Female Trouble

This week is a show about women. No, it is not just me mocking feminists, but there is some of that. I think our side does not always talk about the proper role of women, mostly because the people involved in dissident politics are men. That and the feminist loons dominate the issue, so the natural tendency is to react to their latest lunacy. It is a topic our side should talk about in a more constructive way, so I thought I’d try a little bit of that this week. At the same time, I wanted to keep it light, so I have some feminist bashing too.

After wrapping this episode up, it occurred to me that there are no alt-right women outside of the eye candy who do YouTube videos. Let’s face it, their popularity is superficial. No one will be asking me about Tara McCarthy’s thoughts on the current crisis. That’s no knock on these women. I’m just pointing out that the women involved in dissident politics are not engaging at an intellectual level. On the other hand, the more thoughtful women may be confined to the trad-mom world, which I don’t follow, so who know.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I’m now on Spotify, so the millennials can tune in when not sobbing over white privilege and toxic masculinity.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening (Music)
  • 02:00: The Reality Of Women
  • 12:00: Women In Politics
  • 22:00: Feminism
  • 32:00: Girl Power
  • 42:00: Misery
  • 52:00: Xirl Science
  • 57:00: Closing (Music)

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133 thoughts on “Female Trouble

  1. Hey Z, This is the first Power Hour I’ve listened to…while driving in traffic. Not a good idea as I was startled by the horse whinny between segments. Now that I know what to expect I should be ok. Great topic by the way. I’ve even heard women say there are too many women in leadership in primary education.

  2. Here you go – the Myth of Female Cooperativeness:



    Gossip and salt and blame-shifting fault, that’s what older girls are made of.

    Via reader Pepe, ¡SCIENCE! once again shits in the faces of feminists and pabulum spewing equalists.

    This is not the place for this comment, but then again SCIENCE: Women are way less cooperative than men: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0001691817305917

    This goes against the leftist myth that the world would be a better place if women ruled.

    “We confirmed a puzzling gender difference: men cooperate much more than women” [in a repeated Prisoner Game]. Also, cooperation doesn’t fade over time, as previously thought.


    “Females are more cooperative than men” – is just another feminist lie.

    Please stop spreading the lies of your enemies.

  3. I think female archetypes might affect the compete-cooperate dynamic among women. An archetype would be sorority, nerd/academic, trad mom, power mom, working mom, etc (not exhaustive).

    I think they bring their own flavor of cooperate/compete to the table and might be making the general idea of female competition vs cooperation harder to accept or see.

  4. Great music selections. “Girl Trouble” is a classic, but choosing famous wife-discipliner, Ike Turner’s “Rocket 88” for an essay on feminism is really appropriate. I love both husband’s and wife’s music, but good heavens being married to Tina must have been a trial, and must have required some discipline.

  5. Delusions of Women in 1976.
    In 1976 my cousin in New Zealand a 21 year old feminist then, told me that in the year 2000, in the Moscow Olympic games, that Wimen would compete with men in a no sex-differentiated Moscow games . She was serious and yes, this was 1976 in NZ.
    Vicious angry slogans on building walls would say > all men are rapists. Feminism was virulent, pathological, insane and hysterical then and now.

  6. I was going to let you know that playing with analytics, and fiddling with frequencies, didn’t work. I heard the whole podcast. Then I realized your method was more subtle, and more diabolical: it’s about the content! That Xirl Science bit… how to get that out of my head? I’ll have to iron pillow cases, do some sewing, immerse myself in Jane Austen novels. And even all that might not work!

  7. Interesting podcast, but you went way to easy on Larry Nassar. I understand what you were trying to say, but this was a very poor example. He didn’t just grope college students. He digitally penetrated pubescent girls, one as young as 6 years old, had tens of thousands of child porn images on his computer, including videos of himself molesting young girls. This is a truly sick individual.

    • Holy crap, THAT’S who Z was talking about? No wonder I found his comment confusing about a guy getting years in jail for groping. I cut Z a break sometimes. On the pop culture/sensational news/music/sports stuff, I think he skims and comes away with sweeping judgements. Keep in mind the guy doesn’t have cable. I get the impression he devotes his time to serious reading. Which both enriches himself, and in turn, us.

        • Derbyshire says himself that Nasser penetrated underage girls, and the article he links to says he penetrated underage girls (13 to 16) both vaginally and analy. Mind you, he plead guilty to these charges.

          You on your podcast 40:00 – 40:45.

          “He was charged for getting too handsy with girls, with college girls…for groping…he was groping.”

          There’s really GOT to be better examples than Nasser for you and Derbyshire to highlight the current MeToo style witch hunt.

          And to avoid anyone pressing you on it, why not just say, “yeah, bad example, I wasn’t familiar with the case.” Rather than digging in and insinuating that Derbyshire looked into it and found out Nasser wasn’t as bad as we thought.

        • Sorry, Z. Can’t even begin to agree with you (or Derbyshire) about Larry Nassar. If he was some creep in a sleazy singles bar getting handsy with women who knowingly went to the bar knowing that it was likely to have creepy men hanging about, that would be one thing. Nassar’s situation is entirely another. To keep it short, here are the two main points.
          1. Nassar sexually assaulted children.
          2. Nassar committed his crimes essentially UNDER COLOR OF AUTHORITY, which is to say while acting as a physician.

          The girls he assaulted didn’t show up looking for cheap sex, they went to him for his professional services as a sports medicine physician. I’m an MD. During residency training I occasionally had to perform physicals that included pelvic exams. These are notably UN-sexy procedures (face it, most people are not particularly attractive — not that I have it all my own damn self), I’d say at least 95% of the time, but every once in a while a very attractive woman shows up. These are the worst exams to do (even worse than the 300-lb smelly ones) but you by God control yourself and act professionally.

          Derb says “5 to 10 years”. Really. Were I presented with the legal right and opportunity, I would cheerfully shoot that useless sack of shit Nassar in the fucking head, and I’d sleep like a baby afterwards. (and by that I DON’T mean pissing myself and crying all night.)

          Here’s another point to consider. If one advocates for more “traditional” roles for women in society, then please recall that the other side of the coin is that traditional society was supposed to protect women and children (and female children especially) from creatures such as Nassar.

  8. Very interesting and insightful podcast. With respect to the biological differences between the genders and modern society’s willingness to pretend they don’t exist in order to exalt a false ideal of women’s equality (at least in physical terms), one great place to observe this in action is the CrossFit realm, especially at the highest competitive level when it’s televised each summer. CrossFit, like many other business enterprises, is deliberately planned and marketed primarily toward garnering new women customers among the millennial and Gen-X generations. The CrossFit marketing people know they’ll get men of these age groups into the gym because (1) most young or fit men in urban environments are already inclined to get into or stay in shape at a gym, and (2) if CrossFit can suck in enough pretty, young athletic women, the men looking for a place to work out will show up looking for eye candy and/or potential play dates. To make that “woman athlete”-focused business plan work, they go full throttle into the fantasy world of “girl power.”

