Like a lot of people, I enjoyed reading the leaked John Podesta e-mails, back during the 2016 campaign. Most of it was nothing, but it offered a window into the smallness of the people who rule over us. These are people who put a lot of effort into telling us they are smart, sophisticated and engaged in important work. In reality, their inner lives are quite boring, because they are dull people, who have weaseled their way into the circus of national politics. Still, it was interesting to see who talks to whom in Washington.

The thing that has never made any sense to me is how the Clinton Crime Syndicate handled the situation. They instructed the press to ignore it, which they happily did, but the stuff was all over social media for weeks. It was like Team Clinton was unaware of the fact that the internet was where most people get their news. At the minimum they could have played the victim card and maybe got some sympathy points. Instead they went with blaming the Ruskies for hacking Podesta’s e-mail, which was obviously false.

It is easy to get confused about this stuff, as there is so much fake news blasted at us every day. The media has worked hard to rewrite the narrative so that the Russian hacking stuff was “discovered” after the election. In fact, Team Clinton started peddling this Russian hacking line in early October 2016. I recall the presser when Jennifer Palmieri appeared to have Tourettes, as she kept blurting out “Russian hacking” to every question. It was as if she was having some sort of spasm during the presser.

That’s the main reason the event sticks in my mind. It was such a bizarre performance, I suspected the women was on drugs or possibly drunk. It sounded at the time like a ham-handed effort to shift the focus from Clinton’s troubles. Everything about the presser was odd and the claims made little sense at the time. People who had followed the release of the e-mails knew perfectly well it was a case of an old man using a simple password and letting someone get access to it. But, the press went along with it anyway.

The thing about Hillary Clinton and her people, is they lie a certain way. Most people either deny or provide an alternative narrative that is intended to lead the curious down some other path of inquiry, that avoids the truth. A politicians that gets in a jam will deny knowing about the issue or provide some alternative version of events, that shifts the focus onto some other bad actor. The thing with Hillary Clinton is she likes lying in a way that often reveals some unknown caper she and her people are currently plotting.

Reading the excellent site Conservative Treehouse the other day, I spotted a story on the time line of the FBI scandal. The one thing they do well is put all the news stories and known facts into easy to read timelines. Down in the post they have a screen shot of the text messages between some of the plotters who were manufacturing the fake FISA warrant, claiming Trump’s campaign was plotting with the Russians. Take a look at the dates. The Clinton Russian hacking claims started right in the middle of that timeline.

This explains that bizarre presser in the campaign and the decision to go with what seemed at the time to be a silly strategy. Someone, most likely Loretta Lynch, told Clinton about the wiretapping of Trump Tower and the spying on the Trump campaign, under the false pretext of Russian meddling. Hillary Clinton, being a notorious bungler, could not help herself. She and her flunkies decided to go with Russian hacking as their strategy to deal with the e-mail stuff. It’s speculation, but it fits the timeline and the Clinton pattern of lying.

The other piece of this is the phony dossier the Clinton people paid for that was eventually used by the FBI to get the fraudulent warrants. The Nunes memo puts the date for when Christopher Steele shopped this to the FBI as early July, right after Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton in what was supposed to be a clandestine meeting. It was always assumed that Lynch was there to pass intel onto Bill Clinton, but it is entirely possible that the meeting was about Clinton giving Lynch information they could use against Trump.

I thought from the beginning that the Mueller investigation was an effort to conceal the FBI shenanigans from the public and the political class. Comey was proving to be mentally unstable, so Rosenstein engineered his firing and then recommended a special counsel to investigate the entirely farcical Russian hacking story. Mueller would then put the conspirators on his team and they would hoover up the evidence of their crimes and keep it sequestered. In time, it would be quietly buried and everyone would move along.

