7-11, also means a village of his kinsmen settling in your town, going on welfare and turning your town into a squalid mess.

It’s a long war, but Team White has gained some ground on Team Brown.

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  2. Most people who are productive and self-reliant have little experience with the emotion of existential dread because they have surmounted many difficulties in life and have confidence in their robustness. Conversely, people who have lived a life of dependency are hypersensitive to any perceived or imagined threat and tend to over-react like a stuck pig. A realist faces the world with calm resolve. A parasite is either satiated or in spasm.

  3. I fully expect the GOP to intentionally blow the midterms. They were happier when they could cry and complain because it was great for fundraising…and they never had to deliver.

    They had to do the tax cuts or their big money donors would have dried up.

    • That’s right. Republicans think they got it in the bag now thanks to tax reform and that is just not the case. Interesting times. We’ll see what happens, locale by locale.

  4. Never had much of an opinion on Indians. Never cared for their food and actually felt sorry for them running the 7-Elevens and cheap motels.

    However recently have been witness to a little turf war going on at the local Indian supermarket. The Indians share a parking lot behind the strip mall and have commandeered 90% of the spaces.

    This leaves the other two stores with very limited parking for their employees and absolutely no loading dock access.

    Instead of the other two stores going after the brown people and telling them to move their trucks and vehicles they fight with each other over the couple of spaces left over.

    The white guilt propaganda promoted by the left over these many decades has been very effective and a recent immigrants have no problem exploiting it.

    It’s rather pathetic actually.

  5. “That’s why Progressives react to contacts with reality as if they have been violently assaulted. For them, there is no line separating themselves and the cause.”

    … So give the progs every bit of cognitive dissonance you can …

    “Chad and Stacy are now talking about chain migration and wondering if it makes sense to be importing Somalis into Minnesota.”

    … and give Chad and Stacy all the help they need in their transition.

  6. I read these articles and then I read the posts and I pretty much NEVER see anybody address one of if not THE major issue here: birthright citizenship. I see all sorts of “solutions” thrown out there – but nobody apparently wants to look the elephant in the room in the face and do anything about it. If I remember correctly – the United States is the only or maybe one of only two countries in the entire world that does this kind of stupidity.

    When talking about illegals from Mexico (as a for instance) – I see it pointed out time and time again the Mexico’s immigration policy is rather strict – and does not have anything even close to this birthright citizenship BS.

    If people are unwilling to actually do anything about one of the core issues – then the whole platform is simply BS – and you’re never going to get anyway. That makes all of this talk of getting rid of the brownies nothing more than an exercise in creating a bitchfest echo chamber.

    I have worked with a number of Indians while in high tech. One of them I worked closely with – while he was here he has had two kids. Because they’re born here – they’re now US citizens. This actually causes him problems over in India and he’s told me flat out that things like getting his kids into school over there are now a big issue because of their US citizenship. So now the birthright bullshit has CREATED more immigrants into the US – with all the chain migration that may likely follow – because it forces guys like this to seriously consider whether he wants to go back to India – or try to get citizenship here. Without the birthright citizenship – going back would be a much more prominent option.

    • Not going to disagree with birthright citizenship being bad, but chain migration is much worse demographically. Also, your friend is wrong about US citizenship being a problem. Kids that are born here are given until they are 21 (unless the law has changed) to declare citizenship either in the country of their parents, or the US.

      • I’m English and foolishly moved to the US 30 years ago- I should have taken the Zurich job, and will not change citizenship. My Wife is American of Swedish extraction. My 16 year old son has both a British and American passport.

      • “Kids that are born here are given until they are 21 (unless the law has changed) to declare citizenship either in the country of their parents, or the US.”

        Maybe back in the day, but do they choose anymore? It’s my understanding the US stopped enforcing penalties on dual citizenship years ago.

      • >> Kids that are born here are given until they are 21 (unless the law has changed) to declare citizenship either in the country of their parents, or the US.

