French Fascism

One of the stranger things about modern times is the war on the language. In English speaking countries it is close to tipping into insanity. In other countries with more reverence for their language, it is not as far along. The French have always been an odd exception to this part of Cultural Marxism. They jealously hang onto their language and resist the importation of foreign words. They even have a government department working to keep English out of their language.

But, that does not mean their Cultural Marxists cannot make war on the language too. Consider this story about recent labor rules.

According to The Australian, a new French labor deal — which is a legally binding deal signed by employers’ federations and unions representing workers in the digital and consultancy sectors — says that employees are to shut off work devices and avoid work emails after going home for the day.The ruling applies to all companies in the technology and consultancy sectors. It was brought forth after a study found that 39 percent of workers and 77 percent of managers used their smartphones, tablets and computers for work purposes in the evenings, during weekends and even on holidays.

Think about that for a second. France is run by a socialists, who regularly brand “the far right” as fascists. Fascism, as an economic model, is based on corporatism. Specifically it is based on Tripartism, where the state brings labor and business together to the benefit of all three. The argument is the state coordinates capitalism, while protecting the interests of labor, thus advancing the goals of the state.
That’s exactly what the French are doing here with this new law. The state is not arbitrating a specific dispute between a company and its employees. It is functioning as the third partner to labor and business. It is the very same economics of fascist Italy, without the nationalism. France, like most of Europe, has abandoned nationalism for internationalism. They embrace internationalist fascism
We’re all fascists now.