Free Association & Equality Before The Law

If you are going to pick one thing that is a must-have for a liberal western society, the most likely choice is equality before the law. Things like free speech, elections and private property are important, but they are dependent upon equality before the law. After all, if the ruling class has privilege over everyone else in the law, which will turn to an advantage in disputes over property, politics and even speech. If you look at the list of “rights” we consider to be essential to a civil society, all of them count on equality before the law.

Now, simply having equality before the law does not make for a liberal society. In theory, you could have a society with no property rights at all and still have equality before the law. A communist society, in which all property is held by the public and administered by the state, could have legal equality. Similarly, you could have a society with highly restricted speech and still have legal equality, as long as the speech limits were universally applied and enforced. In other words, equality before the law is not enough.

Obviously, equal justice may be a fundamental requirement of a liberal society, but you need other stuff to make it work. Property rights, enforcement of contracts, freedom of expression and the other items we tend to associate with civil liberty. Even though they cannot exist without equality before the law, a liberal society cannot exist without all those add-on items. This is basic civics, so what about the things that must exist in order for a society to maintain equality before the law? What are its necessary accessories?

The correct answer here is freedom of association. After all, you can have equality before the law along with limits on other rights like speech, as long as they are universally applied. Logically, there is no way to evenly administer limits on association, beyond broad categories like segregation. Even there, the law is forced to treat one group differently from others. This is the crux of Brown v. Board of Education. The material equality of education facilities did not alter the fact that segregation treated blacks unequally.

You cannot have equal justice without free association, for the simple reason the law must always put one citizen ahead of another, in order to limit association. Telling the tavern owner he cannot serve Koreans penalizes the Korean, the tavern owner or possibly the other tavern patrons. It really does not matter who is or is not punished, as the only possible intent of the law is a bias against one group in favor of another group. There can be no equitable reason for placing such limitations on citizens.

This is why America is rapidly sliding away from liberal democracy into something closer to a corporate oligarchy. Once free association was abandoned in the 1960’s, it opened the door to endless meddling by the managerial state in the rights of the citizens. If the people can no longer decide with whom they wish to associate, or not associate, they can no longer have the right to free expression. After all, if you are forcing people together who do not wish to be together, you better monitor their speech. Otherwise, you get a bloodbath.

Put another way, the reason that Christian bakers are being forced at gun point to bake cakes for people they see as degenerates is the state has no other choice. Once you dispense with freedom of association, you abandon equality before the law. It also means ever-splintering minorities are incentivized to demand special privileges from the state, by forcing the court to choose between groups. The homosexual terrorists are attacking Christians, so they can get their group status set above that of Christians.

This explains the fracturing of American public life and the increasing anti-white hostility we see in our popular culture. Once you abandon equality before the law, people rationally seek group identity in order to press for privileges. The arbitrariness of the law creates the appearance of a zero-sum game, in which the gains of one group must come at the expense of another. In the increasingly lawless free-for-all that is modern America, the rational thing for non-whites to do is agitate to get their piece of the crumbling white pie.

Of course, the reason America abandoned free association in the middle of the last century was in an effort to accommodate the minority black population. It is also why Continental societies have never bothered with free association. Wherever there are minority populations, the majority will inevitably impose its will on that minority, simply in the course of pursuing its own rational interests. Blacks in America can only be integrated by force, against the will of the white majority. That is what happened last century.

This is probably why the managerial class has made a fetish of the downstream items we associate with liberal society, like voting, and sacralized the positions within the political class. Any call to reform the political system and every criticism of the powerful is met with howls about “defending our democracy.” Since we now have an illiberal system, the people in charge have reached their status by illiberal means. Therefore, their legitimacy is not self-authenticating. The hooting about democracy is a defense mechanism.

One of the puzzles the libertarians have never un-puzzled is how a society can go from a non-libertarian state to a libertarian one, without a violent, miraculous blood bath. Even in theory, a libertarian state must be a starting point of a society. Once it transitions from that condition, it can never go back. Something similar is most likely true with regards to free association and equality before the law. Once these are abandoned, the interests opposed to their return grow, making a peaceful transition back to the lawful state impossible.

As a matter of simple logic, a return to liberal society now means revolution.

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  1. The only thing arguing against this is that the ceaseless revolution in the market economy and the start-up culture are a kind of free-association culture that is working against the official compulsion culture. It is only when the start-up has had its IPO that it starts to hire Good Little Girls to run HR.

  2. “We hold theses truths to be self evident……” but of course to the UNIPARTY they are not evident. the UNIPARTY has for 38 years shown that , “Some are more equal than others!”!

  3. Hey white boys! Trepidation about end result is always the same. In a few months after the forced expulsion from all whites in their comfort zones. The colored problem is fixed “boom” me and my little armalite.
    Survivors please open the republic’s windows air out the stench, hold an exorcism, weep as a group. Get back to work

    • The zinger that might have been. Too bad you’re unable to articulate your thoughts so we can’t tell what exactly you are trying to express. Ebonics might have been more effective! Good luck.