    The 2018 CrossFit Games are currently in session. As in year’s past, it’s a VERY interesting case study to observe and note how differently the men’s and women’s competitors and events are covered by the CBS network. It really shows one how this current push to put women on the pedestal simultaneously downplays biological realities while quietly accepting them as undeniable fact. First, the women’s events are given FAR more televised attention and positive coverage. The women competitors at the top of the leaderboard have their names and origin stories blasted constantly on television before, during and after their competitive events with the obvious goal of making them household names. There are the usual long winded human interest stories about how this young, female competitor had to overcome not just the physical challenges of becoming a world class competitor but the other challenges “unique” to women in modern society. The men who lead the men’s leaderboard on the other hand are barely mentioned outside the coverage of their specific events. One or two male competitors may show up in a commercial but it’s obvious most of the advertising spots focus on the women competitors du jour. This year’s “it” girls are the two Icelandic women who have stood out the last three years or so.

    What undermines all this feminist propaganda to the reasonably objective person, male or female, is comparing the very different demands ad difficulties of the men’s and women’s events even when they are doing the same movements. Today, the much-hyped and secret event was something entitled, “Chaos.” It consisted of the competitors starting with a ski erg machine to simulate skiing a certain number of calories, then moving to different stations to do burpees with a jump to a mandated minimal height, single arm overhead squats with a dumbbell, single leg pistol squats, box jump overs and then pulling a heavy rolling tumbler for a distance of 110 feet. Guess what? The required work at each station for the women was considerably less than for the men, e.g. men had to ski more calories, jump higher at the burpee station, execute 45 overhead squats with a 50 lbs. dumbbell in one hand while women only had to execute 35 repetitions using a 35 lbs. dumbbell, etc. This is the case in every competitive event at this highest level and it’s the same at ordinary CrossFit “boxes” throughout the world when they conduct their daily workout of the day (WOD). What’s amusing to any person with a knowledge of men’s and women’s fitness standards is that these women competitors are in the top 0.1% of their peer group and are doing what about 15-20% of all the men in the CrossFit world are doing or capable of doing.

  9. I liked the bit about the woman being the baker’s oven. Without the oven, the baker is just standing there holding his loaf. Laugh out loud time, right there. The bit with the horse whinny at the mention of Catherine the Great was a nice touch.

  10. I feel for you guys that have to work around and for women…It has to be a blow to a guys self esteem to be bossed around by a female…I would quit before I would allow that to happen…So if there is any young men out there that are wondering what to have as a career and don’t ever want to be bossed around by a woman they should look into my line of work…

          • Sorry I thought it was obvious by the handle I use…I work on high voltage powerlines…I’m a Journeyman Lineman…

          • No worries Brother a lot of people do the same thing…Most don’t even know about us they just think their lights come on by magic;)

          • Lineman,

            This may sound like BS, but, yesterday, out of nowhere, it struck me that being a lineman would be a job I’d really enjoy. Not kidding. I researched openings with my city, and it looks like a great job and the pay is fantastic. Do you think a guy my age (45 But very healthy and fit) would have a shot?

          • Yea Brother definitely…We have had guys that were in there early 50s make it through the apprenticeship…It is rough though on your body when you come through that late and it is a problem with some of the guys to be yelled at by a younger journeyman…It’s a great job Brother I’ve been in it for over 20 years and I still think they actually pay me to do this;) And yea the pay and benefits are some of the best out there…

          • Don’t wanna keep clogging the thread with personal stuff but thanks so much for replying. It seems quite a few men my age and older do it so I’m encouraged. Looking into Comm. College cert programs for Lineman and welding tech now

          • No, DaDZ, that’s for Lineman (these postings don’t step-sort correctly) and it’s a Glen Campbell reference.

  11. In a public space, like an office, women always assume women are acting. The suspicion that other women aren’t what they seem really messes with their heads.

  12. My experiences with women in professional and personal settings has been identical to what the other commenters describe. They are constantly feuding and forming new alliances based on the most idiotic reasons (e.g. “on my birthday she only brought me a card, but she got that bitch a cake!”)

    They are not problem solvers, are nothing close to conceptual, and CANNOT think on their feet. They freak out when things don’t go according to plan and will always look to a man they perceive as competent to bail them out. Every woman I’ve dated or am friends with has admitted they hate working with women and hate female bosses even more because of their vindictiveness, pettiness, and favoritism.

    I’ve been a member of several work groups that had either one or two female members, and in every situation they just faded into the background and contributed almost nothing. This despite the fact that the men would routinely ask them for their input and do everything we could to include them. The women just had this look in their eyes that said “I know I don’t belong here.”

  13. I hear the “marriage/children make women more conservative” trope fairly often these days, but so far nobody’s offered up a convincing proof that this is actually a cause-and-effect relationship, other than a few lame personal anecdotes. The direction could be reversed, or they could both be based on some broader cultural norms.

    In theory the answer should be out there in the census data – look at voting rates before and after marriage. You could also look at aggregates across time (not geography), which has the same problem but might at least reveal a leading/lagging relation.

    Anyway, all we can confidently say is that “high marriage rates are associated with conservative culture”. Any further speculation calls for additional evidence.

      • This is still all correlation. I don’t see why you think causation logically follows. Obviously women start out single, but that’s an obvious strawman argument.

        Think about the lifestyle of a typical liberal white woman: carousel riding and career-obsessed in her prime, then turning to bitterness and bitch-feminism when the wall approaches and finally easing into the spinster cat-lady lifestyle in middle age. That’s not conducive to marriage. Women who follow this template, which *starts* with a particular ideology, are far less likely to ever be married. By contrast, women who grow up in conservative families and conservative towns are encouraged far less to pursue careers in welding and far more to find a good man.

        I’m sure that lifestyle and ideology form a feedback loop, to some extent. But I could easily theorize that liberalism, and especially feminism, is essentially a prophylactic against marriage. After all, a goal of the movement was always to destroy traditional marriage. So we don’t know if marriage “converts” women to Republican voters; the same aggregates can be reached by Democrat-voting single women having an abnormally high rate of being unmarriageable. I haven’t seen any data or any arguments that would indicate otherwise.

        And let’s not even talk about single black women and latinas…

    • Yup. This is how it works: come up with a provocative catchword or catchphrase about something weird and edgy, that you and a few other people are obsessed with. Attach your name to it. Write a book, go on zero rated talk shows to discuss it, do a YouTube. Wail when someone criticizes it (makes for more publicity). Make yourself rich and famous (not).

      Or go the Jim Acosta route, be a complete a**hole, and try and turn your day job into some sort of personal brand. Then follow the steps above.

  14. WEB Dubois, who was a serious scholar, wrote about “The Souls of Black Folk.”

    Today, the academy writes about “The asses of Black Folk.”

