The Kavanaugh Hearings

The long, end of summer holiday weekend is over and that means the circus has returned to the Imperial Capital. Congress is back in town after a month back home lying to the public. They kick off this week with the much anticipated confirmation hearings on justice Brett Kavanaugh. Given that the Democrats have had all summer to prepare, everyone thinks they will be in peak form. These confirmation hearings are like catnip to the freaks and weirdos that now constitute the Democrat Party. It promises to be a riot.

Of course, in a constitutional republic, which is allegedly our system of government, this sort of spectacle would never happen. After all, the legislature would debate and pass the laws and the court would simply apply them to cases brought before the court. That is supposed to be how things work. The people’s house passes laws and the Senate, representing the interests of the states and the wealthy, is a check. The President, with the power to veto, is the final check.That’s not how things work though.

Instead, America is ruled by nine shaman in black robes, who are allowed to make up whatever laws they like. No one says it this way, but that is the truth. That’s how America ended up with an absolute right to abortion, despite the word never being uttered by any of the Founders. That’s how we ended up with a bizarre system of rights for prisoners and foreigners. Most recently, the high druid council decided the republic could not survive unless Bob and Bill get to play house and pretend they are married.

The reason the Left is sure to go crazy over Kavanaugh is his views on social issues and he will tilt the court further into the direction of normal people. The Democrats understand That you cannot have rule by circus freak if the high druid council is opposed to the freak show. If you want a reason to believe in the hand of Providence, the Trump election should be it. Imagine if that old crook Hillary Clinton was in the White House now. Imagine how she would have stacked the court. Even atheists have to consider this a miracle.

Of course, the one thing to look for is how the Left will conjure a new set of standards this week, giving them reasons to abandon the last set of standards they created. The cucks of the GOP will be ready to abide by every comma and semicolon of the of old set of rules, so you can be sure they will crying foul all week. It’s always a good reminder that the way forward is to first chase off the conservatives. Until our side is the authentic opposition, the Left has no legitimate opposition. But, that’s a topic for another day.

One major item looming over the confirmation is the upcoming midterm elections. The GOP needs something to perk up their voters. You can be sure we will hear lots of references to what this process would be like if the Democrats were in charge. That why Mitch McConnell scheduled the hearings for this month. It means the vote will be within the window of the election. The thing the media does not notice is this nomination means a lot to social conservatives, who now see a way forward to address abortion.

For the Democrats, this is a thorny problem. They have Senate seats to defend in states where heritage Americans still decide things. Those senators will probably have to vote to confirm or risk losing their seat. There’s also the freak show problem. If the Progressive media plays to form, they will give the GOP lots of examples to wave in front of the voters next month. Of course, the characters right out of central casting like Maxine Waters will not pass up on a chance to rant and rave in front of the cameras this week.

Another subtext of this nomination is the fact that Kavanaugh is not Jewish. This will be the second nominee in a row who is not from the Tribe. The thing everyone in DC understands is that Trump represents heritage America. The great fight going forward will be heritage Americans versus the coalition of foreigners, blacks and other non-whites, lead by a Judeo-Puritan elite. The word “populism” now means white people and everyone in Washington gets it. Watch to see how they manage to convey it, without being obvious.

One other aspect to this nomination is that Kavanaugh is considered an extremist on the gun issue. Granted, the Left considers anyone to the right of Pol Pot to be an extremist, but 2A people really like this guy. Given that the courts will be hearing many cases over banks and insurance companies trying damage the gun business, having one of our guys on the court is good news. Kavanaugh is not exactly a right-wing Elena Kagan, but he is as close as we can get right now. The perfect is the enemy of the good enough.

Over all, this week should be a good reminder of why heritage Americans came out to support Trump. The GOP has not earned anyone’s vote, but Trump is reason enough to get out in November. The transformation of the GOP into a party of heritage Americans will be slow, but this week is a reminder of why it is necessary if you hold out any hope of a peaceful transition to a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society. The only way it can work is if the old stock bands together to keep the strangers and weirdos divided and weak.

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  1. Maybe Z will get a chance to see universal healthcare up close with his visit to the land of the Midnight Sun

    It only works with a homogeneous society. It’s not perfect so there’s the option of seeing a private doctor if you’re willing to pay out of pocket.

    Not as bad as it sounds because it’s nowhere as expensive as it is here. The Scandinavians have a very pragmatic no-nonsense way of dealing with most things including Healthcare.

    And for that reason it wouldn’t work here. The left runs on pure emotions and offer no viable solutions only rhetoric.

    As long as they control the media and their parasitic minions no real change will come.

  2. “Another subtext of this nomination is the fact that Kavanaugh is not Jewish. This will be the second nominee in a row who is not from the Tribe.”

    I have Jewish ancestry, but I am completely fed up with this Jewish-enabled leftwing horsecrap. While I wouldn’t reflexively oppose a candidate or nominee solely because he was Jewish, provided he was good on immigration and 2A issues, among others, if the *only* thing I knew about him was that he was Jewish, I would have a hard time supporting him.

    • “I wouldn’t reflexively oppose a candidate or nominee solely because he was Jewish.”
      I’d hope not.
      I’d have a tough choice, were it between, say, Kobach (part Bohunk), or Steve Miller, each of whom have rather special talents.