        It’s not clear from your post whether you are referring to US citizenship or citizenship in the country of their parents. If you are referring to US citizenship then your statement is not correct.

        Under the current (flawed) interpretation of the 14th Amendment any person born in the US is, by automatic operation of law, a US citizen. This derives from the infamous Footnote 48 by Justice Brennan in Plyler v. Doe, which essentially eviscerated the language “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” from the 14th Amendment. Here’s a link to a good Ann Coulter article on the topic.

        • I’m just going on what people in that situation have told me, so I’m no better than Carlsdad in that regard. They may have been referring to policies of their parent countries, and not US policy. I took it that it was US policy. For legal purposes given the rights of citizenship, but not required to renounce those rights until after 21 if they want foreign citizenship. This makes sense to me. As far as dual citizenship and lack of enforcement, the only way the USA is going to find out that you have a foreign passport is if you travel into this country while using it. Unlikely.

          My main point, however, is being ignored: chain migration is the big one. If you don’t stop that, you are finished.

  7. As a politically clueless gearhead, I find your political analysis very informative. You should do more of it.

  8. Don’t take offense at the woman who likes to go to sleep listening to your voice-it’s the kind of voice that makes a woman feel safe. If my husband wasn’t by my side, I might try that too!

  9. To really confuse a young progressive, it’s useful to work the environmental angle since any hint at race realism gives them the heebie-jeebies. I ask them to imagine life in a country of 700 million, mostly poor and unemployable, teeming in gigantic cities and seeping out into the countryside into squatter towns with open sewers, riven into a hundred mutually hostile subcultures. For that is the destiny of a country with open borders. You think there’s climate change now? Just wait.

    • That’s a great point and not emphasized enough on our side. Show the young progressive the projected population if annual immigration (legal) levels remain. Make him give you a number, how many people does he want to see in the US at a certain point in the future. Point out the loss of open land, traffic congestion, water shortages, and the fact that third world people imported into the first world leave a larger carbon footprint. You’ll never lose this argument.

      • Exactly. The Cult requires that acolytes accept without examination ideas which are totally incompatible. The climate change part exploits their feminine, snowflake side; direct mention of race calls forth the martial, SJW violence. Let them fill in the coloring book for themselves — we can stick to demographics and ‘sustainability’ without mentioning race. They’ll get the point – maybe.

  10. What you say is very true. I have a friend–college educated–that had literally never heard the term “anchor baby” or understood the concept until the 2016 election. Another person I know found all the stuff about chain migration and the diversity lottery a revelation a few weeks ago.

    It can be too easy at times for people in the political/social commentary subculture to realize how few people are really up to speed on this stuff. The whole s—hole countries controversy put the concept of desirable/undesirable components of the American population into wide discussion. It’s going to be baby steps. I saw that Atlantic article, too, and my takeaway was that, yes, Trump is becoming “normalized” and this is a good thing for our cause even though he is at most a Buchananite populist (and a rather shaky one) that’s really about as much as most of the population can handle without freaking out right now.

    • Since the clock is ticking on demographic replacement, we all need to do our part in converting our normie friends, which includes helping them along on immigration education. You’re right, Kodos, it’s astonishing how little they know. Most think the browning of America is a natural process.

      As often as I can, I point out the 1965 Immigration Act (Hart-Cellar) and the Naturalization Act of 1790 (immigration limited to whites of good character). Once the normie realizes there’s a plan in place to replace whites, or at best, drastically reduce the percentage of whites in the population, instead of thinking that “of course it’s normal to become more brown, we’re a nation of immigrants,” the mindset changes.

      • I also find it helpful in waking normies up to use Europe as an example. If you follow French news at all, you will see the FrogProgs trotting out this idea that there is no such thing as a “native Frenchman,” because 2000 years ago the Gauls were conquered by the Romans, who were then conquered by the Franks, and therefore somehow the French don’t qualify as “a real race.” So, any African or Arab who moves there should be considered “Just as French” as anyone else. Ridiculous. I explained this to a Black friend of mine recently and she looked at me as though I had two heads.