  15. At 29:50. “The idea was to create a class of losers. Who found solidarity in their misery as losers.”

    Man. Just…so perfect. One thinks it’s all been said before. But the power of a great phrase or angle, to make a known truth seem fresh again. Yeah. This is why we keep coming back to guys like Z.

  16. You describe the gender politics at my workplace almost perfectly, as if you had experienced it directly!

    I think the difference between men and women in competitive technical fields is deeper than just competitive differences. I have a friend who is just a tinkerer. It’s like he derives gratification simply from punching code, and working on computers in different ways and electronics, as self full filling, self gratifying activities in themselves. Personally, I’m not like that, but I can see that he gets the same satisfaction from that as I get from poetry riddles or word games or those sorts of things. It’s just how his mind is structured.

    Now combine that tendency with a competitive instinct, and the result is the type of creative power of a Kilby, a Noyce or a Shockley!

  17. A comment on what happens when a profession is taken over by women and how I view the exceptions to the rule, be it in politics, science etc:

    Men and women statistically have different personalities and think and emote differently. It is true there is the exception. But, as a whole, in their collective behavior they regress towards the mean. Men are more facts and logic oriented, women more emotions and social context oriented. Hence, take something like medicine (Im an MD btw). As it is being swarmed by reasonably bright young women, the nature of medical practice slowly changes, from ‘fight the disease and save the patient’ to ‘comfort the patient’. This was traditionally done by the nurses, while the (male) doctors had their eyes on the technical, scientific, biological side of the patient, ie they were fighting the disease.

    Women also are less adventurous and you need an element of boldness to do actual research (not to be confused w the ‘research’ reported in 90% of peer-reviewed journals). Hence the straight A girl is often not an actual innovative master of her field but rather an expertly trained regurgitater of her subject. She will do zero worthwhile research, and open any peer reviewed journal, you can verify that most ‘research’ is not worth the paper its printed on.The problem obviously also seen w men, but there just are more actual researchers there, 1-in-20 is a lot better than 1-in-600.

    This pattern, which btw I suspect is related to fractals and self-similarity (I do mathematical models of medical problems, there are ZERO girl MDs who do this, but a few tomboys who studied math and then wanted something a little ‘softer’ than theoretical physics), is a given consequence of girls taking over a profession. Yes, there will be outliers, but girls in a group are even more girly than girls on their own. As girls enter science, science will become less scientific, it will simply be less about facts, logic, distinction between what you know and what you feel etc. And you cant build ICBMs with your ‘feelings’. So we lose out. GIrls aren’t fucking built for this shit and letting them do it, well, you better be ready to kowtow to Beijing coz they have 50 million pretty bright male engineers who don’t have time for xirly engineering nonsense.

    Finally, this is also seen as testosterone levels in men drop like a rock. Men regress towards a new, low-testo mean and we have tons of useless soyboys all over the place.

    Rant over.

  18. Good post. Women realism is an important topic I think but it is thorny. My own views are not yet settled here.

    What do people say, should women have the vote, and the right to hold office? Im tilting towards no but my views haven’t coalesced yet.

    • No republic can survive universal male suffrage, or ever has. Female suffrage lays WD-40 on the skids. As a man said, politics is show business for ugly people, so there is no particular reason to bar women from public office.There is every reason not to let them vote ugly people into office.

      • Im inclined to agree w you. Owning property is a reasonable test for either having a real stake in society in its current form or of not being a total loser. Letting welfare hordes vote, well, that’s letting all the ppl who lost in the system vote. Seems logical that this would lead to socialism and other loser’s systems.

  19. Many excellent comments and great insights; and superb presentation by Z-Man. But I keep asking myself: What can we do about it. Because what we are doing isn’t working. The woman thing has gone off the rails. And men checking out, climbing on their Harleys and doing the MGTOW thing isn’t going to work, either. The women just flood into politics, the bureaucracy and all other public places, and them come gunning for us. Like the select Union soldiers at Shilo fleeing the initial Southern assault who turned around at the Sunken Road & Hornets’ Nest, we’ve got to stop and fight, or all will be lost for men. The females are remorseless and relentless … however much they hate and fight among themselves, Western born / raised ones now are focusing all their “soft power” on locking their position as the cultural powers.

    • I don’t know if you can put the toothpaste back in the tube. But-
      1. Recapture the culture. Young women naturally gravitate to men and babies, give them a nudge by making marriage, home and families cool again. Movies, music, magazines, social media, etc.
      2. Reinstate orthodox Christian teaching regarding sexual morality, the purpose of marriage, divorce, birth control, abortion, pornography. Preach it.
      3. Make family formation affordable.
      And I have no clue how to do these things.

      • 1) Can only be done by creating alternative to MSM/Hollywood and mainstream publications which are the antithesis of traditional families, stable homes, etc.

        2) Promise Keepers. The MSM demonized them when they first appeared but they are still around but keep a low profile. They just need a smart leader with a bit of muscle.

        3) This means going against corporate America and the FIRE industry that has benefited from a flood of illegals(H-1B’s, etc) driving up the prices of everything from homes to cars and depreciating wages. Thus making families expensive and keeping mom at work.

        And it’s not just here, in Germany, France and other European nations it’s the same. It’s very expensive for couples to have kids so they don’t.

  20. Notice that as women take over a company that company starts acting like a community organization? Internally it’s parties for birthdays and babies. All sorts of events. Meanwhile, the company needs to “Give back to the community.” Of course what the company is supposed to be doing suffers.

  21. There is an understanding of humans that observes we behave as if it is safer to be wrong with the crowd than right all alone. We witness this every day and the quality is especially concentrated in women. Fear of being outside the group is what filters what we think. A woman who steps outside the group has another, smaller group to support her. A man may exist opposed to the group alone, in virtue of his most unpleasant qualities.

  22. Regarding cooperation, I wonder if women are more cooperative only in certain, specific arenas. I remember reading something recently about a study of group cooperation that found that groups of men work together much better than groups of women because among men a hierarchy is quickly established and men settle into their group roles fairly readily. Women, on the other hand are constantly redefining the hierarchy and jockeying for position, which made them far less efficient.

    This bears out in tales my daughter tells of work in the female-dominated healthcare industry. The backbiting and pettiness are incredible. I work in a male-dominated company, on the other hand, and it’s a completely different environment — very competitive, but in entirely different ways than the constant social warfare my daughter endures.

    Meant to add: This is also seen in a book my daughter was reading about social hierarchy within wolf packs. The very same behavior was evident. Males within the pack quick formed a fairly static hierarchy. Meanwhile the pack females’ hierarchy would change constantly.

  23. Still having a hard time understanding this:

    You have two groups; we’ll call them group M and group W. The two groups are exactly alike in every way and each group makes up ~50% of the total population. However, group M has been able to completely oppress and/or control group W for all of recorded history. You would think that group W could have thrown off this oppression at any time. Since W possess all the same attributes as group M this means that M cannot have any inherent advantages over W. Since they did not, does this mean that group W wanted to be oppressed controlled by group M?