      Part of the JQ is the issue of the special talents we get, from various (ethnic etc.) groups of Good Guys.
      We Bohunks (also) have our “peculiar” ways of seeing such things.

  3. I think that the next time the dems have both the presidency and the senate – they expand the ussc. I hate to say it but it sounds like a good idea. In a way it could depoliticize the supreme court if dems go for the jugular and as a compromise – we could get more Potter Stewarts and Lewis Powells.

    • No, we’ll simply get South Africa on steroids. That is assuming the country hasn’t descended into civil war by then. If RBG dies or strokes out while Trump is in office, that will set it off.

      You don’t get the Left is playing for keeps now. Why do you think the NYT and other periodicals are calling for whites to be eradicated along with their culture? Because that is their end game.

      People like Severian and Jordan Peterson have pointed the Left is run by Nihilists/Death Cult worshipers. They really don’t care if they go down with us. They value nothing. They are all about thrashing everything we hold dear in a manner that Derrida would approve of.
      That is to burn it all down and to do that, they have to kill us.

      • I am probably a snowflake in my own way. But where is the room for moderate-to-liberal guys like myself who don’t want the country overrun by the third world but also think the federalist society types are LARPers.

      • Would modify that to say those nihilists are often only so because a wealthy society has insulated them from the consequences of their nihilism. I think of the local Progressive housewives in my town that think nothing of hosting parties for the Occasional-Cortex’s of the left in the living room and garden of a 6k square foot home. It makes them feel good and is a distraction from the fact that their banker husband is often down in the city boinking secretaries and the kids are drugged up messes that keep getting kicked out of prep schools and colleges.

  4. “America is ruled by nine shaman in black robes, who are allowed to make up whatever laws they like.”

    Oh yes. A while back Z had a blog on education and Harvard, saying that Harvard is not about education but credentials and connections and argued, as example, that it is not as if they learn a different algebra or calculus at Harvard compared to X State University which is a good way to put it.

    The very selective universities (Ivy but not only, I would say that Berkeley and Stanford are more ‘Ivy’ in the figurative sense than UPenn or even Brown) are about gatekeeping to the political branch of the oligarchy. Consider, as ‘semi-proof’ that all 8 current SCOTUS justices, and Kavanaugh, came from just TWO law schools in a country of, what, 300 ‘academically serious’ law schools? I d even bet that the last 20 appointed SCOTUS justices were H or Y (if someone has a link to someone who placed SCOTUS justices by where they got their JD, pls share it here; someone must have looked at that). This can hardly be random, it violates probability too much.

    (Trump is also the first POTUS since Reagan not to be either H or Y)

    • This is why Instapundit’s hammering on Harvard excluding Asians is laughable. Harvard knows the role it currently plays. It also knows that if a large percentage of its graduates are Asian, their role will end.

      • “if a large percentage of its graduates are Asian”

        Harvard would become MIT II so to speak; an institution that is academically but not socially ‘elite’.

        The real problem is not that Harvard is excluding Asians (or others) but that it is allowed to remain a gatekeeper to the top echelons (aside from the whole race/immigration debate of whites being replaced in a country founded by whites for whites and with a constitution representing one set of fairly ‘European’ values.)

        Again, leaving aside the blessings or ills of democracy it is not very ‘democratic’ that the H/Y admissions office has such power.

      • Yeah I just realized I would probably lose that bet, but not by much. If O’Conner was the last non-H/Y, the last 11 were H/Y, to be 12 if Kavanaugh is confirmed. I am not arguing that this is a reason to oppose him; Im just saying that it is remarkable, and not much debated in MSM, that H/Y have educated every single SCOTUS justice and every single president since the 1980s (w Trump breaking the ‘H/Y monopoly’ on the white house).

        I mean, this is not a ‘giant metric’, it is by itself a minor factoid, not ‘important’ on its own but more like a bellwether. It does suggest that the national leadership has become more closed circle ‘elite’. And in that way it fits with the same feeling gathered elsewhere.

        • It is an important metric. Look at all of the swamp creatures who have an Ivy pedigree.

          What does it say about a President who promised to drain the swamp?

          There is no shortage of brilliant Caucasian candidates who could be on the SCOTUS who do not have an Ivy pedigree and who have never clerked for a federal judge and who have never been a prosecutor and who have never fed at the public trough, at all.

    • In any case, given that the Ivies are pretty heavily into PC, I foresee that their prestige will drop like a rock once the 80% sheep get wise to the fact that PC is BS. The ppl who run the leading universities are pretty savvy and smart so I would not be surprised if there are soon signals of distancing themselves from the more insane parts of PC. Some of them realize that any ‘ideology’ (if PC deserves to be called that) this divorced from reality will collapse eventually.

  5. That “topic for another day” is the topic for our era. Conservatives are the glue that holds this old septic tank together.

  6. Z: “Watch to see how they manage to convey it, without being obvious.” This is something that definitely makes watching the news and interviews less boring. In the non-political realm too. It’s fun to listen to rock or jazz musicians, authors, actors, directors, and other creative celebrities, take pains to avoid using the word “popular”.

    The fawning interview or writer will never describe the subject as popular, nor will the subject himself. Yet the reason they’re being talked about at all is that they’re popular or have stayed popular. For them, it’s much too crass and bougie a word, and would obviously reveal that their whole life is about clawing to stay popular. And that it IS a contest. A literal popularity contest. Others had to lose so they could win. They hire the most expensive PULICists to ensure that happens.