What appears to have happened is someone was onto the caper before Trump took office, possibly the IG, and tipped off some members of Congress. It also appears that the severity of the problem has scared the political class. If this was just one or two crooked FBI agents, leaders of both parties would grandstand on it and the agents would have been fired. With this case, only a few people appear to be willing to speak publicly at all about it. It’s as if no one wants to be within range of this if the facts every become clear.

That would explain Comey’s pointless book and media tour, obliquely pointing the finger at Loretta Lynch. It would also explain longtime Clinton henchman George Stephanopoulos doing his best to make Comey look like an idiot. Of course, Lynch has been out trashing Comey as well. The Clinton machine wants to make sure Comey is the bad guy in all of this and a desperate Comey is trying to paint himself as a tortured saint. All of which means this was a caper run at a higher level than Andrew McCabe.

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  1. I think in some ways there is a difference between dirt people corruption and cloud people corruption. With guys like Boss Tweed and Richard Daley – it was operating in the context of a traditional society and there was a certain authenticity to them.

    With cloud people corruption its more like carbon monoxide because by the time you notice it, you’re already dead.

    • It was once explained to me that the difference between old time corruption in, say the Daley years (Sr., not Daley the Lesser) and today was that the patronage was doled out in the form of useful things. Alderman needs to get some guys employed? Add a bus route–but you gotta show up and drive the bus..or pick up the garbage. And it was at the dirt people level and benefited the dirt people. Now the money leaves the ward, goes “poof” somewhere and nothing comes back.

  2. The link to the Jennifer Palmieri press conference led to two minutes of a Donald Trump speech. Does anybody have a link to the event that Zman referred to?

  3. Rosenstein is the key. He saw that Comey was a Clouseau-like idiot, whose “investigation” was becoming chaotic, so he had him fired. He also saw that Sessions was a dullard with integrity who would eventually have no choice but to go after the Clintons, so he talked him into recusing himself. With Sessions out of the way, Rosenstein appointed Mueller for the purpose of 1) diverting from/covering up his own corruption (he signed one of the FISA applications) and the corruption of his lifelong FBI and DOJ friends, and 2) keeping the Trump-Beast at bay. With his nerdy looks and so-called sterling reputation he is the perfect for the job. He can’t be fired and is running the show.
    I am hoping that Huber ( gets something on him and he gives up all the others.

    • Rosenstein’s task is to run out the clock to the midterms, so with a Dem majority in Congress, the narrative can be changed to “why Trump must be impeached”. Rosenstein is competently fulfilling his task.

  4. This is all so depressing. Credit to Jonathan Swift and Nicholas Taleb, our publicly visible rulers are a confederacy of dunces, and they get their ideas from intellectuals-but-idiots.

  5. I can not express how disappointed I am that Kevin Spacey is no longer around to keep “House of Cards” going. It was such a wonderful insight to the inner workings of American politics.

    I must give credit where it’s due – American politics is certainly much more entertaining than European politics.

    Well, except for those times when Nigel Farage puts the hammer down Jean-Claude Junker, or some other EU imbecile.

    That is pure gold.

    • “House of Cards”, like “West Wing” and the others, sells the fiction that our leadership is the smartest people in the room, even if they are flawed and act in evil ways. They sell the idea that bad people who are really competent, and who stand for the “right ideas”, are worthy of the position.

      In the real world, we have been led by boobs for decades. We finally get the smartest guy in the room, who is flawed and occasionally acts in evil ways, and the media that has been selling us this bill of goods freaks out. Why? Because he stands for the “wrong things”.

      The media has been pretending that the dumbf***s that have led our country for a long time are actually people like Trump, who is really good at what he does. The real world just blew that idea out of the water.

