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For most of human history, we understood that people are not the same. Different people had different customs, different gods, different material habits and of course, they looked different. When describing the people of a foreign land, writers and storytellers would spend a lot of time describing these differences. Julius Caesar, in his commentaries on the the conquest of Gaul, was at his best describing the looks and dress of the Gauls. It not only made his tale interesting, it made a point. The Gauls were not Romans.

In one of life’s ironies, as the Left is about to impose its belief in the blank slate and extreme egalitarianism on society, science is unearthing contrary evidence on a near daily basis. It’s fair to say we now have a mountain of science supporting the claims made by our side of the great divide, with regards to human diversity. That mountain grows larger with every new bit of evidence from the human sciences. This report about Neanderthals and Denisovans is another big piece of data explaining the diversity of man.

Denny was an inter-species love child.

Her mother was a Neanderthal, but her father was Denisovan, a distinct species of primitive human that also roamed the Eurasian continent 50,000 years ago, scientists reported Wednesday in the journal Nature.

Nicknamed by Oxford University scientists, Denisova 11 — her official name — was at least 13 when she died, for reasons unknown.

“There was earlier evidence of interbreeding between different hominin, or early human, groups,” said lead author Vivian Slon, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

“But this is the first time that we have found a direct, first-generation offspring,” she told AFP.

Denny’s surprising pedigree was unlocked from a bone fragment unearthed in 2012 by Russian archeologists at the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia.

Analysis of the bone’s DNA left no doubt: the chromosomes were a 50-50 mix of Neanderthal and Denisovan, two distinct species of early humans that split apart between 400,000 to 500,000 years ago.

Advances in the ability to extract DNA from fossils is one of those revolutions in science that does not get enough attention. Agenda driven hucksters like Stephen Jay Gould were able to get away with their schemes mostly because there was a lack of hard evidence to support or contradict theories about early humans. That’s changing as material science and genetic testing gets better and the data accumulates. The political narrative about the origins of man is falling apart, giving way to observable reality about the diversity of man.

“The very fact that we found this individual of mixed Neanderthal and Denisovan origins suggests that they interbred much more often than we thought,” said Slon.

Paabo agreed: “They must have quite commonly had kids together, otherwise we wouldn’t have been this lucky.”

A 40,000 year-old Homo sapiens with a Neanderthal ancestor a few generations back, recently found in Romania, also bolsters this notion.

But the most compelling evidence that inter-species hanky-panky in Late Pleistocene Eurasia may not have been that rare lies in the genes of contemporary humans.

About two percent of DNA in non-Africans across the globe today originate with Neanderthals, earlier studies have shown.

Denisovan remnants are also widespread, though less evenly.

“We find traces of Denisovan DNA — less than one percent — everwhere in Asia and among native Americans,” said Paabo.

“Aboriginal Australians and people in Papua New Guinea have about five percent.”

Taken together, these facts support a novel answer to the hotly debated question of why Neanderthals — which had successfully spread across parts of western and central Europe — disappeared some 40,000 years ago.

Up to now, their mysterious demise has been blamed on disease, climate change, genocide at the hands of Homo sapiens, or some combination of the above.

But what if our species — arriving in waves from Africa — overwhelmed Neanderthals, and perhaps Denisovans, with affection rather than aggression?

A point that Greg Cochran has made is that Neanderthals and Denisovans had evolved some highly useful traits that allowed them to survive in areas inhospitable to African populations. As modern humans spread through Eurasia, they mixed with these earlier populations and picked up some of these genetic advantages.They could also have simply observed things the Neanderthals had learned. The smarter and more clever humans then adapted these acquired skills to then dominate their new environments.

Recent research showing that Neanderthals were not, in fact, knuckle-dragging brutes makes this scenario all the more plausible.

Our genetic cousins executed sophisticated hunting strategies in groups; made fires, tools, clothing and jewellery; and buried their dead with symbolic ornaments.

They painted animal frescos on cave walls at least 64,000 years ago, well before most Homo sapiens arrived in Europe.

Far less is known about Denisovans, but they may have suffered a similar fate.

Paabo established their existence with an incomplete finger bone and two molars dated to some 80,000 years ago.

Among their genetic legacy to some modern humans is a variant of the gene EPAS1 that makes it easier for the body to access oxygen by regulating the production of haemoglobin, according to a 2014 study.