    Thanks in advance…

    • I say no, group W was too busy tearing itself apart while group M was getting on with building out their community. At the end of the day, group W had no standing, as it was no longer a group but a bunch of individuals. Group M gets the blame for this, but correlation is not causation. Turning group M people into W’s weakens the whole system, no matter how much the W’s see that as some sort of “just” outcome.

    • This is pure conjecture, since Group W, of course, does not possess the same attributes as Group M. Group W is physically disadvantaged and Group M can kick Group W’s ass. QED.

      • I’m just throwing things out there to see what sticks, but if you look around at coordinated, predatory gang behavior, of the most brutal sort (drug cartels, MS-13, biker gangs, ghetto street gangs), it is almost all male. Highly focused, goal oriented, and acting in a particularly bloodthirsty fashion, you only see the occasional female involved. I don’t think brute strength is the primary driver here, more the affinity for organizing like a pack of wolves to get what you want. The hard-wiring for such a level of organization, commitment, and group discipline appears to me to be much more male oriented.

        A highly organized and disciplined group W should be able to easily overpower a less organized and committed group M, but you don’t see it happening much.

        Antifa, too, is a mixed bunch of males with some females thrown in. Their adversaries, as much as I can tell from videos here and there, are entirely male (perhaps the structure there sends the females to the rear lines). The Antifas seem to fold quickly when things don’t go their way, and only swarm and attack when things are in their favor. Their opponents seem much better at counterattack and not folding in the face of violence. Antifas retreat and regroup, while their opposition keeps moving forward and showing a relatively disciplined approach. Could be simply the specific videos I have seen.

        • “A highly organized and disciplined group W should be able to easily overpower a less organized and committed group M, but you don’t see it happening much.“

          Respectfully would disagree. In the conventional culture at large, women seem to be winning …. “bigly.”

          They own the accepted cultural disciurse now. Male behavior, speech and interests, recently commonplace, are now proscribed … even in the mainstream military.

        • Dutch, “A highly organized and disciplined group W should be able to easily overpower a less organized and committed group M”, and they are, NOWADAYS.

          • I will back down on that one. Men own the physical sphere due as much to self-organization as to brute strength (IMO), but women have played the mental ganging-up game much better. They know how to lay mental blows and then claim victimization when men strike back. The whole of the Left has picked up on that game, vs. the Right.

  24. Veterinary medicine used to be a male-dominated profession. I’m not sure exactly when the drift started, but I’d guess 70s or 80s. This is becoming a real problem in the rural, large animal practice side of the business. Doctoring horses and cattle is, as you might expect, a seriously physical business. Most women simply can’t handle it. Add to that, it’s the least well-paid part of the profession. You can make much better money giving vaccines to rich peoples’ poodles. There’s a real shortage of physically-capable veterinarians in large animal practice.

    One writer, Steve Sailer maybe(?), has noted that when a profession starts turning female, it means it is no longer regarded as a prestige profession. The men move on to more competitive environments. I don’t know why that’s true of veterinary medicine or what the causative factor is, but I’d really like to know.

    • Im an MD, human medicine has the same problem; it is becoming advanced nursing as women take over. Most real research is now done by biochemists, molecular biologists, biophysicists etc but not ppl who went through med school.

    • Whether women entering the field has caused the stagnation in salaries, or whether the decline in salaries has diminished the number of men entering the field, is almost irrelevant. It is the fact that men, not for love of money, but for sleepless nights wondering how they will pay for the second child’s college on the heels of the first, are innately providers. I have never seen a woman, not even a single mother, lose the sleep and suffer the ulcers as the much-reviled middle-class white man will do to provide for his own. Look in the alleys and homeless shelters for the men who failed, or who could no longer bear the pressure of trying.

      • Yes, have noticed this in our pets’ (dog and 2 cats) vet’s practice. More lady vets, very attentive and bright. The male founders of the practice are still present. Don’t know about large animal practice, but what you note makes sense. Here’s where I see real trouble: the church and the educational institutions. Go look at reports of the recent triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church held this year in San Antonio TX. Horrid Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who distinguished himself — NOT — at the royal wedding several months ago, blathered on about “love” and inclusiveness and all the other tired watchwords of the progressive project. Photos showed fat, dykey wymyn (I guess) carrying baskets of whole wheat, gluten free, bread bits around the hall for “Eucharist” celebrations, wearing t-shirts and Wal-Mart leggings. A few of these folks were obviously Priests-in-training, sporting stoles printed in African colors and stripes, with shaved head haircuts and a little forelock sprouting up. It would have been more fun if Bob Marley had been in the house and we had some fun music to listen to. I am a life-long Episcopalian and it makes me physically ill to see this. I give the church another 10 years. Without straight white males, who obviously have no career future here, they are DONE.

  25. Thank goodness the adult enters the room.
    Women have profound concerns that MUST be dealt with if the alt-Dissidents are to gain legitimacy.

    This downward spiral of screwing each other over serves no one. White men, no angels, still did their best. Where we failed is in allowing not-us others, madwomen, and divorce lawyer hucksters to set the terms. We should be speaking to the women, not them.

    As Heartiste says, men compete then cooperate, women compete to eliminate.

    The males are setting a pecking order from head hunter to spear maker to water carrier.
    Males form hunting bands of 5 to 15 members. Their value signals are of projects and merit.

    The females eliminate rivals for their targeted males seed carriers. Eggs are precious, but alpha seed is rarest of all.
    Females form camps of 20-40, including children and elderly. Their values concern outside the job at hand, the long term day-to-day of gathering, rearing, and care- daily repetition for a lifetime. Their social structure is a level team effort, with tiny details of status in a pretty uniform net- a village.

    A man who thinks he’s above everyone is a leader, while a girl who thinks so is a b*tch.
    Omigosh. Boys and girls are different, who knew.

    In the modern workplace, I’ve seen that the cattiness factor dies down if the office is mostly female and rote production, such as large insurance claim, tax form processing, or assembly line. Very few males means the women settle down; a larger mix of males or mobility and watch the F out.

    Now men do fine on the project, but don’t even notice birthdays.
    A potluck, a baby shower, a holiday?
    Stand back boys, the girls putting up streamers and decorations will run you right over!

    Sex is like race. Clear limits on suitable roles and percentages of mixing keeps things copacetic.

    The drama queens force an unnatural mix, stirring sh*t up, because that’s THEIR pathetic industry of attention-seeking opportunity.

    None of the headcase drama addresses the real-life needs of women. Such a fricking waste. Suck it up, fellas, our beloved gals need us, they really, really need white men to step up to the plate. So does everyone else.

    • Sorry for the disjointed rants. Posting before thinking, busy day ahead.

      Another factor of instinct- male relatives, uncles, grandfathers, fathers, sons- form a natural patriarchy within a tribe, with one family ahead of the rest.