  6. Z, you reach a very sound conclusion in the final three paragraphs (i.e., that the Mueller investigation is primarily a cover up), but you have your facts and timeline a bit confused earlier in the article. In particular, the Podesta emails were indeed released in early October 2016, but “Russian hacking” story was being pushed by the Clinton campaign, et. al., long before then.
    On June 14, 2016 the DNC announced that Russia had hacked their network, including their emails. The next day “Guccifer 2.0” released the DNC opposition research file on Trump. This persona released more DNC documents on July 13, and on July 22 Wikileaks released a searchable database of DNC emails. A google search for “russia email hack” for the month of August 2016 will confirm that the story was well underway by then.
    Further, US intelligence had been building their Trump-Russia conspiracy story long before that, and one element of it was the Papadopoulos/Russia/Clinton emails story. It’s pretty clear to anyone willing to look at the known facts that Papadopoulos was under surveillance from the time he was named by Trump as an advisor, and that the infamous drunken night in a London bar with the Australian diplomat was a setup by Australian, and likely British and Israeli, intelligence. Papadopoulos ended up being a dead end, but he proved useful for getting the Page story to the FISA court.
    Long story short: US intelligence had been constructing the Trump/Russia story since at least early 2016, and Russian hacking in various forms was part of the story from near the beginning. The Obama White House, and in turn the Clinton campaign, knew about it all along. In fact, in early 2016 there was fairly widespread speculation that Russia had hacked Clinton’s private email server from her time at the State Department. So in June 2016, when the DNC network hack became a big problem for the Clinton campaign, they, with the help of the rest of the Democratic party, mainstream media and US intelligence, combined the suspicions about Trump/Russia connections with Russia hacking stories and the rest is history. And as you point out, elements within the FBI were reckless and left a paper trail that needs to be clean up. (There was also lots of naughty things going on at the NSA, CIA, etc., but they appear to have any paper trails under lock and key, though we will see…)

      • One ought to search through Sundance’s excellent stuff for the pieces about the bravery and courage of Admiral Rogers in all of this. It is he who shut down the illicit searches by Fusion and others of everyone’s files, as well as calling the FISA Court to account. Then- for his bold trip to Trump Towers to tell Donald personally!

        • Jeffery, I exhaustively read that site, and I agree. It was largely to that issue that I was referring when I speculated that the NSA had left no paper trail. Obviously, there is some trail there, but so far there is no evidence that any investigation has gone very far on it. I certainly hope that issue gets a full airing, but given how little it appears anywhere but at The Conservative Tree House, I fear it is being pushed down the memory hole. My prediction is that if anyone takes the fall it will be a few folks at the FBI and they will get a mild slap on the wrist and a Popsicle for their tears. The Uniparty doesn’t want to tear down the FBI, DOJ, etc. At most they want a few scapegoats and then a massive gaslighting of the public. Sigh.
          Z, BTW, you previously led me to the Doug Ross spreadsheet timeline. That and The Conservative Tree House in turn led me down a deep dive on the origins of the Trump investigation, from the fall of 2015 up to the issuance of the FISA order on Page (and including a deep look at the Clinton email scandal and other threads…). Ross did good work. I posted a bunch of corrections, etc., to his timeline and I never saw any evidence that he took notice of them. I don’t blame him. Lot’s of folks post lots of such stuff, and I expect that much of it is bogus…

    • Sounds like the Agencies saw the Trump threat to them and began digging.

      Remember how the Cook County vote tally showed Trump losing the popular vote, while the NSA final tally showed him ahead by 12 million?

      So, I guess they can predict accurately, if it’s in their interest.

  7. My favorite thing in all this: the Zman mentioned that he had watched the dossier story of golden showers developed in realtime as a 4chan prank.

    The entire ludicrous circus, shaking the foundations of our world, a trigger to nuclear holocaust- all based on an internet prank.

    Delicious. God must be a wicked jokester.

    That’s why I don’t take the ancient sages at face value. They were pulling these stunts 3000 years ago, no doubt about it.

  8. What I find mind-blowing is Hillary has some dumb kid scour the internet looking for software to scrub her email server clean.

    The fed’s move in, she’s found guilty and still no jail time !!!