Nearly 90 percent of Tibetans have this precious variant, compared with only nine percent of Han Chinese, the dominant — and predominantly lowland — ethnic group in China.

Some things cannot be acquired through imitation, like the ability to breathe at extremely high altitudes. This may not seem all that important in the grand scheme of things, but if all human attributes are genetic, then it probably means the social diversity we see in humans has a genetic basis as well. If local populations can have local traits, then it goes a long way toward explaining the great diversity in human social organization. Even today, the way Africans prefer to live is different from how Eurasians prefer to live.

Of course, what this new data tells us is that the differences between populations are not uniform. Those modern humans who encountered and mixed with Denisovans have a lot more in common with one another than they do with their ancestors in Africa. The same is true of those populations that mixed with Neanderthals. The mixing of Denisovans and Neanderthals would explain why Asians and Europeans have more in common with one another than either group seems to have with their ancestors in Africa.

None of this argues in favor of any political agenda, but it does argue against the assumptions underlying the neoliberal order. Humans are not interchangeable and the differences we see are genetic and the result of local evolution. It turns out that the Left was sort of right when they said, “Think globally, but act locally.” People are the product of their local environment. The best thing to do, for the sake of global harmony, is to leave people in their local environment, so they can live locally, among their people.

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  1. My own opinion is that Africans are not an ancestral group at all, but rather are a relict population of pre-Denisovans that migrated FROM Asia, and became isolated when the Sahara grew too large for primitives to easily cross. Some may have gone forth later on and mixed with the Asian population, but… if Africans were the successfully evolved ancestral group, why was Africa (until pushed along by Western aid) so very thinly populated? (Estimate for the year 1900, as 2 to 10 million for the entire continent.) Further, why would even stupid proto-humans cross a thousand miles of desert when west Africa is much closer and far more hospitable … yet somehow has produced relatively few hominid fossils…

    Also of interest: Neanderthal artifacts have been found on Mediterranean islands, indicating they had pretty good boats.

  2. They were not different species but different races of early man. There was less physical difference between them, than there is between pygmies and nordic people

  3. “They must have quite commonly had kids together, otherwise we wouldn’t have been this lucky.” said the scientist, demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of probability.

  4. “The best thing to do, for the sake of global harmony, is to leave people in their local environment, so they can live locally, among their people.”

    For the sake of thought experiment, let’s revise just a bit:

    “The best thing to do, for the sake of societal harmony in the United States, is to leave people in their local environment, so they can live locally, among their people.”

    Diocletian worked out a similar philosophy to preserve the late Roman Empire: What your father did, you will do. Where your father lived, you will live.

    Now THAT’S conservatism!

    Of course none of us here at the Z blog want such “conservatism” to apply to us, moving as we do from state to state, pursuing cash and career: Let the rubes back home figure out who will be fire chief, run the zoning board, repaint the local church, etc, and if a bunch of cat-ladies end up controlling everything in town from the school board to the dog-pound, well – what can we do about it, as we ‘shoulder the wheel’ here in NYC, or Denver, or LA, or DC, or Lagos on the Chesapeake, “fighting the good fight” to live well in retirement despite liberalism.

  5. What’s the difference between North Koreans mourning Kim Jong-il and Americans mourning John McCain? Some people actually liked Kim Jong-il. McCain hated you and that is precisely the reason he is being mourned so ardently by the media.

  6. “But what if our species — arriving in waves from Africa — overwhelmed Neanderthals, and perhaps Denisovans, with affection rather than aggression?”

    Yep. They were the “blonde” tribe in One Million Years BC.

  7. That reminds me of a recent post by Greg Cochran. You can quantify the genetic distance between groups. This is worth remembering:


    “According to wiki, Fst between Europeans (CEU) and sub-Saharan Africans (YRI) is 0.153.

    According to this study, Fst between North American wolves and coyotes is … wait for it.. 0.153.”

  8. But the really controversial part of these DNA results is that Africans are sufficiently different from Europeans and Asians, in terms of genetic distance, that they could be considered a different species. Coyotes and wolves are slightly closer in genetic distance than Africans and the rest of humanity…

    • With chimps and humans supposedly sharing 96% of genes, admixture of a few percent of Neanderthal and Denisovan genes probably makes Eurasians less related to chimps and Africans.

