The 420 To Boston

Even though spring is not in the air here in Lagos, the hints of it are, so I am feeling a bit more optimistic about things this week. I like winter, but I like spring and summer too. It is this weird in-between season that I don’t like very much. It’s not winter, but it is not spring either. As I type this I see frost on the car. Yesterday it was windy, cold and I saw some snow flurries. That said, Old Man Winter is on his way out, I can just feel it.

Even if you like winter, there is something about the change of seasons that brightens the mood. There’s a sense of anticipation about it. You have to wonder how this changed people over a thousand generations. Those who evolved in tropical climates never experienced the extremes of weather Eurasians experienced, nor the anticipation of the change of seasons. It has to have had some impact on our cognition.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. Of course, the Hitler Phones are so slow now, you may never finish. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening (Music)
  • 02:00: The Red Baron (Link)
  • 12:00: No Comment
  • 22:00: The Revolt of the Cloud People (Link)
  • 32:00: Nothing Is Sacred (Link)
  • 37:00: The Custodial State (Link)
  • 42:00: Two Americas (Link)
  • 47:00: Eating Money (Link)
  • 52:00: The Currency of Likes (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link) (Music)

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54 thoughts on “The 420 To Boston

  1. Way too late to this party but just wanted to say never heard of 4:20 either and indulged in quite a bit of marijuana use in my youth

    And my favorite comment “obsolete farm equipment”

    that’s too awesome !

    Another great podcast !

  2. I really enjoyed the segment on the Red Baron. It reminded me of the stories I’ve read about British and German tankers in Africa during WWII. When they disabled an enemy tank, they’d allow the crew to escape instead of machine gunning them. It was based on mutual respect, and no similar consideration was given on the Eastern Front.

    You ever think about doing a regular history segment?

  3. The intersection of two of this episode’s themes:

    The streaming service Twitch has had to implement a dress code for streamers. The early streamers were all either very good at competitive games or provided funny commentary. Eventually women started noticing the opportunity for attention and figured out they didn’t even need to be good or funny – they just needed low-cut shirts:

    There’s a similar dynamic with “unboxing” videos on youtube. Chicks shake their tits around while they open nerd memorabilia and sweaty spergs send them free stuff.

    The long-term influence of social media on young women is going to be the normalization of prostitution.

    Btw, Z, that Kotaku site you linked was involved in the Gamergate thing a few years ago where video game “journalists” were promoting games that pushed the lbgtq agenda and a mediocre female game dev was sleeping with one of the reviewers. They might be more honest than the technocrats, but not by much.

  4. In terms of speed of technological advancement, probably nothing matches the development of aircraft during the four years of WWI. Look at what they went in with, and what they came out with. Astonishing.

  5. Time for peaceful separation of blacks and whites. That is a very strong position. I am pretty sure that many whites fantasize about it. I just can’t see it happening, however. We’re too intertwined to make that sort of clean break. What I can see is disaggregation of the United States. That would provide an opportunity to give black nationalists what they want: A polity of their own. It would also give whites who prefer to not live among blacks the opportunity to choose the least black successor nations.

    • The only way that happens if we eradicate or cripple the cloud people. Things are the way they are because of the cloud people.

      They want and like the status quo, because they are isolated from it. The Muzzies aren’t blowing up the private schools for their spawn, they don’t have to live next to some Section 8 family of Orks, etc. If they did. We wouldn’t be in the situation we are in.

      Nothing but the modern equivalent of degenerate Roman nobility that had it’s head up it’s collective ass even as the Goths were at the gates of Rome.

    • Last night I heard repeatedly that “we can’t stop the inevitable”. So, do we have a contingency plan?

      • Like I said we either eradicate the cloud people or cripple them. There are no other options because they detest us and want us dead and gone.

        Look the cloud people are insane and evil. You can’t bargain with them or reach some middle-ground. For the last 40 years it’s been take, take, take from us.

        Jonathan Peterson has several youtube videos on these people and the way they think.These people are mortal enemies of Western Civ and the people who support it And he comes out and labels them predators and we cannot show weakness with them because it just makes them more aggressive.

        In the end we either fight them or we get shipped off in box cars to some old coal plant to be burnt. At best we’re one presidential election from that.

      • Meet like minded people locally and think like preppers. These people will be your gang when things break down. I’m working on that now with some success.