    Hollywood wants you to think the bad guys ( Clintons ) are seasoned operators in the ways of espionage with the one honest G-Man through trials and tribulations finally brings the guilty to justice.

    Instead the clintons operate more along the lines of Boss Hogg on the Dukes of Hazzard

    • The free run that the gangster government people have had through the halls of government, has meant that extraordinarily incompetent people have reached the top. Obama was really good at burning down his rivals and using them as stepping stones to win the “big one”, but he became the barking dog that actually caught the passing car once he became president. He didn’t know what to do with it. He was also out of his league as a beta male, and was most confortable hanging out with the female leadership of various small European countries. Hillary, for her part, is one of the most stupid and delusional people ever to approach high office, but she did so on the back of her husband, who is a much craftier sort of grifter, and who is really in it for the girls. Hillary’s success or failure, at this point, is irrelevant to Billy boy. But if not for Bill, Hillary would have been working as a flunky for Lois Lerner, slapping around people she disagreed with by siccing the IRS on them. Comey, Jarrett, Power, and so on play the political game competently, but have no interest in doing other than feathering their own nests. The dangerous ones are people like Clapper and Brennan, who are smart, ruthless, and politically unhinged. Dr. Strangeloveian characters.

      • The classic example about Barry the Kenyan being eased toward the senate was when the sealed court records of his Republican opponent’s divorce case (name escapes me) magically became unsealed.
        Funny dat.

        I think he was selected by Brzezinski back in his Columbia days.

        • His name was Kirk if I remember correctly, he was married to Jeri Ryan, yes 7 of 9 from Star Trek. One of the reasons for the divorce was that he wanted her to participate in a threesome. So because of a threesome, we got Barry.

          • @ jimvonyork His name was Ryan. Then the Repubs brought in a black guy from Maryland who wanted to talk about nothing but abortion. It was a cakewalk for Obama in Nov.

    • But hey!!!!! Hillary is on the cover of Time’s latest supermarket glossy, along with Oprah, Ellen and a few others I don’t recognize — Women Who Are Changing the World …..

  9. The real import of Russiagate is that it has the potential to expose the sheer enormity of corruption and criminality within the DC Federal Government. If all of it actually came to light, it would be 1776 all over again. Seth Rich was murdered for stealing Clinton/DNC electronic files (and the police/justice are fully complicit in the coverup); that’s the level of seriousness. If the story of the Awan brothers and the Weiner laptop emails ever gets out, Katy bar the door, it will be on.

    • I’m increasingly convinced that the scale and scope of the issue is much bigger than what has been reported. This is the sort of thing tailor made for political grandstanding, yet everyone tiptoes around this story.

      • Put cynicism aside and one does wonder if there is a small core in Justice and Congress confronting the reality of having “the wolf by the ears”…and now are not sure what to do. Government and finance both run on confidence, lose it and things get squirrelly in a hurry. A self styled Praetorian Guard at the very top of DoJ and the intel services, working with the Exec Branch to fix or undo a national election is a big honking problem to explain to everyone. I do wonder if that is why so many Congress critters are retiring. Shrapnel is indiscriminate.

      • There’s also a disconnect between public and private processing speeds. The rapid exchange of information allows the Dirt peeps to figure all this out w/o benefit of Ivy League degrees. We’re actually processing all this on the Outside, while those on the Inside are still trying to ‘manage’ it and our perceptions. We all see where this should/may yet still go– but the Cloud peeps are still only about a half hour into their movie– and we’re already well into the 3rd Act of ours.