    • In what context? Are are you speaking ex cathedra regarding all structures and functions in both nature and human society, or what?

      • The contrapositive:

        If the the function is the same, the structure is the same.

        Entonces, a tepee and an RV have similar structure; a catapult and a howitzer have similar structure; the wings of bats and birds have a similar structure; the poems of Shakespeare and Whitman have similar structure…

        Call me a dick, but when people present these giant insights on the underlying simplicity of things, I need persuasion, or at least examples that illustrate the depth of the thinking behind them.

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    That tells you something right there. The west cannot close themselves off because white girls are too attracted to Black Men

      • That’s not what survey and marriage data say. And if you think that porn is driven by what white girls want, you’re pretty confused.

        Oh, yeah, and hi, Tiny. How’s it going? Still looking for a life?

    • Rod, this problem is real, but can be substantially mitigated, Whiskey argues, by various policy/ cultural changes, *e.g.*
      1) by changing FCC etc. regs, to break the power/ profits of (*high-tech* media) MadAve appeals to young (mostly single) girls’ pursuit of Alpha Jungle Fever, and
      2) by otherwise restoring the prior superior earning power/ social Status of Beta (mostly *white and yellow*) working class men, over *all women*, and Alpha (mostly *black and brown*) men.

      See e.g. .

      • Cultural renovations of that magnitude will require a revolution in this country no different than what occurred in 1979 Iran.

        Prison also seems to increase reproductive success, so perhaps ending the Drug War will de-Alpha some of the POC males.

    • I get it; ‘Rod Long” aka ‘Long Rod’ aka ‘Tiny Dick’ aka ‘Tiny Duck’.

      You obsess over your penis, that’s for sure.

    • Rod, you may want to think about pornography via these:

      Alt Right 101 | Pornography: An Insidious Attack on Western Society | # 12

      The Jewish Role in the Porn Industry

      Jewish Influence, Part II – The Porn Industry | Mark Collett
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      that are involved)

      Porn, especially multiple black males on a white female is
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      White women have been brainwashed/indoctrinated to
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      browns always shown as helpful/trustworthy/caring while
      white boys depicted as either stupid/clutzy/untrustworthy — jews are behind that evil too btw…get them hooked when they’re young).

  10. The original writer of the report (Marlowe Hood) was loose with terminology. If Neanderthals and Denisovans interbred and had fertile offspring, they are of the same species. Their difference must have been that of subspecies or lesser.

  11. Zman, I’ll bet that one word has a missing letter, in the clause “the ability to breathE at extremely high altitudes.”

    • Libertarians might get hanged here, but grammar nazis might get burned at the stake.
      Just a quiet warning there, Citizen.

  12. I am developing a jaundiced eye to all of this Paleo DNA, as a result of that cheddar man hoax predominately. Recall the darker than African image created of the cheddar man that was plastered in every media outlet, but later retracted as an over interpretation of the evidence? There was a reconstructed Neanderthal female about a decade before that, and guess what, she had porcelain white skin. She basically look like a Celtic girl with down syndrome. Now why would a Neanderthal be white while an early Homo sapiens dark? The Neanderthal didn’t have agriculture either. American Indians are not that dark and the majority of them were still in the hunter gatherer phase. Clearly they are politicizing paleo dna. Get it? White=stupid, dark=clever! They are hoaxing us out of our foolish prejudices.

    This brings up the question of how objective is the Paleo DNA evidence. I am not really familiar with the methodology, but if one looks up say particular group such as the Minoans, you can find five different papers claiming five different origins. I have a feeling the data is very subjective. People give it the in imprinatur of something relatively certain, like a paternity test, something in their experience, but the truth is the data is not that cut and dry.

    It goes so much with the Zeitgeist of the times, that we should all interbreed and this is the way things have always been, But the archaeological evidence always suggested that wherever Homo sapiens arrived, Neanderthal died out quickly. Vicious tribal warfare and cannibalism were the norm in early Homo sapiens as well, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t react that way to another species. I just take the science with a grain of salt. I could be wrong. What do you guys think?

    • The Cheddar Man science thing was not a hoax. The media spin was the hoax. It has been known for a long time that the first humans to populate northern Europe were swarthy. Eurasian skin tone changed after people arrived, not before. The claim that Shakespeare was black is the nonsense.

