How Long?

There are two rules of modern life, with regards to how public debate is conducted, that are are always good to keep in mind when thinking about any issue. One is the Opposite Rule of Liberalism. Whatever the Left is howling about at the moment, imagine the opposite and you’re probably getting closer to the truth. The other rule is that cops rarely arrest a first time offender. Usually, someone caught in some sort of skulduggery has been at it for a long time. The law of averages simply caught up with them.

The first rule is an easy one, as we see with the FBI corruption case. Progressive fanatics accused the Trump people of colluding with Boris and Natasha to undermine the election, but it looks like it was the Democrats who were doing deals with foreigners in an effort to subvert the election. It’s hard to know if this is just a very elaborate cover for the Uranium One deal or simple sedition, but the FBI, CIA and at least one Democrat Congressman were willing to cut deals with the Russians for dirt on Trump.

The second rule is the one that it may be time to start pondering. What’s clear at this point in the FBI scandal is that Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Page were dirty. They cooked up a scheme to game the FISA court, so they could start rummaging around in the lives of Trump and his people. What is unknown is the complete narrative and the role of each player in the scheme. Another thing that is clear is they were exceedingly cavalier about what they were doing. Their recklessness is astonishing for people in their world.

Maybe they were just true believers who became increasingly berserk with passion for the task. Despite their titles, these people are career middle managers and this was their first taste of real action. On the other hand, the image that emerges from the texts between Strzok and Page suggests they did not see this caper as that big of a deal. There’s no trace of a guilty mind or any sense they were breaking the law. Instead, even in their cover-up efforts, you see just the bureaucrat’s concern for petty office politics.

Then there is the General Flynn issue. The whole case has been weird from the start, as Flynn is a guy thought to be a straight shooter. Yet, he gets charged with lying to the FBI, over something innocuous. Now we’re are learning the FBI and possibly Robert Mueller sandbagged Flynn, using fake FBI records to compel a guilty plea. This “new information” used by the Federal judge does not appear to have come from Mueller, but rather the Inspector General. This means Mueller is either a dupe or a crook.

Even if Mueller is just a dupe, and that seems increasingly implausible, it means he staffed his team with dirty cops from the FBI. It also means he staffed his team with dirty lawyers and political hacks from the former administration. After all, those lawyers had to be aware of what the FBI was doing to entrap Flynn. The picture emerging here is of an FBI and a DOJ stocked to the gills with people who struggle to understand the difference between a lie and the truth. It’s been a rotten precinct for at least the length of one career.

That brings us to the title of this post. How long has this sort of thing been going on and what other scandals are there? We know the Obama administration weaponized the IRS in an elaborate scheme to undermine Republican groups. We also know the whole thing was broomed by the FBI and DOJ. Knowing that those two organizations have been corrupt for a long time now puts the IRS scandal in a new light. What we may have seen was a cover-up in plain sight, with one dirty agency covering for another dirty agency.

What about the 2012 election? We know that Team Obama was very nervous about re-election after the debacle of the 2010 midterms. There were meetings immediately after to figure out how to get Obama a second term. One result was the overt use of the race card that eventually led to the plague of murders carried out by black lunatics, under the banner Black Lives Matter. How do we know the Feds were not also playing games with Team Romney. Maybe that computer crash was not just bad design after all

Then there is the one story that has never made any sense. That is the case of Judge Roberts reversing course in the ObamaCare decision. He writes an opinion striking down the individual mandate, circulates it around and then suddenly changes course and supports the mandate. It was a such a bizarre turn of events that the dissent just used his brief as the basis of the dissenting opinion. People who investigate blackmail and extortion schemes look for these sorts of anomalous changes in behavior.

One of the lessons of Watergate is that the sort of shenanigans the Nixon people were doing had become so commonplace, they were getting reckless and brazen. The Kennedy clan loved wiretapping opponents. Hoover, of course, was basically the official blackmailer of Washington. The brazen disregard for law and order by the Obama people and the Clinton people suggests a culture of corruption that started long before Strzok and Page decided to become the Bonnie and Clyde of the FBI.