    • The frustrating thing is that the Awan brothers’ story and the Weiner laptop e-mails (the existence of them, if not the particulars) are already somewhat “out there”, and yet almost no one seems to care. The media-government complex is not forcing them to care, and in fact is encouraging them to not care. It is so aggravating that reasonably bright people, including close family members of mine, are willing to drink the media-government Kool-aid, in all of its permutations, without questioning it. You want to shake them vigorously and ask them why they are not using their capacity for reasoning and evaluation of the evidence. I am not asking them to come to the same conclusions that I come to, but at least to look around and think for themselves, rather than simply swallowing the pablum that they are being fed. Sadly, it is as if our culture is so dumbed down that it doesn’t really deserve to survive. The red-pill thing is really as much a curse as it is a benefit, at this point, because it leaves me angry and sad that people can be so stupid and so easily misled. It does nicely explain how totalitarian movements get established; they simply appeal to emotion and lead people by the nose. Under the circumstances, not hard to understand at all.

      • Nosy reporters have a lot of accidents. Safer and more profitable to be a go-along-get-along type of reporter.

    • What happened with that Weiner laptop? I remember Erik Prince went on Breitbart a few days before the election after the NYPD raid and said that NYPD was going to go public if FBI didn’t.

      • Apparently Lynch was holding the threat of a civil rights trial, for the officers involved in the arrest where that black guy died, over the NYPD to maintain silence. The FBI grabbed the laptop and, no doubt, buried it somewhere.

  10. And to think, incompetent freaks like these people are running the most powerful country in the world. No wonder Russia and China are trying to limit our influence in any way they can. Both Russia and China are run by competing corrupt elites, but they are at least adults. The US is being run by something that resembles a corrupt and incompetent student council at a third rate high school. Simply astonishing.

    • The strength of our system of government is that it can continue to operate in the face of such utter incompetence and deceit. I suppose we are in the process of testing the limits of all of that. The danger is that something inconsequential and unexpected ends up tipping over the whole thing.

    • “…….at least they are adults.”

      Not only that, but Putin and the leaders of China are doing whatever they feel they must ( right or wrong) to make, in their view, their nations great again (for better or worse.)

      There is absolutely no equivocation, no “guilt trips,” no self moralizing by Putin and Chinese leaders about the policies they must pursue. And they could give a rat’s anus what others think – they just barrel on, straight ahead.

      This is not the case in the US govt, where many there of influence – this includes the ENTIRE democrat party members of congress and probably a majority of the State Dept – truly believe the USA is the root of all evil on planet earth and must be stopped.
      This in fact was the Obama policy and he apparently had the full support of the State Dept, the CIA, the NSA (and FBI and Justice Dept.)

      These Quislings within our govt. are really the greatest threat to our Constitutional Republic (though it’s perhaps a draw with the Federal / Supreme court system).

  11. Unless people are sent to jail, all of these investigations will be for naught.
    Congress can hold people in contempt – as they did Eric Holder- but it had and has zero affect on the behavior of the miscreants. Any of these should-be-in-jail F’heads can easily get a job in the private sector for a lot more money.
    Being awarded a Congressional contempt citation is less serious than receiving a non-moving violation warning from a traffic cop.

    So far, it is clear that the political elites (usually lefties) are above the law. They can do whatever they choose and be 10000% sure nothing of any real consequence will befall them (think Hillary and also her rapist husband, Billy. Isn’t rape a felony? Yes….no…depends upon your membership in the anointed ruling class).

    McCabe got fired. He still gets the majority of his pension and you watch; he will land another job within a year or so for a lot more $$$.

    Frankly, the Washington DC bureaucracy needs to be dismantled; it really is a snake pit. It is its own parasitic micro-nation living off the tax dollars of the citizenry.

  12. I have to admit – as a middle class normie with bills to pay this entire scandal is starting to draw fatigue. I do realize that it is likely the largest scandal in the history of our country, but nobody is in handcuffs, and no one likely will be. Trump can’t even get a couple of low level players like Strokey McPage fired.

    Even if a few people end up getting fired or suspended sentences for “obstruction” or some such, it will change nothing.

    The only true justice would be that every single one of these people is lined up in front of the Lincoln Memorial and machine gunned to death on CSPAN.

