Watching the Diversity Party Up Close

When you live in a diverse neighborhood, you learn a lot of about race and not the stuff the Left preaches about either. In fact, when you live in a diverse place, you see how laughably wrong the Left is about race. Race is not just a social construct and it is not just a white-black, master and servant thing. This is a big world with a lot of tribes living in isolation for very long periods of time. As a result, certain group characteristics have been baked into the cake.

Most of what we are is the result of a relatively small number of people inter-breeding for thousands of years. It is one of the things people don’t get about human development, but it is important. Humans are the results of thousands of years of cousins marrying cousins. It’s simple mathematics. Eurasians stand apart as they stopped this practice once they could figure out how to stop it. The rest of the world continued to inter-marry right up into this age.

In my little slice of heaven, we have a lot of blacks, a growing number of Amerindians, Koreans and South Asians. The folks from the sub-Continent are mostly Hindus, but we have some Pakistanis and Nepalese. Whites remain a majority in the state overall, but it’s a very slim majority and it is shrinking. The whites keep moving away from the diversity, so sprawl now goes from the city fifty miles in each direction. At some point, they will run out of places to hide from the glories of diversity.

Where I live there is a Darwinian struggle between the remaining whites and the other groups. An odd sort of alliance has developed where the remaining whites and Koreans are sort of aligning with the Amerindians and South Asians to keep the blacks at bay as much as possible. It’s a losing battle and the reason is in this story from Detroit. While the Asians are fine with being aggressively anti-black, whites are not. South Asians quickly pick up the anti-racist stuff, so they too are unreliable.

In my travels, I’ve found that whites have largely abandoned crime as a cultural ornament. White gangsters are a thing of the past, outside of the Aryan Brotherhood and outlaw biker gangs. They operate on the fringes, well away from the bulk of white Americans.This is why the typical 20-something white boy is trying to look a like a homosexual. Bad men and tough guys are as alien to him as buggy whips. Even the movies they watch are devoid of white guys being tough.

East Asians have organized crime, but it is inward looking and often tangled up in the legitimate governing institutions. Leland Yee is a good example. His accomplice has been tangled up in Chinatown politics for decades. The Koreans who have come to America are following the Tiger Mom route by sending their kids to college, financed by cash businesses they can run with a minimum of English. Koreans are fearless when it comes to business.

Then there are the Amerindians, who often speak Spanish, but not necessarily, many speak Mayan tongues like Mam and Nahuatl. We call them Latinos as if they are all descendants of the Goths on the Iberian peninsula. Mexico, like all of Central and South America is populated with people who prefer authoritarian government. They bring those habits here and the result is complex criminal gangs that function like a government in their communities.

MS-13 is a good example of how this works. The Mexican Mafia is another good example of how organized crime intersects with Latino culture. These are complex gangs that impose order on the Latino community. They also are well equipped to deal with the blacks with whom they battle for drug turf in American cities. The Mexicans seem to be winning. On the other hand, seventy years ago working class whites seemed to be winning, but then they lost.

The natural flow of things is for the whites to vote with their feet. I see for sale signs all around the cheaper areas just outside the city. It seems that these small ranchers are being bought by blacks fleeing the city, which only encourages more white flight. The late comers from the sub-Continent are tough to read. They have no criminal history and most are here because of professional reasons. They have advanced degrees in STEM fields and work at the big engineering firms and hospitals.

The younger ones live in apartments like barracks. They are H1B1 and will be fleeing once it gets too rough. Maybe they will follow the whites into insulated enclaves out in the county sprawl. The guy who runs the wine store near me lives in a nice bedroom community twenty miles away. I suspect he plans to sell out to a Korean who will install bullet proof glass and lay in a stock of cheap beer. Koreans hate blacks, but they will take their money, even from behind bullet proof glass.

This report from Michigan State comports with my observations. People from different tribes don’t get along very well. Even if it is not open warfare, it is a simmering sort of hostility that prevents anything resembling a community. I’ve lived here for ten years and I can name maybe five people within walking distance of me. I bet 70% of the whites around here were enthusiastic Obama supporters. Going by the for sale signs on their lawns now, I’m betting 70% prefer their diversity at a great distance.

Baltimore is a microcosm of what is going on in the nation at-large. Both political parties are berserk about replacing Americans with foreign imports, mostly from Central and South America. The new robber barons like Mark Zuckerberg want as many Hindus as possible. Legitimate gangsters like Sheldon Adleson want to flood the country with third world peasants and they are willing to buy all the politicians they need to do it. The rich people running America don’t like heritage Americans very much.

That’s why that Detroit story is important. The rather surprising candor about what is obviously a tribal assault is a bit stunning. It is our future. You cannot throw a bunch of people from different tribes together and not get violence. People will inevitably self-segregate.  They will inevitably arm themselves and start jostling with one another for supremacy. Charles Murray was right and everyone knows he was right. Maybe the Cult figures everyone is now ready to accept our Bosnian future.

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