After the election, one of my suggestions was that Trump set up a truth and reconciliation commission. This was a bit tongue and cheek, but not completely. The point of this commission would be to clear the air. Everyone in the government class would have a chance to come forward and admit to their crimes, in order to receive a pardon. It would allow the public to finally see the full scope of the corruption and begin the public debate over how to reform a very corrupt political class. That’s looking like a good idea now.

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  1. I am sick and tired of seeing Muller and Comey out of uniform without their cover. Could someone who knows how please put their stupid pink pussy hats on them?

  2. Truth and reconciliation commissions rarely, if ever, work as intended. Just look at what happened in South Africa after theirs, and also the end result – white ethnocide.

  3. Gen Flynn pleaded guilty to a process crime. The Flynn family has suffered greatly. The Feds can ruin innocent men, see Ted Stevens. Judge Sullivan, a Democratic appointment and an old time straight shooter, has ordered all documents concerning Flynns’ agreement turned over to him. Unusual move by a judge. A very clear signal the judge thinks the prosecution is dirty. Mueller postponed Flynns’ sentencing for a reason. Flynns’ conviction will be thrown out. BTW Judge Sullivan tossed Ted Stevens’ conviction and lambasted the prosecution, in writing, in a very pointed way.

  4. There’s some interesting reading over at the American Digital News site about a government organization called “Senior Executive Services”.

    I had no idea this organization existed, and a lot of the Obama Admin holdover FBI skinks and members of the Mueller Team are charter members.

    What I do think is interesting in light of the high level FBI and DOJ resignations and reassignments coming fast and hard is the speculation that Mueller somehow got flipped and purposely corralled these bad actors to keep them from doing any more damage.

    Not bloody likely, but we can dream, can’t we?

  5. Said the Liar in Chief to Bill O’Reilly: “……not even a smidgen of corruption”.

    So other than collecting and enjoying her taxpayer funded pension, what’s Lois Lerner up to these days? I’m thinking about her as we approach income tax season……..

  6. Possibly your best to date, Zman. With regard to your closing paragraph, the first thing that came to my mind was . . . REPENTANCE – the reciprocation of giving/receiving “forgiveness”. For those of the Christian faith, REDEMPTION is “elemental” – the keystone. Who would be willing to “forgive” career criminals the likes of the Hildabeast, Soros, SICK Chaney, GHW Bush, Eric[the race-baiter]Holder and now Robert[the Clinton mule]Mueller/Adam[piece of]Schiff – just to mention a few of the more “notables”? Such is a real struggle for me but, when considering that RESTITUTION – according to One’s ability – is the second requirement of said Repentance, I am confident that all of the aforementioned would FAIL.
    That being said, about the “FBI”. It is becoming increasingly evident that the FBI is ROTTEN from top to bottom and I – for One – am getting increasingly frustrated why NOBODY is acknowledging the fact. This may very likely be another “Feral Bastard Instigation/Intimidation/Insurrection” (FBI) “Test-Access-Expose”/”Roll-Out-Roll-Up” op to 1) test their [continued] control program, 2) access the media/plebs reaction, 3) expose any FBI op/players that may NOT be totally committed to the continuence of said “cover-up/control” by the CRIMINAL State. It also compromises any/all new/unverified gov-agents to said program who will probably be ordered to “visit/intimidate” all the “problem witnesses” and confiscate all the CCTV recordings, thereby solidifying their continued complicity also. I find it difficult to believe that – to my knowledge – not even ONE of the INDEPENDENT Media are not aware/have not disclosed said BASTARDS as NRVs – No Redeeming Value – along with the likes of the HildaBeast, Soros, Sick Chaney, Eric [the race-baiting] Holder, Valerie Jarrett, just to mention a FEW of the more notables. After Aurora, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, Charlottesville, Las Vegas and now Parkland, just to mention a FEW of the more “notable” COVER-UPS – such as the 2 biggest noted below, what more PROOF is required for SOMEBODY to at least PUBLICLY entertain the POSSIBILITY that said “FBI” has been FULLY compromised since at least the Kennedy Assassination and INCLUDING the 9-11 “op”?

  7. How long? I’m going to have to say at least since July 1, 1870. That’s when the Department of Justice was founded.

    To think, the nation made it nearly 100 years without a DoJ, FBI, IRS, Federal Reserve, Department of Education, or the EPA.