    • Have to agree. Once you awaken to the fact of the Swamp, the Uni-party, the Media and Tech giants being SJW stormtroopers, and the fact that nothing is going to be done about, you do just want to put your head down and hoe your own rows. But, I think you should still keep lifting your eyes and scanning the environment just so you can make whatever moves you’re able to.

      This kind of sentiment often brings out snarky comments about being defeatist or some such. Just want you know, “Don’t care.”

      • It is surprising how far things have gone and how much has been revealed, given that Trump, a few Congressmen, and we “little people” are the only ones on our side of the fight. When the other side stops being directed by addled old people without a clue, things will get much tougher for our side.

      • “Heads up,” is what you want to look for. News from the imperial city is hard to decipher for most people, most of the time. Occasionally; however, it is crystal clear that you would be wise to duck.

        Outside of that, I believe the dissident right does itself more favors by becoming politically agnostic. They can’t reform the GOP. The demographic destiny of the US isn’t going to be averted. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their immediate family, friends, and (if lucky) local community. Shore up the bonds of good will between you and the other men who will help see you and yours through the hard times to come. Make money, squirrel away resources, accrue favors, join clubs, have an ear in local and state government.

        Pass on what you know quietly and only to those you trust.

      • Defeatist? Nah. Realist.

        They might have a nicer car, but thank gosh I’m nobody worth notice.
        I just sigh and say “it’s a wicked, wicked world”- with a grin.

        Still, if we made public executions on the Mall a pay-per-view event, we could probably pay off the national debt.

    • That’s their tactic — draw it out for so long the public gets tired of hearing about it and gives up on any prosecution or accountability and the scum walk away. But they’re making people so mad doing this. It’s giving rise to more extreme politics on both sides.

      • My sense is that the minority of people that see things as we do will never forgive and forget. It is a sad state of affairs when the butcher Kim Jong Un may appear to be a more honest broker than our own domestic political enemies

  13. In the past week Michael Scheuer, (a retired CIA officer with web site – oh no! danger Will Robinson!), posted a very fine essay on his site, “non-intervention(dot)com” dated April 12, 2018. Entitled, Mueller, his DoJ superiors and their subordinates – first for elimination?” One excerpt from that:

    “Both (FBI and DoJ) institutions are apparently thoroughly corrupt and politically motivated across the country, and at all levels of the organizations. We must utterly reject the crap-filled mantra that there are only a “few bad guys” in both DoJ and the FBI.”

    The next day, April 13, 2018 he was on the John Fredericks Show available at YouTube and had these amplifying remarks (among others):

    “I think one thing we need to do is stop saying that they’re only a few bad eggs at CIA or at FBI. – – – you know, people like Comey, like Rosenstein, like McCabe don’t do any work. They take the work that’s done by others and shape it to what they need it to be. Nobody on the seventh floor of any building in Washington really does any of the grunt work, of the ground work ,of the basic hard investigations. So what we have to say now, I think, is that there’s a great number of people within the FBI who are more than willing to do the work that is pertinent and necessary to this, . . . , coup attempt against the president.”

    I think many here at the ZMan would find it enjoyable and worth their time to read/listen.

    This shit’s getting scary.

    • The Clinton/Bush/Obama cabal inserted and promoted their kind for a good 25 years within our government, courts, schools, think tanks, institutions, NGO’s. They’re everywhere now, working to complete the globalist agenda. Lustration is required, but how can Trump accomplish that without being smeared as an authoritarian? Trump needs to become as ruthless as his adversaries but the msm smears stymie him.

