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Every man has his foibles and one of mine is a love of symmetry and continuity. I like when things fit a pattern and I like when things fit together. I spent a lot of time as kid watching the tide come in and the tide go out. The beauty of it has always stuck with me. Little waves inside of larger waves inside the great cycle of the tides. There is an order to universe and there should be order in our work. Orderliness is next to godliness.

It pleases me greatly that this show fits neatly around one theme. Granted, it is a very general theme, but the universe is a very general place. Even finding a small bit of order, in the most general way, means I have found oneness with the universe. It will not bring order to your life, or bring sanity to the word around us, but this podcast has a unifying theme and that makes me happy. Small victories are the bread of life.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. Of course, the Hitler Phones are so slow now, you may never finish. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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49 thoughts on “The World Show

  1. Have come to enjoy these podcasts on long drives outside of the city.

    Very spot-on with the shows subjects and nice to hear news on other parts of the world. So-called media only covers news here in the states or whatever their political agenda benefits from outside of the US.

  2. The most interesting detail, amongst many, is the idea that the Chinese are building an Indian Ocean shield for their Maritime Belt.

    The US has such a shield, a Pacific Shield- Japan, Okinawa, Philipines- to contain China.

  3. Although I find myself in agreement with many of the positions Zman takes on various issues, I can’t help but be dismayed by his lack of objectivity on the issue of Polish antisemitism.

    Zman uses the words “threatening to leave Poland” in reference to a Matylda Jonas-Kowalik, a young Polish Jew formerly worried about finding a Jewish boyfriend ( and now concerned with a resurgence of Polish antisemitism. Pray tell, how is this woman in a position to “threaten” the Polish nation?

    Although Israel recognizes that there were many “righteous gentiles” who saved Jewish Poles at the risk of their own lives, it is also true that many more Poles helped the Germans hunt down Jews ( in return for various “prizes”.

    The situation for Polish Jews ( during the war was very much mixed. There were more than 20 cases of Jews being murdered by their neighbors *AFTER* the war. With a resurgence of antisemitism in the West in general (extending to the very comments section of this website), and Poland in particular, who has more to fear: today’s Polish Jews or their Gentile neighbors? Common sense would suggest leaving for the sake of personal safety, not “threatening” to leave.

    • My sense is Poles, especially Poles under the age of 80, would ask, “When do we stop dwelling on this?” The failure to arrive at an adequate answer is the issue. My view is the relentless waving of the bloody shirt has gone past the point of diminishing returns. The solution to that is not more vigorous waving of the bloody shirt.

      It is a thorny issue and I’m sympathetic to Jewish concerns. My observation is that all over the west, young people are sick of being reminded of Hitler. That’s not good for Jews, so they should drop it. I say this knowing that no one takes my advice.

      • Your point is well taken. It is indeed time to move on as far as the Holocaust is concerned. The current unpleasantness between Poland and Israel is truly unfortunate, and mostly due to both sides talking past each other.

        All the same, ordinary, God-fearing Jews who understand and reject the leftist agenda should not be blamed for the actions of Jewish atheists and communists.

        • Late reply- but that’s the problem, innit?
          The radical minority is going to get the normal, silent majority killed- or enslaved with the rest of us.

    • Many Jewish villagers rushed to welcome the Red Army, opening the gates for them as they did for the Moslems in Spain and Constantinople.

      (Some fled west with the Germans, as did many Poles. Patriot Jews are trapped by the Lies their brothers tell.)

      Haaretz forgets to mention that the invasion is lobbied for, funded, organized, and run by a certain unmentionable political mafia.
      As was the Arab Spring.
      *cough (((Sarkozy))) cough*

      Soros-Spectre-Kahane provide the bus tickets and guides, and their NGO ships pick up the ‘refugee’ boats 10 miles from the African shore, carrying them the rest of the way to weak countries eviserated by EU shenanagins.

  4. Regarding the age of nazis today. I know a man that lives today in my city in Denmark. He was born in 1922 as part of a danish minority but a german citizen. During the war he was enrolled into the German army and have seen Hitler give a speech to the troops before going to the eastern front. He was in the battle of Kursk. He was prisoner of war in Siberia for 3.years and can speak good russian says my father that can speak it-both were high-school teachers. He told me when i was a child about the war. Very grim things he have see. He lives as if he ought to have died in a very positive way. He can be very funny and cynical. He still drives his car at 96.

  5. I think the thing to watch is the response of guys like Carlson and Steyn. Steyn was on the show last week talking about the SA expropriation bill and they were outraged, of course.

    But here’s the thing: both Steyn and Carlson were saying, “Oh, Apartheid was a great evil that needed to go.” And Steyn was saying, “The Rhodesians were told not to make the same mistakes all the other Africans made when they got home rule, but they made tham; and the SA’s were told not to make the same mistakes the Zimbabweans made, but it looks like they made those mistakes, too.”

    What does it take to get Steyn and Carlson to say, “Well, if this is what Africans do, maybe the idea of Apartheid was not wrong, after all”?