    The good old days.

  8. The complicity and dereliction of the major media in enabling and assisting in this crime spree is not to minimized. The DC corruption is so pervasive that the remaining good guys were effectively compromised or intimidated into surrendering. And this was more than just malfeasance and criminality, it was an actual real-life attempted coup d e´tat right here in the good ol’ USA. The checks and balances did NOT work, it was the election that changed course.

  9. “Their recklessness is astonishing for people in their world.”

    But the risk/reward ratio was very high. It looked very likely that Hillary would win, hence risk was low. But at the same time if you were the one to bring Trump down…. the rewards could have been enormous.

  10. Commissions are like committees. They generate a lot of words and a lot of paper but rarely any good results. They often become immortal. I would instead recommend killing a chicken to scare the monkeys. Discover who murdered Seth Rich and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Here’s my nomination: Cody Shearer, Hillary’s dirty trickster par excellence. He’s been lurking in the shadows since forever, but I have NEVER seen a photo of him, even during “Clinton Time” in the ’90s. That would make him the perfect one to get to li’l Seth without raising any suspicion, esp at 3 AM. My question also is, if the bar that Seth was at shut at 1:30, or at least that’s when SR left the premises, what was going on for several hours before he was shot on the sidewalk, then taken to the hospital — still alive. He was on the phone w/ his girlfriend when he was accosted.

  11. Truth & Reconciliation is only going to be a beginning. The sheer volume of malfeasance/corruption & moral bankruptcy will be staggering.

    Then we’re going to need a ‘sorting hat’ process to decide who can be a useful cube-holder and a massive recruit & sort for people of competence & minimal ‘ethics’.

    Statutes of Limitations are going to be expired for way too many perps. Pensions will still be obligated. Too bad the magic pensions can’t be ‘liened’ on/devalued … That would get serious attention of the #MeLiedToo!! crew….

    Oh well…. Bitching & Whining never got the job done….

    • I think it’s going to take some high profile public executions (by which I mean prosecutions and jail time) to shake this loose. We might get a few of the good guys in the process, but if we kill off 100 bad guys for every 3-4 good guys, we’re making progress.

      • I agree. The everlasting ‘revelations’ aren’t enough; they only reach (at most) half the public, and of that half, at best a tenth has the time and the attention span and the gift for nuance to follow all of this foulness down to the sewers.

        Roll out the guillotine in Dupont Circle, and start chopping off heads. Then the vast and amorphous ‘American people’ will wake up and notice that something is going on, that all is not well in the imperial city.

    • I don’t see any reason to reconcile with people that have been proven so untrustworthy.

      South Africa could pull this off because for all its flaws the Apartheid state was fundamentally principled, not necessarily in ways you or I share but they had a core ideology they believed in

      Our current leaders are rootless, amoral globalists and while I’d be happy to see them slink into the night never to bother us again in order to avoid something worse, I’m not sure it will happen

      I suspect the American people will have to do the unthinkable at some point quite soon, screw the Constitution , go full out Writ of Attainder Known or Suspected on their enemies and when they recover build a new state one built on minimalism with almost no laws

      This will have some very bad long term consequences but the nation isn’t stable or organized enough now for anything more complex and a state filled with PTSD cases, survivors and heavily armed vets isn’t going to turn into Sweden 1981 at any point

    • This. Go read that Milner op-ed in the WaPost. In it, he comes clean that he was the conduit from Sydney Blumenthal at the Clinton Campaign into the State Department.

      And, although he doesn’t say it this way, his primary role was not just to feed that information into the bureaucracy, but to SANITIZE it. He writes in the Op-Ed that he basically rewrote the reports he read from memory. Why would he do that? Because, like money laundering, Blumenthal needed an air-gap between the Clinton Campaign and the DOS/DOJ/FBI. When Milner rewrote the reports in his own words, it was an attempt to make it look like the materials were independently sourced.

      That has been a huge component of this conspiracy since Day 1: giving the appearance of all this information coming from multiple sources in order to lend it credibility…when it was really all just coming from Russia and the Clintons.

      • I like the idea except I think it wouldn’t be constitutional; federal workers are citizens – sad to say – and are as free as anyone else to give money to anyone they please.