        • Yes, Europe is good to talk about. I suspect things will get worse there earlier. They are the canary in the coalmine. Even mainstream media won’t be able to deny the unrest, crime and violence as the years go by. We can then say to normies: We can’t let this happen to the US. (At least regarding African and Islamic immigration. Latino immigration is already past any point of return here.)

          • Europe is about 90% white, that % is hardly changing. The U.S. is about 65% white and in about 25 years whites go under 50%.

  11. “True believers are incapable of accepting disconfirmation. The reason for this is their individual identity becomes so entangled in the cause, that anything contradicting the cause is viewed as a personal assault. That’s why Progressives react to contacts with reality as if they have been violently assaulted. For them, there is no line separating themselves and the cause. An assault on the cause, even just contrary facts, is felt like a kick to the groin. It’s why Progressive women equate free speech with violence.”

    Just asked a liberal acquaintance to read this blog. He said he couldn’t get past the first paragraph. Said whoever wrote this was an asshole and had no idea what he was talking about.

    LOL, I said he (Z) was correct because of the way he acted, just as was foretold in the opening gambit. 🙂

  12. The only thing I disagree with is that “the nice Hindu at the 7-11” isn’t the problem. He loves the U.S. because there’s (comparatively) no ethnic strife, no caste system, his kids can get a good education and go to college, etc. The ones I worked with were hard over Trump supporters and ADAMANTLY opposed to any amnesty.

    The problem is the nasty self-entitled Somali who believes he’s entitled to take whatever he wants, and his kids are entitled to rape or brutalize whoever they want.

    The problem is the Moslem invaders who believe 7th century tribal traditions embedded in Shari’a law supersede the Constitution, and are going to do everything they can to implement it.

    I’m fine with the Hindus. It’s the others we can do without.

    • I, too, am hopeful about the Great White Awakening. Nancy Pelosi really helps our cause when she goes on the Senate floor and describes how proud she is her grandson has been brainwashed to the point where he wishes he were a different race (although I don’t believe a word of that story). But, just in case things DO go south for us white folks here, I am starting to teach myself Polish. Always good to have a backup plan.

      • Nancy Pelosi is the Robert Byrd of 2018. Let her talk and talk and talk. She’s the face and the voice of today’s Democrat party.

        I hope she lives to be 116 and stays right there, the leader of the Democrats in the house.

    • Always remember that your narrow experience with the nice Hindu engineer at work is an outlier. When he brings his village of retarded kinsmen over, it’s too late to change your mind.

      • Bringing the retarded kinsmen over is easier to block. It’s the kids, who know little to nothing of what their parents escaped from, and go full SJW.

      • The other thing is, many of the kids are smart, and can compete, and do well for themselves in our culture. The smart kids who do not succumb to the SJW disease are going to do just fine.

        • Yes, many can compete. But while they are no better than their native born American competition, they nonetheless qualify as minorities, and so will have preference in hiring, government contracts, SBA loans and etc.

          So we import competition for our children, to lower their wages and replace them in business and employment.

          I don’t see how this makes any sense.

          No other country in the world follows such policies – except perhaps some EU cuckdoms. In fact, in most the government openly and explicitly legislates against foreigners coming in and taking business and jobs away from their citizens.

    • I live in a place with tons of East Indians, Chinese and Filipinos, and almost zero blacks of any kind. They’re perfectly nice people, for the most part, and on the surface they have all the qualities you’d want in an immigrant. But they’re not us. However civilized they may be, there’s always a barrier, a conceptual and cultural gulf between us, that can’t be eradicated by anything short of generations of interbreeding.

      Kipling’s The Stranger is the go-to here:

      The Stranger within my gate,
      He may be true or kind,
      But he does not talk my talk–
      I cannot feel his mind.
      I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
      But not the soul behind.