  14. “The thing that has never made any sense to me is how the Clinton Crime Syndicate handled the situation. They instructed the press to ignore it, which they happily did, but the stuff was all over social media for weeks. …”

    Geriatrics don’t get the social media. For them, it’s still the 1980’s and the mass media tells it like it is, and tells them exactly what they want to hear. I used to come home after work and find my inlaws glued to the TV watching Dr. Phil and Orca Winfrey. If they went on the net, they were pasted to leftwing mass media news sites that told them even more of what they wanted to hear! And they would walk away, smugly thinking they were informed. Today my Mom gets her opinions from Ellen Degenerate, Whoopie Goldburg and the bints of The View – and Pop boasts of reading the local leftwing rag-sheet cover to cover. That is Hillary Clinton’s crowd – and that is why they get hacked. Geriatrics have no place around modern tech and sensitive info.

    I finally lost it with my mother – she was running her mouth about how Trump’s tweets clearly showed he was a insane. I told the old bird that she should shut her trap, go on the internet and SEE Trump’s tweets for herself – minus the media spin. The old bint literally vapour-locked. I told her to check out the Twitter accounts of other players – you can see what they said, right from the horse’s mouth before they’ve had a chance to retract or recant or bluster or BS. Go to the more reputable blogs and news aggregators wiling to tell the real story that the MSM won’t. She got so damned mad at me – we haven’t spoken since! LOL!

    Say what ya want about Trump, he does understand modern tech, as does his team, and how to deploy it. That is a rarity among America’s elderly geriatric voting demographic.

    Inceidentally – I read somewhere that the chick who blew the whistle on the Russian Collusion is getting a Pulitzer prize out of it. It just HAS to be true!!!! 🙂

    • The main ‘news’ pages on the web- Yahoo, Microsoft, ATT- are as hopelessly retarded as their paper cousins.

      Glen Filthie is right, the geriatrics think it’s still 1980, and their pap is useless mush.
      The Federal class live in their own bubble- who here has heard Federal Radio in DC, or the bland ‘news, weather, and traffic’ stations?

      No wonder they’re getting blindsided.

      • I accidentally discovered Federal News Radio while searching for the former WTOP news station which I had listened to as a DC-area kid back in the 90s.

        It’s painful because most of the commentary on that station is now provided by so-called IT “project managers” who obtain superfluous MBAs or PMP certs in order to move up in the Federal contractor or SES hierarchy. The people who they interview have little or nothing to do with the folks in IT who actually keep the Federal government running.

        Blindsided is an understatement. They still have no idea what is coming their way. We will win.

    • Glen, I get a kick out of hearing you talk about your family. Why do you think they are left wing? Has the media convinced them that all good people are leftists? How do they explain that you disagree with them?

      • They were products of their times. In the 1960’s, you could still get a good job with a high school education. If you went to college or university – you were on Easy Street. My parents are leading edge Boomers that both got cushy gubbimint jobs, gold plated pensions and bennies, early retirement – the works. The mass media is also owned and run by geriatric boomers that don’t have to live or work in diverse environments, or compete with imported wage slaves for jobs, or face any of the consequences of their actions.
        They see me as a fascist. I own guns (icky!!!), I don’t take chit off of powerful, assertive women, queers, vibrants, I openly laugh at the idiocy of the leftists in my family and mock them – and the final straw was when my wife dragged me into church and I kinda took a shine to it. I am an outhouse Christian of sorts, and will sink to using my faith to torment SJW’s purely for fun and merriment. (“God hates fags!!!)
        I shouldn’t have such sport with them, as I am going to be a geriatric old fart myself, sooner rather than later. That’s assuming some SJW doesn’t kill me first!

        • it kills me that, after all the pics of the Tea party rallies, with the folks obviously ‘of a certain age,’ followed by the Trump win, some people still dismiss anyone older than Gen X as worthless fools.

          Look into how many who were hippies are still just as passionate, but in the supporting tradition and borders way…and…gasp…lots of time in retirement to get the real story on ‘the news” by spending hours on the net. We’re on your side, but some still carelessly toss off half the people voting their way with a few “geriatric boomers” slurs.

          Not smart.

          • Vlad, you shouldn’t take it personally. I’m an early Millennial (born in 85) and I engage in some Boomer-bashing from time to time. It’s cathartic.

