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This week the podcast goes international, as we do a whole show on those strange foreign people called Europeans. I wanted to do something on Italy and while scanning the wires for updates on their situation, I found other stuff worth covering. Our mass media only reports on the world when it is on fire, so it is good to look around at foreign and alternative press to get a fuller understanding of the world. It also made for a good theme to the podcast this week. I always like it when there is a theme to the show.

One administrative note. Next week there will not be a podcast. I’m traveling all next week and possibly into the following week. I have done podcasts on the road, but it is a big hassle and I’m not going to fight it. Blogging from the road is no big deal, but recording requires a much higher level of effort. If you need your weekend fix, try out FTN, which is doing a new feature where they cover a single topic in detail. Last week they did a long analysis on China, which was very good. You can find their shows here.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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46 thoughts on “The Eurocast

  1. Since we’re now getting Muslims voted into office- such as Magid, Khan, and Javid in the UK- perhaps we can have an idea where this going to go.

    A.Q. Khan was a Pakistani working at Dutch nuclear plants. He stole the blueprints and sold them throughout the Islamic world.
    (The Dutch must’ve had a shortage in educated workers.)

    El Baradai, as head of the IAEA, ‘helplessly’ watched proliferation as nuclear nations went from 5 to 15.
    (The UN must’ve had a shortage in capable, humanitarian administrators.)

    Islamic probes are recon missions testing for weakness in the systems- such as in police response, corruption, or vote counts.

    Or nuclear armories.

    I’d say Europe has a glowing future ahead.
    We’ll see feral children raised in the radioactive ruins of Prague.

    • Related, to Zman’s general theme of
      One World, One Church
      (From the glorious @HappyHectares twitter)

      Prediction: Progressives in the end will adopt a religious mantle. Because the emancipatory future requires faith, is powered by faith, and is subverted by lack of faith – hence thoughtcrimes. With faith all things are possible.

  2. Interesting insights on Ireland.

    Anyone who finds the Fash the Nation podcast on China interesting may want to check out Steven Mosher’s recent book “Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.” It elaborates a lot of the ideas in the podcast, but Mosher’s got an axe to grind since the Chicoms got Stanford to deny him a PhD in retribution for exposing the forced abortion program several decades ago, so he devotes plenty of space to telling you just how lousy they really are.

  3. Minor point on Spain: Catalonia is not the only functioning region, the Basque region does rather well for itself, being partly industrial. Coincidentally, the Basques have their own language and identity and have long harboured dreams of separating from Spain.

    But you’re right on Spain not being homogeneous. When Spain plays in the soccer world cup later this month, watch as they play the anthems. Spain’s has no words, because they couldn’t agree on a language.

    • Careful! Moslems are piggybacking on Catalonia. Big mosque building effort going on there.

      (My older sister and brother are Basque. Garlic on everything they eat. Eldest brother used to walk the sheep from Elko to L.A.)

  4. The Tablet (a Catholic publication in the UK) recently published an interview with the Anglican theologian N.T. “Tom” Wright by Ruth Gledhill, some of whose comments about the state of affairs in the UK & Europe dovetail neatly, I think, with some of the things Z man was commenting about re the decline in religiosity and population.

    ‘Engaging, forthright and at times passionate, Wright is ferociously intelligent, sometimes bracing, company. His alarm at the direction that our society is taking is palpable.
    “Ten years ago,” he says, “when Pope Benedict addressed the UN General Assembly in New York, he said the contemporary post-enlightenment secular world was – and this is my phrase, not his – living on borrowed time. He pointed out that the modern human rights movement is rooted in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, and if you cut off those roots the fruits will go bad, and society will collapse into a cacophony of competing special interest arguments. And that’s exactly the point we’ve reached now.
    “We lack a clear idea of what a modern civil society ought to look like. And that’s dangerous. Europe has torn itself apart twice in the past hundred years. I don’t think we can say that secularism is the great gospel that is necessarily going to triumph. On the contrary, it seems to me that secularism, if you’re not careful, leads to a pretty dark place. It’s the same dark place that much ancient philosophy was in before the arrival of Christianity. Because, basically, secularism is a modern form of Epicureanism.”
    Wright, the attentive teacher, sees that I am struggling. I’m brought up to speed. Epicurus, he explains, was the ancient Greek philosopher who believed that pleasure was the greatest good. “And here’s the interesting thing,” Wright continues. “Epicureanism says, if the gods exist, they are a long way away; they don’t bother about us so we don’t need to bother about them. What we have to do is just make ourselves as comfortable as we can. And that’s fine if you are reasonably well off and have got good slaves and a nice little vineyard. But for most people, life is very different.”
    “Western Europe and North America has been an Epicurean society for the last 200 years,” Wright goes on. “Thomas Jefferson said, ‘I am an Epicurean.’ The Epicureans were never a majority in ancient Greece, but they have become a majority in the Western world. And, as Benedict pointed out, we have been living on borrowed time, feasting on the fruits of other people’s labour. But the worm has turned. Now the people who we have exploited and ignored are – quite literally – being washed up on our shores. It is becoming clear that our freedoms and our sophisticated modern comforts have been purchased at a terrible cost for people in many other parts of the world.
    “We simply have no narrative to make sense of this,” Wright tells me. When the Arab spring happened, there was an assumption among some in the West that all that was needed was to topple a few dictators and then a tolerant, liberal democracy would somehow spring up automatically. “The last seven years have shown that that’s simply not how things work. Life is more complicated than that.”
    Then I witness one of the deft connections Wright is celebrated for making between a contemporary problem and an almost forgotten solution. “Unless we reconnect with the ancient Christian narrative,” he says, “we will never understand what is happening, let alone to come through to the other side.”