    Nothing wrong with that. But the need to signal their distance from the market or the common man is uppity. Hell, they ARE the market. Just for laughs, I’d love to see Stephen Colbert dispense with the protective metaphors and simply ask a guest (especially one with academic/artistic airs, “So how’d you get so popular?” It would kill her inside.

    Yeah, it’s just interesting to notice all the stand-ins for that word. “How’ve you managed to stay so *relevant* all these years?” “Vital” “Utterly contemporary”. “The world renowned, Angelo…”. “From Nebraska to Manhattan, that must be crazy for you.” “Successful”. “Please welcome the creator of the hugely successful Sopranos.” “Platinum-selling artist”. “When did you realize you’d finally made it?” Overstatement works too, “huge”, “colossal” “massive”, “a monster”, but never ever the dreaded “popular”.

  7. “Even atheists have to consider this a miracle.”
    Good line!
    Did it just come to you or did you have to work for it?

  8. If the Powerline blog is to be trusted (stuck on a plane for the next few hours) the hearings skipped “Go” and went straight to “Shitshow”. Suppose that is actually good—at least on paper the Democrat sound like howling baboons (apologies to baboons).

    • So many shitshows, for the last 50 years or so it has been one shitshow after another. Now the frequency is hourly, if not daily. Boomers have been in a 50 year long rant about something or other. Turn off the sound and simply watch their twisted up faces as they speak. They are a human freak show. To twist Z’s catchphrase, “they will not end well”.

      • That’s what I do, turn the sound off and play music instead! It makes watching regular TV surreal.

        Soap operas in Chinese or Spanish?
        No problemo- you know exactly what’s going on.

    • I see where people are down-voting you. I believe the question you raise is worth debating. And it will be debated. And we should have that debate with open minds and good will. C’mon folks.

      • Nah I thought it was a silly comment. Even if Kavanaugh is ((())) he might be like Unz or others who are definitely not part of any conspiracy, ((())) or otherwise, to destroy the West. ((()))s, and yes I use that mockingly lol, who are against multi-culti I would certainly not ostracisize for being born inside three parentheses lol If ‘good’ triple parentheses are not ‘white’, next ppl will be discussing how white Greeks or Italians are. And then its the business end of divide and conquer.

    • Che;

      The larger point here is that we shouldn’t *have* to know who sits on the Supreme Court since, under the Constitution as written, it ought not matter: But it obviously does.

      So how to redraw the lines_? So far the courts have gotten away with their salami-slicing power grab because they were able to hold the rule of law hostage. Nobody wanted to kick the the whole thing over, given its obvious benefits. Congress can barely get a budget done so there’s little chance of impeaching over-aggressive judges, at least not until the Progs take power.

      Evidently, some of the more brazen Prog judges will soon have to be arrested by the Executive Branch as exemplars. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but we’re closing, it seems, particularly w.r.t. boarder security.

      • How would the Supreme Court “not matter”? There were *tons* of hotly contested cases of national importance before the Court in 19th century, well prior to any Pozzing of the Court or society more generally.

        Nearly all of the “bad” SCOTUS cases from the last 50 years are a consequence of a decadent society, not the cause. For example, legalized abortion is practically irrelevant in a society that exercises proper control over female sexuality.

        The idea judicial review is bad and/or antithetical to the “original constitution” is pure hogwash. Our legal system is based in English common law—judge-made law. Article III establishes the judiciary as a co-equal branch of government. On the whole, I trust the federal judiciary a helluva lot more than Congress or the Executive branch.

        • GU;

          What you say would likely have been true in the era you cite. But it is not now. The federal bench *used* to follow English Common Law. It was, as you say, judge made law in some part or other. But it relied on a logical chain of related precedents unless there was a clear legislative act that overturned it.

          Now they just make it up as they go along. Umbras and penumbras of unrelated precedents are what we get now: Not to mention God-like mind reading abilities such as were used by Judge Kennedy to craft the right to sodomy out of the bad-thoughts of its opponents.

    • The “problem”, if one takes a broader view, is universal sufferage. Albeit unlikely, until that is corrected, democracy—no matter which form it is practiced by, will fail and inevitably lead to authoritarian rule.

    • “Representative democracy can’t work with an electorate this defective over an extended period of time.”

      I kinda agree that this is a problem we seem to be running into.

  9. For all his faults, McConnell has to be credited for aggressively advancing judicial nominee appointments. His efforts will leave a lasting impression on the judiciary and will go a long way toward restoring a measure of constitutional jurisprudence in the country.

    Grassley has been an absolute Lion of the Senate in his role as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. We can’t thank him enough.

    • Agreed, I will rip on McConnell all day long, but will give him credit for standing up to Obama and saying no to his pick the last year in office. Of course the Dems cried foul, but they had already set the stage for that when Schumer I believe, said that during Bush’s 2nd term in office he wouldn’t get a pick if it came to it because basically as a lame duck, he shouldn’t make the call.

      As for Grassley, I give him some props for putting up with the bullshit for the first hour and a half to start the Kavanaugh hearing today. Every pig from the Democrat side did exactly what we knew they were going to do, cry and whine about getting a delay. A delay for documents they have no intention of reading. Never mind how shameful they were when Nunes subpoenaed Rosenstein and the FBI/DOJ for documents that were needed for months, yet the Democrats supported these delays with glee.