            The Boomer-bashing is almost always aimed squarely at those loud-mouthed (leftist) Boomers who never learned and never needed to learn because their perquisites insulated them from reality. We will most likely never get to “retire.”

            Again, don’t take it personally. The young guys out there need allies and mentors. The 65 year old guy with gray hair waving a Gadsden Flag is somebody I’d like to work for.

  15. This proves once more the old adage “there is no honor among thieves.” It will be fun watching them savage one another.

  16. You know Big O and ValJar are at the center of this. I agree that the Russian hacking fits Clinton’s MO. But tying it to moral turpitude has the Chicago Duo’s fingerprints all over it.

    • Jarrett is possible, but I suspect Obama was out of the loops, as he was on most things. Look how quickly he has been forgotten. Obama always was, in the purest sense, a figure head. He read his lines off the prompter, he made the arguments written for him and he played the role he was hired to play.

      I think the way to study this is to look at this is as a job interview. All the people involved were angling for better gigs in the Clinton administration. Lynch would stay on as AG and eventually slide into the Chief of Staff role. Comey would get a seven figure corporate job. McCabe would be FBI Director. The FISA judge who signed off on this fraud would get a SCOTUS spot.

      • The model I use for the O-Jarrett relationship is Hindenburg and Ludendorff. H was mostly a figurehead, but not completely and served a positive role in buffering L’s neuroticism.

        The model I use for the Clinton’s is Stalin. He found that the Party was full of angry little men, who having been passed over for promotion, were willing to do *anything* to get ahead and settle scores. We tend to focus on how he held on to power. We forget how he gained power.

        • The thing with Bill and Hill is all of there shenanigans involve base motives. With Bill, it is always sex. With Hill, it is money. In this case, the players were all angling for better jobs. It was not some higher purpose or philosophical reason. It was vanity, ambition and money. As is always the case, the Clintons will walk.

          • zzzzzz … with the z-man sex is always a possibility
            zzzzz sounds like James Comey: russians, sex,
            golden showers, sex, Baltimore – nickerson juice

        • Must agree that the holy O is being protected, and O and Jarret certainly lent a hand to keep Hillary from burning down the place.

          El baboso’s example is most useful when we remember that Obama was a loose tool of the Clinton machine.

          He was the ambitious climber using early tracking software in 1991 to sue Bank of America, leading to Billy’s CRA expansion. (This was after he and Ayers successfully raided the fortune of a dead Republican with the Annenburg Challenge.)

          He was then rewarded with the post of ACORN when it was 30 aging hippies in Arkansas. He turned that into his personal army, a national org 300,000 strong.

          The Clintons tried to buy him off with Blago’s seat, but he saw that his boss was a sagging drunk and called out his Panther buddies to beat up PUMAs at the delegate conventions. Remember when Democrat unions used to all work this way?

          Even though Hillary’s dad was the head of the Jewish mafia in Chicago, that was a long time ago, and Obama had built his own machine of black gangsters with minority contracts, gay Democrat tech billionaires, and white college true believers.

          Hillary’s machine was an international mob, her Foundation an immune CIA front, part of the top-level black market.
          Impervious? Obama wasn’t impressed.

          Her hungry, angry, aggressive footsoldier saw how weak the powerful really are, and knocked his boss off the hill.

          He certainly had outside help, such as Iraq’s Aumi in Chicago, Saudi royals, and Jarret’s murky connections.

          We’ve seen a political mafia war between underlings and bosses. Perhaps there are lessons here- not to be them, like the GOPe or Stalin, but to exploit their weak points.

      • Obama is like most diversity bosses. Just bright enough to play the role but please don’t do anything, remember you are incompetent.

      • I read somewhere that Lynch was promised RBG’s seat on the Supreme Court. I think it was from a Q post, so might not be totally accurate, depending on how you view all this Q stuff.

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