    • We might be able to goad blacks into separation using a psychological technique ironically put out there by a black man (Ralph Ellison) in “Invisible Man.” When blacks talk about separation, about having their own Wakanda, all their Hotep and afrocentrist claptrap about escaping us and returning to the Motherland, we need to vigorously agree (they’ll read it as fear) and make them think they’re maneuvering us into a position we wanted them in anyway. Let them think they have the ability to farm in former white colonies in Sub-Saharan Africa (after the white Afrikaners are safely somewhere like Australia). Then let Steve Sailer’s “Most Important Graph in the World” take its course (but confined to Africa), since their high TFR without white intervention will lead quickly to mass starvation and die-off.

      “On his deathbed he called my father to him and said, ‘Son, after I’m gone I want you to keep up the good fight. I never told you, but our life is a war and I have been a traitor all my born days, a spy in the enemy’s country ever since I give up my gun back in the Reconstruction. Live with your head in the lion’s mouth. I want you to overcome ’em with yeses, undermine ’em with grins, agree ’em to death and destruction…'” Ralph Ellison, “Invisible Man”

      • Aus is only looking at offering 10,000 visas per annum, which would still mean 10 years to evacuate all farmers and their families. And there will be continuous interference from leftist “human rights” organizations to get Indians/Coloureds/Non-ANC supporting blacks admitted under that quota.

        The average SA white (4 million) is still in the boiling pot. Ensconced in a middle class suburb, they still employ cheap underclass blacks as domestic workers. Most don’t want to lower their living standards, which is why there is only one Orania with a population of 1,500 instead of an Afrikaner volkstaat with a population of 3 million.

        The ANC won’t embark on a genocide or an ethnic cleansing, absent another Great Depression. The leadership was selected by the USSR for their memorization of Marxist dogma. Boiling the frog would undermine World Revolution.

      • The chances of any significant number of them returning to Africa are vanishingly small. But there are a number of schemes for a black homeland in what is now the US (the Republic of New Afrika, for example). There are a number of possibilities and more than one could be tried. I have no idea how many of them would actually take the opportunity if it presented itself, but we could make a great effort to encourage them (perhaps playing down the fact that it would be a one-way trip).

  6. Off topic, but if you’re enjoying the James Comey Circus, then today he gave you a HUGE present: redacted memos about his meetings with Trump. Why are they a gift?

    1) They’re totally illegal, and Comey inadvertently admits this. Why? Because he redacted them! The FBI/DOJ did not redact them. James Comey did
    2) They’re Official Government Property. Comey was required, by law, to surrender these to the FBI on his last day. They are notes by the FBI Director dealing specifically with his official government duties. That means, in addition to theft of Government Property, he is also illegally in possession of classified information.
    3) DOJ is now investigating the memos which may contain classified information that Comey did not redact. While the information may have become classified after he left, that does not matter in terms of the law because he’s in possession of the memos without authorization.
    4) Comey is claiming they are “personal” in nature. That is a huge gift to the DOJ Inspector General. Why? Because that is PRECISELY the excuse given by Secretary Clinton for failing to surrender 30,000 emails, and also for destroying government property (her email servers). In short, James Comey is doing precisely what Clinton did and which Comey let her get away with for no legal reason. Those memos are in NO WAY “personal” which means the DOJ IG now understands why Clinton was allowed to get away with literal, provable, crimes by the Comey/Lynch FBI/DOJ.

    Bonus: He actually said in a televised interview that he considered political polling as part of his decision to clear Clinton. LOL!!!

    If I’m Rudy Guiliani, and I want to bring Mueller’s investigation to a rapid conclusion, I’m gonna walk into Mueller’s office with tapes of Comey on TV and copies of his memos and say, “This little sham of an investigation is over. The jig is up.”

    • No wonder the hideous visual agitprop Good Morning America was celebrating J.C., Superstar first thing today.

    • “…and also for destroying government property (her email servers).”

      What makes you think her email servers were government property?

  7. I think it was in the book “I-Disorder” that I read millenials and those who “grew up” with the internet while their brains were still forming actually have thinner myelin sheaths around their brains. Biofeedback tests showed that the nervous systems of young people would react to a “dislike” or a negative comment online the same way you would register being burnt by a hot cup of coffee. Kevin MacDonald and Lasha Darkmoon also did some interesting research into the effects of watching internet porn and the fact that it may actually cause a form of brain damage (changes in gray matter). The over-prescription of drugs or the prescription of drugs where there’s nothing wrong always seems to be a common factor with screwed up kids (especially school shooters) but looking at hardcore sadomasochistic porn online before you’ve even kissed a girl (a la Dylan Klebold of Columbine infamy) probably is a lot worse than the standard way to learn about the birds and the bees, re: finding a “Hustler” in a treehouse, or something.