        But, give me a Franco or a Pinochet to suspend the constitution, ruling by military force, clearing out the rubbish and promising to step down after free elections, I am all ears on that proposal.

  12. Like I wrote here a few weeks ago when that Nunes memo came out, guys like Flynn and Pappadapolous have a very good case to rescind their plea agreements based on what we now know about the FBI investigation.

    I don’t think a truth and reconciliation commission would work. What needs to happen is a prosecution of several high government officials (I would start with Comey, McCabe, and Strzok along with Ohr and Milner) on charges of Public Corruption or maybe even Racketeering since the “solution” (criminal investigations of Trump by Trump opponents) would not exist if Trump’s opponents had not conspired to initiate those investigations. (That’s what racketeering is, right? Selling a solution to a problem that you created.)

    You’re not going to get people to voluntarily step forward unless they see some well executed public hangings.

  13. I just saw an interview with Roger Stone and the story he told about J. Edgar Hoover’s meeting with newly elected President Nixon. He showed him photos of Nixon’s liaison with his Chinese mistress in China. Don’t worry Mr. President, these photos are safe with me.

    I know, lot of similar stories with Hoover but just a reminder this corruption goes back a ways.

      • Ron Paul followed that rule, look where it got him.

        If you don’t give the ruling elite a handle on you, and you aren’t Trump, you get nowhere.

    • David;
      Considering that the source here is the GOPe’s version of Sid Vicious and Cody Shearer, a bit of skepticism is in order. Not that the story couldn’t be true, mind you.

      Reasons for skepticism:
      – Stone (who was originally a Nixon loyalist) specifically says that it happened in China. After the 1949 commie takeover, nobody but vouched commies could get into China before Nixon became president. This leaves only a thin slice of time before Nixon stopped being a Naval Officer in 1946(?) and before he became a Congressmen in 1948.
      – China was in the midst of a vicious civil war where no random round-eye was ever safe, as lots of Western missionaries found out the hard way. So, he would have had to be a CIA asset or a commie in that interval to have been able to go there and return safely. If Nixon *was* a CIA asset, Hoover would have been told to go pound sand, particularly if Hoover didn’t want pics of his ‘intersting’ off-duty dressing habits to show up in the press. If Nixon actually was a commie, his many enemies both outside or inside the GOPe would have been only too eager to out him.
      – After 1948 Nixon only went to China as President. Screwing a Chinese woman then and there would have been even beyond Clinton or JFK recklessness: Not that this is completely impossible (see Watergate).
      – Degenerates always like to think that they have lots of company even if it involves creating some. It would be entirely too convenient for the Kennedy’s to falsely blacken Nixon’s name so as to excuse Jack’s well-known reckless sexual misconduct.

      As a further example of the last point, you may recall that the ‘Jefferson was screwing his slaves’ stories suddenly surfaced in the media after nearly 200 years right after the blue dress did during the Clinton I impeachment business. After scratching my head at first, I saw it as a Classic Clinton, ‘Hey, everybody does it, who’s gonna’ go all pure all of a sudden’ reminder for the purpose of keeping any wayward Senate Dem’s (and Repub’s) in line. Don’t forget the 800 FBI files they obtained during their first days in office. *That’s* the starting point, IMHO.

      • Good points especially on Stone. The man is seriously creepy , more so when you look into his lifestyle. Refers to himself as a trisexual.

  14. Strzok was the head of counterintelligence for the FBI. It is almost unbelievable that a person in this position would use a government-issued cell phone to say the things he did in his 50K texts with Page. Between stupid and arrogant, I say arrogance. This applies to the whole gang. With Obama, Holder, the msm, Hollywood and academia on their side for eight years, they came to believe that we were a nation of men, not laws, that they were apparatchiks or nomenklatura who could do and say anything they wanted to advance party power and destroy political enemies. It is my fervent hope that they all end up in jail.

    • Never underestimate the attraction of texting your lover the things that get her all hot and bothered about you. As was pointed out in an earlier thread, a counterintelligence person should never, ever let his snake out of his pants except for his wifee at home.