  4. When politicians and oligarchs reserve for themselves privileges and protections they deny to ‘regular’ citizens you have tyranny or the beginning of tyranny.

  5. Got the same ” account suspended ” message as well.

    Forgive my conspiracy theory paranoia , but have seen this happen to other conservative sites. Must be a pain in the ass to create a mirrored site although would appreciate your efforts since I too would miss your blog.

    Have tried to befriend blacks in the past and it’s always ended badly. Would now just like to live , work and play with my own kind. Unfortunately Lefty insist on court-mandated integration in white neighborhoods and the workplace.

    And most of these culprits are white themselves. Revenge of the Nerds, retribution from being picked on in school, ostracized from social functions ?

    Whatever it is whites have to ignore the name calling and start looking out for their best interests.

    • Got the same. Tried 2 different ISP’s two different browsers plus whatever verizon uses on a smart phone.

  6. It boils down to this: the abolition of freedom of association handed the managerial class (who are nothing but the collaborators of the 0.1$ Globalis$t Open Border$ Tyrant$) the power to dictate to us according to “Who? Whom?” This will come to an end only when the White members of the collaborating 10% realize that they – and their children – are on the bottom of their 10% “Who? Whom?” totem pole. Even then, I would bet that the White collaborators among the 10% will continue to believe against all evidence that they still have skin in the game.

    “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.” – Saul Bellow

  7. Where did I read this morning that only 1% of blacks were criminal? I remember thinking, “That’s not that bad?” But after a bit of reflection, hmm… 40% on welfare, that can’t be right. So if the population of the USA is 327 million, and 12.6% are negro, that’s 41 million negros. 6.6 million persons were in jail or corrections jurisdiction, 35% of whom are black, that is 5.6% of the total blacks who are currently under the jurisdiction of jail or probation. If only a small percent are women, that raises the black male criminals to 10% of the population, and if most of the criminals are male between 15 and 35, we need to increase funding to planned parenthood. The remaining population, including Hispanic, has 1.51% under jurisdiction. And poverty is no excuse for the crime of rape by the way. A violent nature attributed to race explains the facts much better, even in countries without a slavery issue in their past. Where did I read that 1% BS this morning?

  8. “Free association is fundamental.”

    Free association is built on the idea of the prioritization of individual rights which is derived from a very specific culture and is not shared by non white cultures which prioritize the family and the overall group. Surveys show that the only demographic to strongly support free speech for thought crimes and the second amendment is the white male (mainly right of center ones). our replacements also do not believe in putting ideals above practical considerations of what is in it for “me and my family.” The most lofty their ideals get involves considering what is good for their tribe. As we become less white and more of a matriarchy, the country will be built on different values.

    One of Tom Wolfe’s core themes was that most of social and political behavior could be explained by jockeying for status. The desire to have more status was tempered by lofty values like fairness, honesty, individual rights and personal freedom. Our replacements aren’t burdened by those brakes on getting more of whatever they want more of. That is also why we are going from a high trust to a low trust society. What will be interesting is whether the inevitable infighting in the Coalition of the Fringes results in a return to individual rights so that they can protect their group from the others.

    • “Surveys show that the only demographic to strongly support free speech for thought crimes and the second amendment is the white male”

      And gun rights, and the amount of redistribution, and ……

      And yet, our libertarian talking heads shill for open borders. It’s as if institutions are set in stone, and not a function of voting, and levels of social trust. I’ve been to DC cocktail parties with those folks, and even when I considered myself one of them, I always knew, in the back of my head, when push came to shove, they’d side with the Left. Fear of being called a racist or a bigot has corrupted many of those on our side who have friends on the Left.

  9. I think something you’ve said before relates. The left defines the morality. As long as many accept their preferred groups are above criticism or that racism is a high crime, freedom of association cannot exist as a moral principle.

  10. Before I was red pilled about there not being a Left and Right, so much as a managerial elite intent on keeping the current system intact, the paragraph below wouldn’t have made much sense to me.

    From New York Magazine article on Gorsuch:

    “Linda Greenhouse, the longtime New York Times Supreme Court correspondent, probably went too far when she called Gorsuch Trump’s “judicial avatar.” Gorsuch is by all accounts a square and decent family man. Still, he seems to share with the president who nominated him — as well as the senator who oversaw his confirmation — a cavalier attitude toward institutional stability. “Shit is falling apart everywhere,” says a former clerk for Justice Anthony Kennedy. “The last thing the nation needs is a Supreme Court justice whose goal is to raise the temperature.”

    Now the Left wants institutional stability? Of course they do.

    • Technical difficulties. My hosting account recently renewed and I suspect they did not post it properly.

    • It freaks me out when that happens. Where do we go if Zman is ever shut down? Is there a plan?

      • I got the “account suspended” page and instantly had visions of Tommy Robinson in prison with ISIS radicals. Poor old Z, I thought, he’s going to be thrown into a cellblock in some black ops CIA gulag with a bunch of soy-boy millenials wearing man-buns.