      Being individually weak, the women cooperate as a collective to counter that umbrella of male relatives- but between themselves, scheme and manipulate for personal advantage.

      As always, our instincts can betray our best intentions. Think, boys, think! White men can out-think anyone. Our opposition is clever, not sentient. Why do we let the least qualified- criminals, beasts, and brats- lead by emotion?

      We’re not only strong, we’re smart…!

    • One woman among men can do fine if she is not lead and sex is not involved. If only one man wants the sex and she wants him, it can still work.

      Women properly mated can be cooperative with a leading male.

      The rest of your observations seem to be very spot on.

  26. SJWs and other womyn behave like wackos because they know every time they feel their ears or eyesight being “raped” by some inocuous utterance/action made by a toxic white male they can call the cops and make a big raucous for nothing, in the very least.
    The day a woman understands that the only protection she will get is the one provided by her man (and by the men with whom her man is bound up with) it will be the day when all this nonsensical nth wave feminism vanishes overnight.
    Of course this equates with current civilization collapse and related end of the police state, so there’s no foreseeable easy way out.

  27. I think that @thezman is right when considering large groups/women in general. The issue for me is: what about the exceptions to the rule? In the past there was never an outlet for a smart woman with intellectual interests. There were stigmas against women not only voting or entering politics, but also being artists and writers. Where should the line be drawn? I see no point in stifling the natural talents of 50% of the population, but I also think that lowering standards so that women can enter fields where they are obviously outclassed is a societal negative (e.g., women firefighters).

    Most women would lead rather conventional lives given the choice. I think many would be happy if society was structured away from the necessity of being a two income family just to make ends meet – women would rather raise families and create homes. But if a woman should decide to be ‘eccentric’ and is capable and not asking for special treatment, why not allow her to do as she pleases?

    • Indeed. I got in this exact same dung fight over at Jim’s Blog where he asserted “all women are like that” – ie trailer park whores and shrews that need to be spanked like children regularly lest they go feral. I got banned when I disagreed with the obvious flaws in that, LOL. The prevailing opinion over there is that women need to be grabbed by the pussy, bent over and savagely railed too – and that if they don’t get it the women will import hordes of howling savage mud flaps from the third world to do it for them if white men wont.

      He has ammo for some of that; but my outhouse estimate is that easily 30% of women are not like that at all.

      Why are some women smarter than that while others are not?

      • Society lost its moorings in the 60s. Can you imagine a Victorian man hooting at a woman in the street? There would be no #metoo movement if it was socially unacceptable for women to agree to unchaperoned/solo visits with male strangers. Don’t get me wrong: I think good men should conduct themselves like gentlemen in the world as a matter of personal principle. I just think that the loosening of sexual mores and the bawdiness of daily life contribute to behavioral decline in both sexes. Even well-dressed, respectable women get unwanted, rough attention from cruder men these days. Importing a bunch of barely civilized third-world people will not improve the situation.

      • Why are some men smarter than Jim? It must be genetic. Just for grins, I checked out his blog.
        “A woman wants you to use her, to exploit her, to take advantage of her. At the same time she is going to make it difficult for you to do so. Life would be so much easier if women had an off switch, but since they don’t, you just have to get on with the use, the exploitation, and the taking advantage.”
        “Marriage is a contract between the former owner of the bride, normally her father, and the new owner of the bride, normally her husband. Reproductive sex is an essential part of this contract.”
        He seems nice.

        • LOL. He’s a charmer, alright. By slapping women around, he can make them moan in ecstasy and beg for more – or so he says.

          But despite his charms, Jim is responding to his environment in a predictable and logical manner: he bangs tirebiiters and bubblegummers and his behaviour patterns are warped to respond to the warped skanks he favours.

          These feminists, SJWs and progs are hurting themselves, their men, their kids, their community and their nations. At least Jim gets his rocks off; these crazed xirls and pan-gendered freak shows only have pain and hurt for their antics. If anything they support Jim’s theories all the way. Behaviour like that borders on lunacy… what do women get out of that? Am I missing something?

          • Glen, on freaks’ antics, first see https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/all-about-sex/201508/why-do-women-have-RAPE-fantasies
            Then, check out various thoughts at https://whiskeys-place.blogspot.com/2008/09/modern-romance.html , e.g. :
            “Under the Western System, men and women are mostly free to choose their own partners. But institutions, such as local Church, or benevolent society, or group/block civic organization dances, fairs, exist to mediate that choice. Guide the choices, control them, and ensure optimal outcomes….
            … Critically, the MEDIATING institutions allow “test drives” without sexual commitment….
            … These rules form the bedrock of Western romance. They serve to form life-long partnerships based on love, and for the most part have worked for about a THOUSAND years….
            … the radical shift in romantic choices, brought about by the Pill, the Condom, rising female wealth, and URBAN anonymity. Which is why Modern Romance … is dead.”

            When Modern Romance died, most women were left adrift, to end up with huge propensities to become FREAKS.

          • And, I’ll add, women’s temptation to exploit this URBAN anonymity has been greatly
            encouraged, by the assault upon MEDIATING institutions launched by ever-more pervasive mass media.

      • Glen, kudos to you for trying to talk sense into the manosphere, about something which should go without saying.
        If the Jim’s Blog types come to dominate the manosphere, it will likely remain in the “political” wilderness, despite its other key virtues.
        Please tell us of those which you see as the sanest sites in the manosphere.

        I’ll wager that the number of reasonable ones is well above 30%.
        They must tread carefully about showing themselves in public, however, lest they be destroyed by the Sisterhood.

        • I couldn’t tell you Jaqship. I can tell you – based on 50 years of living in a severely pozzed family and marrying a wife from another – the best of the manosphere writers is right here – and Z isn’t even a ‘manosphere’ writer per se. Sounds like he knows his way around leftists too, though. I get the bitterness and anger that arises from dealing with chitty liberal women – I understand that all the way through and for years I was as bitter as any of those toxic manosphere guys about it. Such women destroyed my family and not one of them can bring herself to take any responsibility for it, or be an adult and make amends. Our talks went like the one Z refers to with Jordan Peterson trying to talk with that talkshow bint. Even though the world does not work the way such women think it should, and the evidence for that is undeniable – they still cling to the ideas destroying them and their families. They will literally die or live in misery than face the unpleasant truths that trouble them.
          The best response to that are the manosphere blogs that promote the male virtues. Go on a diet, work out, school yourself in the manly arts and educate yourself in the manly philosophies of Christianity and Stoicism, and minimalism, and make every effort to be cheerful and thankful in the face of adversity. It is all damned challenging stuff to do.

          Anger and bitterness are destroying our women and it is all too easy to let it destroy us too.

    • The problem is that takes them out of the gene pool, they tend to end up as cat ladies because they realize too late that having husband and children are more important than some bullshit job. And most jobs are bullshit.