    • There’s also the little problem of the chief of counterintelligence breaking the #1 rule of espionage: sex and blackmail make excellent weapons. His extramarital affair with Page – while investigating Clinton’s ILLEGAL “private” email server – is just one of the most stupidly baffling abuses of power in recent history.

      How could he lead an investigation into Hillary’s ILLEGAL security practices when he, himself, was engaged in activities that even the most green recruit is taught never to do. It was a total violation of his oath.

      Strzok possessed the two most important elements of a criminal act: motive and opportunity. Through his actions with Page, he also demonstrated ability and highly risky judgement.

      Cracks me up that the Democrats are getting undone – once again – by the triple-threat doomsday machine of sex, politics, and the Clintons.

  15. Roberts did a 180….for that matter, one should take a look at Sen. Ron Johnson, who got elected on ONE promise: to un-do ObamaCare. After only 12 months, Ron suddenly went silent.


    • As an accidental witness to the behind-the-scenes shenanigans used to entrap one of the Republican Congressmen who has suddenly decided to “retire” this time around, I can tell you that IMO they are all compromised. The wheeling and dealing that is a part of becoming a congressman is quietly used against them to leverage them into cooperation with the powers-that-be. I think too many of them, especially the Republicans, have realized that all of this stuff will be coming out in the next few months or years, so they are all getting out while the getting is good. Of course, if they played it straight and narrow to begin with, they couldn’t be compromised. But then they probably wouldn’t have made it to Congress in the first place.

      There aren’t too many like Nunes, who has basically said “F*** it, I’m going for it”.

      And then there is Mitt Romney, who is probably personally clean, but who drove that (perfectly legal) robber baron, corporate asset stripping train all the way down the tracks. When all you can get him on is carrying his dog in a carrier on his car roof and he once got in a fight in high school, then he is probably pretty clean.

  16. I have always known – and said repeatedly to anyone who would listen – that Romney’s “day of the election state of the art” GOTV system was hacked.
    Glad you made it to the party.

    • The 2012 election is one that has always puzzled me. Romney was an unappealing candidate, but re-elections are a referendum on the incumbent. Historical data all pointed to a narrow Obama loss. The polling always seemed a bit dodgy, despite what guys like Nate Silver said. His disastrous 2016 suggests he is not the seer everyone insisted. I’m not saying it was rigged. I think it was more a case of extreme collusion between the media, Team Obama and various dirty tricks operators.

      • Z Man;
        Yeah. I agree about Romney. His nomination was what convinced me that the National Fusion Party was all too real. I mean, you *know* that he’s a perfect ‘Riche Rich’ target of opportunity for the many red-diaper, soft-marxist Progs. that you know are everywhere in the NGO’s, MSM and Permanent Government.

        Not only that but you know how he *got* to be vastly more rich than he already was starting out: He ran the Wall St. ‘bust out’ racket on overly complacent, middle-American companies, mostly manufacturing. The class-based, populist attack adds practically write themselves.

        IOW, he ran as a benevolent despot (a philosopher king, even) of outstanding, civic-minded, personal virtue. But all you have to show is that his conduct actually wasn’t so benevolent in effect (regardless of intent) and suddenly the fine character doesn’t matter so much anymore. And the GOPe either was blind to this completely obvious enemy line of attack and/or didn’t care.

      • I know it’s easy to say it-and easy to be called a sore loser-but 2012 just reeked of vote fraud to me. I remember all the articles on Drudge and other news sources at the time…. “Voting Precinct has 150% more votes than registered voters” etc. I remember a newscast on CNN… Early Voting in Colorado, Early and Red. Obama ended up winning CO quite comfortably IIRC. Plus there were a few “Colorado county X had more votes than voters” stories in right wing media.
        I think an honest appraisal would find vote fraud rife in 2012…..more so than usual.

        • From what we know now, Obama lost.But Romney and the cuck GOP would never challenge anything, so wholesale theft was safe…

      • Low GOP turnout and the fact that Romney is a total snake.

        Did you hear his announcement to run for Senate? It’s the battle cry of the Open Borders Brigade, “”Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world,” Romney says. “Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion. And on Utah’s Capitol Hill, people treat one another with respect.”

        Same guy who during the 2012 election was talking about border enforcement and illegals “self deporting”.