    • My theory with McConnell is that he took it extremely personally when Reid lied to him about changing the rules. Now scorned, McConnell, on this subject, has decided to give it to the Dems good and hard.

      Whatever the reason, I am thankful for this one thing.

      • People who aspire to positions of power are vindictive and vengeful if nothing else. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  10. It will be interesting to see who replaces McCain in the Senate. I doubt that McConnell would have scheduled these hearings and a vote unless his head count was assured. Without McCain’s vote, they are at 50 even and one defection could saddle the GOP with a big loss going into November. The Ds are already going to lose seats in the Senate, so trashing Kavanaugh could be their only win for quite a while.

    • Tom;

      I think there is good reason for hope. The McCain vacancy appointment is in the gift of the AZ governor, who is also up for election: Gets seated immediately, IIRC.

      So I’d say the AZ gov. will be very careful to pick somebody who’ll vote yes on Cavanaugh. Otherwise he’s toast in the general election, and has been so advised, I believe. And I’m pretty sure it won’t be Cindy or Meagan McCain after that funeral for the same reason. He’ll need to wait a few days until the outrage scrum moves on, though.

  11. “…if you hold out any hope of a peaceful transition to a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society.”

    I don’t want a peaceful transition. Wherever you end up “successfully” implementing such insanity will only result in the slow death of white civilization. It’s on life support as it is. I’d prefer to fight it out with the freak show.

    • No such thing as a peaceful transition per se.

      There is no historical precedence for what Zman states. Haiti, Rhodesia and now South Africa show what happens to whites when they lose political power. They end up being slaughtered by their ethnic friends.

      I would rather the system blow up today rather than being kicked into a corner for decades by death cult worshiping white intellectuals and minorities and then one day simply exterminated.

      • Z: “…if you hold out any hope of a peaceful transition to a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society. The only way it can work is if the old stock bands together to keep the strangers and weirdos divided and weak.”

        I don’t have a major point to contribute, just a redundant one. I was in a parking lot last night staring at a giant wall of vegetation that was flowing in all directions with the wind. It was really pretty. And it hit me that this mixed country of ours really IS going to have to try and live together peacefully. A peaceful solution to a tolerable peace. I felt like a liberal as I thought it. There’s not going to be some major extinction or war. Millions upon millions are here and not going ANYWHERE. We’re going to have to try and live with diversity. It’s not at odds with the Z quote that we’re talking about.

        • Stockholm syndrome. Just because you hope for coexistence has no bearing on what they will do to us when they have the opportunity.

        • The core of the discussion is whether it is in the nature of man to live in peace w other tribes. History suggests no and I think reaching the same conclusion is what made many civnats into dissident rightists.

          • Maybe you have to have worked with the products of multi-cult, when you are a heritage American, to appreciate how much they really do hate us. You cannot look at the pretty colors and dream of a peaceful transition, as they will throw it right back in your face while you’re gazing.

        • You can’t compare America to other countries in history. We just have to get along. We can do this while being dominant. Nothing is perfect.

    • South Africa’s transfer of power was pretty peaceful back in 94. Then two decades later, when the power shift was entirely entrenched….

      • Indeed. The minority/liberal coalition will promise you the moon, but when they have the whip hand…

    • Bravo.

      A fight to the knife, and that to the hilt.

      That’s what we’re in and we had better admit and proclaim it!

      I will not live in the world they’re planning for us. None of us will, nor our children

  12. I am trying to think of new party names here. How’s Pozzicrats vs Cucklicans. Come on guys we need a few good memes going into the fight. Suggestions?

    Pat Buchanan has said president’s should just ignore supreme rulings. They are supposed to be three equal branches right?

    • As President Jackson said of Justice Marshall regarding his ruling in favor of the Cherokee, “Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.”

  13. When you say “heritage Americans” are you referring to the same definition as “Natives” as mentioned in the movie “The Gangs of New York”? Sometimes these terms you use are a bit confusing without a clear definition – or perhaps I missed it in one of your previous post. Thank you for the clarification.

    • Well, according to multi-culti theory, any posterity is as good as yours. So, if you have an opinion on that, vote accordingly.

      • According to the founding documents, “ourselves and OUR posterity” was what it was all about.

  14. “The GOP has not earned anyone’s vote, but Trump is reason enough to get out in November. ”

    Amen. Though once RINO Ryan is out the door and if we get Jim Jordan as speaker of the House, things there will improve a bit. Ditch McConnell is the other roadblock for the Chamber of Commerce Establishment types, but I think he can be neutralized. However, all is for nought if we don’t get out and vote in November cause we all know if the Dems win the house, then the circus freaks are really going to get out of control.

    We dodged the bullet big time when Hillary lost. The POTUS would have been Marxist 5-4, 6-3 for the next 30 years if she won, not to mention the 100’s of other judge appointments that would have been given to more liberal activists. That would have been the final nail in the coffin.

    • The Dems are up by an average of 9 in the RCP generic ballot. In 2006 they led by 11 points in the polling average, actual results were an 8 point lead and a landslide victory. Their current surge might be a one-off due to the McCain funeral foibles. But it might also be similar to the late-breaking GOP lead in 2014 which only appeared in September.