      This is what is happening now. At one time the brighter women became teachers and our children benefited from having highly competent instructors. Now thanks to feminism, many women believe they can have a “meaningful career” in some corporate office. Which is a total lie. They get sucked in, spend their best years toiling in a crap job getting nowhere and when they hit 30-25 they realize it’s been a big lie, they try to find a mate and have children but it’s difficult.

  28. It seems as if even a lot of progressive males, in some dim chamber of their minds, know there are hardwired biological differences between men and women. I was reading an article on “Mother Jones” about how the Army’s female PT test has lighter standards (less push-ups, etc.) in order to measure women’s “commensurate level of physical fitness” (or some such crap) to male soldiers. Someone, a frequent commentor and a progressive himself, piped up and said, “Well, if the women are doing fewer push-ups isn’t that an acknowledgment that they’re not as strong, or at least different from men?” Pretty much every answer he got from the progressive peanut gallery was some variation of that guy from “Spinal Tap,” saying, “These go up to eleven.”

    • We ALL *know* there are hardwired differences between men and women. The denial of this is a testament to how most people, and 99.9% of women (maybe 90% of men) are guided by social context, not facts. Ie they can live w total intellectual dissonance but not social dissonance.

      • Well, the problem is that a lot of times the consequences of playing dumb are much larger than intellectual dissonance. Let’s say the blast radius for some grenade is fifteen feet (give or take), and the average female soldier can only throw that grenade ten feet (even in a training scenario). But that average female decides she wants to be an infantry(wo)man and she writes her average congresswoman who starts a campaign to make this girl’s GI Jane fantasy a reality. I figure at this point even if she looks like Jessica Alba very few men are going to want to be near her in a military setting.

        • We don’t disagree. One major reason that the military, and things like firefighting, is one of the last hold-outs against make-belief ‘equality’ is that it is one of the places where reality can be as rough, or rougher (in combat or working dangerous equipment (by which I did not mean women lol)) than the social context. In talky chatty jobs, the social context dominates hard reality. And fairy tales can thrive, hence so can nutty leftism.

    • Reading progressive tweets, the hysterical stupidity and conformity is astonishing and appalling, ain’t it?

      Then the dark brownies and foreigners join in, and it goes wayyyy beyond eleventy! as they follow each other’s lead. (With white progs competetively sucking ass.)

      Makes me lose hope in humanity-
      And then it reminds me of the unique Burden of white men as the leaders and saviors of this wicked world. Hold fast! Hold horns high!

    • I remember in college freshman biology, the prof asked the class for a raise of hands if you think men have bigger heads than women. I was the only one in a class of at least 50 who raised his hand. No girls raised their hands either. I’m still not sure if everyone was that stupid, or just petrified they’d be wrong and publicly exposed as sexist. His question did seem like a potential counterintuitive gotcha! question. But still, you know what you KNOW. What a bunch of fearful wimps. I’ll never forget that moment.

    • A 55 year old man of the same size and fitness level as a 25 year old woman is typically as strong. American female 25 year old vs. 25 year old Russian standard male soldier. But…she watches many episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer for inspiration.

  29. Havent heard it yet, will do after work. No, there are hardly any women in dissident politics. Women most stick to mainstream and are not leaders and it is a sign of weakness when they have, or are allowed, to lead. If biology picked you to swell to a small landwhale, walk like a duck and push out a 7 lbs screaming lump, having ‘strong independent opinions’ could easily make you lone snack for cave bears away from all the ppl who didnt share your ‘strong independent views.’ Hope this podcast is good, ie straight talk on women.

  30. Most women need a religious underpinning to their activism, especially if it gets a step or two beyond the simple alleviation of perceived suffering.

    Marxist feminism provides this, mostly by playing up the supposed suffering and putting it in a mythic framework complete with a bogey man and a promised Eden somewhere in the hazy distance.

    The dissident right simply fails to provide anything like a satisfying non-material rationale. Simple appeals to reason or evidence do not work.

    Better to take something a woman already feels strongly about and reframe it in such a way that her emotions are redirected however indirectly, e.g. highlight the Jewish character of the abortion racket, point out the way that many brown Latinos treat animals, etc.

    Also, selective but ruthless white knighting is one of the best things you can possibly do. A chance for you to show your quality, as they say. At least to the audience of females present if not the one you are actually sticking up for. Once a female has made up her mind that you are Worthy, bringing her along politically is a detail.

    If you think that this sort of “scheming’ about how to get females to do what you want is somehow dishonest or makes you uncomfortable, understand: women spend the first half of their lives engaged in precisely this sort of behavior and do not lose a minute’s sleep over it.

  31. Three things have vastly eroded the foundation of Western society:

    1. Women’s suffrage
    2. Women in the workplace
    3. Birth control

      • Those things are side-effects of The Pill.
        Female sexuality let loose and “respected”. Next stop, dirt-floor huts and shiftless men servicing females in front of the 6 half-sibling half-starved semi-feral children in the hut. Matriarchy.

  32. The whole “men more competitive – women more cooperative” is a gross oversimplification IMHO. I’ve lost track over the years of how many women who have told me that they HATE working with other women. Maybe their periods all get in sync or something – but a bunch of women working together in an office environment typically end up acting like hormonally deranged high school age girls. The women who have told me this were all highly educated and smart and competent – and included female managers I worked under and a highly successful female business owner.

    In my experience it is MEN who are more cooperative than women. Men are more individualistic and competitive – but they also seem to inherently know how to cooperate in a group setting to get something done. I have played on sportsball teams before where the team just worked without anybody being an outright leader. Working in high tech – I have worked on multiple teams – all men – who have also worked together in the same fashion. No ostensible “leader” – the men just got the work done. The long history of men working together in groups to hunt and marching in armies I think would bear out this observation. Women have no comparable history.

    On the flip side it seems that whenever you try and put a bunch of women together in a “team” – it turns into a variation of one of those “Mean Girl” movies – where there’s one head bitch – and some of her minions – who just run roughshod over the rest of the “team”. If I had to guess (and I’m not guessing much because again, I’ve had women say they hate this shit) – women dive out of the workforce because they don’t want to spend their lives reliving high school.

    Jordan Peterson has a video somewhere on Youtube where he talks about female lawyers. He said they’re highly educated , extremely smart – and they still leave the profession in their 30’s. The figure out that it’s not worth working themselves into an early grave – and because they’re typically married to successful men – they CAN leave. On the flip side he says there is a sub group of highly competent – highly competitive men in lawyering – who will just work themselves to death. Women simply cannot – or will not bother to – keep up with that.

    I’ve seen the same thing in high tech – it’s not full of women pulling 14 hour days and working at 2am in the morning. That’s almost the exclusive domain of men – especially the young ones , who haven’t figured out yet they’re being taken for a ride.

    • Sometimes, seemingly contradictory things can be true. Sure, women will scratch each other’s eyes out to get the attention of a man. On the other hand, they prefer to cooperate with one another in the workplace. On the other hand, this contradiction produces SJW’s in the work place.