      As far as the science in this case, there are things that exist in Denisovan DNA that do not exist in Neanderthal DNA and vice-versa. The genetic mutation for high altitude living, for example, is a unique trait to a specific population that does not exist elsewhere. Therefore, if it turns up outside the population group, it can only mean one thing. The Kalash tribes of North West Pakistan have fair skin and light eyes. It assumed to come from an outside population, like an invading army in 4 BC.

      • Cheddar man is only like 10k years old, the other 12k. That’s nowhere near the first sapiens to inhabit Europe.

        • Admittedly, I did not follow it that closely, so I’ll walk back that part. I mostly followed the absurd conclusions for entertainment reasons.

      • Useful mutations do occur independently often enough. The highly advantageous mutation for lactose tolerance which occurred in indieuropean populations occurred at least two other times, according to 10k year explosion.

      • It was a hoax: they still don’t understand how to predict skin pigmentation by looking at alleles. The original study for Cheddar man admitted the problems with predicting skin colour. Alleles which were thought to make Europeans light skinned don’t exist in East Asians and do exist in Ethiopians.

    • Cheddar man had darker skin. But that skin would have looked like the skin you see on mediterranean populations, not bantus. Cheddarman is among the ancestors of the indigenous white population, not the recent dark skinned african and subcontinental settlers.

      • Right. Obviously immediately after hominids left Africa they must still have had dark skin, but negroid levels of pigmentation did not persist until only 10k years ago. The mutations that result in light hair and eyes could have occurred independently in several regions. It costs energy to make melanin. Thermodynamics favors reversion to lighter shades over time when not immediately deleterious to the organism

    • David Riech’s New book, “Who we are…” is probably worth reading. One can learn a lot from DNA—without going ideological and over interpreting to the individual characteristics of any particular race.

  13. What crazy times we’re living in when on one side we’re learning so much more about genetics and human biodiversity and on the other side we’re learning less. (“Race is a social construct/Race doesn’t exist”) Eventually, something’s gotta give, doesn’t it?

  14. Be glad for that interbreeding, those small % dna differences of neanderthalis and denisovan allow identification of white euros, asians, and sub sahara.

    Once you have your DNA chain targets, any Jr tech can setup a biolab cheap. Get a Crisper9, then mail order about $100 of “off the shelf” dna snippets and your up and running. You will be stunned what kind of stuff is available, no questions asked.

    Somebody is going to erase that one most troubling graph line, from the world’s most important graph.

    • Indeed. Check out all the reviewer hate for the short story “Seven Kill Tiger” by Charles W. Shao. (A person could read it for free as it is in the Amazon preview section of There Will Be War, Volume X edited by Jerry Pournelle.

  15. It is becoming clear that the concept tabula rasa is complete and utter bullshit. With out the concept that human beings are an empty vessel ready to be filled with whatever we want, the left dies. Intelligence, personality, morals, and hell just about everything is heritable. My, based on experience, pull it out of my ass numbers are 90% genetic and 10% environment.

    • “It is becoming clear that the concept tabula rasa is complete and utter bullshit.”

      Yes it is. The people too invested in this will never accept that their way of thinking is at odds w reality, they will just have to retire. But I think new generations will see this as ‘obvious’.

  16. It’s actually kind of crazy that mountains of sophisticated scientific evidence have to used to batter against a bulwark of lies, in order to arrive at … grandpa’s common sense.

    But it’s the Clown Age, so I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

    The “maintenance work” of intellectual conservatism has become the scraping away of lies. These days, industrial sized scraper needed. Like cleaning up after a god damn elephant. Huge fucking lies!

    • (Of course I mean REAL conservatism. That’s a word we’re going to have to take back from those PsOS.)

      • I don’t know if it’s worth trying to reclaim the term “conservative.” I’m not hard-over hostile to the idea, but I don’t know if this particular battle is worth the trouble.

        It gets us into “No True Conservative does X ” arguments. I think the “No True Scotsman” version is seen as a logically losing proposition. But maybe it has some persuasive power. Maybe a lot. I don’t know.

        Any opinions from the folks here?

        • Here’s my opinion. We’re not conservatives. We’re anti-Leftists. There is a cancer in the world, and it is Leftism. We reserve the right to quarrel about the issues human beings have always quarreled about. That’s it. Leftists want to end the quarrels, to fire bullets at our feet to make us dance. They’re sick and need to be quarantined, cured, or when necessary, eradicated.