        • I’m going to launch a mirror site soon, along with a mailing list. That way, I have a backup.

  11. Roseannes shiw has been canceled and she’s been canned by her Agency. It seems the Chelsea not Jarrett tweet that did it. Hillary is a massively popular and powerful politician… just with elite through her patronage machine.

    Free association for elites with zero consequence and hereditary privilege and offices, McCains wife an uberliberal is set to inherit his office upon death — and the jackboot of diversity and over for you deplorables is the rule.

    We need to break elite power and connections.

    • Instead of pulling the rope, what if we played it out instead?

      Hillary is walking around in what might very well be Darpas first mobile iron lung, let her in the game! Schedule moar, moar speaking engagements for Nancy Pelosi, poppin’ an’a lockin’. Upthread someone mentioned Nambla getting main stream coverage… good!
      How do you break a dog from shitting on the carpet? Rub his nose in it and blister his ass. That’s what it’s going to take to get normies signing up, rub their nose in all this shit. The negative reinforcements are that it’s simply awful enough to have to deal with these people. These human toothaches will do all the work for us.

      And I’ll finish with the ever truthful: we don’t need them all. 80/20 rule boys.

      • True believers do not see the warts on their gurus.

        Hillary could stroke out on stage and her supporters would still believe she is fit for office even if she was in a wheel chair as a result of said stroke.

        The GOP has the same sorts of mindless minions – these are the people who voted in McCain multiple times, same with McConnell and Graham, just to name a few. God almighty these men were and are walking turds.

        Instead find and support populists running for office. Give a middle-finger the “moderate” GOP puke because they always sell out. This sends a message to the party bosses that their crap doesn’t work.

    • I am not surprised it was canceled, they were looking for an excuse and while I watched the show twice I think it as dripping with narrative, Still how even the tiny amount of red pill the show was a poor fit for TV which is crap these days anyway

      The best thing anyone can do is not watch any of it. Turn off the TV and read something pre Cultural Marxism, draw, or do anything except consume the Lefts poison> Leave TV to the Boomers

      Now most people on our side seem to think we can just flip the institutions and rotate the elite . Its the perils of the Middle Class way of thinking and doing.

      Its also wrong and for all their stupid ideas the people like Ryu and his ilk and the few thinkers in the Working and maybe even Lower classes have it right.

      Class is real, it counts and it matters almost as much as race.Its a class struggle right out of Marx and the Middle thinks they can opt out

      Fact is the 10% are are a tribe apart, always support one another and therefore all of them are guilty of any of them’s acts .

      Also corporations are as big a problem as the rest and a future regime is going to have to put ideology above money to win

      The order of affairs, survival (no famine, plague, violence, food on plates) ideology , prosperity after

      An effective functioning ideology would be willing to debate if the Ivy Leagues should be demolished turned into public parks and a sign reading something like put in

      Here once stood a university, When that institution became Cultural Marxist it was destroyed as it could not be redeemed and served as a public hazard. The wages of such thinking is death

      Do this to corporations, institutions and anything you can’t reclaim and you can keep the Reds at bay for along while

      My opinion here is that economies of scale , large corporations, important institutions, big everything breeds Communism since the ways of thinking are allied

      This is why the decentralized Internet media is a such a threat, its breaks that chain

      How we do away with that economy of scale and retain a high level of propensity is a real challenge, above my pay grade but its what you have to do for the long haul

    • If you’ve heard Roseanne in interviews over the last few years, it was plain she is truly batty. Like true dumb conspiracy theorist batty. When her show started again I was surprised she had the mental ability to do it. It was just a matter of time till she said crazy shit to get herself fired. I don’t hate her. She really is crazy though.

  12. Will public spaces even exist anymore or will every desirable area be turned into an “amusement park” with an entry fee?

    Without white racial guilt, there is no way anyone would be forced to bake a cake. Now any pushback always results in “could they refuse service to a black”? The left has used racial guilt to successfully undermine our institutions. Same in Europe — nobody particularly wants an invasion of Muslims, and they sure don’t want to pay their welfare, but accepting the end of their way of life is evidently preferable to be called a “racist”.

  13. Off topic:

    You may have heard of the “Racism Dog” twitter account/bot. Who or whatever is behind this aims at getting the Right banned by mass reporting.

    It is more abundant than ever that we need regulation, if not nationalization of the social media giants. The “dog” is the literal explanation of “targeted harassment” and nothing is done.

  14. Oh you can have all the freedom of association you want in the leftist utopia. However, it must be State-approved freedom of association or its off to the reeducation camp for you.

    Of course the delicious part of this is a lot of the left’s victim groups don’t want to associate with each other in any case, thus at some point they will have to start to eat their own.

  15. Free association is fundamental. Excellent point. This should be the hill that we choose to die on. All of the other guaranteed rights are important, of course, but not of much utility if you’re not allowed to choose your associates. By asserting that right we’ll be called racists and bigots. But they call us that, anyway.