      Few things in life are binary.

      • Sure, women will scratch each other’s eyes out to get the attention of a man. On the other hand, they prefer to cooperate with one another in the workplace.

        Gotta say, my experience of women in the workplace is much more like what calsdad said. Women don’t “cooperate with one another in the workplace.” Instead, they form cliques that bicker with each other for the purpose of bickering, can’t just stick to the substantive issue of what needs doing, instead get into disputes that revolve around who likes who, and whenever an objective negative evaluation is made of their plan/suggestion, they take it as a personal criticism and get all pissy.

        So, they “scratch each other’s eyes” not just in competition for men but just in the course of their daily interactions. Of course, this doesn’t happen uniformly or incessantly, but it does seem to be a frequent phenomenon with women in the workplace.

        • Perhaps I should have phrased it as “women would prefer to cooperate…” but that’s not possible in a competitive workplace. The result is the bickering and SJW phenomenon.

          I don’t know. My thoughts are not complete on this subject.

          • Not all workplaces are competitive. I’ve seen far more workplaces where the people (men mostly) – just want to show up and get the job done. I don’t even think women “prefer to cooperate” – since I’ve seen very little of that coming from women even outside the workplace, except when they put on their pink pussy hats and all get together to bitch about something. SOP for women seems to be certain level of constantly bitching about some subset of their “friends” or co-workers. To the point where I’ve had to tell my wife to just STFU about it because I got sick of listening to it.

            Women put on a good show of “cooperation” – but the reality is they’re all dissing each other over their bad hair colors , “why did she wear that” – and “Becky is such a bitch – I hate her”.

            Women will cut each other’s throats in all sorts of sneaky little ways and spend more time griping about things and bitching about wanting to go home – than just buckling down and getting the job done so they can go home.

            Again: I see no reason to concede anything to feminist claims that simply haven’t borne out in reality.

          • Structure, structure, structure!
            Social organization and it’s effects depends on the physical structure of the immediate environment.

            Let us anticipate human natures in our design.

          • I think both you and carlsdad et al are holding two ends of the same beast — they will fight relentlessly against their female competition, scratching each other bloody. At the same time, they can as a whole turn against and purge any “man” who makes the mistake of trying to force his will on their system.

            Only have a few yrs experience in the civilian bureaucratic workplace. In the military, it was a bit different, though in the deep staff pockets, where people fulfilled admin and support roles for long duration, you did see this creep in.

            One salty old chaplain advised me, upon my taking over an organization with a dysfunctional, female-heavy, support staff, that I needed to split the females between different offices … preferably one per office.

            He said one woman in an office with men could be the “queen bee,” two with or without men could be friends (if you were lucky); but if you had three, two would talk about whichever wasn’t in the room, and friction would heat up the air. He was right.

          • Yes this is the model that i have observed works. A queen bee and younger women seem to get along fine. I like women and make it a point to make friends with older, unattractive women in my organization. For instance, i often go to lunch with the 50ish woman that handeled human resources in my department (she’s sweet as hell). I insist on paying and we just bullshit about our lives and work. At one point i counseled her to ask for a raise and how to ask. She got it so i’m golden. Upshot, she’s saved my ass on numerous occasions. It’s almost embarrassing, but she will call me to remind me of important meeting etc. Young women i avoid like typhus, no good can come of that.


          • No Man’s thoughts on the subject will ever be complete. It’s fun to hear opinions as always, but please don’t ever think you’ve nailed down any definitive info on Women. OK, so the weird ones can be identified. Congrats – you just nailed down the dummies. The rest are still a mystery. Any one who thinks better is an idiot.

          • In my experience, it’s both. If you have a group of gals in the workplace who generally like each other, than they cooperate much better than men do, even compared to men who generally like each other. But when the gals don’t get along, for whatever reason, then the dysfunction is much greater than it is between males.

        • In a social situation where other women are present, the presence of a man, and any fighting over him, have nothing to do with the man. He is merely a prop. The fighting is for a woman to establish domination over the other women in the room by monopolizing the attention of the man. It’s the big “F-U” from one woman to the others. Similarly, women dress not for the men, but to make a statement to the other women around them. Do men give two shits about a designer handbag or those pumps that are red on the soles? That is all by women, for women, to establish dominance in a female catfight. We men are simply the props and the rubes. The lack of total MGTOW on our part is because we like women around to chase around the room when we feel like it. Thinking with the wrong head and all.

          • Used to stare agape at the men who could not even see that the women in their workspaces were prowling around, constantly probing and sizing each other up, and on occasion flicking daggers at perceived rivals. The men sat there in ignorance, talking about beer, guns and sex, while the women plotted how to hamstring each other.

          • Absolutely right about fashion. Men (straight men, anyway) don’t know what’s fashionable among women until it’s no longer fashionable.

        • She’s a “20 year leadership expert” and the feminists and sjws love(d) her.


          Special election in Henrico County VA for seat on Board of Supervisors vacated by Courtney Lynch.


          “Lynch, who clashed publicly with county officials over teacher pay and leadership styles, said her last day will be June 30.

          “When Lynch announced in May that she didn’t plan to seek another term representing the Brookland District, she called for turnover on the Board of Supervisors and the School Board and criticized Henrico elected officials for being complacent. Those comments, like others Lynch had made since being elected in November, have riled her peers.”

          “Pete Kinsella, a Brookland resident and co-founder of the group Equitable Advocates, said in an interview that after being excited about elements of Lynch’s campaign, he is disappointed she is stepping down.”

          “We were hopeful,” said Kinsella, who wouldn’t disclose whether he voted for Lynch. “Now it appears she has chosen to take her ball and go home.”


          “Six months into her tenure as the replacement for the late Supervisor Dick Glover, Lynch announced last week that she will not run for re-election in 2019. In the process, she performed a rhetorical strafing run not only on her Board of Supervisors colleagues but the School Board as well, pledging to work to unseat them all.”

      • Few things in life are binary – but after a few decades of seeing the same thing over and over again I’d say there’s something more than a trend there. Women like to play “cooperation” on the surface – but in the reality I’ve seen men are FAR more cooperative than women are and do it almost instinctually. If we’re going to claim that biology matters – then surely it matters in things like group cooperation – which is something that men have had LONG experience with . Women have a definite drive for “status” – which will manifest in manner of things. The best word I have found to describe what I have seen over and over and over again from women in the workplace is “cattiness”.

        That “females are so cooperative” thing just hasn’t borne out in reality after almost four decades of working in integrated workplaces.

        I also see no need to concede things to feminist’s claims that just don’t hold up in reality.

        • Women start out without any sort of hierarchy in the relationships (“equality”), but then the clawing and bitching start when a hierarchy begins to form. Men start out with a natural hierarchy in place and understood, and then cooperate within it, or simply ignore it completely. When men and women work together, things get bumpy when these two approaches collide and interact. This is also why a mixed gender military is so problematic. Men are wired to take orders from above and give them below. Women…not so much.