    When that happens, we win.

  6. It looks like Germany will have a chance to atone for their genocidal crimes soon. No, I’m not talking about World War II; I’m talking about Merkel turning Germany into a Turkish colony. According to a piece I read on Occidental Observer, the largest portion of the small flow of Boers out of South Africa has actually gone to Deutschland. Soon all white people in South Africa will be actually refugees from political terror and persecution (not just men looking for rape and robbery victims) so they need to be let into Europe. And hopefully, once there, they form an SA-SA (South African Sturm Abteilung) to put those Turks, Syrians, and Christian Democratic Union voters under apartheid. Let Bavaria be the new Transvaal.

  7. Trump should offer to mentor Kim Jun Un, in the ways of governance. Help him rebuild North Korea…

  8. The simplest formula for dealing with the Chinese is to always remember it is a “shame based” culture. The punishment is in getting caught and being seen getting caught by your peers. Had a former CEO that caught the China bug in the 90s and got us into all sorts of ventures that we had to minimize or wind down in the 2000s. Once I took that “shame” advice to heart dealing with them was pretty simple. And once you deal with them in exactly the same way you can at least get something done. I expected to be lied to and had zero compunction in lying right back and reversing on prior assurances. It was kind of fun after a while…sort of like a business version of a debauched weekend in the old pre-iPhone Las Vegas.

    • I’ve found dealing with Asians (South and East) to be unrewarding. Arabs, on the other hand, I generally like. Like all Semitic people, they love endless haggling. The difference is they will come to respect an outsider if you prove yourself.

      • I assure you it is not in average semitic character to respect someone outside the tribe. We are; however, much better than the Asians at making one believe it could be so.

  9. Z Man, you hit another home run this week. Love the podcast!

    I have to say, the South Africa issue could be a highly galvanizing force in the world…let’s hope so!

  10. Should the plight of millions of white South Africans head toward a tragic resolution, I believe the sheer scale of the event would overwhelm the west. If Jews insist on noninterference in South Africa, that would indeed reveal them for the vengeance minded monsters they are. Germany would be off the Holocaust hook immediately. Another wave of right wing candidates would sweep to power in Europe.

    • Jews are very far from acting as a single group. Rest assured that there are many Jews who would love to see true justice done: SA’s white farmers should be helped by everybody who cares about the fate of Western civilization. If renegade Christians and Jews can help bring in millions of hostile and illegal immigrants who have no intention of assimilating, patriots can certainly reverse the tide by bringing in Afrikaners who share our culture.

  11. Wow. Wow, wow, wow.
    Lordy I love this big picture World stuff.

    The Z-cast has finally reached…
    LUDICROUS speed!

  12. Regarding the jews, I for one, am sick of ”all jew, all the time.” I am sick of their patronizing, meddling in my business. I don’t understand why they can have an ethnostate yet the English (ethnically if not culturally my own folk) must give way, according to them, even in their (and for that matter, my) ancestral homeland. I am sick of the jew media and I particularly am sick of that weasel Zuckerberg. I am an old overweight guy, but I would love to be in a bare 10 x 10 room with Zuckerberg and one claw hammer.

    Rant over.

      • They re-create the environment that formed them.

        As Arabs turn lands into deserts, the Habiru turn cities into shattered wastelands.
        Both move on, being nomads.

  13. Great South African segment. However I do not believe that most in the Establishment will suffer the slightest twinge of discomfort suddenly reversing their current immigration arguments in order to prevent millions of white South Africans from immigrating.


    Nothing would make these progressives look more noble or more righteous in the eyes of their fellow travelers than to be seen striking a blow like that against whites. These are not people who value what we value. If the cost of achieving their goals means being wildly hypocritical, well then that is a price they are more than happy to pay. Who among them would hold it against them?

    • Fuck them, set up a transport “pipeline” and bring them here without permission. Of course you can count on all the churches here to be against this…

      • What would the media do with a dead white boy washed up on the beach? Prop him in the perfect position for a photo or just ignore him?

    • They won’t and would vilify anyone that advocated for letting them in, though the farmer population would probably be easily absorbed into depopulated parts of the midwest that actually need them and their skills. Back in high school in the 70s in S. Florida we had a big influx of English descended South African kids whose families decided back then that this was not going to end well and had no desire for they or their descendants to die in the laager with the Boers when it finally went tits up. I wouldn’t have categorized any of them as “racist” per se, but rather more proto-race realists who clearly understood what would happen when a fully first world economy was turned over to bunch of third worlders.

        • It would be worth the sh*ts n giggles to see an underground railroad smuggle them into our Central Valley farmlands here in Califa.

          My neighbors are old-school farmers from Mexico, Kashmir, Iraq, and Armenians from the Turkish Genocide. They would understand completely.

    • No more than any rational person. Trump is like a good horse. You can’t be afraid to apply the whip to get the most from him.

    • Agree wholeheartedly. I have known South Africans and find them to have maintained many excellent character traits that have been lost in Europe and the US.

      Boers would make excellent citizens in any Western country.

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