      The men of my own stock,
      They may do ill or well,
      But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
      They are used to the lies I tell;
      And we do not need interpreters
      When we go to buy or sell…

      We have to let go of our pet-immigrant, model-minority delusions. They have their countries, we have ours.

      • I feel the same way Murray and I actually like the Pinoy quite a lot. They are one of the few groups that don’t ruffle my feathers.

        This doesn’t mean I want many immigrants though. After deportation 10K a year for the US, must be Christian or European, healthy, minimum IQ 120 will do us fine.

        Thomas Bailey Aldrich here

        O Liberty, white Goddess! is it well
        To leave the gates unguarded? On thy breast
        Fold Sorrow’s children, soothe the hurts of fate,
        Lift the down-trodden, but with hand of steel
        Stay those who to thy sacred portals come
        To waste the gifts of freedom. Have a care
        Lest from thy brow the clustered stars be torn
        And trampled in the dust. For so of old
        The thronging Goth and Vandal trampled Rome,
        And where the temples of the Cæsars stood
        The lean wolf unmolested made her lair.

    • Most of the Indos I know have been utterly insane SJW’s. It does seem to strike most in the second generation, the ones who were born in the diaspora. The more upper caste they are, the worst they seem to get. They have a strange mix of superiority complex, entitlement, butthurt, mixed in with sexual insecurities and a truly ruthless dedication to social climbing.

      • Indians eat meat Doc. Most Indians eat meat, particularly chicken and lamb. It’s beef they stay away from.

    • Indians back in the 80’s were abusing chain migration and he still needs to go back. America was founded for European derived people, especially Anglos but including others and

      While Hindus aren’t an issue trite as it is, I actually some Hindu friends, they are still not compatible with the West on a values basis

      Civic nationalism is a lie and there is more to being American than bing able to run a Kwik-E-Mart or a motel .

      That said if we can get to 80%-85% European derived White and lock the left out of power and freeze immigration, or so, we can do fine and a few Indians here and there, I’ve has one as a boss and we got on fine.

    • Nope. They have to go back too. They are as tribal as any other 3rd World peoples. Whole departments, mainly IT, have been taken over by these street shitters because once one is in a position of power, they will only hire fellow Indians.

  13. This is hopeful, as one of the recently awakened basically the “progressives” have demanded we choose sides based on skin color. So I have…..

    • A lot of things have awakened whites lately. Getting lectured about white guilt and implicit bias, being bombarded with race mixing and seeing whites portrayed as bumbling idiots on TV Commercials, getting introduced to terms like chain migration, which has resulted in the Dems revealing that they want nothing but an endless flood of brown people. It’s all out in the open now for whites to pick a side. Team Brown or Team White?

      • I haven’t watched TV for years, but a couple of weeks ago a friend gave me his old digital antenna so I could watch re-runs of ‘Last Man Standing’ and the occasional Syracuse basketball game on local TV.

        I’ve found myself treated to a whole new world, counting up race and sex representations in the advertising. Look, I admit I have not paid close enough attention. Wow – to judge from the ads, our entire nation is now light-skinned black grandfathers bouncing their grandchildren on their knee, single women hanging out and sharing notes on the healthy effect of prunes, all in ‘uptalk’, old feminists with white hair taking weird medications that make them smile beatifically at the beauty of their ‘lifestyle’… it’s all very disturbing and I hate all of it. I look out on my street for relief; white people, everyday white people – delivering the mail, shoveling their sidewalks, roofing a neighbor’s house.

        Call me a cuck, but I never found black people any more annoying than anyone else, until the “blackety-black” emerged as a national religion. TV reinforces this. My only question is whether that is their real intention, to make whites hate black people. A few hours more of this local TV with its ads, and I’m all in on racial separation, just to be able to see people like myself buying healthcare products, cars, tools, whatever.