          We lack the power to do any of that. So all we can do at the moment is weird them out. They aren’t clever or even sentient when it comes to appraising the unexpected.

          I am a Christian, but I’d rather hang out with some of the brutal anti-religious bigots here than with my “Christian brothers” at church who use the pulpit to advance SJW rubbish. The point is that the war, now, is against the Left: To go on quibbling over ‘conservatism’ means lost energy better spent on fighting the enemy.

          If only to troll these bastards, I call myself a Bakuninist. I’m out to conserve nothing except human thought, and we’ve reached the point where you have to be an asshole to plant a seed of mystery in the minds of these people.

    • Lies are like counterfeit money. They turn the normal virtues of people into vices. The counterfeiter relies on people’s trusting nature to circulate his fake money. The liar relies on people’s trust of authority to repeat his lies.

      • To continue the analogy, in economic terms – there is a principle that states:

        Bad money replaces good. (Gresham’s Law)


        In economics, Gresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that “bad money drives out good”. For example, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation, which are accepted by law as having similar face value, the more valuable commodity will gradually disappear from circulation.


        Look around at what’s going on. We’ve got bad ideas replacing good like a tsunami flowing into Japan after an offshore quake.

        • Japan responded to the flood with cooperation and resilience. The better example of what is happening now might be the flood after Katrina.

    • That’s a terrific analogy.

      But of course, what limits the value of the intellectual side is that the left doesn’t really CARE that we’re refuting their lies, only that foreigners are still flooding over the borders and that the suppression algorithms are still running. They can just run the clock. Look at South Africa: it doesn’t really matter now if both sides are current in HBD, it’s just a question of numbers, guns, and allies.

      Just as important is conservative *activism*. That’s the hard part, where our lack of organization and institutional power will be a big problem. But gotta keep finding a way forward. There are sparks out there, have to grow them into something larger.

    • “The “maintenance work” of intellectual conservatism has become the scraping away of lies. These days, industrial sized scraper needed. Like cleaning up after a god damn elephant. Huge fucking lies!”

      Consider it in some ways no different than the ordeal of going through a ‘deep cleaning’ at one’s dentist to clear away YEARS of plaque and bacteria that one has voluntarily neglected to deal with via daily brushing and flosssing/cleaning with a Waterpik…and the dentist will do one the courtesy of asking if one desires to be ‘numbed up’ beforehand.

      These are the results of mental apathy and outright laziness.

      The question for many normies (if they are even awake to ask) is:
      How to I go about brushing and flossing my mind???

      That’s where ‘redpilling’ comes in, whether from Zman, Lana and Heinrick at RedIce, Black Pigeon Speaks, Stefan Molyneux, Larken Rose (although his philosophy/stance on the question of a nation’s sovereignty/border is completely off the beam as shown in this debate with Lauren Southern, Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, Mark Collett (who covers the “jq” in under 4 minutes! that issue alone is one of the hardest “redpills” for any normie to swallow!!), Dr. David Duke and many others.

      My only suggestion is to keep sharing and speaking truth; those with ears to hear will listen.


  17. If some people have their way, whites will be interbred with blacks and browns to “solve” the racism problem. They’re beavering away on this as I write.

  18. I believe there are three main RACES of humans, the negroid (blacks), the mongoloid (East Asians, ‘slanty eyes’) and the caucasian (whites, Middle Easterns and the Indian subcontinent). Below this are ethniticies, BIOLOGICAL subdivisions below race (ie subspecies) which is usually the lowest biological subdivision between subspecies and population or even individual in mammal classification. Whites are then the European ethniticies of the Caucasian race whose ‘natural range’ is roughly from Iceland/Norway/Eire southeast to Sri Lanka and across Europe, the Middle East and India.

    Some here will not like being ‘lumped’ with Sri Lankans (and I dont like being lumped w Arabs TBH) but it seems to me the biological classification that correlates best to reality. Yesterday, however, we were told that conservatives look at reality (that almost makes them scientists though so some futher qualification is needed IMHO) and this is what I believe I see. The differences inside blacks are certainly no less than those between a Norwegian and a Yemenese and the same seems to be true of a Japanese and Thai, both mongoloids. Blacks’ HBD is through the roof compared to others btw and I even think Austrialian aboriginals and perhaps some very ancient south Indian populations might belong here although, this being an attempt to understand reality not to drive an agenda, DNA might be necessary to clarify this.