  16. Climbing mid-tier elites live in a bubble where they get cheap strawberries and maid service, and the nig-nogs are kept out by gates, environmental regulation and local corruption that ensures their property values remain high. This is what they will support uber alles, over all general civic goods.

    They just don’t care about us, or whether we get to organize, or if we get de-platformed for not being nice. They have a black friend. They know a mexican who shows up to work on time and speaks english. They have been to a gay wedding. Our suppression by any means seems very far off to them, and if a “liberal” society will lead to more expensive strawberries, they don’t want any part of it.

    • The distance between them and us is not just physical now. It is psychological as well. It’s why so many of them flipped out over Trump winning the election. It was like they suddenly learned the bogeyman was real.

      • “Roseanne is a racist. #1 Show cancelled.” – example of anarcho-tyrannical response to bogeyman from the last couple hours.

        • “Comedian fired for bad joke. Career likely over.”

          It’s a good example of how corporate America now controls public morality.

          • And of how SJW control corporations. The capitalist elite has managed to shape leftism in a way that destroys society for the masses while safeguarding their wealth and power while turning their eternal quest for cheap labor into the dominant civil rights issue of the current era.

        • …And right on cue Conservative, Inc. is in a sputtering, indignant, righteous tizzy to prove once again how genuine is their outrage! Barr is vile! Barr is a racist! Barr gets everything that’s coming to her! These kind of comments have no place!….and on and on and on. After sixty years the progressives and the corporate left really have them trained, but the good monkeys of Conservative, Inc. lack the self-awareness to recognize how they have been played and how predictable and tiresome they are, and maybe worse, that no matter how skillfully or convincingly they play their assigned role, it gets them nothing but contempt.

          On a more personal note, I confess that the Jarret/Planet of the Apes jibe made me laugh out loud, and up bubbled mental images of Jarret as Zira in a hijab, while Heston bellowed “It’s a mad house!” I love that movie. But then again, I’m a bad person.

  17. There is a remote possibility that elites may wake up and restore the rule of law based upon the realization that the present system is bad for business in the long run. This was essentially Moldbug’s argument. My fellow open minded progressives. Places like Detroit and Baltimore are costing us a lot of money. I’ve been reading old books, and I discovered that societies with an owner are more accountable. I also realized that we open minded progressives pretty much own everything these days, but we are not acting like owners. Let’s take this thing over and make it work. Of course he was told to shut up. The present system is immensely profitable for elites in the short run, even as it destroys their golden goose.

    • I’ve got it figured out folks. Once we whites become a mathematical minority, I’m going to retire with all the benefits that people of color and immigrants have come to enjoy. They will give us those benefits right? And then I’m going to criticize people of color for being born with color that made us poor white folks having such high I.Q’s and needing to go on welfare etc… Just kick-back and enjoy the ride. Easy Peasy:)

      • It’s a nice thought, but the elites in power will decide that whitey (dirt people version) hasn’t fully paid the bill for the slave days and we’ll have to fight tooth and nail for our diminished benefits. Though we will be the lucky ones cause we’ll be gone by the time countries outside of Africa decide its time to implement the Zimbabwe (and now South Africa) doctrine for dealing with whites.

      • I know you’re being sarcastic but I have an elderly member of my family who really believes that whites will enjoy the benefits of being minority when that day comes. “Just wait till all those white kids can get minority scholarships.” He really believes that the minorities of this country will treat us fairly when we are helpless. Infuriating.

        • That’s some nuclear-grade suicidal stupidity right there. (On the part of the family member, I mean.)

          • He married into the family and I have contempt for him. He lives in a gated community outside of an Hispanic Arizona town. His foolish views allow him to dismiss me as alarmist racist. This probably explains why John McCain keeps getting reelected in AZ.

          • Arrange for this douche nozzle to be dropped off near the border, late at night. Get him a t-shirt that says “I have many dollars in my pockets” JIC.

  18. Justice is the process that protects a man’s life, property, natural rights, status and his dignity.
    Order is the principle and the process to ensure that a people will have just leaders, loyal citizens, and public tranquility.
    Freedom is the principle that a man is made master of his own life. These three great concepts are the cement of American society.

    Some nations have order without justice or freedom. China is a modern example of a tyranny where order is maintained, but there is no justice or freedom.
    Somalia is an example where there is freedom, but no order or justice, the libertarian ideal.
    There can be no justice, of course, without order and freedom, which is the point of the American experiment. Our society is a regime of ordered liberty, designed to give justice, order and freedom all their due recognition and respect.

    • If we are honest with ourselves, many of us will admit that one reason we were attracted to libertarianism is that it offered hope of a return to freedom of association. Then when they went nutso over the homos, it was game over. They said they didn’t want to fuck around in social issues and then they jumped in the deep end of the pool. In all probability because they were modern equivalents of the dechristianizers of the French Revolution. Being free to hate religion wasn’t good enough for them, they had to try and destroy it, too.