      A lot depends on the size of the prospective Dem majority, a narrow Dem majority could see Tulsi Gabbard elected Speaker over Pelosi with GOP votes and some of the younger Dems. For this to happen, AIPAC would have to be caught napping. That also makes her an instant Presidential contender for 2020, messing up the Dem primaries.

      • You should be careful about taking the blue wave stuff too seriously. In 2006, the Dems ran against a president with a 31% approval rating, due to losing an unnecessary war of choice. Trump is bobbing around the 50% mark with a strong economy. In 2002, the Dems were sure they would take the House as they were barking at the moon angry about the 2000 election. They lost seats.

        • Only Rasmussen has him that close, and they are foolishly producing claims of one-third of blacks supporting Trump. RCP has multiple polls in the last week of D+10 for Congress. I’m recalling the visions of “unskewed polls” in the 2012 election that were supposed to herald a Romney landslide.

          • You’re confusing yourself.

            The fact is, there are 25-35 competitive seats in this election. All the gas lighting in the world will not change that reality. The Dems need a perfect election to win the House. It’s possible, but it is not a given.

          • Agree that the R’s likely hold the House but a D victory would not be all bad. The Freak Flag would fly for all to see, and the fraying of the Coalition of the Fringes would accelerate. The fight to deny Pelosi the Speakership alone would be great entertainment. In fact I have my chanted slogan ready: ” Hey, hey, Ho, ho, Old White Women Got to Go!!”

          • The terrible generic ballot numbers worry me too, and Trump and the GOP have to go all in on guns and immigration if they want to have a chance. Nobody gives a fuck about the tax cut.

            One thing that’s different from 2006 however is that House districts are MUCH more lopsided than they were back then. In 2006 you still had a fair amount of Democrats from conservative seats and R’s from liberal ones. They were vulnerable to a sea change in public opinion and the elections of 2006, 2008, and 2010 reflected that. Redistricting was a big factor as well. Those are more or less all gone and the average House member represents a seat that perfectly aligns with his or her political skew.

            Of course there’s the fact that a bunch of GOPers are mired in scandal right now, which hurts otherwise safe seats (Hunter, Rohrabacher, Collins).

            I agree with DeBeers Diamonds that some of you guys need to stop assuming every poll is either biased or part of some elaborate psych op.

          • That would mean that the party that turned the map red and had the most successful 2 yrs. anyone can remember has LOST supporters since the 2016 election. I don’t believe that. We are in the middle of a realigning, and using past elections to guide how this one will go does not make sense.

            On top of that, it would mean that the successful party has lost support at the same time that the opposition has no platform other than raising taxes and increasing migration.

            The people are enjoying an economic boom like some have never lived through before. Can’t speak for the whole country, but in Midlandia, there is nothing but contempt for the left, which includes their media and their polls. We’ll see.

        • Blue Wave represents to me a psychological tool the Dems use more and more. Just a way they can suppress GOP voters and galvanize support . It takes a lot to motivate their coalition Star Wars Bar Scene.

          • It’s classic cult behavior. Faced with evidence that contradicts their deeply held beliefs, they dream up alternative scenarios and soon the groups takes that as gospel. People trapped facing death will do the same thing. It’s certainly possible for the Dems to win the House, but it will be by a small margin and due mostly to Republicans staying home. The Dems will probably lose five Senate seats, maybe seven.

            The fact is, incumbents win 85% of the time.

          • Schumer is fully aware that the Democrats are going to lose 5-8 seats in the Senate, which is precisely why he has softened his objections to moving judicial nominations forward recently. He knows it’s a lost cause.

            Real Clear Politics has 43 House seats listed as toss-ups, 41 of which are Republican held seats. Democrats have to win 17 of the 43 to take the House. It’s possible, but the math is not in their favor.

            All eyes should be on North Carolina as a Democrat dominated appeals court panel in the Fourth Circuit attempts to usurp from the state the power to draw Congressional Districts in the state. With Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court I would expect the Fourth Circuit to be overturned 5-4.

          • It may make CNN and MSNBC entertaining for 1 night in November. Nothing is more fun than watching a cultist get proven wrong.

          • Blue Wave based on polls nobody can take seriously, especially after the 2016 election. That’s the liberals though, that playbook is old as the hills, but they keep on using it.

      • Dems won in 2006 because the economy was dying and Bush was horrible. In 2008, it was massive black turnout for Obama. Since then the Dems have broken 200 seats once. They’ll make gains but I doubt they win back the house. It’s only been GOP ineptitude in the House that makes this even a possibility.

        • If we believe the official numbers, and I don’t, Trump lost the popular vote by a margin of 2.5 points. The margin in the Midwestern states was provided by two-time Obama working class voters switching, and the black base being disinterested in Hillary. The GOP congress has been in office for eight years and has only a “tax cuts for the rich corporations” to show for it. There is no border wall, or an infrastructure bill. Raising minimum wage to 15 is a tangible gain for the low information median voter, trade negotiations and border security are ethereal.

          • First, the popular vote margin in the presidential election means nothing. California and New York (about +6 million votes Dem) were so lopsided that it is irrelevant to Congressional elections.

            Second, working class voters want to see Now Hiring signs. There are a lot of those right now, with higher wages. Passing a bill doesn’t matter. Obama passed an infrastructure bill and the Democrats got slaughtered. Also, most voters have seen that all raising the minimum wage does is lower available jobs.