        I hate our time…

  14. Too little, too late. As you have said, progressives have been winning for decades. I am very pessimistic about the future

    • If you are hoping for America to return to the 1950’s, you should be depressed. That’s not in the cards. If you want white people to wake up and start to think of “white” as their primary identity, politically and culturally, then this is a nice green shoot.

      • Yup. We can’t go back. But we can ensure that America II: the Brownening isnt the giant South Africa the progressives want. And who knows what the further future can bring…

      • The technology of 2017 precludes a return to 1950 in any case.

        Computers/Automation mean labor has less value and while there are cost savings they never make up for lower wages.

        Unless we make big big changes, the era of one income families is over and the total fertility rate will never be high . It may never achieve 2 again with anyone over 90 or so. never being defined as many generations

        As with anything in psychology , change only happens when its too painful not too or in economic we under go a catabolic collapse and can no longer support the level of complexity that is killing us . In some ways, assuming the State can no longer function well being 3rd world will be much nicer. as the Chinese said “The mountain is high and the emperor is far away”

        That said the times of chaos are just beginning and anything could happen from martial law by President Trump, a Democratic impeachment /coup (if they get both houses) on err trumped up charges, civil war, mass deportation of DACA recipients and a host of other things .

        I’m personally hoping for mass arrests on FISAgate and other matters. It would do the nation much good if they were dealt with under law . Follow this up with mass arrests using the NDAA of “Sanctuary Cities” leaders and this allows you to ignore the 9th circus court inevitable Leftist interference since the law allows the President to un-person them

        If the courts than overturn the NDAA as they should all the better . That’s win win

        Also someone reminded me today that Watergate took 2 years to come to full steam ahead and if President is going to act in any significant way and he may well it will be in D.C time not Internet time

      • That’s a pretty sober assessment. I want the 1950s back, but I’ll have shuffled off in a decade and a half and will no longer feel the pain. But if I see whites waking up and punching their weight, I can go to my rest a bit more cheerfully.

    • Yeah, it’s good that these things are being talked about, but the recent electoral losses have been discouraging. Will definitely be keeping a close eye on PA.

    • That’s because “conservatives” are apparently a bag of morons.

      When they refuse to address the hard issues (like the birthright citizenship thing I put in my other post in this thread) – what good are they really in the end?

      Like ZMan has said multiple times – there hasn’t been much of a resistance from the right to the vast majority of progressive BS. And (typically) once enough time has passed the right wing completely buys into the progressivism of yesteryear.

      Go try and argue out immigration policy and specifically putting restrictions on it on a number of conservative or right wing forums – and watch how fast somebody trots out that Emma Lazarus poem to justify bringing in the brown horde.

      After a while the whole thing just starts to look like an exercise in retardation

      • Good points carlsdad, but this would’ve been a better post three years ago. The hard issues, birthright citizenship, chain migration, visa lottey, reducing legal immigration, a wall, these are now out in the open, instead of confined to Vdare, Steve Sailer’s blog, and numbersUSA. And it’s happened rapidly. Not that long ago, the notion that the Emma Lazarus poem would be scoffed at, as Stephen Miller did in August, would be unthinkable.

        • Stephen Miller deserves a spot in the pantheon of Great Americans for that smack down of Jim Acosta alone.

        • We personally may be doomed, but imagine the fate of our inheritors, liberated from knowledge and experience of their race; they’ll be like the simple-minded Kitchener battalions jumping into no-man’s land and getting mowed down.

          The great flaw of human life – and this is NOT new with the millennials – is that they scorn the experience of their fathers.

          So off you go! Enjoy!

    • So am I. As long ago as 1987 Allan Bloom was describing the death-instinct in young students; it’s all gotten worse since. The chain is broken, the inheritors – the Millennials – combine sanctimony with ignorance in a way that is surely unique in human history: As Zman often concludes, this will not end well – it’s like having a chimpanzee driving the bus toward a cliff.

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