    • There is a great deal more freedom in China than the US.

      In those areas where the US has the appearance of choice the system is rigged so that either choice works for the elites.
      There has been scarcely a bump in the gentle glide-path into globalism from Bush the wrinkled on.

      It took Trump, what? 12 months before the Neo-con foreign policy went into overdrive.

  19. I used to think that there would be a straight line from the 1965-66 civil rights acts to thought police and mind control probably a hundred years later. What I missed was the rise of the diversity cult and its extremely greedy leaders. They want civil rights acts of their own. Refusal to serve a tranny in your restaurant will put you in jail, colleges will have to admit a certain quota of bisexuals and illegal immigrants, polygamy will make a comeback, etc. Elite whites have given the crazies a seat at the table as a way of humiliating non-elite whites. Now the crazies will fight like rabid dogs to keep that seat, sowing chaos, biting at the ankles of the ruling class and of each other. Harridan-like chaos will set the timeline back another hundred years, to the delight of the non-eltes. Men make plans and God laughs.

    • Another one for your list is the regressives will soon grant organizations like NAMBLA with victim status as they try to lower the bar on morality to ground zero. Then you will be forced to accept a child molestor as being of normal fiber or off to the gulag with you for being a hater.

      • Good.

        All that means is that the elites don’t understand what creates guerilla armies.

        The Germans found out during WW2 that going into a village and killing a few people as an example if one of their officers got shot – really didn’t work. All you did was piss off the dead people’s relatives and breed more guerilla fighters. So they started burning down entire villages. Now you just sent a signal to all the remaining villages that what they’re engaged in is a fight to the death.

        The Japanese learned the same thing (well actually they didn’t learn) in regards to the Chinese – and the US learned this when they started going after the Indian tribes.

        People will only put up with so much bullshit and stupidity. There really is a limit to things.

        So…………. with all of these things in mind……….. I say fine – let them elevate NAMBLA as some sort of new victim. It would just breed more sympathy for our side. How many mothers who now listen to calls for taking down the elite and think : “what a bunch of angry white men” – and then go back to engaging in leftist stupidity – are going to have a change of heart when the official announcement comes out that it’s now a hate crime to not let some perv touch your child’s private parts in the public bathrooms?

        I know a number of women (in their 40’s and 50’s I will grant you) who are sick to DEATH of Hillary, black centric advertising on TV, hearing about gays gays gays – and all the other assorted BS that goes on lately.

        Elevating NAMBLA might just be a death wound to the elite.

        I hope they do it.

      • a society that allows NAMBLA isn’t in a position to protect the kiddie diddlers. They are all known and they will all be pruned.

  20. Fortunately, revolutions can be bloodless eg. The Glorious Revolution in Britain. Unfortunately, bloodless revolution requires the upper class to partake heavily of the new dispensation.

    • A topic of conversation among hate thinkers recently is how to exploit the cracks within the ruling class. There are people on our side, but they are not public about it. No ruling elite is ever without its divisions.

      • Hate thinkers? That sounds like a face card that Ben Shapiro might plunk down on the table.
        If you wake up one morning and your jeans have creases ironed in them, a la George Will, you should seek the opinions of your nearest Hate Thinker. ;).

        • I actually own one pair of jeans with the creases permanently ironed in by power of the fade along the crease line. I bought them at a thrift store several years ago. I opt out of making the rich richer by thrifting, making, and recycling as much as possible. Let them buy new. I’ll buy their perfectly good castoffs.

      • Simple- appeal to their vanity, their greed, and their lust for power, as well as their hatred and jealousy of their rivals within the ruling class. Just make sure that we’re holding the leash. The Austrian lance corporal got it done, notwithstanding his descent into madness once he got into the driver’s seat.

      • Z: “No ruling elite is ever without its divisions.” Along with that, (to state the obvious) no group is without its conflicts. Actually, ‘hatreds’, is more accurate. From big movements, to a small group of friends, there are unseen hatreds. This occurred to me in a big way as I transitioned to adulthood. Because as a music lover, I slowly discovered that most of the band members from my favorite bands actually hated each other. This was a painful revelation.

        Was there ever a band that ended in a peaceful way?

        The Sopranos became almost unwatchable for me because of the depressing amount of fake friendship, distrust and betrayal among all the friends and family. Watching it started to make me paranoid about real life. It’s almost like that’s what life itself IS. Trust…coming together…distrust…break apart.

        I’m not trying to be philosophical. Heck almost every song is about this in some way. Just talkin’ out loud on a Tuesday afternoon.

  21. Empire disease inevitably culminates in degeneration, collapse, revolution, and then rebirth or diaspora. At the root, our degeneration is driven by prolonged affluence and the attendant dependence addiction being wrought by politicians bribing voters. This weakens us incrementally and persistently. It doesn’t really matter how sick our political system becomes if we grow evermore fat and lazy, and then whine for more government handouts/bailouts.

    • Re: Empire disease.