    Read the entire interview here:

  5. I think the Catholic Church destroyed itself in Ireland. I was there a few years ago also, driving around and listening to the radio a lot. There was some new movie about the Magdalene sisters laundries and then the pedophile priests were in the news also and then the overall brutality of the church for generations. It was obvious to me then that the Catholic church was dead in Ireland. I was absolutely not surprised about the vote

    What podcast did you recommend at the end?

  6. Reversals can come from unexpected places. Most people think that the French simply had enough of the Terror, but what actually brought Robespierre down was the fact that he’d announced his intention to name more people and had recently tried to pass a law that would allow him to go after men in the Convention or legislature.

    He ended up being denounced in the Convention by men who had enriched themselves while being Representatives on mission, with unlimited powers assigned to various departments. His downfall wasn’t engineered by men better than him, but arguably worse.

    Good things can come from the most unexpected quarters.

  7. For what it’s worth, Z — and this may be because I’m a European — what you said about Ireland and Spain this week was some really heavy-hitting, stark stuff.

    You really cut to the heart of the matter.


  8. Zman, best podcast yet.

    Another eye-catching bit of international news that somehow didn’t make it into MSM (or even alt news that i saw):

    SecDef Mattis has announced that he believes the Indian Ocean should now be considered part of the Pacific Ocean. This declaration is supported by Japan. This might seem merely odd or trivial, but just think about it for a moment and you’ll see why this is quite a policy development.

  9. Well, enjoy Newark.
    Got to get you one on one with a few popular youtubers. Enoch was a nice start, how about RamzPaul? He is a reader here.

    • I really don’t know if RamZPaul reads me. Maybe he does. I’m often surprised by who does read me. As far as doing other stuff with fellow travelers, I’m open to helping where I can, but I’m never going to have a broad appeal, so I don’t expect people beating down my door.

  10. I’m never sure how much wishful thinking goes into Alt-Right predictions of certain nations leaving the EU. I’d like to get a more solid guess from Z/you guys on say, the chance of Italy leaving. In tone, Z sounds like it darn well might could happen. But what does that translate to? a) slight, but surprising that it’s even a possibility b) fair chance c) good chance d) almost definite.

    • Any of these states’ debt will be a harder sell without implicit German backing. Also, the Germans enjoy the export advantage of having a far weaker currency than they would outside the Euro. Brexit didn’t even have these titanic forces at play, and look how that is going. I think finance is working heavily against breakup for the foreseeable future. I choose (a).

    • I would be relatively confident of an Italexit but the size of Italy’s economy would have a tendency to gain some concessions, informally or otherwise. The language would be syrupy legalese but the threat of exit would crseate some form of informal understanding between the E.U and Italy. Austerity would be flouted, National expenditure would be increased. There would be token pearl clutching on the E.U’s part, fines and penalties (to never be repaid just negotiated and renegotiated). An ostentatious display but in reality just Kabuki

  11. Z – I would be invite you to lunch or dinner next week (I work in-between Newark and NYC). Unfortunately I’ll be in a place called Kansas for work most of next week.

    Safe travels.

  12. The smart middle-aged Turk I work with had a different take on the attempted military coup in Turkey. Erdogan had pretty well purged the Turkish military of Atatürk secularist (who are supposed to hold a coup if the government become Islamic).