            Third, sure low info voters don’t care about the details of trade negotiations. They do care though that it looks like the guys in charge care about the US winning those negotiations.

            The lack of a border wall is a problem but I think most people will wait until 2020 to make a decision on that.

          • ” Obama passed an infrastructure bill and the Democrats got slaughtered.” Yeah, but I would say it was more of a money laundering scheme to funnel money to unions who promptly a good chunk of it back to the Democrats. Very little infrastructure was ever done, hence Obama’s admission on 60 Minutes I think it was, that the shovel ready jobs weren’t exactly there.

            Hell in our area, they put up a batch of those “America Recovery and Reinvestment Act” signs all over and the only thing that ever got done was a mile or two of some new guardrails were put up. Yet those signs stood for about 6 years before they were taken down finally.

          • I don’t disagree that it didn’t accomplish anything. However, the point is Congress passed something. It didn’t save the Democrats.

            My thought was how much of that money went for all of those automated display signs that tell you worthless trivia or give you warnings after you passed the last exit where it could make a difference? In the age of GPS which will reroute you due to traffic, why are they needed?

          • Oh I totally agree with you on your point, just wanted to expand on it a bit because there are low info mofos out there who actually think Obummer’s infrastructure bill actually did something worthwhile. Maybe in a fantasy world, but not in reality.

          • The problem with the generic ballot is the same problem with the popular vote. You have to look at the polls at the state/seat level in order to draw any meaningful inferences. Everyone who correctly predicted the 2016 election was looking at state polls, while the moron media pimped their nationwide polls.

          • Our state cares about news like the steel plant opening nearby, and we’re not even a steel state. do People do make the connection between Trump, trade deals and sudden job openings at good wages there for the taking. And that increase in the personal and child deduction was big enough to be noticeable, too.

      • …and it might be completely fake numbers having nothing to do with reality. there is no way that the Dims, with their shrieking lunacy, are up 9-11 points. Esp. not after the year+ we’ve just had.

    • Cook County (Chicago) claimed Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million in 2016. They included 4 million votes cast by illegal aliens in California, while ignoring the military vote again.

      The NSA count showed that Trump had won the popular vote by 12 million.

      (Just an aside, I know nothing about the midterms. I may not be interested in the mid-terms, but the mid-terms are interested in me.)

  15. Not seeing how that “peaceful transition” is going to work regardless of which facet of the elite class is going to run the show, or even if the legacy (heritage) Americans manage to still hold sway … absent application from force and fantasy from above.

  16. Excellent post. Florida and Georgia should have no problem getting out the White votes in November. The bolshies are putting up two of the worst candidates in modern times. Both are communist negroes that would change their respective states into unrecognizable shitholes. If that doesn’t motivate YT the citizens of FL and GA deserve the final results.

    • Public support for single-payer is higher than it has ever been. The median voter doesn’t find a concept used in all other developed countries (NATO freeloaders) to be scary. The GOP had no plan to replace Obamacare, and its a rhetorical pretzel to defend Medicare but not Medicare for all. That said, I expect the Dems would just revive their “public option” idea, the insurance industry is a major employer and donor.

      • You can have universal health insurance or open borders, but not both. In order to have generous welfare systems, you have to seal the border, deny foreigners access to the system and institute pro-family social polices so you have a healthy demographic. Democrats have decided open borders are too important to consider the other stuff. The GOP is just useless.

        • I disagree. There are no circumstances under which Universal Health Care can work. Demand is infinite for anything that is free. Any universal healthcare system will break down. It is not possible to implement such a system successfully. You will always run out of other people’s money.

          If when you say universal healthcare you don’t mean free then please explain.

          • How about health care as a utility?

            Seriously, it is theoretically possible to make it work. We have universal car insurance. The salient point for us to respond to every shit-lib call for universal healthcare with the reply, “then we have to shut off immigration. Otherwise, you can have universal healthcare.”

            Never miss a chance to give Lefty a Faustian bargain.

          • I couldn’t disagree more strongly. It’s a Faustian bargain to the Lefty’s point of view, because you’re playing the part of Faust — he’s Mephistopheles. He’d be perfectly happy to accept a border wall in order to get universal health care, because he knows that as soon as the government controls everyone’s physical well-being, his side has won. They can open the borders at their leisure.

            And what do they care if universal health care can “work”? Don’t assume their goal is actually health care for all — it isn’t. The goal is having control over everyone, and having it in the Left’s hands, permanently. You know, that whole boot-on-the-face-forever thing.

          • “Don’t assume their goal is actually health care for all — it isn’t. The goal is having control over everyone, and having it in the Left’s hands, permanently. You know, that whole boot-on-the-face-forever thing.”

            And that, ladies and germs, is the core truth of EVERYTHING the left wants, and exactly why they must have NONE of it.

            Playing the game as if “they” really care about Teh Chiiiildren, or what or who ever, is how we got here.

            The left must die and not symbolically.

          • The real battle is between Nationalism and Globalism. Capitalism is now Globalist and on the same side as the Left. Sorry! But your paradigm doesn’t work anymore. Do you think the big Tech Companies are on our side? Neither is the Medical Industry. They want to control us too. They work with Government to do so – in fact, Big Business along with the Banks control our Government. Heads and Tails? Yes but since they funded Communism, they are the Heads. I mean peasants with mattocks and workers with hammers don’t get anywhere by themselves, right?