        Total. Snake.

        It’s a shame Trump feels like he has to endorse him in order to avoid another Roy Moore debacle.

        • I tell this story often. In 1994, Romney was running against Kennedy and he had built up a lead. People were sick of Ted. It really looked like Ted was on the ropes, but then the Boston media started thumping on Romney and he started to melt. You could see the choke coming, leading up to the first debate. I was in a restaurant on the North Shore that night and everyone crowded into the bar to see the opening of the debate. Immediately, Romney went full cuck. It was if he started to shrink and Kennedy started to grow.

          Everyone walked out of the bar about 15 minutes into it, laughing about how it was over. Teddy dodged another bullet. Kennedy won with 59% of the vote.

          I would assume Romney wins, given it is Utah, but I will not shocked if he screws it up.

          • ZMan, I love your blog, but to think MA would vote out Fat Boy Kennedy is simply delusional. I’m guessing your NS restaurant was on the “far” North Shore where the vanishing WASP remnant resides, hence the anti-Kennedy animus. Mitt lost his chance with “Romneycare” (which eats over 40% of the Commonwealth’s budget).

          • Saugus.

            Before the debate, polling had it a tie race and Kennedy had rocket high negatives. This was state that had no qualms about electing Bill Weld, so people at the time thought the winds of change were going to blow Fat Drunk Ted off the stage. You forget that in the previous year he had turned up drunk at speaking events. Romney was a sober, ever so slightly right of Ted alternative. After the debate, Romney’s polls collapsed.

            As to RomneyCare, that came along almost ten years after the Senate race, so it played no role.

          • I know that Romneycare played no role in the election, just as an example of Mitt having no “fight” in him. He always viewed the gov’ship as a way to boost his national visibility. To be fair to him and to Charlie, there are just too few republicans to put up a meaningful resistance to the dems. I do wonder if JoeJoeJoe was hurt by that speech he gave after the SOTU? Time will tell.

          • look at the pictures of the guy the day after the 2012 election. He was the happiest guy in America.

            The rich guys only running for office because daddy would have wanted them to will never fight.

      • I suspect Romney lost simply because he is a Mormon and upwards of 1/3 of the Republican base consider him a heretic or a Satanist . This means that the “above margin of fraud” is not going to happen

        It only requires a few people to stay home to guarantee a loss and while the Evangelicals would not vote for Obama, they wouldn’t vote for Romney either

    • How hard would it have been to hack it? It sounds like simple DDoS would – and may – have taken it down. Script kiddies would have been capable of hacking it.

      How could any organization of the scale and importance of the Romney campaign not have foreseen that possibility?

  17. Ever since this began, I have wondered how much difference a relatively few people in the right places can do, can they remove a President? I have been watching old films about the JFK murder, and I believe that with the media on your side you can indeed remove a President right in front of the public eye, but you also need the FBI. They are involved with every political disaster before the bombs or rifles go off .

  18. “How to reform a very corrupt political class “? Start with lots of rope. Scaffolding helps too,

  19. I’ve said it before. The FBI needs to be disbanded. The criminals will be charged, but the agency itself cannot be allowed to continue existing as an independent entity if Trump is serious about reforming the imperial bureaucracy. The creatures inhabiting the rest of the bloated alphabet soup of agencies need to see that not only individuals, but the institutions, can be held accountable for coup plotting. Make the FBI cease to exist and you send that message loud and clear.

    • I don’t think our governing class is just suffering from an excess of bad characters. I think the system has become corrupt itself.