    To finish the job, Erdogan’s insiders staged the coup to draw out the secularist officers who they had missed in the earlier purges. Those guys are all now in prison or exile and Erdogan is now unopposed as a Dictator.

  13. Tommy an attention whore? Yeah him and patrick henry… when they raping your children time to throw down! .. On second, more considered thought, maybe

    Nah better to start killing em.

    • He is a gadfly. He goes out of his way to annoy and offend the people in charge. Part of that is to look for ways to gain the attention of the pubic. As a said, flawed heroes are often useful in flushing out the enemy. You can not like some of Robinson’s tactics, but still appreciate his utility. Ours is not an all or nothing world.

  14. Concerning the apparent lack sexual activity in the west: My admittedly crackpot theory- Consider the average 18th century man. Porn is hard to come by, like scoring crack today- one must venture into teh dangerous side of town. Masturbation is taboo. These guys were pressure cookers ready to explode! Today, 70% of men born after 1970 have never had a nocturnal admission (a term that has disappeared BTW)

    Related, I’ve had gay friends tell me that being gay was so much more fun when it was dirty and surreptitious. Ahem, i guess my point is.. that internet porn is sapping our essence. Maybe the old boxers that refrained from sex prior to the big fight were correct. For the young guys out there… refrain from porn/chokin it for a month and see what happens.

    • Part of it, but not the only thing.

      My son is 17. He and his friends are suspicious of women in ways that never occurred to me as a teenager. Rabid feminism, accusations of rape that will be believed and destroy their lives no matter how preposterous, and women generally being encouraged to act crazy – all that has really driven a wedge between the sexes.

      • My point is… the correct response is, and i will put it crudely- you gotta fuk the feminism outa them. One must, unfortunately be rather ruthless when principals are involved.

        • Feminists are so sexually unattractive that even a recently released convict would find them unappealing. Most are fat, look like slobs. And the others who dress up are stone cold monsters that radiate “stay the f**k away from me”.

          One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of American women, is that they go out of their way to be unfeminine. This makes them serious turn-offs to any normal guy.

          • yeah i get you. But go two months without any release… Seriously run the experiment. In a reversal of the dog bites man story you will be humping your dogs leg.

      • Dude, Online Porn is a $5 billion industry, which is pretty amazing considering lots of it is free. Over a third of all men in America look at porn at least once a week. If you think it hasn’t had an enormous impact on society, you’re deluded.

    • Considering the common presence and usage and brothels available at the time, maybe guys back then were not interested in porn because they were having actual sex? And you really believe people back then didn’t fap?!

      • 1) Brothels have never been free and located in nearly every house.

        2) Of course everyone has always fapped. There’s a pretty huge difference, though, between rubbing one out while thinking about the gal you saw that afternoon, then feeling guilty because you’d committed the sin of Onan on the one hand (heh), and on the other having societal sanction to indulge in unlimited video footage catering to every possible predilection easily available.

    • Perhaps we could adopt the tactics of the Moro Muslims in the Philipines. They were the reason our Marines dropped the .38 revolver for the .45 caliber.

      The Moros would wrap a piece of wet leather around a warrior buck’s testicles.

      Leather shrinks as it dries.

      After a week, the buck would become more…vigorous!…,filled with battle frenzy.

  15. What happened? Closed captioning was there for a single show two weeks ago, now it’s gone?

    • I think you have to turn it on inside YouTube. I have no idea how that works, to be honest. I’m just guessing that’s an option on the player.

    • The caption option appears for videos on other channels. It is possible that somebody/something (an algorithm) has turned off the captions for Zman.

  16. Italy may be out of the EU before England, and Germany (the heart of the beast) may be out before England as well. The final reaction to what happened to Tommy Robinson (the level of rage over the coming months) will show us whether there are enough Englishmen left over there to get the job done. In Germany, people who called the AfD and Pegida Nazis as recently as a year ago are publicly talking about voting for the “extreme right” “racists” in the next election. I was watching an interview at Spiegel (or maybe Tagesschau) with some typical cuckface bespectacled German man who was a lifelong Grand Coalition voter, and he was looking over the wall of his house, where the local Africans and Muslims throw their trash before and after pub crawls, and he said they play loud music 24 hours a day and neither he nor his wife nor kids can ever get any decent sleep. Many of Germany’s Chads and Staceys (Anna und Horst?) have been pushed out of normiehood and into our fighting camp.

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