          • The car insurance system we have is very different from any possible health insurance system. It’s a liability system in place for use when undertaking a particular activity. If you don’t drive, you don’t have to have it. It sets up a very basic, low-cost amount of liability insurance. From an actuary standpoint, it’s an entirely different risk vs. profit situation from health insurance and it is entirely covered by private companies with only moderate government regulation. Furthermore, if you are sufficiently wealthy, you can bond yourself right out of the requirement in many states.

            In a nation as large as the US with as large a dysfunctional underclass, and expectations for heroic measures in geriatric care, universal health insurance will bankrupt us.

            Most people don’t want any more auto insurance than they can get away with. For anyone who is under the impression that they can just get full coverage and trash a car a week and insurance will replace it, I encourage them to try out that experiment and see how it works.

            People will always want more and more “free” healthcare.

          • Where is this “universal car insurance” you speak of kemosabe?

            There are some states that do not *require* a vehicle owner to carry insurance. Car insurance – when it’s required – is something that has a wide variety of options. If your vehicle is paid off – you can opt out of carrying collision insurance. You can select among different coverage levels. If you’re a shitty driver – you will pay a surcharge for your stupid decisions (at least that’s the way it works here in MA). Live in a crappy area where your car might get stolen or the actuary tables show that you’re much more likely to get into an accident? You’re going to pay more. Car insurance is also a STATE regulated affair – not something that the Feds have gotten involved in (at least not yet).

            Car insurance from what I have seen is one of those things where a good record gets you better rates. You’re also judged INDIVIDUALLY – not on your “demographic”. Auto insurance also does not pay for car maintenance – that’s your own responsibility. And if you fail to maintain your vehicle – and a wheel flies off and you cause an accident – if the police are competent they’ll assess the cause of the accident and you’ll be charged for that as well as having to pay out higher insurance premiums after the fact.

            Car insurance at least has SOME mechanisms to make the negligent and the bad decision makers suffer the consequences of their actions.

            I fail to find anywhere in the current health care insurance scheme that does ANY of that. Implementing “universal” health insurance that is regulated at the Federal level in fact does the exact opposite. The Free Shit Army is making out like bandits and anybody who is responsible is getting wallet raped. Furthermore the current belief in where health insurance should be going – seems to fully embody the belief that it should cover EVERYTHING. Condoms, birth control pills, regular check ups, cosmetic surgery, sex reassignment surgery – etc. The reality is that a good part of what the universal health care advocates want covered is what I would consider to be “maintenance work” or body repair (if you want to stick with a car insurance analogy).

            I’ve had plenty of arguments with people over Federally mandated health insurance. One very simple way to determine the douchiness of the people you’re arguing with – is to simply say ” I don’t want to be required to carry health insurance” – to which their typical reply will be ” what about if you end up in an emergency room” ?

            My response to that is: you either make me prove I can pay for the procedures, or you tell me to get lost.

            I’m fully willing to accept the fact I might die in the gutter – that should be my choice. Just saying this sends the “lets force health insurance on everybody” crowd ballistic. Because they’ve got that we’re going to help you whether you want it or not mentality.

            If you want to know where all pathological altruism that we’re seeing in the current day is coming from – it’s coming from the very same people who would shove Federal “healthcare” down your throat.

            NO THANKS.

          • Z Man;

            It’s trite but true that one big problem with our current health ‘insurance’ vs. any other kind is that you can’t get Allstate to pay for your oil changes (i.e. for basic maintenance).

            By analogy, if you confined health insurance to catastrophic coverage only, it *might* work like car/home/boat/aircraft insurance. Having bought some $1,000.00 deductible health insurance for a marginally employed kid back when this was possible, I can tell you that it can be pretty inexpensive compared to full coverage.

          • For a bunch of reasons we had no employer sponsored healthcare insurance for a year back in 2016,
            It cost over $1600 a month for my self, Wife and 16 year old son.

            That’s pretty damn close to 40% of the average houshold income in the US

          • “We have universal car insurance.” Well, we do in theory, but reading the local “Police Blotter” as well as personal experience, has led me to conclude that the laws are selectively enforced to say the least. (The unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured are sent on their way with a warning. Every day. This decision is coming from someone, somewhere.)

          • Appreciate your position, viz., no real possibility of viable “universal” health overage, but gotta say that in Philadelphia, about 50% of drivers are uninsured, despite state law mandating coverage (or as our legislature deems it, “financial responsibility”). So if “universal” auto insurance is a pipe dream, its health care cousin is pure delirium.

          • I think some of the Nordic countries had it working fairly well – after accepting the incredibly high taxes. Then they decided to invite in the Third World and it’s collapsing.

          • Pathological altruists think that it’s perfectly OK to *force* health insurance down your throat whether you want it or not. That’s why telling them you’d rather die in the gutter than be forced to have health insurance sends them spasmodic. How can you argue with somebody who tells you that you’d rather die than accept paying for shit you don’t want?

            Pathological altruists also think it’s perfectly ok to invite in millions of diversity refugees – because it will all magically work out in the end.

            Same psychosis – different manifestations. That’s why you can’t fall victim to the arguments for either one.