      When did the worm turn? Seems like there is a lot of consensus that the U.S. headed down a bad road during the 1960’s when it opened the floodgates to immigration from non-European countries. The U.S. has had a “black problem” for a couple of hundred years – but was at least keeping it somewhat in check.

      Now – when did the United States decide to go down the road to Empire? I would argue that the groundwork was laid as far back as Woodrow Wilson and his involvement in WW1. Paleocons – like Pat Buchanan – will also point out that the Western world deciding to blow the shit out of itself during WW1 was the knife wound that the West has not recovered from and may turn out to be fatal since it sure seems like the sepsis has taken hold. In any case – the road to empire seems to have been firmly laid with the US victory in WW2. I’ve seen other conservative / paleocon types like Gary North point out that WW2 was what cemented in concrete the “swamp” as a power center in the US. US tax rates – always a good indicator of how much freedom you actually have – went up during WW2 – and never really went down all that much. They’ve been used to fund the military-industrial complex ever since then.

      So what I’m getting at here is: I think we may be missing the TRUE cause of a lot of the issues we have going on in this country right now. I’ve read history before that point out that empires almost inevitably become “multicultural” – because they go around the world dominating other cultures. And I have listened my entire life to lefties and cuck right wingers scream in my ear about ” isolationism” whenever I suggest that maybe the US should not be expending blood and treasure on the rest of the world – because it leads DIRECTLY to out of control government and out of control spending and the direct loss of liberty here at home.

      Quite frankly – I don’t give two shits about saving the rest of the world – if it means I have to live in a tyrannical shit hole back here in the US.

      Empire = “multiculturalism” and immigration from incompatible cultures as far as I am concerned.

      Empire = direct intervention in our politics because we intervene in foreign affairs (every action has an equal and opposite reaction)

      I believe there are some core reasons why the founders of this country said no involvement in foreign affairs. The reasons why are something we are living thru right now. And the black problem was a self created issue IMHO ( they were imported here – they didn’t come by choice) . The immigration issue is somewhat different though – we ALLOWED that one to happen. People DO come here by choice. The believe the leftie propaganda – and take it upon themselves to come here.

      • But we didn’t become multicultural because we went around building empires. We became multicultural because we allowed mass immigration. There was plenty of South American influence with little migration before the gates were opened in the 60’s, so I don’t see any relationship.

        I think the Jews with money figured out that a way to increase their relative power was a coalition with minorities. The combination of money and votes had political power. They got the borders opened and poured in voters. This coalition lobbied for more and more freebies as they do everywhere else. That’s not even really a theory, it’s just what happened.

        I don’t see how shrinking the military budget would have prevented it then, or will change anything now. The wars may be stupid and pointless but they’re not the crux of the problem.

        • Wars always promote centralization and the strengthening of the trading classes, i.e. merchants, bankers, financiers.

  22. Free association sounds good, Z. But if you get that, there will still be fall out: Cities like Baltimore, Detroit, DC and other black communities will come to resemble the film sets of Planet Of The Apes. Or maybe Escape from New York. What cost will accrue from having these black failed city states within our own borders?

    Now game THAT out: Tryone and Laquisha are trying to raise their kids in a black dump. What are they going to do? They’ll try to move out and move in with Whitey – which is the problem we have right now. We can’t even be bothered to defend our own borders against the Mexicans – where are we going to get the motivation and cohesion to confine feral blacks to their own cities right in our own back yard?

    I’m sorry, I just don’t see a peaceful resolution. Other than bankrolling the welfare state, and the math doesn’t look good for that at all.

    • You are confusing free association with anarchism. Once property owners in Baltimore are free to discriminate, the market place would most likely result in rapid gentrification. Many of the areas now dominated by blacks, that have nice architecture and urban living spaces, would expel their black populations in order to cater to whites. This was the pattern before the end of free association. Majority populations tolerated small numbers of minorities, but avoided large concentrations of them near whites.

      My guess is the return of private discrimination would result in the de-urbanization if the black population.

      • Hmmmm. Never thought of that.

        Gaming THAT out… I could see blacks concentrating in Lefty’s sanctuary cities – and destroying them – before they de-urbanized…

        • Ah, no. That’s not what lefties do with their own environment. San Francisco. Portland. Etc. Free association would prevent them from doing it to your environment.

        • Blacks would go back to being dispersed in rural areas or migrating to places that need cheap labor. The little towns that are dying off would become the new slums.

      • Redneckistan is for the Rednecks.
        I suggest that this de-urbanization is not as quick and easy as speaking it aloud.
        Unless of course you plan on transporting feral blacks with airships?

        Oh the humanity…

        • Harlem is no longer majority black. How long did that take? Gentrification has moved swiftly despite the hard limitations on discrimination. In a place like NYC, developers are required to house a certain number of poor backs by law. Yet, they somehow managed to quickly drive the hues away. Imagine what happens when property owners can maximize their investments by choosing who they rent to, sell to and cater to without legal penalty.