  8. Agree with the main theme Zman presents about comments sections. Totally get it.

    I just wish he’d tossed in at least a sentence of criticism about commenters themselves. Since there’s definitely two sides to the Site vs. Commenters conflict.

    It seems to me that even MSM/Liberal sites will tolerate all kinds of opinions as long as the comment is stated in a civilised manner.

    After all, we ARE on THEIR platform. Or in their “house” so to speak (especially if it’s a guy’s personal blog). I wouldn’t come on here disrespecting Zman in a foul way and expect him to keep me around.

    Again, I’m totally down with the overall concept Z was putting forth. Just adding another angle. I’m sure this subject has been discussed ad nauseum so I’ll stop being boring now.

    • I agree with manners, but I think conservatives tried that with the ‘reasonable debate’ position.

      Nice try, but It doesn’t work.
      Nothing works. They are right no matter what.

      It’s like arguing with a drug warrior, their starting position is to flatly deny any negative results and double down. Their reflexive response is always to defend their authorities, their side. Like drug warriors they’ll invert or destroy the principles of capitalism, morality, law, and Constitutional government in a fantasy of the Final Triumph that never comes.

      In other words, it’s an excuse, not a goal.

      • (I stayed over at my liberal TrumpMustD*e brother’s house.
        I tried. I listened.
        I repeated and affirmed.
        I reasonably understood.

        Months of this. They’ve lost their minds.
        Never seen anything like it.
        These are people who ignored all politics before.)

        • Assuming that your brother holds you in good esteem, how does he explain your heretical beliefs? (I guess that my family believes that I am a good man who nevertheless has a problem with selfishness that prevents me from surrendering my white male privilege.)

      • This became obvious to me when National Review dumped Disqus in favor of Facebook commenting. They dried up overnight, and those that stayed offered nothing worth reading.

        • Fakebook is gone. Now you have to subscribe to comment. Hardly anyone does.

          Or you can go to the National Review channel on qwiket using Disqus. That’s free.

    • I didn’t realize how many sites have shut down their comments sections. It seems MSM doesn’t allow “all kinds of opinions”. Man I’m clueless.

      This site provides a list of sites that shut down their comments section, and it’s from 2016. Already there were a lot back then. I’d like to see a current list. Bet it’s really long.

    • Haven’t listened yet, but Heartiste states that social media is porn for women. It stimulates their dopamine receptors in the same way visual porn stimulates men’s receptors.

  9. I would like to register a complaint with the management. I often have some tedious database stuff I have to fool with on Friday mornings and I have gotten into the habit of listening to the podcast while I do it to make the time much more pleasant. I couldn’t get anything done earlier this AM because the the later posting time.

    Please send some Chik-Fil-A gift cards to make it up to me. $50 worth should do the trick.

  10. I like your analogy of deleting comment sections and the ruling class becoming more detached from the people they supposedly represent.

    I don’t think anything will stop these cloud people, but it does occasionally backfire spectacularly. Watching Hillary barnstorm the Midwest and deep South in the 2016 primary season bragging about her gun control ideas had me bewildered. It was obvious she was trading general election votes for primary wins.

  11. I didn’t appreciate your deprecating piece on gamers or others on commenters.
    Me in my early days.

    Funny you mentioned girls of the Alt Right. They all fiddle with their hair and check their look in the camera constantly.

    • Roosh calls the alt-right girls “Tradthots.” (“Thot” is apparently slang for “Those hoes over there” or “That hoe over there.”) I’ve watched some Tara McCarthy and Laura Southern and half-expected them to say something like, “If you want to fight Cultural Marxism and watch me shower on my webcam, send payments to …” The only conservative woman I pay any attention to is Anne Coulter.

  12. Thanks for the music links, Z!

    Question: Have you ever thought about bringing guests on to your podcast? If you could have your pick – who would you have on your show?

    • I’ve been thinking about maybe trying some interviews. It may require more effort than my schedule permits. As far as targets, I don’t know. Probably not the usual suspects.