          • Societies succeed because they’ve built up, usually over centuries, a widely accepted and practiced set of behaviors; social capital built up of predictable actions and attitudes and beliefs. The core of the culture.
            Immigrants; who do not have that ingrained culture are likely to be destructive of social capital and destructive to the host society. Despite the gibberish of the lunatic left most people recognize this and quite rightly reject the attempt to destroy their society in pursuit of a crazed political fantasy.
            Despite this rejection the fantasy continues to be foisted upon the people.

          • We used to have universal health care.
            Doctors were everywhere, they’d come to your house. You paid cash or made payments, like with any other repair provider. That’s the way medicine should be.

        • In the US single payer would like a lot like ObamaCare with the guvmnt paying for a crazy long list of optional sh*t.

          I could get behind single payer if the menu was just the basics. If you want bells & whistles you pay for them out of pocket, or buy a policy on the open market.

          • I swear to God nobody ever learns………………

            In what world would single payer ever stay at that magical place that you would accept?

            Follow the history – it ALWAYS gets worse.

            That’s why the term is “camel’s nose under the tent”. If you let even the nose in – it’s a direct line to the entire camel being in the tent – and humping your wife.

            Nobody ever learns. The country (US) – was FOUNDED on this assumption (government ALWAYS gets worse) – but yet people still keep thinking they can play the odds.

          • Some day, sooner or later, a reset is coming and if there’s still a federal government, they’ll be forced to only concern themselves with the powers enumerated in the constitution.

          • LOL, good one! TPTB will use the coming “incident”(Global Financial Collapse?) as the excuse to get a: 1.”universal currency”- prolly a digital fiat. 2. Next step to eliminating the Nation State. 3. Mass slaughter of the cause of Civilization, those Damn White Peeples…

            That is how I see it happening, sorry it isn’t a happy ending. 🙁

      • Single payer doesn’t work in fairly homogeneous countries. It isn’t going to work here. Plus a lot of “single payer” countries aren’t really single payer.

        You get single payer in this country and the actual shooting starts within a decade. The crazies will decide that whitey shouldn’t get as much healthcare because reasons and it will turn bloody fast.

      • Single payer is a joke pretty much everywhere. “I need to get in line and wait a year to begin treatment?” is a common refrain. Those with $$$ vote with their feet and pay up for quality care. If that means they have to cross the border they will and do.

        • ANYTHING – that does not have cost controls and discipline imposed upon it goes out of control. It’s as simple as that.

          The next rule is that ANYTHING that the Federal government gets control of – will never have cost controls or discipline imposed on it.

          Those are the only two universal rules you need to know to determine that single payer ANYTHING – will be a failure.

          The same people who believe in single payer – also believe in Magic Dirt and that Emma Lazarus poem.

          That should be enough to pound the point home that single payer is complete and total bullshit.

          • State intervention in health care is not a simple solution to a perfect system. But to believe that laissez-faire capitalism/capitalists will always bring about optimal outcomes is utopian nonsense, based in libertarian theology/economic pseudo-science. “Just give them a totally free hand, and you can put complete trust in the corporations and billionaires of the world with your health care.”

            And to equate those skeptical of laissez-faire capitalism/the capitalist class, those who believe in a pragmatic approach to economics, with opens borders leftist lunatics (who have used your vaunted “freedom” to take over the West, and now dominate among the capitalist class) is even more absurd.

            The consistent use of these abstract, libertarian boilerplate arguments is free-market anarchism. And if that isn’t utopian and absurd, nothing is.

          • Look what they did with education.
            It’s funding is guaranteed in most state constitutions, yet I just ‘loaned’ a grown niece $900 for books at community college! Plus, students have to pay for access codes for their docs online. Meanwhile, skilled professor hiring is constrained, temporary, and often seriously underpaid.

            The oligarchs will do to health care what they’ve done to education. We have a growing population, legal and illegal, with hospital waiting rooms packed- and yet rural, local, and regional hospitals have been closed all over and are still closing.

            $70 million a year to the CEO of Megacorp Medicine, even with employer-paid pools, yet “they can’t make enough profit” to invest in schools for new doctor-providers.

            Of course they’re going to socialize the end product, regardless of what we want.

          • “…seriously underpaid….”

            I don’t believe that. Someone took the job at the wage offered. You know when a job is underpaid? When you can’t find anyone to do it at that wage.

            “Crops rotting in the field!”

      • DeBeers is right to point out ZeroCare 2.0.
        While the dems distract with the latest outrage, pushing for the NHS will be their go-to move.

        It will be run by Americorp, of course, and staffed by Gujarat. Nikki Haley (Nimrita Ramahadan) will be the Department head, to the cheers of inclusive Republicans.

        • All this poll speculation, also by ‘our side’, is gas lighting and nonsense to me. Elections matter (maybe, but that’s another discussion) but not polls. The difference between elections and polls is like the difference between facts and conjectures. Plan by the former if you wanna win.

          I would even argue that one of Trump’s greatest strengths in ’16 was that he didnt seem to give a cr*p what pollsters thought one ‘could discuss in public and what one couldn’t.’ After a while ppl’s sh*t filter starts to overflow.

  17. I’d been seeing the term “legacy Americans” here and there, but “heritage Americans” sounds better. Less defunct.

      • It would be a good name for the replacement party for the GOP. The Heritage Party. Both Patriotic and highly American.

    • I’ve used “Normals” in conversations with people I’ve never had a political discussion with before. They always seem to understand exactly what it means.

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