          The thing is, ending free association in the name on integration was always a lie. America is as segregated today as the 1950’s in most of the country. Just look at schools. What compulsory integration does for the managerial class is give them power to defend their privileges. Their 99% white enclave is left unmolested by the courts, but your middle-class town is buried in litigation if you vote incorrectly. In other words, it is about maintaining two legal standards.

          • “America is as segregated today as the 1950’s in most of the country. Just look at schools. ”

            As I posted in another thread, even upscale enclave suburbs of major cities are shockingly non-white (e.g., elite public high schools with whites comprising only 60% – 84% of the student body). Sure, the truly elite can escape to exclusive private schools, country clubs, gated compounds, etc. But even the top 1% – 5% have trouble avoiding diversity today, because despite lingering segregation, we’re simply running out of white folks.

          • In many cases, the non-white minority in elite schools is largely Asian. That’s still a problem, but it’s a different problem than being overrun with Blacks, or even Hispanics.

          • Only the Asians have money, and they also bring lots of chicks to share. Don’t hog the weed, neither (which I consider a sign of good character).

      • Perhaps something like the growing black south suburbs of Chicago. There’s both organic movement by blacks as they’ve destroyed much of the housing stock on the South and West sides, and relocation by the state via Section 8 as the inner city projects have been demolished. As they become blacker, whites could grant them increasing autonomy (and likely sufficient subsidy to keep them from preying on nearby whites).

      • Easier said than done with no real majority group. When it was White vs. Black it was complex enough but toss in Latino, Asian , Arab and a myriad of other groups and you have a recipe for chaos.

        Also with all the foreign money out there, imagine California housing crisis writ large when Chinese people get state funds buy up all the property and expel all Whites from everywhere which they will gladly

        In theory the US Government should be able to handle it but ours is as the Russians say “Not Agreement Capable” we don’t have a functional useful elected system and our appointed and permanent state is only a little more effective

        Until something near the pre 1965 Demographic balance is restored the US cannot handle the same level of freedom it once had as generally only Whites (mostly but not entirely Anglo Saxons) value that kind of liberty.

        This probably rules out politer solutions and a nice bourgeois revolution or a back room deal or the proverbial one weird trick for that matter.

        Still that’s not an absolute given and its doesn’t mandate collapse or Bosnia X Rwanda either.

        Until the US is 80% White we can’t have freedom period . If we want a lot of liberty keeping a small state to keep science in check we need 90% and to be rid of all the uncivilized blacks nearly all persons of every ethnicity from low trust societies.

        We do that we can have a very small state with a modest welfare state and a small administrative state to control mad scientists and the abuse of technology

        In any case 85% White (as in European only) you get your Hallmark Channel world otherwise you eventually get collapse, civil war or Brazil 2.0

      • The mexicans are pushing the negs back into the deep south. Another 10 years and the Negro Question will be a strictly southern issue.

    • Each of the cities you mention were peaceful, prosperous, and awesome back when freedom of segregation existed. I believe they would go back to being great if that freedom were to return, but I can’t say so for certain.

      • Back when segregation was a thing the US was 90% White with the rest being Black and Amerind who were quite oppressed

        There were very few Asians, Middle Easterners, Africans or Mestizos all vying for political power and spoils

        The US was also almost entirely Christian (including the Blacks and many Amerinds ) and we lived in an information poor industrial society under a semi populist social democratic regime

        Prior to this the US was a backwards violent nation with regular labor violence and things the US military bombing strikers being fairly common that’ after the Wild West era till Roosevelt roughly.

        Absolutely none of those traits remain , the US Is not a White Christian nation, its not an information poor society, its post industrial with dangerous tech and our regime while it has the dregs of social democracy is anti populist

        You cannot cling to past outcomes or past ideas on ideal outcomes and there is no easy way out period. There are One Weird Trick policy choices that will work

        Its going to require an authoritarian Right Wing regime that sets the rules and enforces then and is willing to remove undesirables

        In that sense the Left is correct , while Nazis are not Right Wing (Democratic, Workers and Socialism are all Left Wing) the idea the Left fears , a Right Wing authoritarian state is how you get to where you need to be.

        Until the nation is stable, think an interregnum of 20 years, no one gets to run to Monticello , no one gets Muh Libertarian or any of that, You will be having power and using it and be responsible for it till the job is done

        if we bust our asses and get lucky maybe we can win through elections. keep the Constitution intact during this period and in any case we can to a degree keep the rights of freemen but a future requires the use of force even if only by the State not Conservatism Inc’s Little Policy Tweaks ™

        • And perhaps they’ll make a TV game-show over who gets to be the lucky Negro whose death brings the races to the desired ratio.

    • That’s easy, forbid the sale of white owned property to non-whites.

      See what you can do with one teeny breach of freedom of association?