    Finally it seems the difference between mongoloids and caucasians on the one hand and the most remote negroids on the other approaches a distance where one could legitimately ask if they should biologically be considered separate or one species. I dont know the answer to that and biology is not math, definitions are fuzzy in the former. Politically this is of course explosive but gorillas have been split into two, sometimes three, species and the bonobo split from the chimpanzee on grounds hardly greater than those between a Korean and a Congo pygmy.

    • Race is not the most useful term, but if you limit it to the general geographic zones, it has some utility. East Asia, South Asia, Oceana, Europe, Mesopotamia, etc. Ethnicity is much more useful, as long as you think about it as an extended family. France is a rational boundary for the people in France, even though there is plenty of diversity within the population. Those ethnic groups have enough in common in terms of language, heritage and history to make it work.

      There is a natural loyalty to immediate family. There is slightly less loyalty to cousins. Second and third cousins have less of a demand on your loyalty, but it still exists within the extended family. Once you go outside it, loyalty gives way to competition and rivalry.

      • Yeah, Zman, “race’ is particularly problematic, when considering the case Derb makes, that white Europeans are more compatible with Orientals, than with white Arabs, or S. Asians.

        A most striking aspect of this compatibility issue is, that the Orientals got to this point, despite the weakness of their writing system being logographic. In contrast, the S. Asians’ writing system became (like Europeans) alphabetic, and the Arab system became abjad.
        In a logographic writing system, one really can’t make new words/ concepts, which is easy to do in alphabetic or abjad systems.

        So, all other things equal, this weakness should’ve set the Orientals behind the Arabs and S. Asians, but it didn’t.
        Maybe it’s that the Orientals have such high IQs.

        • Yours is an all-too common error made by westerners who look at Chinese. The characters, which are ~85% phonographic (some more loosely so than others), represent morphemes (basic units of meaning rather than independent woros) that can easily be combined to make tens of thousands of new words. Chinese word formation, which is VERY flexible, is not at all “weak”.

    • Moran ya Simba, you open up a huge Pandora’s Box here. Different human species? That is the most intense “double-plus-ungood” thinking I have seen in a long time. Would love to see it get some traction just to see a bunch of heads explode.

      • Here is an example of what is now considered two species. Now you decide if they look more mutually different than a Japanese and a Kalahari bushman. But politically we are still lightyears from this being a realistic topic of general debate outside circles such as this blog.

        Btw, being convinced that modern thought is largely built on lies and hypocrisy, I take this as a bit of a compliment lol

        That is the most intense “double-plus-ungood” thinking I have seen in a long time.

          • To follow up, I like that the question is being asked. For too long people have been intimidated out of asking meaningful questions, because of “proper thinking” not allowing it. I don’t honestly know the answer to Moran’s question, but it certainly is worth looking at.

            Alzaebo is not allowed to read it, because it is posted at PJ Media and Instapundit, but Richard Fernandez has an important piece today, titled “Night of the Demon”. Everything is being questioned now, and nothing is off limits. Political correctness and Leftist political agendas have bottled everything up, and it is all busting out now. Questions are being asked at Facebook and the Vatican, which Fernandez cites. Those are two organizations that hate questions. Make them squirm!

          • Ha! I’m reading Wretchard with my hand over my eyes. I’ll peep between my fingers til I get to the scary parts.

          • Update: Thanks Dutch! I would’ve missed that; it’s right up my alley, and the Z-readers as well.

            Bonus points for this Juicy nugget:

            Paul Krugman in the NYT:
            “We’re currently sitting on a knife edge. If we fall off it in the wrong direction — specifically, if Republicans retain control of both houses of Congress in November — we will become another Poland or Hungary faster than you can imagine. …”

          • Becoming “another Poland” would not be a bad idea. Poland is an ethno-state, with population being 98% Polish (and thus white) The only significant “minority” are Ukrainians, who are physically indistinguishable from Poles.

      • I think he may be saying that “the missing link” has been staring us in the face all along.

        It would not surprise me a bit.

    • The definition for separate species is whether there groups can produce fertile offspring. Check.

      The definition for separate subspecies is whether a biologist can differentiate the members of the two groups on site with 98% accuracy.