      • Exactly. If you clean out that nest of vipers, there’ll be new ones in place tomorrow. This is how the human animal rolls – wherever you find power and money – you will find the corrupt hard ballers that don’t care who they have to kill to get a piece of it. There is no doubt in my mind at all that the Clintons had inconvenient people killed. The others probably did too.
        There is no “answer” to this; all gov’ts are corrupt to some degree. Trump, being a money man, knows this and he knows how to protect himself and strike at his enemies. His big sin is that he does it in broad daylight, in the middle of that swamp where everyone can see it and nobody can spin it. He invites scrutiny and revels in the attention. The turdies in the swamp can’t deal with that.
        We are in a unique situation never before seen in history: our social media is uncontrollable. Hate thinkers like our blog host have access to huge tracts of information our leaders would like suppressed. He can literally spread that info at the speed of light, to other hate thinkers who can add or extrapolate from the information to come to other inconvenient conclusions about our leaders. Only in America and a handful of western European nations is this possible. Even in Britain, you can now be arrested for offending the wrong people on Fecesbook or Twatter. Our swamp creatures can’t survive in a political climate like this. And sure, most of those creatures are slimey bugs and worms and easily killed – but a few are old, mean crocs that aren’t afraid to kill ya right back – they’ve done it before countless times.
        My question back to you, Z – is how long can this state of affairs continue? Victory over the swamp is by no means assured. If it happens, it will almost certainly be an historical first.

        • That is why it is so important to prosecute people for public corruption. In fact, an imporant outcome of these investigations likely needs to be a reform of the civil service laws to eliminate “retirement with pension” for a host of activities that ought to be prosecuted instead.

          Look at all these people “retiring” at the FBI, DOJ and IRS, and you have a very quick solution to a bigger problem if we give the President the authority to pull those big fat pensions and de-bar people from public service for life.

          • I think that if just a few of them lost their pensions and health care it would make the rest of them think twice.

          • There was recently a school shooting in Florida. Now all the leftists are going ballistic claiming we ought to completely eliminate the right to own firearms. Under their logic – if there are no firearms – there will be no more shootings.

            This is the same type of logic that got applied to the Federal government when this country was founded – yet lefties can’t seem to see it , or won’t acknowledge it. Minimal government = less opportunity for corruption in the first place. Big government = inevitable corruption.

      • LOL.

        You think?

        The government of this country was setup the way it was on the principle that it was INEVITABLE that government becomes corrupt. I hate going back to the Constitution as an excuse – but the Federal government was supposed to have some pretty severely restricted powers. Other pieces of the puzzle – like Senators appointed by state governments – and a militia and armament protected by that Constitution – as well as another amendment protecting your right to call out the goverment when it screws up – all revolve around the fact that corrupt people are attracted to government – and governments are ALWAYS corrupt.

        I see an awful lot of ” if we’re not careful we’ll lose the Republic” type commentary coming out of right wingers – even though Garet Garrett called this mentality out way back in the 1930’s with “The Revolution Was”. In the here and now we seem to have a lot of people who want to lay all the corruption at the feet of the Obama administration – even though all the pieces of the puzzle were in place long before he got there.

        It’s not a case of “the government is corrupt” – it’s a case of ” The government IS corruption” …. that is it’s purpose.

      • It’s not just government – it’s academia, the media, the police, the military… when once-honorable ‘callings’ become offensive to the normal, decent human being, those callings will still be out there, waiting to be filled, with the perqs and salaries that go with them. The system requires that all these positions be filled; when decent people turn away in disgust, it just means that more ‘flexible’ people will step in.

        Corruption is part of the life-cycle of all organizations. We see it in large-scale business too; it isn’t specifically a government thing.

    • We need to take some easy steps to rein in the worst shenanigans built around lying to a federal officer. This is always pulled out when they have nothing else.

      Require all interviews to be videotaped. With copies immediately given to the interviewee and their lawyer.

      I’m sure there are a handful of other simple fixes to rein in other abuses we are seeing.

      Require all FBI agents to wear body cameras just like we’re asking of street cops.

      What else?

    • I think the issue is this silly idea that the FBI is an independent entity. Most of the crazy stuff we’re seeing coming out of there and out of the DOJ is because the bureaucrats in the permanent government think they work “for the American people”. That’s pretty convenient sanctimony, because “the American people” cannot fire them.

      But the President can, and he should. Sure, he might collect a few innocent scalps, but the greater good is served by re-establishing the chain of command in the Executive Branch. Those clowns have gotten away with murder for decades, but nobody reigns them in.

    • The FBI not only needs to be disbanded, but every building with any of their offices needs to be razed to the ground, and the earth salted so nothing will ever grow there again.

      Then publicly execute every one of their employees, from the very top of the agency all the way to the secretaries and janitors. And think seriously about doing the same to their families as well.

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