  23. I came to the same conclusion many years ago. Loss of rights of association accompanied the civil rights laws of the fifties/sixties. Once that precious right was breached, legal minds simply forged ahead with every other type of “freedom” they could think of imposing upon us. There has been something of a speed bump with reference to Obamacare…but we’re not out of the woods on that yet. And we must never forget that civil rights was always a wedge issue for radical socialists to get their foot in the door of our institutions. Getting them back out will require violence. And keeping a restive population under the thumb of an increasingly tyrannical government will also require violence.

    • I don’t equate revolution with violence. At least it does not always work that way. The rapid loss of legitimacy of a ruling elite can simply lead to a collapse. The Soviet Union followed this pattern. Greece followed this pattern more recently. The Whig Party in the 19th century collapsed when it could not confront the reality of slavery.

      • There was violence involved with the collapse of the Soviet Union, just not the kind of wholesale civil war you are thinking about. I’m not thinking in those terms, either.

      • Sorry Z, but Greece is still a mess with the same old issues forestalled. Russia broke the oligarchs instead of slaughtering the commoners this time… so maybe this proves that enough money can be a substitute for blood? There will be no lasting or real change without blood payment, American Exceptionalism or not. The Whig breakup was just a warning tremor, the interest came due at Antitem.

      • Sir, I’ve come to ask you to leave your free government housing. Oh, and I need your EBT card. Think folks living cradle-to- grave on government freebies. Think violence.

        Avoid crowds. Avoid blacks.

      • What makes you think our elites are going to willingly give it up when they have the “justice” system, the MSM and law enforcement working for them?

        It doesn’t matter if we think the system is a sham when the elites have all sorts of coercive techniques at their disposal to keep us in line short of a armed rebellion.

        It won’t stop until there is either a economic collapse or if the elites do something incredibly ham handed that sets off armed resistance. Either event will lead to mass bloodshed as well given the massive ethnic powderkeg our cities have become that are only kept from going up in flames due to government gimmedats.

    • Actually, freedom of association still exists. For the Preferred Species. Have you ever seen “Law Enforcement” or the “Legal” system attempt to tell a Black they have to associate with a White? Same for Hispanics? Same for Homosexuals? Same for Muslims? THEY can associate – or not – with whoever they damn well please. Whites and Christians, on the other hand…

      This is all brought about by “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal” system, and will continue as long as they feel free to ignore their very oaths of office to the Constitution. Do you know where they live in your neighborhood? Do you know their schedules? Do you know their spouses schedules? Do you have a way to make them regret their treason?

      • Recognizing and giving special status to the enforcers of elite law, whether written or not is going to be a key to influencing what side the average policeman takes when the regime falls and is replaced.

        I think paying attention to where they live and being aware of who their relatives are and never speaking ill of them whilst denigrating the regime they work for will be a decisive tool. It is the same thing the French people did with the military, and the radicals did with the national guard in the 18th century. That way when they stormed the Bastille the National Guard joined them and actually did their fighting for them.

        When you do it that way it’s a cinch.

        • When you do it that way, you and yours will be dead. But then that’s your choice. They are Rove Republican swill who will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. And Your Betters know to keep paying them as long as they need them, regardless of whether that pay is debtbucks siphoned from your bank account, or authorization to “requisition” whatever they think they need from the Mere Citizens. And when Your Betters have hied off to their North American Redoubt, or their Caribbean Redoubt, or wherever else they intend to go when the fun starts, THEN your Only Ones will band together as they already do in the Blue Wall and destroy any Mere Citizen who questions their authoritah.

          There are no “good cops”. At best, they imitate Sergeant Schultz:
          I SEE NOTHINK!!! and look the other way.

  24. Face it, the negro problem and all attempts at fixing it are the source of much of our suffering. Fifty or sixty years later we are still at odds and are being constantly subjugated to more and more indignities and violation of our basic rights. Things are worse than ever.

    Now our overlords openly express their hatred for us and strive to double down with flooding the country with non assimilable foreigners and taking away free speech rights. Now Farrakan calls for an end to white men. Seeing any progress here? What ever we can do, this has to end in any way possible.

    • I’m not sure the black population is not without its uses to the rest of us.

      European nations were without these problems and decided to import their own underclass without the people having a say in the matter. You couple that with the European view of rights on speech and self defense; and you’re eventually going to have cities on fire.

      It’s reasonable to think the black population not only served as somewhat of a brake on out of control leftism; but reinforced the need to protect our self defense rights. Now the idea of gun confiscation is pretty much a non-starter no matter how much the feral left agitates for it.

      Yes we did allow millions of people from the third world too, but we had more protections in place to weather this kind of betrayal by the ruling class.

      The West doesn’t handle wealth and the free flow of resources very well. Or maybe we handle it in a way that is historically unavoidable. But at least the US has tools that can stave off the worst byproducts of it.

      • “European nations were without these problems and decided to import their own underclass without the people having a say in the matter.”

        The underclass is of utility to the elites. End of story.

      • Numbers count for a lot in life, even if you have guns. Tactical protection doesn’t seem to have afforded strategic protection, in the sense that the US has been demographically transformed more than Europe.

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