          • I honestly do not think that men are even wired to “take orders from above” – they are wired to cooperate. Some guy barking out orders is just taking advantage of that instinctual skill – usually for his own gain.

            Like I said above : I have been on sportsball teams and in teams at work, where the MEN just cooperated and got the job done. There did not need to be an Alpha bitching at them to get things done – they just DID IT. The sportsball teams in particular were very interesting because it was like the men involved could just read each other’s minds and cooperated – that’s why I say that it seems almost instinctual.

            If you look at the different approaches to organization that exist across different armies – you see that often the ones that take the approach of enabling personal initiative often outperform those that demand complete top-down obedience to orders. The US Marines and the German Wehrmacht during WW2 in particular pop to mind as military organizations that recognized personal initiative and out performed the armies that they faced.

          • Men take orders and give orders, and it is simply done. Nothing personal about it. If there is something to be done other than strictly following the order, there is generally a reason for it and it is just quietly done. Women have difficulty with orders because everything is personal. Note the recent YouTubes of the women politicos getting all hyper and manipulative with the cops. They are doing that because getting a ticket is a personal attack, from their perspective.

          • Yes, and women recognize entirely different indicators of status. Men will scan a room and look for badges and other understood indicators of rank and accomplishment. Over 30 yrs in uniform proved to me that those things we men instinctively recognize and respect naturally mean little to women. They must be taught to see and accept, and it never really seems welded to their souls, as it does with men. Creates tremendous friction, and fraternization problems.

      • What a great presentation Z. There are still a few kinks to work out on Women Studies, but you got most of them right.

        My question is: an women be red pilled?

        My best guess is “sometimes”.

        Women have husbands, sons, and brothers that are being seriously hurt by this lunacy; any out house trip around the Manosphere will prove it. It’s warping and distorting is guys too, in ways that will have repercussions we still haven’t seen the results of.

        More study and observation are still warranted.

        • Women can be redpilled for sure. Often, married women who have been bred by a man they respect and love, are quite sensible creatures.

        • Women group identify three or four times more strongly than do men. With women, everything is always “is it good for women”. It’s so ingrained in them, they can’t even see that they do it.

      • I have seen a group of women ready to cut each other’s hearts out do an about-face and cooperate… against an unsuspecting man.

    • I’ve worked for men and women, with male and female co-workers. I found generally that men make better leaders AND followers. I think that comes from the “hunter genes” (related to CD’s point on sportsball).

      Women co-workers generally complained more about female leaders than male leaders, resenting their success and status more. “Why did they give the job to her?” I never saw a woman undermine a male boss, but often saw them undermining female bosses.

      I’ve worked for a good femaie manager or two, but most of them were sweat acts. They seemed to lack confidence, either in their ability to lead or their overall qualifications, so they were always afraid of screwing up and being found out. So you either got the authoritative bitch or the indecisive over-collaborator.

      Net-net, some men are good leaders, few women are. DIdn’t say none.

    • I tend to agree with your assessment. Only at the Alpha end of things do you see guys competing in a dog eat dog fashion. Most guys want to get the job done. The only problems come in when either someone who is the leader isn’t getting the job done or there is a serious slacker.

      On the flip side, women do hate working with other women. Woman captain who led an America’s Cup team had worked with both all male and all female crews. She said the men were there to get the job done. Meanwhile after every race it was a group therapy session with the women. Sally had looked at Jean the wrong way. Jean had told Debbie to move faster, etc.

    • I noted after many yrs in operational military organizations that men who didn’t particularly like each other could often work together under even the most difficult conditions; but, women who disn’t like each other could not — they seemed to be constantly working against enemies or rivals, often at the expense of the overall mission.

    • W maybe slight generalization, Z has a point. Yes, women compete too, but it is not in the way men do. Men like it ‘out in the open’. Hell, we used to have duels and still, occasionally, take it outside when some dumb F cant stop his mouth from running for too long. Women, they snare each other w social games and smile as the blade goes into the back.

    • 40 years on construction sites, and I’ve never seen a fist fight. I’ve seen plenty of shouting matches and had a few of my own, but the men always find a way to work things out. Somehow men from a wide variety of cultures all manage to work together in uncomfortable environments and finish the project.

      Put two women together for more than a day in a nice office space and they’ll find something to fight about.

  33. The right wing has a woman problem. Specifically, women are appalled by right wing politics and want nothing to do with men who espouse them.

    How many of you guys have ever had a girlfriend? How many of you are married? How many have you have kissed a girl?

    I rest my case.

    • Sorry about your dysfunction. Haven’t you heard of little blue pills? Oh, now I get it, when the girl sees your teeny tiny she always exclaims “you mean it’s hard right now?”

      • “Is that a mosquito bite?”
        “Doc, after those blue pills, it’s done been swole up like that for two whole days!”

    • Women are not appalled by right wing politics. Women are appalled by hostile, hypocritical, dishonest and disrespectful men. None of the aforementioned adjectives apply to the substance or tone of this podcast.

      • Evidently Bunny, you and I and all of the dozens and dozens of far right/Alt right women I know are non-entities, just because Z refuses to acknowledge us.
        There aren’t many ACTIVELY political women putting out content because it’s a MALE MOVEMENT and women should NOT be the face of the movement or in any leadership capacity.
        This is as dumb as Luke Ford posting 900 videos a week talking about the Alt-right being dead, because we chose to become more covert and retreat back to anonymity to prevent doxing, school expulsions, military court marshals, and job loses.
        Why is that so difficult for ppl to understand, when it was the OBVIOUS only available action after the fall out of C’ville?
        I think Luke and Z mostly hang out on sites like Counter Currents, AmRen, Unz, Taki mag & Vdare and do not understand that exactly ZERO of the movement activity is occurring there.
        Most of my interactions within the movement occur on an encrypted site, as well as do many others. We are attempting to keep the young viable men off anyone’s radar, to the best of our abilities.

    • Please go post EXACTLY what you posted above over at Chateau Heartiste – and get back to use and let us know how it works out for you.

      I’ll wait………


    • Quit feeding this troll, Tiny Duck should be well known to you guys by now. A lonely cucked white guy and this is his only enjoyment.

      • We probably should ban the twerp but that would require registration and all that jazz.

        besides he’s like the Washington Generals to out Harlem Globetrotters, a heel of is just here to lose.

        • A. B.;
          Z banned the Dick months ago. It’s funny how one can guess who it is by the goofy pseudonyms he uses without even reading his tripe.

      • Capitalization, proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Not characteristic of TD. Perhaps, if it is him, it’s supposed to indicate that he’s not typing with webbed feet.

    • Poor little Greg. a pathetic symbol of the beta pyjama boy breed of losers. Rest in peace little dear.

  34. The closest thing to an intellectual female in this sphere is Aydin Paladin who has degrees in sociology and does some good work in that area.

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