      Why not apply the exact same standards to humans that biologists use for every other organism?

      The races are different subspecies. (We could arguably go further as Scots look different from Italians.)

  19. But…but…but the Left fucking loves science! They tell us so all the time!!! (btw this is why I predict the Left will get religion here in the next few years. Actual religion, I mean, not the CultMarx Cult. Jesus was a Socialist, you’ll recall from the briefly popular meme in the early W. Bush years, and since this is the only way to keep the faith with blank-slate equalism — and they’ll die without that — it’s inevitable).

    • ” the Left fucking loves science”

      I know you get the left’s BS but we can swiftly prove that they have no love of science thus: Science is the study, collection and analysis of verifiable reality. That means it has two principal ‘legs’, theory (often but not only math, natural selection has only very recently been formulated mathematically) and experiment. The experiment then confirms the theory and is ‘the final answer’. Some experiments are very, very advanced, nuclear and high energy physics for example. Others are immediately verifiable. As an example of the latter is that men and women are manifestly different organisms they behave and work in different ways and are not, in most contexts, interchangable. Yet the left denies this. Ergo, the left is not interested in reality but in ideology. And hence, not being interested in reality, is not interested in science. QED 🙂

      • Right, “scientist” is the prevailing world view so each side jockeys to use it to his advantage, much like the Protestants and Catholics both claimed to love Jesus and both claimed he was on their side!

      • The left’s embrace of all the global warming BS is proof positive that they don’t “love science”.

        They only love it when it proves their currently-in-vogue narrative. If it doesn’t line up or starts to disprove it, then “science” gets attacked and/or modified so that the expected results are obtained.

        I had dinner with my father last night – and I mentioned that I heard a great comment on the left (I believe ZMan made the comment in a recent column): When the left accuses somebody of doing something – it’s usually because they have been doing it themselves. Weirdly enough my father had already heard that one somewhere else – and I know he doesn’t read Zman.

        So………. the lefties all yelling and screaming about how they “love science” – is a dead giveaway that they absolutely do NOT.

        • For years Rush limbaugh has been saying the left “projects”, meaning it blames the GOP (or whomever) for the things the left is doing.

          • And the Left has been saying the same thing for years about the Right projecting. It’s all just one Uniparty aiming our attention to some b.s. issue that the media is all too happy to exploit for them while they go about their business of looting us.

    • The left doesn’t have any principles, only enemies.

      That’s why they can shift their “principles” around like a game of three card monte–because it’s all just spin to reach their much darker power and demography goals.

      Science today, not tomorrow; pro-FBI today, not tomorrow; pro-flag today, not tomorrow. For them there is only the “truth” of the political moment.

    • That’s a very interesting thought. But alas liberals are not capable of true religion. To do so, they would have to love their brother as themselves. So they will simply keep denying the honest science, put forth bogus science, and call everyone who disagrees a science denying racist.

      • It goes without saying that the Left won’t / can’t practice true religion. But they’ll be aces at sanctimony. Their sackcloth and ashes will come from Trader Joe’s, and cost $700, but it’ll be sackcloth and ashes. They’ll be world-class pharisees — “thank you, God, that I am not like other men!” The point is not to actually be Christian — the point is to be ostentatiously churchian, so that they can order us to treat our “brothers” much better than we do ourselves.

    • The Left only latched onto evolution as a means to undermine White Christian Civilization. Now that they’ve reached the ultimate in Anti-White/Anti-Western ideology evolution with its implications is going to lose its status in the Left. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lefties advocate the teaching of Intelligent Design as long as Muslims yell for it.

  20. So our ancestors overcame the Neanderthals and Denisovans with a combination of violence and f*cking. Sounds like good old Homo Sapians to me…

    Seriously, (non-liberal) people have always known that different types of humans are different (tell an African that whites and Africans are really the same, and he’ll die laughing). Now we’re starting to understand why. The truth is always more interesting than lies, isn’t it?

    • Guessing how Neanderthal DNA got into the European mix is still premature. Their women were ugly and had bad haircuts. But the smart boys have figured out how the waves of, first, Anatolian invaders, and second, blonds and blues from the Steppes formed the DNA of Europe. They killed the men and took the women that were worth taking. The previous copies only survived and passed on through mitochondrial DNA. All those noisy feminist are really only jonesing for some repeat business.

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