Christian Pagans

This is one of those stories that was probably written in general form when every player is drafted into the NFL. Maybe they just have a template for it that has blanks for the names and places. It’s not that players are rapists, but that they are foolish and get involved with diggers and crazy women. That’s why non should be surprised by this development.

TMZ Sports has obtained a police report filed after the alleged incident … in which the accuser claims the alleged incident took place at a residence at the Viceroy Hotel on April 1.

According to the report, issued by the Miami PD, the woman claims she went to the apartment of Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette … to hang out with him, Kaepernick and 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton.

The woman told police, around 9pm that night she mixed some drinks for the guys and gave them shots, but they told her that “in order to drink the shots she had to ‘hit’ the bong which contained marijuana.”

The woman says she felt lightheaded and went to the bedroom to lie down.  She claims Kaepernick “came up behind her into the bedroom and started kissing her.” “She advised they were kissing (mouth) and Mr Kaepernick started to undressed [sic] her. She got completely naked.  Mr. Kaepernick told her that he was going to be right back and left the bedroom. They did not have sex.”

The woman told cops that while she was still naked in bed, Patton and Lockette opened the door and “peeked” inside.  She says she told them to get out … but she can’t remember anything after that.

The woman later woke up in a hospital bed … but says she doesn’t remember how she got there or who took her there.

The woman also claims she has had a sexual relationship with Kaepernick in the past.

Kaepernick is the hero of every moonbat sports reporter. Just as Obama was the synthesis of their perfect president, Kaepernick is the embodiment of their perfect man of the future. He is mixed race, which is critical. In the future, everyone will look like extras from The Matrix. He is media savvy. He embraces ghetto culture, without actually going to prison. He practices a weird Unitarian sort of Christianity that does not upset the gays or women with all the morality stuff. He is the New Model American.

He also likes to do bong hits and have gang bangs with strange women. But hey, God is on his side. It says it right on his torso! That’s the thing about people calling themselves Christian these days. It is a bespoke religion that they concoct on their own by cherry picking some passages from the Bible. They are the Pope, the theologian and the parish of their own religion. Instead of being a high standard against which they are measured, it is an excuse for all of their vices.

That’s something you see with many Evangelicals. It starts and ends with the individual’s “relationship with God.” That “relationship” is peculiar to each person and comes only with the rules the person and God, we’re supposed to assume, have agreed upon. At anytime, the faithful can get a clean slate by “accepting Jesus” and everything is forgiven. This allowed Mike Huckabee to swing open the prison doors and let a lot of bad people walk free. After all, they accepted Jesus so who was he to judge?

This novel form of Christianity imagines God to be something much more primitive than the high churches of the West imagined. The foundation of the Christian faith is the covenant. It is a deal between God and all men. Unlike the Jews, Christians think all people can be God’s chosen people. A covenant is a contract, a bargain. God will do his part, like make sure 2+2 = 4 forever and man must do his part. The reward for man is ever lasting life. That’s the basics of the contract.

The new form of Christianity assumes the bargain is struck, when the adherent decides it is time to make a deal. Not only is their deal with a God a custom deal made just for them, but the God with whom they make the deal is a custom God as well. They get to play both sides of the bargain. There’s is a pagan relationship with God, in the same way a Saxon would strike a deal with Wodan. It’s entirely personal to the point where even God is a personal god.