      • TANSTAAFAL from Age of Treason blog.
        He recently did a podcast with Orthodox convert, Luke Ford, and if you all haven’t seen/heard it yet, you really should!

        Mike Enoch from TRS. I’d love to hear your competing ideas.

        Nick Fuentes, 19 y old Trad Catholic, podcaster, YouTube debater

        James Allsup, college kid (grad?) American nationalist, lines up probably more closely to your ideology than the rest, podcaster, YouTube personality

        • Allsup pulled a nutty on me months back when I pointed out that guys like Cantwell and Nehlen were unstable nutjobs. Allsup called me a “Boomer Cuck e-Celeb” and some other things. I was right, but it is the reason I don’t pay much attention to children. They don’t know anything.

          • I have the perfect first guest, either Kevin from the former 2 Kevins podcast, since they are no more, it would be nice to catch up. 2 kevins was also, for those who don’t remember, the first place we heard the z blogger, like they called you.

          • Zed-Blogger.

            I wonder what happened to them. I seem to recall one of them having health issues.

          • The other Kevin, Steele?, didn’t talk as much, so it would be interesting to hear from him.

          • Yes, they broke up. Steele left (might be health related) and Grace tried to find a replacement to continue-but from feb. he has been silent too

  13. Adaptation to a short growing season is the reason Europeans have had such success historically. Because it demands planning, organization, postponed gratification, discipline and many other behavioral traits to ensure survival, it confers a tremendous advantage over those from the long growing season. Yes, the Europeans do have a natural advantage. And it cannot be eliminated by political, legal or social pressure. It’s deep inside us, naturally.

    • My hunch is family formation is the key. Harsher climates would have required greater risk taking for male hunters. It would have meant more violent competition between groups. That means the male-to-female ration would have been different than in more hospitable climates. Competition among females for high status mates would have been more intense and family structure would have changed. In other words, female fitness, in terms of child rearing, household maintenance, mate selection, etc, probably played a large role.

      • Agree. Your idea makes perfect sense. I think that the short growing season reinforced the family formation ideas you present. And I see your point that during the time before agriculture in the northern climes, the hunting seasons may have had the same effect. Perhaps both were mutually reinforcing. I guess my point is that white folks are the way they are for very natural survival oriented reasons. If it resulted in a natural advantage compared to other peoples adapted to warmer, less variable climates then it’s not something that we should be ashamed of. On the contrary.

      • Well, the problem with this theory is that civilization did not emerge in Northern Europe, but in the Nile and Tigris/Euphrates Valleys. The climate in these areas was semi-tropical to mildly temperate. We have to look elsewhere for the answers to our ascendancy.

        • Not really. As agriculture moved from the Middle East into Europe, the crops changed to adapt to the new environment. The same selection pressure was surely at work on the people.

        • The MENA had water empires.
          Mekong Delta, CentroAmerica too, though later.
          Different social structure.

          Even Mohenjo Daro in the Harappa Valley, India, was noted for its drab, utilarian, hivelike architecture.

        • Civilization is over-rated. Agriculture existed for thousands of years before the development of civilization. And with good reason; the first states were despotic empires. James C. Scott argued that the first civilizations formed where the peasants couldn’t run away.

          Read “Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States” by James C Scott.

          Some of the farming villages in these early societies were as large as the first cities that came later. They are not considered cities only because there isn’t enough hierarchy and specialization present. (Which seems like strange criteria to me)

          Look up: “Talianki” and “Tripolye culture”

    • I’d extrapolate that out to not just short growing season – but rather “living in an environment with crappy weather”. Living in a climate where there is a real winter (by that I mean things freeze up and there is snow on the ground for months at a time) – means you’ve got have discipline around a number of things.

      Most people who work in an office environment – have absolutely no clue as to how much the weather rules the day to day life of people who work outside. Even now in an age of dirt working equipment with heated cabs and easy and cheap access to fuels that can cold into heat – the weather still rules over the construction trades to a large degree.

      Up here in the north – 20-30 years ago deep freeze season meant construction pretty much stopped. Digging in the ground stopped. This is exactly how it has been for humans for thousands if not tens of thousands of years. At least for peoples who lived in cold climates.

      People who live on islands in the South Pacific or in much of Africa or Central or South America – simply never have to deal with these realities.

      It’s hard to believe these drastic differences in what has to be done to just do the simplest things in life – didn’t have an effect on the peoples who lived in these different climates.

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